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WBATBTJEK CloaOr to-night antargay fain rwol.
WBATHRR-TUMr to-ala-ati aa farflar t
7. r
Former Member of Aldermanic
Committee Promises Startling
Evidence of His Experiences.
Citizens' Union to Produce the
Results of Its Investigations
During Last Year.
Actual grand Jury Investigation
Into the acandal which attended the
holding up for a year and half
of Aldermanic action on the bill to
reduce taxlcab rates In Greater Now
York was deferred to-day until Mon
day. Became of the continued presence
before the Grand Jury of Statu Senator
Stephen J. Stllwell, arttaaaaai In the
taxlcab mr could not be heard. All
ware subpoenaed to return lit II o'clo. k
Monday morning. It la anticipated th.it
at least three public officials nil) be In
dicted a a result of inquiry, and ina;iy
will be smirched.
The witnesses summoned to appear
.Monday before the Grand Jury were I
Jesse Jud-.m, assistant treasurer of the :
T.mw T. V I ... K I'nmrv.nY" Mitvi. VV '
Rhine, In charge of Uio bllllnit depart-
men:; Benjamin T. Schaeffer. credit
man; John Clark, chief starter, and
Charles From, a clerk In the book
keeping department. 1
They brought with them, under sub
poena dure tecum, all UM records of '
the company, which show to whom
credit was extended and all city ofll-.
riala who never paid their hills for
taxi rldea. Those records, It Is said,
will show that the company lost thou-
sanda of dollars each year by "extend
ing credit" to city officials, none of
whom evar paid for the cabs they
Oeorge W. Whiteside of. No. 27 Will
iam street, an attorney who reprc
aenta the Yellow Taxlcab Company, de
clared to-day the company would do
ali In its power to assist the District
Attorney in its investigation.
There waj a complete reorganization
Of the company a year ago," he said,
"ami lint 0 that time there has been no
act of the company that Is not open
to closest scrutiny. We will aid Assist
ant PseU-lot-Attorney DuV'lvler in every
way possible."
Mr. WhHeetde eald the records ban led
to-day to Mr. fuVlvler contain the
names of elty officials who used "charge
accounts" with the Yellow Taxlcab Com
pany and who never paid thnlr bills.
The bills he said, were presented regu
larly to these officials at the first of each
month 'but. of coume, wero never paid.
Records of the courts, he said, show
that no city official was ever sued on
one of these accounts, though less fortu
nate riders who did not pay up were
ued with due regularity.
Mr. Whiteside denied that he had
sVawii up any ordinance, raising taxlcab
(CVmtlnued on Fourth Page.)
APPRAISED AT $6,138,653
The condemnation commission, i s
named to appraise the value of the
property to be taken for the now court -house
site In the new civic centre ren
dered their report to-day.
The commissioners place the value of
the property at pS.US.iStf. The owners
'had testified that their property wan
worth OOJJtiO.OOO. The city experts en
gaged Irrespective of the commission
ers had placed the value at gs.000,000.
The area to be taken represents PH. 1 30
square feet, or about seventy-three city
lots. It is now proposed to acquire
more property for the civic centre plan
about ten additional lots. A brain I.
am,..., r. m .1 f'nnimn ATI. I II. I. .
Anvder were the commissioners whose
rssTvn wm .......
regarded as a victory fur the cl!y,
one epreseiilatUes protested again i ,
SSffl AijAlUUL
aj .-
Cptricht. llil.'t. hr
Co. I The MOT
Chief of Police of Rome, N. Y.,
Wires He Has Captured
t'iilef of police Stephen I!, lieckwlth
of Rome, n. v , telegraphed to Peputy
Commissioner PousTherty, to-day, that
he had two New York Italians in cus
tody, one of whom he thought was
Oreste Shieldiana, the man believed to
)i murdered Policemen Hraney and
Teare and John Kl.so last Saturday
Chief BeckWlth ssld the t.i ni-n
lallliiK themselves. Hcrnie Legg and
J.anr.i Pal ma, had been taken from th,
brag boama Of a New York t'cntral
freight train. They ndinlttcd coming
from this city and sabl they had left
the night of May li.
I niu m.in calling himself I.evlon
seemed to iti-awith to resemble UM
photograph sont out by the New York
police on the circular asking for the
arrest of Shieldiana. Home has no fln
i tfer print expert, and tbo chief did not
' know how the finger prints on the cir
cular compared with those, of the pris
oner, but said that otherwise Hie a
scriptlou was identical, run to the Hit 11.
necktie and gray suit and the pock
marked face.
