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Friday, May 30, 191 J
The Evening
Id Daily Magazine
o r
( Daily Bxeept Bundsr by the Ptssb Pnhliehtng Company, No. M e
tt n Rw. New York.
P.W.I'! PITUITnDR. frttMnl. el Par now
I A NO! '8 SHAW. TrtMUW, l Park Kn.
joHF.Pir I'trunra, jr., secretary, iw iw.
KmJ at "the roit-Offl at Nw Tork a Bscond-Clsaa Matter.
lion rtalee to in, mnn w
BJVsrld for ti fnlted lulu
and .'ansrts.
w. Tsar
OM Benth
Contlnant and
All Countries In tho International
Postal Union.
On Tear It.TI
OB Month .M
JUST before the Aldermen paaeed the taxicab ordinance, (or which
Tbe Evening World made its fight, Alderman Mulligan begged
bit fellow memben of the board not to be "coerced" into
iffMihg the measure. "Indictmenti have been hinted; reflection
bare beta out on this board 1" declared the outraged member.
More reflect ion are cast when Mayor Gaynor asserts that the
Belief picture ordinance recently passed by the board is aimed to
protect theatres in which Aldermen are personally interested. The
idea of an Alderman standing up and voting to protect his own
theatres!" exclaimed (he Mayor. "I believe this is an In-
offense snd I sm going to find out about it." This looks
more "coercion."
Daring the past year the board has suffered much. The search-
baa been turned successively on its newsstand graft, its taxicah
graft, its moving picture graft, its habits of dawdling delay and
crafty obstruction. So much "reflection" and "coercion" call for
vigurows action on the part of the Aldermen. Let them resign,
abumh themselves. All good citizens will lend a hand,
Iks Romans settled tbe cue two thousand yean ago: "Wine Is
ITALY to puzzled and exasperated by conflicting accounts of a
recent battle between tbe Italians and the Arabs. There is
. complete confusion of reports official and otherwise. What was
lift reported as an Italian victory may have been, on the contrary, a
to) which four hundred Italians were killed and seven hundred
The press is furious over what it calls lying official com
Hot a momentous battle, naturally, but one wonders bow It will
be tat down in the final records. Will "history" get the exact truth
fjbsmt BP And if even to-day, with telegraphs end newspapers and
trained correspondents, it to so hard to get the real facte, what must'
wo think of similar accounts that have come down to at from earlier
Heavy IT. of France, after the battle of Anmsle, in which ho
was wounded, found that ao two of his generals could agree in their
etortoe of what bad happened. "See what history tor sighed tbe
King. The Battle of Waterloo to ttfll being foughtby the historians.
"Anything bat history," cried a great English stetsVmra to the eon
who was preparing to road aloud to him. "That must ha falsa.
"Htotory to distilled rumor," declared-Carlyle. "Write proverbs, not
btotories," was Charles the Second's advice to his court historian.
"The Labia historians told nothing but lies said Charles James
Pax. Gibbon, himself cue of the greatest of historians, alluding to
the fallacies of htotory, admitted thst the spectators of events knew
tat little, aad the set on were too deenlv interested to sneak in
truth. "Htotory chews you prospects by starlight or at best by
the waning moon," says Bnfus Choate in one of his addresses. And
the greatest of ancient biographers confessed himself too often st
hast hat a "reporter of hearsay," so "vety difficult to it to trace and
ana cut the truth of anything by history."
' 1 1
The silence of Mr. Jetties Cotiilsn stow loader every hour
The forty-sixth ohserance of Memorial Osv finds as nearly
full hitf century beyond the elvfl wir. Each raeeeedlnr year, at we
kosor the memory of those who save thtlr Uvea, the thousand of
their comrades who servtve, -many of them only In "rip middle
." mast bring horn to every on the extraordinary youthfulneu
Of those armies, nineteen was the commonest are Out of two
minim and a haH In the Union armies two minion were less thin
I wat j -cm when they enlisted Yr by ysr the rank of the sur
vivors (row thinner. Yet more snd more etch year as w honor
them snd their deal tbe nation thrifts with wonder and admiration
to think what mere boys they all were whm they took up the
sternest of sfl tasks.
! Letters From the People !
