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m iiriyg wojip, tmidat, jthti it, tftt
plan to Again Pass Blauvelt
Primary Bill and Defeat
Governor's Measure. 1
McCabe's Statement Attack
ing Sulzer Said to Have Been
Inspired by Murphy.
AtlWLNT. t. T.. Jan 17.-With Tam-
Han MtUitr attacking th Oer-
tad RaptlbMoan machine
sheering It on. th. extraordinary session
? th Legislature waa under way
Bator Wagner had not cooled off
enough jrat to aay whether or not ha
would demand an Investigation of the
Governor's campaign for direct prl
roarlea. which he Intimated would be
alt la order.
Ssastor Heaiy of Westehestsr, Indlt
naat orsr the Governor's Invasion of hie
Uatriot to tall the people what ha ought
a so to repreaent them properly, euthed
la Ma eeat and declared he had been
' Saallgnsd without warrant
In the Assembly an attempt at humor
BrevaJled Aaron Levy, Democratic
Meader. Joked with Hlnman. the Repub-
Waaa chief, and said the Governor's bill
waa a Joke and hla message full at
fag. Moth continued to assert that tho
OawsjaoT eismed to know very little
avaat primary law.
All the ma china man ssrrssd that they
foatttvaly wowld not stay In session
than two weeks, and again da-
there waa no need at all for
It waa apparent that the machine
lenders moan to repass the objeetlona-
Hlaurelt" direct primary Mil and
to smother the Governor' mi earn re
quickly. What other legislation ha will
recommend they dr not pretend to
know, but they are prepared to treat It
all from a machine standpoint
Mora Interest Is shown to-day In th
violent attack on the Governor's sln-
esrlty of purpose, credited to Clerk
Parky" MeCabo of the Senate, than
there la In direct primaries or anything
else, unlees It be early adjournment.
The committee will consider the pri
mary bills already Introduced and win
make short work of them. In the mean
time the member take thing May, and
th leader are working hard at
to "put th Governor In a hole
what they have done thus far, thtr chief
object aeemed to be to shake the people's
confidence In him. That they will carry
out a wall defined plan to "gat even
la not doubted by politician who are
watching the vary unoaual batU be
tween th Governor and both parties.
The real beginning of the machine
campaign agalnat th Governor was
seen to-day In a half pegs in a local
newspaper when big type demanded "la
Gov. Sulsar a business OvvarnorT" and
mailer type attacked hie veto of th
local water power Mil aad aeouasd him
of lining up with th "Pwwar Trust" in
th Interest of Anthony M. Brady.
Th question of whether muaMpal
horn nil will be conaldered at tMa
esslon of th Legislature will b de
cided Thursday afternoon, whan th
Governor will meet th legislative
committee of th Stat confarano of
Mayor and a committee of th Munic
ipal Government Association to talk
over their request that he recommend
th enactment of th optional city
charter Mil.
The Mayors' committee which Include
e -Mayor Charles C. Duryea of Schenec
tady, Mayor Cornelius P. Bum of
Troy, Mayor J. H. Dealey of Amsterdam
and Corporation Counsel C. A. WUbar of
Blnahardton. are acting under Instruc
tions conveyed In resolutions passed at
th recent conference of Mayors at
If th Governor consents to submit
th question th bill wiu be Introduced
by Senator John P. Murtaugh of Kknlrm
and Assemblyman Minor MoDaalsls of
Th tatement Issued by MoCab
charge that despite th denunciation
Gov. Suiter ha hurled at Chart P.
Murphy In recent speeches, he bat
sought and cbtalnad secret conferences
with him sine Jan. 1. It vividly plot urea
the Governor, on on occasion.
Murphy refused to help "deceive
Hearst." begging "with leer I hi
Th charge of political duplicity I
backed up In th McCabe atatement by
th date of four "secret conferences"
the Governor Is alleged to have held
with Murphy.
After reading th atatement th Oor
ernor ssld:
"I dsa't ease ft aigalfy tat with a
reply Jasn sew. MaOah aid not write
Z thlak I know whs aid or wh
la rsspalbU for It. Za aay
I aaall lean who the rm
Is, sag whan I a ru tapir, roa
To on of hla legislative supporters
who called at the BkeeuUve Chamber
th Govern,.. I reported to have re
marked: "I wonder if Xtarphy thlak hs la
f ooUag aay body. That MeOabe soreed
has get the earmarks of Manny aad a
half d
f hi ehtof literary soa
Body reesd la Bwasap.
(Spsrlsl to The Creates WerM.)
man' body was found wrapped In a
hone blanket In a awarnp nsar Ptne
bueh last night. William Tomb, who
mad th discovery, notified tee Cor
oner, and an Investigation I under
way. Identification may be made by
th clothes, leather belt and blanket.
Only th skeleton remains, animal
having mutilated th body.
