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Hi Own Unci:
Nephew of Hit Wife.
Brother-in-Law of Hie
Mother -in 'Law.
Great-Uncle of Hie Own
Step-Grerndfather of Hie
Own Children.
4im SHE IS:
Hue band' t Aunt.
of Hot Adopted
in-Laura. Daughter -
irai r u r...
-And In Cam She Hat Chit-
man Sha Will Be lixeir
w would you le to four own
lb nephew of your wife and th
Wether In-lsw of your mother-la-lawT
M. B Huntington, th railroad magnate
,mt Loa Aneotee, Hide hlmoolf all
f thou thine when h married the
Widow of Ma uncle, the late Oollta P.
antlnrton, In Parte ysstsrday.
And thee ara only a few of th re
lettonshlps Mr. Huntington areattd for
tBatilf. S
He 1 the ere! unole of hi own chtl-
Mp la hla children's aeound oousin by
Ba la alao step-erendfsthsr of hie
cwfi dauihter and hie eon beeaua ha
'la (ha husband of hla alater-la-law'a
tad nothar and ao la Indlrsotly
ar of the mother of hla children.
Ba U the drat couatn and stepfather
if adoption of hla first wife aa weU
aa aa dlroreed husband.
He Id also her uncle by adoption, elnee
he a the husband of her unola's wife.
He la the uncle of his eleteMn-law.
The former Bra. Collte P. Huntlncton
effected almost ss many chances for
jssrseti when sne went to uie asr wnn
Mr late huaband's nephew.
he Is the stepmother now of her own
sweat-njeoes snd her great-nephew.
She is also the daughter-in-law of
her slster-ln-law. She Is bsr husband's
unt aa well aa his wife.
ha la the cousin by marriage of bar
own adopted daughter, and ahould she
have children of her own now ahe
would be their great sunt aa wall aa
their mother.
The arrival of an heir or heiress to
ts new houss of Huntington would
rther couipllcsts the already mlaed
Mr. Huntington would ba unole aa
well aa father to his youngest sons and
daughters. Thrr would be the uncles
and aunts of their step-brothers and
The tangled rslatlonshlps were made
possible not only by the recent marriage
but by the adoption of the present Prln
sjaaa von Hatsfsldt, a sitter of H. E.
Huntington's first wife, by Oolite P.
B. B. Huntington, now mors than sixty
erearo old. Is the son of Collte P. Hunt
lacton e only brother. Huntington was
torn m Oneonta, N. Y., and kept a
hardware stors there until his uncle took
tslm Into buslnsea with him.
SHI. AraiMH Tf iwmi. . -- mm
he new wife of his nephew, and the
couple adopted the Princess von Mats
, feldt. then a Mlas Prentice, of Newark,
M. . whose mother was a slstsr of Mrs.
Huntington. H. E. Huntlngtoa fell In
ova with and married Mlse Prantlcs's
stater. Mlsa Mary E. Prentice, a niece
of his present wlfs. They hsd two
daughter and a son and lived happily
on til ten years or so ago. whsn they
separated and presently were divorced.
Meantime Collia P. Huntington had
Bed In WOO and the rumor spread quickly
Chat H. B. Huntington was to marry
the slstsr of his former mother-in-law
and the aunt of bis first wlfs. The
tumor was denied frequently by Mrs.
Collte P. Huntington, but It would not
down, and friends of ths couple ware
not surprised when news of ths wedding
raaehed here yastsrday. Just why they
waited through ao many yrars nons but
they know, though friends suggested
to-day that perhaps they had hssltatsd
further to complicate the family tree.
already as involved aa a problem In
advanced mathematics.
Magistrate Gets a Jewel.
The process servers, thirty in SjL of
th. District-Attorney's office Invaded
theVCentre Street I'ollce Court to-day
where City Mu jlstratu Thomaa J. Nolan
la presiding' Making their way to the
bar the crowd pushed James Dow to
the front. Low In a neat speech pre
sented Magistrate Nolan with a Jewel.
