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Copyright. ltU, by Th frees Publlshtag Co (Tha New York World.)
let i Single Word Deserving ol
Crittolim From English Polo-
MA W 1 f ""
(Tfce H.w Tort WaMOI.
MbNb wan WHO PLAT"
ft somebody dose, always And thn
Jsj Vho kwr ths alibi" ara somewhat
to look upon th
Indifferent sportsmen.
tba comment that hss follow ea
n victory In tha moat aiun-
eontaatad polo matoh In all tha
of lha ctmi, I haren't Been a
I word deserving of crltielsm from
the English playara tbsmsslvee. THKY
FIsATEll THE OA ME' They know
than any of tha crttloa In tha
nda Juat how hard fought II
Just how hard thay triad to win.
! bow strong thay found tha Amerl
hgtsak and Juat how skilful and
tha American defense.
i Mory of tha game, tlia boat proof
Mai ttotory want whara It belongs!, la
.taste by tba laat two parloda With an
r asNeaatage of only a quarter of a point.
ertaaing advantage If there waa no
aaWfthes- scoring, tha Americana put up
IMMM that waa as a rock wall.
. Wfcaa bard pressed thay drova tha ball
Am de to alda of tba held, kaaplng
lag of striking dlalanos of thalr goal,
ffbs grsnditand critics of Old England
mr that thla was "unconvantlossj." It
Jag food atrategy and It worn.
TSW ME A Wrm f, WWW I w I g . - . a eau. aah a 1 I sSaHm. I ,i I I
-i- X . i Etc. But T- f rl'&'W' 1 WTK .M"
sassssaw Jkaf A asYaV ,p op ro (JAMS WTKj Js
Bf W:aS4p' vjtt :-J
IIMUIktaMiW Hl1tiM.l(,M.vA,..L I'JWi . .aa.. ... tilX V '
II ' "NOW I I ' 1 s sak
TJTE ta.t.y o.r V, y . . . OgTlP ;
- . ..nnn tha lo.ara ae VVUHW iya. dT--TiCi.W
Wftgbar Indlffar.nt aporlam.n.
I '-aTCi IJiA To oi . "We PRiwr-ricAiJUf I 1 Ya
BS'-rj: mh.:ohTl.,ruth. 1BL ; r) rv jr
Iwssraa of .h. gam.. 1 l.a.n t an . V"" ADMIT IT. MRC LOCK Vw V5L
.- -)-- jfsyr" LPX mm
WK ; . . U ! L ; , i-
But or couut
VoCll aomit Tbarr sob.
Ta,m pubycb a MUCH
"fa iNoeetJ
Tftl M4MI.w MbbH'T
SooM . . . NOT THAT
I vnoulO 5AYTh
out Tor , HoTMirMi o
Th Sort. X ,6oae
You ! Rtn-Y 1 MitoutbH'r
ft AY Tt,T ! Po$iiLY
, I .
' IN
OME Of tha crltlelam by tha dlaap
points English followara on tha
Unas IS aniualng. I quota a
of It:
would hava won tha match
tha blowing of tha umplrs's
tor occasional, and vary or
al that, inomanta whan tha
taam assertsd a auparlorlty,
I'a taam Imprassad thalr gama upon
It was nothing but shasr tuok that
Amsrtra tha final mat oh of tha
a polo point of vlaw flaturday'a
aa probably tba most unastlsfar-
ssr pbuad In tha history of th.
k Imagine an Intsrnatlonsl oontaat
aad lost by a fraction, or In olhar
a quartar of a goal!"
(Locked cross wss not naarly
aa aoms of tboaa commuted
American team which asoeped
ol tha referee."
a purely polo standpoint, taking
sssjrara Individually, tha Kngllah
was) every bit as strong as their
ts. Tbsjr played a far better
HarUngham team pltya atrlctly
t while the Meadow Brook
Wta break every known rula of the
thalr analaty to score."
will hesitate to aay
i Americana have not thoroughly
their victory. It would be Idle
anllke to explain It away
' sophistical oalculatlsn as to the
let lock In the two gamss."
