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OToatt teetifled lt tin
mt Shit d Lncy Nicoii in una.
th 0-tS!f of ths
i Mr. Stsnfntd Whit and de.ired
fawbllrlty about hi rltnti b
In this connection w wlh
' frtnd to know that w hv
14 that the present pursuit
a by that n wwydr,
U Shur(iff, ona of Thaw'
Mid during recess that Thaw
4 th point that he la exempt
i provisions of tha Immigration
' paragraph 4. aartlon t, which
i that all tourlftf and traveller
ins through Canada en
ta another country hull be ex-
SThaw told tha Immigration of
that tia had hi iranaportatlon
t Detroit and wa wilting to go ther
a MM way to Pittsburgh, under aarort
It Court haii asn-.l to give ua a
6ska on thla point after racaa." said
Da, aMiurilfff "My own opinion la,
)Hni that tha lovrnmnt at Ot
aatM ha ordered Ihi man railroaded,
aM tfSUiing ran hvi him. ft la a
ajajMi aa Justice. I cannot am how
aJhtg alienist can find a rrtlnte in
Thm'a altar wunsMlng him on
akja MUd to-day. Not a word spoken
ay Mp waa not proper, pertinent and
snfVtaelng f4o far thy hav not mad
awt a oat agslnst him, by any msns.
They aay wa can offar wltnaaaa, hut t
Bgft't know what good It would do."
Ttssr) Waa a sudden rhanga In Thaw'i
an, th morning lt night Thaw'
Nsjhaat had aspect that th qusstlon
st 111 sanity would not b ennsldersd
bp , tha Immlgrstion men and thay con
aawtolated tbmlva on being abl to
tka char that Thaw nao sntereu
y oy ataiui. nr www
To-day all thla waa chsnged.
n officials bagan atonca
a Into Thaw'a aanltv and ior-
la Ourd and CI. A. Rcau-
aut him through aa atlff an ax
on aa did ever Dr. Austin Flint
othor allanlaU who bsvs -him
In,", him
ngs bafora th board war all
early there waa a generally
mor that Thaw' deportation
decided on already and that
a .mould leave town by an afternoon
are could be no appeal rrom a
that Thaw la tnaane and Mi
by th
gars could not stop hi deportation
by Into mean
jUkatant Superintendent of Immi
gration B. Blake Robertaon and In-
David Reynold, T. h. wn
I Thorn toa and T. B. Oareaau
the bosrd that examined
Tjssj It Was sxpeotd that if they
dq4d to deport him by train Prob
ably all five would accompany him on
a. fcnsia for Norton Mills. Vermont, ten
saltan away. A few miles outside) of
teas Is a bridge aeross a small creek.
the International boundary.
Canada's Immigration, man most
save of Thaw. And there was
Ills arrest by Capt Laayon, aa
aa ths train ran on United states
aw reoelved a telegram from hi
er fhla morning, saying that aha
ea her way here. The messaie
from C reason. Pa, and Mrs. Thaw
Bet get bore before Harry left if
were followed.
With Reputation as "Gun.
riajMcr" Held as Robber, While
Man Who Fired Is Also Taken.
JMNY Berlin, twenty-five, of No. M Cliff
Mb a drlvsr with a reputation aa a
ab tghtor,'' was taken to Hudson
Hospital eany lo-oay with a
scalp wound and under a
, af burglary. Ha was shot while
amf b.
S ancta Mat of Albert Tremblay, an Iron
' sjsjrksr, at No. Me Dover street, who
tost the police he shot the man when
igssnil him going through the poekets
Mho clothing be had laid near his
- was taken to oak street ate
tlata by Policeman Uelleher and charted
g assault and violation of
OtBuUlvaa law.
dtUM Information Points to Pact
That President of Mexico Will
Eliminate Himself.
fABHINOTON. Hept -The first of-
laformattun that tha Waahlngton
at has been orally asaured Hut
will not be a candidate at the
election was permitted to be-
poollc to-day. The Admlnlatra-
osnstrues thsse asaurtncea aa
also there will be no r.lrcum-
by Huerta'a resigning and De
a candidate.
Ira, Aana M Kraser, widow of Oeorg
r. died Jan. 14, 111; total tate.
aet value. H.'X-.
U Hill, died Nov, . m. haul
SUMO: net value. IU3.S75.
tbsth Bransflsld, died April M. UW7;
ate. fMOO; net value, 17,00.
sekamp. died Sept. a, iio;
at. tMJM; nst vslua. (11.007.
atdde O'Brien, died Kb. II, ltU; total
ssjllh dsposlts. n.lB; nst value, MM.
