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Stover Will Not Kxhibit, How
ever Terrible Condition of
Shrubbery and Drives.
Suggestion That Municipal Pro
' cession Go Over Route to
l see l neir Condition.
I blurting young inlet of thai
glty government, tha Department of
l 1
Parka, baa thought up a plan for tha
municipal parade of May M which la
Intended to maka Commlaalonar .tohn
aon'a n automoMla lira aiparntiia
look dlniry and taka the glitter out of
Commlaaloner Waldo's hraaa buttoned
and (old laced heroes. I'onimlasloner
Htover haa laaued apaelal orders com
mending Kxamli.er l.nuts F L Rocha
for suggesting tha new Men
The Turk Icpartmant In to give a
menagerie parade. Ilattle, the amiable
six-year-nid elephant of the Araanal
K'mi. haa bean trained In hiking by
Haadkaeprr MM Snyder for a waek.
She Ik Hlrru.lv proof against fright
from the Klfth avanue motorbuaea. She
trlpa up the atalra from the Araenal to
the sidewalk Ilka a bride running Into
a church. ,
Assistant Keeper Hoh llurton haa
broken f,oula the arbra to wear a h.il
tar and aubmlt to being led among
atrange alghta and arenea queerer even
than the gowns and honneta worn oy
the nurses of the rich when they taka
their little charwa out for air.
There will alio bo vuna carrying oagea
containing the city's llona, tigers and
pumaa and auch like rrlttera.
When the newa of thle Innovation
reached 'City Hall general aatlatactlon
waa expreased that Commissioner Stover
waa to exhibit tha only city property
In hla charge, wlilch la a credit to lie
ownerahlr There were aome lovers of
tha beauty In nature who aald they
thought aome scheme might be devleed
by which floate should show tha con
dition of the ragged shrubbery through
out Central Park, the unpruned and
alatternly trace and aettona of the
CUtlled and rutted and pot-holed road
ways of the roada under Mr. Stover's
charge, 'especially thoge of the once
famous Baal Drive and Klverslde Drive.
Persona cloae to Mayor (laynor aa.ll
that he would veto thla practical
exhibit, however. Just aa lie had from
time to time put a curbing Influence on
Mr. Mover's tealoua ambition to make
Central Park a graaaleaa and carousel
dotted OMM1 Island.
j tt waa explained that former Police
I Commlaaloner Cropaey . once arranged to
I light up the monotony of a police ia-
rade with, a cage full of gunmen, grnft
i era of various enrts, plckpocketa and
drug yends.
It was hla Idea t uae the show aa
a warning to certain policemen of hla
knowledge of their underworld connec
tlona. Mayor Maynnr'a dlan'pproval of
the plan ' ao decided that even "the
motormen of tha llroadway cara heard
about It.
Hut It may yet be arranged that tha
municipal parade can be taken through
on Rtveralde Drive or the Kast Drive.
What are a few sprained, ankles or
broken lege more or leaa If one can
prove the starling merits of a aoclologl
cal Park ComralaalonerT
Bluevoat Tries to Rescue Boy and
Is Severely Lacerated by
A mamg brown dog who was run
ning with his head awlnglng from aide
to aide and who volleyed half whin
Ing barka dashed into a crowd of
children and nurse rlrls at Hrventh
avenue and one Hundred and Ports -alxth
atreet shortly after noon to-day
and ae'aed !x-ycar-ol.l Prank Match
ing of No. 2612 Seventh avenue bv t!ie
The Of lag of the frlghlened children
brought Policeman John O'I.eary of the
Weet One Hundred and Flfty-ae-ond
street atatlon to the acene He managed
to break the grip the dog el III main
tained on the chlld'a let. anil, alma he
did not dare to draw hla revolver and
alioo: In the crowded atreet, he tried to
one hnm
tun the dog with a blow from his
at Mi.
