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The Evening World Daily Magazine, Thursday, May 6, 1913
S Matter, Pop?"
k By C. M. Payne g$
r aM- Ma - a- a i
j Mt THAW tout
Me THaw row
"Do rr if
fVlLL.i6 KiTHADOlfL 1
f -7 f 5
( mm
SBSBA 1 ss-ss-SB I -. . ;
IS'ATTt'Rl Come.
To-p l4ani
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IfiTHADulf L
naillie; Cam Tow
villie: cam Tow
Mm-m-m, that Qvccv
I WlLLit Eva TAii-rD To
1 TAt C
You Can Be Your
Own Beauty Doctor
by Anare Dupont.
Copyright. HU-t. '. !' IM I inili.ll in I o. 'llie .e lurk I . i,g Wurlill.
.HKItK'S tin UN talking! Mow anybody can cell a person with such red
eyes pretty Is mure than 1 ran are." said tile Average rJIrl.
"Her eyes aren't red at all." euld the Woman of Thirty. "Thav
re a lovely clear gray."
"Well, perhaps It I
the lid then. .sit
haa ararrcry any
lushes and bffjr eya
truwa are so scanty
that aerobe the room
'hi have to ltnugl M
I. try are mere."
"Viol are talking
about the eye dra
pery .1 rid not the eyea
"Kye drapery?
Hound like curtains,
doesn't It? Isn't that
a rather hlghfalutin
expreaalon for ey'
1 a a h e and eye.
"I don't ae why.
If tho eyas or the window a of the aoul, aa we are always hung told. It in per
fectly oorrert to refer to the lashes aa drapery. And I suppose you ran call
tho crsbTowa a sort of lambrequin If you rare to carry out the simile that far.
Now, tt tea, foot not realised by moat people that almost any eye. no mutter
WaWt tta color or alie, will look beautiful If the laches arc thick and long and
the oyebrowa well defined."
"What do you uae for an eyelash cosmetic?"
Taoellae. Ordinary vaseline la one of the beet thing known for keeping
ktnts and lashes In good condition and making them srow. Hut you
ft expect results over night. If you can nee rhante fur the better in a
you will be lunky."
"Doesn't vaseline hurt the eyes?"
'It Will -Smart a little If It fete In them, bin will really do no great harm,
sung for this reason It la ever so mur , safer to ue than many of the eyelash
VVIicri tint, ir 01 loll I rcoilllliritueit. nrnmrn, 11 in mni'n meaner anil really
aors afflcarluu. The beat wsy to apply vaseline to the eyelnahes Is with a
rail camel's hair brush. You can set such a brush at any druggist's for five
sts or even lees. Dip it In the vaseline bottle, give It a twist to bring It to a
"How often should I do this?"
"Every night for the first week and then every other night for a month.
4 aflar IMI ttt.i nr ihMa llma n t....L will .1. ItC fnna MM mual I... a
careful when yiu apply It, for tt Isn't pleaaunt to get anything In the
aVftaofJ brush- j
What the Moon Could Tell rrrfV, UtiSSSta,! By Lienor Schorer j
1 "i.n.i-1.1- inriuj-ii-i-rL
mall bruili. If you ore very lux n-
mia 'nii fin litic u ...1,1 iiii. ova nmsi
Vrunh. Hut 1 navd alwa rotinn i
on .1 11 i w iifi u 1 hi it-11 iw. 1 r-
eyebruwH look 4arkar wMotl frat-
improvTs thatr tppaaranoa'
"jjo you reprove 01 nuunni up in
ft 1n all ilglit mi the jitaue. or coura
(. in in n t: . 11 1- nmi' i .
a k 1 . tK i n- wnou emoii an m iini w.
In guiMl tante, Wlieii thv eVMixins
1 m sr.- I io Hi mill 1 1 1 u 1 1 II. 1 1 t i lit If 1 n
rniHiiH h iiit- n in fin ti 1 it 1 1 1 ii ma
UMi'd on t 1 11 n. l'nt dotl I (Jiaw a Una
i irr i in i.iFi ifii foi ii i i "n mi hi
A ffli'l 1 onca Uuva uaad to Imrn tht
in oi ii r k. ii i i it iiio inn' t'l .1 ii 1 1 1 1 x hi)
i'1 rtjiply Dim - .t;'iiill to litr - .-hr..v - unci l.trtlu-
la wh s k 1 1 1 ii 1 1 'lulu it lixikcil ; iialiiial.