-m nrnrsTbi r mrw inma a i -
Such IS Life! mmmm By Maurice Ketten
I ri Church
Whin ihanou
out op
Play Poker
! r-
The Stories of
Famous Novels
By Albert Payson Terbtme
omnn is. a Tee evaa rmsuhhw o.
No. 29ZANONI, Of Bulwer-Lotto.
father's new opera, at Naples). The fortunes of
alike hang ta the balaae. Too tse tened ta ae Caver et aahh
whsa a hsndsems'ssaa ta a areeeealum boat sataac u has last
and started tbe applause. .
Tbe man was a atreterlene
to be enormously rich, and be seemed of early middle ace. Ye
eld people who could remember eaetag him sixty sad ewea seventy
Iter aad who declared he had not chanted in isciaraoii an that aaa
of tbe last swvtvlnc members et a mystlo oalt. or
whose votaries, by eeealt studies of the forces of nature.
able to proloac their lives Indefinitely. One of the condition of this
petual life waa that the suprenM lev of woman ahonld not enter the 1
Zanonl quitted Naples almost at once after causing Viola's
sinter. For he found himself in danger st
prima donna.
Two rear latvr ft earn tack. By ehl tarn Wlotas trad become a
And ah counted tear adorara by the eoor OhM
The Man i
Cham waa aa Italian Prtnoe who waa evn tha
to kidnap har. A renins; nsttsh arttat Clarence
ease teved the beautiful da cars aa did Nioot a
anool and Viola aaet again when eaeh Sn
with th othar. Zanonl would net enfM hi lov. but peat Sad la fa
a brefherly Intereat an th Ctrl Thla plquad and dlatraaaad har; the mer
h mad no SSSSWl of bar wn adoration for nam.
Zanonl learned of th Prtna plot to kidnap Viola. Ba rushed ta la
and beggwd har to fly with hten at one In order to eeoape th bane f
th Prlnc waa even than wading to abduct har. Tlola refused, saying aha
would' net threw herself on th pretoetton of any man who dad net lev her.
Zanonl. ewpt off hi tt fjp th exoltement of th moment, caught her ta
hie ax ma. crying out that ha tovaC hr abeve all th world, blatantly sw Salt
hi maaio power basin to wan. And Juat than th Prlnc' man ruahed ta.
They carried Viola away, lea vine Zanonl aenaeleae on the floor.
But th man of myatary a till had eufflelent maaio to protect a Stat aad to
earn the Prince to be slain In a drunken brawL Than Zanonl and Viola flS
from Naplae. They war married aad want to Uv la a palace am est at to
talea of Oreeo.
Lator, with their mMe eon. thy returned to dvllliatlon aad ataawad See
a time in Venice. Olyndon, who aUll loved Viet, told the happy youna wtfe
that her huaband waa a maslolan. Har love for Zanonl changing to faar? Viola
ran away from him. taking their child to Paris, where the Frenoh merotatl
waa at Its height. Thar eh found work aa a seamstress.
Nlcot the crook who had so long loved Viols, now sought serai to wtn bar.
Be began by denouncing Olyndon aa a spy and sendlag him to the giMltotbaa.
But Nioot. too, waa denounced and reset. And ee, through the saato at
another woman, waa Viola.
Zanonl. over seeking Viola, arrived In Pari to find hie wife BskB awea
condemned to death and waa to die on the morrow. Vainly he aaertad al hat
mystlo influence to save her. lie learned that two Says later tarn Resgn al
Terror was to be ended by Robespierre's overthrow; aad ha sought to gala a
day's reprieve for Viola.
But th utmost he oouie achieve waa peceniseaea a eae en xae asamraa aa wee
stead. Bs wsnt to bsr esU for a last ween wrat asn saa
waa ovarleyed to a him. Hs did aat tell her ml Saa
acrlBe ha had made, and she suppossd that oa the seer
row they were both to go free. Thus, strangely reunited,
they eat, aide by aide, la the dusky cell until Vtata
A Hueband
at hurt fell
When she awoke Zanonl
ao loaersr there. Ba had areas to to earns thai
ta lay down his life for hers. The shook of learning at hew terrible a setae
her safety bad been bought wae too muoh far Viola's shattered serves. Whsa
the Jailer earns nsat day to aat bar at liberty they to and her dean.
