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The Evening World Daily i g a si ifpTti c S a Iune I f J 191
"S'Matter, Pop?" fegj gaaasaaaa M BycPaync &
vl LA- LA- ul
New PI
"Follies" Best
of the Series.
Can't Be Done I
' the
l And
HJX.B brows mar be mopped, no tears will be shad oyer Zlegfeld's new
get ef 'Tollies," for seeing this 111 mods! of summer iimtiimu at
the Now Amsterdam Theatre lest nlcht was believing it to be quits
bast of the aeries.
To start with, ths drop from the New York Theatre roof to that proud horns
peacock In Forty-second street was s change far the better, and then.
for once we weren't obliged to clear away clouds of tobacco smoke to aes
t was coins on. But while It may tiara been the house that lent endhant-
t to ths rlew, there was no shutting one's eyes to the fact that Mr. Zleg-
s fresh "Follies" showed Improvement all along ths Uns of vision. Also
r Tea not assaulted by coon-song shoutvs, as In ths noisy days of yore.
rhsr-lunged ragtime ladles were not among those present.
remember "Annie Rooney," don't you? Well, Annie's daughter Katls
t Into sons last night, and there was a reminder of Tat as well by a
cer with reminiscent feet and the rsd strip of whiskers that used to go
the old top hat that Rooney wore. There really was a bit of meaning la
rly everything that happened. At times. Indeed, there was a bit too much
meaning In what was ssld. Soms of ths dialogue csme over the footlights
a hot wave. However, this wss to be expected. Mr. Ziegfeld has never
nned his "Follies" for ths Chautauqua circuit, and New York's Manhattan In
of every thing that Hawkeys, a philosophic Indian chief, had to say about
from the top of an extremely upright hotel. His plaint that this particular
tlon of the country Is no longer In the corn-belt did not touch the heart.
g"h Ian MacLaren did his best as an elocutionist to make It sound pathetic.
had no sooner uttered his awful warning than the girls came on to fast
ic and started something.
thi-v were girls auc-h as only Ziegfeld seems able to find. Rome there
who "re muffs, as though they feared that other lae they would catch
even with the thermometer doing everything In their favor. "Knowledge
seekers" who looked aa though they
knew their way about mixed with good
little devils In red-snd-black who danced
like blasea, and a Ore or something
equally warm brought out Turklah bath
debutantes, each cLad simply and chaitely
In a sheet. The first art began so airily
that you found yourself wondering how
the last one would end. "September
Morn" was reached as a matter of
course. To aee the young lady who
showed her love of art In this pose was
to reflect that shs should worry snd
get a wrinkle, as ahe surely did here
and there
But no matter! Here was a gorgeous
girl show and a dancing carnival. An
extremely clever and equally funny fling
at the turkey trot was taken by Leon
Erroll and Stella Chatelaine. If Miss
Chatelaine's work scmed like piny It
was at the same time a real achievement
both In the way of skill and humor.
Mr. Erroll was at his funniest as a tipsy
trsveller In ths subwsy. His success In
carrying more than ons bundle to ths
ticket window gave him new standing
Frank Tlnney as Buddy. Nat M wills waa the first to score with
Leon Erroll at haul Wright. bis opening sonr. "New York. What's
Hatter With Your which dealt with ths 1 o'clock dosing law so severely
the audience lost no time In taking It as a good joke Mr. Wills made
ler strides In skirts aa "Ths Ragtime Suffragette," but he was somewhat
ng tn "If a Table at Rector's Could Talk," a song after the heart, if not
il, of George it. Cohan. He would have made It the song of the piece.
Both Miss Jose Collins and Miss Elisabeth Brlce had to wait a long time
something worth singing, but happily the last act gave them a fairly good
In the end Miea t'uirtns eang charmingly, though "Sleep Time, My
was the only red naming fsaturo of a sketch In which shs appeared
Frank Tlnney and Martin Brown. In addition to his fatnllar monologue.
