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br al sartor and wm of tlttl raise,
so th father la poeltfv that unless
fundi war provided (or hsr by soineons
else, aha would not base en able to
tar away.
Until laat February UM girl had Bt
temlr.l tha Convent of the Sacred Heart
In Albany Bad a private arhool In Torrsa
dale. Pa. Than her health became poor,
and on tha advlo of a syhysldan, Mr.
McCa thy brought bar home, Tha change
wee welcomed by tba girl. She .laliK i
la N'T tone dey of Hi.erty from books,
ad to. when her father aacgested re
cently list she rotum to school, aha
protested hrartll: . Nevertheless Mr.
McCarthy went on with arrangements
to rend Mi danghter to the Qroff
cchoou esi r.na avrnuf ami neveniy- ,
fifth t r.- t . and alio waa to have started
That morning Mr. MoCartny told
Helm to talrphoae to the hotel dining
room and order breakfast for herm-if,
bar mother and him. The (lrl did ao,
but got the order ao mlse.l thnt thny
bad 4o he given again Mr. McCarthy
told hla darnfti.er to repeitt the orders,
properly thia time, and aba refused, g.v-
lag aim a aaucy aaswsr ot the
'The I sasakia tier," aald Mt. Me
Carthy, sadly, to-day. "But I thought
w had made It up when we went down
to break fart. Helen eaemed In (rood
humor once mora and aha ar4 I t hai
tad a though there had never been any
misunderstanding itrwaaa us. Mb
poke again of aat waa line to ro to
arhool. bat WO (believe that ahe waa
reconciled to It.
War gla ware broken and after
break feat t took tha to a near-by
atora to tare than repaired before
Helen had to atari far sshoot. I found
I couldn't awt Che work don at one ana
aa the gwBs ooaM o a ad aa they
war, I brought them bank to the bo
Ml and told Helen I would have thm
ftxed the aaat day. Thoa I went to
Mr. McCarthy le.t hat Oaughter with
bar mother, who waa writing letter,
and ho didn't kaow of bar dleappesr
anc ontll h waa notified by telephone
aa hour later. Then he learned that hla
wife had aent Helen to a atnre In Co'
lumbua avenue, near Hrventy-aerond
alreet. Tho orraad waa one from wktob
ahe akauld bare returned Immediately,
and wtien ahe failed to do ao the fright
en o mother notified Mr. McCarthy. Who
went to the atore, where Ma daughter
aa known, and learned that aba had
not been there.
He waa not eery nook alarmed, how
over, aa ha remsmtsr.4 tha pen! eh me nt,
and auepected hla daughter might b ex
hibiting dlaploaaura by remain hag away
from bo ma. Whoa ah failed to return
aa tha day wore on. howvr. Mr. Mc
Carthy became frightened and notMled
Meantlm ho uummsolsaUd wMh every
relative, every friend and .acquaintance
to whom the girl might have gone, but
ho got ao now of bar anywhere. Then,
with Lieut. Bsfinatl of tho Waat glaty
glghth atreet atari ha searched Cen
tral Park and KlveraWt Mv. bat
found no traco of har. .
Mr. McCarthy, who-la aim a at pros
trated liy her daughter- aakeace, la a
tstor of the laU Right Vto. Fredcrtoh
W. Hooker. Calk oils Bishop of Albany,
who waa tor Beany year connected
wick tho papal logattoa at Waokingtea.
Both tha McCarthy and tho Booker
tanalttoa are pro leant hi Atoaay. and
Mr. McCarthy, though at a loaa to
uajdontaad where tho gin cot rata ill
faro. Jumped to tho coaclualon at ft rat
that aha might have go no to Albany to
vlatt a favorlto aunt. Telegrame were
aent at ope to the aunt and to all other
relative of tha girl, bat oho had not
vlaltad any of '.ham.
"ctctoa had vary tot
aald Mrs. McCarthy to-day, ' and we
khw them all. She aeldom went out
unless accompanied, and there waa notk
lag that Buy one could oall an attach-
"Although aho did not lnatently ap
prove of the plan to take ap farther
atudlea," aald tha father, "aba eeemed
entli ety plcnaod whew we err eased to
bsve bar attend the OreeX acbooL She
gchf ptanacd for her toot aeoctoit. and
before I want to tHiplncaa we chatted
pleasantly about It and ahe seemed
Had Stage Wedding at Atlantic City
and. Worse Still, Didn't
i Have Breakfast.