Vredstick Oemmar. died at Wee
SSlarkea. N. J Ken M. 113; sssets tax
abss ta New Tork state, an equity,
thVeM, In No. KM Wilt Ona Hundred and
IIMt street, value U3.UU0. net valu of
ssww xsrn assets, iiti.tw.
iloaa Aet re
atom tiondo
Scire Ules la l.oadou.
IPORU, Conn., Sept. 4. Word
CTom London v-dsy of ths death
from append, -if of Misa Minnie
ft D. Hlckey. twenty-nine year old, of
ttta efty. who as In vaudeMlle with
Bay Sttr under nunc ut the Stan
garter Mis tll key' mother left
dBBs Lssttti
tsnla for Englsnd :t fat-
re ad spring a slsxe rsrevr
wa a teacher la llie pub m
B ...
' ssMlal
spbm sat
Public Service Officers Hear
Rear Brakeman Was
Official Bases Right lo Mold
Private Inquiry Into the
Oilef Inspector Belnap, with Chief
Kiurlneer Klwell nt the TTtlllDas Com
nilaalon, male a flying Irlp to North
listen earlv to Iny. In another ma
I lilne cr eiirveor. who took'varloua
Tiieaiiroient In rnnnectlon wWh th
Invaatlaatlnn of the Newfaven Bn.1l
mul wreck at Walllngford. Tiieedwy
morning. Thla daia the two offMals
want for ue In the Inquiry to he opened
to-morrow by ComrnuieloneT Monhnrd.
Home of the measurements were aa to
the dlatimcea hetween simals and from
the hanjn signal to the spot where a
paeeemtcr M he eaw Klaarmnn Mur
ray standing:, whletltng and throwing
Coroner Ml mwnta J. O. Mora of
Watervllle Me., a travelling salesmsn
for a Chicago firm, to appear at the In
queat. Morne haa heen quoted aa say.
Ins he aw Murray throwing atunea Into
the hiwhe Inatead of running hark with
lorpiiloe to protect the train. Mnrae
waa thougM to have remained In New
llaven anil the Cormier gave a auh-
poena to a detective to serve.
The ln'iiet began here to-day behind
cloaed doora. There waa no jury. Cor
oner Kll Mia maintained that he was
within hi legal rights In holding secret
proceedings, stating that a premature
publication of faots whloh might serve
ss a basis of criminal proseouUon would
probably prejudice the Interests of
W. H. Balnap. Chief Inspector of tha
Interstate Commerce Commlaalon, and
C. C. Newell, Chief Engineer of ths
ConneMlcuuPubllc Utllltlee Commission,
wsrs ths only outsiders permitted to at-
tend tha inqueat A. B. Miller, engineer
of the White Mountain Express, Charles
II. Murrsy. flagman of ths Bar ' If arbor
Express. B. R. Robertson, Miller's fire
man. U H. Fowler, condiMtog of th
Bar Harbor Bsprsss. and otksr train
men were the flrat witness tXamtnod.
After Coroner Mix had made ready
to begin his hsarlng ha found accom
modation In tile office so .eran-ped that
hi decided to go to the Superior Court
room In the county building.
The wltnesaes trooped over share and
hidsaplvnty of room I- tt I offlcas con
nected with tha courtroom of lb crim
inal aide of th Superior Court
B. C. Terry, an attorney and former
railroad man, who served the railroad
organisations ss legislative agent at ths
Capitol Uuliig two ssseions of the Gen
era! Assembly, was engagad by ths
Brothsrhood of Looomotlvs Engineers
to look afur th Interests of Kugtneer
Miliar. Mr. Terry aald ha would en
deavor to hav Unglfteer Miller re
presented by counsel during the Cor
oner's Inquest Hs did not state what
process he would resort to. Many
lima In tha past lawyers wtio hav
rspresented ueraoita whoae criminal acts
havs been under scrutiny by ths Cor
oner have tried to get into an Inquest,
out nons suvcsedeJ.
Coroner Mix was aaksd Just bsfors hs
opened hla proue if he would permit
counsel for Engineer Miller to aMend
ami lie repilea. counsel will not b
When newapapermen demanded lo be
present at tha hearing Coroner Mix
aald It could not be thought of.
"No one must ess my wltncases." hs
tiii matter does not concern th
public. It concern th State of Con
necticut atone." continued th Coroner.
explaining why hs had arrested and
kept from making a public defense.
risgman Chariae Murray of th
wrecked train and Engtnssr Miller of
ths Whits Mountain Express thst tore
through thrss slsepers of th Bar Har
bor Express.
"Then why did you allow ths rail
road officials to question Miller?" asked
an Evening World reporter.
