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atlsn. Again tre Chair
i eat of order. At ttila functors
IN Ourm He. covered that ration
M JaAwks r. htortyn of Brnok-
i be. loft the meeting Mid again there
tharges of unfairness an coer-
IPtonnr Frsswent Kiln recovered tut
my to that the business before
a tha vota ett Alderman
r apnea! from tha ohalr on hla
Tha rote was that tha
of tha ewalr ha4 boon opeet or
of IT ta fever at Dow Una to 31
far oh eheir. imnl Aid arm an a trod a
h)n tha a lata with all aorta at motiona
ftem an adjournment to a vela on tha
raport Numberless ewrhannew
at. In which haan anlmoalty of
waa displayed.
F Mini motion.
- ar. ii- a n. .... ih.
to haar an am an din ant to Dowi-
Im motion to ota on aflreoa
OW WO 0 1 17 "I ww ivuniawnwv
enaiill) reeved that aha
tha ana referring to commu-
wVaido. Ia takan up ait onea and
an aa a whala. This amende
waa manlfaotir in direct appost-
t tha deelslon of tha Board aor
ta Urn sfternoon. wut President
la entertained tha amandmant and
i Mmwll Dowllng Jumped, to hla
and ghosted: "I asesgt tha emeaeV
tha chair enneuneed that ton
aato would be on tha antlra raport.
two aVaolalon waa aetuelly aontra.IT
IB the vets of tl to 7 by whloh It waa
to vote on each rwsnmtnenda-
stelv. Tha chair than dl-
I tha alarh to call tha roll.
Ua votla waa la prodfiaaa.
Onrrea Wmm around to
Dtisooll add othara Who
ammlttea Aakad how It
that tha Tamtnanv minority
tM aMa to upest tha It (a IT aarlatlm
IMIwM Ohalnaea aald ha waa puaaled
tha whala prooaadlnf
a admitted ha ballsved
would ha haatea
tha spread eagle oratory wtoloh
tha voting thara waa a Bit
ot mayor Otner hy
Dewllng. whloh thoaa
It oar points to tha Mayor aa
at Tammiay Matt Mr htaror
hava differed with tha Mayor at
! w haw nat aiwmya agreed. But
toad here undar auoh circum
anal net ear bs is tha boat
tha ejty baa avar had. or fall to
ha haa warkad hardar, ion far
a cone elan tleualy than any
MmtrnX haforo tha com
Vm mmwmt fall reeponatbllltr for
fBO annnhtortretloe of tha Polloa Depart -fMM.
aad aaM that ha KM bahtwd no
Mfw ttot la thara a ward of pralaa
EStUS wtotot raport tor piBaiate. ail lad
f thalr duty for tha
thalr Uvaa appro
ad burglars? N i.
' wnsf Btam. lateatoaa a. 6hfa.Sk. a.lla. U a
awaaswseri naa wut ona objoct In vlsw.'
vote, whloh indicated
' tatrty f too flfty-two rec-
to Oarraa raport
hy tha board to-day.
Tha geJ-
' wara crowded, aad la tha
tha PoHttoiana poraptrod la
hard law tea ca amour ah
lha hoard. Whan it
i ad tha
warn la thalr aaata oncost ruaioo
who la a California.
i Pendrv. who la in
"imjlaa voloa on tha vota
w Mtoa ap by aaotlona waa that of
Alaarmaa Ulplay. who voted
a tha
P-raaa mania had raad
t tin dafaat of
rujoat tha whole
f aboat aooaptabla
Airtoaah a tract.
Adolph U
tha raport hy
with a lona
Curran, In whloh
tha fualoa mam bora si
lndoraa tha work af tha
Ha reiterated Ua ohargaa
ny mad a, that Corn-
Waldo la Inoompataat. aad
that tha raport waa a non
aad aoa-polltlcal document,
aa fair play aad a worn taati-
a bitter at-
WaJdo'a am-
marny kw aaklmj too board to awnaldar
to raptot aaatlaa by aootion. in order
C taa
id to all
Dowlln hla Tammany
Ptoaj, owtoatod aad offarad to amend
toa atottoa by aubatltntlnf ona vota
tola autfoatton Ahtortnan Curran
hipetod aad too ohalr rulad with him.
MANY'S puoi.
Oowtlas than thraahad out
ion tor
blaalaii, Banffulaa of auocaae and
that tha BorouaTh Piwaldanta
m atoad with blm. tha Tammany
tor frankly told hla oppoaaata that
waa Tamlinya intention to alda-
awB a wooia raport aad then to
MM Mwh f eatwaa of It aa wara deemed
Incorporate theae race
Into law. Re char ad that
Mb vaport waa Oiled with abuae of tha
mayor aaal mm PeUee rnniailaaajiin.
rtoatorm that rt waa without force
hTtoot maamaah aa toe Mayor waa
to Bead any auoh com am al
oha Board of Aldermen.