I Worlit.)
When Mlaa Katharine Rohulta and
.'Utoa J. Peter, who were enariied to
day on tha toeoplerhaae nlsr before
excuralonlsta from Kenalngton
forth from the wfnga to the singe
In the theatre the plump trl1.- was ver
white of fa. e. and It waa obaerved thai
too groom and all the other members of
tba wedding party were flustered. Th!
was not mtrraasment duo to the ro
mantic nature of tke occasion.
After the ceremony the reaeon for the
bride's pallor became known. Hhe ha I
fainted twice In the Areealog room, klacti
time It took a great ecurrylng about ml
dnohUg of coM water In the bride's faec
to get her Into condition to moke her
appearance before the whole of Kcualurf
ton. Kev. John McMillan of the Weatmlniter
Ptceby tartea Charek ooVUte.1.
bectors whs were called when tke girl
collapsed attributed her plight to the
nervous ascltement of the occasion and
' to the farther fart that rhe started :o
tha shore without any breakfast.
pniUIT BMW Par two-yar-olds; purse
BBK; atx furkongc Watermeioa, Mt
(Martini, tlrst; CkrhMepaer, Ml (Steele),
second. Dr. Samuel. Mt Callakan. third.
Tim 1 II 24.. Mockery. Hykl. Holt on.
Muks ah and .Candy Boa alao ran.
M mutual paid: Watermelon, atrlght
M. Place Mt. chow tS.cs; rirlstophlne.
place fS.3. show KM. Dr. ctauiue!,
bow. UN.
, TU1HD RA4Cio(rl Royal Han II
cap; Mto (4ded, three-year oMh and UP;
one and an eighth mllea Hamilton, 111
(M. ton ten), even, 1 to 1 end out, won,
Jaet Had, Mt (J Montour) f to 1, t to I
asM sot. aecewd; John r scions, US (.
IS to t. to I and oat, third.
Tatoj Lit 1-6. star lag Most also ran.
New York Lawyer Will Tes
tify To-Nitfit Before the
Senate Lobby Hunters.
Said Effort Was Made to Force
Lauterbach's Employment
in Merger Case.
By Samuel M. WilUmmt
(ten aamaouoadiot of who
WASHINGTON. June 26 Edward
Jjtuterbscb, Now York lawyer, ac
cural laat night before tba Lobby
Hunting Camnltlae by Robert 8.
lAiett of having connection with an
Urged plot to obtain feat, reached
Washington lo-day. Ho arrange".
WlU Chairman Overman to appear
hofore committee) and tell hit
law of tha atory. Ho will make a
crl denial of Judge lxvett't
tlory. He will testify scout taiaa
with Otto Hi Kuhn and explain hit
aide of tho conversation.
He wiu atipear before the committee
al I o'clock to-night.
Judge Lovett la i lielrman of the com
bined Union Paclfi and eclbern
Pacific Itallrnad ayatema, now In pro
em of dlecokitlon unrlar undera of the
United Btatea gujvreme Conrt. On tha
wltaeaa ataad laat night he told the
lobby hontarc the etery of a wuii atreet
coneplracy to eoerce him Into giving up
Rior.lan. Taawnany CongreaKnian from
the Kleventh Diet r let. whfek Include
the lower end of Manhattan laland, waa
mentioned by Lovett aa the advance
agent who opened the ncgotlntlona by
Hovheaa on behalf of Ijauterhaon.
Behind three two there waa tha cue
lata thnt other ware la too eon-
rptracy. bat Judge Lovett had no proof
and the revelation ended without men-
ttos of other aamc.
Congraeaman Henry of Texaa. Chair
mn of the Rule Committee of the
ttouaa. Judge Lovett aald, had bean
earned by Mt. Leuterbach aa one
et the radical leader In Congraaa who
might make trouble. Bat Judge Lovett
saying 'asftkar he nor hi associate
believed there waa any foundation tor
such a statement
It was a daring gam for high stake.
atttmptsd oa this grant railroad eyetees
that had been built up by tb late E. H.
Harrtman at th cost of his Ufa, only
to. be shattered by th airong arm of
th rdrnl Oovornmeot. la tne mtast
Of IU deepest troubles some ciever
persons sought to lorce themselves in.
n J edge Levett eeclamd. by hsslnua
tlons and threats of making mora
troukls In acwipaawr and In Congress.