Coroner Mix waa annoyed.
"1 want you to understand," hs said,
"thst 1 bold no brlsf for th New
Haven road. I ussd my beat Judgment
In tb matter."
The aurgeon nt tlrac Hospital this
afternoon deWd?d that la t'olomy of
Buckaport. Me , will recover. Mr. Col-
easy wa going through to Brooklyn,
N. Y . where he Is 'n buslnssa H trlsd
tu get a berth on th first Bsr Harbor
expieas st llangor Monday aftsrnoon,
but wss forced to take the one wbleh
later was wrscked. His family had
thought h was on th first section.
Mr. Minnie Tupper to-day looked for
a (later, rlhe recognised the body of
Mrs. Catherine Hose Aweeney. who had
heen earned In Uie list a Mary Jane
i'iicti i- another slater Mary Jan
and Mre. Hweeney In her last moments
ineiiiloiiiil the name uf that sister. Mrs
., , ... STZ-TTT
Jamps om Bridge to Death.
A men about thirty-live years old.
Ave feci seven Inches tall, of medium
hulld and fair complexion, committed
suicide by jumping Into the Harlem
I: .it from the Madlaoa mentis bridge
at noon lo-day In th pocksts of his
'jrn i.JSI, which Me discarded befor
jumping, were found letters addrsssed
to Mrs. I. I. Kurt snd C. V. Tfcomp-
son or neialr. x J Ths body had not
hern in ivired
st a lat hoar alkls
Aircraft Drops 3(X) Feet Like a
Shot at the Aviation School
Near San Diego.
eY N IMKOO, t el.. Sept. t -First
Lieut Mom I.. Ixive. Blgnsl Corps,
(7. S. A., wa Inatsntly killed In-day
when his aeroplsne plunged KM feet to
the ground st the srmy aviation school
nesr here. Shortly before the scrldent
l.ove began to descend from an altitude
of approximately 2.000 feet. When Km
feat from th ground watchers saw,
thsy say, a puff of amoke on tha ma
chine, and It dropped like a shot falling
In the centre of North Island, Ban Diego
Sailors from ths United rttatea fleet'
brought kove'a body to Ban I 'lego. Love
was a natlvs of Virginia
WABHIN'ITON, Sept. 4 -Kleven avi
ators have been killed In the army aad
navy service sinre experiments wsrs
stsrted with heavier than air machines
In W -ten In the army and one In the
navy. In aviation the world over, 331
persons havs heen killed sines 1WS, 112
during the present year.
Engineers Believe Giant Ma
rine Dirigible Can Make Trip
Without Undue Risk.
VRIEDRIICirailAPEN. O r m a n y,
Sept I -A new Zeppelin marine dirigi
ble, the blggeat yet constructed, was
tilled to-day for lta flrat flight, which la
to take pises on Sept -It waa chris
tened the "Zeppelin 11." Its length la
nearly & feet and Its diameter Just
over M fees, while It le furnlahed with
motor developing M horse-power.
The company's engineers consider that
th airship could cross th Atlantis
Ocean without undue risk.
The dlrlgtbl fills ths company's iar.
gsst hall bars and an Indication Is given
of Count Zeppslln's Intention to build
still larger air cruleer In th fact that
plana are under eonahtaratlon to erect
a larger revolving balloon shed.
Scenes l.nkl in Story ville, the New
Orleans Tenderloin OilumMa
to See It Hirst.
(Hixnltl te Th KrMuo Wnr'rtl
NEW OH I, KAN'S, Lav. Sept. 4 - -A
theatrical company of twonty people.
backed financially by John D. Rocke
feller and ths National Vice Commie
slon, arrived her this morning to stags
a hl moving picture piny In Storyvlll,
I the Now Orleans Tenderloin. The play,
which Is hv Charles II Ixit.drm, is to
allow the life of the white alavs from
th time of her leaving high achool
I until she enters s brothel.
The first exhibition of the completed
Alms will take place at Columbia I'nl
veralty, New Tork
The first step in the girl's downfall Is
her taUroduetton to th rUttu In a New
Vopli department store After a whirl
of New York life she 1a placed on a
cnsstwlse stssmer and taken to the New
Orlsans district of Htoryvllle whleh Is
fifteen elty square wide an.l aa man v
loasT and t called ""toryvllle" sfisr Hi
Aldermen who had disreputable heuaea
! th Mayor ex rented that h b drtren
to th Whit Star yxsr.
Tm coins; to Europe " b aaM to tt
aatonlshsd po'lc officer.