"A token from your former subordlnatss
In the Dicti let-Attorney's offic" Law
Of Tha
The Evening World's and Babies' Welfare Association's
Great City -Wide Series of Better Babies' Contests
West Side Babies Primed for Three Races;
- . IWWHW W "i" "ii"tTirsJYrirVyyt1'yY"r
Mother Enters Her 18th Child tor Prize
Young Mr. Minafo, Eigh
taen Month Old and
Weighing 26 Pound; to
Uphold Honor of Rec
ord Family - - En trie
Continue in Manhattan
and Brooklyn Con teste.
All g la readiness for ths three big
Better Babies' Contests which, beginning
Bast Monday, will civ the kMdl ia of a
large ssotlon of ths wsst aids chance
to place "prise winner" efts- their
names. The Chelsea Neighborhood Ax
eoolatsoB, under the auspices et the
Babies' Welfare Association and The
Evening War Id, will hold the contests.
"Front the way Inqutrlss ara coming
In," said Mr, East, secretary of the
association, "by latter and over ths tele
phone oar entrants wilt register by the
hundreds. Las week ws issued a notice
to mothers la the dUtriot to train their
babies for ths event and tbejr have
taken up ths matter with a will. The
milk stations within ths districts have
never been so busy ss since the con
test were announced."
The boundaries of the ootvteet district
are from Fourteenth to Forty -second
street and from Fifth avenue to the
Hudson River. Any child within the
district from three month to Ave year
of age la eligible to enter the raoe for
The Evening World's cash prises, which
total for tha three contest 1180. How
when and where to register baby for
ths race la told in another part of this
In the mean time enrollment I going
on In ths rase under way at the tittle
Mothers' AM. No. CM Second avenue,
Manhattan, and at the play ground of
School No. lit. Fourth avsnue and Four-.
tenth street, Brooklyn. Twenty-two
hope fule had their names added to th
list la th flrst named centre yesterday
and thirty tots sunt forward to uphold
the reputation of Brooklyn. Among th
latter was young Mr. Minafo of No. MO
Twenty-third street. He la seven and I
Hot Weather
Equally Go&d in Winter
Dr. S. Josephine Baker Point Out That Vigilance
of Contestants' Mothers Must Not
End With Summer.
These baby centsste ar not going to
top when summer eVte. j'hey will
keep on all winter. Besldss, It Is honed
that what ths mothsr Isarns from the
contests she will practice all the year
round. Dr. 8. Josephine Baker reminds
mothers to-dsy that thsre are special
dangers to babies in ths cold weather
as wall as in trie summer.
"In thess little talks," she says, "I
havs tried to covsr every point that Is
nscesaary for a mother to oare fur her
baby In summer time. Don't think be
csuss the summer Is nearly over that
the hot weather dancers ars past. Sep
tember Is ons of ths worst months of
ths year for summer troubles.
"But I want thess talks to bs useful
to you all the year round. Nearly ev
erything that I have told you In them
has as much to do with winter as with
summer. You should bs just as careful
to havs a doctor or nurss watch your
baby In the winter aa In the hot
weather. The milk stations are open all
winter for that purpose. Tour neigh
bor's advice Is no better In cold weather
than t Is In hot weather. All the rules
for feedlnc, exercise, freeh air, clean
liness, uss of watsr that I have given
you should bs followed all tha year
"Of course, winter has Its own pe
culiar dangers. You should dress ths
baby warmer In winter. His clothing
thsn should consist of a cotton drsss,
a cotton petticoat, light wool shirt, a
How, When and Where to Enter Your Baby
For the Big Prize Contests Now Under Way
avenue, for children between three months and five years. Ilvlnc In district
from Seventh to Twenty-eighth street and Fifth avenue to Kast Klver.
Ksgtet rations from Monday. July 14. to Wednssday, Aug. U, avery after
noon except Saturdaja and Sundays, from I to l Judglnc of ths babia
will begin Monday, Aug. 1 ror this contest Ths Bvsolng World offer
1100 In prlsa.
Fourth avenuo and Fourteenth street, Brooklyn. Ace limit same as above
Boundarlss: Carroll Place and Prospect Park West. Fifteenth street Tenth
avenue. Twentieth street and Ssventb avenue. Twenty-third strsst and
Sixth avenue, Twenty-fourth strsst and Fifth avnue. Thirty-sixth strsst and
Seventh avenue, Thlrty-aevenlh strest and Eighth avenus. Thirty-ninth
street and Oowanus Bay. Oowanua Canal. Fifth strest Kaaln and Fourth
avenue. Registration. 1 to 6, sach afternoon except .Sundays, from Monday
July 14, to Monday, July , inclusive. For this contest Ths Evening World
offers 150 In money prises.
limit same aa abovs. Contsst boundarlsa-Krom Fourteenth to Forty-second
street Fifth avenus and the Hudson Klver. Registration centres-District
from Fourtesnth to Twenty-third street Fifth avenue to Hudson River
headquarlsr at Milk Station. No. 7t Ninth avenue, from July U to July za!