Tha negotiations ware on In waan-
me-tnn between tle uovetmmcni ana
railroads for the alsaolution oracreo
by the Bapreme court m uiemiunr
last. Judge Lovett deckared:
I believe there was a ceniplracy to
try to force as ts employ some one we
didn't want to employ, and that the
conspirators, after trying various metn
oda, were about to g Into the news-
Danera and create opposition la (ea-
grBs to th plan for dissolution that
waa ubout to be rarrien out.
There Were Intimation, as aald. or
attacks on Union Tarlnc, digging up the
old Chicago aad Allen ease, asm re
opening the Money Trust Inquiry. Then
ho resolved to stop th conspiracy by
A very calm ana coot witness wee
railroad chief as be faced tb Inveatl
gating CoutmltU late on a sweltering
hot night In the nele omce suiwina
There waa a mar handful of an audi
ence. Benator Overman, the chairman
eat eatile sunt and waistcoat. The
other Bunalora emoked and perspired.
Only Judge l.ovett retnabMd unruffled
and amtling aa be related In quiet
voice details of the gams that had
si was not tha only one of the
Union rac'.flc company who had been
aaproachod. Otto Is. Kahn, ef Kuhn
l.oeb m Co.. its bankers; Maiwell
lCvarts. formerly general counsel for
the company; Lewis Cass Led yard und
faul D. Cruvath, lie special counsel, all
hal been solicited to take Mr. Leuter
bach In to "Kreaae the wueele. Judge
Levett, under direction of the commit
tee related aeOOOd hand wliat they bad
told blm of their uaperlenrea and adCed
that they could bs summoned to cor
roborate. With cautious precision of a lawyer
the witness gave Congressman Rlordan
the benekt of the doubt. Neither h
nor hi associates had sssn nor Idaatl
fled the Congressman.
Only a voice over the telephone had
said that It was ltlorilaa talklug. ant
tke Judge aald that h had known of
locum um in Wall street where names
had been falsely used In myaterloua
telephone con versallons, and innocent
men Impersonated, He himself bud
come to have misgivings that the Con
gressman wsa the real advance agent.
Ilut aa to Luutcrbach, that gentleman
had culled in person a number of times
on Mr. Kahn to urge that hi- be em
ployed as counsel (or the Union i.
cine to ward off further trouble ant
to smooth in waya for l( In Waak
lagtoa. Congressman Rlordan later made at
tic denial that he had anything to
do with tut achams, saying Us did sot
kn . Ju'tge Lovett, never apode to him
on the telephone, or otherwlae, and did
not hnuw 1-Mwarj Lauterbaoh, even by
loterl.aeh PJaptoine Mow Ho Dto
eaaooA Cete With Kaha.
Rdward futarhaeh denied to-day,
before going to Washington, that ha
had apoken to flnireentatlve Rlordnn
of the Parlno merger dlaaolutlon caaa.
"I hnow Mr. Rlordan atlghfly, and
have not Men or apoken to htm In ton
year," aald Mr. Lauteruach. "1 never
poke to Juilge Lovett on the euhleet Of
I'nton Parlfk?. The only pereone I have
talked to aboot It ware Otto II. Kakn
of Kuhn. Lack 00., and Pnal D. Cra
vmth, wwe called me up, eaying aoiu
on had mgeetod that I be rotatnod.
"I did confer with Mr. Kahn about It
while talking to him on other bualnea
aboot two week ago. t r -minded Mm
that I had raised the tamo pernio aa
to the illegality of the o aim chip of
the Southern Pacific clock by the Unto
Pacific company some year ago la a
atorkholdera' Bull
"That contention of moodily was ewe
Win, -i by the United Bute npraeh
Court. My firm waa also attorney for
tke Government at the time of the re
organixatlon of the Unton Pastoe Ball-
road, ao had come familiarity with to
subject, as I told Mr. Kaha."
Directors of the Colon Pacific Mall
road held a special meeting to day, bat
declined to say what
Judge Ivett aald th
specie" of the I'nton
ern Pacific dissolution attnaOom which
he had laid before the
(cntlnu-j from iW Pstfr)
only heard bar statement
he olped It but rand It over herself
and lsacd ll without a prntast. Is
describing Iks minister's oBngad oeev
fseslon Chief KIMy bbM:
"Mssftorl was tooaght into the of
fice before Hetneld and awclared bs waa
lanoownL Then be was handid ana sf
Ike letters be wrote tke Metoon gtrV
and, actor looking M over, bs aakt: 'AH
rbrhL I'm gsllty.' Then bo eat Sown
and his coafraelon was prepared and
Pormar Oov. Vi
to break down X lair's
how ther was
the sUtiemenM.
