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T f
to away to rM mm
tfraM If be stayed to might lajare Ma
friend Watoh.
Q. A little later ra taM Fog wtot
Vewell had said and asked Fox to tee
Welah? A. I dM; to M II to could ft
U.eOt for Hipp.
Q.'UU that tnotada counsel toast A.
Dh, no I had asked WOO for that.
g. Old Ko i spirt to nI A. Ha did.
Q. And you to Nawsll? A. 1 dM.
g And did Tox or data hrothor oan
rlbute tto flrat MM? A. Fm Ml to
old no ao.
Tto witness MM to took tho MM to
ttwelt. who lator demanded tto balance.
M told Pos to Ml Walsh and aa a
null rox car Routs to, which to
urned urar to NawsU, Intact, to Now
lerasy. out of local iwrtedicllon. Thle
ia by Newsll'a Inatruotloaa.
VI Wall l.aa passed through yaur
land'. IMO of which ramainod AMI fLBM
tot to N swell? A. Taa.
to was bed to patted rulltr
Attorasp, M pon Aa
tto fA.
Mat la that way.
Q. Wall, what did you tall Hint A.
fa aay that what to had paid aa waa
NtkAMl fOA
Q Wall, that wm M.MM A. No, M
vaa Itoo.
J. Wall whan ywu waro talaphonlng
Ca that affidavit you waatad Howard
to ahgn that ha had never glvan
Maay to rox, what roal ootato tana
IM you uaoT A. I uaad none.
Q. What dM to oall ItT A. Ma apaka
h? M affidavit of tltla.
John B CtaaoMloM took ajpetae orooa
emination. tojMjdaj wtth Mouaa'a
Halt to 1'ollca Headquarters. Dae. 11
Q. DM you suggest to Thompson than
tot ha to totiar ana war ao uaattoMT
L I dM.
Q. Aad dM HiiMJItA toll you to wm
aady to aaatoar stay ruattoaa pat to
tto? A. Ha did.
That's all." jgdMdfa Mr.
Mm aatlafactton. far to I
ttoMpaoa at tha polios InraaUg aUoa
hta Wppa otargae as bang perfeotly
tody to tall tto truth.
Mr. Whltmaa ash ad XUoaa la fadlroct
kamtnatlon: 'Td Thompson tubee-
(uetrtly i
retain your toif'
I wassaaar w
Boot of Mr. dtotkeMSaM's point.
NC.WIU. mvialid
toward J. Mswati, tap's lawyar. to
oak ths stand. Mr. Ctark
dm. Hs aaM I
la tad knows
ormer taaportar Haasoy twaaty
Q. Waro yoa at Voltes Meadguartort
titer Mpp appaarod tofora tto AMar
naalo InTaotlgmtlM OtSMllttoaT A.
Taa I waat thora ton Mpp. I was
Htli Map praettMlly orsry SAT AMar
to1 tin XtoMMtor m.
Q. Did you sso him ob tho MMpMM of
)aesmbsr Mt A Taa; at aa? adtoa.
.Is told aw tii an Howard tod
isjbm Dorors taa rwas usr
told him t wauta't aara'th
ras saforoAMA. Aad to tava"
t P omoo to.na anaraaoa.
:aa wo got ob si jn
lipp aad his aaa waat to a
trlrphoaod M Mssjm Wo
noat in tto oorrlMr of Ha.
rap. wo mat Aad X ssM kiss Mpp
II aad wm fsarful of hurting Walsh If
to was axamlnod farthar, but to waa
ort of maasy aad thought wakw
ught to pay Ma asp an at Hi aaa
ksd ma why I apaka to him. I MM
Map. I thought WoJah waa his ctlont.
Is said Ula wasn't ass that rax was,
tad hs wouM hara tto tato It up. Ha
ntlaatad that Watok might aot to
rilling to gtoa tto aaaaoy. aad I aakad
tot to borrow It from Walsh It Walsh
Muldn't Mva It
q. Whoa dsf yoa mm sm knaaat A.
tto Mat svaelac on tto train going to
MV .
M to
q. DM to cat tto
to save aaa beak
r A. Ma.
q. Had My amount been flsed oa as
tto amount to to aaM MppT A. Tto
tret day I told Rouaa Mpp would aaM
Then wa arranged for MM mora
Howard waat.
q. After to ghre
there MP oMvoraatton? A. Taa Wpp
waa vary amok afraid of being arraatod
Ma wm iMMoiai tot Jaraap City and I
Mtmetod he might M to Red tons.
q. DM yoa eeaamaalosU with
ard Jlpp while you were la Jarasy City t
A X believe Mpp U lop ben ad that Bight.