Inoluslvs, from 4 o t P. M.
District north of Twsnty-thlrd snd south of Th'rty-fourth strsst Fifth
svenue to Hudson River. Headquarter for registration, the Hudson Guild
No. 4M Weal Twsntj -seventh street July & to July at, Incluslvs. I to 4
P. M.
District betwsen Thirty-fourth and Forty-second streets. Fifth avsnue
end Hudson Rlvsr. Rsglstrstlon headquarters, ths Diet Kltcheo, No 417
West Forty-first street, from July 11 to July 21, Inclusive, 2 to t P M
For each of thess three contests Th Evening World offers 160 for money
Contest at Extension Association of Public School, No. tl, Brooklyn, closed
Friday, July U. Prix winner and honorable mention bsbtes will be pub
lished la The Bvening World whsn committee of Judges snnouncs their
I I I 1
' I I hi il I lllBH !! I 1 il I
...," ' 1 -Tlft .1 II Mill Mill III
one-half months of age, weigh twenty
six pond and Is ths eighteenth antral
In Mrs. Mlnafo'a family.
Baby Rules
light atomach band, light wool atock
nga and Canton flannsl diapsra. How
ever, even In winter there la dancer
Of having babv ton warm Ton asa
also likely, If you are not careful, to
ne afraid to let him have anoush freeh
"Xa ths winter the great danger
to babies Is pneumonia. Watch
your baby carefully, and If he baa
any alga of a edld take him to a
doctor at onoa, especially if he baa
a oougfc. What seems to you a
little oold may grow late pnen
aonla In a few hours, and If yon
have neglected It, It la likely tkea
to be too lata.
"Be aura that the room Is always
warm enough when you bathe your
baby. Dress him warm enough, but
don't bundlo him ao he will sweat.
Never leave wet clothing on him.
Don't leave him In a draft. Be surs
that hs Is warm snough while ha
steeps snd yet don't have him sleep
In a closs room. Havs your doctor
show you how to fix your windows at
night so that there will be plenty of
fresh air In the room without having
a draft blow on the baby. Take him
out of doors every day.
"A good way to be surs your baby
Is kept coverod up ut night Is to make
Ills blanket Into a sleeping bug. Tou
had better ask a nurae at a milk station
to show you how to make this.
"Ons mors bit of advice for both
S.i'StMwam Vi-EWBtftM ctsHalK4acetty
How Babies Will
For Health Contest Prizes
The abiaf object af the
Prises are awarded on
phyate.Be desa not coast.
It 1 phyateaUy ex asa hied
Its physical and mental develop meat sbtrtid
root la her ehlld. The aard at a glaae glvea the right sad
wroag condition of every part of the baby, aad doctors and aarsce
advise the mothers aa te what brsafsaj the ehlld ree. aires.
Should aa Infant not aaallfy far the Srst series of prises the mother
la Instructed how to ZMVBOTB the child, so that at the sad sf aU
months It may win aa I
wtntsr and summer. Th beat way to
know whethsr your baby te wll 1 to
sse if he Is gaining In wslght every
v,,ii ahould welsh him regu
larly and ksep a weekly record of hla
weight They will do tnst ror you ai
ths milk station. After all. the best
advice I can give you at any time 1h
to take your baby to ths milk ststlon,
where they can atudy your particular
baby and tell you better than I can
how to take care of It"
Son of Manufacturing Jewel
ler Takes Poison at Home
In Upper Montclair.
Raymond Ungr, on of on of the
partners of I'nger Brothers, the biggest
manufacturing Jewellere In Newark,
I killed himself In his home' st No. 110
Copper avenue, Upper Montclair, N. J.,
' yesterday afternoon by taking cyanlds
: of potassium. BaoauM of the promi-
: nence of the young mnn'e family ex
traordinary efforts were made to keep
the fact from becormnc public with the
result that hie death was not known
until this morning.
