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News Oddities
btrtan an on stria, sat aaeodr tea aetleee It
ft TM HIMBIM f the ha Waaetaaa Dtshwaaheraf TJbI ! ara ooUate
b - DSL rmSDMAJfH fl t-day. da eenaumpttsa aara to have turned
nrtia. aa ta
I MO tCOMOOLAtT haa rat pot ta Vnak la Banker HIU. tha hattls af which
JOB fwugtu 111 year ro t-eay.
VmanDBHT WIUON alas ewer awrea ton af tea at Me daak. Tha rafrlt-
alant radocea tha taasparatura af Ma ornce by twenty Sasreea.
k ML TUMULTT, PraaMant WUeon'e Seeratar, 1 to im mwi u lu u r
X Mtr1! OaHata. Jersey City.
, ffSwril HU PANXHtnurr It ta la acaln. out acain of Hollaway JaU.
. WISCONSIN FARMER la smear arraat for yoking hla twslvs-yssr-old ann
fjk- stele aad working him w tha fields
LAST MARRIED WOMAN TBAGHBR la out of tha Naw Orlaani aehoola
atar a twenty yaara' aiht la tha
Board af education.
Joho WabJb. V. S. A., haa hiked t.foo
m0 from Washington ta It. Paul to
taat army ahoae.
OuVWCCMO MAallilM In aaaalaa at
Chtaaja condemned tha "animal
dancee" ana urged an ordinance re
qulrlnr a ene-ttalf faot dlitano Be
tween dancing partner.
BLACK HBAR sraa aaan emwline;
naar tha top of tha flrat Orange Moun
tain. TM la laaa than a mil from
tha contra of Waat Orsn;.
P8 PW KANSAS CITT-fflftaan
man drawn on tha Circuit Court jury
pan! In Wanna City wara cud ha
oauaa tha atork waa expected In tha
horn of aaoh on.
Samuel Herbert Ooldan haa auad tier
huaband for a aeparetlon. alleging
rrualty and thai h took from hr all
har golden Jewelry.
Stomach Troubles
Due to Acidity
So Says Eminent Specialist 1
ailed Momh troohlM. ui!h In
4lrtle. wind. elomBch aeha end lnbiitv
ta ratal fd. Inataad r Indloailna thai
th nnaut I out of order ara ta nrobabiv .
ntn Ml f ta atmnlr eeiaaes taai
tratajaitM la taklne aiae In tha food
contents ml the etoraach. eaualna th for
matlon af aa and Icld. Wind (intend
tha atomaoh. and uaa that full. -e
receive faaiia omtlm known aa asset,
hum. whll the acid Irrliataa and lnflma
tha Halloa te lial of th tameh. Tha
tsraMH. hewever. Is not at Malt. Th
trouble Ilea entirely In tha farmaniln fced.
Rh fermentation I unnatural, and acid
formation la aat anly unnatural, but mar
Involve tfc meat nrloua eenaaouaneea If
not erevented. To rvnt or too far-1
maatatlo af th food eeateate t th
atomach and to aeutrall tha acid, and
render It bland and harm laaa. half tea
aermnfot at elaameearete Com round, nrob
ablT th beat and mt effective antacid
know, ahnuld be taken In quarter of a
elaaa r hot r cold wtr Immediate II
after aatln. or whenever wind or aeldltr
I flt. ThI Ma the farmantatlsn. and
neatraiia tn aciauv in a raw momenta
r.rm.ntatle. wind and aeldltr ara denser
oua and unnery. Stot or nravani ibam 1
hr the uaa of a nronar antacid, auch aa
Mneurt Compound, which can be ob
tained from or artiasm mi thua enable
the atomach to ! ita wnrh ornsarlv with.
hin hlndnrod bv nnlaonoua Ma and I
dana'roua acina. - M. F. K. Aflet.
We Give Surety Stamps free With Purchases and Redeem Them in Merchandise
In New York's Shopping Center
Lord & Taylor
The Store Opem at Q A. M.
"The prestige of the Store, and ever-changing conditions affecting American and foreign markets, result
in Lore1. & Taylor continually securing "seasonable, superior merchandise much below regular prices."