'For ri'd tirallda tharf la notuinff ia laowaflrtil ; ait
Betty Vincent's
Advice to Lovers
HiTtmiL- iaiWeu w "yi i . zw BMaBKar ui.. ,fTJ v - as i
- TTO-W'iwmaaeaf,, : S '1WIMK II J-XX. V
L- $m0-- J
"The Rolling Stone.
Jt Gathtn M Moss, hit M Acornm' M
By Clarence L. Cullen.
ala '""",",",'","irirrn.inruTiWirij J'LrnruT-iuxn.jiwjugji
i .. -1 ,
is ii aood t
ISt't. b The PreH ruMuh'a
1 1 1 1 K for rUillaallon that '
all of us do not nan! to be nsjaajr,
H we all did there weutd he no rill
ing stones. And
u it no il Hie lull
ing s t o ii e a the
world would stand
St TV r-ik ;.
The lolling stone Is
i uararel-
The rolling atones
see the pioneers
and the path-bias-era.
They a e
their way to the
ii n I I s t g v e r ed
PtoeWi alr.n Hi
new t Ii I ii . If
their is any inose
"a "TCJI il Kit lu gatliered an
the way they pluck II while la motion
They refuae to sit down in (lie rut
aolely to o utergruwn by invea
i diom .n naa cnuiltlei stole of .a roll
ing stone. It' never wae murh for moss.
Ther. waa only half a world when he
rame along Me waa aucli an effectual
rolling atone that be found die other
half of the world anil Joined the two
halvee together
If It were not for the rolling stone in
stinct in man. legitimately Implanted bv
I ancient nomadb- ancestors, there would
be no discoverers. If ! had not boss)
fur the rolling atone Instlnut the people
prewd all over the world to-day who
siieak the Knglleti tongue in fact all
Kurupeen (ongu.-a might Sllll be faring
inlserahly In the domains of their an-
lnt Aryan am estore In India
diidn of things All of tha
diamond" all of the pie ions gems, Mt
in apeak of the use'ul minerals, have
been discovered t)V rolling atonee. Few
of them have got much out of their
I Urol rxr. pt i heir grubetakea. But ttaat
le not the point.
The point la that the lolling stone oh
ttotjgt IS intended The spUrtt that
aenda him a-rolllng Is breathed Into SIsji
at hla birth for a porpooe. He la rivlh
aatlona scout He le the SreahSf o
new ground. Moss is not Iho thing for
him. He gala hla fun out of raMlng. At
1Kb eaaae time he oonfera laeathnaMe
briiedts upon humanity.
H there weie no rolling atonee there
nould he no snips on the world's sane,
ter there would be no urews for them
The Immeasurable pralrUa and furoalB
of the great Western part of the I'nlted
Statee would etill be "the Ureal Ameri
can Ooosrt" that It need to be called In
our old geographies, had rt not been Per
the rolling atonee who took their Urea
In their honde. drove back the hostile
Indiana aad opened up that empire to
the worM.
There la too mm h of a general In
clination to anlff or to speak uleoerag
tngly of the rolling alone The rolling
atone knoea la the heart of him that
there are other worth-while things In
tha world bealdea mose. He la happy In
that he can do hla work and have Ala
fun at the eama time'
".4 bird in fcaXMON bii hit noli ; u man by hit talk."
Thiir thimc is LOTH uhvn ipiing fling her rotu Mil o'rr thii
world of ours. Thr thrmf is love and thr key fits thr lock thai cold
vinlir has plu id upon your hi ait.
And time-old moon rn all; and oft helps spring to make folk
with i
two of ulyrerlne,
liny brush. When
water ued filrlv
- a lohlo to every
lo al yea the action
a a a-a
o Avert Lovers uuarrets
The Silent Bullet I
An Absolutely NEW
Of Detective Story
By Arthur B. Reeve
IHAVR ractlvad g moa: Interesting lettri on the luhjoct of
lovers' quairelg; mjt tha usuhi plea ol asslstancsi but
ghaarfttl llan oi r impilgn nhbh two young pgOPtl have
adopted to thSlr mutual satlafactlotl A- I think others
ihould bavS the beneOI of this letter ( 1 urn going to copy It:
"I inn twenty-two,' writes tin- young man. and my
swssthssri is two yen youngsr, Ws NHVWI ttuarrsl.
