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JUKI 17, 1918.
iHy aom
Room Reserved for Governor's
Use at Hearing in LHt-
man dsc.
Interested in Hearing Because
Jew Charges Prejudice in
National Guard.
Testimony Perjured in Action
Against New Haven,
Says Court.
"Jane 11. Unvernor ftttlie ; l.lltnian
m rIioh rutry initnV In-ilny on
Hi PreetrieiH litfAejeeiri record
c.ueed n Mir In tfi Clly Hall
the beat Inrnrmatlon available , , '
A roMirn clad affidavit. yellow lth
ae to-day rausmt tho abi-ujit rllsrirlesal
of lull for tlO.nffi .r.MiitV kf Mary
AcnR Mi'i' i, Iwrhty-onp years old,
aeTnlrist the New York, New Jlsi.n and
Hartford Itallroad, wlilrh haa been on
trial ti.'forp dinprrrrw Court Juetlce Har
tow Sj, Wr.-ke and a Jury for tarn day
The action wae brought by the girl,
who live, wlt!i 'her mutner at No. SW
Weat OM llunlr-d and Thirty-fourth
afreet, to recover fur Injurlaa received,
ahe alleared. by falling on the atalra of
the Van .NVee atreet elation rf the rail
road In the Hrarix. She charged that
the MfMMl waa caued by the faulty
construction of trie atalra
During the examination of Mra. Maher
and her daughter Ir J. Mllea Olbbona,
for the railroad, aaked If It waa not a
had a weak ankle
II waa atatod that flnvemnr Hu1er. aa previous to the tlm of the accident
ajnmander-ln-i.'hlef of the MIHUry Both atoutly denied that thla waa aj.
aTerr.s of the Htata, Would alt aa a Dr. Olbbona then produced an affidavit
jBtee at a military trial to be held In I which ' Agnea lorretta Maher" had
Ike ("Uv Hall on that data. I made when the Interborourh Kapld
I A miliary meaaenfer from the ffloa Tranall Ctrmpsny made a aettlement
mt AdJtMlen. Henry II. Hamilton ar- following Ihe bringing of a eult over an
lived at the Oily Hill to-day and naked accident elmllar to the one on which
Jnii,,r John Rvan whether arrange-1 t)M nreaent caae waa haaed. In (hla
tenia could be made for the eccommo
smtlon of Oov. Hulr.rr on June 2 Mr.
ttyan took the c tiler to the office of the
ough I'reeWmt
do It dear to Mr
Agne I.nrrettrt Maher" admitted that
the accldcr-t waa due to a weak ankle.
Queetlonlng by the doctor-lawyer
Tie meaaenger ; 0w rrom the girl me anmieeinn m.i
Itva'n that dan. I aha aomellmea has uaed the name
Quick Action Follows the
Emergency Messages of
Gov. Sulzer.
ALBANY. N. T., June 17. Under
emergency nicaaagcp from Oov. Suiter
the Senate and Aeeern ly to-day paaaed
bllla repealing the so-called' Frawley
lawa, Ihe effect of which waa to In
crease the rate of Interest on state
bonds held hy truft companlea. agvlnga
bank and iMMIMMa corporations from
4 to 4V per cent.
Hllla denlgned In ripcal Iheae lawa
were passed by the Senate In April, but
failed of paaeage In the Assembly dur
ing the rush of the i lnalng horira of the
regular arealon. The Legislature acted
lo-day following the receipt of a apeclnl
meeaate from the CetlVaf gof urging Im
rne.ll.it.. action. The meaaage declared
that the hllla "failed of passage In the
Aeeemhly wholly throurrh overa ght and
American General Says Latest
Victory Is Likely to End
the Jolo Outlawry.