Tlimey waa highly amusing In the Oreat Subway Rohbery. Fvery time the
tain Brroll spoke to htm confidential ry he was almost overcome by alcohol.
r. Brown, who mads the davit red-headed, and Miss Ross Dolly dsnced
determination, as well as a certain degree of grace, and Miss Ethel
1ta Ksllsy want through a tsrpalahoreen exercise that was Just about as
lerful as bsr name Miss Florence Nugent Jsroms sang "Katls Rooney"
1y and then led soon a quiet life that ahe waa forgotten.
beauteous chorus kept up the tray and good work to ths snd, dancing
ft was worth and keeping cool without ths sllghte.it effort It waa
rent, even to a near-slghtsd man, that the costumes wsrs designed to this
Stunning Is the only word for them. In short, the latest form of "Folllea"
i a record-breaker. It Is THE summer show of ths town.
icvcm THE. bOOH FIRST.
peotn-e. eS "TOO HOU
V TlMeM6TVeW.-
it iwout.0 ee jot sa
Tt Come. CRouD6 M
dook. ih nee USUAL. T
UririouNceo tuevf ! -
,imll on MV sSoarT (
, werrs of "nuts )
oiottnoK-- wi S
YOU WlTM rH f f
Men of Initiative
By Julius Chambers
at there ss ae swesrr sa tsta
"Bay, boss," questioned the dusky
damsel, addressing ths license olerk,
are you auro that was a marrisgs
llcenss you gave my flnanshay last
Certainly," replied the clerk. "Why
do you ask?"
Well air," replied the dusky one, "It
Betty Vincent's
Advice to Lovers
The Holiday Mood.
rHK season
pt jfc3s' 1
stt BBBB&.
sBBsPlsC BB9BBssl
BtrL don't allow
Bet peroi
f you are
itree aay pi as sent
av upon us and
ths resurgence of
ths gay holiday
May I offer a
o a u 1 1 o n to ths
young men and
women who will
soon enter upon
their annual play
time? Don't let
your sense of free
dom carry you too
far. If you are a
to the young man
you may meet In the mountains
by the sea liberties which you would
it to the young man at home.
a man, avoid entanglements
ilk atria ef whom you know nothing
their surface charms,
to set to ear that raw shouldn't
1 relations with
strangers you
serve In these relations four workaday
"R P. writes: "I am twenty-three
and very much in love with a girl of
sixteen. I haVe asked her to go with
mi to places, but ahe refuses to do ao,
as she says shs Is too young to receive
my attentions. I treat her aa nicely as
I know how, but it doesn't make any
difference. What shall I dor'
Walt, The girl Is young and should
not ts urgeu. jr you show yourself s
friend whom she can trust, shs win ap
preciate It when ahe la older.
Business and Pleaaurm.
W. B." writes: "I work In an office
as a stenographer, sty employer has
always treated me most courteously and
seems' to hare a friendly Interest la me.
Jts nss asked ms several timet to go
out to lunoh with ham, bat S have el
ways refused. Would H be right fo
see to ess sat ssaofc an inrHeMonr
n wvs not be wise, alms new rsur
looks mighty s'plolous. Barn's been tox
lcated ever since be got It." Chicago
"I sea," aald the idler, "that Mr.
Wilson haa dropped tht name
"I'm not bothered about that." aald
the worried office-holder, "What other
names is hs going to drop?? Pitts
burgh Post
Bacon Huxley aald that an oyster
Is as complicated as a watch.
Egbert Well, I know both of them
run down easily. Yonkers Statesman.
'Way. boss, can I get off this after -
noon about halfpaat two?"
"Whnas funeral Is It to bs fhla time.
"Well, to be honest, boss, ths way ths
morning pspers have It doped out it
looks like It'a going to be the horns
team's again." ett. I.oula Republic
4. EDWARD HATCH JR., Merchant and Flg-FlfhUr.
OassTiebt. 1S.S. by The hem rillsiM Oe. fibs Mew Task awsebsj WstbS.
NTTIATIVE ef the present nation-wide warfare against the MM
house fly to due to Edward Ratsh Jr., sen and suaisessi ef seas ef 1
treat dry goods en ere hen ta ef New York.
Hera to a ataeere friend ef humanity who makes It bto beasts
bs stat to the health ef millions ef Amen sane IndUTereal le ta
own welfare. Posts have sung praises ef the By.