The Day's Good Stories
Mr. Jarr's Conscience Is Sore
From Many Umbrella Punctures
ssjasnad shay eaav the a
BBUSUBUfBB DIAL. db vejarjr sjaaamtl bbsbb
seedl It resusd aw sf Wsesa.
"Weehi esd hie th r wawatoa
-The aisht rea SlSPJSat.' est khs. Weeaa,
vHk.hud. enrsfel lad, "re esisl She s fhfe
OanwahL wis. hi Tbe Psas rjWIahUs Oa.
TThe Me York Kwsts WaeSS).
some women osn hold the affections of i with close rolling ribs, and Its chased
a husband snd the nosseealon of an silver handle v as ornamentd at tne top
umbrella thus for all time and the , with a largr and beautifully cut ealrn-
ethsr a magnificent creation of the form, or Scotch topas.
umbrella maker's art concerning which It was this umbrella that Mr. Angelo
Mrs. Jarr comfort ad her conscience by Dinks ton had trailed Mr. Jarr with for
saying to herself she waa "keeping" far. en whole dsy of rain that Br. Jarr had
Clara Mudrtdge-Cmtth. earrlsd It In company with seme out-
This umbrella waa et euperlne ellb, ef-town customers as was enienamin.
i SMItM a! The Snilas Wsrid.
symg wiib ens rsqusst of "Eitn-
sg the following naatba-
a 'rti fhs
I. 1, 1 i, t, S. T. a, - la suoh
aa ta make alas rows aad have
aaa number apassr only one la
aa that the total at
She end aad bottom sc aoh column all
wUl aaaoaat to es." I herewith
la his problem figured jC
up forward,
readsra aayt
Please." Wljal da
Te Lsttsrs yrssa Th Peopl dapart
asant at vary IntsrssUasu
Lbwub a OLAnic.
Vernon. N. T.
Spar the Rod,
I SjS nasat el Tks kiMSes WecM;
I aeartUy agree with the eantluieais
your recent "The Week's
article la regard to th young
who wae spanked by bsr father.
ghlUlsa more frequently received
punishment ws would have
yeuag crlmlasla aad would not
have tt oesk larger quarters for our
I'S Court. What do other reed
ssa the Btaawatlas) undue
dttse sf Tbe Eieaise Wert;
Caaaot aemotbtng u dun to compel
iae neanim uf awr car urss in-
Msnbr"" Brtdse dJriuj rualt b.urs
eeeaa te at simply disgrscs-
fide setose; 1 believe, was de
le carry mors trame tiun ins
M. J. a
Ts the Ml tor of The Kessta Werl :
I am laforwisd that a member of s
"'" ooara oz education who la
also a teaofasr In a suburban ate,.
school hsa bean credited with stating
wnen nis cntid bseam of age hs
nui ssno mm to a pablla schsoL I
this the attitude of snr ether subtle
school teachers and If so what la their
rwssosT i s uas to hoar this discussed.
o weuio many other. OLD QLORT
levatSW Aceldeate.
Te Ike BSttee of Tee a -i mu.
In view f th number of elevator .
eidonts I sail ths attsatlon at the k.
Ue to so ms of ths chief sauses of moat
or thsss aoclderrte. rtns. end foramoat
sf all causae la the almost insane rush
or in peopl of this oltr to set eom.
where, some how. la no time. They ssa
an e levator man shutting ths car door
sno uisy nass a wild dash to sat lata
tne elevator, regardless of the fast that
another one Is sure to reach that floor
within fifty ssoonds. Btorasar ma
themealve are oornpsUsd ta huatla
with svsry ounce of energy to harry the
people In whatever direction they wish
to go. If they are not fast no superin
tendent or stsrtsr will heap them. It
Is ths tenants who dsmand rapid sieve
tor service and It Is they who msAe
complaint if they are shut out, but srbo
laugh heartily if soms one ease Is shut
out. If thsy themselves are In tfce le
vator and In hurry to catch a train
or kei.i an appointment Many build
ings have hardly enough elevatur to
aocommodata the trafUo they haodle.
The result Is a general, ooatinuoua rush,
wb.oh sooner or later breeds reckisse
asss In soms tow elevator men sad re
sults in socistsato. Tsar after year
have been tnirodisspd is
we take a taxi 00 r
aaked Mr. Jarr as he and bt
good lady emerged from the
thsatre to And rata waa fatting.