Hamilton wished the room reserved l"Ane. l.orrettn Maher and that ahe
Wm the personal uee f the Onvr.-nor. I the girl who had aued the Inter
"Tae matter to be liive.tll.ted. heefl lorough With lull turn of the caae
I do with Herat. Hnmuel Lit t mil of I the Jimtlre Immediately dlrmlared th.
tie Korty-aevent:. Iteglmerit. N. 1 K. eoiiiplnnt
T, who ..plied to a lieutenancy Tie- ' 1 Juatica eeaa.
aa o? rellgloua dlfferencea with the "t"e time or tnia court anu taa juror.
nna iec:i wneieii. wiiiii' we nave mm
to llaten to a lot of perjured testi
mony II la your duty to take the
f the regiment. II la
tainted that l.lttman waa not iro-
rnoieu. annouan ne "ao .r., matter p with the Dlatrlct-Aturn.y
jajert dlatlnctlon. Hergl. Llttman men hlt h msv punllin ,se gjllty onja.
Oov. Hulae:. It la claimed, " luting the two rnoiitha 1 have been
ng that blaa waa ehown by Ota I on t'.e bench hearing thla are of caaea
lor officer? i use 'he (Mttman) to per cent, of the tratlmn. , ven In ac-
Hebrew The wltaeaara to he clrient caaea I tiioioughiy believe naa
will lncl.de officer, and n- '" rank perjury '
man of l.ittman a reulmtut. i -
g them CM. Henry t' NrMtfM, J Mmi nnn.ldaor. ... faund d..H
In the room ahe rented from Mra Hell
al No. K Weat Twelfth atreet to-day
Dr (lardner i; Mt. Vlncent't Hoapltal.
Who waa called by Mra. Bell, laid that
he thought her death waa cauaed -v the
effect of the heat following a nat.rally
debilitated condition, she waa atsty
yean nM.
lading the regiment, an I Hftt
and Brevet Major-ileneial jVilin
M, Eddv. commauilina the ate'tnd
i The Oovernor'a pergonal appearance
a military Judge In a matter Involving
gka complaint of an enl ited man In the
ttatlonal Ouard la aald to he without
(jjV precedent Aa a rule each i altera are
gajtarrad to a alngle offlct r a major or
oaptaln-or to a four I of Inquiry com-
af aeveral officers.
wag an Int: nation that the
djavernor propoaea to avail hlmatlf of
Wm luaurloua accommodation of the
rSorarnor'a Room at the City Hall when
k If In thla city, much aa President
Wllaon haa aaen fit to uee the Prral
waat'a Room at the Capitol.
O&mplaint That Prices Are Fixed
Arbitrarily ajid Unlawful
Agreements Made.
.Through the coming here of mam
mae, of Chicago Jewelry firms It be
mane known to-day that the Federal
Or and Jury la conducting a Sherman
e,ar Investigation Into the operatlona
mt the National Wholesale Jewellers'
Jon and the National Manufac-
ire' Aaaoclatlon. The aecret Inquiry
' conducted fay Aaalatant United
Attorney-Ueneral Oliver E.
and Aaalatant United Hiatal
Matrlct Attorney Claude K. Thompaon.
Am ing Ura wJtneaaee thus far eaam
ktad are President Kred O. Thearle of
tm Natlornl Wholesale Jeweller-' Aa
ajgaiatlon. a member of a Jewelry firm
to Chicago: Becretary Thonma A. Pern
lar of Philadelphia and other officers
4? ta aaaoclatlon. which a compuaad of
O the leading Jobber. In the country.
'According to the complaint which the
Qpand Jury la Inveatlgatlng. the Ni
fJWal Wholesale Jeeraliri' Aaaoclatlon
MM been arbitrarily Axing prlcei to re
; Mtoi. and through alleged unlawful
' mjraeinenta have prevented the member!
' 4i the National Manufacturers' Aaaocla
taa from .clung their wares to direct
rata tiers
Moat of the evidence concerning the
' alleged "Jewelry Trust" haa, It Is laid,
M obtained from Weatarn Jobbers
and manufacturers not membera of
either of the aaeoi latlnna There la alao
IB tba poaaeaalon of the Government
(Ifeumentary proof e. instating of cuplea
mt the alleged Illegal agrementa
Child iiger o Get Into Game With
Playmates Is Crushed by
Big Truck.