Whsntver one ofus Injures the other in any way the of
fendei Instantly gpgloglggg, Wbnn ver huve differing
opinions on any lubjaei ws gugiia tin- ctuastlog iii friendly
debate to dlaeoVSf Wbothtf my opinion or hers Is wrong,
and the loser Puys the winner with a kiss. It seems to me
that our plan Is Ideal and I wiah It might be i at oiiimended
lo you nil msn and women who are lesa lUOOSSlfUl n k'ttlns
along wiiti each othafa"
Poosn'l the plan gasM worth a trial?
i intrtatui '! rnt s'-
to I ha man wliim 1 love devoted'y.
lie g OOOl lo inc. but lasc' pains
see lit j oi u ii
Peopl ean t tie
alter w Rlmi 111
ftd f lutci
n loviv I ffstl iUfa thai m lova it ra-
riproi aifij. iii. has atkad (na out iv
ral tiinftei. dui I hv. t f n h..i In un
How -hill I v.:n l.hn 'Wtnihl it lis. all pIvHi r.n ms i iiimiiI
h. in vitatlona V
If on hava baan proaarly nitrujurtid
in blm
won back." VoiiM
huppanad now in
A I., wrltai: I am In lovt wlih a
li H proaar for .vouag aotuan wboaa pa at raputaUon ia
la to i nil thivMiM hi- a litioU to n ktoinvhu I)a(J, but I havr i.aaiii to
km afaralbaUairi that baa ratova4. Du ou
aua oi.iii
...... i
think our -n.i rnaj!.- would be a nui-i-eaa
If tiny know h n rfully wail. That la a (.ueatlon DO outUir can
D:' Vrltal: There i.s m young 1 aettle. It all dapenda on tha aort of
who is atmployajd in the building man you -tie and tha aort of woman
1 work tod with whom i am deaply tha ia.
(t'o.iyriaht. KM.', by liudO, Me.l av C .
vjvoMia or pajocsbixa onaptnm
'rla KriRf Id A tlr'C'H.. r. H'Ulist 1 ;.nliW
mv m. .in le - liri lleitit alfiititit- irintiili t tlif
ihinK ol 'tiiui isii untpne. JUaaaiatad 'tii
him l in it ,i ; 4 1 at r nun, Walter Jumv i, u
n tr n tat 1 1 ip iton . 1 , .1 1 mr 1 lajMI M , itir
net pliMlrUn. -niit i - enlM KaaawH " i in
what !' ntw-,.i.--iH nil "Tbe VsUnUm tlaat "
Mr. ii ii. I mil. 4 limiitiful iin-1 rlcli wouian. nai
ieen illnxi.rrH .inn in fee libra:; f iter lnni
nrt died h mi it ttaie aftfr4.ri1. Mtr tlmtb '
varluaeiy uttritnitAl to nunltr and la uiuide.
Her hiMliand ii lliTtr in Hiiiritimlun und h-
lona teen iii.ler the lnfl'iame of Mm. l'oir, a
ntml mi in II. DlalaM ibti uttirttn vmrneil hiui af
la v. itr - daatii. K.-n ir.i , k to n iaavi
b-t ani (jiiMhuw idm. UnKni thor uli oi n
tertiMt vii'ioiifft art livtrd. Kenneds la Its: bt
raiiaat a Hptrli rlalutli aatve, in bk'b !if ex
iewfn Mm. nippari timaiy. mt "t an
Ink tpt ut traseit a ,lot in i,iun u a Ow
The Seitimograph Adventure.
t'Ol'laU not halp but think of
thr two pghdUrUntl on ttir
shell brhina thr i urtaln, but
Crglg said netMM for a mil"
nsnl t Incllcatr that he !