A Remarkable Offering of the Season's
Smartest Light-weight Footwear for Women
'Boots. Ceieniak, ffatkipg Pumps, Oxfords V Beautiful Evening Slippers
$6.00 to $8.00 values
Our Entire Stock of
$5.00 values
Children V &f Growing Girls' Shoes for all occasions
$1.50 to $8.45 Values $3.00 to $5.00
Extraordinary Offering of Brass Bedsteads
For Tomorrow, Wednesday
Satia or Bright Finish Bedstead
(as illustrated), haa t inch con
tinuous posts, 5 one iurh fillers.
Bogular price 24.00 ... . $13.7$
Sntin Brass Bedstead (as illus
toated), has 1 inch posts and top
rod. seven 1 inch fillers. Regu
lar price $87.40 $20
Satin Brass Bedstead (as illus
trated) , beautifully finished in
vitrified lacauer, 2 inch posts and
top rod, Vi inch fillers. Regu-
w0 $27.50
Dressers & Chiffoniers at Special Prices
Golden Oak or Mahogany Dressers. 40 inches long,
with S6xM inch mirror. Regularly $44.00. . $33,50
Golden Oak or Mahogany duffoniers, 80 inches
long, with 10x22 inch mirror. Regularly
m.oo 77.77.;; $25.00
Solid Quartered Oak Dressers, natural finish, 40
inches long, with 86x80 inch mirror.
Regularly $48.00 $20.50
Tuna Mahogany Chiffoniers, 80 inches long, with
18x22 inch mirror. Regularly $88.00 3 jQ
Neckwear, Kjbbons
& Handkerchiefs
Unusual Values for Wednesday
Dutch Neok, SlotvtUu Guimpts
Plain net, hemstitched collar and full
jabot. Value 11.00 each. .
Fmmcy Fiehu
Combination of net and lace. Value
$1.00 each
MOUi Collors
Of fine
lace and chiffon. Value
Wmun't All Linen Hondkerehitfi
Embroidsyed corners. Value t8c each..
Sheer Linen Hondkertkitfi
Balflnehaem. Half
J i8e
I 63c
Striped BoAoi U,.
Whh fringe or tassel nan's as .J
Plain Satin 8athes . '
Pink, light blue, black and white each. . "J
Lingerie Riokon (Dotted Sntin)
No, 1 IU $ 8 6
18o lBo t5e 8lo 45o po. of 10 yds.
fink. light blue, white and Uvender.
Women's Dresses
At Exceptionally Low Prices
French Linen Coat Dresses
Colored linen coat with white skirt,
rovers and collar of fine embroidery.
Value $10.00 J
About ISO Dram
Dolly Varden, combination voile, fig
ured crepe, linens and novelty stripe
effects. Valves $12.80 to 113.00
Linen, Voile 9 Striped Tissue Drestu
All the smartest styles of the season,
many of them being reproductions of
much higher priced models.
Values $20.00 to $22.80
Women's & Misses'
Silk 9 Lisle Underwear
at Special Prices
Mllanest Silk Vests -
Reinforesd, hem tope, regularly $8.80. . . J '50
Milnnese Union Suits t
Reinforced, hem tops, regularly $8.08.. .2-50
Gount Lisle Union Suits
Crochet fronts regularly $1.00 J 75 C
Gaunt Weight Union Suits 1
French band top regularly 78c j 45 f
Broadway At 80th
St. 1 5th Ave. 1 10th fit.
Sixth Avenue, 20ih to 22d Street
Great News! Thousands Upon Thousands of Yards of Beautiful New '
St. Call Embroideries in Sample Ships, Mill Ends,
- and Cut Pieces, in the Greatest Sale
Ever Held in New York
Included in this sale are some of the finest importations
direct from St. Gall.' Switeerland. purchaned there by our
Buyer, who is now in Europe. In addition to thin a very prom
inent Importer of Embroideries sold ua his complete, line of sam
ples, mill ends and cut pieces at prices that Will enable us to
gircw me gn-airsi surprises in value Kivingyou naveever seen.
25c to 60c Embroidery Edgings
Thousands of odds and ends of very fine Embroidery
Edgings from 4 to 12 inches wide in a great -e ara
variety of eyelet and solid designs; these are all I V C
the season's latest patterns and the greatest
bargains we ever saw in fine embroideries Yard
We have seleited some of the lots for mention here to give
an idea of the great savings that can he made at this sale.
Air opportunity to proe'ure Embroideries at half and less than
half prices for Children's and Women's Dresses, Waists,
Underwear, Duby Outfit.'., in fart for anything and every
thing where Embroideries can be used.
