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Bentley Found He Was Loved
by Suggesting She Think
of Marriage.
That's All the Romance of It,
Declares Brooklyn War
Bewhiskered Brooklyn Mourns for 20,000 Barbers;
Strike Raises Crop of Stubble, Cuts, Safety-Razors
njTjTj-UlAjiririnrVVMlll r'inr'll'"T'Y"rY"l"'l'" W --l - I
Otoifi i. BeAtler, a bneheler rtnlr
two rears old. who snaps drae" store el
M. m Adam strati Brooklyn. au Uoa
ta An apartment back at to shop, wilt
arrr to-nlt-ht Viae Joels Mnbal Hills,
his ward, who la twantf-osTtn. Tao
.mnsif will ba Mrformod by tho
IUt. J. H Belnnsls of tho Twenty
faarth street at. B. Cnurcb in Man hat
mm Mr. Hentlev ll a veteran of thO
etrll war. Hit brldo U a distant rela-
ttre of hit And Mr. flentley haa known.
Mr atneo ah. waa A chUd Itrtnc within
a anlla of hla old bona unttata. Bhrht
rears aso aha came to Brooklyn And
Jotaod bar alatr. llrtaf with Mr. Bantlay.
nee than aha haa mada har homa with
m and aaalatad him In tha etore. Mar
Barents lira In Jordan, N. T.
Tliere's no romanoa In It," oald Mr.
antlnv. "Mlaa Mills haa lent llvod
with ma, until two yaara aso In com
pany with har aUtar, Orace, who Is
BOW Mrs. Clara no AWhouee of No. al
Wast Twonty-aavanth street, Manhat
tan. Whan Oraca marries, two yaara
ace. my Intended wife remained alone
with ma. A faw daya aco I eurseeted
to har that It might bo wall for har
to return noma and find a husband, She
looked at me ao reproachfully that
wall, she decided to accent tha proposal
than mada."
"I am vary happy to think I will bo
coma Mra. Bentlejr." Miss Mills said.
"I have always thought so highly Ami
dearly of Mr- Bentloy fhat it a earns
only natural ta marry him. Bat ha
will always ba Ilka a father to me. DM
I tell my parentsT No. But what of
Mr. Bentley Is wealthy. Besides own
ing tha store and flats above It At
Adams and Nassau streeta, he owns in
acres of land end tha eld homestead
Thnmaa B. Nell, flft
who lives In the Ho
out yesterday a Iteeaee to marry Mrs.
Nellie W. Smith, forty-four, of No. 41
B. Twenty-second street. They will he
married May 10 In the Marble Collegiate
Mrs. Smith dtvoroad James . Bmlth
ro New London, Cobb., four years age.
the aald at her home last night that
aha had Uved ta New London several
years, but her borne, she eaJd, waa In
Vermont, sjne rerueeo to any An:
Maatoalwer the DtaaTWoaia.
doctor diagnose your oaaeT"
"DM the i
"How Vang dM It taker'
Met long. I were my ah
T BOSS BARfltB nA. fj CL 1
AAPttroc lWaal ' wfcposi I mmmassB KJTv hnmd C 'J-f.rT- Bfl
CUT AU BUCKET. mmvZQf mmmJrfim "'"'W
3 W3 .-A U
ri-v j5 -rw
of this declaration of principles we
have hereunto fflgned our names."
Amon the prominent real estate own
er and flrma that have signed tha cir
cular are:
John It. liegeman, Albert B. Board
man, Brayton Ivss, Charles H. Keep.
Krsnk H. Piatt, George R. Read, Walter
rltaoler, Nowbold Morris, William a.
HeWltt. Henry 8. Harper, William R.
Stewart, Joseph P. Day, Bradlsh John
son, William A. White A Bona. H. H.
Black, Henry Mnrgenthau, Douglaa Rob.
Why the Palm fMda't Be war.
(Pros) the Oardat Worisrs BaM
A billiard marker la the Upper
Rhondde Is very fond ef plants And
flowers, And those tinder his charge he
waters and tends with loving tare.
While watering a palm one day Mat
k. ,-m,rbt in the etesFwra: I
itnn't think thla nalm has grown any
inr last autumn." was
reply; 'Tib certain M Iman't.
Property Owners Alarmed by . Ineon. Morgan J. O'Brien, Robert A.
'henehrough, Robert Ooelft, E. A. Outr-
the Rapid Increase of Bur
den on Real Estate.