The beast erped for th
and hurled his teeth llret
and then In the other. Finally O i .en r y
managed to atun the dog with a blow
The animal waa locked ui In the base
ment Of Uie house at No M Weet
One Hundreil ami Forty-sixth street un
til an officer from the Poard of llealib
roiild come and take him awav , phy
alclan treated both the SOitOtaMS and
the boy and advised that the lake
the Pasieur treatment.
! Mrs. aoae Holomon started to cry
when Maflatrate (Iclauiar. In the Pl.it
bush Police Court tnVu. tuld her he
, a mild have to One her I for lealng a
I garbage oan uncovered m front of her
I home at Mo. WI7 Twelfth avenue, llor
oigti Park. She said she didn't have
the money and the Cottri said tha al-
I ternatlve waa two days In Jail.
. "I'm a poor widow with aeven children
' aad no one to care for them." sobbed
the woman.
"Then I'M make the fine only II.'- aald
I the sympathetic Magistrate.
Hut at TV. Kolomor.'s tears didn't cease.
"I haven't a dollar," aha walled.
"How much have you with you'"
' aaked the Court.
"Fifteen centa. " replied the woman.
! ' Take five cents for carfare -the
I COHM fines you ten cents." aiinouiicd
the Magistral.. Judicially.
; Mra. Holomon, arm had broken a pae
i nrd for flnea In the court, irniled
through her tears, while Maalstrite
(Jelamar remarked that her ten-cmii
f;ne would be as salutary as a 110 one on
rire Department Realgas.
HALT laAKI CITV. I'tah. May 1
1 F.very active member of the Salt Lake
j City Fire Department except Chief W
II llywater a realgned hecHuae of
the refuaal of the City Commlaalon to
(rant their drmamla for Increased wagaa.
The resignations will become effective
May ft.
Insist on the
label, the
mark of
and guide
to shirt satisfaction.
fi.50 up.
Boy the
Official Pennants for the
Women's Suffrage Parade
To be held Saturday. May 3
For Sale Every
where at
) M WWUXWW -. Bxaaaaaa-
On Saturday afternoon, May 3d, the largest women suffrage parade
ever held in this country will take place. In order that the ranks may
appear uniform and harmonious, all marchers in those Women's Political
Union sections which form in Ninth street, east and west, and in Tenth
street, east, are urged to buy the Women's Political Union Pennant upon
which is stamped the Woman Trumpeter, the emblem of the Union. And
we hope that suffrage sympathizers in the crowd will wave them on that
day also. The Trumpeter holds in her hand the ten-starred flag, repre
senting the nine suffrage States and Alaska, and is calling to her sisters to
awaken, while the rising sun in the background symbolizes the dawn of
a new era for women and for all mankind.
Sincerely yours,
April 28th. 1913.
President Womea'a Political Union.
Tower Manufacturing & Novelty Company
Wholesale Distributers
326-328-330 Broadway 18 East 23d Street
Telephone 5100 Worth Telephone 44S2 Gramercy
$3.50. $4.00 9V90
l onkin W. 1.. louirlnM Htore
w Inilnwa and von will hm shots
t.ir S.-I.AO. ftU.OO ami 4 .50 Unit are.
f isaai .... snml lii atvl. flt and wear UN
".lilw.r nialtea -atiitir AR.OO to S7.DO,
rn... m.iv iit'rWi'ii- U the nrlce. nihwh
. . . - - - --- - . . .
'1.. ..11 I. ...I liers. till and HIIHIK'N 10 nun
... . . . . . - W - K
. .1. it- ..... ......i.i . .it . 1.. iimiir aN
f,., i..ri,.a nl ItriM'kbtn. Miii-h.. und see for
vnurMelf liw onrefiilly W. I IMifiB Hiiog j
. - ..... . 1 a ' . . .
are inline, jnii wonin inrn tiiiurraiaim
tlie ar'v arranieu to 111 neiifr, rnoa iwiwr,.
hold tneir MIHPCi anti wear iuuk
any other make lor ine price.