CAT In two such hard-fought
I aa those at Meadow Brook
1ao no dlsgraca, even though
aatiafacUon In It for tba
i aay chance playa a greater
than In any olhar game In
Half dooen times, Hatur
Inohes In the course of the
would have changed lha
plosion of the game. Eng-
bbaneso by a hair In ths
Bo. for that mattes, did
And all speculation Is vain.
i If England HAD scored the goal
bavs given her ths lead,
men might hava ahlftnd
l gjp the furlout attack that earned
Oggtr goal whan ths American's
erateiy trying to cut down the
arller 'n tha gama.
Cleveland Must Continue on Sheer Nerve to
Beat Them Out for American League Pen
nant Says Giants' Manager in Re
viewing Race for Flag.
The baseball reviews of both big leagues written
exclusively for The Evening World by John J. McGraw
are the best baseball stories written in New York.
They will appear throughout the season in these col
umns on Mondays and Tuesdays.
(Manager of the Oianf .)
(Cont.nued from Flrat Page.)
L ' '.Jbsi sftsW
i gfl H
ro puis
a. S-dor,
a fx
kg ball
N 0n
kombody hopo on
soon. For a time
week of
the Amer
ican li s a g u e
fight hag thor
oughly con
t I need me that
the Athl-sttrs
are likely to run
away with the
flag urlegg
their trail very
It seemed aa If
ons of ths coming sUrs of the gama.
'" day ha came to Mack and aald .
"Mr. Mack, I Obb't play tir.t base In
he world's avrlea."
"Why notT" asked "Connie."
"Uecauss I Juat can't," ha replied.
That boy la biok In ths minora now.
Ha never played In another gama with
lha Athletics Mack wss through with
Ill (Ioftue. flrat: Wllhlts. 107 (Borel),
second: Closer, UOIKederla), third. Time.
Lit, Hack Hay, tMiapullepvc, The !tea?'i.
Amoral, t'srlton Club, Tactless aleo ran.
13 mutu'cla paid - Florence Roberts,
attplght, HM. place, K.10, show. S3. so;
Wllhltc. ktaee, lit. ahow. 17.10; Closer,
ahow. H-00.
THIRD RACE-Purse K00; threc-yiar
olda .nd up; handk'S.p; on. mile and
one-elxteentli. Prmceaa Callaway, tot
(BuatOb), won; Flora Fins. 100 (An
drcHal, aecolid: (Yearn. K (Martin)
third. Thiir, 1.4444. Klexth atao ran.
I.' niiituxla p,id: r,-ln,cHs Callaway,
! .tralght. .. pIac U.H, Flora Kins.
Btadt l-S No allow liettlng.
POUMFH RACE.-Purse HOO for three
V c.u -old. ami up, one mile and acventy
yarda. .
Vernca. 97, (Ked.rla) flrat: White Wool.
112 (Steele) ae,-ond; t'hartl.r. 107. (Mar
tin) third. Time 1.412-5. Flying I cat,
Hepiilvedx, Mo.klrr also ran.
Verona, atiaiKiit plage M 20. ..w
13.20; White Wool place 13.10, ahow $2.60;
Charllcr ahow 43.10.
t la the Wlgklaodsto. Bis Slab ts
rspreeaalad la tha laflsld by aa aatlxa
iy disTeroat get of sssa frees tbo goat
who atarted there. Bo Is also getting
good pitching aad U
ail gamss, but bs la ssuoh worse
e ttiaa hie old aide htek, Ttaksr, as
I fas ae f ailing deep la to the rat at ths
Cleveland might do the Job, but start goes. It doeo not look very hope
Mauk'a club sot away with fifteen for bias to got oat of laat place.
e la far from eaUased yet aad la
working to pat together another Ohasce
straight games. No olub In the league
seems to be able to stop tnem. taa wkioh sasaas) a aghtlag alas.
