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Bartholomew's Body
In Shanty From Which
Fired at Sheriffs Men.
PL. Juno IT. lBdwmrd
sinew, who Ult yfrAAj shot
, Owwther and then stood off a
all algbt tu found
thelomow had barricaded atmeoi;
ty after ala tight with tba
tU Ufa with a
r. wio waa uper1nndnt
XMak Band Companf. tan miles
sere, waa lulled aftar a bitter
with Bartholomew. Tha laat
employees aaw of taa twa
f waa esporlatondoan waa on hla
whtfltad far hla Ufa, Aftar lls-
far a ahert Uaas Bartholomew
ala ad aad eot Orowthar
tha head.
' Ckarle Homes fsrened a boobs
nd tha maa la aa old ahaatr.
which ho opened flro oa tha
art. Ralnforcomonu ar-
aad aftar araral hoarW flgbtlns
' with a Wlnohester rifle wouad-
ilaw la tha knee.
than wattad aa hoar or
Thaa thoy hraha Into tha ahenty
Barthomolew doad.
Dreaeee of Mra. Thortor "d Bleer
potxniKincpsrB, June tr. with
flame bu ratine from banaath thssr mo
tor oar and en r eloping It aa It waa run
ning at high apaad two mllaa north of
It 1000011 Jjnrtirn lata taa. ntns.
t. K. Thorlay and wira and Mra. Thor
1078 sister, a Mra. Ellison, and tba
chauffeur narrowly aaeapod aartoua
burna bofora thay war able to aban
don IL Tba big machine, of French
make, and valued at W.O0Q, waa de
stroys. Tha Thorloyo were an route from
Now Tori to Albany. Boon after I ear
ing Ropowoll Junction amoko began to
Issue from beneath tha oar and sud
danly there waa a buret of flame and
the gasoline tank, leaking badly, fur
nished a fierce blaie. Soma of tha
light wrapa of tha occupant oaught
flrr and Mr. Thorlay'a banda ware
burned In trying to boat out tha flames.
At Fountains $x Oswhere
TwS OflflMl MM SwwOjM
Iks PnMtM fwt II AfM.
Ai mtmm mk mi hm
DeSoowe, BIlieHCBlsiS and auejajpjgej,!
SbwW ww Owl JTOMsT wStol'adOSf'Cl jft esBsBBsBSBjJ
Don'l travel wkKout S.
A ftVk lawth mores' Ii BBwass.
Hot In Any Milk Trtmt
Plain -Figtifc Talk
Everyplece of marchandita In our anonnoua building Ii marked In
I IN, ITS, ADA Bl J FIOURBS. Theac nlain flaurc oricci are vour
mntOUAKD and OUR PRIDE, aad mark tha difference between the
. dJM aad tha now way of doing business. You know whan you go through
-data Block that, whether you art buying for CASH or taking ad
for ALL. You do NOT have to hare tha Baleaman tranalate
PRICES for you. You can be your own Baleaman and read tha
Offer SPECIAL TERMS to Young Couples
Brass Red, toils 6-
oaf and (op rolls; 6 1.
httert and eroM rolls; in all
ZZi SST.1. 18.98
Dining Table In quartered oak ;
highly polithri; heavy pedeitat
bait, with Colonial scrolls and
carved claw feet; lop fi incAei
in diameter, t feet extention; at
illustrated; value fj AO
moo lOstfO
2&. USSSVtMipSSi 29.93
A Pleasant Surprise
300 Women's Frocks
In the Newest Styles at
$7.50, $12.50, $15
Fine and cool crepes with irregular cord
ed stripe, voile that are as evenly striped
with white as they are with black or navy
and so on. And, think of it, the ma
jority of the Drosses have the chic little
pep I urns that the Parisiennes adore.
Oh, So Crepy and 80 Flowery
aire the Coatee Dresses at $12.60
As their white crepe skirts are softly accordion-pleated,
they are very crepy and
clingy I Their flower-kissed coatees are of
crepe, too. Besides, soft girdles, they have
revere and folds of silk around their sleeves.
Dancing Frocks 0 Lace and Net at $15
Third near
f Yes All Know M wT L
ivoney kMT IvJK I
of tb Cardinalo Vw vVV A I
first tacker big hitter jTr I
ikfiwil head; the player wbo JgtawL I
gnu what ha goes sfter la I
B Re drhakt k be likes It-be f I
beUerct la It s the one moat WKm UvtV
drink Uhimy ball pUyao. 4 JM Jm
If Do What "Koncy" Does-
Lm Drink the Drink M
W the Nation Drinks
BBBBBaoY .ardwr
Bggggf Demand the Genuine edBr Triima
-fgdH Reiuea SuBotituuR BTr paaoeeaa 1
MSaH gggaTgr an." I
g-oJ" goS afCeea-Gela. 1
ri ajoe wr Pwa aMatw, I
12-button 75c a Pair
For the woman who prefers a shorter glove than the 16
button elbow length.