I tolsphaaad Rouaa several tlmee the
text day. Dm M. about tto
aad waa to aammanleallaii wtth
Mr. Clark aarrtod tha witness over
his ether saatllnpt with Rouaa aad Mpp,
ell of which had been uetitod to by
slpp and Rouse.
finally Mr. Clark pot ths wttassa to
lbs point of Ms meeting with Hussy ia
kwbs's Raataurant. BreoUya. where
they had dlseuasAd the "frame-up" of
klpp by the falas obargas of two worn,
an agalaat Mat. It wm ths drat time
lueeey'e name had been directly
aratglri into tha case.
"Did you refer to It as a frame-up?"
eased Mr. Clerk.
"Tee, I always spoke of it m a
, frame-up.' "
Then Newell told Huaaay that It would
be bad policy ao' to pay Mpp ths bai
aooe of tha U.M0 and Huassy waat to
lbs tslephoBA Ths wttaese continued:
"When ha came back from tha 'phone
to Mid It wm all rUht and the money
Would be eenL" ' 1
CV Did yea talk with Rosas next day.
the Path? A. Tea. I had Mpp on tha
'phone first, aad had learned that a
Maw Ydrk detective had recognised klpp
to hlsx While I wss
cues called on another
M he bad aaaastbtag far aaa and
to meat n- We went to J er
aM to aaM tto asm
am pwa
naaiaj roof A.
aagagsd to
h BrMdV
toPMMpMt JlL Tea. 1 tod aaM
ttktMal Imb aBMaMagfe gjtW flgftM IAlasma
to paid fa ha atfmM rtatHiaM
Mr. Weiimen Interrupted to suggest
that all Newelln dealing with Hipp
And Bowes had toon told of by thorn.
Mr. Clark accepted tha suggestion and
I Mr. Wellmen took up croaa-examlna-
Tha wltom Mid to than suggested
meAinp Waloh "pay wiiaiil
Mr. Win than took u tto dsnom.
in at tan of notoa maklne IN Rouse
rara hi IB. WaJah testified thsrs war
eight tlM bill, m tha envelope Hartlfan
brought from Bweeney, and ho add ad
a 1100 bin and a IM tom. "oX awora
tto money waa Bat changad by Mm or
hlo brother NowoU Mawarod Mr. WaU
hi: "There waro four 1100 bine, a
MM blU and a MO MIL" This But It up
to Rotate to have changed Ave MM
Mil Into ono MM bill.
Mr. Waltaama got Now all to aAatlt ha
tool aougnt out MUAMy m ab old aA.
quBlBtonoa to loan tha dttalto of Ma
polleo plot to bring as InfamoAo otargo
toaw nothing about it, balng away ok
la PtosfcAway. but Mt If M would M a
fwrar to row. ks-d took into ItT aV im
q. Wasn't that why you mat la
ilsWo kooaaaa Hussar had sant word
hs had news for your A. im
q. Ho told you eoejiathlng waa ia the
alrT Taa. Than ha want to the
tolspkono and oaaa hack'
"Aad aaM it was Ail right er eonaa.
thlng Ilka that, laterruptod Mr. WsSJ.
Joaaph W. Tasha, an omployaa of thr
talophona company In ths eaehanga at
HamsBsla, u I., was ths first wltnsas
oallad at tha afternoon session. Mr.
Clark ask ad:
'la ths Bumbsr Md ftammtia' la your
district r That Is Huasaye aumbsr.
"It Is." was ths answsr.
Tha wnossa dascrlbad how raoorda
era kspt of telephone calls from tha
number and ths examination went oa:
q. Have you got them? A. No.
q. Where Are they?
An MtVarst of objection earns from
ths dafSBM
Q. DM you tore any oosnmuirfoatton
wtth Nasntor air A Tea
q. Aa a result did ywu to Mytalng
T A. Tea.
q. What -was tha date of that eon-
luatoaUon? A. March i
Again obieoUona prevantod Tasks from
dM m a result, tot to
aauaBy done with tele-
q. Are tto rmorda of Mi from Dm
M to ak t la pour poesisslon? A. Na.
q. Ware they ever? A. Yes.
q. Hara you made top effort
them? A. Tea I osllad
q. To whom dM you apeak?
q. Did you got Any allpaT A. Na.