A bouncing rubber halt lured little
Herbert Martin, agred three, aon of
John Martin of No. KZ2 Weat fortieth
street, to hla death to-day. Proud and
happy In hla new rompers. Herbert
found other little hoya, only a bit
older, ahoutlng gleofully as they toieed
a rulfirr ball one to the other.
Hertiert was too email to play, but
when one mlseod the bull and It rolled
far away from him, little Herbert aaw
hla chance to get Into the game. He
run after It. even when It bounded from
the sidewalk Into the gutter and under
tlm big tru' k of the Klngan Company
of No t Weat Thirty-fifth atreet,
which etood III front of the houee at
No. 610 West Fortieth atreet.
liravrly aturdy Herbert clambered
after It, but he waa ao email It waa no
wonder Thonaa II am mil of No. 411 Weat
Klft) fourth street didn't aee him whan
he gathered up the relm and clucked
to hla hnreea to go ahead. Tha move
ment, of the heavy truck coming unex
pectedly. Herbert waa knocked down
and lie fell directly beneath one of the
heavy wheela.
When his playmatea reached him little
Herbert waa dead. Tha police took the
broken little ldy to the Weat Thirty
seventh atreet police atatlon.
WAeUIINOTON, June 17.-r"urther
detalla of the fighting which resulted In
tha complete overthrow of the Moroi on
the faland of Jolo In the Phlllpptnai waa
contained In a delayed deapatch from
Prig -Men. Perahlng, received to-day at
the War Department. The decisive
victory of the American troopa. Oen.
Perahlng says, probably will end out
lawry In Jolo for aome time.
When the laat crater etronrhold on
Hagaak Vaa captured Kunday after hard
fighting, the attaek waa made Ty two
companies nf the Philippine fleauti,
commanded hy Capt Oeorg. C. Charl
ton, auppnrled hy Pint Uttli Thomai
K Van Natta Jr.. with mountain gum
and two companlea of Philippine flcouta.
Oen. Perahlng conflrma prevloui re
port! that the American losers were lis
killed and seven wounded, all enlisted
men In the Philippine Seoute. Tha Moro
loaaea are uneitlmated, though known
to be heavy. l
It's a genuine eeeaemy. Belag abseluts
ly pure "virgin" oil. from tha fleet preee
Ings of salected fruit. It will keep freak
and whelesoma for an Inaeflalte time.
Moreover, you est four full It-eaace
auarts in the gallon net te St eaaee
auarts. Price, per gallon. II. 80 deliver
ed to any home within mllea at Mew
Pronounced She-rii
la said '.y meet dealer, la haw -grade read
product., out oftowa reel deals petrewta
laa the Orand Central atatlon will flad
CHIRI8 at Charles m Co.'a. 41 East 4ld
ttr.st. If not at the heme grocer's.
If your dialer haakalt. aawst eaacnriag e with
Churls, if. bo tedfcaatea net he siall like te
subsUtut. a bread oa which Ma ataM la gnater.
la sust) laataaces we will dettear la ye. direst or
LKrou.h ... neer Or Mrnheal.
Trt.l bntUe wlm hlatfa et CMsm ead hoe
eoatalalag Tl pesalar salad restpss sailed ea
erlpt of To cats la aaamaa ee eeia.
But They Ciive No Clue to Identity
of Assailant Woo Knifed
"Dollar John" Longer, who was with
"Brldgta" Webber the I night he waa
.tabbed, and Nathan Paul, brother of
flam Paul, whoa, "racket" rn hla new
oafe waa tha lure which led "Hrldgie"
hack to hla old haunts, were haftue Die-
trlct Attorney Whitman to-day. Mr.
Whitman sought to discover If they
could throw any llgtrt upon the Identity
Of Webber s assailant.
Neither of the men gave the Dla-trlct-Attorney
any Information, how
aver, and after their departure Mr.