Inaoet since Mr. Hatch began pursuit of It. la sou there
mothers permit files to gather upon the eyelids ef their ahlllise ss Ink
ef Arablo end berecento traditions. Members: ef such
pests, throng ths large oltlae and east a protsetorats ever their
friends, the files, area encouraging them to eeeupy their hemes aad trawl
their oh I lor en.
In this way all diseases ef the toealiMet are tttsewBUi from eae fas
to another. Infant mortality to appalling safer amah conditions eholera
bus, spinal meningitis and infant" e uaialjelt betnsj dtreetly traceable to
house fly.
Mr. Hatch bereaves In beat Balmy ths annual least alga In the
U O. Steward, chief ef the bureau af satornessary. haa computed that i
By. laying m egaa four ttmee ta eaett season, between May 1 and as
produce .lei.Ml.TU.tJS.OOS.OOe.SM.etl disease breeders I This
Intportaaoe of starting the srusada with the appearance ef the first fly.
Until four years age ne organised It mat Ma waa waged against the heaas
Sr. The American Carlo Aasitittlsa existed for the betterment of hygtaals
eon dittoes tn dttta, bmt tn the tsalmrtng Ma work waa start theoretical than
araettoaL Edward Itatoh Jrv. a assaeber af this MsBsShBtBi race at one of Ma
meetings and proposed the fermattoa ef a "Fly lightsng Committee "
If Inclination had been fait to rldlcwle the suggestion, a rattling argument
made by this earnest New Yorker to defense ef his Idea, whleh hs had worked
eat la utmost detail, ahaaged seep tl dam Into confidence.
Within a month Mr. Batch had, organised similar eenrmtttses. affiliating
with arrio ergeatsattona where they existed aad going alone when there were
none, A nation-wide oruasds against ths Bitty hcuss fly followed. Literature
describing the noxious habits af the Insect, showing enlarged pictures of lis
parasite-Infested feet and ill lag1 atfasCJens for Its sxaluslon and destruction.
waa issued in immense quantities.
A million posters, printed la Are languages, were distributed amsag the.
tenements ef American titles.
In soms localities, where the entrees did net evince Interest in their own
well-being, rewards wsrs offered aad paid for the delivery of dsad Kiss to com
mittee headquarters. Fly traps, warranted le eaptars aad to kill, wore sup
plied to the poorer classes. Women and children were given eeeelal directions
ta the best methods of ridding thstr homes of the dangerous pests.
Co-operation of boards of health waa sought la all ettlss aad towns.
annual spring clean-up" giew oat of thlc movement aad
throughout the United States. Ccwpoolt, stable yards aad refuse heaps
treated with ohlorlde of lime and other poisons that killed the larvae.
Mr. Hatch computed that a fertiliser heap severing many asrss af the i
ark meadows cauaed thousands sf deaths! Carloads of this materia.
far and wide, carried larvae to regions that otherwise would have
the pssto.
Mr. Hatch gars every spare moment to eladjtng the habits sf Bto betas
fly. Doing f n ;n New York to Bluff Point en Lake Champlato Where he haa a
summer home, several flies made ths entire j curacy In pnrlsT aad Santas? BnTJ
snd at ststlons where the train stopped these flics received realtors
side that conversed with thsm in "musoen" la age age
of the localities lhay represented.
Ons of his fly fellow travellers stopped eft at I
plated ths journey. Mr. Hatch dsllghto la the as steal ef
the smallsht details.
regarding the feed atsPSxt
fabseihsnwit aj man at s. .a. - SjjfdsJjsesjBJpjSjb m"-117m'-mymTrnnrKl.-.-l-.'
The Man With a Billion 25
A Great Summer Stot
Of New York 1
By John A. Moroso
(t'opjrujht, WIS. br Joes A. Me
Ths faeeistor Trust Ooatpsnr Building Is
cken to nr. HtaaNi she ruse ere deposit
Its wiui oiuuw, sstmriUss aad pjeat .mdrt-
sstius about . DililoB doll us. lbs treasure ln-
llKlm tllS IT1C41MS iArVllmt SltSSUtiJ. A ttiriug
)f iM)litv Slid iittiBrlothes SMn (intiudlne rlftv
dstetlrci eniiliiyi-it by Jsmsa Tleruey) aitsrd tiis
smoiiny ruiui. nvruej IS ins wore sinniui m
leuss Su ' lUduud Caiterli aad a wusua, art
ouslr known ss '"lbs cranw" and as "ajnnish
UWIS, art known to bs In rise lors. usl.rriy
it one of la sasstsr rroeks of tUs osnturj snd
tpsiu.ii Ursle Is his acraeaiiltea. Celferiy lnoti
the treasure and has it transported to his in. me
OS the I'sllasdss. Then he returns to nls hotel.