It waa predicted that the Athletlea; wAHINOTON IN NEED OP MORI
would lack pitchers this year. "Con , JOHNSONS.
nle" has turned up a lot of promising ... . .
mm mibm mw Washington hd turned out to be a
youngatera who are drilling taelr bltter guaptwlshweat Nubody aeema
way through th.- league In eicellent ; , ,,r abis to pilch for. Urinth bvalda
style. With I be veterans, Bender and' Johnson, snd he csnnoi Work svsry
one or two Items of Interest re-
. America won, and won cleanly,
match Is over, and neither crltl-
nsr excuae can Changs the reault
. Probably ths "Big Four ' will re
wow snd new plsysrs will dsfend
eug whan England cornea again to
kt away. Never before has polo
ouch Intenee interest In thla
km erica baa learned that It la
escltlng gams in the worm.
gsMhout a doubt another year will
polo played on a hundred flelds
M b) now played uti one. Thla
Slop new men who csu tabs th
the "Big Four. and the
can taks a well deserved and
I warned rest-
ifhoRQK roiiki. the Roar, wrltbs
10 tell us that ha la s "gams ,
bghter." Never heard that ha
He alwata looked gama to us.
Caiar Signs With Atbletlaa.
OVER. N. H.. Juns 17. - Capt
Moray of Dartmouth has signed
Athletics and sill begin
July L Moray has plsyed tour
for the Green, twirling lha Di
ll lbs gamss durlag that time.
otorilac college pitcher, having
eentrol and being moot ewee-
tlght pinches His arm has
many victorias to ths Green,
bis twirling ability his bitting
groat factor. I'e Is one of tba
iaaa.li on uie nine ibis year.
is at
fgajg s
I awswfclsBppaawgs, sssewsssjajasa.
Plank, at tbrlr beet, John Coombs,
onro the backbone of the staff. Is
scarcely mlaacd. Mack la cleverly
jockeying his two veterana .nd
youngsters to get the most possible
out of esxh.
The careful oWrve' will havs nntsd
that when a young pitcher haa worked
through live or -Ix Innlnga and the
club haa attained a lead of two or
three runa Mack hurla Render or Plank
agnlnat the ennny to flnlah out and
make It sure. Hehlnd thla pitching the
playera are traveling Ilka fiends A lot
of them mlsaed the world'a aerlra money
laat fall which they had enjoyed for
two yeara. They want It thla time.
You cannot blame them.
The Cleveland team 1h making a great
fight and la practically the only one left
In the running with the A thirties now.
Birmingham ha. Injected the scrap Into
the club and tha men are r.alstlng
everything behind excellent pitching,
probably the best In the league. Rut,
as I havi aald before, Ulrnilnghsm's
tssui has not the atamlus and balance
poesssaed by the Athletua. It might
drive out ahead and ttnlah In front on
Us very nerve, as the American polj
team did, but tha Philadelphia boys sre
well equipped with nerve, too, and In
their bright lexicon of baeeball there
la no such word aa uult. Mack will let
a player go In a minute if he diaplaya
any algns of It
After Mclnnla broke hla arm previous
to tha world's serlea of 1U1 Mack was
trying a youngster out at first base
with tba Idea of playing him there. In
the practice contaats with the all-alar
American Legua tease thla boy was I,
Mas a whirlwind assd hsshod kflkll
Iloalon has Improved recently, but I
do not aee how the Red Box can work
up Into the pennant contention unleas
there .ire aome aenaatlonaj dolnga In
the next two month, which 1 do not
Of course. Cleveland la going to face
an eaater ei'hedulr when th., club gela
baok playing the weaker Weatern
teams The Athlet! a will find mure
oppoaltlnn In lluaton than they met
prevlou.ly thl. aeaauu. out Washington
will be softer for them.
There la none too much good feeling
between Wsahlugton and Philadelphia
and tha Athletics dot. on beating tha
Menstors. They tell uie thst Plunk
geta (Jundll a goat every time bo can
make the Wualilngtou flrat baseman
pup up a fly when he la pitching. Plank
Juat grins and 'Jandll threatena to
Jump out of hi. akin. The Athletics
look guud to inc.
(Copyright. Itlg, by John J. Me raw.)
NOW 1NIHN, June IT, Betting la
rvsn money on the aim i ,1 Harvard
YsiS vsralty race on the i'haniea River
The Crimson freshman elg t la a Ci-to-4
favorite, while tlie (our. are held at even
terms. So far tilers hsvs besn fsw
wasera recorded.
