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Only Three Shops Open, but
Owners Expect to Settle
Difference Soon.
were drownsd and two others Injur
when a lighter oan-il by Randall
MoAlllatsr, coal 1ral rs, wan ovsrturnrd
by a heavy ara In I'aaco nay to-4sy.
All t man had home in ttita city.
1 S
Thn Might of srh-lsksr remains on
Brooklyn. The barbers continue on
atrllia. Thar ware only throe barber
shops In the borough open to-day and
these ware mannad (beg p.irdnn aroiti
aaned try "Mkdy" barren Such a buil
aas as tha feminine barber shol' did!
It had bean hoped thait tha strike,
which began to aaaum serious propor
tions laat Monday, would be act' led at a
can Terence bat wean rrpreeentatlvea of
tha 10,000 striking tiarbem and a com
mittee representing thn owners of
Brooklyn's 4.000 barker shops. The con
ference came to naught. The barber
are as far from tlielr le.e.. aa ever.
The barb. rs want a twelve-hour day
an.l one day off a week with no work
before 8 o'clock or after noon on Sun
da s. The bosses wlmll that their de
mand are reasonable, but many of the
bosses who have workerl ever since they
were lxys from twelve to fourteen hours
a day ar averse to giving In to tha
barbers' union And BSleM tha boss
barbers agree to the terms of the bar
bers a settlement cannot be reached.
However, It Is expected thnt the
bosaaa will coma to terms lo-nlglit. In
some sections ( Hruoklyu the males
visit the t.ir!cr shops only on Sat
urdays. Sunday Is also a big day. The
barkers say that the snip of the shears,
tha plop-plop of the leather brush, tha
scrape of the blade and the loud
screams of ths customers will be hesrd
again In all the barber shops in Ilrook-
l.vn within forty. two hours.
A crowd of strikers visited Jamaica
this morning and paraded through the
atreeta of that village, stopping at the
various barber shops to try to Induce
th journeymen to Join their ranks. Right
strikers ware arrested in rront of the
town hall for causSng a crowd to collect.
They were arraigned before Magistrate
Fitch, who suspended sentence. The
same crowd visited luchmond Hilll yes
terday. About thirty of ths Jamaica
barbers Joined tha strikers to-day.
i con o k rvwm
Amrrr raABocnr cqthoy jut
Snug Fitting
Easy Corsets
To expert designing
careful making
1 011 unl
it y of material and con
stant striving for better
ment are due the perfec
tion of La Ralna Cor
aata. Egptrt fitting and alter
ations without charge.
Corsets from $5
Brassieres from f 1
taia"V a
500 Fifth Ave., tSSfifm.
-North of l.lbrarr. Oaraae
U wine
FORTLAXD, Me., May 9. Four men
Be fair with your
eyes. If you have to
work long hours or in
poor light give them
the help they need.
by Regiataed Eya Physicians.
Perfect Fitting Glasses. M.JO to SI f.
Oculista' Opticiana
Half a Century In Buainosa.
217 Broadway, Aitor House.
22)SuthAve.. lithSt. 3WSiithAve..22dSt.
1 0 1 Nsi.su. Ann St. 1 7 West 42d-New York.
498 Fulton St.. Cor. Bond St.. Brooklyn.
The Store for Good Values
6th Avenue at 31st Street
Souvenirs to Early Shoppers
We have entirely changed the appearance of the
Store. The lmorovement affords more space to our
' stocks of Shoes, Millinery. Coats. Suits and Underwear,
which are attractively low-priced.
Come in to-morrow. A pretty little diminish-ing-glass
Mirror will be presented to every one enter
ing the store.
Women's $5 Pumps &
Colonials. 2.95
Choice of dainty Colon
ials, as illustrated, in gray,
brown, white and black
succie, black and tan calf
skin and patent leather,
with hand turned soles.
Pumps in patent leather,
1 tan or black calfskin, with
welted soles. All sizes.
Clearing Sale of
Women's Suits
rins antira Suit' Strw Ic hai
been divided into two lots.
AH suits that for
merly sold at $25
and up to $50, now
All suits that sold
at $15 and up to Q C
22.50, now M
Your choice of every suit in
the house. None reserved.
Silk Poplin
Bedford Cord
Serges and
Chtifon Taffeta Novelty Matures
in all the season's favored models
all sizes in the lot
f vww n
. w at i y
Women's Imported Goats
Of Genuine Shsntung thst Can't Be Duplicated
At $16.50 to $45
Thin occasion signals the opening of the Summer Coat
season! fl First we wish to Impress you with the fact
. . a. Ai cil a. a l.L
that these Coats are oi genuine t mneae nnamunK. vmi-n
is very different from the usual pongee it is heavier,
and its natural color Is more rich and beautiful. And that
tha ailk was bleached and shrunken in Lyons, q We had
a large collection of these Coat made in England, be
cause they will be more fashionable this Summer than
they have been in years. They will harmonize with all
the rich colors of the season.