The Beat $2 00 and aa.WJ gov, iBoea u me woria.
MAI IspmiU 1 lu. 1 w.l..l,..ais aaaaa
CAUTIUrl I tun.i.ra ..a ll k"ll."
It W. I. TK.UIIIM Woe, noi IJM Mir in fine " ' nn. j
ililer nireei I'uni in. i.'wi sih. ."j
.nSl Shuel airesr tnrnihrr of U iaglUf. t all
.Tries, i.y lr,i fost, autlan free, write r..r
lll.iatri I at .!. II ll w tag liuw
til bmi I man sie. whj ras 1 '
on your foeiwrnr. ,
K i 7. IKII J !.., raeai-.e, Mali.
fa L. DOUGLAS STORES IN Gift, a i tit nsn ivns.
41 rulinn streel, eoraer Pearl Rl reel.
SnB-7 1 n Itroiulwtiv. corner 'I'hiirut. in Nt.
ISST Hroailway, earner Oalea Avenue.
I 47 Isfth A venue, corner I Ilk atreet.
1 70 I'ltkln Avenue.
JKKHi:v cm J4 Newark Avenue.
NKWABIt-UI Hraaal Street.
PATEBWOM-1M Market Mt.,ror.Clarb
TKBMTON -101 K. IKate at.. eur. Hraaal
aau Street.
iil ay, corner ain mreei.
lway.cor.istniss.il h"
tway. corner win mm..
Sway iTIuiao Square).
I Avenue, enroer num n.-..
Ave.. Let- 1 ii.il' leiin isis-
1 Avenue.
I Weet 116th Klreet.
Our Dry Cold Storage
assures your Fun, Draperies,
Garments, etc., of perfect pro
tection at a very low cost. Upon
post or phone request, 5900
Plaza, we. will call at once for
your goods.
Pur Repairing and Remodelling
pedal price for work done now.
Oirire. Plfth Floor.
Lexington to 3d Avenue 59th to 69th Street
Suner Delivery Service
Our wagon delivery will serve the
following Long Island and New Jerary
route daily:
Lang Iraaeh la He. from Pleature
Bay to Bradley Beach.
lent, from Hammela Sta
tion to Woodmere end Neponrit.
Oooda purchased and reaching th
hipping department before 6 o'clock
one day will be delivered the next day.
Special!! Women's Silk
Stockings at 24c
On account of unim
portant mill faulta they
have been sold to u
aa "second."
Every pair is of pure
thread tilk all the way
to the top, and haa a 4
inch garter welt, double
soles, high spliced heel
andtoes. In every way
they are made to give
satisfactory service.
Come in Blacks.
Tans, White 'and col
ors, at 4c.
Women' Pur Silk
Stocking "ull
fashioned ; boot silk,
mercerised garter hem ;
in all the moat desir
able colors and black
and white; Aft
pair TUC
Full fashioned of fine
Woman' Silk Stockings
gauge pure silk thread, with deep garter hem and cotton
spliced soles; in black, white and a variety of CQ..
colors; guaranteed; at UUL
Main floor. 69th M.. Hertioa.
Men's Summer Silk Socks, 16c
A desirable lot, just received, goes on sale to
morrow at the notably small price named. You
will not be able to distinguish them from socks
that have sold at 29c, and they are practically
as good. Choice of black, navy, dark green,
lavender, purple, gray and tan, in all sizes.
Pair, 16c ,
' Ni.ui viaar, onus-.
m mullM.IHI HV
Wall Papcrs,2, c
Suitable for kitchens, bedrooms and
halls; in florals, stripes and scroll
designs. Any quantity at V-jc per
roll, when add with 9-inch . ,
border, at, pgr yard 6 'jC
GUt Paper and Tupeatrle For
parlors and dining
rooms; per roll .'.
II' 7C yiom uniuis ris:rs - g, .