"Certainly not'" said Bra. Jarr sharp
ly. "We eaa wait till there la a lull
aad rush to a street ear. But why)
didn't you brine an umbrsHaT Tee
beard m ssy 'Bring aa urn broiler- -
Mr. Jarr did net answer tue aceuss-
tlva rsmark. Bra Jarr bad suggested
lhav brlna aa amSe-BlU. bWt With
guilty emltJag of eonaclenoe Mr. Jarr
had rmrmbrd hs had tost every ease
that had rightfully ee wrongfully
tonsad to the aoues et Jerr the
rarer weak.
First, th ehlMrea'a eehoot mwareais
had arena And Mr. Jarr nad heard
hie tender tafants aeeussd et nU staying
It an) had kept etlent ftortri
llahl.ninnlne domestic S local
ping bumoersnoox ana sees to ewe
rraat bourns from whteb Br. Jarr's
umbrsHss never returned the neat.
WnTvtns nn from trts vnassirwoiwe.
rarr had taken Irato bom sue
r brmirht hack an ussbrona et prtoe
hie bachelor friend Jack Cllvr hsd isrr
hefclnd him eft r a oan. Tnes, rroea
small offense to great, are man greet'
ar Vfr Jarr had rcepd unessn fress
the house with Mrs. jarre two um-
Ona that sne nso retarnsa tor
Conquests of Constance
wSa 4 - By Alma Woodward
Tomma. b
Limited Leajiguago.
Oeprrlebt. ISIS, b; Ths Frees rutlishias Os. (lbs New Ton ewsslsg World).
THINK aU th dreeamaksrs la tbe
remnants uv disordered lives!"
Ceaataaee buret eat aa I pre
pared to. take my
accustom sd seat.
"Who's a dreee
saakarr I aakt
"Aw, ran get tin'
It aa fast aa X Cn,"
ehe hurled through
the receiver, at
aeeae laofrCnetve
gusst, "Most like
ly their central's
hue ahaptn' bee
sy shrews aa' ain't
to answer. Oer abe turnsd
to am la disgust, "them 'wwll-ths-ldsa-i-
aandln' - hare - far ten'- mmetee
atva me a kink ta my amiable
disposition. Well, pa I wua savin'. I'm
yuh snow, an t wua
gattta' a rig built te sisals th multi
tude, at thla hare dressmaker's, on, a
knockout 1 On uv them yuh got to look
twtoe before yer euro yuh see what yuh
thought yuh saw the aret time things 1
punk I Aa' I ain't goln' to 00a myaelf
ao longer. But, spsakln' about needles
an' pine reminds m now I lost another
Texas Tommy.
"Ona day hs floated In har tookln' Ilk
he wua miserable in hie clotheel But
he took one uv the bast room an' when
he paid far bis cigars, over at Thsrssa'a
counter, he putted out a psahaso uv
saftroa colored symbols big enough to
a need aa a bumper oa th ntatea
Islaid ferry. Tasa I took aaiherguod
lo k aa' I got him rlaed up for soms
kind uv a miner ore uv them what
don't sell stock. So whsa hs blsw tuy
way I wua ths Simple Culid all r.gbt.
'Wall, hs preolp;uted la a unbelleve
ably short time, am' when bs flashed
hie roll he didn't need to giv ao high
sign to get Into 00 place. Bo we certainly
did the rounds. But gee. I wus nsarly
a dead issue try In' to keep up with
him. Be had a ran oh la Tsaaa an' he
had jus' sold a eettlag of cows aa' he
wus here to put a dent la New Tork,
hs said. Ha walked Ilka hs had a man
satin' Men at hie heels, hs got upstairs
ilka a bouadln' aa talon, an' when he
All pleated shadow lac aa' evarythla' helped me off a car he had the best
- . . . ,- ...Mil.' . .... kb ntfn tha
f ram ths ay tor operators to be
aaa eewariJ to "iiurve sbnakl ... laas.