Tho hottest fagkt woo waged over tho
admlaalon of tke girl's signed state
ment when. It woo esTercd In Vooe by
Hmeecutor aula. These Ooeamcata are
vital to th Stats, constituting th only
direct rrMcto
now that th girl ha denied her origi
nal accseatlona. Voorhosa admitted the
MacRorte letters without objection, bu:
hotly opposed the admission of tke girl'
confssatsn. Stein aa eagerly ft ash I for
It aa the bulwark of his case against
Mac Rafto,
After muck dlsruaslon and the pre
sentation of authorltlea on both aide
Judge Connolly ruled oejt "he girl'
atntemeiit, but admitted Mac Ranee
signed confeaalon.
I'rosei-utor Hteln then read a number
of letters to the girl In Plalnneld from
Macltorle In Martinsville, moat ef which
wera addressed to "My Sweet Little
One uf the letters urged the girl to
com back to Murtlnsvllle the nest'day
for a visit. "Meet me at the wood
and we will have a big time," he wrote.
This waa about th only letter that
contulned anything which could be con
trued as hearing directly on the charge
against the clergymen. All the letters
spoke endearingly of little sister" and
"Utile girl," but ths contest waa In the
main good advice and saprBsslnas of
well wishing.
In one latter MacRorle spoke of a
favor he had done the girl and wrote:
"All 1 Hk In return Is a voluntary kiss
when we meet again."
The prosecution then read to the Jury
MacRorle s signed confeealon In w hich
he admitted misbehavior with the girl
In lile automobile on Nov. 11 laat, and
with having kept up such conduct for
two months or mora on sight or ten
occasion. Having put thla strong doc
ument on record the State reeled.
Kx-tlov. Voorhees opened for the de
fense, contending that MacRorls signed
the confeaalon on the repreceatatlon
that by so doing he could save the girl
from prosecution.
Mrs. Winifred Macltorle, the ralala
ler'a wife, was the tlrst witness. She
la n thin, delicate looking woman ap
parently worn with houaework. She
married Macltorle In Kpilngfleld, N Y..
In M, She waa questlonsd as to her
knowledge of her huehand'a where-
siMMitx Nov. I, the day he I aliened to
have been with the Nelson girl. Mr.
MacRorle attempted to build up a com
plete ultbl for her husband.
She told of trips to neighboring farms
lo minister to alck horses and persona
and of KV'Wuiih League and latdlea'
Aid meetings In the evening, leaving
MacRorle only a few minutes of apara
She said she knew all about th
ul ride on wlilchilac.lt. ,rls took Mis
Nelsuu and that she often went with
the III.
She appeared ahaolutely convinced
that the ensrg against Mactwris war
Jurist Who Goes to Germany
As Ambassador and His Wife
"nnwnwr' IM afH k
awaaWej ewl nvLnKhawBSBB
iV V HwenBwr nwnwftV
I r aafwanwl nawsr' nawssa.
l"T Bwl aawntV XfrW Sl -Q-Ik
Market Cleerag-Th first part of the
lost boor was like the preceding one.
wtik prices creeping up without dis
playing any particular activity. To
ward th ctoas octree yielded and closed
fractionally sat from last night's close
Both of th United Stole steel Issues
were weak, tb common closing at H 1-4.
skewing n loaa ef 7-1, while the pre
ferred lost 1 1- points, closing at Mt 1-1.
Btochc opened with advances la tke
leads re bat were under pressure from
Iks start Witt most of th transaction
la Reading, Union Pacific. Oaaodlan
Pacific aad United States steel. These
stock opened up front -l to 1 1-4 point,
hot declined to tke level of last night'
before MM O'clock. While the
majority ef stocks had not opened or
had only one sale after io.. the trad
tog lost all Bsasblaacs of activity with
prices about 1-1 point above the low in
tho active stocks, and few changes In
tke other.
After 11.10 renewed selling appeared
Und prices yielded slowly, showing sums
reatstar.ee around the lower level. I'lfoa
Pacific sold st 141 1-1, United States
Steel. It; Smelters, S 1-1; Reading,
16 1-4, and Amslgamaisd Copper,
tl 1-3.
