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settled their own t rouble wllk she
bosses TK.nl asTo. but It ll MM 1. W.
W . ureanlsers are getting among them
loo. A meeting ' soalier bakers
In the entailer aSiope will lie hi1 t
aSjht, hn ll question sf strike
will f miked over.
April 1, whan be got ten days' leae of
absents, announrlnf b was going to
l la home town, lluoslr Fall!, for a va
cation. lla dart 1 1 to Hooilcb Fall!, b it did
not nniir.inl''tU wltb hla wife at their
I ome, N j U West Una Hundred and
Twenty-eev enth atreet. or with any man
(n the depar.inan'. Mia. Klely eator
4a moved her household affaota to
Hooetok FalU. believing b aid met a
u-sglo end.
Klely had been on the force slnre IW7
and had a clean record. Hla ramalnlnf
away without leave has lott hla h. po
Hlrlt West Varatlea April 1.
mm Htm Wife llaa Heard voiktaa.
Patrolman .' r.ea A Klelr of the
Weal OM Muodred and TwentyMth
t'reet atatlun haa been in last rig alnce
Libor and Employers at Puce
' For a Time Two Big
Parades bchedultd.
But There's Not So Much
"Shifting" as Usual, and
Fewer Evictions.
I l l Oa of the very aaweet
I I medeU of this etaaon .
I popuUr Celswish. with
I cut eteel suckle. Patent
I and Dull Calf. $5 50 and
I. Butklea (eatra)
75c to 115.00.
I I m -X-aVTaVam.
B Midway between
things tend ta make thle as
anuaual Hay Day. There will not toe
a ssuoti entrttng about of famines,
aad there will he fewer dUpoaaeaeed
famlllaa from reporta. II la to be a
etrlkleee day for Now York, also, as
far aa known.
There uaad to be a time when the
Dkspoaseaa Club was the bualest little
Institution la the borough. This name
was Irrevsrsntly given the muscular
Individuals who foUowed tha buay roar,
hats around and helped dump tke
furniture of uafortunates Into tbs
I Rut times havs changed. The rapid I
transit facilities have enabled hup
aVeda to move farther out, and oast
; aide landlords say they have mora
vaosnt apartments than svsr before.
Henoo rants ars cheaper and fswar are
PMabls to par up.
Landlords all over tha city ars re
forming;, It Is alleged, borstals they can
jest longer bully and browbeat where
the supply of homes Is so much greater
than ths damsnd. Aa to the Dispose ars
Olub. It Is a thing of the paat. There
-was not enough for It to do.
. No one at the labor headquartere pro
fessed to-dav to know of any strikes
scheduled Practically all the strikes
fit ths last year have been Battled.
l TJier ? will be parades of aortal lata
of tha United Hobrsw Tradaa.
Is estimated that over IMP) persona
sl march early this afternoon from
katgera Bqsare to Union Square, where
will be five speaking platforms.
uptown srs will march down from
I lAfeof Temple ta Bast Btgfctr-tourta
la tbs llaa will bo i.ooo or mere
baksrs. socxinkpanlsd by sn In.
oaks and loaf af bread aaads
I three barrets of flour.
Ivs hundred children of tha Pater.
Passaic atlk strikers win
cb In tha uptown par ads.
Ths Bast era railroads will most tha
representatives of tha conductors aad
jeakemen osrs to-day and will give an
ftpwer to tha demand of tha seen for
lasrusal wages. Tha looorootlva flre.
ajaa recently war awarded to II par
pat 1 seres by Federal arMtratloa
board. The sraPnssin aspect ta go
through arbitration aad ther as aa
push as the nun requested U per
.'The journeymen bakwrs In the
tte places throughout the city ars
fhtnvassia by ths Industrial
af ths World leaders, who are trying to
1st up a strike among them.