wisre tie use lorroeo tns eniuieiewe in
J'evton. e )sutlfiil waaMii knees s the " "'let
Widoe." to whom hs has lstmduesd Spans
I.Uns as hie suter. airerti. aclius oe issuulsf,
lealas the Zopbs.- dlaaioad fc Mrs, l'e)l. e
rrniDie. Tiemey learns of the ehstt snd e.iairrts
reSril) Hs flndi a rkls in a note from Mrs.
I'evton Tieniry employe a Hecrst Barrii-e w 't
na.nsd Ailrlen Vanderpoe!. s jBSMit tain, ln
takee up ili'tntlrs work as a fsd. Adrlsa takss
rm.ms si IBS tewl where (telrerly and Mrs. I'elbin
lire snd seeks s wsstlng Willi sks UMs. wliom
once as snww m iwih. " u v w,..., -to
Mrs. rytou a tslepVine rim summon hist.
thai Mr. Vtndsrpoel?"
came la a feminine voice
Yet, madam," he replied.
'Well, this li Mrs. Peyton.
I thought I recognised you
In the dining room the other day, but
was not certain."
"Oh, thank you, Mrs. Peyton. You are
very kind to tabs the trouble to U
"When X learned that you were stop
ping hers also I thoutjht I would tell
you Just why I did not address you by
name when you so nicety recovered ths
violets I had dropped."
"That is very sweet and considerate
of you. May I hope that an old ac
quaintance may be renewed now that
we are neighbors?"
A pretty laugh with a hint of nervous
excitement to Its crisp edges cams over
the wire.
"May I have the pleasure of taking
you to Sherry's to tea soms afternoon?''
he eskad.
"1 shall bs pleased."
"This afternoon will be bright and
beautiful and this la the time of year
when we oannot count on the weather,''
ha suggsotsd. "My aiachlne Is near at
hand and If ycu havs no engagement
aad if It la not too suddsn aa engage-
Sejt It to i
"Ifhsvre ae
"Of ooruree it Is. but why should It
matter? We are oid friends."
Shs hesitated to make answer.
"If you should accept." hs suggested
suavely, "we .-oul.l have a spin that will
give ua good appetites for dinner. Re
ally I think one should take advantage
vf a good day. Don't you?"
"Very well," shs replied. "I ettall bs
ready at say."
"Shall I send trp my card or corns to
your apartment for youf
"Hend your card irp, plssss, and I
shall loin you in the reception room.
Adrian hung up the receiver.
fie returned to his desk to taks up
some perfunctory correspondence, tried
tn write the first letter, threw down
the pen and went to the window over
looking Fifth avenue and stood there
with his hands lightly rktapsd behind
his hack.
Ilia dark, handsoms face was grave
and determined.
He waa turning over and over and
over again In hie mind the implied
promise in ths violet scented note Tier
ney had ahown him that Mr. Montagus
Jeffray would aee "ora I.ee Peyton
again, and that the woman had acceded
to or had obeyed some requeat or In
junction from him.
Mhe bras the bait placed In ths trap
Jeffray had digged for his own fset.
When would he come to the sdgs of
ths pitfall In search of ths woman?
How would he come?
He might bs in ths hotsl this very
lis might sppear with ths spron of a
waiter and ths look of a waiter well
Hie might come ss a titled person
with credsntlsl that might pass mus
ter for an hour at Isast.
lis might ooms with a burden of
purchaaea from some depsrtment store.
Adrian remembered the words of
Tlsmey and of Yaurot. When such
men of such hard exnsrlsnce In detec
tion gavs tns palm to a man on the
other slds of ths Uns of bsttls hs knew
that hla taak waa a big one. He knew
also that If any Indlacretlon on hit
part algnalled an alarm to sir Dirk and
Sir Dlok should have reason to suspect
him as a enedow his life would bs In
from It took a pistol of blus steel and
slipped It In a pocket.