Krone 11 lo I the market was unlet
and dull with fractional advances, and
most of the hiistncs centre! In Union
Paofcto. 7lth Reading tad United State
B.eet nst in order of Interest. Vary
few of the general list showed any ac
tivity or changes, whtl fractional ral
lies did not hold to any extant.
Th Cloalagi SJootnllsns.
The foUowla eve tse klsfcest, loem aa lut
nrtsss ef Oeaaa lev te-dar seal the set cheaaw u
cumiiarea wen yeiwnny ri.iuu pnrn : net
nun. ui. i.'. ctuaei
Am. Beet
et missr . .
O Ir.lry..
i't'S '
Am, Cft A t
Am. ran of! ! !
fa i
A K 'iief:
aw. tT t. n
Anaiveds Mi'iltis.
ksIL SJ &. . ..
nklyn tup. Tr .
Csiisdlsn I'selfle.
i 'n Lrkthiir . . . .
1111 '
nj i
i II
OUes. , iHllo .... SJ'
Cien nd, Co
IBs' I0
I -
12'iV. mm
H -
aOeroash-laat. pt to
Igk Veil, v
as. A seh
gam, a is,
Nfirrolk a .west. . ,
North. T'TlfTe
I'riinsvlisnls ......
cieh Paetfls
Bmrrn. kv
u sfu .
imvl ur,Z . 4
tioS HH - 4
1 b n
st j
... .7
1 in, ,li I'seltlc pi...
IV A Hleel
I' B. Stnei ef
l Utl ( op
rhlsogo heat Market.
17 1 ret M
Throws tseara Tenia at
'Callfornln Town.
mvr.llSIIB, Oal., June . Anil
Japaneae sentiment at llemet, a small
town near her, waa luaalfeeteri to-day
when a party of clllaene met an apti
cot-plcklng crew of Japanese from this
city and told them to leave at one
The hnguage of lb Jau.ues we
thrown aboard the train after th
There Is not a .1p-rtt In llemet
fraiielaeaa rnlher Dead.
SYRACI'SB, N. T., June M. -The
1 Bee. yrancle Ihner, O M. On a proml
1 neat member of the Franciscan nrdsr of
. the Hom.iri Catholic Church, died her
' to-day. Father Lehner came here from
I'tlca a year ago to assume the pastor-
of ,h, Awumotlsn Church
Hs had
been tl a wtsb,
r.hVs u. a rM.. .i-i-.fi
vdiia in rciSKJii u vlty nail I
and Is Promised a
Former Pslles Cootala Lowranc J.
Murphy, who recently retired from the
Deportment on a pension, caned at tb
City Hall to-day and demanded from
Mayor Oaynor retraction of certain
statements made by the Mayor In con
nection with the arrest of Hymns Al
bert, a boy. In Prospect park, Brooklyn.
tn discussing and denouncing this g
rest Mavor (lamer aald eha i miimandsi
the Prospect Park station at the
time of ths incident eras
end" and an "old timer," who hod re
tired, luckily tor htaujoM In tuns to e
cape dismissal.
Th. VI ,, v..r tMlr it fae . n thai
aut. Murnhv. then In mmmafwt of h.
sra- I .. . - - , j a-a-I
rnnrvrt i r bi b ,m w iptt i, vw akcl un WMW
when tW Alb-rt twy tmi Aftffi. Capt.1
knew nooning of the arrest.
After some general conversation ths
former captain brusquely demanded that
the reporters be called tn and that tho
Mayor Iseu a a tat em era setting Bin)
OMurphvl right with the rwhtlc. The
Mayor promised; that hs would make It
plain that hs meant no ueiBus.nl rsSoe
on upon the veteran officer.
All Patched Up hi Court and Suitor
Now Has Smooth
Mas SaHnaky, who J seventeen years
eld and Uvea at No. M Bowery, lo
exceedingly sorrowful swain He bad
ourted Ml Ooldlo Splro, Just kla ago
who Uvea With her father. David, al
No 1M Madison street, for nearly four
BS nth s. Man and Uoktl
arrangemsnts for their wsddlns.
wusk Mr. Bpiro Uarnod for ths flrot
:1ms of ths love thsy bore tack stkat
tad promptly lorbade Man to nter
Ooldls wept Mas stoxsAed, but the
father was firm. Mas went oft rowing
engeoaoe. It toekjk form of two Ut
ter lo nptro iBrenieniag to mil aim i
hie daughter unless Spirs agreed I
Mas' suit. To make ths ttir.au more
tsipreasive Mas Inclosed a photograph
ot hlmeeif arrayed la a ( smplete sow
boy outfit wid poelng with a big re
volver In hU hand. Splro prompuy had
warrant Issued, and Mas
ralKned tbl afternoon.