I Mr. Smith and Mr. Cre1man followed
In another automobile. They reached
I ths plsr at twenty minutes before
twelve norm and the Mayor Immediately
went aboard. At the gangplank he was
' saluted by a surprised policeman on
I duly and wearily returned th saluta
' Uon. II wa taken directly to his
I suit of rooms on the promenade deh
' and going In he shut the door. He
spoke to no one, looked neither right
nr left and was guarded against Intra-
alon tap to th time the ship cast off and
I left the pier at 11 o'clock.
WW I Mayor Osynor wss In eaclu
! alon In his suit waiting for th Bait
to sail. Ms son Hufus Ulked freely
with a group of newspaper man stand
! Ins at th head of the oompelonway
I leading from the promenade dock.
ty rstnsr nas gone to ms axeswvea
because he la very tired and doea not
want to meet any one beyond thoss who
accompanied him to the boat," he ssld.
"All I can tell you la that ha la taking
this trip In order to get a thorough rest
prior to the work of ths campaign. II
feel mighty tired."
"Was tha decision to go abroad taken
suddenly?" ssked The Evening World
"No. My father decided several day
ago that he wanted to get an ahsolut
rst, and h then determined that he
would go abroad. Hs thought h could
get better rested by taking a sea Irlp
than by doing anything alas. H did
not announce th plan publicly, as ha
wanted to get away very quietly end
without any fuss I think he susceeded
In doing this."
Th utter lack of commotion or excite
ment on ths Rsltlc showed that young
(laynor was right.
"My father Is not going to think of
politics or business of any kind while
away, at least that's what hs ssys,"
continued the eon. "Rett and nothing
but reat la what he la looking for.
"My father expects to bs back In Now
York sdwut tha tOth. II will try to
connect with the Cedrie at Queenatown,
that ship leaving there on th twelfth
and h Baltic being due In Qusenstown
on th 11th. This gtvss him on day
snd h may bs aM to make It
"If not my father and I wi prob
ably return on the Lauren tic, also of
this line, which will salt from Liver
pool on th Uth and I du In Montreal
on tha ttth. It la not my father's In
tention to spend any tlm en tho other
Ida All h wanta Is th rest of th
sea trip."
Ths Mayor and his son occupied suit
S and 17 on th promenade desk, on
of the boat suite m ths ship.
Ths Mayor attracted scarcely any at
tention either whan ho stepped out of
hi sutomobll at th phtr or when h
Want aboard tho ship. Not mors than
twonty people wore at the shore and of
the White Star pier when the big gray
touring cr. in which th Mayor rod
from hi Brooklyn home, drew up at
11 at
on of thoae who accompanied Mayor
(laynor to hi atataroom. a member of
hla Immediate party of leave-takers,
ssld after ha hsd blddsn ths Msyor
farewell, that Mr. Oaynor seemed to
be an extremely tired and rather sick
"But the Mayor won't admit It, be
cause he's always so perky snd chip-
per," hs added.
Mr. Oaynor will remain at th Oay
nor home In St. Janes, L. I., whll ths
Mayor I on th .
Secretary Adamaon received numerous
of the Mayor' political friend, among
hem being Michael 3. Prummond, Com-
mlHlnner of Charities, who la undsn
stood to havs ths Mayor's support for
tmptroller ot the "spade" ticket. Mr.
Adamaon explained that the Mayor haa
so far refrained from Indicating what
his decision will be as to the balsncs
of hi ticket, a question whloh 'is lust
now causing all ths political leaders to
throb with curiosity.
Mr. Adamson explained that the Mayor
Has been eublect to exceaalve cough
ing. He said that the bullet, which still
lodges In ths Mtfyor'a neck, savsred
several chorda In ths region near h
root of his tongue and ceussd a par
tial paralysis of ons side. Hecretlon
had formed, and Naturae effort to dis
lodge ths "fish-hook." as ths Mayor
characterised hla aliment provoked the
on naming.
It was th coughing which caused th
pallid face and fragile frams of th
Mayor, as was apparent at tha ceremo
nies In front of ths City Hall yester
day. These attacks havs become fur
ther apart. Mr. Adamaon statsd, and ths
Mayor Is now eubjeot to them only onoe
or twice a year. Excitement la a con
tributing cause.