There waa a tap at the door.
lie answered It and a man with a
uniform cap carrying a large shield
over ths visor stood befors him.
"Krom the bureau, sir," said the man,
"Inspector, dr. looking over the wir
ing to prsvent Ares."
Ths Inspector waa a weazened bit of
a specimen of humanity. Ills eyes were
shifty and his ears were large and
seemed to bend forward. Ills fingers
wsrs heavily atalned with nicotine.
Adrian permitted him to enter and
watched hla movements sa hs began
examining ths electric wiring.
The Inspector finished his work In the
lounging room In a few moment!.
Adrian did not like the quick, nervous
movements of the man, and although
he was no Mudent or htdlever in LoiH
broio's theor.es, he did not like the
shape of the eara and the clant ef the
brow, the ahlfty little . and the
quick, yellow-atalned fingers.
He looked In his telephone hook snd
secured the number of the Mty He
partment of 'las, Water and Elec
tricity. He called for ths commissioner'!
office is s low voice, and asked If it
would be possible to be Immediately In
formed whether an Inspector had be-n
sent to the Hotel Westmoreland n
lower fifth avenue. He was switched
to a district superintendent die was
Informed thai ao Inepectlon sf hotels
was In progress In that district.
Adrian dropped the receiver and dart,
ed Into the neat room of hla suits.
Ths man wss not there.
He rsn from on mom to snothsr,
reeling glsd that he hsd slipped ill
revolvsr In his pocket
In the rear room of his suits hs
found an open window. It led to a fire
Not a thing had been stolen
Adrian waa being shadowed so elo'ely
that the shadow had paaaed through
very one uf hit rooms.
I HE man with ths nlcotlned
fingers waa not to be aeen In
ths courtyard below. Adrian
knsw thai hs was off and
wall away tn lbs tangle of
streets wsat of sixth avenue
In the .eaTsrsen Mar hat
Did the snenk hear him while he waa
telephoning to Mrs. IVyton? He might
eaaily have heard through the keyhole
had he been eavesdropping.
Did he enter his apartment to eteal,
or was he sent by Sir Dick In the hope
of finding something he bed left be
hind In his flight?
lie waa not afraid of the sinister
possibilities of the Incident. Rather,
lie was pleaaed with thnm for ths
thought that If this prying crook may
havs bssn ssnt by ths man hs waa
after It brought him nearer" his quarry.
He would never forget the man's face,
ths forward ears, the shifty little eyea
and the fidgety, yellow Angara If he
waa on of Sir Dick's henchmen, then
the black curtain obaaurlng sir Dick
from his vision had been lifted Just a
trifle at one end.
"Slight progress," he said to himself,
"but progress. Things are beginning
to move ever ao quietly. Ths crook
may havs been aent to the hotel as a
scout by Sir ldek, who hsd promised
to aee Mrs. Peyton again, as ahown In
her tiurlnlned letter to him. If this
wss so the quarry uiltbt coins In sight
at any moment."
Adrian felt prepared for the meeting.
Sir Dick or Mr Montague Jeffrav, or
whatever hla name might be, would not
leave the hotel alive unices hs wore
nteel brsceleta.
Hla thoughta turned to the dander,
sweet creature In violet who lived on
the floor below How did shs evsr get
to know this rogus end precious scoun
drsl? Her nots, fllchsd by Tlsrney,
waa ssdsts end proper snough, but In
It there wss a rift of ths personal, a
little note of Innocent intlmscy.
Ilia thoughts want back, to ten years
hafnrs. when he Arst met her at an
American function In Tindon. Mhe was
but a girl then, hardly twenty-two or
twenty-three years old. ths wlfs of a
minor attachs of ths embassy, but so
besutlfui and so charming In her per
sonality that English and Americans
alike were delighted with her.