Jltora waa no eraaa etamlnAtlon. Miss
Chfjtotte. M. Wwrthner wm oallad. toe
Ip to Mirator la the HammeTa Msk
otoage. Tasks Ik tor suparlataadML
Mr. Clark exaanaed.
q.-KHare yoa had tto toll alipa from
m HsaMnala from May. M to Jan. M la
your potsaeeloa? A. Tee, Mr.
Q What did roa do with mam? V
Trioae from Dps. M to Jan. M 1 put la a
regulation fdMPiMM with a letter.
Q.-To wham was the letter a Mrs is ad?
A. -To the eubocrfber of Mi HammelA
Mlaa Wurlhaar recalled that Us sub-
aortbor's aaae was Hussar. JTrem ths
telephone took aha identified the name
as Jamas B Kussey, ths name of the in-
Ipr. She said shs had never got tha
allpa. Mia wm not croes-erasnlBOd.
Dot act Ire Al ThomM of tha Dlatrict-
Attoraey'e edtoa was celled. Mr. Whlt-
queetloned him.
q. Uo you know Harttot A. Tea,
t M toaa ream
q. DM you meet Inap actor Hurt ha
en or about Marsh it. lilt. A. Tea.
q. Did you hwa a oonvereatloo with
lUa. A. Tea, la front of tha Maatat-
tea Hotel.
q. Wm there a conversation in waloh
you and Murtha and tha Dletrlot-At-
tornay participated? A. Tea.
q. Wtot wm ItT
Justice Bsnbury barred Thomas from
telling of this, and Mr. wmunaa took
tto stand. A. U OUbert queeUoned him.
q. You've known Murtha a long
while? A Tea.
q. In your house eras there any eon
vernation? A. Me aatod if there wm a
dtnlawapli In tto room, and X a
q. Thane wm something aaM. wasn't
there, shout hie talking to you man to
man? A. Tee.
q. Didn't juu aay anything he aaid
would not to used Malnit him without
his conssnt? A. Hs asked If ha could
any eomtthmg In confidence and I Mid'
he could, and that has bean kept ae, ret
4 Did you say it would not bs used
aajetnet htm?
Mr. Wbitaaaa tried to espials.
My lag "Istptctet Maatto wm in
eae mat In aay bouse and
was these and
neither waa tod to mset tto ether."
Mr. Whitman satd hs told Murtha be
had auapictona about him and wm ready
to hear what Murtha had to say. Thsa
Murtha asked if It wsa in confidence,
and the IMstrtc l-AHornsy aaid It waa.
Thome e, recalled and quaatloned by
Mr. Gilbert. Mid:
"Judge Whitman ssM to Murtha: 'I
have Information that you ara one of five
men who have plotted to keep Sipp out
of thlt Htate.' Murtha replied : 'I don't
know Mpp. I don't know anything
about him. I am willing to cblp In my
bit for Fox, but I havs net done any
thing for Slpp aa pat.' '
Mr. OUbert tried to atow that TtoaM
aaa lAdg WMtosa." aad t aaM I
tosagto I eeaM rsaaga It far him.
I aaMj "X knew the radge la heat
Mj BkjdMj Wtot As yoa want to sea
Mm abator He aaMi n. want to
ataMty." S aaMi "X dean wato a
to see Padge Wbltoia " I teto
pkened to tto JeAge and aatod torn
If to wwaM see MMrtto Then x
Vote in the Lower House Taken
After All Night Session
Is 93 to 47.
Even Personal Appeal to Vot
ers by Governor Can't Save
His Primary Bill.
lavaeki to The kemto WvshU
ALBA NT. May X. The Assembly
smothered Oov. Suiter's direct primary
Mil by a vote of M to f?. There were six
Democratic snd four Republican sh
een teae. The vote was tston At X o'clock
this morning after a warm all-night oct
al on
Oov. Sulasr's measure received strong
er support than tha leaders of tha Tata,
many opposition had anticipated. A poll
of the Itotolatore yesterday Indicated
thet tto Oovemor'a bill would not re
ceive more than thirty-five votes Soma
M tto Tt remain leaders doctored that
the votes la aupport of the measure
would Mt number over thirty.
Thora to some satisfaction to (to Oov-
la tha f act that his MO received
more votes than tto outside
atlowM ky tto opposition.
the defeat was overwhelming.
The Basalt dBtealid ths Mil wy a wato
of M to & Tto total vote for the Mil m
hotk houses was M, and la opposition
tto totaXaMohM XM Although tto Oov
eraer, to a peraonal oampalgn, might
As sotolaailal Inroada en the forces
of tto opposition la ths taaamhlv. it la
aeuawul if to oouM gala barf a
far tola year
a Mesial
rata m tto MB wm aa
Doty. Dax.