, -
Making up
the Menu
TMnorrow, an Umisually lirgportant SsJe of
Women's House Gowns. Negligees
and Kimonos
At Extraordinary Reductions in Prices
Houce Gowns.
of Plain White and Flowered
Dotted Swiss, lace trnraned, at $2.65, 335, 5.95
of Albatross, all desirable colors, three styles, 4.25, 7.75
of Canton Crepe and Crepe de Chine,
of Crepe de Chine, two plaited models,
of Cotton Voile and Crepon,
of Dolly Varden Plisse.
of Silk Striped Novelty Crepe.
of Crepe Meteor, hand embroidered,
at SJ.5U
: 12.75
at $1.25,1.75
at 2.15
" 3.95
: 5.85
7- j- L: ):.. u. 1.1.
trimmed with shadow lace and chiffon doth. $15.00, 29.50
'A Included in this sale are also about One Hundred
Negligees and Tea Gowns
ESZtt! $10.00, 14.50, 25.00
Formerly from (25.00 to 85.00
Later Paris Models of their celebrated
Classique Grsets
have been received, featuring the very low cut top jvd atrmely straight
lap and long back lines, designed for this season's fashionable gowning.
Abo for To-morrow, a Special Offering of
Batiste and Coutil Corsets, .
adapted for all figure. At the Extremely Low Price of 91. 1U
Actual Value $2.00
efBrfwfand Coutil, Walohn boned, at $2.95, 4.50
Values $5.00 and 6.50
brassieres, trimmed with lace
and embroidery. Specially priced at
45c, 65c, 85c
Thursday. June 19th. the remainder of their
Misses', Juniors' and Girls'
Tailored Suits, Afternoon and Evening
Dresses and Coats
osprising many of the season's most desirable styles and material.
will be offered
At Absolute Clearance Prices
Particulars will appear in Wednesday evening s papers.
Complete Lines of Summer Styles in
Women's Colonial, Sailor and Oxford Ties,
Walking Pumps and Tennis Shoes
are now being shown, of White Canvas, Buckskin and Nu Buck. Tan,
Gray and Black Russia Calf. Vici and Lustre Kid. Patent Leather,
Gray, Black and Tan Suede. Black and Colored Satin, made in
the Mason's latest approved shape and highest grade work
manship from the choicest selected leather and material.
Shoe and Slipper Buckles
of Cut Steel. Sterling Sliver, Leather Covered. Enamel. Rhinestone
and Metal Finished are in stock in a large variety of
attractive designs at Very Moderate Prices.
To-rnorrow. Wednesday, very desirable
Parasols and Umbrellas
Greatly Below Prevailing Prices
Taffeta Silk Paraeola,
in wide Black and White Stripes, Plain Silks in all
desirable colors, also with floral borders, Value $3.00, at
Silk Parasols,
in lam Floral Effects, extra wide Black and White Stripes, n
also Hand Embroidered Imported Linens, Value $4.50, Z.D
Men's and Women's Twilled Silk Umbrellas,
extra quality, close rolled with choice natural - -
or million wood handles, Values from $3.00 t 3.50. at 1.55
Also a Special Removal Sale in their
Jewelry Departments
Extensive assortments of 14 Karat Gold Novelty Watches, Jeweled
Lace Pint, Sterling Silver Bags, Purses and Vanity Cases, French
Rhinestone and Novelty Jewelry will be offered To-morrow
Greatly Below Their Former Prices, including
Women's Enamel Watches,
with guaranteed movements, at .2D, t
Coral Necklaces, 20 inches long. nr.
with solid gold clasps. Actual Value $5.50. at 3.25
Pearl Bead Necklaces, with gold clasps.
Misses' size. 15 ins. long. $1.15 27 to 31 ins. long. $2.50
Sterling Silver Je waled Bar Pins. 1 . nA
Novelty Tulle Bows, with jeweled basket motifs. Bt l.UU
Amethyst and Topaz Lavallieres, set in silver, 1 ,
Bangle Bracelets, to match. Value $3.00.Ech lefl
Gold Filled Bracelets, t
in plain and assorted designs. Values $100 and 3.50, 7C, 1 .OO
Sautolrs and Lorgnette Chains,
gold plaited and platinum finish. Value $1.50, at DOC
Sterling Silver Baga and Purses,
&or39.5o. at $7.50, 11.95, 21.50, 31.50
including the new Empire and Pomp- m m m m
dour shapes. Value $2.50 to 4.00. at $1.45,1.95,2.50
ONEia-AiUMsCQ OTSfjll-AihmsCq
Siath Avenue. 20th to 22d Street. New York Cltr Shrth Avenue. 20th to 2Sd Street. New York CM
The piano for thie co-operatire tale tcere personally eeleeted at the factory by Mr. C. Alfred Wagner, Prteiden' The Lyrarhord Co., and
upon arrival are bring tetted and impeded by Mr. Nahan Franko, for yearn Conductor and Concert meitter Metropolitan Opera Company.
The whole co-operative
story told over again
rlaasMl ) S ISII W waTM a 04 XwWr
Copyright. ISIS, by O'Nelll-Aoam. Cs.
THE regular selling price and actusl value of
these pianos is $850 each. The co-operative
price is $248.70 each. The co-operative price
($248.75) includes the privilege of taking 195
weeks' time in which to pay for the piano.