Before Magistrate Harlow he pleaded
that only hla great lor for Osldbj hsd
led him lo make th threats. Magis
trate Barlow offered to 11 Mm go If hs
would premiss lo try ts win over Mr
Splro by peaceful means. Mas pi
and Spire Invited him homo wttb him
Mas, Ooldls and Maa's prospective
fatksr-ln-law left court together
Announce That Decree Will De
Submitted Him Before Its
Filed in Court.
W A KM r.N'i ITON , June M. President
Wilson tnld the newspaper men this
afternoon that hs aspect before 'he
.wixment which la being prepared fy
railroad attorneys and Altorney-Oen-eral
McReynolds providing for ths dla
aolutlon of th Southern Pacuie aad
I'nlnn Pacific combination I presented
lo ths court It will v turned ever le
aim lor M mavai
But Princess LwofT-Parlaghy,
Who Painted It, Demands
That Sum at Once.
Bill Sent With Canvas and
Not Settled, Princess Sues
James B. Hagttn. tha mcltWn mesc
al re mining man and MMSBM of flao
horses, Intend! to summon tba bast art
critic and portrait painter In the city
to testify that the portrait of hi
by the Princess Lwoff-ferlaghy,
painter of royalty and Atnartean msr
chant princes, 1 not worth
that the Prince now seeks to IBBWJBl
through court action.
Mr. Haggln, who I n'nsty-two y
old and whoa home it at No. 1 Bast Sir
ty-fourth street contain many gems ef
art from European private gaTkerUe,
doe not profess to he an expert aw art
but hs la decided In hla oplnlcn ttktt the
Tltlan-halred Princess, whose studio at
the Place la guarded by flunkey In
uniform and with dainty swords al
hip, has not painted IX, 000 worth of art
for him.
The Princess I something of a raaM
firing artist. The portrait of Mr
Haggln once finished she did not Stand
on the order ot her procedure for col
lecting the price of her artistic effort
The full length portrait of Ma eras aakt
from the Prince' studio to th Hag
gin home on Monday, and a bill for
OR was presented bp th Prlncsss'B
are sseretary at ths santo Urns. Mr.
Haggln old not remit Immediately
on Tueeday a peremptory demand
th 128,000 came from Alton B. Parker.
Highness' attorney. When that
also was Ignored the summons and com
plaint In a suit to recover th fall
upon car.
Haggln at hla home yesterday
A representative of Mr,
to-day th atory of how hs
gent to th Prince Lwoff-Parlaghy's
artlatlc temperament and what ha la-
tended to do as the reaalt of th clash
sneer tho wife of the portrait. He said
Mr. Haggis Brat was attracted to
th Premiss's art by
read of th ptofJwft work aba wis do
ing for Soth Low. Oca. florae Porter,
Ohauncey M. Depew, Hudson Maxim
awd tho lata Whftofaw RM, Hs and
Mrs, Haggia ylsltod her atodio at th
r as r won one
".."." ": V,
Flaaily too Prtoooas roods a small
sf Mr. Haggln which stomaed
Mrs. Meggte and Mr. Haggln sotsr-
"Nothing was said about ths pries of
ln' PW".. -t. ssewBT. srsam0 that
I ay - .
T TTT rj 5 W9
TVs ettilns Began In
FsbTuary ana tb picture was completed
last wk.
Th Pnnesss soys thnt aha had to
charge a higher price because Mr. Hag
gln sat In th 'famous Catharine de
Medici chair whom ths artkw was work
ing on hi portrait; that nobody had sat
In that chair for hla portrait except the
German Ksvperor and Oen. Count Von
Moltke. Well, If Mr. Haggtk aat la
uck a famous shalr hs did not sp-
npelaie th honor, and hs aantwnt nee
th. v.i. ut th. portrait bc.
of that fact
"When ths portrait and Mil were de
livered at ha horn on Monday ft had
no fault to find with tha portrait hat
he did find fault with too
Ing bill. H told th Prince' secre
tary that he would pay tltVMo, which
he thought S reasonable pries, but ao
I more. Mvldoatly ths Prlnceaa was as-
I necOmt that Mr. Haggln woulg object
to the price asKoa, rsr an waa vary
wlft with hsr formal demand through
Mr. Parker and hsr commons is a suit
to cslWs.