The Mayor's appearance at hi publlo
nomination on th City Hall steps was
a distinct shock to all who wsrs closs
to him. While ths saessslvs heat of
ths day had a certain fatiguing effect
et It eras apparent that Mr. Oaynor
waa suffering seriously from otnsr
cauac. He could aoarceiy statin on nis
Uefor lesvlng bis horns In Brooklyn
ths Mayor dictated a lengthy statement
attacking Tammany contractors for
Btats highway scandals and oommnd
tag Oov. Buissr for breaking th "ras
cally r on tracts." whloh, the Mayor soya,
I "probably their biggest spite against
II sand hi enemlee aa "corrupt
scamps" and a "corrupt press," and re
asserted that he baa taken the Polls
and Fir Department out Of politic
Us winds up a typical Isttsr by stating
that hs Is rsady to quit aad that hla
re-election to the onV of Mayor con
cern! taxpayers far mora than It doss
him. His lsttr follow:
' I am going to taks a soirpls of
weeks' vacation. I cannot passably gt
"' Prtvaey an Una so I am going to
spend two weeas on in ocean, wnar
' nobody can got at ma. I MVS
, nearly four ysara afaytxr aftd Bv not
almost everybody wfll naisfls that I
may havs on now. I havs been laid
up a raw dan with on of th sharp
attack wbhsjp occasionally com from
my mishap of a far years ago, but I
am now ever It sndJXa I shall avr
havs another.
T waat sa to aay a few words
about ths appioaehlag political ooa-
oa ask why II la that th so-
poUttoal ldera, espselally th
agathgt see. Marphy aa ths chaps that
sa dowa with bias at Dstsaoalco's the
ethes Might aad gas ilea aad abased xe
aatxl thalt fess war red, war ready
to eat me ap, X aa told, and yet I asvsr
aid aaythlag to thsx xopt what toad
ad te saaks them look rsspsctabl.
"I Bwpposs th people of th city
knew vsry well what th grtsvaaos Is.
1 did aot tarn th elty depart sasata
ever to their spoliation. X did aot suffsr
loot tho elty. iiv.ry hsad of
department waa say ma aad aot their
aa. Bo yon aadratBd the vast
amount la contracts whloh tha Mayor's
thirty-two department glv oat la a
year for work aad material, and also
for sapyllssf If yon do, yo nadorataad I
how mash thsse hungry grafting lead- I
srs wish to control th head of these
dopartmsats. I
"They want a Mayor who will aonolnt 1
their favorite as hesds of depsrtments
And then tbev will sat the contracts foe
Pbvarythlng. All ort of swindling spec
ifications will bs glvsn out, and unbal
anced bid will be called for, and the
favored contractor will get the tip how
to bid and what will be expected of
him. And then when he geta the con
tract he haa a commissioner to deal
with what Is In his fsvor. And then I
that commissioner appoints engineers tn
pa upon and certify ths work and In
spectora to receive the gooda. and an on.
"In that way the contractor haa every-
i . s .
Ufa lit iiiss ISVUI, IllilUHlim (nfj TOm- .. ... ...
mllonr and the engineers and lnspec- ' "m",1,"e "f ne ""ndrrd snd Hsven
tors. The engineers will psas all aorta re,",p,l with a sharp attack on the
of aklmped and fraudulent work. It trill I stayer, call'ng him a "partlceps irlm
look all right on the outside but be hoi-' lnl"" ln turning over the city to Tam
low and rotten within. And the Inspec- many by becoming a third candidate,
tors will pass thlrd-nlss srtlclea for I JOph M. Met, chairman of the Kuslon
flrst-clsss artldea. They will paas thlnxa 1
by ths csss which contain only nne-hslr I
what a case mean In the mercantile
"Formsrly, when a thousand caaes of
shoes were bought, for Instance, the
elty' Inspector would Just shove the
Cass along on after ths other and
never open them But when they wer
opened they would bo found to con
tain only twelve in place of twenty
four pairs, as the trad term case
mean. I am citing that only at a sam
ple of what can bs done whsn ths con
tractor and tho commissioner are In
"Thsss mlsrab1 peUltsal grafter
that sat dowa at Dslmonteo's, aad thlx
bsr aad all avss ths Stat,
all ta Stat ooatraota. Th
aow have
this Btats fag rsass. fax look at tho
highway luatmbi alow. X ask aay
hoasat asaa to go dowa aad look at ths
highways oa IVoag Island. Aad thsy are
bat a sampls of th highway from hr
to aaffalo.
"fltate heada of departments and dis
honest engineers, found drun'. In every
tavern throughout the state while the
work was going on, passed all kinds of
fraudulent work. I have myself seen
within a ysar roada put down on Long
Island at ths hlghsst prlcex whleh wers
perfect wrecks at ths end of thres
montha They were mere crusta Thsy
wsrs dons by those favored contractors
who had their favored engineers ap
pointed to pass upon the work. This Is
now rlfs throughout ths whols State.