Bowlaa. a fuelonlet. came
of Obaartnan Curran a
aaardtom of how tha AMer-
bt differ ah to Che contonta
aa to the method of adopt! n
it Killed aad
laaa Oaa aaMal report to-
mwmwaa a ramar
ian ww WWWWWM4J
mm aao rami
Confirms Tammany Man's
Story of His "Traitorous"
Action at Baltimore.
Verifies McCabe's Storv of
Meeting With Sulzer, but
SaysChere Were No Tears
fMbllo flarvlaa Commlaetonor J. Bar
eaat Cram entered the Hate la the
fl(M a fain at Oor Butaar thla afternoon
by fflvlaa varlflaatlon to that portion of
"Paokey" hfoCelbe'a blaet aajalnat the
Oovaraor an the aeore of hla "traltoroua
aetata aa a tolagwto at the Baltimore
convention teat eummer. Cram told hla
atory tola wayi
"The atory Bfr. MeCalie tetla ebout how
uliar ana-wared for me In one roll oall,
throwing my Wile on vote to Champ
dark, la parfactto true. It waa on Mon
day mornlap, after tha balloting had be-
ana. I waa not preeent at tha oaucua of
tha New Tor delegation that morning.
At other meeting t had always been
Aral on the floor to propoee Wlleon'a
name aa tha oandldate of tha New York
delegation ; wa had nineteen WMeon votaa
out af th ninety, and my purpoaa In ro
peatodly propoalng hla noma waa to keep
up our demonstration of Wilson
At thla particular meeting I and my
alternate wara both ebeant. When ray
name waa reached on the roll of dale
fate Mr. tulaar Jumped to hla feat and
voted ma for Clark, who waa at that
time the candidate of tha tmaaaa and had
toe lead on tha floor of the convention.
Borne ona called tola act of flulier'a to
Mr. Murpnya attention and tie callald
to Tom Smith, Secretory of Tammany
Hall, and had film mark ma aa absent
and not voting.
"Mr. Murphy afterward told mo of
the occurrence, aaylag. That la a little
too atreng for ma.'
"I fait tha outrage I also felt the
annoyance of newspaper crlttclam to the
effect that I talked ona way and voted
another. Later I saw Mr. Bulser about
It I told him It was an outrage and
asked htm what made him do It Ha
" 'Oh. that waa only my little Joke'
"It la entirely to Mr. Murphy'a credit,
I take It. that hs placed the matter
right on too record."
William Randolph Hearst verified an
other portion of the McCabe atatoment
In part In ansaktna af tha sJlaamtlon
that Oov. Sulaer had conferred with
him at the Ilea rat reaMence on the
night of April la. and that they disa
greed on that occasion. Mr. Hearst aald:
"Oov. Sutler did not leave my houae
'with tears In hla eye' aa Mr. MeCnbe
aaya he did. There waa no reason wny
be ahould have It la true, however,
that he called at my houae. that we hx4
a discussion and a difference of opinion.
Our dissuasion waa entirely over a mat
ter of principle., and our disagreement
waa over a matter af certain progreralre
prlnolplee tha I advocated. There was
nothing unpleasant ar anajthlng that
would hava disturbed Mr. Bulaer."
"What have you to say about tha Mo
Cabe charge that Bulaer attempted to
play you against Murphy f" Mr. Hearst
was aakad.
"I don't know anything about that,"
he answered.
(Continues from PI rat Page.)
plied them. The regular aarvloe brakea
were applied first and than tha emer
gency waa thrown on, but there was
nothing to Indicate that the brakes
ware aiplled at exactly the points
Dougherty applied them.
Tha tost waa disappointing in that It
seemed to establlah nothing definitely.
It showed that the air brakes were
working satisfactory to-day, but It
allowed nothing of how they might have
worked on last Thursday. The testi
mony of several engineers whom Cor
oner Pbelan baa heard In tha last few
dava waa to tha affect that engines
acted differently on different days, snd
hare waa aa engine whloh had been
tour days In tha New Haven ahopa.
Nothing teflnlte can be learned and
no conclusions worthy of the name can
he drawn until the experts la aharga
of toe train have made their calcula
tions and announced thalr verdict. They
are at wora oa this task now, but It
w .w-iiwnww uesore tney are
ready to make a public announcement
Tha hoard of osperta having thla
wora in cnerge waa composed of P. J.