This co-operative price (248.75) is payable,
$5.00 as an initial payment. This $5.00 payment is
deducted from the price of the piano, leaving $243.75
to be paid in weekly payments of $1.25 without
inter ent. If you will figure a little you will see that
this gives you exactly 195 weeks in which to pay for
the piano. Your payments are less than if you were
to ren fa piano. The piano isdelivered im mediately.
You do not have to wait. You get the piano when
you make the initial payment of $5.00.
You do not have to stretch your payments out
over 195 weeks if you do not wish to. In other
words you are given the privilege of paying in
thorter time. You may pay apot cath, If you wish.
The Association's agreement has 195 coupons
attached to it very much like a bond. One coupon
The special privileges
of the co-operative plan
If the plane I not satisfactory after SO day' use, we will gtem you
your money back.
It 1 our belief, however, that a person cannot get a satisfactory trial
of any piano in SO day. It, though, a thirty days' trial does not satisfy
th purchaser, we will give him hi money back. On th other hand,
we have arranged a trial for each and every piano that mill thorn whether
or not it i worthy of a permanent place in your home.
Printed aero th face of oar contract with you and signed by
ourselves is an agreement that give to each and every eaaocUt mem
ber the privilege of exchanging bis piano, at any tim within one year,
without one penny' loss to him.
You purchase one of these piano You thee become an Associate
Member In this Co-operative Association and are entitled to all its ad
vantages and privileges.
One of these privileges is a year' trial of the piaoo. Ia other words
you bav on year's time to fully satisfy yourself s to th character
of the piano you are getting. At the end of the year you can come to
our store and make another selection. You can get a piano of equal or better
grade, and whatever money you have paid, whether it is 140. $50, 00,
100, or wbate er the amount, will be credited to the price of your new
piano, and we will take the original piano back without the toe of a single
cent to you.
represents one week. One hundred and ninety-five
coupons represent 195 weeks the time allowed you
in which to pay.
Every time a payment is made in advance that
is, before it is due a coupon is clipped off and
brought in to us together with the money to cover
the weekly payment made in advance, and a pre
mium of id cents in emah is paid for each and every
week, and this cash premium u handed over to you.
You can therefore see that the co-operative
firice ($248.75) can be reduced just as many times
ifteen cents ss you will make, weekly payments in
advance), or before they are due. Thus, if you ray
one week in advance, you will get a premium of 15
cents cash, if you will psy two weeks m advance you
will get a premium of 90 cents in cash, if you will
pay fifty weeks in advance you will get a premium of
$7.50 in cash, and so on.
This much for the economiet and the dollars
and cents end of the plan.
The life insurance an
exceptional feature
If the bread winner dies if the source of in
come is stopped by death the piano is not lost to
the family. The family does not have to work and
worry to meet the remaining payments. We volun
tarily cancel all future payments immediately, and a
clear "receipt in fult is given to the family of the
deceased. Isn't this a comforting and reassuring
8 24113
The plan on player-piano is outlined again
One hundred player-pianos are also being sold on this
co-operative plan.
The usual price of these player-pianos is five hundred and
fifty dollars each.
The co-operative price is three hundred and ninety-five
dollars, with NO INTEREST to be added.
The player-piano will also be delivered immediately upon
the payment of five dollurs.
The payment will be two dollars a week giving you one
hundred and ninety-five weelu' time in which to make your
payments the tame at on the piano. The Name uncon
ditional guarantee that is given on the piano is given on the
You can also get your money bach at any time within
thirty days.
You get the same privilege of exchanging within a year as
that given with the piano.
All of the unpaid balances will be voluntarily cancelled in
event of death
An arrangement will be made wHh each purchaser whereby
new player rolls can be procured
at ii cost of only 5 cente a roll.
These player-pianos are stand
ard 88-note players, that is, they
play every note on the piano
when the music roll is in motion.
These player - pianos have an
automatic shifter which compels
the music to pluy -.terfectly. Most
phiyer-pianos Hold at from two
hundred to two hundred and fifty
dollurs more than these will nor
play perfectly. These player-
ituino.4 have lead tubing. Mo.st
I s .a
player-pianos nave runner tubing.
The life of rubber it one year
at most. Lead lattt forever.
It cannot wear nut and the
tubing in these pianos is so placed
it cannot be broken.
s m ,
U if I
In New York's Shopping Center
Also, a player-piano bench and nine rolls of music (your
own selection) are included without extra charge.
These pianos and
player - pianos a
sold with no addi
tional charge for
STTT Select your piano or
1 player-piano NOW.
Jl Upon the payment
dollurs, the instru-
of 5
ment you select will be
held for delivery until fiul,
if you wish. In the mean
time, you may muke yoi.r
weekly payments or wait
uutil the piano is delivered
as you prefer.
if Watt Twanty-tbird and WaaTratj-sC4xid Streets
O'Neill-Adams Co
Sixth Avfttue, 20th to 22d Street, New York City
Cut this coupon out and audi to-night
Without obligation on my part, mall
rihi't'iyrapha and duscrlpllon or planus
ant pluyer-ptsnos being sold n your
co-opsrallva plan to W. 4 IT 1J
st. aal No ,y c
Oily Stat. ....-..... '. ..
'wsjfjv i

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