Tha rival oarsmen did little practloe
yesterdsy on sccount of the hot weather.
but to-day tlie uuv to set In sums
stiff practice
Wore, at bow In the Yale varsity o
was compelled to vacate hla aeat aguln
yesterday on account of a vary sore
flng.r. The chances appear to be against
bio being able to row la tbo race with
Harvard. Upplnoatt at No. 7 Is la
with a srisWteg
FIIWT RACK-Four-yeav-oida and up
ward: aelllna; one and one-eighth
ml lea. John Resrdon, 100 (Neylon), 1 to
I and out, flrat; Jack lixt,,n. 102 (llop
klna), to I, 3 to f and out, second; Bad
N'ewa I . n lenler), 30 to I, I to 2 and
1 to 2. third. Time, 1.M. Defy and Tom
Wayward slso ran
8BCONI) RAOB-Three-ycar-old. and
pwsrtl; Helling; nvc nud a half fur
ling. Right F.aay, 103 (Dernnde), to
3 to T. won; Jonquil, M (Nsthunl.
to 2 and ever, aecond; Roaemary, 9
llopkln.i, 0 to 2 and even, third. Time,
WW. Deo. harm,. Ardelonu Msraand,
Hrynary. Double Five and Semi Uuavcr
lao rati.
THIRD It.Vt'K -Tliree-yoor-old; one
mil.. Oliver IodKC, IW Kl. Rurnal. 2 to
to 2 and out, llrat; Cogs, 112 (D.
JpnnOll) I, Il to Id, I to .1 and out, aecejid:
Fred Levy, 112 (E. Hcharfl, 18 to .". even
and out, third. Time, l.O. Terrible
Rill aleo ran.
Fol'RTW RACK. -Duke of ("on-
naught Cup: three-year-ulda and up
ward; one mile Dynamite, 103 (J. Rob-
Hue). 9 to C. 2 to 5 snd out, flrat; In
B Doctor I.e. i ra,l,'. 06 (Lamhroae), 2 to
, I In 2 and out. second; Havrock, 102
Hnvder). to S. 1 to I and nut, third.
Time 1.42 I S Hlack River alao ran.
FIFTH RA'K - Parllon Handicap,
three-year-nlda and upward; alx fur-
loiiga.-IIerwood, nr. (Hclisrf), ( to 1, fl
to .' and out. flrat; Towton Field. 10S (K
Ambrose), 7 to 1. 8 to 6 snd out, aecond
Carlton ).. 101 (W. Hopkins), 7 to 10,
to 3U and out, third. Time, LID 1-6 Up
right alao ran.
(Contlnuot) from Flrat Page.)
Iowa brought their band with them, and
made mualc between the Innlnga.
Ray Keating reported hla srm In good
ahape and Chance gave him the Job of
pitching agalnat the Hrowna. Jack
Johnatnn, a former Olant, hut now with
the Hrowna, waa given a friendly round
of applauae aa he appeured on the field
Raumgardner did the box work for the
FIRST UnUMO Ml. Uouls got awa
with a flying atari and scored two tun.
before the fane got settled. Dhotton got
s haae on hall, and went to third on
Stovall'a two-bagger thst hit the left
flsld fence. Johnalon, In responae to
friendly applsuss, atruck out. Prstt
drove a aharp bouncer to tba pitcher,
whleh Keating threw to Nwaeney and
nailed hoMen at the plate. William
stag Alive to
tre for three bases, scoring both St. nail Johnston's
snd Prstt, but wss out at the plsle
when he tried to stretch It Into a home
run, Daniels to Pecklnpaugh to Sweeney.
Two Rune, f
Daniels got a Texas leaguer back
of aecond for a elngte, and on the hit
and run play went to third aa Wolter
drove a clean base hit Into right. Bal
entl got Cree'a grounder snd toesed tne
ball to Pratt, forcing out Wolter, Dan
lele scoring on the play. Sweeney was
out on a grounder to stovall. unsi
stated, and Hartxell popped out to Sto
vall. One Run. Two Hits One Left.
No Errors One Aaslst.
SISCOND rVNTNO Balentl struck out.
Wallace got a .baa on balls. Agnew
filed to Denials. Bsumgsrdner alio got
a base on halls. Wolt.r made a good
running catch of Hhotten's fly. No
Runs. No lilts. Two Left. No Krrors.