Langoen. an aireraks expert of the
Delaware, Lackawanna aad Western;
C. W. Mania of the Panngylvanla Rail
mad Company, T. L. Burton of tha
Wastlnghouse Company and Charles N
Joyce of the Mew Haven.
total! taa4ttoa tatorg ertow r apraaga tottoaa
m Jaf too tBlMwtoii flatomtow ifc-
aton and of lha Public untitles Com
mission. P. A. Howard, an Inspector of the
Interatata Commerce Commlaslon, rode
en the engine aad with him was Rxoert
Ingdon. The locomotive was In charge
of Kns-lneer C. D. A. McConvllle and
fireman Nate Pooler. Dougherty, the
'"" "ow me wrecs, waa In
Mtafl to be preaent on the train, but
did not aeoept the Invitation.
Coroner Paelaa had aakad the rail.
road to permit Dougherty to handle the
engine, out take, had aet been allowed.
and Dougherty, who had bean prepared
i" no inn. apvareniiy aeciaea not to
have anything less official to do with
tha tat.
McConvllle. who took his pteee. Is
eld and axperlenced engineer, whose
usual run la between New Havoa and
Htamford on fast expresa trains. He
waa selected, aaosrdang to Benjamin
Hpoch. at'oraay for the railroad, not be
cause af any aupertor skill, but because
he Is used to tha route and was avail
able for tha duty.
MeConvllle was Instructed to duplicate
In every particular tha run of last
Thursday, and In accordance with this
plan signalman and towermen all along
tha lino had received ordera to aet the
name elgnals agalnet to-dny a special as
had bean aat against regular No. H on
Thursday. The powerful 1 Pacific
at earner drew out of tha New Haven
varde at ll.tt aharp.
It presented a strange snd impressive
sppesranca. Tha cowcatcher was gone
The aids plates ware bent and twisted.
It ahowed everywhere that It had been
through a wreck, but It looked like
soma battle scarred veteran, ready,
nevertheless, to undertone another
rushing Journey ever the asms route.
A atop was made Immediately outside
of Now Haven on aoeount of a signal
whloh Dougherty had found aat against
htm, and than the train, gathering
speed until It waa making better than
sixty-five miles an hour, bore down on
Bridgeport where Coroner Phelan and
a party of newspaper men boarded It.
Aboard the train then besides the Board
of Experis were,H. W. Belknap, ohlef In
spector of tke Interatata Commerce
Commission, and bis assistants; Chief
Rnglneer Elwell of tha Public Utilities
Commlaslon of Connecticut. Coroner
Phelan of Fairfield County. General
Manager Bardo, Oeneral flupsrtntendent
Woodward, Division Supsrlntandant
Droege. representatives of the press, O.
W. Wilding, mechanical superintendent;
Jossph MoOabe, mastsr mechanle; C. H.
Morrison, electrical engineer, aad Elec
trlo Superintendent Ollllam.
For the Interstate Commerce Cora
mlsalon there were besides J. & Haw-
lay, John P. Ensign, Chief Inspector of
tna caller division; bis assistant Frank
MoManaay; C C. SlweU and T. B.
Ford represented the Public Utilities
Commission. '
It waa 11M whan the train pulled out
of Bridgeport and at Fairfield It was
making sixty-tare miles an hour. Rail
road offtclala and repreaentatlvea of the
Interstate Commerce Commission hung
over the speed Indicator Installed In the
rear car. Thla Instrument had been
calibrated by Tale University profaosors
yesterday and was guaranteed to be
accurate. Tna Bret atop after Bridge
port was Uteen Farms; where Dougherty
had found a signal agalnet him and
where the asms signal was thrown to
day. A service application of the
brakea waa made and the train halted
The next scheduled stop was South
Norwalk, where Dougherty, It will be
recalled, used his emergency brake In
an effort to save a email boy ha thought
would ba hit by tke tooomotlve Ha
aald tha brakes did not work we'l. sp
the earns teat was made to-day. The
atop was achlsved In twenty-two and a
fraction seconds, the trsln running sji
feet after tha brakes had been applied.
Oeneral Supt Woodward said this was
a good atop for a MO-ton train, and one
which satisfied htm perfectly. The train
was the same as Thursday, composed
of engine and tender, the former a lto-
ton affair; a mall oar, No. 1X1; Baggage
Car No. MO, Pullmana: Centredale,
Pristine and Foxboro, and day coaches
Noa. HU I", 1M. All told, Bupt. Droege
said It weighed about MO toaa.
