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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, October 04, 1913, Final Edition-Baseball and Racing, Image 9

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The Evening World Daily Magazine. Saturday. October 4. 1913
' M "S'Matter, Pop?" g g S5BSaBSS55 a g 0 By c. M. PaynT
verheard in Silhouetteville
"I uted to worry a lot about my
"What did you tako to relieve
"My wife."
Well, Axel's Roof
l UATe To Tfewe YOO AEuT) - . f " TV,.
Bur tmh fti,y voo're eee.vctA -JfcaE f iwu ! fu. bump i2s CM.tWjT
T6 KHoCK TEH. RooV OFFjl VgiTV f OoF. That'll 1 f X J IfSVO f. SOUD ROOF !. )
TX lio MAmAtltA 4 49N I Theyftor of a Secret J"ouv,en771 M gW M
e Memento
X Aft W X V1IIV1UU fj fj fj
(CopTrtfht. 1011. by IWIMar, V'i-
turned lior Imrk on Broad
way. Thli WM tiut tit for tt,
beeauae Broadway bad often
done tiir naini' thifiS ' M:
K'Armamli- RtlUi the "tat" ipnied to
have It, for the cx-leudlng lady or the
"Reaping the Whirlwind" company had
everthing to aslt of Broadway, nlille
thara waa no vlce-vcraa.
So Mill LylMtetU P'Armamle turned
the back or her ehalf to her window
that ovei iooke.i Broadwayi and eat
down to Stitch In time the llatt thread
beet of a black allk etocklng. The tu
aaelt and glitter of the roaring Bread
fray beneath her window hud no charm
for her: what aha r atly deelred aa
ha at r Mn k! .1 r or .' urcMsina room on
. i i . . . i .... t ,i
audlancc gathered In lhat eapricioug
quarter. In t..e mean lime tlioae ItOl k
ina muat not be neglected, .ilk dui'a
wear out ao, but after all. Isn't it Just
the only guoda there la?
The Hotel Thalia look o., H.o;ulwav
a Marathon looks on the tea ' ttandt
like a sl""y l"ff above toe whirlpool
where the tides of two great thorough
(area claah. Her the playerbanda
gather at the end uf their wand.-nnits,
to teases the buskin and dut the sock.
Thtok In the streets around it ai"e book
lrajoificea. theatres, agents, . -loads, and
the lobater palaces lo wlihli those
thorny pallia lead,
Wandering through lit eccentric liallt
of th dim and fust) T moa you teem
to have found yourself In I great
ark or raravan about to sail, or fly. or
roll away on Wheels. AbOUl the house
Ikngere a sense of unrest, of expectation,
of Iranslentness, sven Of anxh ty nnl
rehenalnn. The halls are a labyrinth,
Soul In a iun l.n I puSSkt.
Turning any corner, a dressing sack
or neui-de--.il' may bring you up short.
Tee meet ularn.lnK traedluns Btalklns
re aSb rcibes In SSSrsk of rumored
betbrooms. l'ro:n SundfSdS of rooms
CCSne the bias of tulk, acrapa of new
aad eld sonaa, sad tb ready leu?otr
6?31'MM 1 TMiNh- 1 Hmo a LOOK at mTTI
pr jotftNtiKJ Alloy q , , . Tmfw,j
iTOTtt.-tiva A tol J I M WITHOUT ANY V
t OF Ct AN-D J 'ilk Vbf VlHATtVEli
t, yjjAT-f.MT.Cjwj tf I T -J
ruiruumruuuiri-i-i-i - -
of th convened players.
fltimmer tma ronic; their comparUea
liava dlabandedi and they take their
reat In their favorite riavanBury,
while Ihey beneae the maniiKer for
enxascinentn for the coming acaaon.
At t h let hour of t lie afternoon the
day work of tramplnr the round of
the ngenta' offlcea la over. I'aat you,
M ynu ra,rtbi, dlefa -tedly through the
moaey halls, nit audible visions of
hotirla, with veiled, atarry eyes, flying
tag enda of thing- and a wlh of allk,
bequeathing to th dull hallway an
odor of gayety and a memory of frangt
pannl. Herloua young comedlana. with
veraatlle Adam's apple, gat her In door
ways and talk of Itoolh. Far-reaching
from somewhere cornea the amell .of
ham anl red cuhhage, and the craah
of dishes on the American plan
Tat Indeterminate hum sf 1'fe In the
Thalia Is enlivened by the dls n et pop
ping it reasonable and SSlUbrlOUS in
terval of beer bottle corks. Thus
punctuated, life in the genial hostel
scans easilythe comma being the fa
vorlto mark, semicolons frowned upon,
and pet lods barred.