Dougherty called the Homo chief jn
the long distance telephone and aft t
Albany on other business, to go to
strutting Detective Webber, who Is In
Albany on another business, to go to
Koine and take a look at the prisoner
and also make linger prints of him.
Webtx-r is not only a finger print expert,
but has a slight acquaintance with
At Dougherty's request the Roma
chief arranged to havo the two men
held for ten 'lays us vagrants to nr
the department here time to make a full
Investigation regarding them.
Baseball Games To-Day
0 0 0 0 0 3 0
0 1 0 0 0 0 0
0 2 0 0 0 0 2
4 0 0 1 0 0 1
2 0 0 0 1 0 0
1 0 0 0 0 0 0
10 0 0
0 0 0 0
0 0
1 0 2 0 -DETROIT
0 0 0 0
" Circulation Books Open to All.
Vork Werlgl.
National Association for Study
of Malady so Declares Af
ter Hearing Report.
Ciovernment Experts Say Ob
servations Do Not Justify
Confidence in New Remedy.
'"ASHINOTOl, May !l Immediate
ly following an adverse report by l)r.
Josepii K. Anderson and Dr. A. M.
Stlmson of the Public Health Service
on the "cure" of Dr. T. V. Krledmann.
presented to-day before the National
Asoclatlon for the Study and Preven
tion of Tuberculosis, that body unani
mously adopted a resolution declaring
It to be the Judgment of the assocla-
Hon that "no gpgOtBC cure for tubercu
losis had yet been discovered to war
rant the confidence of the public or
t ie medical profession."
The resolution recommended to all
that present methods of treatment be
continued, Dr. Friedtnaaa was not
Mentioned by name In the resolution.
The Public Health Servlco observa
tions, so far, Into the conditions of pa
tients inoculated by Dr. Krledmann with
his UfberCUlOell vaclne, were announced
before ihe association by Dr. Anderson,
director of the Government! liyKlenir
laboratory, and Dr. Stlmson, another
puoUc health surgeon. who wero
detailed to observe the progress of the
Pried Ul anfl patients at Mount Slnal Hos
pital In New York.
"We l ellcve that at the present time,"
says their report, "we arc not as yet
In position to express an opinion bas id
on tlie present conditions under obser
vation. The disease for which the rem
edy Is used is prolonged and is ohar-
acterlaod by periods of ndvenoemeni
and retrogression it Is also one In
which psychic influences ure a powerful
factor. Time is thorefore necessary to
properly evuluate the effect of thera
peutic measures.
"We must not lose sight of the pos
sible therapeutic value of this prepa:a
llon, and on the other hand It Is neces
sary tc guard against too great an op
timism In respect to Its merits. With
out present In ; In detail the condition of
patients under observation, we are in e
position ' state ' ' it the f act n thus far
observed do not Justify that .ontldenee
III the remedy which has been inspired
by widespread publicity.
"In our opinion harm may have been
done by this .indue publicity Insofar . s
It has lessened the confidence of tubor
. uloslH persons In well recognised meth
ods of treatment or Interrupted their
use. and we are constrained to advise
against any lessening of those well
known measures which not only had
effected cures but which have reduced
the Incidence of the disease.
"We are aware that Dr. Krledmann
does not wish to be Judged scientifically
on newspaper statements and he would
undoubtedly disclaim responsibility 'or
certain of those which have appeared.
Nevertheless It Is on those that the
public bases Its opinion until replaced
by reliable and unbiased s leiitlflc pro
nouncements supported by coin In lag
In our series of patients Dr. Fried
man!! haa almost exclusively made use
of the intermuscular method alone tn
pulmonary cases, and a very considera
ble proportion of loom have either de
ir sin nail no considerable infiltrate at .ill
or have suffered from abaoeai forma
tions. H le evident, therefore, tliat a
very considerable portion of these pa
tients may expect thejr treutmojit at the
hand of Dr. Krledmann to extend over a
long period.
"Concerning the cultures submitted to
us we may state that a series experi
ments is under way. The bacillus bas
been found to be an acid-fast organism
having propertlea quite dlffi rent from
those of any tubercle bacii'us with which
we are acquainted.