The bakers la the big bread factories
Walk down Fifth Avenue
and turn to the right at 34th
Street. Just beyond the
Waldorf you will see the
sign "Queen Quality Boot
Step in and you will find a
oozy boot shop exclusively
for women and specializing
in their footwear problems.
Tans and blacks ; velvet, silk,
satin, canvas, buckskin every
shape, every style, every shade
and all with that important
Queen Quality trade-mark to at
test their money's worth.
$3.50 to $5.00
A few at $6.00
32 West 34th Street
the Waldorf and the McAlpin
Trimmed Millinery.
" None but Hats of the Hour Offered.
Every modal distinctly smart and out of tho ordinary,
suitable for any occasion.
Hor-tof or-14.00 to 40.00
Sale Price 8.00, 10.00, 12.00 & 15.00
200 Chic Trimmed Hats. All the fashionable shades.
Originally 4.W to 10.00 1.95, 2.50 & 3.50
500 Untrimmed Shapes. (Hemps) all the prevailing shades.
Originally 1.50 to 5.00 Now .50, .95 & 1.50
Brxat!ha5awd 9fa tai.
i RYF i
ri ri m m iLi m m
Nearly $200,000 to Be Saved
Beginning To-Morrow, 8.30 A. M.
More than 25,000 Fine Hackett-Carhart Spring Suits and
Overcoats at an average saving of $7.50 per garment
The Event: In all clothes history the Spring and
Summer season was never before ushered in with such clothes
at such prices.
To-day, when all other stores throughout the country are
getting top figures when sale are unheard of elsewhereThere
is a Hackett-Carhart offering that would be sensational at
the season's end:
25,000 fine Spring Suits and Spring Overcoats made up
of the most fashionable fabrics from the world's finest
weavers cut along lines that are absolutely in accordance
with the most advanced ideas of good fashion
And yours to choose among at an average earing of $7.60
per garment.
The Reason: At the height of our manufacturing
season arose labor conditions which made our immense
tailoring plant the finest under one roof in New York "mark
time" for two solid months. Fine retailers who handle our
product throughout the United States could not wait. Orders
were cancelled right and left. About 25,000 garments, all
For these, the fabrics, had been bought, and the garments
were in process of making and later on we had an army of
experts to keep busy.
We might readily wholesale the result to-day at the prices
made to you but we prefer that Hackett-Carhart customers
shall reap the benefit.
Men's Suits and Broken l A
Siie Suits and Overcoats a? IV
Included ars young men's suits in sisea from 31 to J.
Ia Colkgt Mid Norfolk models, high grade Velours, Cap
simcres and smart cheviots.
Broken ises and sample lures of smart Cheviots. Home
spun a and Cassimeres. In these, ail sisea are included, but
the lots are limited.
All are of tremendous value. It is simply a matter of
finding your sise in the style you want.
Overcoats include amart Homespuns and Cheviots,
principally in Chesterfield models.
$18, $20 & $22.50
Spring k Summer Suits
and Overcoats . . . .
Here is assembled an unusual assortment of strictly high
grade garments, in distinctive and correct models, and of
the most desirable, most popular fabrics. An exceptional
showing, even at the full prices, $18, $30 k $22.50.
The suits comprise amart Grays, fancy Bluet, correct
Brawns, Heather mixtures, and new Tan shades. Pin
Checks, Line Stripes and neat mixture effects, as trail as
plain Wale Weaves. Self Stripes, fancy Wale Weave.
Homespun effects, Scotch effects and plain Flannel
effects all here in their most attractive venations.
The fabrics are strictly high grade, pure Worsteds,
excellent Velours, Worsted Cheviots, fancy Bsrgai.
Cheviots and Crashes.
hpykedag are half-lined and full-lined two and three
piece suite in correct English, Fifth Avenue. Conserva
tive and College models aleo some Norfolk. In sisea
for men. young men and boys.
Overcoats include high grade Black, Oxford and Cam
bridge Velours, as well as many Scotch and English
effects in London Ouard and Kngttah spSt -sleeve nwdsla.