Members Pledged to Vote for
Men Who Will Give City
What It Pays For.
The Bosses Have to Shave
Three Different Victims
at a Time Now.
Lawn Mowers, Garden Hoes
and Potato Scrapers Used
by Self-Shavers.
Let a boss barber (there la no ether
Und Just now) In Brooklyn. Bast Nsw
Tork. Williamsburg or Bay Ridge emit
n weary "neat f and tha charge of the
Light Brigade becomes as tarns as a clr-
ous Hon.
Half shaven men to the right ef htm.
long haired men to the left of him, be
whiskered Individuals from behind him,
volley and thunder:
Tm next !"
Pity ths poor boos barber In that sec
tion of the United States of America
situate due east of Avsnus A, bounded
on ths west by ths Best River and on
All other aides by wMskera and uncut
Per M.MS barbers tonsorial artiste.
some of them call themselves are on
strike In that section of Greater New
Tork whleh was annexed for the spe-
etflo purpose only of Increasing the
city's population In the laat csnsun
Tou haven't Any Idea how much wnla-
ksrs they can sprout la Brooklyn and
Bast Nsw Tork and Williamsburg until
the barbers go on strike. Ths bearded
lady la ths circus beeotnea a tarns look
ing Individual compared with some ef
ths unshaven sons of fair Brooklyn, and
whom locks of some of Brook-
Ira's foremost otUsens resemble wall
cultivated and irrigated alfalfa Sslds ba
te harvest time.
There are just MM barter shops
rant 'em, you unbelievers In Brook
lyn, Willi am aburg aad Best New Tork,
say aothlng of Bay Ridge. And
within the antiseptic walls (so ordered
by the Board of Health) there ars or
wsrs something more than 20,000 soft
lingered gentlemen who wheedle subur
banites Into having hot towels, shampoo.
hair cut, maaaage and hair tonic when
they only wanted a "shave, one time
butch bag pardon, barbers
before the strike were compelled to go
to work At 1 o'clock In the morning In
most shops and remain on duty until
News Oddities"!
BUOsTT MXUJON hens arrived In
bMsTmsw Toik'ommtyaas smt "
last year.
In Parts as an amy deserter.
poverty, declared that hla only
and Meed est nelly flowed.
to scale the dome at Washington
la bis honor as ths best
Ply, Rodman Law, whan
.to or 10 o'clock at night a brief little
trick of something llks fourteen or fif
teen hours. For this they receive In ths
better grads establishments, the kind
that are dubbed "tonaorlal parlors," as
much ss 112 a week, sometimes. Home
times they don't
Unfeeling things! They thought they
worked too long each day. Ho Haturday
they struck 20,000 of 'em. They didn't
demand mora money, because a good
barbet'a tips each week reach far more
than the stipend pnld him by the ahop.
But they did demand shorter hours
Twelve hours, they argued, waa ample
time to remove all the whiskers that
ought to be taken off In Brooklyn. If It
had been New York well, that would
have been different. Hut Brooklyn 1
And so they struck. It was only on
Tuesday, however, that thlnga got to
going good. Horns of them who sought
to reap a golden harveat by working
while their fellows Idled learned that
that wasn't considered at all ohibby In
good barbarlng circles.
Scattering themselves Into groups of a
hundred or more, striking barbers wan
dered all over Brooklyn, Bast New Tork
and Williamsburg, "urging" tha workers
tttabeoome drones. Their urging In some
few Instances along Pulton street wai
splendidly effective. In fact, ao urgent
ware the urglnga In A few eetafblleh
roents that the working barbers walked
out, leaving hasf asleep customers and
hasf shaved customers. Mors than ons
prominent cMlsen of Bast New Tork was
seen wandering along Pulton atreet yes
terday and to-day ruefully displaying
one aids of his face clean shaven, while
tha stubble that grew on the other aide
of hla faoe reeemfeled a sugar cane field
After ths machetes had done their fatal
And now only the boas barbers are
working over the river. It's a splendid
sight In Intensification of Industry to
witness a boss barber In a three chair
establishment In East New York at
work, lie will have hot towels on Oie
face of one customer, be shaving the
second and applying the lather to the
face of a third, and all at one time. The
boss barbers are going same, but they
are not keeping within seventeen jumps
Of ths whiskers. Jerusalem, but whis
kers do grow fast In East Nsw Tork!