Whitman expreaeed tha opinion that
Webber had been atabbed by aome
young gangster aeeklng laurela and
tha right to a following. He eabl
there would ba no Orand Jury investigation.
AMToraa n
ia new
Maw Verb.
mgrl lea arrow Perches Above
Speaker ( lark's R.atr.m.
WA5HINOTON, June 17 An Kngllali
which emight refuga from tha
In the shaded ruome of tha Capitol, I
Interrupted Houee proceedings thla
afternoon. The bird nuttered Into the .
eagdeiatlve chamber and perched itaelf
afaave Hpeaker (lark's ruetrum, twit
taring lnc eeantly.
Eaprearntativu Bryan of Waar.lngton
j Jld hla beai to talk ugaln.l the featti
aiad aongater. Kvpreaentatlva Camp
wall of Kansas Interrupted him with
tha remark:
"Does the gentleman yield to the
S 4o." snapped IJr;an. "but not to a
. .The bird lemainrl la tha chamber
af gftirncun.
rl Tss Mllea a Mlaate.
Kran.e. June IT. Maurice
. a Preach aviator, to-day made
rkabte flight in an aeroplane.
if ranklfft Simon & Co,
Fifth Avenue, 37th and 38th Streets
An Unusual Sale Wednesday
Women's Summer Negligees
Much Below Regular Prices
Snmmer Negligees
Of flow trad mull, dimity, dotted Swlu or itriped voile,
lace or eilk trim mad.
Dotted Swiss Negligees
Empire modal of while dolled Swlee,
lace and ribbon trimmed.
French Albatross Negligees
In while, pink, blue or lavender, deep fichu collar
and cuff I of embroidered bating.
Silk Crepe de Chine Negligees
In pink, light blue, Copenhagen, roee, winaria, navy or black:
ehawl collar and ileevei trimmed with illk fringe
Striped Ratine Crepe Negligees
In pink, blue, violet or roee; long butterfly (leave
and front edge with fine Val. lace, ribbon bowe.
Value I2JS
Value 94.M
Value $5.75
Valu MIS
Vilue $7.05
Will Close Out Wednesday
High Class Silk Tea Gowns
Of silk crepe de chine, chiffon cloth, brocade or chtrmeuge ilk,
9.75 -nd 15.00
Heretofore $15.75 to $39.50
average i
i e,U 1-1 mllea
Far Ladles ft Gutotmn
liberal Credit
Our earn H meat of atylea embrace,
every lateet creatkm in plain tailored
or trimmed mode la and are to be had
In ail the neweet material
No Money $ A
Down XWeek
316 West USth St. , or. SMrAv.
888 3d Av 14tth St., Bron
World Wtati Work Woodtri.
Closing hours: 5 p.m.; 12 noon on Saturdays.
IB. Altma Sc do?
are now showing, at moderate
prices, a very large variety of
Separate Skirts in the newest
Tailored and Draped styles, and
in materials especially adapted
for Sports and Outing wear.
S. Altmatt $c(SLa
announce for to-morrow (Wednesday) :
An Exceptional Sale of Women's
liouseGowns and Porch Dresses
consisting of over 4,000 dainty Summer
garments, made up in the popular styles
and materials, and offered at the follow
ing unusually low prices:
House Qowns
at $3.00. 3.50, 4.50, 5.75 & 8.75
Also House and Porch Dresses
of Washable Fabrics
offering remarkably good values at
$1.25, 2.00, 2.85 & 3.25
A Very Unusual Offering of Girls'
Class-day and Graduation Dresses
(sizes up to 14 years)
at the following special prices:
Lingerie Dresses, ribbon trimmed,$2.90
Lingerie Dresses, two-piece styles, 3.75
Voile Dresses, hand-embroidered, 7.00
Voile Dresses, tunic style . . 8.50
A Number of Girls' Coats
(sizes incomplete), the original prices of
which were $8.50 to 14.00, have been
reduced to . . $3.50 & 5.50
1B7 Altmatt $c
are showing, at moderate prices, an
interesting assortment of
Women's Summer Neckwear
representing the new, smart styles in
Low Collars of lace or Hand-embroidered
Batiste; Fichus, Vestees, Sleeveless
Gulmpes, etc.; also an attractive selec
tion of scarfs of Lace and Chiffon, the
latter Including printed, beaded and em
broidered effects.