White or cream; per roll 0 2c
Third Floor
Our Interesting May Sale of
Muslin Underwear,
Corsets. Intants' Wear. etc.. now in progress, has merited
the presence and appreciative patronage of thousands of dis
criminating women. Are you among them?
We mention here some of the many tempting value that are rep
resentative of the economics prevriltng thtoughout the at oca.
Corset Covers at 14c
Two styles in nainsook with tor
chon lace and ribbon.
Corset Covers at 34c
28 styles of Summer nainsook with
luce emhroidcry and ribbon beading.
We show an estrnsive stock of
other corset covers frtwn 49c to $1 .98.
Night Gowns at 39c
Nainsook and cambric; high and
low neck style, with lace and ribbon.
Night Gowns at 59c
8 styles of nainsook, high, V. low
and square neck, with embroidery
and ribbon.
Many other styles of night gowns
at $l.t9 to $4.98.
Drawers at 14c
Open nnd closed; cambric, hem
stitched and ruffle; all sues for
women and misses. Limit 4.
Nainsook Drawt-rs at A9c
Also cambric and crepe; open and
closed; trimmed with ruffles of em
broidery and lace inserting.
Other styles at prices up to $2.98.
Children's Drawers, 10c
Good cambric; hemstitched or
tucked ruffle; sises 2 to 12 years.
Other styles from 14c to 98r.
Petticoats at 49c
Cambric top with neat tucked lace
inserting and embroidery ruffle In
many styles; other petticoats in new
models at 69c to ea.VB
Combinations at 79c
All sheer nainsook and cambric, fin
iahed with tine lace yokes and em
broidery. Corset cover and drawers or
corset cover and skirt . many styles
Other combinations 49c to $7 .98.
Infants' Dresses at 19c
Long and shott in yoke or bishop
styles; sites 6 montnsto 3 years.
Infants' Dresses at 45c
Ten styles of nainsook, cambric
and lawn; low neck; dotted Swiss
yokes of embroidery or lace, in
eluding princes dreaves; sire 6
month to S year.
Princess Slips at 98c
Made of nainsook and batiste; in
white, pink, blue, corn and lavender;
roke nnd skirts trimmed with em
roidcry and luce.
Other princeaa slips tl.49 to $7.98.
Rompers at 49c
Colored striped crinkle fabric; need
no laundering; also check ginghams in
white or colors; all style, Including
the sailor collar, in all else.
Other rompers from 2Sc to $1.49.
glow, Hotuiula
Balkan Middy Blouses
and Norfolk Coats
For the out-of-doors girl, make an appeal
through their simplicity and the comfort they
afford. We are showing a number of new models.
Middy Blous of
Galatea, with red and
white or blue side
and front lac- fto
ing. Special at. 90 C
Among Them Are
Blouse of Whit
Catalan, with sailor
collar and cuff of
navy blue, a red sailor
tie at the neck, and
red service strip and
embroidered emblem
on sleeve. , ,n
Price M.1S
Norfolk Coats of
Galatea, large sailor
collar; boa pleat back
breasted, with pearl
button and j.n
belt 91.90
u "if
We Make a Special Feature of estra sis waiats 44,
am ' an a ... :
pa from S1.98 up to $5.89
easy steps
fl.n'l Finer. tetlaat'in Ave. fleetlna.
Disposal of Embroidery Ends
We have planned to aell to morrow the entire accumu
la tlona of the month in fine narrow and wide em broideries,
flouncing and all overs at notable rcdWtlone from regular
price. They are in atrip I ' , to 5 yard in length; just
the thing for trimming waists, brassiere, children's
summer dresses, etc told in Q 1 A A
strips only, at, yard DC ItC and lSfC
Main Floor
3l)th at. Heetloa.
4 1 jC and 9C
mooMiNo r i. r v.
Now on Sale
The most beautiful, useful and
complete Fashion Hook ever of
fered to the women of New York.
All the newest models in their
original colors.