Adrian's llrst sight of the voung Mrs
Peyton wss dlsaatreus to his peace uf
tnlnd. lis wsa then twenty-seven years
of age and had never had a aerluus af
fair of the heart, lie succumbed Imme
diately to her charms, and for a tims
hsuntsd ths Ixmdon homes of Ameri
cans, ticking epperfunlUts ef being
wss sll that a husband should bs. Hs
was young snd poor, but Intelligent,
wull-bred snd sure to win success. Ills
beat ally was his bsautlful young wife,
and shs sxertsd herself In his behalf
that togsthsr rhsy might reach a higher
point in aocial existence and perhaps
achievement of a mure substantial na
turs. Ths faithfulness of Cora Lee Peyton,
her nobility of character, as hs aaw It.
snd her beauty and vivacity all served
to m, ike Mm mad with love that waa
utterly hopeless. At that tuns Englsnd
wss under the flood Queen, whoss hsart
was being dstly torn by nsws from the
Transvaal. Adrian had hod a taata of
war In Cuba. He began tn hunger for
more of It, eeg hs left Englsnd to Join
the H" rr forces.
The young man wss with Pld Jotibert
n ken he fell, and was seeing and alter
ing In bloody fighting the first waek of
his artlval within ths Uosr lines Hs
Hs telephoned to U
than hla maoMae be
and then busied Mmsdf before
lie told himself that the
'.n hit face cod to
gray In his hair.
stairs an
UDflON-a entrance tol
apartment of Adrian Va
Uket haa Bill - m
his plan. Exigency had
brought It about. Ha ha
been listening at the keyhole, aad
ha beard the receiver dick la the I
of the telephone instrument he had ex
pected the tenant of the apartment as
opsn ths door.
Hs was rsady with his excuse for bdq
there, snd so forestalled suspictoa bp
turned to ilirlatlan ds Wst, ths general- boldly knocking for admittance,
who carvM so deeply In the -ender ,n,,04 h. bad tudlsd Mr. Vanderpod
spots of ths Rrltish forces, and followed . - .iu,-- mm mirrors. KM
batllks sars had token in the call made,
by Mr. Vanderpod to inquire whdhcr ha
(Judson) wes a genuine Inspector. Hs
knsw that hs would be stopped if hs en
deavored to leave by the way hs had en.
tered, and therefore hs took ths flre es
cape and managed to gd away from the
building without Interference.
it waa not euoh a close call for ens of
such nltubls wits end fed as Judson pos
sessed, but ths spirit of uneasiness came
over him as soon as hs ssttlsd down
comfortably In a Sixth avenue saloon to
fill hli lungs with smoke Hs was net
satlsflsd with the looks of the gentle
men he hsd Just left, nor wes hs satis
fied with his quickness la siting up
Ju lson as a crook.
Judion was not mortified over this ex
actly. Hs was a bit pusdsd and knew
that he would have soms gossip for the
"guv'nor" when he finally reached cov
er. Ordinary people are not quick to I
vect 'he wan who comes to tns
wearing an official badge of Inspection,
Those who mUht suspsct would be satis
fled with watching- until ths lasse
with the treat shoulders impressed Jed-
son at a person quite eat or us
"Wet If his a swdl bejir'
lilm tn the end.
With the capitulation of trie Moore.
Ads-Ian returned to New York to go the
POUbd of hie clubs and friends and then
to be overuome with reellaeensss sgaan.
lie sailed .for Ieondon Carnags had not
served to wipe from his brdn ths
picture of the woman he loved. In Lon
don lie found that h. r huwhand had been
dead a yeir. lie made inquiry every
w iie for her, but could not And liw.
Home of his a-iiu'ilntan.-ea aald that she
had been left -with Mtlo or no money
and that they believed the T'nited Slatse
government hsd given hrr some small
pod through whl. ill she could keep alive.
Ail I. m mill aVangefl Inquiry of ths
Government, but was Informed that shs
was not on ths payroll of Undt Sam,
lie went to Virginia and .fxind out her
people, but they were stiangvly reticent
about lier.
Hut iow he had found tier and was
living under the same roof with her.
Adrian p.i.. hla rooms impatiently es
the minutes dragged Into hours, and the
engagement to lea at BlSTf y'l seemed
further and further awuy.
Waa ahe to hung uImku 'he great ad
venture for hla restleaa soul? Her mys
terious acqu ant.in vshlp wJoh the very
King of Rogues was enoug-i to oiav.s
hirn thrill ell over with exdHement. Had
Chief mads adrsatiita to
thus 9t Jasipisaj.

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