A signal held tha train up at Darien
for a few minutes, but when It got
going again It flashed past Noroton
at 11 it, aien Brook at ii.ti aad then
ahot Into tha curve which atralgbtans
out Into Btamford. Some t,M0 feet from
thla curve la the distance signal which
Dougherty found and aa bo swept
around the ourve and aaw It McCon
vllle applied hla air. Tha train Jolted
to a stop dlreotly undar tha algnal and
at least I. WO fast from the scene of
the wreck, but the teat proved nothing.
It was nevar made clear by testimony
just how long Dougherty atuok to his
service brake before applying the emer
gency aad there was no attempt made
to-day, therefore, to duplicate his per
formance in thla raapeot
Coroner Phalan waa not satisfied with
this test and aakad that after the rail
road had satlsrlad the Interstate Com
merce Commission, it run ths train at
twenty miles an hour for him and see
how qulohly It could be stopped. It was
at about this apeed that Dougherty aald
he waa running whan the brakea failed
to work. Ths railroad promised to
make this test and any other test ths
Qoronsr might dsslrs later en.
After ths teste ft. J. Burton, tho
Weatlnghous air brake expert, declsred
they ware very satisfactory "Anything
between 1,100 and 1,400 feet would
have been a good atop under such con
ditions," hs aald.
Oeneral Manager Bardo declared the
road was well pleased with the test.
Believes He Has No ChanceAgainst
McCombs and Withdraws Ap
plication for Ambassadorship.
tapsolsl lease s Staff Oatresjieadast el the
Kteiuaa Wuckt.l
WASHINGTON, D. C, .June IT -Augustus
W. Thomaa. plajwrlgbt and
political orator of Now Rooheila. has
withdrawn his candidacy for ths post
of Ambassador to Prance and substi
tuted an application to be appointed
C'"'ul-Oenerel at Paris.
Thla latter past haa been made vacant
i- .-... ay too resignation of
Frank at Maaaa. whs had bees taaay
aart to itasialir servioo.
Til viici woup,
fOontlnued from Flrt Page.)
realise what hopeless, dejected women,
apurnad by tha world at large, may be
come. They era trying to make one of
these orestures of me snd It Is most
likely (hst they will to a csrtaln ex
tent at teaat.
"I was told that It lay with ma
whether I -got four years In Auburn
prison or, by pleading guilty, got a
lighter aentance at a reformatory. I
swore on ths Bible that I was guilty.
I did It to aava myself from four ter
rible years. Now I am wondering
whether the Bedford Home will be any
"Sap what tney may ef me, I am
aoi a common woman. I
after rersage myself on society and
reauy, clever, aascrap aloes
S may and very likely shall
a professional thief after my
coarse of training for that bnatassa ta
too BS aallad reformatory, bwt aot the
"Thla so-called reform Is a ghastly
Joke What possible good could such a
place do roe? How can you reform a
person of Intellgcnce and education ona
who knowa right from wrong and de
liberately does wrong? Admit for the
sake of argument that I am guilty. Do
you think anything they teach me at
Bedford will make ms a better Woman f
I can hava but contempt for my Instruc
tors. It is all right for those poor Ig
norant creatures who do wrong through
their very ignorance. Perhaps they
can bs taught to ba better. But If I
wra a thief do you suppose any one
could reform ms by force?
"No, ths only way such a woman aa
I eouM ba reformed, were I really gully,
would be through loving guidance and
personal Interest I would not hava to
ba shown the way or punlahad or
browbeats"- I know how to be good.
But they are taking the best way pos
sible to make a wicked woman of ma
re. Ptahugti, as ehe prefers to oll
herself, declared ahs could hava nm,.
an alibi, that she was in Washington
me trine suss Dorothy W. Plsk's
gold mesh bag was stolen from 8t
Bartholomew' a Church, had not bar
Washington wieneaaes tailed bar.
"Every one deserted me at the last
moment," she cried, the tears once
more flooding her eyes. "I have no
hope now save Olstriot-Attornay Whit
man. He can hasp ma M ha ohooaea I
have sent him a note begging him to
let me eee him end promising to tell
him my whole life's history. I cannot
bear the thiugtit of leaving thla ter
rible prison only for anothsr. Is there
In SaUtole city not one man of la.
fluondSho would come to the rescue
of a broken, persecuted woman?"
A committee of the Bronx County In
dependent Democracy called upor. District-Attorney
Whitman at the Crim
inal Courts Build. ng this afternoon and
through Andrew J. Carson as spokes
wean offered to nominate him as the
candidate of the party for Mayor at a
convention to be held July 10.
"If I am elected Mayor," said Mr.
Whitman to the committee, "I ahall be
a non-partisan Mayor and shall conduct
that office as I hava trlod to conduct
ths olfioe of District-Attorney, accord
Ing to the apirlt and letter or the law.