Suitable for street and motor service.
$20, $22.50 & $25 Spring and t r
Sommer Suits and Overcoats. 0 1 3
An assortment which easily outrivals the finest high
grade clothes in town, selling at $20. $22.50 and $25.
Included are all the shades of Gray, from lightest Silver
to darkest Oxford. Various Blue shades, new Browns,
correct Tans and many Heather and English mixture
ideas abound.
The design include exclusive Club checks, Pin checks.
Pencil Stripes and various Line Stripes. Also nest mix
ture effects, plain Wale Weaves and Self Stripe and Di
agonal Weaves.
There are, aa well, many wonderful English Weave Blue
a Sulla standard $22.50 garments each one, and all
very highest character.
The models include English, Fifth Avenue, Conserve
thre, College and Norfolk styles. In sixes for men, young
Overcoats include Silk-lined Black, Oxford and Cam
bridge Ore ye, ia Chesterfield models. Tan and Oxford
Coverts, m London Ouard models.
$22.50, $25 ft $30 Spring and (1 7
Summer Suits and Overcoats, j) 1 I
As a wonderful example of fine tailoring, exclusive fab
rics) and distinctive models also excellent veluei at $22. SO,
$25 and $30 this assortment takes first place.
Included are very fine pure WorstcdSaxonyCassimeres.
BngBsh finish Velours, Homespuns, Flannels, Worsted
Chariots and English and Scotch effects.
AS the correct Pencil Stripes, Hairline Stripes, Club
Checks, Glen Checks, Silk mixtures, fancy and plain
weaves are hare ia the most exclusive designs.
Yon may choose among all the correct Grays, new Blues,
amait Browne, new Tans and distinctive Heather, Scotch
and English mixtures. Not overlooking some wonderful
Blue Serges of the finest English finish woven from fine
Australian yarns and the highest standard of $25 garments.
Models include English Patch Pocket, Fifth Avenue.
Conservative, College and English Norfolke embracing
the finest collection of young men's styles in all New York.
Overcoats Include Silk llned-to-cdge Black and Oxford
Vicunas, as well as smart new Blues and Orays, in London
Ouard and English Split-sleeve styles.
$28, $30 ft $35 Spring ft Sum
mer Suits and Overcoats . .
In every detail in exclusiveness of fabric, fineness of
tailoying, and distinctiveness of style the garments in
this assortment will compare most favorably with the fine
tailor's product at double the cost.
Here for you to choose among are English and German
finish Worsteds, Silk Weave Worsted Cheviots, fine Eng
lish Velours and Flannels. Also English Vicuna Worsteds
and many English and Scotch effects.
In the colorings English Grays and Blue Grays pre
dominate, with correct Browns, various Bhtes, new Home
spuns, English and Scotch effects in many handsome
Among the designs are handsome Pin Checks, English
checks and also Bird's Bye and Pall Mall Weaves. Hair
line and Silk Stripes, and many Self Stripes and Silk
mixtures are shown, together with many plain and fancy
Self Weaves and mixtures. Also Blue Serges of highest
Models include English, Fifth Avenue, Conservative
and College styles.
In overcoats, the new doublc-bressted Velvet collar,
English Guard coats, London Split Sleeve, London Guard
and Chesterfield coats are shown. For dress, street,
travel and motor servicr.
$30, $35 ft $37.50 Spring & (OJ
Summer Suits and Overcoats, s&i
Here are the highest grades of garments possible of
production ready-for-service. Each one is the equal in
every essential detail of the finest custom creation.
Included are exclusive custom fabrics from the world's
most famous weavers. Worsteds of foreign finish, finest
Velours, Saxony Cassimeres, Velour and Vicuna Worsted,.
Also English Flannels and Serges.