Oeilap, Oethrlght,
tathricht, (tow, Oibba.
Ounatt, Hofsr. Hughes,
needy. MaOoSum. XfaDaa-
J. lei
TeXxatdV'T. XX Tag lor. WkV
mpj. ...
RnjMllttat Btutata, Foliar. Oage.
OUIstW Xtortoei. Knight Beaker, a
T. Seeley, SulUvan. Tallett, Vert.
Wood. Total. IX.
rss - XNrnkMa. fade, '
Bufrra, Volk. Total, L
Nees DamoeraUi Burr, CaaM
toll. Carver. Caugklas. Cotfltb.
tod aaught put Murtha and. brought him
to Mr. Whitman.
Next Hr. Clark examined Jamea E.
Da Hltto, a policeman of the Cast One
Hundred and Twenty-rixth street ela
Q. Did you oall on Capt. WalehT A.
Very frequently last Chrlatmas.
Q. Did hs aver ask you to carry a
tnssMgsT A. Tea, to 8weeney.
Q. What wm tto message! Capt.
Walsh asked me to tell him to coma
over. Sweeney eald he would be around
Ths state closed Its mm with this tes
There wm M opening speech by ths
defence. Imtead Herbert C. Smythe
Immediately called Mrs. Fltssrmont, a
slater of Hussey, to ths stand. She tas
tlflad that aha wm a publlo aohool
teacher till teat February, and that bar
brother Uvea with her. The household
cpmprteea bar father, brother, herself
and Mrs. Rellly, a housekeeper.
Qo you" know' William J. OWanyT
A. Tea. to la a etoaaifiHar.
Q. Was any contract entered Into last
Novamtor by you and Olvany far work
to to done in your aauaeT A. Tea
Miss FlUeimons testified that Olvany
tod man at work In hor houae almost
contlnuoudy to March XT.
Q. DM they use your phone? A. Tee
Q. Waa an arrangement
made to keep
track of Otvanya toH Milt? A. Tea
Mrs. Fltiatmona taa rifled that aha Md
pet tto tele phone slips which tto District-Attorney
had tried to dhow Hussey
got to conceal hta calls to Sweeney,
Thompson and Murtha. Aatlstant-DU-trlot-Attorney
Frank Moss, taking his
firs tpart In the trial, cross-examined
tor. Mrs. Fttsdmons aaM that aha had
Mt road the papers. Mr. Moss con
tinued: Q Why aot? A. My brother tdd me
aot to.
q. Tou know your brother was In
volved In some affair? A. Tea.
Q. What did ha say? A. I supposed he
didn't went ma to worry.
! What wm thsrs to worry about?
AMI don't know.
q Did he evar mantlon tha names of
Slpp. Fox or Walah? A. Na, sir.
Q From whom did you hear the
names? A. From others.
Q. Did you ever hsar ths name of
Rouss? A. Yss.
Q. Did you ever hear tha name Roust
or Newell In connection with
brother? A. No. sir.
Q What became of the telephone allpt
you got? A. 1 destroyed then.
Q. On you remember those numberaT
(Mr. Moss recited the lumbers of Swee
ney, Thompson, Murtha and others) A.
I do not.
Q. Didn't you learn tthat the Dletrlet-
1 Attorney had been asking for thoas
slips 7 A. No.
Q. What was ths reason you aad your
brother dM net dlaeuaa these matters?
A. Because of my ttl-toalth. He knew
I had tod to retire from aohool and he
Worried Look on Face of Sec'y Bryan
After Conference With Gov. Johnson
4a-4--t4 4v'M4TlMWH-lrHI'l'l4IH . $etp$
aBaBm ABaBamm
Am sMM
Im am egm nw
amamtoflai BammV WaaTM BM
' SKBH an seeaMaBrM WsWeWe , J,, ,-wghAsl2 f app '
1 dt.fyg LsV ftos Lmv '1. 3 Ln
aBBw! Hm ' 32 nsmai eWsmmam tPaHsKlwaml aLto I
MM mVaULmamal l
' I MbbsmI I I
mm mm .
t m w m
X .pjf-fl WZ Mm mm b-s
CroBla, CuvUllar, nU. Dennen,
Dennay, Donahue, Doret, Eequlrol,
fhllon. Farrsll, Fltsgamld, Darby.