When I was elected District-Attorney
I realised and appreciated the fact that
I had received a large number of Dan.
ocratlo votes."
The convention of the Bronx County
Independent Deniocrscy, according to
members of the committee, will be held
el the Palace, Third avenue and One
Hundred and Pxly-thlrd street, snd
will repreaent nearly a third of the en
rolled Democratic votere of the Bronx.
The Italian Itcpiibllcan League, whl-h
clslma the aupport of S.OM vulera of all
boruwghs, called on Mr. Whitman
earlier In the day and pledged him ts
support K. L. Prugene did ths speech
making for them and Mr. Whitman
rapUsdla. the aaata veto to which hs
aSdresaea tke Bronx .tltawttsa.
maaaann '
anasto axawsnaaakt' '""mamaHml
1 Kmw t':'"aasamss
that almost erery inmate ef too Bed
ford place la sash a n imsa Ta be
thrown with them map embitter ass
to amah aa eatoat that I shall avasr
tcnuAi, jvbi
Will Accept Only a Pro
gressive Democrat, Says
County Chairman.
Bird Indicates Present Execu
tive Can Get Support on
Anti-Boss Platform.
Bull Moose County Chairman Francis
w mi d. In an official atntament to-day,
put that party flatly upon record, de
stroying hopes of some of tha fusion
movements recently plenned.
The party Insists on tha nomination
for ths Mayoralty of a Progressive Dem
ocrat, and will Indorse no other. The
argument la that the city vote la norm
ally Democratic and progressives of any
other complexion cannot win agalnet
mactilrie candid a tea of either aide bsoked
by financial Intereata.
The editorial utterancea of the New
Turk Progreealva newspapera Indicate
Mayor Oaynor Is the "Progressiva
Democrat" In mind, aa clearly aa
Chairman Bird's ultimatum reflects the
views of Theodore Roosevelt George W.
reruns and other prominent Progrso
slves. Aftsr Inviting a general fusion of the
progressives of all parties on antt-boea
prlnclplea, Mr. Bird makes It plain that
ths Bull Moose party will not lend Its
emblem to a fusion for Whitman, no
matter who nominates him.
Upon thla subject ths statement sig
nificantly dsclarea:
"It la not enough that a man may
hava shown Integrity and ability as s
legislator, popularity aa an after-dinner
speaker, skill aa a lawyix, or capacity
as a prosecuting officer. A city whose
annual budget approximates ISOU.OOO.ooo a
year would ba foolish not to require
that Its Mayor be a man or demon
strated ability and thorough experience
In bualnaaa-llke administration.
Mr. Bird aald:
"Tha Progresslvss are Just now more
Interested In ths pledged policies of the
neat city admtnletratlon than la lis
personnel, more Interested in the prin
ciples for whloh the campaign will ba
waged than In attempting to decide In
June who should be nominated In Aug
ust and September. The Progressives
are ready to co-operate In every way
with the Cltlsens- Municipal Committee
and every liberal civic element la ths
community. U tha Citlaena' Municipal
Committee will let ua know, definitely
and concretely, Its vlewa aa to the kind
of a campaign It aeoka to make thla
year, aad will bring It about that all
candidates for anti-Tammany nomina
tions stste clearly thalr vlewa upon the
constructive municipal reforms de
manded by the Prog re selves la all three
parties. It wiu then be time to decide
who can beat be tho candidates."
Mr. Bird then calls attention to the
strong element of liberal minded voters
In all partlsa who are opposed to boss,
rule, and adds:
"The Progressive party. I believe, It
Insistent that In this municipal campaign
there ahall ba afforded a rallying point
for those progressive voters Democratic
Progressive and Republican and a clean-
cut standard of battle raised In behalf of
thoaa principles. That rallying point
ahould ba primarily. In my opinion, ths
Citlaena' Municipal Committee, If possi
ble, but the Progressive party if need be.
"Evidences are not lacking of an
lPaM upon the part of bi-partisan fin
ancial and political Interests to dlctats
both the Tammany and anti-Tammany
nominations thla year. For that sort
of thing the Progressive party will
never stand. Reaotfbnary elements
In finance and politics may dictate ths
Tammany and ths Republican nomina
tions; they may even capture the Citl
aena' nomination, although I hope not:
hot M may aa wall bo understood now,
for all thla yea and afterwards,
If Ms bipartisan erewd ef big
man asm little peMttMaaa control two
sets of BomlaaMeoei these will fee a
third Whisk they eaaaet eontoaL If
that third ticket will be
by lha Pregleoslvaa alone, from
tattoos man af satt-maehlse rec
ords. Irrespective of patty.