No Assl.ts.
Psrklupaogh hit a aharp bounder to
Balentl and waa out at first. Borton
got to flrat safely on llalentls error.
Stovall got McKechnle's grounder and
toased It to Baumgerdner, who ran over
and covered the bag, Borton golnit to
second. At the beginning of the aecond
Inning Fisher replaced Keating. Fialier
hit a Tcxaa Leaguer over ahort for a
.Ingle, and Borton acored. Daniels
forced out Fisher at second, Balentl to
Pratt. One Run. One Error. One
Left. Three Aaalats.
THIRD I.VNINO. Stovall lifted a
ahort fly to Wolter. Johnstone atruck
out for the aecond time. Prstt filed to
Dsnlela. No Runs. No Hits. None
Ift. No Krrors. No Aaalsts.
Wolter smashed a drive against the
right field wall for two baaes. Cree
drove a long fly lo Williams, snd Wolter
went to third, and when Williams's
throw went past the bag snd to ths
stand Wolter acored. There waa a funny
rnlxun at the plate aa Wolter .lid In
Ths cslcher blocked him off. hut did not
get hold of the ball, and Wolter had In
scramble over hla body to get to the
plate before Agnew could find It. The
rowd roared with laughter, but Wolter
waa aafe Juat the aame. Sweeney was
thrown nut by Balentl. Hartxell got a
Imse on balls, but Pecktnpsugn waa out
on a grounder that Pratt threw to first
tne Run. One Hit. One I ft. One Er
ror, one Assist.
FOURTH lNNlNtl.-Wllllam drove a
virion. winkle paat abort. Balentl drove
single Into left, aendlng William, to
third, and taking second himself on '.he
throw In. Wallace drove a long sacri
fice fly lo Cree and Williams scored
Agnew tiled to Wolter, Balentl going
to third on the catch. MoKerhnle got
Haumgnrdner'a grounder, and threw
Mm out. One Run. Two Hits. One
Left. No Errors OnV Assist
Burton was called out on strikes
Pratt got McKschnle'a grounder snd
ihu him out at first. Balentl threw
ut Ftshcr. No Runs. No Hits. None
Lsft. No Krrors. Two Assists
FIFTH INNING McKechnle msde a
pretty stop of Shot tun's grounder and
toased him out st first. Stovall poked
a long single Into right. Johnston filed
lo Cree. Stovall out stealing, Sweeney
lo Pecklnpaugh. No Huns. One Hit
None left. No Krrora. Two Aaalsts
Johnston made a long run for Dan
lels's long drive, and though he turned
a socnerssult In making the catch, he
held on to the ball for an out. Wolter
atruck out. Prtt tnsde a neat stop of
Cree'a hot shot snd threw him out at
first. No Runs. No Hits. None Left.
No Krrors. One Assist
SIXTH I NNINU - Pecklnpaugh got
Pratt'a grounder and tossed Mm out at
flrat. Williams beat out an Infield hit
that rolled down the third-base line.
William, atole second. Balentl singled
to left and Cree made a perfect throw
to the plate to catch Williams, but
Sweeney dropped the ball and the run
counted, Balentl taking aecond on the
thrown in. Wallace alao singled to left
and Balentl scored. Fisher was tsken
nut of the box and Caldwell relieved
him. Agnew got a haae on balls. Bsum
K .miner llled tO Wollsr. Hhotton hit ths
right Raid wall, scoring Wallace and
aendlng Agnua to third. Caldwell Waa
taken out of the bos and Warhop came
to tha rescue. Stovall got a
DOT Wer flit 2s ,
Ntvi. fAAirg J'gAjCT(f' JoOZ
(Continued from First Page )
to Tinker and Doyle was doubled trying
right, however, as Johnston died out to to get to second base. Tinker to Qroh.
Wolter. Three Runs. Four Hits. Three' No Runs. Two Hits. No Krrors. One
Left. Two Krrors Two Assists. I Left.
Sweeney singled to left Jsck John- 1 Ornh walked. Clark forced Oroh,
ston robbed Hartxell of a two-bagger by Doyle to Fletcher. Hartcr fouled to
his great caU-h. Pecklnpaugh singled Jleyer. Besher walked. Batea walked,
over second, advancing Sweeney a bag. tilling the bases. Tesreau was ao wll !