In some of the happy home aectlona .if
Brooklyn lawn mowera are in constant
demand, and all ths lawn mowers aren't
being used on lawns, either. It's really
funny, ths Brooklynltes declare, to aea
a flat dweller who couldn't grow even
an onion on his fire eacape borrowing
his mora fortunate nalghbor'a graaa
cutting machine In the hope of getlng
the underbrush off hla own fertile chin.
And the hair-cuts! Bark on tha farm,
they used to put a bucket over the
da of ether and eon, and cut off
all the hair that ahowed under the lower
and of the bucket. In that way a
round contour waa maintained. The
eame principle haa been applied, with
more or leaa i mostly less) success, In
certain domiciles of Brooklyn since the
barbers went on strike.
Ths "waiting lines" In the shops
where the barbers have struck resemble
a Bowery bread line, In mors ways than
one. Home of the Brooklynltes ars as
unshaven through no fault of their own
as the veriest bum In the Bowery,
and some of them have been heard to
complain that their whlakers have
grown mors than an Inch during ths
time that haa elapaed between the en
trance Into the barber shop and their
entrance Into the tolls of the wssry bosa
Judging from the dealecated end al
most dissected appearance of some
faoea seen wandering along Fulton
street to-day apparently looking for
ho.epltals or sticking plasterssome ef
fete Brooklymtea have had the temerity
to try to shave themselves with the old
fashioned hoes that father uaed before
the degenerate days of safety razors
and tlplsss barbers.
But this terrible condition will prob
ably not long continue. The 4,150 boss
barbers or a committee of them, at
least will meet the strikers to-night at
the Labor Lyceum Hall, at Myrtle avsnus
and Wllloughby atrest, Brooklyn, and :t
la more than probable ths strike will be
ended at thai Mme. Tha bosa barbers
expreaa a perfect wllllngneaa to cut the
working hours down to twelve per day.
providing the men will agree to work In
shifts, so that early and late comers
may receive attention.
UNCLE JOB CANNON poker table brought vM At an auction sals
Bis household effects la
LS0S,Oo acres.
bought a MsBloan ranch comprising!
SCHOOL or WKALBB was reported oS Sandy Hook, but when hunted up
seemed to have gens on strike
JAPAN KAMI sulphur Is to he admitted tree
California fulmlnetlons.
of daty not competing with
PHILADELPHIA, May l.-Arletng
from tha bed In which ahe, her hue
band and two Infant daughters were
Bleeping at tholr home In the .southern
section of thla city. Mra. Mary Kulaaa,
twenty-tour years old, early to-day ob
tained a 1' use butcher knife and cut
the babies' throats, accompllahlng tha
deed ao quietly that the alumberlng man
waa not grouted.
The woman ha 1 been 111, and It la sup
posed became s iddenly Insane. In a
cell In the police station she became
hysterical and kept murmuring that she
had killed her babies for religious rea
Hospital's Oldeet Patient Broke a
Lac by Pall.
Ths oldest patient ever Admitted to
Bcllevue Hospital died there laat night
front the effects of a fall downstairs, In
which her leg was broken.
iShe was Mrs. Katharine O'Llndi,
nlncty-stx years old, for more than aev-enty-flve
yeara a resident of old Green
wich Village. Her home was at No.
Charles atrsst. She had outlived all h
family and was oared for by Mrs. Orace
Marshall of the same address.
The little old woman wee the moat
favored patient with doctors and nurses
ever at Bellevue. She waa remarkably
oheerful and winsome in her ways and
seemed to be rapidly recovering from
the shock of ths aecldsnt, but laat night
shs suddenly weakened and died.
Leave Footpitnts on Oarpete and
Get Considerable Loot at
Oobbs Kerry.
Hiicefoot burglars broke into three
Dobba Kerry homes laat nlirht and at
tempted to enter a fourth. The Dobba
Ferry ponce to-day are looking for
The home of Harry Secor, a village
trustee, was first entered. Clothing val
ued at NO and SIS In cash waa taken.
The realdence of Archibald Naokorson,
next to that of Mr. Secor on Field ave
nue, was ths second the burglars vis
ited. Ten dollars In cash was taken
there and burned matches In large num
bers left lying on the floor.
In going from the Nackerson home to
that of James Sullivan, two blocks
away on Aahfond avenue, ths burglara
passed througt) mud. In the Sullivan
home they left the print of bare feet
on oerpeta but got only twenty cents.