Oeoghan, allien. OoMberg, A. Oreen-
torft Hamilton. Hammer, Hearn,
Hayvnan. Ingram, Jaekton, Kane, J.
A. XCetly. J. J. Kelly. .. D. Kelly,
Kerrigan. Klernan, Knott, Komobls.
Isurrtater, tvy, UvU Haddsn, Ma
toney, MoCue, MeCUIgott. HeOrath.
MoKee, MoKeon. HoMahon. Mens
ton, O-Rrlen. O'Connor. Oxford. Pa
trie, Pi&lman. Robinson, Roxan,
ehlfferdecker. XHlrarataln. Small. K.
J'. Taylor. Tudor, Cliich. Van Woert,
Walker, Ward. Well. Wlllmott Tard.
toeaker Smith. Total. (7.
RepeiMloana-Adlar, Baxter, Bfad
ley, Bryant, Edward . Oracs, Hln
man. Hopkins, donee, HaoDoaald.
MdoheM. Hagea. M alone, Norton,
' Xl gptTt, PMUIss, Rtcherdaon, Mchnla
rai, BhMtatototn. f. A Smlto. Myron
Smith, T. K. Smith. Sweat. Webb,
. Tale, Teomena Total. M
AtoentoM Democrats Brewster.
Htrtta, 'Pflndarl: Ihnslgan', P. g. Kelly.'
Lane MApBMIi aaP MMS, Mrercton.
Phmbleten, Prime
Tto Oovernor'a bill received two Re
publican votes la ths Senate, which, with
told ma not to read anything which
might make me worry.
Q. How dM you know what you ware
not to read. A. 1 can't nnswer that.
The foreman of the Steamfltter.
named Bennett, who had worked In
Huassy's horns, and also ths houao
kespsr, Miss Rellly,. to corrbborato the
stories of the telephone ellpa.
Than Chlsf Inspector Max Bcftmltt
berger was called. He teatlfled con
cerning Swasnsy's visit to Police
Headquarter and Sweeney's atory
about having tha afflduvlta rotlectlng
on Slpp.
William Dalancey Savage, a wealthy
cotton broker, at No. ;a Church atrcet,
Manhattan, and living at No. 14
Lincoln road, Flatbuah, which It Mt own
horns, brought wit before Justice Black
mar in ths Supreme Court of Brooklyn
to-day for an absolute divorce from hit
wife, Mary Gertrude Savage.
Mrs. Bavaga, he allegea In hit affida
vit, ran away with his chauffeur, Henry
Immlch, on last Valentine' Jay It
wss a runaway In a true eente, for
they took tha car with them. They
were traced to the Hotel Kndlcott, in
this city, hs as ye, and the car was
taken away from them. Then they
moved to tits Colonial, where they lived
under the name of Mr. and Mrs. Morrla
and finally lived In a room at No. SU
Manhattan avenue.
Mra. Savage made a genera! denial,
which Is not sworn to, and iskt for ali
mony and counssl tees. Juatlcs Black
mar denied her request.'
WA3KINUTON. May X.-Ae a result
of teatlmony before the Senate Ttorrl
torlea Committee to-day repretentatlvet
of the Morgan and Guggenheim tnteres'.a
In Alaaka will be aakrd what they know
of alleged threats to retard the develop
ment of the tcnlucy J. B, BaIIaIm f
Ssattle, before the committee to-day,
declared Gsoiws W. Perkifia had told
him aeveral yeara ago that the Murium
Inttretts would never permit the dr
vslopmtnt of Alaskan railways until coal
claims there were obtained under Gov
ernment patent.
Members of tha oommlttee were
xreatly Intereated In Ballatne'a text t
nuny an ddeclared Mr. 1'erklne und
others intereated In the Morgiin or
Guggenheim companies would he naked
to appsar.
Alaskan Anll-Jnp BUI Veined.
JUNEAU, Alaska, May 3 --Oov, Clarkp
vetoed th, Antl-AUen Pishing' bill, ret-
cognisM M an anti-Japanese measure,
juet bsfore ths Alaaka Leglalat
Anal adjournment to-day.
FttlDAY, MAT 1,
sH mm.
twalva In tha Aaaombly, makaa a total
of fourteen In both houaee. Added to
this the votes of the live Asaembly
Progreiilvea and we have the Oovernor'a
strength outside his own party at nine
teen votea In both houses, while the
Demoorata In both houaee who supported
his bill total only thirty-six.