Baumgardner was taken out of the box j McOraw benched him and put Frommc
and Hamilton replaced hhn. Sterrett , In the box. Mansana Walked, forcing
batting In place of Borton, aa la a left 1 In Clark. Tinker atruck out. One Run.
bander and the pitcher also, Chance No Hits No Krrora Three Left
preferred to have a right hander at the FIFTH
hst. Sterrett hit Into a double play,
Ballne to Pratt to Stovall. No Runs.
Two lilts. One Left. No Errors. Two
SEVENTH INNING. Sterrett went to
first In piece of Borton. Pratt was out
on a long My to Cree. Wlllif.ms singled
to right, his fourth straight hit. Balentl
fouled to Sweeney. Williams was out
ateallng. Sweeney to .Pecklnpaugh. No
Runs. One Hit. None Ix-ft. No Krrors.
One Assist.
McKechnle popped out to Wallace.
Warhop struck out. Dsnlela singled to
right. Wolter was out on a hot ground-
to Stovall, unaeslstea'.. No Runa
One Hit. No Errors. No Assists. Om
KIOHTH INNING. -Wallace waa hit
squsrely In the face by one of Warhop's
rising balls and was knocked sprawling
t the plate. After an application of cold
water he quickly revived, and walked
own to first, while the crowd applauded
him for his sameness. Walsh took the
sacrificed Warhop to Sterrett,
taking second. Warhop broke
Hamilton's hot snissli, hut Peoklnpaugh ,
Picked up the ball and throw him out at i
first Walsh going to third. Shotton
fouled out to Sterret. No Runa. No Hlta.
One Left. No Errors. Three Asials.
Walsji went to third In place of Wal
lace. Cree singled to right. Sweeney
was out, Pratt to Stovall, Cree taking
second. Hartxell lined out to Williams.
Pecklnpaugh drove a long triple In left
centre, scoring Cree. Sterrett went out
on a bounder that Hamilton tossed to
Stovall. One Run. Two Hits. One Left.
No Errors. Tao Asslals.
NINTH INNINO. Stoval smashed a
triple lu deep left. Johnston popped out
to re:klnpaugh. Pratt alao tripled to
eft, scoring Stovall. Williams tiled to
Cree, and Pratt scored on the catch.
After Pratt had croaaed the plate,
Sweeney threw the Ha, I to Hartxell at
third, claiming that Prstt had left the
base too soon, and I'm pi re MoOresvey
allowed It, calling Pratt out. One Run.
Two Hits. No Errors. One Assist. None
McKcctinlc singled Into left. Derrick
batted for Warhop. Derrick was called
out on strikes. Daniels popped to
Walsh. Wolter was given a base on
balls. Cree forced out Wolter, Stovall
to Prstt, to Bskmtl. N'o Runs. One lilt.
Two Left. No Errors. One Assist.
INNING Murray wslked.
Murray out ateallng, Clark to Groh.
Tinker threw out Meyers Suodgrusa
tiled to Beacher. No Runs. No Hlta
No Errors. None Left.
Doyle tosaed out Hoblltxel. Almeida
fanned for tin third time. Groh lined to
Burns No Runa. No Hits. No Error.
None Left.
SIXTH INNINO Grow threw nut
Fromme. Bumf singled to left. Shafer
tiled to Tinker. Fletcher drove a long
fly to Besher. No Runs. One Hit. No
Errora. one Ieft.
Clark singled to centre. Waxier
fanned. Heeher singled to centre, put
ting Clark on third. Frommc throw
out Batea. Marsalas filed to Doyle. No
I Runs. Two Hlta. No Errora. Two
SEVKNTH INNING Groh threw out
Doyle. Merkle out. Hart, r to Hoto
hlitscl. Murray out the same way. No
Runs. No Hlta. No Errors. None Left.
Tinker out, Fromme to Merkle. Doyle
I threw out Hoblltxel. Almeida out,
' Fletoher to Merkle. NO Rl'NB, ..o
Walsh , hits. No errors. None left,
down I qsj
wslked and ,then stole second. Klrk
patrlck and Daubert retired Whlttod.