At the residence of W. A. Proudfoot
an artist, also on Ash ford avenue, mem
bers of the family heard the thieves
trying to get In and frightened there
Jewelry waa within eaay reach In the
three houses entered, but ths thlsvss
apparently wanted only clothmg or
Alarmed by an Increase tn the In
debtedness of the city of more than
2S0 per cent, tn ten yeara compared
with a population Increase of only 40
oer cent, and by the pyramiding of
'arsessmenta of real estate to meet IBS
enormoue budget dennnla of ths
municipal government, owners, mort
gagees, lessees, stents, 'brokers snd
others Interested In real estate have
bsnded themselves Into a non-partisan
organliatlon ntgSgaJ to support In the
coming campaign only such cindldatea
na are qualified by performance or
character to give the city a dollar In
value for each gwllar paid out. Hack
of the movement are ill the Important
real estate Interests of Greater New-
Heal estale. the projector of the
movoment ciolsit out. now "beats per
cent, of ell taxes raised for operatltiK
the city's government and has renched
the limit of its burden hearing power.
The debt of the city Is close to 11,000.
000,000 and leaping upward. Soon the
constitutional limit must be reached
If the extravag.m o of the past la to
continue, ami wise financiers antl.liate
the time. In the not distant future, w icn
tile credit of the i ity shall be serlouslv I
Impaired and no marke: for the city's
bond can be found.
Circulars setting forth the condition i
described have been sent all over the ,
city for elgnatures. The followrlng ,
pledge Is incorporated:
"In thla critical financial situa
tion ws demand that the man who
shall be placed in nomination for
offlces entitling them to member
skip on tha Board of Batlnvats aad
Apportionment shall be of ths high
eat character aad Integrity and pos
sassad of snob business qualifica
tions and practical Snaaolel ability
ae to render them capable of han
dling the nnanelal problems whleh
now confront the dtp.
"Thla Is not a partisan or po
litical movement and we a hall sup
port only such men aa have already
displayed the necessary qualifica
tions aad such nsw men only as
fulfil ths above requirements, aad
we oall upon all clttoens irrespec
tive of party affiliations to aid us la
accomplishing thla result.
"As an Indication of our approval
bridge, Edgar A. Tredwell, B. Aymar
Hands, John D. Crlmmina, Robert K.
Dowilng, Allan Robinson, Alfred E.
Marling, William H. Cheaebrough, Oak
lelgh Thome, E. Clifford Potter. Will
iam E. Harmon, Bryan L. Kennelly,
Frederick G. Hobhe, Harry C. Hart,
John N. Goldlng, Ro'oert W. DeForest.
George R. Hheldon. William F. Have-
meyer, Lawrence B. Elllman, John M
Stoddard, Cnlted States Realty A las. I
provement Co . .'hesebrough Su'dlng teW.lKiSfiSlZ
ompany, American Real Estate Coin- I Presto, add milk slowly, ml sing with knife
pany. Allied Rral Estate Interests Al.l Roll gently on board dusted with Preate,esl
llancs Realty Company, Broad Ex
Changs Company, Wood, Harmon A Co.
George A. Fuller Company, Thompso;
Htarrett Company, Estate of Cherles F
Mnde thla wayi 3 eus
Hot Biscuits
that tickls
the fickle.'
Presto, 2 tablespeeas
emsh, Bsse 11 to 11 minutes.
Send a hurry-up ordtr to your grocer
Recipes In end on every packagx.
The H-O Company. Buff.jlo.el.V.
Makers of H Q.rorco.. WPrettp. d
How to Restore Youthful Color
of Your Hair.
There la ae lanser any need of betna
ashamed of gray or faded hair and feellns
that yon leek elder than you really are.
Bcleeee haa found a elmple and easy war
to eulekly restore the nstural eoler at ths
hair. Anyone can uae the Queea Ora
Hair Hsatorer. a liquid preparalloa teat
... AttrfMS shad, from the as
Daekaae. leaving tba hair aeft aad fluffy
sad anaklne a laatlns eoler ssd Is est
stleky and does net rub off.
The Queen Ore Hair Restorer seea its
work ae osleklr and easily that It la uaed
and aeld by the beat balr dreseere. Bat
ene application le neded to restore tht
natural eoler of your hair. There ar
Era Talses. 50c snd tl.SO. Sold br Biker
Hegemes s ana ins ihubi am -uertmsst
etoree throughout the eonstrv.