These are three-quarter length, but full Kayser quality
with the perfection of fit, style and finish that have estab
lished Kayser's make as the standard for Silk Gloves.
Then there is the Kayser guarantee that if tdte finger
tips wear out before the groves, you get a new pair free.
Black, white, colors, all sizes, and plenty of each, in 'the
GIMBEL Glove Store. 78c pair. Main Floor I
A New Model
Transparent Hats of Tulle
Introduced a little more than a fortnight ago at the Lont
champs Races and worn by the most modish women at
the International Polo Tournament last Saturday
Millinery has bees approaching this mode for some time-
but now it has been finally Idealized for Summer wear.
Heretofore, the Hats have been or Tagal. Milan or aim anu
were trimmed with tulle. Now, they are entirely of tulle,
with the exception of head-bands of velvet which act as
foundations for the pleated brims and draped crowns or tulle.
Indeed, these newest chapeaux are perfect joys, for they
are as light as they look!
No, the Joyous new colors have not been overlooked, for
while the tulle Is black, the bands may be a vivid shade of
blue, with a richly-hued poppy posed at the aide.
By Our Own Milliners f 15
Irenes Sale
Third Floor
Oxfords for Men
Now $3.95
All Oxfords in stock at jhat
price are included 1 200 pairs
of them no exceptions.
Tan Russia calf, in gurf
metal calf, black and tan
vici kid, and patent coltsldy.
Blucher and straight-cut Ox
fords. All the good styles of the
season, in a pretty complete
range of sizes.
Now at a saving of over
20 per cent. S3. 95 a pair.
Sweand floor
Tablecloths, Towels and Other
Good Linens for Less
Going constantly through our stocks, as we do, to weed out
the small and broken lots, produces many a good bargain. And
a special purchase here and there, when the offering strikes us
as being good enough, adds to the news. Thus:
94.75 Damask Tablecloths at $3.25
Good for Bummer una. f to Sit yarda.
$8.60 to $12 Tablecloths at $6
Mostly of Irian double damaak, circular and aquai deaigna, 2x2
to IMs4 ynrda.
75c Costume Linen, 48c Yard
Oyster white, heavy weight, 46 Inches wide.
Also pure white Irish tinea, 90-inch; special at No yard.
Fine Lots of Towels
66c and 75c Turldah Towela, 80c each; heavy Quality, hammed and hem
atite hed. 86c Turldah Towels, too each; 24.x 46 inches.
86c and 60c Huckaback Towels, 86o and S6o each; 22 1 44 In., with damaak
borders. Second Floor
Two Particular Uses for
This Specially-Priced Gut Glass
To provide June wedding presents that any bride may be de
lighted to ownand needed articles for use in the Summer
All of the highest quality, tn purity of blanks, brilliance of cut
ting, and fine finishat much loss than the usual GIMBEL
prices, which are always moderate.
Two-handled BolUh Diahoa, 6-ln. with two compartments at fl.TI,
from 62-60.
Fern Dishes, on fov ball teat, 8-in., with silver plated lining, and preserved
fern, at jM from 64.26. "1
nowor vases, iz-ul, at aa.so irom ao.io.
"La Camille"
Front-Lace Corsets
Give tha Straight-Mack
Una Without Impairing
tha Health
Any Corset can be made
like a straightjadket for the
purpose of giving a straight
Una to the back but "La
Camille" has the "Ventilo"
back that eliminates all pres
sure on the spinal column,
and which permits the neces
sary circulation of air, along
that vital nerve centre.
What a pleasure to be able
to lace your Corset in the
front rather than the back
these hot days. .
Models-for all women
$) to $7.50.
Flak Corset Shop, tad Floor
Sale of the Famous
"ALASKA" Refrigerators
Borne people have been putting off buying the new Refrigera
tors they know they need. Others are due for painful surprises
when the hot weather begins to test the ice-saving and food
keeping qualities of the Refrigerators they now nave. And
there are, besides, all the new homes that are getting
started in city and country that require Refrigerators
as part of their equipment. J All these are very much in
terested in this saving of 20 per cent, or more on over
twenty styles of genuine Alaska Refrigerators, com
prising practically every desirable dimension for apart
ment, cxty or country house or Summer bungalow.