Ths Asssmbly la to be elected thla fall
while the Senate goee over until the
does of ths Oovernor'a term. There
lu't tha allghteat possibility on the faca
o( tha situation that ths Governor can
bring about a sufficient chenge of aen
tlment In tha Senate to admit of the
paaaaga of his bill. Ths Senate will not
stand for bill that abollahaa party
late conventions and use Oovarnor
might call tha Legislature Into special
sesaloa -and keep it In I peel el station
from ths ttb of July until ChrtotmAtffc,,, N,w
to un
Mthoeii uUttrlag that condition.
The etraight Tammany and Tammany
controlled Demucratlo vote and the Old
Guard Republican vote In the Asaembly
wm caat practically solid In opposi
tion to the Governor's bill.
In tha course of ths dsbata which
Now She Can Carry to Cleveland
Only Cap of Tony, Whom He
Had Never Seen.
Antonio Orahor I Ml his native village
In Austria a year ago and went to
Cleveland, where, evidently, he made
gaud, for he aent for hla wife, who waa
hla bride of a few mo- 'tg when he
left home for hla wife and their little
ton Tony, whom he had never Been.
Johanna und Tony arrived on the
French liner l.u Touralne lint Tuvtday,
and were sent to Kill Island until an
Inveatlgation waa made aa to their right
to land. To-day the woman was In
formed that ahe was free to land In
New York and go to her waiting hut
band ln Cleveland.
The young wife waa In Joyful mood
aa the stood on ths pier waiting for
the ferry which was to take her to the
city, wbenct the would take a train for
Cleveland. 8o glad Antonio would be to
tee little Tony, and the bugged her off
spring, with his tiny knitted white oap,
to her botom. The child suddenly de
veloped eymptomi of lllneea. She
couldn't rouse him, and the rushed back
to ths hospital, calling on ths doctort
to help hsr. Ths child wst In convul-
alona, and bsfore anything could bs
done for him he expired In hla mother's
Spinal meningitis wat given as the
cauae of death. The poor woman was
beside herself with grief, but they had
to take tha Infant and bury htm ha ths
Brooklyn cemetery. All she bad to take
aa a reminder of little Tony to ths
waiting husband In Cleveland was hla
little worsted cap.
S'Long Horse Car;
Motors to Replace
Belt Line Nags
Belt line strset railway car horses
will ahnrtly be out of Jobs. The Belt
Line Hallway Company decided to-day
to chauai' rnmi horse drawn lo stcrag.i
battery power for cara and the Publlo
' Service Commission was quick to grant
! the aoDllc.itton.
Now, Just aa toon aa the sslf-pow-
nrrd cart arc brought to the city they
will be Introduced mid the horaas will
be aent back to farms. Tha clang of
the gong and tha clatter of the dash
board hook will no longer bs their ttg
nalt to ttop end start,
Tha Halt line cart travel the satt
tnd west marginal atrssta ef Manhattan
south o( Fifty-ninth ttraet. Tha road
It one of the oldaat In the illy, and has
always been regarded at Incapable of
improvement under established systems.
Hut the success of the present atorsgs
battsry has made It possible now to dis
pose aX tha horsaa and modernise tha
tested from 10.13 o'clock Ittt Bight un
til 2 o'clock this morning Minority
Leader lllnman offered amendments In
corporating practically all of Oov. Bul
ter's bill except tha provlelun abolieh
lng State conventions. These amend
ments were defeated by a vote of M to
Majority Leader Levy, who mads tto
principal argument in oppoeltlon to ths
Sulasr bill, declared that ths Blauvelt
Mil which had been pataed waa "a holy
compliance with the party pledgee."
"When we made that holy compliance."
ne laid, "we were mat with a veto
which called it a 'maksahlft' aad a
'fraud,' but that 'makeihtft' and 'fraud'
were re-embodied In tha Oovernor'a bill,
thiu saying that ths 'makeshift,' 'fraud'
and 'deceit' were good enough far tha
Governor' t committee's effort."
Mr. Levy Metered that the, Gove
ernor't bill "pan really ths . work
Arthur Luddtngtpn of tha CUaene
dsrmlaa ths organltatloa of both pap
ties." Mr. Levy oliallsngsd Us Gov
ernor to go down Into' ths speaker's
district, which forms a part' of tlie
Governor's old Congressional district.
and drive blm out of the Democratic
Sulzer Reiterates That What
He Said About Brown
Was Deliberate.
ALBANY, May !.-Honat Brown, Re
publican leader, to-day Insisted Oov.