"The Progressive Party la opposed to
the rule of political machines In sny
form, or in any place. We are especi
ally at war with that bi-partisan oom
olnatlon wtitch la to-day throttling the
popular demand for dlrsct nominations
It la Inconceivable that the Republican
and Democratic bosses who are standing
shoulder to shoulder In Albany thla
week would conduct anything but a
sham battle In New York this fell.
Approaehlag tna section of his pro
fession of faith dlreotly dealing with
what students ef politics say la a rsf
erenco to the candidacy of Mr. Whit
man, the county Chairmen aays:
"We are not Interested In the cam
paign aa a ouestion of who ahall gat
lha office. Jobs and patronage, and we
ahall not nominate a ticket which la
tha raault of a distribution of ofBoes
among different political machines. No
n a actively Uentlfl.d with cr.y po
litical machine or distinctively of the
politician type will be recommended
for nomination in the Progressive prim
aries. We shall not nominate a ticket
which rspraaenta mere negative oppo
sition to the ticket nominated by Tam
many Hall. We are against Barnae,
druber, Koenig, Parsons or Kracke
candidates just as much aa against
Murphy. McCooey or Cobalaa Candi
'"AcaadMeto waa
AlcaaSmete who tottevag to raee-
it, MIS.
tlonary principles Is not
able to us merely by a willingness to
atop talking, until after election, about
his vlewa and likewise temporarily atop
attacking oura. Only real progreeaivaa
should be put on guard, no matter what
their party.
The Progressive patty will aot, to
"y opinion, sssk to bring aboat tke
aominatloa af a Progressl vs for Mayor.
This is normally a Demeeratte eltyi
la minority party, the voting
of too Mepobusaa party ta
atm lata. Trader all etrenmataaeee too
aosalaatloB of a progressive Demo
oretto Slayer weals, ether things being
easel, seem to ba the part ef pollttoel
Three prime requisites for the Mayor
alty nomination by tha Progressives are
then outlined by Mr. Bird, aa follows:
"Plret, tha candidal for Mayor and
for the other places on the Board of
Eatlmate must be men of demonstrated
dtnees for municipal admtnletratlon.
They must have proved their ability to
cope with the difficult problems of city
management city finance and city de
velopment. No cltlten In hla private
buaineaa affaire would commit the folly
of entrusting administrative tasks of
auch magnitude to a man without great
sxperisnce In each of those particular
"It M not raemga that a man may
hava shews integrity aad ability aa a
lagUslator. popularity aa an aftsr-
tons apsaksi. akin aa a lawyer, or
capacity aa a piwaaaattag oStoar. A
alty whose ananal budget approximates
wwso.ooo.ooo a year wwald be foolish
sot to reanire tkst its Merer ba a man
of demonstrated ability and thorough
experience to bnstaeee-Uks admlaistra-
"Second The Progressives will. I be
lieve, refuse to join In nominating any
roaoolns politician or iy man promi
nently Identified with any NMIonil Tr
uncal party ma Inc.
"ThlraV-Ths Progressive nartv will rs
fuse to Join In nominating anv candi
date of reactionary and retrogresslro
views upon municipal affairs. Ws ire
as much opposed to th mossback as to
the mountebank In politics, snd ws shall
not pain in nominating either. The Pro
greealva party Is a party of conatructlve
liberalism, and iU leaders cannot do
otherwise nan inalst that Ita candidates
must be honestly and wholeheartedly In
sympathy with tha progressive spirit In
municipal affatra."
Concluding tha atatemant, Mr. Bird
states that the time has come for the
co-operation of all antl-machlne and
liberal votere of New York against
ths politicians who aeek a meaningless
campaign. Ha fires this parting aaluta
at tha big and little boeeee whom the
Chief Bull Mooee, T. R, loves to lash
so heartily:
"If ths Cltlasns Municipal Committee
makes clear that It Is ready to lead a
really worth-while campaign to admin
ister hare a decisive lasting defeat to tha
old-time bosses who now aland with
their backs to the wall In Albany, every
resource of the Progressive party In this
county will he enlisted In such a fight.
"When financial reactionaries Join
handa with political reactlonarlee to dic
tate the Democratic and Republican
nominations. It Is time for all antl-ma-ohlne
voters to rally under a common
standard the Cltlsens' Committee, If
possible, but the Progressive party. If
need be to defeat ths odious bl-psrtlsan-
ahlp which Is proposing to extend Its Al
bany ruls of action to New York City."
They Will Submit he Questions to
Corporation Counsel Watson
for Answer.