$1 2 Men's Blue Serge Suits, $5.95
The "arum" Clothing Corner, iiroud-
wav. cor. Hart-lay St.. opp. new WOO,
worth Building, will sell to-day and
Halurday 2.U0U Mon's Blue Serge Suite,
fast color guaranteed; also Worsteds
and Cheviote. in pencil s'rlpes. grays,
browns, black snd mixtures, all alien .it
... id- worth 1 1 J in any other siore: ou
ice to-uay ana naiiiruuy, ss.is.
Inspectors Shackled Leaving Headquarters
onnno a i nun imr
onuro HLuriu Line
Tom Sharkey Is Left in the
Chair With Half a
The barbera' strike, shtch stsrtea in
Brooklyn on Monday and cloned ,x)o
shops In that borough spread to Man
hattan (Mi afternoon when 3,10n striking
oartM-rs, bearing banners lettered In
ltnllnn. marched aoroai Brooklyn Bridge
behind n limss band tO hold a tnass
meetlng In Union Square. The heada of
the Barbers' i'ulon say they will have
all the sh.pa In Manhattan employing
union la.bor closed up before next Mon
day unless the bosses grant demand
for s lorters hours and a day off every
Krom the Brooklyn Bridge the parade
went uptown by way of Park llw and
the Bowery. On the way delegations of
strikers Invaded ..pen barber shops and
called out hundreds f wot kttien.
The White Unt Barber Shop at No.
Ill met rHaWeBth itreet, ncx: lo Tum
manv Halt, a-as ci"d;d with custo
m ra whtr Ike parade reached there at
i. SO o'clock. The band h' ppe In front
of the shop and a coup1- of hundred
strikers swarmed In in. I ordered the
bargers to quit. All the men at the
chairs shed their white coat, donned
their street clothes and Joined thn
strike, leaving aiiout twenty half-ahaved
men In the choirs.
Tom Sharkey was among those who
were descried In the midst of the oper.
anon or having tne.r whiskers ampu
' ' ,
fated One man who had
. 11 i tiro
half a hair cut protested mightily, but I
tite barber who bad been working on I
him paid no attention to his complaints
and left him with part of his head
clipped and the rest the same as It had i
been when he elite
d the shop.
Along Fourteenth street fiom Third
avenue to Union Square all barber
shops were Invaded, If the union Is
as successful in other parts of town
ae It was along the Bowery, lower
Third avenue and Fourteenth street,
Mauhattan is In for a big barbers'
W Ael I liNyrON, May . - Senator
uilorman of New York Ibis afternoon
Introduced a bill appropriating vx.oou to
reimburse those who raised that sum in
1, to ransom Mi-s IMLui M. gtOOe.
lg Uses Lost In tramrr Klrr.
VANi OI'VEB, B. Co May -Steamer
Ophlr, plying from Vancouvsr north-
ward, was .lestr.yed by fire to-dev ai
n.iiii e l k wharf. C.-i.-e Pass. ix nerl
six per
awaa lviag luair n,a.
1 jj
On Their Way to Cells in
(SpeotaHy Photographed by an Evening World Staff
aaei 1, Sweeney i a. aaartkai a,
Amy Had a Terrible Time at
Sea When Remorse
Seized Her.
Captain Kuhls, of the Hamburg-A inrri
acn live stock freighter Salamnnea,
known In shipping circles as "Noah's
Ark," hrouitht a puizllng problem to
port with htm to-day. Ha put It title
"What le It that one should do when
a lady elephant gets a Jog on wblske?"
The captain's troubles began two days
ego. Aside from a thousand monkeys,
ring talis, mandrils, rlzus and Just plain
monkeys, a xetora. ten Hone and eight
tlgere. the ship had no passengers et
cept nineteen elephants and nineteen
The honeyhenr Is a capricious animal
and a poor sailor. It refuses honey on
shipboard and from morning until night
utters the low plaintiff note of Its species
which tends to keep the other critters
awake and make them nervous.