Bulser publicly withdraw hla statement
that the Senator was ens of ths oM
"Black Horsa Cavalry." or stand a libel
suit. The Governor replied that what he
said wm deliberate and that to did not
(Mr any suit tto Senator might bring.
Tha correspondence between toe toa
ster and tha Oovarnor waa hriaf aad
polntsd. Senator Brown wrote:
"Thinking you any have made your
atatsmsnt that I was a member of the
Black Hons Cavalry through mleiofor
matlon, I writs to giva you this oppor-
tunlty to retreat it while tha puhMs
, mind is still directed to pending laruea.
I will go further. U you will refer me
. to any item of Information mat you
have r will refer you to aouroea of au
thorlty best aoquatntad with It for Its
Immediate refutation outside of myself
"Unless immsdiste action Is taken you
and I wtU both have tto annoy ana of
a libel ault I confess I would Ilka to
avoid It. but X ant vary sura ths trouble
upon your aide will to greater than upon
mine, since there la no foundation at all
for your etaienient. This you could
readily ascertain by appealing to men
In public life during my service la the
Senate from UN to 1M4, Inclusive,
whether M the sxecutlve, lagtelatlva or
judicial branches of government," e
To this Gov. Hulisr replied Immedl
"What I said about you waa dellb-
erato and I am reaponalblu. What vou
, aal.l about ma waa dictated by your
maater. and pou are Irresponsible.
I You writs about libel aulu. Ds assured
I havs no fear of them any more than
I havs of you. Men who llvs In glaaa
houses ahouM aot throw stones. If you
havs net lost your reaaon. aa you have
ths asnss of dsosnoy, pou should rs-
nitmbur that.
"You ask for Information. X reply
that I am too busy at prsttnt with the
affaire of tha mate to furnish you with
a bill of partlculara of your iniquities.
Uut I know a few things about jwu, aa
others do, which. I expect to talk about
whenever I have nothing else to do.
You havs pi sad ad gutity before, and I
have no doubt whoa your record la In
vestigated you will rapatU that com
mendable aot."
'Rachel' Brown Fell Out With
"Bridgie" After Murder
of Rosenthal.
To stlrka of dynamite were laid on
the ttonp of the four atory raoldenrs of
Atbraham Brauneteln, better known aa
"Rachel'' Brown, at No. 127 Manhattan
avsaus. They were dlscovsrsd when
the maid went to receive the milk from
' the milkman at 1 o'clock thla morning.
I The mllktna told the girl to be care
ful. that ttoy might bs dangerous. They
ware wrapped In a woollen doth, and In
the end of one waa a fute, which h-.d
been lighted and 'burned out.
The puller were notified and Lieut.
Humann waa eent to tha houae from the
Bureau of Cunabuallblea snd the dyn
amite removed Questioning by the
lieutenant sllclted no Information from
the Browne or the maid. Brown de
clared that he knew of no enenV.es who
might want to do 'him harm, lie said
ha would go to police hesdiuartera and
talk with Commissioner Dmirtierty.
Later Mra. Brown ssld that her hos-
tisnd waa a broker who dealt In atocka
and bonds. Formerly, ths sdd. he had
a business on West Forty-fifth street.
snd that hit houte had been blown up
two veara ago by dynamite.
Abe, better knowh aa "Rachel"
Brown, waa a partner of "Brldglc"
Webber In West Forty-fifth street anJ
In the poker room at Sixth avenue and
Forty-second strsst at the time of tlic
murder of Herman Rosenthal laat
July. He, Webber. Rosenthal and Sam
Paul ware membera of the old lleaper
Club on Second avenue, 'and left th
East Side to break Into the gambling
pastures of ths Tenderloin and Harlem
Brown started a house on his own
account In West Forty-fifth street, and
It was promptly dosed up by the pdlce.
About four month! later hs waa ready
to open up again aad ao announced to
his friends, and had tto bows epread
throughout ths Tenderloin. Ths opening
was to have taken place on tha night of
April 7. 111. On the morning of that
date a bomb wm placed under the atoop
In. the baeemen t. where a furrier named
John Blatt. carried on buslnsss. Ths
bomb did about 11,000 worth of damage,
and there was ne opening In ths Brown
rasort that night- ,
I Whs oM gamblers of the Tsndsrtoln re-
Biassed wit IftAen. fines Ins Becker
" 5BLWi0lJmtTTERS.
Malcolm Prfcier Had an Advantage
Over Rjvab, Handing Her
His Own Epistles.