Konetchy moving to third. O' Leery
filed to Wheat No Runa. No Hits.
No Errors. One Left. One Assist.
THIRD INNING Miller singled Mgf
Short. Tingling grounded to HugWaTOk
who touched Miller on the line asikf'
thew to Kofley In time .o complete a
double play. Moran popped to Hugging,
No Runs. One Hit. No Errors. None
Left On Assist. ,
McLean singled to centre. Perritt f.led
to Morsn. Ilugglns popped to Kirk
Patrick. Shrckard forced McLean, Gtft-
shaw to Klrkpettick. No Runs, One
Hit. No Errors. One Left. One Assist.
FOURTH INNTNG Cutohaw singled
to right. Stengel filed to Oak. Cat
shew stole second, Whlttod mad a
ensatlonal catch of Wbeat'e hyast drive
In right center. Daubert doubled down
the loft field foul tine scoring Ctrtohaw.
Smith hit a long triple to loft scoring
Dsubert. Klrkpstrlck' singled to left
scoring Smith. Klrkpstrlck stele eec
ond. Miller singled to left and Klrk
pstrlck was cut down at the plate on
Sheckard's perfect throw to McLean.
Three Runs. Five lllte. No Errora. 'One
Aaslst. One Left.
Oakea filed to Moran. Mowrey lined
to Wheat. Knney raised to Moran. He
Run. No Hit. No Errors. No A
1st. None Left.
FIFTH INNING Tingling struck 01.
iMoran was out, Hugglna to Koney. Cwt
shaw was out, Perritt lo Koney. No
Runs. i. Hits. No Errora. Two Ae
slsts. None Left.
Whltted pupped to Daubert. OLeary
raised to Klrkpstrlck MoLesn singled
to Left. Perritt filed to Moran. No
Run. One Hit. No Error. No As
sists. One Left.
SIXTH INNING Stengel filed t
Oak. Wbr.it waa out Hugglna to
Koney. Huggics and Koney aleo re
tired Daubert. No Run. No Hits. N.
Krrors. None Left. Two Assists.
Kirkpatrlck made a sensational one
handed atop of Huggln' grounder and
threw In time to Daubert Sheokard
popped to Miller. Oak waa out. Ting
ling to Dsubert. No Rune. Mo Hits, Nc
Errors. None Left. Two Asslts.
SEVENTH INNING Smtth singled to
centre. Klrkpstrlck atruck out Millet
fouled to Mowrey. Ylngllng singled Of
centre. Smith stopping at second. Moran
singled through the boa. Smith scoring
Cutshww singled to left and Tingling
cored when ttheckard fumbled th hall.
Moran going to third and Cutehanr to
second. Stengel singled to right, scoring
Moran snd Cutahaw. Stengel was out
stealing. McLesn to Hugglna. Stengel
objected to I'mplre Byron' deulelon snd
he wss ordered out of the game. Fear
Run. Five Hit. One Assist. On Er
ror. None Left.
Callahan playing centre for Brooklyn.
Moyrey got an Infield single. He wont
to second Koney's single to right.
Whltted filed to Csllsahn. IVLeary raised
to Moran. McLean doubled to left floor
ing Mowrey and aendlng Koney to third.
Roberta running for McLean and Haussr
batting for Perrht Hauser oingted
through Smlwi, scoring Robert while
Hauer took third and Hugglna second
on Smith's Jow throw. HIMOnrand bat
ling for Sheokard. fanned. Three Rune.
Five Hlta. One Krror. No Assists. Two
(Continued from Flrat Page.)
17. The entries for to-morrow's rsc
are aa fo'! jb:
niter RACE- Villas, thrr. rear e.lits s4
upward; ill furlossi. 7av(l4ag. 100: Ledj
tondoa. 100: Bi.'oo T,arrtc, 100; Wtataonh.
109; Cedar Broos. 105; (rem. Ill; Kths-aa. Ill;
Clyde T . Ill; UoM of iVMr. 113.
MBTOXIJ HACK- -ssllln: two jasr-okl Mllea;
fits furlonsi. 'Many Lou. eg; Anal. U., 100
Ad Kennedy. 100; lied star. 100: Big Uiaas
103; Hortna. 100; Violet May. lot; ate. 105
liar L.. 107; Braaat. lot): CbrlaUiphls. 10U.