Shantung Coals for Dress Wear Reproductions o) Paris
Modet-$2J.50 to $45.
Sternly Tailored Shantung Coats. $16.50 to $22.50.
Summer ChinchiUa Costs, $19.60 to $32.60
In white, these Coats are very attractive I Especially when faced
with white satin and trimmed with black velvet collars, aa la the model
ilhsrtrated, at lis
English Coats of White Polo Cloth, $27.50
White Fleececlolh Coals, $16.50
An Extraordinary Collection of Wraps and Coats
for All Occasions, at io
Third Floor
B Tulle Adorned Hats
1 produced By Gimbel Artists
$10 to $14.75
The latest and really the moat charming modes of Paris have been
reproduced, and not merely reflected in these Hats. They re
quire the skilled fingers to drape their crowns and bnms, and to
arrange their tiny fluting of tulle. To pose an ostrich quill
or a bow of moire required the eye of an artist, too.
When you examine the facings and linings of these Hats, you will
again be surprised to think that their prices are leas than $15 or $20.
A Display of New Summer Modes st $8.76 to $14.76
Light and airy creations to wear with lingerie (rocks, correct style for Sum
mer gowns, and smart modes for tailored suits. The draped chapeaux of crepe
and those that are trimmed with laeas are particularly fascinating. Of course,
many of the Hats are timmed with flowers.
Just from Paris Untrimmed Tafsl Hsts st $2
The No-Charge Trimming Service will be prepared to most the
demands of the busy Saturday ! This courtesy is extended whenever you purchase
an untrimmed Hat and Its trimmings in our Millinery Sections.
Main sad Third Floors
A Man's Supply of NECKTIES
In the E. A. NEWELL Sale
For Much Less Than Their Usual Cost
We took over, with the Newell stock, as superb a collection of Neckties as It has ever
been our pleasure to see thousands of them.
There are superb Silks from Paris and London, made Into four-in-hands over here.
Every sort of design from the racy to the decidedly quiet. Kvery color, from retiring blacks,
grays and dark blues, to gay and festive yellows and scarlets. Among them are many handsome
Knitted Scarfs. It's such choosing as men are not apt to see again for a long time. For
Newell's retail prices were ignored in the Gimbel marking as these figures testify:
68c lash for Newell's carts That Were 91 and Mors
Mo Esch for Newell's Scarfs Thst Were 81 60 and 2
1.35 Isch for Howell's So arts That Were 68.60 to 64
Other Bonanzas in the Newell Sale
PAJAMAS of silk or silk-and-cotton ,at
63.60, Newell's prices, $6.60 and $7. Full
of sleeping comfort for wide-awake men.
FOR TBI GOLFER. Jackets and
Waistcoats of soft Scotch wool, in charac
t eristic weaves and color-combinations. The
Jackets. 66, 7.60 and 68-60, Newell's
prices, $7.50 to $15. The Waistcoats, 63-60
and 66, Newell's prices. $5 to $7.
SOME SHIRTS still remain to be picked
up at much leas than Newell's prices, al
though size-ranges are pretty badly broken.
If your size is here, however, you'll save
UNDERWEAR, in a good range of sizes,
of such excellent brands as American Hos
iery Co., and German Lisle Thread Shirts
and Drawers, athletic style, or full length,
at 61.36 a garment, Newell's price, $2. Also
pure wool Gauze Shirts and Drawers, Der
mophite and Stuttgarter makes, natural
color, at 62; Newell's prices, $2.60 and $8.
Anglo-Indian Sllk-and-wool Gauze Shirts
and Drawers at 83.76 each ; Newell's prices,
84.25 to 36. Also Madras Athletic Under
wear at 66c and 96c ; Newell's prices, $1 and f 1.50; all autes In one style or another.
8O0R8, good picking, especially among the fuergrades of lisle thread and ailk, at 8148,
88.88 and 88.88 pair. And a special offering of GIMBEL Silk Half Hose, in Mack and colors,
at soo pair, inneaa oi ouc. Mam Floor
Variety Is the Spice of This White Sale!
Tomorrow, 166 Styles Alone at $2
Have you seen the Nightgowns with Bolero
effect yokes? Then, there are Nightgowns
that are practically sleeveless, others with dear
little sleeves, and some with only shoulder
straps of ribbon or embroidery. Many other
styles, too 82.
Princess combinations , with drawers that
may be made Into Knickerbockers by simply
tying the ribbon, are unusual at 62.