fsrrad 10 thai apparatus, Ws est daael,
K'arrliiKton "ceimsl nervous and III al
ease. Mrs Popper, who bad not ii -OOVgfad
from t lit hvwteriral condition
of her exposure, with dltnultv run
trolled an emotion Vainlam rn
"1 haw- not only arranged tuia lanoi i
tory ao as to pgprodtlcis Mrs. Pupper'i
seanr. room.' began t'ralu afresh, "out
I have bad the ablnet plared In rel i
tlyely the aunie iKisitlon a similar CgD
Inrt oc-uples in Mr. 'andarn's private
seana-e risim In the Vaml-im uiansioii
"One night, Mr. Jameson and myself
were vlaltliiK Mr. Vandam. At preclnolv
Ifagfvgi thirty ffg heard most unatvount-
'If rapplnss from that rablnet. 1 pal -Uciilarly
notrvd tftio position i.r the Cab
inet, Hack of it ran a ballw.ij 'I1i.it II
duplicated here. Hack of ihls eg'Mnat Ik
a hallway I had heard of thagg rap
I'luss loToiv wtt went, but waa afraid
that it would be Impossible tot Ws lo
rutrli me ghost i i d hiiuded. 'Hierr
Ii a Until t what yOU ran dn the first
timet you enter a man's bonne, and.
beside, that was no lime to arouse
suspirioii ,11 the mind hi any one Bui
science has a wav out of every dilemma
I determined to learn something of
theee rappings."
Crs'l" 'a'i"ed nr.! c'.a.".crtl first at
Farrlngton, then at Mrs. Popper, and
then at Mr. Viin lain
"Mr. Jamoann," hs lewtMHii "will
escort the doctor, the lnapecto.'. Mr.
rarrington. airs. Popper snd M. Van
aaa ta,to any InlUtlon hail af Us
VaniNn mansion. I want rath of you
In turn to tiptoe up that hall (it a gpol
IhdloaeSd M the wall, hack of tits
ca'snet. and atrlke that spot several
sliacp IjIowm with your knic-klei, "
I did aa t'ralg insu u.te.l. UptOslng
uji myself ilret ao that they OOUM not
mistake ills meaning. Tlie reat 'it
lowed separately, and after a mom on
we Psturnod silently In suppressed ex
citement to the room.
t'raig waa etlll etatidltiK by the table,
but now the pendulums with rhe niait
nets and nee.ll, and the drum worked
by rloclcwork were hgjfdrt Mm,
'.Another person outside the Vandam
family had u key to the Vandam man
elon." he bturan gravely. "That person,
ty tlie way, waa the one who waited,
night by nlg.it, until Mrs. Vandam
tuok the fatal rupaule, and then when
she had Uik.-ii it apprised the old man
at the fai t and atreiih'thenetl an already
bllwl faith In 'he shadow world."
You rould .hate beard pin drop
In fart von rould almont bate felt it
That lithe psroon w-bo. unohssrvad,
had free gCOSOa to t ie bouse," In- , ni
tinuetl in tlie hrealhleea sllllmm, "la
in tills room now."
He wan InoklilK at O'CotMOr as If fo
corrotboratlon, O'Connor nodded, "in
formation derived from tlia butler,"
be IllUt tel tfl
"I did not know this unlll veMlei
tlsy," Kennedy continued, 'but I u-
psetsd thai pomethlng of t .e aoii m-
Istinl wIhi. wn firm told tty Iii
Hanson of thr , , ... t ,rtermlnil
to hear thoae rappltigs and make g
record of Ihom, Mo tht night Mr
Jameson and I visited Mr. Viinrlain I
carried this little Instrument with me
Almost lovingly he touched the pendu
lums Oh the thMti They were now .it
rant and kept en by means of a levsi
that prevented all vibration whatever.