Hans Tost, Karl llagenhack's travel
ling animal nurse, who had the whole
I shipload In charge, has found how tn
I keep the honeybeare quiet. Me mixes
1 whiskey with boiled rice and keeps them
drowsily Jagged all the way across the
Day before yesterday, when he was
mixing up their sleeping potion, or meal,
he sat down a pannikin containing a
gallon of whiskey beside the cage and
went upstairs, as Secretary of the I
Navy Denlela might say, to -et the
Amy, the veteran of the elephant
herd, who Is destined for the t'hlcago
I Zoological urdens, reached out a
thieving and prehensile trunk and
sucked up all the whiskey and let It
run down her dry gulet. When Toat
returned he knew the whiskey was
cone: It was rsit until an hour
that he found out where, Amy was
!,.!,,,. H m lifted her voice In
gong, She winked nirtatlously at the
labra. She threw a loose link of a
hobble chain down Into the hole among
the monkeya. She Indulged in looee
and trivial eong.
The other anlma.s went crasy. either
with disgust or env Poor sTd Amy
she Is on v alHitit li yeai s old oouldn't
sober up. She wu wilder and more
ahsnielesi every minute.
Tost wuld have liked to obey lbs
captain's srdera to keep her quiet, but
he did not know how. And early to
day, when the exaltation at last passed
frOfg the big beast and she began 10
appie -ins th ineaorable visit at
It I), Morse, they could think of noth-
l"'t"' ,nn ' r: !,"" tu
tn8 Pl""ps to play cold salt
at' on her fevered prow. Amy was
i sleeping itfullv shes the ship was
I 11 1
earpetl Into llusvs sior...
pjigin wui-f , use ti gojoUiigi
Circulation Books Open to
the Penitentiary
wkemanm ,
Remarried Later It Is Now His
Turn to Sue for
John Boyd Orgy, a weslthy young
Broadway broker, whose wedding fif
teen months ago was somewhat of a
oelsl event, began divorce prnneedlngs
in the Supreme Court to-day agslnet hla
bride. The summons In his suit was
tiled In the County Clerk's office
Judge lomiph l( BtMsU of No. 23J
Broanlway, Boyd's altomey, derlareal
nothing would be said of the case until
such time as It came to trial. Mrs.
Justine Sutton tlray, the de.'endant, re
sides In a Itlverslde Drive apartment.
Since the Oraya parted two months ago
Ihe bust. and hius liv1 at a Klflh avenua
The (lras have him marrle.1 twtca
and dlvor ed once Their drat marriage
look place in OetObOr. 1904, and Mrs.
Iray divorced hnr husband In Keno In
lie. k. phi Before her return to New
Vork her former huat.md wooed her
again and they were marrl.d over agiln.
The couple lived together at No. OM
Hlverslde Drive until a month' ago,
when Mrs. Cray, returning unexpected
ly from a trip to Bermuda, found her
husband had been to London without
felling her anything about It. The
couple had a quarrel and Cray left their
home. A week ago he got an Injunc
tion restraining his wife and her mother-
from moving any furniture from the
apartment In Itlverslde Drive.
The Injunction was vacated two days
later. Yesterday Mrs Cray got an !n-
Junction restraining her husband from
"h n the
th her control of the prop
apartment. To-day's di
vorce suit was the next Mep.
Cray Is a member of the Stock K
cbange firm of Fuller Cray at No. Tl
f tilns Arrrpla flee Power loan.
PBKJNOi May t) -The bankers rep
resenting the Ave Bowers -Creat Brit
ain, France, (lerhiany. Russia and Japan
in connection with Ihe loan of fl3
uuu.uu to China were notified to-day ny
the Minister of Finance of Cbina'e final
acceptance uf the loan The firet ad
wince will be made to-morrow.
of the American Express Company. d-c-iared
on liesiiisg tlie slury thai the
honey bears could yowl their furry
heade off between here and the various
Western cities to which hs is shipping
ih-m, but they sh mid havs no wnisks) .
lie wuhts no four ! Jscs on ,,ml
ui bio mum
Sheriff Makes Trip to Penitentiary
Spectacular by Waving Revolver
and Ordering His Four Deputies
to Guard Prisoners Closely.
Murtha Gets Short Respite to See
Sick Children All "Take Their
Medicine" Without Confessing.
-T ...
The four one-time Police Inspector I
Htasey, James F. Thompson and John J.
by Supreme Court Justice Seabury to the maximum penally, a year
in the penitentiary and a fine of JtSoo each for compiling to obstruct
justice, are in the cells on Hlackwell's Istand, which they must occupy
for at least ten months, even though their conduct meantime be ex
emplary. The sentences cannot he commuted further. 4
It may have Kerned to the former poKce officials, accajstomed to
homage and courtesy because of the positions they held, that they had
drunk to the bottom of the cup of
. 4.1 1 1 i J , iL. , L. '
wcck, i tic-y iiMt-uru 10 use sAduiuig arraignment or UistiTO-Anorney
Whitman and to-day heard the wtirds which doomed mem to prison
life, its garb and its menial work. Hut if they had drunk before, they
drained the dregs when Sheriff Julius Harburger escorted thm'tern'
tlie Tombs on their trip to me penitentiary.