RLCIgl gf
a Ifriamanr
Before you decide on your Sum
mar Urease be sure and glance
through this beautiful book.
Only 10 cents when you purchase
one 15-cent Pictoriil Review
Pattern. By mail 35 cent .
Hair Goods Specials
A splendid supply of switches and
transformations; all made of sanitary
German hair, and at prices much
lower than usual for this quality.
2and22-lnchSwltche,alt Q(.
shades except gray 90C
24-Inch Switches, all shades fiQ
except gray 51. 09
28-Inch Switch, all shades gin no
except gray 3fa.90
Transformations, of wavy os an
German hair 5 1 t9
liwonrt Klunr.
54-inch Sponged
Serges, $1.09 yd.
These, serges are sponged and shrunk, ready
for service, are of excellent quality, in medium
and light weight; greatly in demand for
skirts and suits. In light and medium and
dark blue, as well as black. Good value, at
our special price per yard, $1.09
Main Floor. Oan.
42-inch Imported
Foulards, $1.15 yd.
Direct from our Paris branch came these
handsome foulards. They are in a range of
designs and colorings that cannot fail to
appeal to women of refined tastes. Suitable
for street and evening wear; splendid values
at, per vard, $1.15
Mala Floor. Centre.
1,000 "American Lady" Corsets at 83c
The makers stamped these corsets "seconds," but the hurts are highly technical and will
not interfere with the wearing quality in the least. They are made of full silk finished batiste
and coutil, in long hip and back models, fitted with 4 and 6 hose supporters. All sixes 18 to 30.
Mail orders filled. We always have complete stocks of all the standard makes. s. .,ni rv. a,,taMk
Lawn Mowers
Practical Machine that can be de
pended upon for good service at very
Ck"TnLxington" Plain Bearing,
with S inch drive wheels, 3 tempered
tool steel revolving blades and cru
cible steel under blade a very service
able, satisfactory mo i e.
13 inch sire $1.98 I 14 inch sise S2.24
16 inch sise I2..W I IS inch sise S2.S
The Lexington" Ball Bearing
Mower with S inch drive wheel. 3
revolving knive. self sharpening;
rapid cutters.
12 inch sis f I. M I 14 inch sise t3.3
16 Inch sise $.. ! IS inch sise SJ.M9
"Th Plata0 Ball Bearing Mower
with 9 Inch drive wheels, 4 revolving
knives, made throughout of selected
steel and guaranteed in every way.
12 inch sise 4.3 I 14 inch sue 14.
16 inch sise $4. 98 18 inch sise 15. M
"Tha Bloomlngdul" Ball Bear
ing Mowers, with 10 inch drive wheels;
an easy running, self sharpening, close
cutting mower that is high grade in
every respect and guaranteed.
12 Inch sise $H.S6 14 inch sise 17.89
16 inch sise 18.M ! 18 inch sise S9.M
' BLOOnNnn tLBaV
Men's Summer Underwear. 25c
Popular makes, underpriced for to-morrow, as follows:
Men's "Porosknit" shirts and knee drawers, men's fine
check nainsook, athletic shirts and extra gusaeted knee
drawers; and
Men's cotton balbriggan underwear with long and short
sleeves, drawers to match, with double seat and OQ
suspender tape CijC
Men's Union Suits. Mc'"h"t jgj wltB, mads
of fine ribbed cotton. Athletic style shirts and knee O Q
length drawers. About half regular price, at OdC
.Msln Klrinr. cnirs.
Girls' Pretty Wash Dresses at 98c
Nicely trimmed, and made up in staple materials, such
as chambray, white and colored linons and gingtinms. 9Mr.
Chambray Dreue. with long waist line, finished with
leather belt ; also white Norfolk middy dresses, wit hf, ,
solid color trimming and belt; sises 6 to 14 years il.TJ
Junior' Wahahle Skirts, of white tinene, khaki and
Bedford cord; length 28 to J7
inches; splendid values at I "f to3w..0
Beginning Monday, May 5th, at 8.30
A. M., we will inaugurate the
World's Most Stupendous Sale of
Pianos and Player Pianos
At Prices Never Equalled
For important details
see next Sunday "American" and "World"
Fine 5-Inch Ribbons, at 15c yd.