L'amiloiu, 110.
TIKI IU) BACK Mbaasaeai t'.eee year ol.1i
and mmsrd: on. mile. Henanet. 1N: SUter BUI.
T; Hlioaf. aaani) H. Merer. 1U; I'rwuoip
Ilea. Ill: Morrlstown. 114.
rul'HTU HACK Harold (Hakes; tao-tsar-old
rolls sad ssldins; (l' furlongs. Hi gpuit,
100; Harry L., 110: Boots sod Saddle, lis: His.
i t-.v. 113; ttilsgen. US; Buseliud. 110.
lilTH lACaV AUosraoeej; thret-;esr-o li
sis (urlon.. Mirts C, 103; HsmpriU, 10T;
V.lodolld, 10T: H'.sf of Dsaube. I0T; I'sa
sarets, IflT; ruing Tow. 100; Kills Brlsade,
100; Chinook. 100; Kl Paloaur. 112; U.
BUpps. 113.
H1XTH HACK- aVIIIng. ttme-rssr-olds sod op;
on. mils sad atventr lards. Volta, 8.1; Car
paint.. 00; John (1. Wam. 03; Irnsa. 03:
Boan. Chsai-c. 10T: Sir Otfennseb, 107; Crystal
Itosalno. 107: I'atrurh., 107: Dr. Waldo Brisss.
111 Booby Oook. Ill: (.'air wuusam. Ill; Mi-
Ttcsoi-e. lit.
HKVKNTR RACE Belling; tare. jer olds ind
up; os smus saa err.sir jsrai. --rnswi, .,;
Ballrsos, vo; muy noiosr, i; naniion, mi;
Wood Don. 100; Helens. 103: Madam Phelps,
log. John D. Wskeflsld. 103; Copperlowa. 10J.
Sir CaUwbj. 110: Jabot. 110.
Boots snd tsaddla and Black Tonay Brsdluy
entry. Anprentlas allusaaos of rise pounds
Tram lasi.
Johnson Beate Blddle sat Twaals.
LONDON. J,une 17 Wslec r. John
on of Philadelphia, beat Craig Btddte,
also of Philadelphia, In the first round
of the open singles In th London
tentt's rhsmplonshlps to-day at Queen
Club. The score was 7-6, 7-4, 4-1
TO-DAY AT 2.80 P. I
RACE TRAINS lute Pealssyl
12.no. 1.00,
12.30 1.00
Admission. II
DAY AT 2.80 P. M.
, a., i as li u
I'ttn' I'ajt la w'
urana nunc. SB
fanned. Jdurray singled to right, (coring
Doyle, and took second on a throw to (he
plate by iMaraana. Tinker took Packard
out of the box and put In Ames. Thl
waa the first appearance of Ame
agalnat hi former teammate. Myers
singled to left, scoring 'Murray. Snod
grass hit the first ball pitched to left
field for two bases. Tesreau singled to
centre, scoring Myers and Snodgrass.
Rums lined to Marsan. Four Rune.
Flvs lilts No Errors. One Left.
- Hes, her tripled to left. Bate walke l.
Marian walked, filling the baser? Doyle
threw out Tinker, Beacher scoring Hob
lltxel fanned, hut had tobethrown out at
flrat. Almeida fanned, he had also to bo
thrown out, Myers to Merkle. Okie Run.
On Hit. No Errors, f wo Left.
FOURTH IMWsNU-Harler replaced
Am la the box for Cincinnati. Shaftr
was called out on etrkhea. Fletcher got
Doyle etagdad
If There Ever Was
A Time When Much Money
Could Be Saved Here, It's Now.
Our Summer reduction tales have begun I The time
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' There are Sergei, Flannele, unfinished Worsteds, Home
spuns and DonegaU. Your suit will be made to meas
ure, fitted and finished as you dictate, at far, far below
ready-to-wear retail prices.
$40 to $50 Values, $25
$25 to $35
Broadway fr
9th Street
llllaw- lha koxswa Ukgtoll hssv a a. saJlaaLsi Wll ltrlsa sBdaW feafk IshJtt I

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