These come to us at a direct concession 1n price from
the makers, which we have in many cases increased at
our own expense, hi order to give our customers the
greatest possible advantage.
Welsh lea Oepaolti Somlerlr Mow
Four-Door Front, opal lined
IS-ln. 110 Iba. 70 04T.so
m-in. loo iba. i?7.io ass
Apartment Houea, porcelain lined
IS-ln. 110 Iba. 141.00 S3SJ0
Bide leer, white enamel provision
40-la. 100 Iba.
60-ln. IjC Iba.
Il-ln. 110 Iba.
Water Bote of 2 jl. pitcher and six tumblers on silver-
mounted mirror, at 66.86 from 610.60.
Ubrarr Lamps, 20 in. high, with handsomely cut
dome, and erjslpiame equipped for electricity at 618.60
rkmete, wtoh 64a bowl and eU 64n. aaueera. at
Have You Ever
Worn the
6VVwnwanws 1 1 V 1
BaTsH am 1 I Fnwaaw a oaM um UUm
Silk Petticoat?
If not, you do not know
what absolute satisfaction
and comfort await you I
If you are large around
the waist, or if your hips are
more than normal or If
your figure is the other ex
treme it matters not, for
the minute you put on this
Petticoat, It will adjust it
aelf to (it you perfectly.
These Famous Petticoats In
SUh Jersey or Messaline, V
Thnaa of silk lerasy hara
of messaline, and tba others are
entirety of mssaaUna that is now so
much in favor for gown founda
tions. Black and colors.
Boosted Floor
SasSPr a fi ' vtamk
at leoCapesitr Segnlarly Sew
Apartment Houae, with sine lined
Provtolon chambera.
v-in. ss Iba
SI 4. SO
ll-n. no Iba. m.0 SOO
Apartment Houee, with enamel lined
rrovlelon ehambare.
0-ln. 06 lbs. I0 SIS
Aiirunini iiou
16 Iba
110 Iba
oas. so
Apartment Houea, porcplaln lined
ti-in. iba. Its.to as a. so
Four-Door Front, porcelain lined
ee-in. e too, STO
''.10 Ss
47SO 67.80
Side Idsr, mahogany finish white
enamel provlelon chamber
Tt Iba. 140
Waleht tea Oanaelt aeralerl Sow
81d irrr. white enamel Inside and
4.1-tn. 75 iba
in. 100 iba.
RA.In 1.10 the
Bide leer, porcelain lined Vrovlaloo
45-ln. 7S Iba. 47.80
lo.ln. 100 Iba 4&
10-ln. 160 Iba 166
All Opallte Apartment House-
T6-ln. 100 Iba fllO fSS
Bide Iesr
.00 Iba. SIM
tlT.SO Sw
If is
THe Qiavbei. Subway Store
The Greatest Straw Hat Sale of the Season
From the Biggest Hat Manufacturer in America to GIMBELS
OMK DOLLAR never assumed such goodly purchasing proportions before 1913 Straws
at their best Every Style, Straw, Shape and Size. Thousands of men may have their good
taste thoroughly satisfied when it comes to Summer Head Gear. Sennits with high or low
crowns, wide or narrow brims, caw tooth and cable edges, fine and coarse weaves. Split
straws in all heights of crowns and widths of brims. Mackinaws, pencil curls and snap
brims. Subway Balcony
TV $5 Each
No sooner had we accepted an extraor
dinary low price from one of our best makers
to clear out his Summer stock than we
received a similar offers from several other
makers when they realized the great success of
the first Sale and how they could quickly
tuns their entire stocks through GIMBELS
into ready money.
So We Repeat These Remarkable
Values for Tomorrow:
Tba daintiest effects in Lingeries, Foulards, Sum
ner Silks and Embroidered Voilea trimmed with
lovely buses and flouncing. The latest models, copies
of French frocks. Including a few Graduation
Dresses for Young Women. Values 67.60 to 610.
The New Satin Blouse Coat, $5
This is made of yarn-dyed Black Satin with long
shawl collar fastened with silk frog draped back.
elan UuUnnt el mrr" -Z.il mm.Tl
to sell at 611.60.
Summer Suits at $5
Smart olsintv tailored cr fancv trimmed mnriela In
Linens, White Serges and other fabrics; well-made;
full ranges of sisaa; one size illustrated. Among
these are Salts at 66 which regularly sell for 616 and
in a Special Jun Jteductio Sale
Men's S6c Nainsook Shirts
I and Drawers, 26o Pair
Excellent quality nainsook, ath
letic style, sleeveless Shirts, coat
models knee drawers. All
Man's 35c Balbrlggan ,
Garments, SSo Each
Shirts and Drawers of good
combed yarn abort sleeves, ankle
and knee length, double seats, re
inforced gussets. Sizes 82 to 46.