49c to $1.10 Embroidery Edgings
Swiss and Cambric Edgings, suitable forall sorts of dress trim
mings and various other embroidery needs; s
choice of eyelet and solid designs in numerous J S f '
patterns, 4$ to 12 inches wide. A very large
let with astonishing values Yard
98c Allover
beautiful lata of SwHa
aUorar eyelet embroidery ia tha
6 rattiest of design, lor making
loaaes and each like. The ara
IS inch wide: aala price, a A
yard DVC
19c to 25c Edgings,
Bandings and
SO, 000 yard of Swiss and cambric
edging, banding and insertion!,
in all the very latest pattern a
everything that is new and a f
up-to-date; ale price, yard . . X U C
Cut Class $2.39
Value 12.98 to $3.98
A brilliant ar
ray of practical
Kieces that re
eft, in a mil
lion sparkling
lights, with
clear, sharp
edges and deep
cuts, master
pieces of the
glass cutters'
Sugar aad creams.
Bowls. S-in . Flower Vases, Jelly Dishes
7-in. Mayonnaise and Plate, all ia
IBM collection of rlcn cat glass.
O'XtMl Haeaararai
$1.25 45-in. Flouncings
Saores of yards of voile aad Swiis
flouncing ia a number of the daint
iest and mutt serviceable patterns,
aatra fine texture; aala price, f
yardf. Dtrc
12.49 Batiste Flouncings
8-inch natural Batiste Embroid
ery Flouncing, with Venice I
bafiding; sale price, yard
93.25 45-in. Flouncings
45-ineh Swiss Embroidery Flounc
ing in floral and eyelet design; a lot
of lovely patterns; sale S a aq
price, yard 1.Z70
Swiss Flouncings
Several small lots, numerous
dainty designs; values 59c to
79c; aale price. yr A q
yard AVC k 49c
Extra Special
Beautiful Hand Embroidered Batiste Robes
A very special lot of pretty design that will make the ak gS QO
handsonleat lingerie drraaes imKnaMe. Regular value 4 .7U
Slt.OS. Sale orice
O Nelll Mala Bi
tint floor.
Surety Coupon Week
Forty Free Coupons
To start new books start aa. many as you think you can fill there
will be forty free coupons in each. Thirty coupons free for each book you
have partly filled.
No Purchase Is Necessary to Obtain
These Free Surety Coupons
Each filled book of Surety Coupons is exchangeable for M.M worth
of any merchaadise you telcct in our entire store (flrocartaa excepted).
Now is a most advantageous time to become a regular Surely Coupon
Surety Coupons with purchases as usual, double coupon with
morning purchases, lingle coupon with afternoon punhnie.
Likly Wardrobe Trunks
The Same Trunk That Regularly
Sells for 130.00, Special
Sold on the Club Plan if denired
These trunks are built by Henry Likly and
Co.. in Rochester. They are built of three-
ply veneer, bound with steel and have brassed
teel trimming. Capacity up to ten gown
or suits. There are tnree drawers and a
large isa hat bos within each trunk.
$7 Alligator Travelling Bags, $3.98
Made of aenulne Alligator wsins. Lined completely with leather. Such
The kind that wear a, standi knock, and looks elegant in all
12.25 Voile and Swiss
Flouncings 45-in.
An extra special value ia offered
in these 45-inch voile and Swiss
flouncings of peculiar beauty, aad
of the ordinary designs that lend
originality to thote who want some
thing different and yet daiaty aa
in design ; sale price, yard. ... 70C
98c Dress Flouncings
Some exceptionally pretty floral
and eyelet patterns fh Flouncing
suitable for children's dresses and
waists. A lot that if very dainty
and will make up Sme very drey
garments. Sale price,
yard.... 59c
Dress Linens
Oyster White French Dress
Linens that are the most popu
lar materials of the season for
shirt waists, skirts and suits
remarkably underpriced.
Regular 5c value; 'Saga,
inches wide; special 47C
Regular 7c value; 4A
inches wide; pecisl 51vC
Regular 91.34 value; 7s
inches wide; special Vv3c
Regular SI. SO value, !I0
inchea wide; special .. $J..1V
i OB
U to 18 in.
O'Neill Maaawrarwaahraar atar Mala, f I r.
$6.00 Silver Chest, $4.50
Twenty-six Pieces in
Handsome Case.