I I'nger killed himself In a fit of despon-
! dandy bscaUCttS his young wife had left
him, tailing their ttiree-yeur-old daugh
ter. Sybil, with her. That was ten or
1 twelve d'tys bko and followed a series
of quarraUl batWJI the young couple
Which lad been the subject of cosslp
1 among tho neltfhhor.
Despite the efforts of ths police to
hide all details of the tragedy It was
learned to-d iy that I'nger went to busi
ness as usual yesterday snd returned
about S o'clock. Though his wife
hsd been absent for nearly two weeks,
servants In the house were under the
impression that she had gone on a vacs-
! tlon. They had no Idea that the part
ing of the couple was to be permsnent.
But on his srrival at horns yeste-day
' Uuger sought a maid snd demsndsd:
"Can you keep a secret?"
The girl said she could, an the young
man he was only twsnty-slght ysars
' old hurried nervously on:
"Thsn you may as wsll know that Mrs.
I'ncer has left ms for good. Youll have
to kssp house for me for a fsw days,
and tact's why I'm ttillM rou, I'm go
Be Judaed
Basts Osatsat la te teach saslbssa
kaltap physically and mentally.
potato only. Mies saaaty et tern at?
bp a
ar saisfaTly est down en a esse sard
lag to take a nap now, and pleaea have
me called at t o'clock."
Th girl heard Ungsr go upstair and
draw the water for a bath. Afterward
h herd him enter his room. Than
ull was quiet. At o'olock the maid
went to call Onger. She found hi door
closed, and when ahe got no response
to repeated knocks and oalls ahe pushsd
the door open. She found Unger lying
dead on hla bed. Beslds him waa a
small bottle which had contained ths
Ths girl's cries aroused other ser
vants and hslp was summoned. County
Physician Herbert Simmons waa called
in. but he found that Unger waa beyond
hei& Hs analysed what remained of
the oontenta of the bottle and discov
ered that It waa cyanide of potassium.
Friends of Uneer say they knew he
and his wife had quarrelled much Of
late, tut they had no idea whet mmm
I the cause. When the young wife
left ahe announced that ah waa going
on a visit to her parents In Chicago.
Henry Bell, twenty-one year oM, who
sys hs lives at ths Windsor Hotel on
ths Bowery, was arrested la Tompkins
Squars , sarly to-day on a charge of
grand larceny. He had two pocket
knives and a pair of eclrrora In fete
Bsll was arrssted on complaint af
Samuel Buchwil, a carpenter, who lives
at No. 2H East Tsnth street. Buohwlll
complains that on Tussday night, when
hs waa taking a cooling nap in Tomp
kins Squars hs woks up to find hla
troussrs pocket cut open and ttfi and a
ring missing. He gave the police a de
scription of the msn who had been
m posing next to him on the soms bench.
Hell was arrested as a result. Hs de
nies the charge.
We sell Tea and Coffee
Direct to the People.
Wholesale Prices to All.
best. All
3 lbs. $1.00
Mixsjd Eng. B'kf 'at,
c lb.
Ceylon or Japan.
One customer said i "Good
enough for anybody." Another
ealdi " Boat I aver drank."
OHO (2-6-2) Weot
Between 7th
100 Ttranoh Uteres end. Helllns tfeaelee Is Nsw Vorli snd Brooklrnt 100 mars
In prlnr
Itise, isol I the. same
vs br Oveds Ars UsA'tMssd,
Cool-Headed Employer Takes
Drop First, Then Orders
Them to Follow.
So rapid was the sprssd of flames
which started this morning In the quar
ters of Backus A Lesssr, electrtclena
end dealers In photographic supplies on
the third floor of tlis six-story factory
building at No. 40-4l0 412 West Thir
teenth street, that A. O. Armstrong,
proprietor of the Munson Qrsntils Com
pany, a oh sm leal oonocrn on the sixth
floor, knew nothing about th firs until
flssnss and smoke had barred escaps
by the stairs and Ore-escape. With
Armstrong were three girl employees,
loonies Brad ths, Bsr tha Bshrsne and
Antoinette Peterson.