"Hee. I release this lever now 1st no
one In tin- room move. Wat.'li the
noodles On Ins paper as tlie clockwork
rovolvsa the drums i take a ilsp-svur
10 llghllv. The pendulum Ibmte. gnd
tn nraslles trace a brolaen Unr on l ie
paper on earh drum. I stop; thr llin
uie prtotleatl) straighr i iak another
step and inothar ever ao lightly. See
the dell -ate pendulums vibrate? Pee,
the line they trace are jagged llnea "
Hi- atit-pprd the paper off tha drums
and laid It flat on the labia- before blui
with two other similar plecea of paper
"Just bafore the time or tha rapplnga
1 placed this Instrument In the corner
of the Vandam cabinet, Juat as I placed
It In this cabinet after Mr. Jameeon
conducted you from the room. In neith
er oaea were euaplclena aroused. Hvery
thlBf In Sets oasso Whs psrfsotly nor-
mal -I una:, lb 'ghoat' waa In Ignor
ance of thu presence. If nut the very
existence, of thla Instrument.
"Tbl Is an improved seismograph."
he explained, "one after a very recent
modal by Prlnre Iralltilu of the Im
perial Acadrmy of HI. Petersburg. The
Mrlamograph, aa you tcnow. was devised
to regieter eai Ibquakea at a distance
This one lint glrly meaaurea tha alie of
a distant earthquake, but (he actual 41
tectlon fro n whl.'h the earth tremors
come. That l why there are two nen
i.uliims and two drums.
"The ttMeTnotlc .irruiigrmrni la to nit
short the vibratlotia set up in the pen
diiluma, to prevent tbem from ontlnu
Ing to vibrate after the first shock
Thus they are ready In an Instamt to
record another tremor other selarmo
graph continue to vMtrate for a long
time as a roguH of one tremor only.
Healdee, Ibey give ttlS Indication of
the direction ftom whlrn the trsmoi-e
"I think von muat all aiipreclat that
yoilr tiptoeing up the hall must raUSe a
fur greater disturbance In thla delicate
SelemOeTTapfl than even g er aevert
aaj thipiake UMlatantla of mUgg away,
which It was bulll to re'oid."
lie iiguoed and ssevoalnsal tin papori
bui ply
This , the record made by I'.e
X ln I ' walk the otbrr night," be said,
holding no two of them In nig 11 band.
II. i.' in i tlie table, in two other longer
-.heei's, J have -record of the vibralioaa
Bet up by those in till room walking
Here Is 'Mr. JamSSOn'g -bis is not a
bit like the giiost'i". N'or la Mi Van
dam's Least of all are Ii Hanson'"
and VnapOOtOf 04 'olitior'i. for they aie
heavy men
'Now here it Mr F'arringtofi'a" he
cent down tdosel) " ir la a f Sit man
an 1 the ghost was 1 g.it "
Craig wit' playing with hli vletln
i.kr a cat with a mouse.
huddsnly i foil somsthlng ',i ..h bv
toe, and with a SWlgh Ol air and of
ormsntg 1 son M1 Popper fling hsr
golf g ldl at ths table that ao.e the
Incriminating raoords. in another ln
stunt rgriington wan on his feet a I
Mad made a w'ld Iggp In the attie d
It wa dons so qulokly that I must
have sited flr.n and though! afte
ward. I found myself In the mldat of
a melee slth my hand at hla throat
and hla at mine O'Connor with a )lu
Jltau movement hent Farrlugton a nth
arm until he releaoed mr wHb s cry of
In front 4f ms I ssw "rslg grstplng
Mra. Popper's wriat's aa la a viae, the
sjas glaring at hlgt Use a Ugrsaa,
. - . ' . "'
"lu you auppoar fur a moment that
that toy la going to convince the worM
that lienij Vandam haa taan desteived
and that thu apliit Whlslt visited hint
waa a fraud? la that why you 'hava
lured me here under false prctenaee, to
play or, my feeling, to Insult me, to
take advantage of a lone, defenseless
woman, auriounded hv hostile men?
Whatne on you," ahr added nontrmpt
uuualy. "You call yonraelf a gentle
man, but I call you a curward."
Kennedy, alwsya calm and collected.
Ignored the tirade. Ills voire waa aa
cold as steel us he aald: "It would do
little good, .Mra Popper, to destroy thla
link In lh chain 1 have forged. The
olnrr links aie too heavy for you. Don't
forget the evidence of the Ink. It was
your Ink Don't forget that Henry Van
dam will not any longer conceal that
he ha altered Ma will In favor of you.