"Bat oov. Balsas broke all of those
rascally cor tracts where the work waa
to aave begun last spring. That la
probably thslr biggest spits agalaat
him. Th Skat road ar te a frightful
"Ths psople of this city will have to
decide whether that condition of things
hall he restored here In this city. I
have absolutely fresd the departments
hsro from all such graft. The enmity
now being displayed by thess so-called
leaders haa bssn growing during all
this tlms agslnst me.
"It the people of the city wsnt to
restors sll this villainy let them do It
At all events I am abls to go out of
office with It known of sll msn that I
did not turn the city over to the spoil
of these scoundrels, who hav no honest
means of making a living. They ltvs by
swindling thslr nslghbors out of ths
hard earned taxes they pay.
I took tho polio oat of
thslr hands, ft waa customary for thsss
to havs thslr favored oaptaln I
even map setose sad also policemen
do their bidding. Thy bad th polios
captains aad pdloomsn traaafsrrsd to
alt these. It was customary for a
pompous district leadsr to alt la ths
roar room of soms saloon, where hla
hsedaaartsrs war aad glvs ordsrs to
hi poUo oaptaln aad his wardmaa,
aad svsa te ths inspector or hi di
trie. X took that all away from thorn.
And I proceeded agalnet th gam
bling house thst thrived under their
protection. And the reeult was that rhey
mado their enmity toward me public by
mean of th corrupt prsis of the city.
1 did the ssms with the Fire De
partment. No politician in tnia city can
get a fireman or a policeman transferred
under any condition whatever. I took
the two departments absolutely out of
ths hands of the corrupt scamps. It
brought their enmity and abuse upon
Swats East Nth aad 134th Sta.
Trwiloy frosn Eat Mtti A tU St.
ms, and so powerful ar thay. with
their prs agent aad thslr nsws
writers, that they war able to attack
m through th corrupt press of the elty
and ambarraas ma la my work.
T also at th vary beginning of
my administration laid down ths rule
that appointments snd promotion In
the Police Department and th Mre
Department should be only by taking
the hlgheat men on th Hat every time.
The old way waa to certify at least
three to th appointing officer, and then
these mlnerable ecampa would get all
three to pay them on the representa
tion that they would he able to get the
appointment. Only one would h ap
pointed, but they kept hla money and
restored the money to tha other two.
It was a dirty game they could not Inse
at. Ths rsptalna were paying as high
s tli.nno fur appointment. The sum
thing was going on In the Fire Depart
ment. I took all thla graft away from
these corrupt so-called leaders. No
wonder rhey attack me.
"Bo wondsr thsy ar fsrodou
agalaat ms. Thsy havs had four isaa
aad hungry ysar. T, th XdcOoosys
aad th Foley aad tho Murphya aad
Donohuee, aad a whole bunch.
h'a 'our and hungry ysar.
1 oatrd lato ao aaarrala with
thsm. X had ao tlms to quarrel with
thorn. X simply wsat oa aad did my
work from day to day, aad X kspt thslr
head out of the pubuc tr saury aad
Fusidn Leader
Mayor and Tammany
hurl- Ft Murphy, leader of Tam
many Hall, kept silent to-day undsr
'i..t-.,- .1. i.i...
sssswsassj 'i.t.Hioi sj tri UV I
but the Fusion
Executive Committee, leaned thla state-
Mayor riaynor'a vtatement Is a se
ver arraignment of Tammany Hall and
Its methods, but ft Is the same Tam
many from which he took a nomination
four year ngo. snd the same Tammany!
from which he ws willing to take a re
nomination thla year.
"One of the eight men Mayor Oaynor
so picturequely characterises as "mis
erable political grafters sitting around a
table at Delmnnlco's" waa John Oalvln,
who In tho Mayor'a previous words Is
one of those "sterling men" who ran on
the ticket with him four years ago for a
Board of Kstlmate position and whoae
election he ardently advocated. Presum
ably If Tammany Hall had renominated
Mayor (iaynor there would have been
on the ticket with him for Board of Ea
tlmato positions other "sterling" msn to
do the bidding of "Boss" Murphy, and
win, election Mayor Oaynor would
have sponsored.
"Mayor (laynor speaks of Tammany
graft in the Mtate hlghwaya and men
tions mads on Iong Island which are
in his immediate neighborhood. Those
who know ths facts aver that the
highway graft aa described by Mayor
(iaynor Is true, but It Is Just as much
the duty of Msyor Oaynor. who knows
the facts, a any other public official
to have denounced them long ago as
it Is to-da" after he has een denied
a renomlnatlon by Tammany, which Is
the beneficiary of these contract.