J. P. c
I swX
tal V'H .TaTaTI
The arveraao wwmVc wescawlayl
opfstalao eesly iOO w-ki-ta
"WoU. I smsee yam steed tskssa all
bBaan jfen eaj elctaa as aiat aaa? hsaa I
. ; 1 r . '
out uv ewaddlln' elethee, s
"An' aow, jus bsfors th critical mo
miBL abas I wua evoa breaktn' In my
new short rarYp shsss tor th fray, thla
gulnoe uv a needle nudgsr goes an' gsu
senhieiex aa can't work. I ain't never
yet net nothing real vital started by
hut what sew upa ea' gate
her health 1 I got the lues
uv a tarns prune.
Wtotoh It yourasX," I euggsstoS.
"hie Satoh Itt" svory SsaSura of her
ths smphstlB gussUoo,
"Why. ear. I'd leek Ilka fke great Egyp
tian Mystery sf I ever gat my hooks
btadl up la them baagtn'a. I don't
never uea nssdlas unless ths pine rus low.
Pfgw, I'm dlshsd tor te sssttow all right.
atom It rains like buaea an' makes my
rslnnsst so. But I ain't put any hick
at elL Boot Ukely ta eua'U be ah lata'
Oh, sheer up, 1 urged, giving bsr aa
timraglrg prod with my
"things anbjbt be worse,"
Way, they plant the last fsllsr what
ssteeoay. naxor dawn.
"B there Is atay rsa aeert
s deeper desire to dee are r t
I aea't knew u, Tkiags as
carpet ler arm-socket treatmenL Wsll.
hs'd 'a' mads most any dynamo a die
credit te th Bieaafsntiirsr. BUT he
"So oae night when we wua la cue uv
the swll cafes, a couple sot up aa did
the Texas Tommy. Be looked oa far a
while aa' then he aatdt
That thing reminds ms of some-
What to HV X aaa.
That's ths Texas Tommy. Don't
they da It grand' Be eesi Whati wny.
( taveertea that aeass, av taara aoout
like It a a ran era 1 mares.
Corns on. kid. tot's us show 'am now It
ught to be dons.'
WSU, mat same evenin 1 wua in one
uv them creation that another dress
maker had left at halt mast an' I wus
censpleted with pins! Aa' with hi way
uv eecaaaria' the wua daaas te a
funeral march. I know whsa ws get
through, my wardrobe wouldn't he stick -to
by ass Kks ft aught to, ao I declined.
"Aa then the mutt eea I wua ae apart
aa' ha ao aa sepa a awl from ea
table are boat it. He wua free
aa' he had th cusbI she re-
To Br. Dlnkston that umbtwHa repre
sented solid snd liquid sustenance of
from one to esvsral days. And pursuing
Mr. Jarr anO party six long hours hs
cams In a aide door lust aa Br. Jarr
went out tho front and snatched It Just
In time from where tt reposed behind
ths lower rail and Just beneath tha
With et? thess umbrellas on bis con
science Mr. Jarr hailed s) taxi cab and
hustled Bra. Jarr Into It
"Of course it Is cheaper to take a
taxtcab than to ruin my nsw hat and
this drssa although goodness know I'vs
hsd the dress long enough," began Mrr.
Jarr ae the taxlcab took thsm on. "But
somehow I can never make up my mind
to do ao. 80 don't say to me to-morrow
that I must 1st you bare two dollars
because yea brought me horns la a
And Mm Jarr leaned back and en
joyed tbe luxury of the swift and
meooth conveyance. For ones Mrs.
Jarr got Instds such vehicle she en
Joyed thsm to ths utmost,
"I was thinking of bringing that hand
some umbrella I'm keeping for Clara
Mudridgs-Smtth." Mrs. Jarr rambled
on. "flhe doesn't remember ah left
tt ert our bouss and It would ssrvs her
right If I kspt It. But, of course,
wouldn't do such a thing.
If Mr. Jarr's memory served htm right
shs had "kspt It" for Its rightful owner
for over a yeer. But with an Interns!
groan, ha realised It would bo forever
among the missing. And so hs kspt a
guilty alienee.
"Yes." chattered Mrs. Jarr. "that um
brella coat fifty dollar If It coat a oeat.
But that wasteful woman hasn't even
mlsssd tt. I suppose shs has a doson
euch, Por why shouldn't ehe, when shs
hsa charge accounts everywhere? Still
ft would have bean cheaper to har
used It lhaa to pay for a taxlcab. I
wish I hsd thought to bring It."