I "Mr. JeBBgsn win ngm tnts oas
purely becauee he thinks an effort has
been made to impose upon mm.
September Mora" All Right, Saps
Assistant Psstsanstcr-acmornl.
WASHINGTON. June It Uncle Sam
officially and formally . and without
muck red tape to-day decided that "Sep
tetnber Morn" Isn't naughty.
In a formal opinion Judg William K
Lamar, Assistant Attorney -deneral for
the Poat-Ofllcs Department, held that
Paul Ch abac's painting of the undressed
lady wasn't Obscene and that reproduc
tions of ths art work dntn'l com under
the postal ban.
A BWehkev ot postmasters recently hev
oak ouerytag the dssarlmmt on ths
Mweto Ooioastowts em tkvs Tssoe Ot
OIlEnWVILLet. Tssas. Juns M.-Flve
New York ibanhs hW been added
the defendants In the Tela oil penalty
suit and hp this osttoa ths total pen
altle demanded bav been Increased tn
1 11 '.',161 .000.
Th bank and penalties demanded
against them are:
Colorrrhla Knickerbocker Trust Com
pany. ti.,B: Csntrsl Trut Company.
IzTi.jmi; t)altd Hutas Mortgage and
Loan Company. Chase National
Bank. OTI.tto, Seaboard National Bank,
ISsXrvM. .
Three Members Oppose the
Plan, but Are Outvoted by
Four Colleagues.
WA frHJ NQTON, June -An amend
ed order. In l eu of that rescinded tail
Saturday, was litasd to-day by th
Interstate Commere CootmlMlon for
an investigation Into an Increase ef
freght rales by th Eastern railroads,
tt differ in phraseology bat not in
principle from that rescinded.
The decision to investigate was
ashed by a bar majority, three of th
body Commissioners 01 em en ft, Mr
Chord and Marble-dissenting. Each
dlsscnlsr wrote a brief opinion, hold
ing, In the main, that ths commission,
having nothing concrt before It, was
without authority to establlek minimum
In connection with the Issuance of th
order, Ike Commission make two oh-
"First. Ths fact that ws havs de
cided further to Investigate thla sub
ject must not be taken an an Intimation
that ths Commission has reached th
conclusion that revenuea are Inadequate
r thai sate ahould be advanced. Upon
thle question no opinion haa been
"Second. That the statute give to any
party the right to attack by complaint
any rate, and no general conclusion
which th Commission may reach and
nanonnoa In this Investigation can affect
that right."
In the preface to its order the com
mission aaya that "being of the opin
Mn from a consideration of the allega
tions of th petition that the need of
and Justification for additional reve
nBS Should be at the present time fur
ther examined.'' an Inquiry Is ordered
Into these' point:
"Do ths present rates of transpor
tation yield adequate revenues to com
mon carriers by railroads operating In
official classification territory?"
Oonvmlss loner Clements farther sug
gests that such action would predeter
mine rat and preclude the shippers
from filing protests against an advanc
fkoy may regard aa onerous
"This I cannot believe I within th
contemplation of the law or was In th
BUad of Cowgrsas whin it was enacted,"
b says
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., June X Harry
Martin, mechanician for Charles Men,
who drove Ih laat lop in th recent
SOO-mlle automobile race at the Speed
way with hi car on fire to win third
place, wae hilled at the Speedway while
testing out n ear to-day. Martin's as
sistant. Frank Agaa, was probably fa
tally Injured.
Martin was running the car at high
speed around the course when It tilew
a tire at the north-wen tarn, hit the out
side retaining wnll and rolled over on
the track, with both men under It. Mar
tin waa killed Instantly, and It I doubt
ful if Agan will recover.
BTcetlnatlna n Death In Prison.
trtct-Attorney Arthur I, Hogue of Clin
ton county came to Roahsator this
morning and had the body of John Hef-
fernan esnamed. Later sn autopsy will
bs performed. Heffernan died in Clin
ton prlaon Aug. It. 1(12, and becauee of
reports that hie death was caused by
Injuries InOieteO ky prison attendants.