The Board of Coroners, Pelnihurg pre
siding, (net to-day to conalder the loss of
ten Uvea In tha cave-In of the subway
tunnel at Lexington svenue aad Plfty-
alxth atreet Saturday evening. After two
hours of solemn conclave they announced
that they had framed a series of tsn
questions to be submitted to Corporation
Counsel Watson. They declined to make
the questions public,, but aald'thst they
had to do with the rlgUte, authority and
power of Coroners as against those of
mam bars of the Public Service Commis
sioners. Chairman McCall of the Public Service
Commission revoked an order Issued by
Coroner Holzhauser forbidding the uae
of dynamite In reaching the bodies of ths
msn who were killed.
Navwlset WUI Nepreeent This
Conatry ta Italy.
WASHINGTON, June IT. President
Wilson to-day nominated:
To be Ambassador to Italy, Thomas
Nelson Page of Virginia.
To be Minister to Swltserland,
Pleasant A. StovaH of Georgia.
To be Collector of Customs, District
of Montana, Andrew J. King of Mon
tana, To bs Register of Land Office at
Montgomery, Ala., Cato U. Otover of
Moata's Meoovd of
Births aad
Dent he.
AL-BANT. June 17. -There were 11.411
deaths In the State during April and
11,013 births, according to statistics made
public by tha Commissioner of Health
to-day. Consumption caused tfei
deaths and cancer aw.
MMaaadaaeMaaaaai a-,
Runs Six Furlongs in 1.10,
. Leading From Start
ill:,, to Finish.
(Steclel t The Eves World. I
June 17. Harry Payne Whitney's Iron
Mask, a winner In Rngland and In
Amsrlca, won the Toboggan Handicap,
the feature event of the card to-day.
He passed the Judges' stand two
lengtho In front. He ran the six fur
longs In 1.10, the fastest tlms ever made
for the race, but a second and two
fifths behind the tree record. He was
made the favorite at i to 2, and Justi
fied tha high opinion of the nnddock
sharps by taking ths lead at tha stsrt
and holding it to the finish.
Hn waa repeatedly challenged by Hea
ter pryrme, Spring Board and Meridian,
but shook them all 0 snd won enslly
with Troxler sitting up In the saddle.
Hester Prynne held second place to the
last stride, when Spring Hoard poked
hla noae In front and gained second
Sir John Johnston, Sprite and Besom
were contenders early In the race, but
dropped back In tho last quarter of a
The largest crowd that has attended
the Belmont Park track on a Tuesday
about 6..NK1 persona to-as present at
turf headquarter thla afternoon. A
well balanced card, with theTohoggan
Handicap the feature, was the magnet
of attrsctlon.
The action of ths Court of Appeals
In dismissing the Paul Shane case met
with favor, but It did not change the
mode of betting and only oral wagers
were accepted. e-
Thetrwurds nf the Jockey Club late
thla afternoon suspended Jockey Orand
for five racing daya. They held him
responsible while riding Former on Fri
day last fur knocking down Rebound
soon after the start.
nllST RACE-Three-year-olds and
upward; sweepstakes of 110 euch. wi.h
1400 added; six furlongs, main course.
Montresaor, 106 (Wolfe), 7 to 5, 1 to i
and out, won; Sickle. Ill (Orand), t to
1, 2 to 1 and even, second; Bouncing
Lass. Ill (Ford). 10 to 1. 10 to 1 and 4 ;o
1, third. Time, 1.U3-S. Sir Dcnrah.
Jack Kellogg, Campeon and Mr. Specs
also ran.
Montreasor brat ths barrier, opened
up a gap of foajr lengths In the first
quarter and held hla lead to the finish,
winning by that margin. Bouncing Bess
held second place to the last furlong,
where Sickle moved up fast on tha out
side and beat her out for second place
by two lengths.
SECOND RACE Handicap; for three-year-oMs
and upward; sweepstakes of
HO each, with PHO added; one mile and a
sixteenth. Sandhill. 101 CMcCabey). 4 to
1. I to t and 4 to i. first. Uuy Fisher, 110
(Butwell), 13 to E, even and 1 to 2,
aecond: Colonel Hollo way, M (Ford), I
to L I to 1 and I to 5, third. Time. 1.45.
The Greatest
Washday Help
VAN'S NORUB to ausrantead
without an equal for washtns
clothes MMWttfly white snd
No rubblna reoulrerl no bard
work. So pureand barmfaas that
It will not inlure the moat dsll
cate fab,io or color.
On'"Vour vacation you'll find
VAN'S NOItt'B luat the thlas,
Ak vour xrnrer for VAN'S NO
Ht.'B. Be. and lor. oaokasaa.