MlSt D'Armande'a room was a small
one. There was room for her rocker
between the dressier and tae wasiistand
If it were ptaosd longitudinally. On
the dresser were Its UBItfel a enutre-
mi nts, plus the si4eading lady'a col
lecttd souvenirs of road enxagement
and photOSraphe Of her dearest and
bi st professional friend
At one of these photographs ahe
looked twice or thrice as she darned,
and smiled frlemllMv,
I'd like to know where I.ee la Juat
this minute," she aid, half aloud.
If you hud been privileged to vh w the
photograph thuj (lettered, you would
have t nig'it at (ha firs) glanct that you
taw lha picture of a msnyptttiled
whit., flower blown through the air by
a storm. Hut the floral kingdom w is
not rseDOnslbls for that swirl of natal
..us wblttntee.
YOU saw the filmy, brief skirt of Miss
Rosalie ry . tl she made a complete
In i Is-ovi r-tead turn In her wistaria-en-
twined swing, far out from the taae.
bigb above the beads eX lbs audience, i
1 laiahg i I I I
'Mr. Jonee le certainly a well-Informed man.'
'Vet. Mia wife telle him everything."
Is Still in
' ' - ------------- - - ............. .
j ou mw thu oemofe inaeo.uate rcji
reeentatlon f tbt graeefuli kIcR,
with whloti ebe. ut tiii "X'':tinii mo-
nient. Hunt II.vWik, hlKli and far. tli
yellow iik Kartw iv.-it aach evenlni
pnn from lior iaTlla lirnli ani dRccri Ja.1
upon the dell(htd audience ii!o.
You hw, too, rn;d thu blacK-olothiMl,
loi.i. in 'riif pnta i' ...'in Ci
Tae Nta Vorli Kienlas w rail
Cenris i
" . to Invest, to buy an ocean liner for him,
Spittle ; To sudor giavtasspi Olotler, i would advise Kidney to go to one of
ryaelSSdlS sad A'-tnlt lh-tilrr In PfulNllbS ocean steamship companle In New
Stld oary OWes, ekbfag t (leaded TS, York and borrow a medium alaed twin
stauawiiae DtMefuiK f;,i en. Pram i scrsw steamer and practise sroeelng the
Bdtasrd Jurr. Feurlas Poaetss and
I hi Wl 't ndi
Dspr tllavlnalry four lulereetlng let
ter w.th bill Inclosed in ahlo I (the let
ter, not the bill) yo i Wlsbsd ms u pbas
Sn tiii and frSS from all 'are and
worry aim notified ms if i did not send
you sixty cents for putting In
light. Aug. 10 last, you would bring
Isult, is to hand,
Also I hard)! know what t.i say in
I . . ... ,,. .,.,,
tw ii a. lew eteamahlp costs, and If 1
uuld egg our eldt apsj did-
I IN fCT, tl
Place, Isn't It?
LTie Story of
zyfnd What Its
mainly inaacullno patrona of irlact
vaudeville u hundred handa ralaed with
the hope of ataylna; the flight of the
brilliant aerial token.
I'orly week of the heat cltvulta tbll
act ha l brOUtTbl Mm Roaallc Hay for
ea' h of to ytara. Hhedld ith-r thlnfa
during bar twelve tnlnutea--a ong end
(20 SroOCuQ
nsy, to give up his potation as moving
pleturs COWboy and become the captain
of an ocean liner
The fsjot that your son Sidney can
ply the piano and has been u mearnet
ist's "horse" oi- sUbjeOti and can atay In
a state of cataleptic, trame in ttor
window for a fortn sht at a time, would
doubtless be of great help to him In
navigating a ship, bUt ?" Kidney In
duce bis friend, w no haa a, little money
can wita It a few limes before he da-
i Idea,
The great sU'seaa Jour son Sidney h.
made as a moling picture owboy b-
uiie b can roll a cigarette with one
land presages a prosperous career for
him as commander of n ocean llneri
Mrs. BlaVlBSky'S fear that her eon
must auLriiit himself to be tattooed all
o.i i .a lore In- i an income a sailor,
because she saw a sailor In a dime ran
Itum to tattooed, Is groundless Tstteo
.ug is now entii'tly done awav with In
the merchant marine. All sailors a.