A new feature is being shown In a com
bination Girdle and Sash, made of Satin
and Chiffon.
34th Street 23rd Street
On Wednesday, June 18th
Men's Bathing Suits & Tennis Trousers
Bathing and Swimming Suits of Pare' Wor
sted, in various colors 248
values 3.50 and 400
Swimming Suits of Heavy Shaker Knit
Worsted. Oxford Gray, Navy Blue and Black.
value 6.50. 4.75
Bath and Beach Robes of Terry and light
weight fabrics. values 5.00 and S.00. 3 JSO
1,000 pairs Tennis Trousers, made of all White
Flannel, also White and Gray grounds with neat
stripes. values 5.00. ft.00 and 7.00, 3e28
Extra quality Taffeta Parasols in Plain and
Fancy Silks. Ribbon borders, insertions, stripes,
etc. values 3.50 and 4.00. 2.75
Coaching Parasols of Taffeta Silk with borders
and insertions; Plain Colors, Black and White
Stripes, etc. value 3.00, 1 .98
Men's and Women's Umbrellas of Union
Taffeta Silk, tape edge. Assorted natural and
carved wood handles, values 3.00 and 3.50, 2.00
At Greatly Reduced Prices
Colored Embroidered Insertions
value 25c to 1.50. 5c to 95c yd;
Muslin Embroideries in desirable narrow
widths. value 15c to 25c. Sc yd.
Nainsook, Cambric and Swiss Embroideries
in all widths, value 35c to 5c. 1 5c to 45c yd.
All-overs, 12 inches wide; embroidered in
colors. value 1.50 to 4.2s. 50C to 2.50
Flouncings, 45 inches wide; embroidered in
colors. value 2.00 to 4 85. 95c to 2.50
Trunks, Suit Cases & Bags
Dress and Steamer Trunks made on veneer
frames; all edges rawhide bound; hand-riveted
bronzed steel trimmings; fitted with waist, millinery
and shoe compartments and dress trays. Sises
36, 38 and 40 inches.
Dress Trunks. . .regularly 18.00 to 20.00. . . 14.50
Steamer Trunks, .regularly 13.50 to 15.00. .10.75
Skirt Trunks made on best basswood frames,
duck covered; hard fibre bound; hand riveted;
fitted with divided trays and three dress trays.
Sizes 40, 4 and 44 inches. 12.50
regularly 15.00 to 10.50
Cowhide Dress Suit Cases, double steal
frames; reinforced; hand-sewn corners; fitted with
shirt pockets. Sizes 24 and 26 inches. 6.50
regularly 8.50
Walrus Bags with English locks and catches;
leather lined; fitted with pockets. Sizes 16, 17
and 18 inches. regularly 7.00 to 8.00 5.50
lomnn MnOroAni 0. fa
uuiiiuu muuiuuij w vvi
I won the first prize at the Bridge,
yesterday afternoon.
SUIT for my husband. I had to get it
changed to his site and gave it to him
last evening.
Just before he left for the office he
Eve me a TWENTY and saidi "Get me a
If dosen of these PEERLESS UNION
SUITS and buy yourself a lunch with the
why don't you get some for Elmer?
They are great tor Summer.
All Bites, .11 aleeee .ait lea le.atas. Med. In three
eretehta ss4 all style fabrics. Nteaie) shrunk o See.
PH1U !. Is IS.M
Oa sale at Waaamaker'e. M. Altiuaa a r... Jua
I'reer, A ... Aamee A. Heara Hun. Norse
ethers I starrsl. June I'orailhe, Nat Lewis

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