Accent no Imitation! or aub
eiitutea. scaler's, mitt
for free Ttiml Ftcktt
67 Summit Are.,
W. Bobokwa. N.j.
Sl-50 ft-, Taff.. Stylo Ritoj, 25c.
awatw enatwln.
i-am Jar uiaawse, or yeui
lurkr biribstoae at aaae price.
111 mu a tins suereatees 1 yean: ,
ruiwacj oi moat uats rormt
r DUraaads full rut. with m
tcrts. ind hare uo film back- I
Inf. Order
by wall 0
atamoa ee coin
Bareafa nataloeua
1 or
aaiut BirxalB
MM St..
and Fourth
Tate Elevator to Third Floor.
I'.UNB. On Sundak. June 15. llt. at
l-lalnflnld. HKNHY IRV1NQ PAINS. In
hla B7th year.
Funeral party laavee Plalnfteld a. 16
P. 14.. Tuesday. J una 17. aad arrives
Hornell Wedneadav. June 18. 1.16 A.
M. In" ant Mornall. N, T.
is n.
GoodsCsufully Packed and Shipped by Parcel Poet
or upn to -ui i-mris, including vacation Reeorts.
aft s e M SB A . am . -
special tor iBcseay
Sagfestlei lor Teeieay
BMES Nutrttlaua ahreS-
l lm i. .1.1. ...-Ml W,hI.
value eteewaere.
W aawTttaggatonl fftUf1 11
Corser West Bressway
Osama Caaaen Street
su St.
lafm BW MM PiMft
0y Hal Para
Lahore. John Par long. Merry"
It., Amalfl and Rolling Stone also ran.
Merry Task acted ae ths pacemnkw
to tha head of the stretoh In the sec
ond race with Sandhill under a pall
aecond. In the last quarter Merrp
Taek atopped and Sandhill went to
the front. Ouy Flshsr, Col. Hollownf
and Lahore challenged in the stretclt,
but were unable to catch Sandhill, who
won easily by a length and 11 half.
Ouy Fisher ws three lengths In front
of Col. Hollnway.
THIRD RACE Three - year - old!
sweepstakes at 110 each with torn tdded;
one mile Monocacy, 110 Moaxr.iv, I
to S and out. first; Strenuous, I" (Kar
rick), 13 to 5 end out, second; Counter
part, 106 (Obert), M to 1 and even, third.
Time, 1.41 14. Only three starters.
Monacacy. Counterpart and Strenuous
raced In the order named, two lengths
apart, to the turn for home. Monacacy
opened up from the rail In tho stretch
and strenuous came through, but waa
unable to catch Monacacy, who won by
a length. Strenuous beat out Counter
pat t for the place by three lengths.
Monacacy pulled up lame.
FOURTH RACE. The Toboggan
Handicap; for three-year-olds and up
ward; aweepetakca of llo each with
11,600 added; six furlonga, straight
Iron Mask (110) Troxler), I to I, I
to 6. and out, drat; Spring Board, 106
(Davlaa), 20 to 1. 1 to f and 4 to I,
second; Heater Prynne, 99 (Wolfe),
to 1, 1 to 1 and I to 6, third. Time.
1.10. Meridian 115, Sir John Johnson
122. Sprite 111. Light 'o My Mfe 117,
Besom 113, Bard of Hope 101, Hedge
102, and Caugh Hill 12H, also ran.
Caugh Hill an added atarter.
StSlrMO Paid for Two Pletarea.
PARIS, June 17. Some high
were brought by old mastera at tto
sals to-day of the collection of MarcsWl
da Names of Budapest. Rembrandt'11
portrait of hla father waa aold foi
lir:,200. and Frani Hals's "Portrait
of a Gentleman" for ISt.ooo.
(Of Reliable Make.
Usually SelliBg up to
To-MotTow Only
These iiutruments
are of the latest up-to-date
case design,
and their beautiful
veneers and exquisite
tone make them desir
able for town or
country homos.
$5 down, $8 monthly
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To-Morrow Only
The purchase of one
of these new 88-note
! ay or pianos , con tain -ng
every modern ex
pression device, will
add to summer enjoy
ment in the city or
country homo.
Convenient Terms
Special Librmry pr.ptJgfg.
Liberal Allowance for
Pianos Taken in
5th Ave. at 39th St.
MA f f 'I" PI CIS !
M. FH1U. Perth Aaeber. U. I.
CARPET 4. 4 1 f. WILLItll
ITwonrlas Maafe 1
Special far We4.ts.ai
SuggeHlo. for VVeeeeteay
IRA tl b'IIV risiwsi m am -Ti
choir eet daitr miduZ -Lm 1
TeVtoVT wfi W 22: IQ;
where. FOUND BOX A (TV
Corner Fallen Street
-TV " Mown Av

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