S I 1. is, - .. . ' s
ft-Inch Warn Print sikk. j . . .
; LT sljTF sm wsssse in intra grounos, ana
inch Colored Moire- Satin and taffeta, in all desirable
shades of pink, light blue, cardinal, old rose. mais. Alice
i.jr uiuc, grown and black, also white;
an earellesie vahu ..h4
S-ln. Colored Moire Plain
taffeta, check and atripe;
excellent lor sashes - n
and hair bows; yard l!fC
Sash and Hair Bow Bib
bona In white, light blue,
pink; all the latest pat
terns; 5'v and 7 inches
wid. ran
yrd Cand.iIC
Other Kibbona- 2 to 8 in,
wide, satin and velvrt effect,
latest pattrrns for sashes
"n. 59c .o $2.98
NOTE All style bows
and roaettea made up free of
charge from ribbons pur
chasnl here.
.iri'l Pit
IIUMIlllM.il I.KN'
iluirli.ii Avr. Jr -tloll.
The New Swiss Embroideries
Ready with a fresh new Stock full of just those dainty
embroideries that women admire so much. There arr a
thousand and one uses to which thrse embroideries may be
put, and the demand is going to be exceedingly heavy.
Some of the important features are:
Baby Ruffled Flouncing, yd., 3C to H9 .
AHover Yoklngs, 18 inches wide, yd., J9c tu 11.98.
Voile Flouncing, 4S inches wide, yd., 48r to 1.1.98.
Ribbon Reading and Veiling, yd., ftc to SJg,
Baby Edge, with insertions to match, yd., 8r to 49 .
Goraat Cover embroideries, yd., 9c to 9Kc
Spring-Maid d ia
Hand Bags, $117
Entirely different bags. The differ
ence is in the shape, the handle, the
frame, the mirror and the trimming;
made of silk moire, shirred effect, silk
lined. German silver frame, has strap
handle of the fabric; finished at bottom
with heavy silk tassels. Mirror shown
inside hangs from a satin ribbon. Bags
are obtainable with gilt, gun metal and
nickel frames, at $1.49.
Many Other Noveltiea are shown repre
srntative collectione from our Paris, London
and Berlin houses, at IS. $7.58. SIS to 142. SO
M . .i l lo r.
All Carn Transler to BLOOMINGDALLS', Lex. to d Av..tli to ecth &Uitt.
Women's Union halts, Now 21c
Onion Suit, tight knee and umbrella style, and with low
neck; all aises, including extra large, at 2le.
Woman' Fine Shaped Cotton Vests und Pants ,
to Match Regular and extra sises, t 13C
Women's Milanese Silk Vests. $1.29
Several hundred superior Sample Vests, of line quality
pure silk; mostly white and pink. Sues .18. 40 and 42.
si ooatlNOKU.KH' aansa
1,800 Men's Coat Shirts at 58c
A Top-Notch Value at the Modest Price Named.
They arr plain negligee Shirts, coat style, with at
tached cuffs, made of "Harmony" pcrcalr, a material
guaranteed to be fast color. Out confidence in them
is such that we will replace any that may prove unsat
isfactory with a new one. Tin , ure nicely laundered,
and finished with ocean pearl buttons. V. nrty of pleasing
light and medium colored and black stripe effects, in all
sixes from 14 to IS, at 58c.
Men'i Silk Neckties. 19c
You can chooae i lor ftOc from this rrnul.tr 39c lbs
f open und reveriible four in hands and how tics. Plain
colors, neat stripe and figured designs of Barathea, Repp and
Kumchunda Silk.
,nJVSii ia
tin flee. Ill
-1 "

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