Each chest contains 0
knives, 6 forks, 6 table
spoons, 6 teaspoons, 1 but
ter knife, 1 sugar ahell. Four
pretty patterns to choose
from. French Bray finish:
bevel edge; scroll or fancy
edge. All handsomely and
lastingly plated.
$3.50 Silver-Plated Sandwich Trays, $2.25
An unusually handsome design in graceful form, particularly suited aa
welcome wedding gift. Very heavily silver-plated, bound to outwear all
O'Neill Mala Mar -Mara Floor.
O'Neill-Adams Once a Year Sale of
Sample Hosiery
From the largest and beet known importer t and distributors oj
a world famous brand of hosiery.
25c to 95c Silk and
Lisle Hosiery
at 14c pr
r or" Men S lk. L'sla aad Cotton
Bocks wth reinforeed soles, heel
aad toe ia assorted colors.
' For Women Lisle aad cottons
with double heel, toes and solas ia
all tha wanted color.
Waaaaa's Rnlerr Istk Mala Stora-
35c to 85c Silk and
Lisle Hosiery
at 23c pr
For Men Extra fine quality ofl
Silk, Lisle and Cotton Half Hose
with reinforced soles, heals and toea
ia many new colors.
For Woman Imported and do
mastic makes in good cottons and
lisle, all wanted style and color.
Mea'a Raster? la O'NrUTa B4j
fee Deal aad the Vera.
A Surprise Value in Large Size
Royal Wilton Rugs
Just because the manufacturer discontinues some designs
not because they are not handsome and artistic, bait because his
looms will produce only so many, and new ones are constantly
being made you can buy these magnificent rugs at substantial
SlSeOxItft .AQ a A
Heg. $44.00 $50.DU
Sise 9x14 ft.
Reg. $35.00
Club Plan
May Be
Reg. SSQ.00
Sise 10!4xU ft,
Reg. 170.00
$60 French Wilton Rugs, 9x12, $47.50
The most beautiful, beat waarsj geuuia
French Wilton, with a velvety smoothness,
and harmoniously blended soft shades of color,
in score of different pattern.
O'Neill Mam "toro r..m Sloe.
2,000 of the Famous '-RUBDRY" TOWEXS
The genuine trade-marked "Rubdry" Bath
Towels, each one in a sealed package. This sale
price ia less than the usual coat price. On sale
to-morrow, one dozen for 2.25; each
No Mall. Telaae or C. O. D. Ordar ran a finS la this Han.
And These Fine Turkish Bath Towels
450 dozen Bleached Heavy Double Loop Turkish Bath
Towels, considerably less than our regular low prices:
Our Regular 30c Qual-1 Our Regular 40c Qual-1 Our Regular 50c Qual
ity, sise 44x45 in.. 35c. I itv. ise 4x40 in.. 50c. ' ity, sise 7x54 in., 59c.
O'Neill Mala BSSSS Sea nr.
New Shirts for Men, 59 C
Value $1.00 to $1.00
7,500 high grade Shirts that were at a most conservative estimate
worth 91.00 to $1.50
The material are good
qualities of Madras, Per
cales, Soisettes, Cotton,
I'ongees, etc. Cannot be
excelled as to fit, style,
material and workmanship.
Some have plain, others
have pleated negligee bos
oms, with fine prnrl but
tons; in coat models in all
the latest coloriugs, includ
ing white, cliffs atlached in
either soft or starched turn
back style.
$1.50 to $2.50 Men's Pajamas at 95c
Made of fine madras, percales, pongee i, mercerised fabrics and some silks,
trimmed nicely with silk loop aad pearl buttons, some slightly soiled. All
fresa SUsh Ave.
Men's Athletic Underwear o
In the Sale That is Daily Breaking Selling Records
50c to $1.50 ds
Shirts V Drawers,
Three Garments
for $J.
$1.00 to $2.50
Union Suits,
Three Suits for$.
Plenty of all kinds we purchased 84,000 piece silk, silk and linen, linen
madras, crepe, nainsook and utadris, sleeveless shirts, knee length drawer and
union suits. Siaes 84 to 40. Some are smukni aoiked, bul all perfect in finish
O Hur sws ie laaa aaa ta ajar. aa testa riws sink Imu.
I oi 5nS . l
ItaUaAtev CoH Sixth Avenue fcttk to aid StoteV Nor Yoft. City
sasaa ssaaaaaxBl
jmwAmr a
. -..1 . a.

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