IIOw only compelled to deeoratS Ihem
teelvee wltb nautical dttlgnt, auch at
(niinMII itia
HW n
"Want yer enow .hovelled off, lady?"
"Why, there won't be any enow for a month yet.'
"Dat'e all right, lady. I kin wait!"
a Secret Souvenir
Discovery Led To.
d-ince, Iniltatiotia of two or three a 1
torn wno are hut Imltatloni I n
eelvee, and g i iien ok u i mtti u itep
ladder ami feather duator; but Mrhen lha
bleeaotitdeebed gwlng was let down
from the llo-a, and SI.h It'iBalic oao
nrnllliig Into the aeat, wiih the folden
clrolot conapi' iioua in thu place wbenei
Mr. Jarr Engages to Bring Home
A Menagerie for a Harlem Flat
anchors, ropea cgpCttBt, mofTOSldB,
snasea, fat lad "S, Ac , by pyrogrsph)
or burnt leather work
After gidnsy his bsd these dt!nl
burned over hi facade he m isl t nl
them In dull psatSl shade.
When It la too stormy for him as
captain, to to on e k. tc can go in the
hack portion of the Hh.p and let the lad)
Paengers copy the pictures IS :,rt
stitch or hea l work This kllll t me at
sea and make any line popular w.th
the ladles.
As Is your w.fe being englOUS that I
bring her home a couple of old cigar
'nines full of pearls ami diamonds, I
esn only "ay thai I would have been
more than (led to do so, bit I foraot
to bring any elgaf boxes with me Thle
la not my fault, gisvlnsky. You thould
iiuin glvsn me several bosee of i gara
before i left Don't let it happen scaln,
I am also verv so r v ! will not bt iblt
to bring home an slllgator and a rhi
noceros to your mtls bo) lssy i sm
glad to hear Ihsl thr Janitor ha prom
i.,i to let him keep hem in the cellar
and that IstV SSPSCtS le l"v for lha
food and clothing of ihs alligator and
rhinoceros by charging bis little play
mutes In the neighborhood a I ent splocc
to ride the tractable creatures around
I III th cellar.
I Bui fr that very reaeon 1 rnnnot
I bring home the animals In question
The natlvea here keen then in himneys
1 Wksre they fatten them for market, hut
the very air of a JeisiMf ts iUUi death
It WOUL"DN7 ijt
f to T5LAM6. IT ON
ar Tka ha W Ok
Tart la Ware,! J
it "ai aoon to illde u"d beeorne a goer
Ins and oovaied sucrden than It waa
lhal the audlano rose in n leal aa u
eirtvla man or preautnably m and in-
doread the pecially that made Mlaa
Ray'a name a favorite in tin iKiokiug
At the tad of 'he two :ira Mlaa Hay
to them wh,l the preaence of cellar
psuasa them to shed ai. ibelr wool and
i n n a way that would break your
heart to hear.
I msrk whit yoU sa regarding how
you would aPPrSC ate it If 1 W ouid shoal
a tel of furl tot lour married slater,
bul sm sort'.' to le, that this la the
n ling teat in ' If furs down here, and
lh i . forbid t ieir being hunted, foi
feir lb.- little furs will perish If the
pan ill r i r si ,,ie k lied, and hence cannot
'.ring the w Id uis otaah to thsni upon
winch these harmless but beautiful little
rrsatu ret tubtitl
I alto not- lhal
our little son Ixsy
w lh mi 10 'in. him home a pirate
of which m Unit hoc wioia him; at
ltv is much Interacted In ih curious
. of t . w h pirate of theae lati
tudes In but ling treasure.
i t la t. in. of year, 1 am orry to
sav plratSS are not In season. I shall
b glad. hoWOVOri to bring you some
nahemai from the Hahama IslanaA also
a mongoost (s beautiful bird of j
ii. a., i, thai It now In full plumage) I
shaii also bt giad to bring ou several
of th. 'i youndi or, aa they aru called
hers mongosi mas.
Tbs mandrake, another ourlsus tropi-
al blrdi makes a n . pet wt.en stewed,
but it should always be stewed in rum
or sherry I snail glee he glad to bring
your'litt.e say boms a shark or two, ,
if he nl'l promise to b gentle with
ihmu. gig trei) yours,
"I had te ditohsros my eeek.