All correct dressy Grays, smart Browns aad new Blues,
as well as English and Scotch effects. In exclusive Pin
check, Club check, London check, Pencil and Hair-line
designs, as well as smart Silk 8tripes, Silk mixtures,
plsin Wales, Stripe Weaves, Pall Mall and Bird's Eye
Made up in distinctive and exclusive English, Fifth
Avenue, Conservative and College models. Also in
English Club, silk-lined and braided suits snd overcoats.
Overcoat a Include smart and dressy Cheat erf iclda.
English Guard and London Split-sleeve models. Many
styles for dress, street, travel and motor service.
NOTE: The first 5,000 of these Suite and Overcoats will
be reedy to-morrow morning at 8.30. The remainder will be
put on sale as rapidly aa they are received.
NOTE: Every garment in these assortments must five you
full value up to the highest indicated worth, or new garments
will be given you in exchange, or your money refunded.
High quality characterises every garment
kt thia magnificent offering High quality,
together with distinctiveness and corrective -ness,
such aa are rare In even the highest
priced clothes.
For them to be sold under price, on ths
threshold of the Bummer season, U as
remarkable aa is the reason therefor
The Two Courses
There were two courses open to ue In the
disposal of to -day's vast assortments. But
we ignored the eslflah one which was to
sell in bulk at wholesale, under pries.
Instead, ws chose to dispose of them
through our own stores end give to our
patrons the profit resulting from the loss
In our wholesale department.
Nor was this altogether unselfish en eer
pert. For we know that each sf anger
attracted to thia sals will be forever after
a cenvert to Hackett-Carhart clothes.
Naturally, this will be so.
The fahrtca throughout are from the
forenost weavers on both sides of the
The trimmings and the linings are the
very beet that are used. Finest custom
garments are not trimmed better.
The tailoring is of the highest character
known to ready-'or-weer service. And each
garment embodies ths cumulative knowl
edge of many years of fine clothes building.
The Advanced Medals
The medals are distinctive, correct, and
of the most advanced types to be found in
New York, Fashionable custom tailor cmn
offer no mors in style than these garments
Tha a asm tm ants Include models m the
meat popular araspretlnei of EngUeh and
Coiehiojital styles, correct tpjafuni of
amart Avenue tailors' styles, and many
creations of famous yoong men's and rollags
tailors. Aleo a wide range of our own dis
tinctive productions, which have always
held favor with well-dressed New Yorkers.
The fabric designs from which you may
choose include the very choicest of clever
creations and are of the most exclusive,
most fashionable weaves and colorings. As
The Rare Fabrics
Fine Worsteds in English Weaves, fine
Twills, English Clear Finish and Vicuna
Finish. English Finish Velours, Saxony
Casein teres, English and Scotch Tweed
effects and a wonderfully fine assortment
of Blue and Grey English Weave Serges.
All the choice Pencil Stripes, Club
Checks, Black and White effects and smart
mixtures ere here. And every shade of
new Oray , smart Brown, Heather mixtures
end all the Blue shades as weU as Silk
mixtures and Blacks await your selection.
Nothing that Is choice Is missing. The
sixes, styles and models are for men, young
men and boys, and ample scope will be
given to each individual taste, no matter
how fastidious.
There will be thousands of garments to
choose among each one new and fresh
from the tsilor's hands.
You Muat Act Quickly
Naturally those who come first will be
best served. So if you would tske ad van
tsge of the most remarkable offering in
all fine clothes history if an average saving
of $7.50 per garment in the very finest
ready-for-service clothes has any appeal
for you if you would choose from assort
ments more complete, more compre
hensive and more modern than those offered
elsewhere in all New York, even at their
regular prices
Then visit the Hackett-Carhart
tores to-morrow. For to-morrow will
see the flr. k.000 of these splendid Suits
snd Overcoats ready for delivery.
20S Broadway 841 Broadway
Near Chambers at 13th Street
Street, opposite Near
City Hall. Union Square.
119 West 42d
Cetoil Open Evenings.
154 East 125th
Near 3d Avenue
Open Evenings.

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