Oov. Sulsar ordered sn Investigation,
Sore Calloused Feet
f 7-7 r
Aim ImposBible in thm
In thai sty hah. shapely shoe your feet cannot
bVJ new. Thsy do no', prow on s hard.
unyielding Inner tow. out on a taji, sBvwgg eweniiew
thet inoshti Itsnlf to every curve of your foot.
Absosbs th Jsr and heat of burning paswssrnts.
Qrvct support to the arch. Keeps ths tost at
normal temperature. Ohms phyticsi aova MBBMJ
AB Style'- rw Mrs mnd Worn.
tBSe r s
36th St. Bitd BrfMMtoy
240 BrObdwBy
ninott ArvnTB
Wiiolwortti BuiMof .
PB4BB CaVTwiMlly PaVCkcd
aw Vxunm to All Part.
SpetW lor llumUy
lALtnm A essisiss
Ilea trail Ha.ee
SoMttUwa for TsVri4ay
m ww
Park Bow. CiltolBgl aad tSSth Street Steves pen rrrry erenhur until tt shPahh
An oov stereo open Hnlurdar e.enlass until it e'rknek.
m bsAJKXay irrMECT
Caraw CemrsS Street
Aa Ot HsR Pern
Comas Ccesre ;
Physicians Hope That 300 Per-
sons Will Volunteer to Aid
Sufferers From Explosion, j
BUFFALO, Juns M-focr then MAM
square Inches of akin mutt be given tor
grafting purposes If th debt Mat of
th Huted elevator explotlon and Br
at to be kept from reaching far mors
appalling proportions, according to eOS
ervatlve estimate of physician In St-
tendnnc on the Injured st ths varhya
To meet this demsnd the eervlce of
MO volunteer will be required. In In
dividual case a friend or relative ha
offered hi skin, but th Hut
lastroph laveB no aiwmattv owi
public appeal, which hospital akthonUes
state will be mad aa soon aa ths auvct
condition arc known,
Ten lalureeT In Wreck.
BT. Wins. Mo.. June M-Four esn
of Vandalla passenger train !fo. It thli
afternoon were derailed at Ceeeyvlll
TH.. eleven miles cut of St. Louis. Blgh
men and two women were Injured, sev
ernl of them seriously.
Don't Persecute
Your Bowels
Cat est eethartk and pursitlvee They IT a
harsh unnecssssry, irv
Purely vegsttble. Act
statiy on tns nvtr,
eiunisitt eiie
nietBersne of
ths boesl.
t'nre Con
stipation, Blilsss
Heednehe sad Incigeellon, ss million kasw.
Small Pill, Small Do. Small Price
Gen 111 no mutt bear SiglUltttTB
Man OOf.O
Bw m i x,
Oesi'i kJnc. isntsk tm
iHsmand. at eft ettk raw
Inekr Mrlhsten tasMad
.Tir llliimuiMl tt eiwe nMB.
lasts fsemr. esrTsB
Bi,in,la ire full ent ntth. Si
f-r. n,1 no fshe bsankSJ.
Ordae ne null iTsoa BBn
oar fi
BjHanmBfmjnmM B, BBS St-. B.t.
Oik Ave.
Take I
Guorkntood Mkttroao Ctmr
134 East 25th St.. Now Yot Chy
AU lest r f sand aHleles e.
vertlaed In Tke Werld w ho
luted at Th Warid lafnrain
Hon Shu sen. Pnllteee ItoSMtoS
Arrsas. Psrfc Bewt WarMP
trptewa Offlee. aeeiksrect er
nes Slttk St. and Bisadsait
W seM-e Marl sea tMftos, BOB
West ISStk St aad WasM's
Brooklyn Offlee. SS WsiktBg
ton IH.. ftreehlys. far SO das
follewtnc tke srutthss ef to
BJtkd ShlgTMd hj I
iMdutltsu Vvtdo
I Sfedal lr FrMay
Isa.ua. .trawserey. naags, W afk
o max mW
cmocoLATm rovntn
A ckaae ts get esnr BassakT
graae et tais kick claw W sTk
1011 WO BOX
WW lirv iT
4 Chlon POO BaBew fwsw
w It -1 Comer F
jTZttif east East l
ornsr runsn Street
Eashtk scam
U w. 14th errBJEarr
Jast East ef Sec Avesa
..... A c-
sjjnsmkMMBS I
n V- 1 -
'- wT'
eV -l.
' .V'"'i
y-f. y
TsT i

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