P3E PtBLD 100 miles long is floating about Lake Superior.
BOSTON GIRL died from ptomaine poisoning, caused by sating pickles.
AVIATOR sentenced to life Imprisonment in Dee Moines, lev, gets thrss
months' liberty before beginning his sentence, to carry out aviation contracts,
tag proceeds of which will go to his family.
Bl'LLET nred at a Cambridge woman lodged In her peyche knot, thereby
aavlng har Ufa
Hs was James McAlsstsr, and he waa unpacking a case of statuettes In
ths art stors at No. B Laalngton avenue. A ladder broke and A Venus of
Mllo about to be put on a top shelf literally struck him In ths eye. The
goddees haa not loat her punch, either, for McAleatar was taken to Belle
vue Hospital.
FINDING 11.000 In an uptown hotel, man was offered a highball by the
grateful owner In reward.
HEALTH OFFICER of Frederick. Md , holds that ths law against common
drinking oups In public places applies to ths oommusdon cup In a churoh.
WOMEN are to be appointed white wings Inapeetore la Philadelphia.
BASEBALL NOTBeV Oulebra cut Ig eliding to Its baa a
Tine RBOB have bean pat down at Petersen and the Pete
PABHION NOTE Miss Civic Virtue, on top ef tha Municipal building,
a token aeT her woodaa winter wraps snd nsw appears ta bar spring suit sf
vlmJtlllaVsl m mJIUuV-.
snhsBSBw-- -""aamj
"The very last minute0 for
that old derby Shake it today 1
Young Straws are stylish and
they fit $2. $3 and $4,
A full assortment of
Panamas at popular prices.
UIAH. T1t MIWlHl itttl SUV
tea eserruer. I'ARTOLA, tne nusi issaiiv
blnofl purifier It emihm ehlls t. elasaaPA.. "JJJ
notliiai Injarioiis w.,:t nurse or meet the wak
est ttomarb. PAJtTOLA U to 1 BAB at ynur
T ...... k. ft,. mnA It a hns. or lue. dint
da You nasil tku tiiieodlcl aprlne tome atk
PAHTtll.A to-'lay. iron I run vn
iiiirnnlr nnatliatlon
AM., SJ,
ISO 34
James McCreery & Co.
Mrsedsar, near Day Strasi
Broadway, Cat, Houston Strstt
Broadway, near lata Street.
reaSarag, bear aa.ti Street.
Bread-way, rear SStb Street.
Broadway, user Hsevet Street.
Woelwortn Building,
liroadway. near I'atk Place.
Only atreeklys Stare,
Its PulSSB Su Opp. our Ball.
World Ads.
Should Worry!
They were 136,421 strong last
4,9o6 stronger than in April
last year
61,214 stronger than the 75,207
ads. published in the Herald,
the World's nearest and really
ONLY competitor.
And they had a circulation In
New York City, Mornings
and Sundays, greater than
the Herald, Times, Sim,
Tribune and Press COMBINED.
So Who
Should Worry?
34th Street
23rd Street
On Friday and Saturday.
Very Important Sale
Importers' and MraufftCturvrf.' Samples of ihis
Season's and Summer Styles nml Patterns.
3aH and 50 Less than regular prices
Neckpieces of hand-embroidered Linen, Batiste
and Plain Net ; also Shadow Laee ami Novelty com
binations in many shapes, showing the latest Paris
Coat Collars and Sets...
Dress Collars and Frills.
Fichus and (iuimpes. . . .
Yokes and Frills
Stocks and Jabots
68c to 1.95
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Real Bohemian Lace, Real Irish Crochet Lace, Real
Russian Lace ami Princess Lace.
Small or Large Collars of various shapes in
one or more of the above Laces.
50c. 95c, 1 .75 to 5.95
regularly 1.2S to 12.00
Extraordinary Sale of Laces and Robes
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Unusually attractive stock of House Gowns,
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value 9.50, 6.75
Negligees of Figured Cotton Voile, lace and
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values S.95 and r.rs
Negligees of White Dotted Swiss, lace and
ribbon trimmed. t 2.95, 3.50 and 4.50
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Kimonos of Flowered Crepon, trlimned
models. 1.45, 1.95 and 2.25
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Fur Garments, Muffs, Neckpieces, Suits,
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or damage.
Moderate Rates
- en,

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