"And mine oarrlee ell ee, whe'a
auddeuly aniiounce,! to her d-ar friend
Mia H'Armatidi , that she wat going to
spend In au miner at an antediluvian
village on the north shore of ini
Island, and that the siase would e
hr ho mote
Keventean minute after Ml I.ynnetts
I' Vr uiai.de had xprd her wish to
know the wbereAb rule nf her old chum
there were sharp rape at her door.
Doubt not that it e Roaall Hy.
At tb shrill DOTH is ml to enter she did
o, with so mething of a tired flutter,
and dropoed a heavy handbag on the
floor Upon my word. It waa Roaalle.
in a tonaa travel-etalned automobllaleee
root, rloeely td timwn veil with yard
long, flying end. ay walking ault and
tan oafnrd with lavender overgaltera
When an,, threw ,,ff her vi end hat
yo i saw a pretty enough face, now
Hushed and disturbed by some unusual
motion, and retlea. large eye with
dlsoontent marring their hrishtneaa. a
heavy p'le nf dull a lburn hair hastily
I p rt ur
was escaping In cr nkty. wav
ier strands and curling, email locke
from the confining comb and plna.
The meeting of th two waa not
marked by the effusion vocal, gymnns
tloal, oeculatory and catechetical that
distinguishes th greeting of their un
professional Sister In society Thar was
a brief flinch, two almultaneoua labial
labs and they atood on the same foot
ing Of th old day. Very much like th
short salutation of aoldler or uf trav
eller in foreisn wild are the welcome
between th tmllcra at the corner of
their iTl-rroa road.
' I've got th ballroom two fllshl up
above your." aald It ;. "bul I came
straight to see you before going up. 1
.t it' i know you were here till they told
I me."
I "I've been in sin the Isat of April "
said LynnettOi Ami I in going on the
road with a 'Fatal Inheritance' com
pany We open nexi week In K.liubcth.
tu oosninost or saitss lo rut
y Sfaartee tVeblaao.
Areeae aVapln. the Vreneh thief-gealaa. le ea of th swalees.
eathralUag eharaetere la Setioa.
aad hie advaatare ere fully ee etlrrtag. The latest and beet
Ateen Xaapea neeessa wtu begin
1 . . X2i
n s
the earrlod en eo."
uken nearly everything In the
ty Vic
O. Henry
I thought you'd quit th tte. Lea
in about ynurlf."
Rosalie settled herself with a eMIM
wriggle on the top of Mill I ' A rmandee
wardrobe trunk, and leaned her head
agsinat the papered wall. From
habit this can peripatetic
ladle and their sister make hmivee
a comfortable a thouah th dssSB
armchalre embraced them.
"I'm going lo tell you, Ljrne." edM
aid. with a strangely sardonic and wt
caraleeely resigned look on her ywwttM
face. "And then to-morrow I'll SSffdSe
the old Broadway trail again and wear
tome more paint off the chair In MM
acrnta' offli-ee. If anybody had tolej see
eny time in lha last three month Dp
to t o'clock thla afternoon that I'd
listen to that Ieave-your-name-aad
dress rot of , booking bunch
I'd have given em the real Mrs.
laush. Ixian me a Handkerchief, by
lee' but thoae Long Island trains
fler '. l ie sot enough toft-coal
dera on my face to go on are
Toagy without uaing the oork.
apeaklng of cork got anything
drink, l.ynnT
M aa ir Arniar.de opened
the waahatand and look out a bottha,
"There's nearly a pint of Man hat ten.
There'e a cluster of carnations In Ike
drinking glaas. hut"
' Hi, paa the bottle. Save rhe gkMS
for company. Thanka' That hlta She
pot The same to vou. My first eMBBs
In three months'
"Yea, Lynn, I quit the tat at the
end of laat season I quit It necuuee I
was sick of the life And especially be
eauae my heart and soul were slot ajf
men -of the kind of men we stag peo
ple hale to be up a'-'ulnat. You ajMtW
what t ie game is to ua It's a fight
airiln-t em all the way down tb line
from the manager who want u to try
his new motor car to tne n n poeeero
who want to call us by our flrtt aasst
iTe Be Continued)
le ae reaaeee ee daeeleeb
awtal enbUeeSlen at
. .. Mk a

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