Many of the Petticoats have two rows of
wide ribbon-run embroidery, besides lace
Brassiere Corset Covers of linen that are
quite elaborately trimmed with wide thread
lace, 62. Illustrated.
This May Sale not only presents the new Summer styles, but it affords the opportunity to save
20 per cent or more on all kinds of undermuslins at 50c to $150. Second Floor
Girls' and Young Women's Apparel That
Should Quickly Depart at Tomorrow's Prices
Prices and styles are the factors that place these lovely Summer Frocks and Setts In an
unrivaled position. In other words, they cannot be duplicated at Gimbel prices.
am, a sj Is . si . t ma.. - - - .
styles are new, pretty ana distinctive i Materials are the best and the Drosses are
daintily made, while the Suits are excellently tailored.
Young Women's Butts of Linen, Or ash
and Cotton Sponge, 87.80 to 688.80
Young Women's Froeks of Orepe
pongs, Toils and Tissue, 88 to 890
Or aduatlon Dresses of White Yollo,
Met and Batiste, 87.80 to 888
Junior CHrla' Drosses of Linen, Ratine
Voile and Tissue, 88.78 te 810
Young Olds' Dresses Colored. 61.80
to 88.76; White, 88.78 to 848
Young Olrls' Middy Blouses, 91 te
89.80; Separate Skirts of Drill, 81
100 Tailored Suits for Young
Women, $16.60, Were 9jM
Serge, wool poplin sad opoam, la nary, tea,
whiu.rosearufbUck. Bias 14,11 aadllymra.
75 Young Women's Costs
$18.75, Wore $18.60
Bedford cord, mistral roils, opoaf
in navy, black and tire tons effects,
A Notable Outgoing of
French Neck fixings
Undoubtedly you will be startled when you
see the gems that we have taken from our
regular collection and an importer's fine sam
ples of which we shall also dispose tomor
row including exquisitely embroidered collars
(some trimmed with real lace), collar and cuff
sets, fichus and jabots.
At $1 to $6.95, were $2 to $12.50.
Silk collars embroidered in rich colors, 60c
to 82, regularly $1 to $5.
Real Irish Lace Yokes, 81 to 64.60, regular
ly $2 to $9.
Imported Scarfs, 84.60 to 610, were $8 to
920 and more.
Chiffon and Lace Jabots, 75c
Were $1.50 and more.
Chantillv and other lacy Veilings at 50c,
75c and $1, will be much below their regular
prices. Main Floor
These Silk Petticoats
Tomorrow at $2.95
Crepe de Chine, trimmed vrith laoe
Crinkled Silk Crepe
Peau de Cygne
China Silk lace trimmed
Striped Tub and Dreitden Silk
Mesmline in extra size raniioor
New Thin Vanity Cases
These new Cases are as dainty as they
are convenient, and women will want them
at first sight. They are gold-plated on German
silver, in a thin-edged model, with hand-engraving
or engine turning, in new designs. The in
terior is arranged with coin holders, concealed
mirrors and a flap for visiting cards and paper
money. Very specially pricodat 82 and 82.80
not many. Mala Floor
Beauty, Style and Economy Commend Every One
Of the Hundreds of Lingerie Blouses in Our
Annual May Sale at $1.26 to $14.75
Normally These Blouses
Would Be $2 to $18.75
Women's $5 Mannish Silk Shirts at $3
White with attractive colored stripes carefully tailored. Only 240 of them.
$8,75 Shadow Lace Blouses at $6.95
Made over flesh color silk linings only 300. Third Floor
"Campers' Lane"
On the Rear Gross Aisle
Main floor
Is full of charm and interest to everybody
who is fond of the out-of-door life in Summer,
with its display of
KENTON Take-Down Houses
Kennebeo Sponson Canoes
Lawn Swings and Hammocks
Osmp Furniture
and other things to help make vacation life
a joy. Do come and see it.
Springtime Jaded Appetite?
The Gimbel Tea Room
Will gladly provide a tonic, with
the most delicious food you ever ate.
Well served, in pleasant sur
roundings. Men's Smoking Grill Music
lhth Floor
Shirting Remnants
From the NEWELL Sale
These are some of the finest and most exclusive
Bitterns in fine madras, silk-and-cotton and
ussian cords that have been brought to New
York equally desirable for Men's Shirts and
Women's Blouses.
We have grouped the hundreds of Remnants
resulting from the eager buying of the Newell
Sale at two attractive prices:
26o Yard for Blurting! That Wore SSs Yard
36o Yard for Shirtings That Were 46c Yard
And it must be remembered that these hither
prices were far less than these beautiful fabrics
cost L. A. Newell at wnoiesatt.

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