"What shall we do? Oh! what sbau
we dot" they screamed whsn Arm
strong was forced te shun abut ths door
Intr the hall to keep out the smoke
that earns rushing In.
"Keep OOOlf" shouted Armstrong.
"We'll get out ever the roof next door."
From a window la his place the roof
of No. M Wset Thirteenth strsst ap
peared, twstve feet below. It looked Ilka
a dangerous drop to ths frightened girls.
but Armetronc took It safely and thsn
commanded the girls to swing by their
hands and drop, one at a time, into
his arms. They followed hla orders and
one by one he eet them safely down
en the roof, whence they reached the
etreet through ths scuttle aad stair a.
Meantime Arthur Kahn, a truckman,
who had discovered smoke coming tram
ths third floor aad who turned In an
alarm, ran back, climbed to the first
floor and lowered the last firs escape
ladder to tbe street Down this he as
sisted sight frightened girls, employees
la the various concern In the building,
while Jos eon neeetto. the elevator man.
made half a dosen trip with hla Crotch t
elevator, carrying down men aad
women, Xvery en got eat safety
through the prompt work of Reset to
and Kahn, for the Are spread so fast
that there wae ao time te opera
Battalion Ohlsrf OaUssjby sent te a
second alarm waste brought Chief Ken-
. sod ths Are waa con fined te the
bulldtng at Ne. tea. Iron Arc doors pre-
ventlng Ma spread te Nee. 410 said til
Collier's tag plant as neat door, but
there was no panto among the 200 girls
smptoysd that. They closed the Iron
shutters to ksep the amoks out sod
want aa with their work bensath Vec-
trte lights.
Bow the fire started m net
tt dM about 1,000 damage. The build
ing is occupied on the first and
Boon by B. B. Rceetto, tt
a manufacturer of preeer
A Lseser have the third floor, the Pino
leum patent medicine compear ttu
fourth- the J. A. Xeane mattress fac
tory the fifth, and the Mwnaen Com
peny and Dahl A fits ha, makers of dis
infectants, share the sixth.
Industry at Patmon Expected
Be in ft;ull Swing Withfn
Next Week.
PATBRSON. IN. J, July lT-The end
of the great atlk strike
olosa (Most Of tfea irea
now In operation. They ara taking
ths hand a few at a timet aad to-day
there ws a eo ramble te get lata the
dye shops.
Bo great wae the rush that th appli
cants bad to he lined up at the Wiede
mann, Auger t Simon aad the Cols
Bros, plant. Wiedemann took book
seventy-five helpers to man ths vats
Auger A Simon took in sixty and Dole
Bros, fifty-five.
All the email dye Shop took on as
many aa they could find work for. At the
Mg ehopa the men who were not taken
on to-day were told to come around
Ths weaving mills are Increasing their
forces and by the middle of next week
the silk Industry should be In full swing
Barnard Deaa Balls.
Mies Virginia CMldsrelseve, the dean
of Barnard College, sailed on ths Adri
atic of ths Whits fiber Line to-day In
company with Mrs. H. P. Williams,
alstsr-ln-law of J. Caatree Williams,
Deputy Collector of the port.
Th btist , None better. 3 1
lb. $1.80
find Pure. lb. $1.10.
This coffee la selected with expert
cere. It eulte tha people and saves
them money.
125th Street QCO
& 8th Aves.
van DTK la treat sf store aad auid wis-
Chase on Broadway in the
Eighties Ends in Capture
of Two Men.
Msa and women fled from Broedway
betesea Rtehty-eeventh and Btghty
ronrth strssts to-day whsn two pollse
men fired three snots from thslr re
volvers aftsr s fleslng taxleab. Bvsry
me In the neighborhood waa aroused
by the fusillade snd heads appeared In
windows all alone the street whsn ths
firing csased end the cseb haltsd, after
a policeman had run In front of It and
tbrealeaed to ahoot the driver.
In the cab waa John Oowd of No. B
Wsst Thirty-eighth street The police
say they have arrssted him half a dosen
tlmas as a pickpocket, but have hero
ocsnpeUed to diange the oharge to des
orderly conduct beoauae of lack ef evi
dence. PoBoemen Rlordanead rtsmi in of this
West One Hundredth street station
celled on him to stop this morning When
they beard a gerl nrtant and saw a
pretty young woman leap from the cab
and dart through Eighty-seventh etreet.