To-night he goea from here to hli law
ver'a lo draw up a now wiil altogether
"Don't forget that you have caused
the Va ida ms separately to have III
prescription tilled and that you at
now caught In IhS a'-t of n goublr mm
del Don't forget that your rsppl'ia
gnnounosd IhS death Ol one of your
victim snd urged the other, s cruel'v
wronged and t reduloua old men. lo
leave million to you who had i
OOlVOd and would have killed him.
"No. the record of the ghoat on tin
gslsmograptl was not Mi Farrlngton-'
as 1 Implied at the moosanl when yo
so kindly furnlahod tills additional proof
of your guilt by Irving to deetruy the
evidence Ths ghost was vou. Mm
Poppori nd "ii are al llbertv to ex
amine the marking aa minutely a
vou plea", but you inuet not detr iy
You are an astute crlin.iiul. Mn
Popper. bUI to-night you are under
an est for the murder of Mar Vaiulam
and III attempted BJUItttf Ol Hsnrl
Van lsm "
The Diamond Maker.
How to Choose Your Occupation
The Duties, Chances end Salaries in Various Lines ef Work
By Cella K. Haslk
,ijijrgriih' rr KM -"-"""""
t iiptrlibt. 1 1. i-i ttf Tee Peata I'nala lag r.. Tea Mee Yerk kite
4. The Trained Nurse.
VHJSINO Ih alck Is one of tite
tbeat profession s woman
can take up provided she ia
fitted for It. The flist and
the must important irqulaltc
la a love for the work. Thla usuat be
pnsaeased by every gtrl who la thinking
of becoming a nurae. kf abe laoka thla
rauulalte It la beat for her to look to
aome oilier channel for an occupation.
Patience, Intelligence, a eympathetia
nurhe rerelv-ee practice,!, valuable ae
perlencn In the care and handling of
the eltk Two to throe year agnail
tute a omprrte course, after WhtOh th
nurae must pass a State Board an goal
nation In order lo obtain her licence.
leering the vnures of training ggaot
hoepltala pa a a nail monthly selasj
to the undergradttste nurses Aft'
graduation miree eeoolve In grlvate
Work from tat to Mt per Week and their
hoard A particularly capable and in
telligent nurse, eepeelally 4f ahe poa
nature, a cheerful disposition, personal IggOJgOg eserutlvo ability, may In time
neatness and cleaiUlneaa Bad. above all. attain th poeltlon of bead nurae gt
a strong, healthy physical conatttotlon ! soma public or prlvsla hospital or other
are essential for the auvceeaful nurae. i Institution. Theae psolllon pay fram
Tha ability and the will to tarry nut
atrlctly all orders from her superiors
la another vrrv important qiMillty. A
to IT,, per montii and maintenance
While the pay In the latter rsaso Is
less, the pei-moiirncy of the position
pleaasnt mannrr and sn agrerahle yob a 1 and the sense of responsibility and an
are helpful and w ill add gg sin case.
The only way to heroine an efficient
nurse is to rntt i a hospltsl An ordl
nsry school education with a knowledge
of good English are sesentlal prelimi
naries In the hospital eotuaea of In -tinea
are given. I uverlng Ihg WMM
eUntteV and thaoretlr! part of th
thorlly often make It drSlrsble.
Hefore Isklng up nursing bear in in. ad
I theae qualMV atlous You must hava a
i strong phyglogl runstltutlon. a groat
love for tlie work, a rmpathet1c yet
j self controlled and cheerful nature and
a strong aeus of dm. With theee
' you aie hound to become an erTtctgni
aubject. And In
addition th fut'its and succetsful nurse.
V'K called
nrsb'. to te
ta ii you in i
am gurt will
if we i an re
rtggl which I
tax even yOUf
reaoiirv- Heovwn knows .'
na. taxed our."
Thevlsitoi was a IgfgSi well-built men
Ilo plared i. . hot on th table tuid
Without tatkliut off his glova, eat down
hi an easy chair wuluh he completely
AndsoWB Is mv nams--thlil stee
president of the areas Bastarn Ufe In
suranoa Company I am tho nominal
itrrr, ggal tlurugh I ba r arime preltv
rlever fetltswa on mv slaff, we've got a
caee that, ao far, tvo.ee of u ha been
able to unravel. I'd like to coliault VgSj
about It.