1 ' The underslsed flherifr i. u.
He Fires One Shot and Then
Heats Her With Butt
Quartet Arrested.
Huslr. the snventeen-year-old daughter
of Paaquale l.atugle, a stor.keepor at
No. :i.'i ITulton .trsiet. Ilrooklyn. wa.
alone 1n her father's jflace of tsuelneea
late thie afternoon when four men en
tered Two approached the counter and
asked for daane while the others re
mained st the door. As th. Ctrl reached
for th. ciars ra on. of th. men drew a
revolver, pointed It at her head and or
dered her to arei from behind the counter.
She hooked away and the other man who
had entered the Bt t Jumped uv.r the
counter M il started for the safe.
Riisl. kept on baeklnic away until she
reached a hum. sharp cheese knife.
Fieklna this up she hurled It at the
desperado with tbe sun The blade
erased his arm, and In Ills excKement
he pulled tbe trigger of his revolver,
which went off with a noise that was
heard a block away.
Knowing the shot would attract at
tention, the man with the revolver
epreng at the icirl. etruck her several
times on the heead with the butt of the
revolver und then lied with hie com
panions. In the meantime F'ollceman
Anthony i'asituale uf the Liberty ave
nue etatlon. who bad been eating In
hie home nest door, at No. till, had
rushed to the street to Investigate the
pistol shot Me was Just In time to
nab all four of the men.
Miss l.atuale Identified them and
Fasiiuule arrested them and took them
to the Liberty avenue etatlon. They
refused lo give their namre.
One First raaO Haeaehed.
gOi'IA, May (.-Bulgaria and fservta
h.vs ateeptsl Ruee.au arbitration of
Murtha mmm io-dty
degredation and sorrow when, for t
. li . a . ..... '
and he waved a revotv.r almost M keg
as hlmsekf as ha w el text in th yard at
Ihe Torobe for tbe convicted men to to
led to tbe prison van which waa to oarry
hem on their Journey. From the mo
ment that he arrived at the Crtiadhal
Court. Building, at a o'clock, ho ahowed
by bla manner and language that the
task before him waa eminently to hie
"We are going to put these fellows 00
the Island," he ennounced Importantly to
an assembl.isje of reporters, and then he
called Into the Sherlffa room hie SopO
ties, Humbert Kugoaay, William Wait,
man, I'atrlok Hesje and Patriot H.L..
lie mede them lino up tagamet tgte wail
like a ITU of soldiers and then shouted:
"Attention! There seem, to me to ho
a tendency in some quartern to favor
these men benmuoe they hove been pa
lteemen. These men lire ortimlnale. They
heve been found guilty of an offenao
stains 1 tn, 00 mm on wsarth of the oity
of New York, and I want to tail you
men that if I oateh you ehowing any
favoritism to the, ex -Inspectors. H wlU
not to wen with you. And I am tag
Kherlff of thla county."
Then, with hie deputleo at Ma haobj,
the Hheriff marched Into the To robe.
Murtha, who. by apectel permission of
Justic,. Saaibory. had been taken to FlaV
hush to visit hla rainlly-tlvo of hla
young children are Ul with the sain
had reached the Tomb, an Instant he- '
fore, and at I. an o'clock he and the
oflo-ra were ushered Into th. prison
yard, where the van waa waiting.
It waa remarked with aetonlshment
that Murtha and Sweeney were hand
cuffed t o-ether and that band, of at eel
Joined the wrists of Muaeey and
Thompson. Justice Heabury had oi-gereg
especially that handcuffs should not ha
used. Homebody .poke to the fMsawat
about It and Harburger, owoUliag wgeh
pride, replied pompously:
'-Thaoe men win not be treoteg kg
MR differently Prom say other prahntog
who may be plaoed in my oare thp Sha
County of Now Tork They wM we
handcuffed. That's all there le to Nv" -
He was about to ooosUaua wassn g
Sheriff when he waa a 1
oloee to ham and, holding
pencil posed ootsntettenely.
- ::r
- A 1 B

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