Whits WruWn DswMaitt nt Isuils
Fear Her Scanty Attire Will En
danger Their Prestige.
CALCUTTA, British India, Sept. 4 -The
white residents of India srs In a
condition of seml-panlc over the Im
pending professional tour of an Ameil
can woman dancer who dance ln scanty
attlr and it appear probabkt th po
lice authorltl will prohibit hr per
formance here.
Tho fear gsnsrally ais urns I that
tha appearancs of a whit woman oa
ths stag under these conditions wfll
endanger th pros tigs of whits women
In ths eyes of ths native.
Declares Government Will Lose
$25,000,000 Claim If Levy
Bill Is Passed.
WANH1NOTON, Sept. 4. Exlstsnc
of a lobhy to pass Representative
Levy reaolutlon to atop the Govern
ment' antl-truat ault against the
Steel Corporation was charged before
th Houss Ixbby Committee to-day by I
David Lamar, who offered testimony
er Trolley
sut of the isatraata te whloh thsy
riaihid th pabUe treasury.
"it I only a few year ago that you
could not get a claim or contract
through th Comptroller' office for
payment unless you wsnt to your dis
trict leader and bagged him to Wielp
you and paid him a percentage. Tour
claim would be tied up there from day
te day, from week to week, and from
month to month. Some fellow In the
corridor would accidentally ssy to you,
Why don't you go to your district Isad
er He would team to he so dlslntsr-
etd about It that you would hardly
suapect the ort of rascal he wat.
"AnA Anall at oaii armalifj mn
district leader In desperation and give
him 1 per cent, or more, and he would
now i. iiimuii in. i iiiiijiuuiirr umuw
for you and a check In your handa In
a mce. rnst graiung nas an seen
'"'im W SX jT Willi.
"Xtat X oaaaot now go lato thee
things thoroughly, aot lato mor
thing. X shall havs mnch to aay a boat
thsss things before election day, how
ever, aad If ths rsatpaysrs aad tax
payer of this town waat that sort of
looting government restorsd, 1st thsx
Just walk right ap to tho poll aad do
It. X am ready to !.
"Th Murphy-Uaffney city contract
were a acandal before I became Mayor.
Whether I remain In the Mayor'a office
for four yeara more of dreadfully hard
work, and continued moral aaaaialnatlon
day by day, concerns ths rentpayer
and taxpayer of h city mor than It
concern me."
'Thieves, scoundrels, swindler " I
Mayor Uaynor'a characterisation of th
Tsmntany bravea. Have we heard from
him such denunciation of Tammany
during his four-year term of office?
N'o, only since he Wag turned down by
Murphy. Does the Mayor really be
lieve he could be re-elected? If not
nd every ound-thlnklng man know
he cannot be If he run aa a third
candidate he la partlceps crlmlnii In
turning tha city over to the 'spolia
tion" of the organisation which he
now vehemently denounce.
"I 'Boas' Mupphy at the handle of
,n hovel?"
Boss" Murphy eat at hi desk ln
Tammany Hall for two hours to-day
talking with organisation leader. H
heard with surprise of the Mayor's de
parture, for no Inkling of It had reached
the hall In advance, and then he read
with unmoved expression the vigorous
denunciation of himself and hie asso
ciate. To Th Evening World reporter. Mr.
Murphy smiled good naturedly when
the subject of ths Oaynor blast was
"Juet say for me," he remarked, "that
I have nothing to ay, no comment, no
answer. It is too early and too hot to
get Into a political campaign at this
tlms of year. Walt a while."
The order hav go no forth that
Tammany must not he led Into a sum
mer campaign. Ths "Boss" has put ths
soft pedal on everything. All ths leadera
are to keep on working hard at organisa
tion, hut not lo open up the campaign.
The candidal ar to maintain silence
and not to he led into controversies or
discussions. Ths Reasoned politician
see danger In beginning too early. Let
the other fellow shoot away all their
ammunition and aav your own is
tha order to the Tammany fores.
on his charge, and declared th Gov
ernment would lose a d.ooo.ooo claim
against tine corporation If th suit waa
The Committee took up the subject
In .v.eiiflvM ....Inn T..m.e n.n
I Vainly been trying to get a hearing
before the Senate Committee.
at all Van
Best Coffee in America
The Duchess. Our 31c grade
Thla Is your opportunity to try this fintuit-of-Bll
at a monty savinf pries. Limit 2 lbs. to a customer.
(2-6-2) West
Between 7th
100 Branch gtores and gslltag Assnclss In New Tork sad Brooklyn; 10 mere
In prlaoipai eltlss. Look for the nsm VAN DTK la I root of stors sad avoid ssts-
taa. Jul vsa vrs uwui Are uuirisiwa.