"1 suppose you sie aware that the
large Inaurinre oOgSsjOOtsg maintain
gulls s lotto rats detectlva loroaa ami fol
low vry keenly aucli of the caars of
thrli policyholders lo.Si at ell suapt--l,iiie.
This rase grhlrh I wl' It P1' 111
your hands I" that ol Mr. Holoinon Morn
w.tch. a wealthy Maiden I. in lewellec.
I supisisr you have trad aometlllng In
the papera about til sudden death and
th atrange robhirv of his safe?"
"Vary Utile," replied fialg There
haan'l been luu th to read."
"Of course not, of course not." ssld
Mr Andrew wltu ome show of gratifi
cation. "I flatter mveelf that liava
pulled the wire ao ae lo keep the tHlng
out ol thr papera a much a italblr.
We don't want lo frighten ths quarry
t,ll the net to spread. The point le.
though, to tlnd out who II the quarrv
It's miMtt baffllnu "
"I am at your service." Interposed
'raig glllOtlyi ' but vou will have to en
lighten me aa to the fats in the caee.
As to that. I know no mors than the
ne a spalMti ."
"Oh, certalidv, certainly That Is to
Ti you know nothing at a t und ran
approau b It without bias " Me pgugod
and then, eeniing to BPtlOS omsthlng
In I'ralg manrier. added na.tllv "I'll
he perlarlly f, ank wlPi yM The poi
i v in iinealion Is for one burdred Uiou
gald dollars, and Is Incoiitastable. Ilia
wife la the asnsAciary The ooaBggny i
SrfOCtl) willing tu pay. but we want
to be sure that It ia all Iralgbt first.
Trieie are ct-rutln suapl.-lous clrcom
etanora that In Jualire to ourselves We.
think should bs cleared up
' Thus la In etrtot ciartMegi-aa, gen He
rn .11 added Mr. Andrews. "Mr. Jforo
wttoh. a-tkktrdMg to sava atsHj aa tt
... --r- - 7-
comae to us, returned home late one
ii. ght last week, apparently nrom hi
ofllor. lu a i cry weakened, a sesnl-onn-atSoua.
coiulitlon Itia fa nlly phyetclan.
Dr Tlntr-nlon. ws- anrnmoned, not at
once, but ahurtly. lie pronounced Mr
MVrrwWrh to he suffrrlng from a con
gxaillcn of the lungs that wax vrrv like
a etui. U-n snack gf titieumoiiia.
Mr. Mori. i' -h had at oner gone In
bed. or at ieast was lu bed when the
doctor arrlve-t. hut his condition stow
worse so ruaPldly that th doctor haatltv
rttsorted to oxygen, under which tree'
ment he aei.med to rrvlvr Tlie dot-tar
had Just steaftped out to see another pa
tient w he-i a hit V) ill wa. sent to
htm tlvat Mr. storoa IKlr wae raptdh
sinkliLg. lis died before the doctor
could return No alatemrnt whatever
concerning the cause of h'.e suilden 111
neas was made by Ml MoiowHuh. tret
the daath-oertillcute. e copy of which
I have, givra pnoumonla as the fauae of
dearli iie of our men ha. fteen Dr
Thornton, hot ha. leen sal to get
rotten out of Msg Mis MoroWttCh
waa thr only parson with bar husband
at the time
"Now perbapa triors would tie noth
ihg surprising alio it t ull. su far at
least weir it not fo t is fact that the
follow ing mornlngi when hi junior
psrtrur. Mr kalian, uprntHl th place
of hlstlgogg, or ralhi'i', went to tt. for It
was to remain clusrti, uf course, he
found that during 'be u ght some awe
bad visited It, The clock on the greet
safe Phlch contained thouvatids of go!
lar' worth of diamonds, was Intact
but lu the top of the safe a huge hole
was found -an Irregular, round hole, ttlg
enough to put votir fool through. Iras,
Ins It. Prof Kenned) great hols lit a
.fe that Is made of chrome eteet.
ssie that, abort of a .safety liglstt
vault, ought to be about the ti-oaaxgae,
thing on earth."
ft a"oo7llaus.g ..IJVt
. ..... ..
. - . . v -j -a

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