Men's 68e White Oause
Garments, iBo laeh
Athletic Shirts and Drawers,
short sleeves or sleeveless, ankle or
knee length, double seats, reinforced
gussets. All sizes.
SI Madras Union
Suits, 65c
Athletic style, fine corded madras,
comfortable and cool; sizes 34 to 44.
Subway Store. Balcony
None Exchanged buoway Balcony) None cr,
Home Sewers' and Dressmakers' Day Tomorrow
An iliMual Event Which Meant RubttanNal
Havtngt on seaeonaeie Uoodt by fas Tar.
Wash Goods
II lie aad loo OraSes at So Tard.
Batlete, Olnshama, Printed Voile,
Mercerised Poplins, Bwleaoa and
SSo Oradeo at la He Yard.
Stlk-niled Tlaauee, Popllna, Ulng
hama. Chiffon Shantung, Voiles, ate
SSo aad Mo Osades at lso Tard.
Madraaea, Pongsea, Crepes, Fou
lard. Voilea, ate.
Dress Goods
aa aad Bio Dross Xaftas at Si.ao
White Goods
"Ho s IBs Oradeo at So Yes
SO-la. x.awBa, SB-la. aosoTsieths
aad Panama Oneeka, ST 4a. Siaoa
Swisses aad StaaUa.
lso lVoafolotB at 10s rarS.
BOO Flaaoa at IBHs rard.
lOo aad UHo Shaker Plasnul. Ss
10s Domot masaet Ss pass.
Laces. Etc
40s to Si. as shadow asses, sss to
so Tars.
IBs Uaea Ttalah II dree aad Bamd
iBg. at 5e Yard.
10a tinea lac. Bdsss. Be Yard.
BBe td BOo Bmbroldery, IBo aad SBs
SSO to Too Flouncing, BBS aad I
SIM Bataiag Bait PitU. at SlOB
i.. i,irtA la laeae attort'nentt 4 ih i.iiMii.. 11. r..i
every rtap4noSI oBrto and weave BOO Yards of Dress Trimmings at
Tor on eeoevwe . jaaix mam.
35c to $1.50 SILKS at 25c to 50c
This remarkable aaaortment of aplsndld Bummer Silk Include eueh
Wleslrsbls weaves as Soft Bhlrtlnss and Tub Silks, yard wlds Taffetaa and
u.u.iinM and yard wide Corded flllka Aln Pnn.... n...!.. am,.
and HlnKie ann imuuir ..nun rnuiaroH. waoway atore, Lower rioor
Drees lsngtbs of beautiful all
wool and elU -and -wool fabric. In
black, navy, plain colora and mix
Uarea. K aad BSs Broaa Oooda. BBs Yard.
TBs sad SI Bross Oooda, BBS Yard.
Bl aad BIJOL Broaa Oooda, BOo Tard.
$IM SO BB Sr. Oooda, BSs Yard.
. I and Blngle ann nnunir vv nun
. BBB -Bl 1J .S
in a lathorini of aoout sw. todb sum b
A THIRD loss than regular value. Ana
stbu ioww .
Brass Beds, reg. SU.at. atS'lo
BrasBBeda,regil8.78,at JW.60
Brass Bods, reg. 625 , at 617
r Ti.J. OQA .t SSO
Rraaa Roda'. res. 629! BO. at 616.75
Brass Beds, reg. $83. at 6S1
Brass Beds. res. 687.60, at 686
i0J0 Felt Layer Mattrsss, 66.76
sizes, 12 layers, pun felt, rolled edge. ComJortabla and
6 50 Wire
Durable with
tael bail da;
extra for
Women's Summer
$1.95 pslr
Value $2.50
end S3
iMrm flzf.wda.
Button Oxfords,
rumps and
Colonial Slip-
mm. The new
Summer styles in vid-kid, patent
nmi.uor, uui ciubkui, gun-metal and
white Sea Island Canvas. These styles
uro rainrnfiiiriairl ftwwM e Waa mas
ws-w i-riwwwovw mush V" liBKlO DaLWOU
rivs domestic and French models. Es-
pscuuty I Or uiaarjslLiB. Too BBB
iwsbb is oompswo in every sty Is.
Subway Sterw, BsUobs
f L95
SIM fcOte l7.7w.

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