Matcehn Fraasr finished yesterday
hla delightful taek of bslng postmsn
of hla own lova letters by eloping with
the blue eyed young peraon who had
been their recipient. Mlaa Ellen J.
Forbes of No. 100 Valentine avenue.
In the Bronx. Fraser, you sso. Is a
postman and that glvs him an advan
tage. The romance out of ths mall bag
commenced several months ago, when
pretty little Ellen Forbes uaad to an
swsr the postman's whistle every day.
Once he dared to comment on ths num
ber of letters he tod to carry to har
own fair hand and aba laughingly an
swered, "I don't mo any from you."
The challenge was taken up by the
young postman and thereafter each
day ha tad to deliver a latter of his
own psnnlng. Ona wss alweya allppsd
Into hla hand la return.
Yesterday Fraser and hla slatsr
Katharine and Hugo Goshen, a friend
of Fraser, tn an automobile daahed
down to tto City Hall In Manhattan,
got a license and tha pair wars mar
rlM at the Flrat Prewbytarlan Church
In WtUlaJMhrldg. They than took a
tralB for Albany.
SfMckl hr Friday, May 2d.
tLasrai' h jia ' las I Our
M graae. se-or.
Then atoM far rsllest Isstbtssttaws
to eaafsetltoe. fMe value
porwo BOX
SMS - Li:Lb- Hu Wfc t.;: : :
sam sini""ii. roaiai aois or rsmaitr sui
aceaeananv eiders.
Oat. WoM
Park Row A Nsmssu
At Qty HaII Park
WO WPSMW W eesniw - -esw - - W-w
Flames at Start Wipe Out
Seventeen Buildings and
Lumber Yard.
ROCH10STKR, N. T May X -The en
tire Rochester Fire Department we
called out this nftsrnonn to n tile
that threatened in destroy s larga
wirllnn nf tha cltv In I ha IIiHumi BOSM
miA urunn h. nine NUriMi eno
silvr - o i ph-r mm mu win. nvii
credible rapidity thet by X o'clock It bad
destroyed large lumber yard, ten
dwellings and seven other bulklmga. In
cluding stores and mills.
The Zlsllnskl lumbrr yard, one of the
larseet In the city, wsn a iwm of flame.
tO.OOO.noO feat of wlnter-drled lumber he
Imj on nrr Mr. ZlellnKkl placed k'
loea nt nM'
t'p to a late hour t'i-day the flam. -hod
not been pin id under eontiol.
The territory endannered by the Bf
lira between the followliiK tlreeti: Hud
tun avenue. Htnnlslaue. t'aaslmete and
Norton atreele and 4 deneely populate,!
Hot Cartridges aad .tain.
KAtiLK 1'A.SM, Tet., .May 2. An auto
mobile carrying 10,000 rounds 8f ammu
nition waa captured by United Btatei
troopa here ycaterduy. Meade Klerro.
formerly editor of s Mexlcsn Ponatltu
tlonaltat pep. r. snd the ehadjteur ware
. . Fop .
The Dd
regulates tto stomaoh and bowels,
stimulates tto liver aad promotes
dlgeatleo. Oood for yoaag and old.
Bicycles -
$1 a Week
Dart Rnad-Rs car.
with rant y head, ex
tension handle bars
and suaranteed tlrea.
Victrolaa on Eay Payments
1913 FORD
Indian Motocycles
I. Da vega, Jr.
Usrlea's Laadiat Moon la uvMs ban,
123-125 W. 125th St.
Beteeea l.mn sail
EirVpt wTd.
Open Every Eve.
Tiff Any Styte Rinf, 25c
iauliei' or evoU' : astasias
1 karat Jar IMssMisd. at jour
lurky blrtiwtoiia st sstt tries:
miunrtw tuireottsd A rests:
tsilusary of stoss lasts faveetr;
Jsr DtaaaiBds full rat. wtth 3'i
fact, and sate as falsi bark
lot Older b; anil at call ; seed
ttaps or eotn. Out tsatoea
twtaia uauiog el wetttiw
East Md at..
net. nraMway
saa rssna at.
Take Msvater to Third Flee.
OARPET j. i j. . WILLttMS
Tti Mdftosntoa, &t. mt.'
(Trade Mask.)
SmcmJ ffjr Satwdu. Mt; SdL
it word to jitafitwHsawi
1 1Ar
i Me vans j aTa
a T-v in . r
OLATES A Knn Inlnl w Iks Pt a s
aaauir eiaewaere.
1 11 g
asr. Osatra,

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