'Taxlcab ar not suing to be eo
dear," said Mr. Jarr, tearing to keep
silscx longer. "Ths Aldermen have basn
bind enough to cut Hie sxcerrlv rates."
"Oh! Then I sutrpose all sorts of people
will be riding In them now!" replied
Mr. Jarr. "It Is no wonder Mrs. Rsngl
came horn In on day before yesterday.
I wae wondering who had paid for It
But If taxlcab fares are chsap I sup-
she'll bs riding In thsm all th
"The rate hsrrs been cut almost In
half," said Mr. Jhrr. "But the new
reasonable tariff will not go Into effect
for some months. Then they will be
quite oheap."
'1 suppose so." alined Mr. Jarr, vis
ions of Mrs. Bangle booenUng eddlcted
to taxlcab riding crossing hsr mind,
"trut what good win that do poor peo
ple? one won't be able to savs what
one dose now when one dossn't rids in
them. Thank goodness, its stopped
Mr. Jarr felt thankful, too. Ths leas
sf aU the umbrellas would net bs knows
aa a
St of water.'
"Weeks slaked.
- 'Bet e eery etosety leaded twb." to-asM SB
Getting Up Speed.
tiW"'. Oeorse." stfd e Oeaatls aaea aot
W hast see ts an sM darky ta Ms B
grew, i mdSWefSl that res 1st is ts
"Dst'e ray tatsattoa, eaa,'
"I kaaaa aessef weal 'tt
otseat straws' aa' I ass detiiaaisi my soa aiat
gsts' ts bare ao sleb Usable ss I's hsd.'
le rs eo lesisrs rspioiri
Ha aheos k. ash. Us' ek bs dess
Wttak te Ms anal bt Bees era's t wests
I ssat dat lltee "bout fhtr asSss fro
war aoeeav we wine w we.
imllinst; eased ths essjllsiW.
He kamt watte ee fox rit, ask.
tosstr seOee feet raw, bat I tale '
fmr oaJks till be site
aat ta to
' ertsrwhfie We owls' Ss writs Is bis Waehlsetos Poet.
Where Every Utile Counts.
SBNATOB nODBMH asM sasasSr Is Weak
"The pxeosl pest, nasmd aa tt si Ska
tar, eased the Aseerk people SoSO OOO ts tie
tint fifteen dare of operation. That hat awes
aot stank coopered to what It oil Ss tats sa
bot every Utile eonata.
-Beery little counts ts pssasl seat eaa as ta
New Ton nets." the Siallir nslsasi sasJBs.
"I bsew a New Tork Sees whs, aa Ms letero
from the W teals sw of Wa
te hi eemati
" 'Juneenn. tht flat
be 1 aaoesd lata It last
"Tea, ok.' Jssm
skr. Bat rea sxaet
sesrhss raw win lee naJerelatkSsa aew, eb '
smwwed. cxdte ee.
r, at. But are
j The May Manton Fashions
pwweifi ' .wwiwi.i.'.ii.'iaei e .Miwwee. ww.., io 'wewwew
I eutt more I
A comings th
little bey than ths
one ta Russian
effect. For tbe
warm summer days
hs Is ears to Bee
It with th errs are
naafc and short
sleeves, but seel,
day occur even In
summer, and th.
tiish nook and
longer sleeves have
s plscs. Thla suit
Includes straight
trousers, free al
tha knees, aad they
are cool and pleas
ant to wear, SStt
equently psiieBer-
ly adapted te sum
mer nasde. la ths
back vtsw the suit
Is shown It) ItaOh
edgss. and
fashtonaMs en a
this ssasottt hsjt. ,
for hard uaags, the
plain braid patte
rning shown OB ths
figure has lea sd
v ant ace. Susb
suits are pretty,
made of galatoa,
soft finished pleju.
as wsll a Mesa,
snd also of gtag
h n m , chsmtrray
and ths lake fer '
tho wanner days. '
Ths high neek le
finished with a
round collate.
For ths fouewysar
slss the sutt will
antra S yard Of
idterlal IT. Vi
Psttern No. 7SS3 Boy s Russlsn Blouse Suit,
2 to C years.
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