Dowd. thsy eay, bad been beating her,
and when he aaw the policemen gave
orders to his chauffeur, Jeremiah
Murphy, ef No. IBB Broadway, te put
on full spsed. Both men were arrested.
oarrteea Starts Inspection Tewr.
ATh&NTA. Oa.. July IT.
of War OtuTteoa reached Atlanta
day, making the first atop of his
our of Inspection of army
United States Tas
which Includes Major-Oen.
Wood, Chief of Staff of the amy. i
sBoorted to Tort MoPhereoo Cor an
formal Inspection of the poet
party will proceed to Oha
Travelling Bag Specials
Block Leather, wears gratel QJK
14 It ls.1 IT vsles ssr 90.99
Oswalds Leather, walrus sralB, ffcfe
1 te 1 la. i CT veis.... 9UU
Cewblde Leather; Basest aad OM fbfi
Brews a is 11 la.i CT Mad eperevw
KaclUk. frame, letsea, head- MIA
eews sswblds. tl vales for 9t.OV
Tnmk Spedali
Steamer er Drsss Truss, II ts aa
I la.: Il.eo te II values. . OO.UU
exttr or Dress
. send trtsasaaass.
head, riveted, I tears,
a tlfl Vf
40 la. i lll.ee te lid vaL
eya v.wv
Steamer Wardrobe, 111
vaise ,
Werdrsbs TVs a, eesssams- eaa Afi
dates II suits. 10 vales, aClfcUU
rtbrs Covered Wardrobe, 140
Sweeping Reductions '
Closing Out
Entire Summer Stock of
Dresses, Suits,
Coats and Waists
At 56 to & Less
Than Former Prices.
22 to 26 John Forsythe 34th St. Wot
Shoe Sale
Women's $5 & $6 Low Shoes, $3.85
Tan ealfeein Colonials with tho fashionable Spanish Louis heels,
were $6. Women's Tongue Pumps made in gun metal calf, patent
leather and white buokskin, with light soles and leather Cuban
heel w re 3, dw
rMs It our dfifiMfil IfMtaWICtee Oleeroncr osly pereel goods oeral.
Sixth Avenue at
Release of Johns Exhausts All
Clues and Mystery Is
Deep as Ever.
With Herbert John et this slty ra
ises sd from custody by Jadge H. A.
Puller, becauee there waa not sufficient
evldenoe to connect him with the death
of Alice Crlepsll In Harvsy's Lake a
the night of July t, the mystery will
probably go down as eaa af Tiaaei aOfi
many uneolved crimes. Dtetrtet -Alter,
asy John H. Blgelow and the police aeV
mlt" that thsy have ex hated every
due and are aow aa musk at see aa
mm, They admit that they have SjaOV
lag tangible to work on.
filnos th finding af ths gtrl'e
en tha morning of Jaly T th
hav bees working with a VteW a
holding Johns to enewer for aba
mysterious death. That It waa a I
der all believed, but there la aa
got rate ths lake
aaaeed by drowning.
Many Interesting ehsea aad
tlona have been offered the
latest the story ef a ambrt
th girl jumped late the teste
beat lata which a
by three men.
Johns, liberated
jan, sxxrsssil tl
girl wae murdered, bsst to ad a
how or by wl
bean ef d
seeoeroed wtth hie own future
sense of Mies Crtepell'a death, aad
ba wtu "give a) ths Whit
lata a etrareh."
Suit Case Specials
1 e 14 an. For 1 AA
eya. ww
W the setter
SW a ScWBBsxejfirecsy.
i te ts mm
I 14 te so ) KA
I tpes in
I SIS kind. .tew
Ladles' Hud Bag Specie
fiStee.1.! $1.50
3?.?! $1.96
"SS! sSTttiw iwtSsWf $2eAS
" aacalltafi I a. Salawta - - BBeastaaB
Nineteenth Street
i Polios, tha
free e
tbts ante cats
iSSK ts'et'sd
abstre ssjsdHy mseUag
IS a. I Mgat bet sue
Oeae Drsss Salt Caste
fvevy flaae Swn Osees
c33a ' Mtes5Tfce.
Batra terse Oswhtds Sett Ja
with stress ere

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