Goods Carefully Packed
to ail
Special for Thurtday
Prims, fresh. Huanlsh Peanul.
ted I th Qsssa' last, then
Kith Hussr
rlrhlr fasvored
Sutftion tor Thursday
Ilea. With hitter weet . rhoeolate
aa. naroree: ereeen.
rot !n Dim www
e'slera. All
C sssflMT WMt OPBsSnWfjT
mSbemn, . vi fvCtqn st.
Driver Loses Control of Ani
mal, Which Creates Panic
Among Passengers.
I One woman pasnenger and several i
were hurt to-day on board a Coin
mmm optn r"r wnen ""
1 ,0 "n Pr" waxon tried to Jump
toriiuan ine car R it aioppeo a I UU
lundr(s1 and Twelfth atreet In Cohan-
bnt .venue. Mr Mary Mulvlhlll. forty
nlne.of No. Ul West End avenue wa
on the end seat The csr was full and
the womsn as she saw the horse plaag
Ing In her direction msde a vsln effort
to get nut of th way. The animal
dashed forward and landed lta hoof on
the floor. The shafts were carried for
ward and one entered the right lag of
Mrs. Mulvlhlll.
Men In the same seat pulled th
woman awsy. a she had fainted and
waa In danger of falling beneath l
horse's hoofs. Ant .st Rrlnkman, who
said he was a clerk, of No Jon Wast Owe
Hundred and Thirteenth street, was
thrown not of the car. Man and woman
Joined In shouting for help. Th horss
kept snorting and stamping on th floor,
and It was only with difficulty that men
from the sidewalk got the animal out
the trap he hsd run Into. Th horat
wss wedged fast between th seats
The rls belongs to the Wells Fargo Ha.
press Company and was driven by Ed
win OafTney, twenty-one years Old. of
No. 410 East One Hundred and Twenty
fifth Street. Oaffney was driving Ut
horss tip the svenue behind another
car and made a quick turn out
to lose co ltrol of the animal.
When the animal nosed aboard Dstv
nls Sweeney, the motorman, ruahad
back with his switch and tackled th
n.Tse, whll rollceman Ryrne admon
ished the passengers to keen aulet.
Oaffney, the driver, wss thrown from
his seat on the wagon. None of th
Injured accepted the aervlcs of an am
bulance surgeon. A broken trace waa
patched up and Oaffney drove hla atom:
away while the car, under rhe guld
snce'of Dennis Sweeney, continued its
rattle up the avenue.
France Recel.e. Mexican Minister.
PARTS, Sept. 4. -Francis.-., de la Bam,
the new Mexican .Minister to France,
was received cordially to-day hy Stephen
Plchon. the French Foreign Minister
at the Foreign Office. The French atate.
man Informed Senor 0 la Harra that
President Raymond' Poincare w iu!d a
rept hi credential as soon as he n
turned to Paris from hi holiday In the
17 . . - Iff
rALLlNu IxklKl
Dandruff? Z i
TOP XT I iMtXtoatta
sir Tonlo kills
dandruff -erm.
stimulates &
scalp at
s 1 s
. All er Toilette
" DruggUi
ton you
ss ss. 1 esn set B
pries tot jnm st sy or tss sss
rtea fat .
st asy
fsmorus. call or sans tm
tokr. Ut t. rsth ., Nra lark,
cues or Lull ngnta;
AiWwe II. BZ 44
WANTED Aasstast oslnear
N. York lie. Uodcaaa
South KUlrosd at.., sear M
se tss Harkax Dtriaoa. R
rourt ,, aspsCaT-
urt l3SBVr.
This Friday and Saturday
Dyk Tea and Coffee Stores
125th Street,
& 8th Ave.
and Shipped by Parcel Post or
t-arts oi the world
SgMMf for Friday
hslf uf this hni Is made up of
parkllag t.um Du,-. highly flsrsisa
nllh t renie de elenthe. balsne sf
the bus U filled Willi su- 1 g.
perler Chocoltite In men. fl gkT
flsrers. POt V BOX SB Vw
Sptcini tor tridav
IJKM Einbrai'ins about rverrthlssj
la th. frull Tel"j line, first oT.rVl
with spsrkllsg wkllr (on. "
fs?rtli)iir'si Niisrur
aiuncHi in rniM'ui
in v ii snv s w
i.iiiwiBijB saau n wirn ftrri r T
Miurair f vronucB until
I I Cl'clfM'k
torner f ulton Street
ostween baekman fe
144 W. 124th
! align
- sw
11 ' T -w.

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