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The Evening World Daily Magazine, Thursday, October 23, 1913
- -est
Daily Bseopt sunlav by 11 ruhllshlng Company, No II tb
i pars now, New or.
RAi.rrt rr t.rr.Kit, r-r-!dent, u rrk How.
.?. a NdCfl siiaw. TTsasursr, t ierk now.
JOSEPH PUUITEKH, Jr.. Hi rrtary. II l'ark How.
Kntwre.1 at the PoM-OfhYe w York a Fe-nnn-Cla Matter.
pttnn Ku.'s to Tn Kviiini ; Tor Knglan-I an I th Continent
All Countries in th Intrnevtlona
Postal i nlorv
on. Tear .. It.TS
By Older Of "the Chief" UaRSUfaJ By Maurice Ketten
World for I'm Vnlte.I SUtM
en J '..:..ula.
On Tear m tl O
On Month.
.10, una Mnntil.
NO. 19.0.M
DOES Hip ftfeiWft contractor in this city want Tomraany again
in power?
Doos ho want to seo himself forced hack ir.to the old,
heart-breaking competition with those who can outbid him for the
favors of the Boss and his lieutenants?
Who can estimate the um total of the money New York con
tmoton, great and small, have paid into the Tammany coffers?
The lata Edward M. Shepard once laid that the reason John D.
McDonald waa able to be the lowest bidder on the subway waa be-
hlt political arrangement! were five million dollara cheaper
l anybody else's could be.
Doei the honeit contractor, big or small, want to take hit orders
mi his business from the organization?
Does he want to cringe and bg and bay somebody's 0. K. for his
Mi Wf ore he makes it?
Does he want to hare to flgnro on what he can afford to pay
Iwnave his bid considered ?
Does ho want the finger of Tammany on his job from start to
Don he want his profits figured out by Tammany on the basts of
at Tammany thinks he is entitled to?
Does he want his street privileges cut off, his dumping permits
reftied, kit workmen tampered with, his work hampered and hindered
at every torn unless ha bonds himself and his toil to the organisation?
Or does ba want to make his contracts with a free hand, certain
ttat they will have as good a chance aa another's and confident that
at man has conspired against him?
The Evening World does not believo the majority of contractors
fNew York have lost their semes.
fMeii tl Signs fin New York win yet with one Big effort
catch oe Murphy, and, tn the words ot a dead genius, "leueere
flit add out of him la on grip and toss him to the gods that collect
exhausted lemons."
THE crisp fall days ara come when New York sir to like crystal
la tbo brilliant sunshine every object stands out bold tad
clear. Through the tingling air every sound strikes sharp
ad distinot
Listen to the trolley car as tbo motorman clamps on tbo worn
out brakes. How the ineffable sound of ragged metal grinding upon
metal screams through the air, pierces the eardrum and comes home
tc the tired brain t To think that nowhere in crowded New York, on
surface, elevated or subway lines, can one escape this horror
Five years ago, at this very season, the Public Service Commission
waa uttering dire threats of what would happen if the street railway
linos kept on permitting those needless noises.
To-day the Public Service Commission has forgotten some of fts
youthful pledges. as to the plain thinga it meant to do for the public.
Chairman McCal) is nnlosding promises on another market.
i ssaswsisajwasitswiwsswiawiiaawase wvwwwwwwwvwMwMMWMwwwwMyw wwaswissiwawwaaseesHai
art w LU I 1 1 1 MJY0M: CNSVx ttiW I
1 I talk raHB ,
si i r k i a. a v Kt-f-T-Uif i k-jclji anHT mu wya i
i r3T'OiHH i
OoTfrUH 11 S, t, Tte Press Publish tr O (The Jttw Tor ttnm Want).
T Is easier to stop a Broadway car on the wrong corner than to stop the
ebbing of love once the ttde has begun to go out.
Why does the average man always Jump to the oenoluslon that a girl
want htm to make tore to her when, nine times out of ten, she only wantg
him to WANT to make love to her?
la the arid desert of hta sweetheart's absence a man drifts many a little
oasts et flirtation In which to while away the time and refresh his parched
A little more frankness between men and women before the wedding)
and a little LESS frankness afterward might make marriage seem mora
like a recreation and teas like a reformatory.
A womaaw reverence for the Mighty Masculine Intellect Is apt to tetto
after she haa been married to one for a few month and has discovered
that all her huabaad'a "worry over business" Is merely worry for fear he
may not bo able to get away from It In time for the baseball game.
After a few montao a bachelor comes to look back upon thi girl who)
jilted him aa an angel unawares.
The Murphy hind ts now constantly busy ' ylnr to ctoss some
" tody's mouth. But Murphy ham" hands enough.
WW MSB all our faults it to comforting to see bow good sense
W stands by us.
The notorious and militant lady from England, her
Mat) by advance notices, thrice advertised at our immigration barrier,
entered tbo city with flying colors and tho brave announcement that
he waa rare the American people admitted tho justice of her cauao.
-At biggest hall in town waa thought none too largo for the crowd
net weald flock to hear her. Seata were sold at $3.50.
And the result? Only a handful came to hear, and those who
fed) paid fifty cents for gallery plaoea had to bo called down to sit
fjttao $3.60 seats in order to round out an audience.
It does aot prove that New York is not immensely interested
beaffrage It oaly provea that the kind of antics Mrs. Pankhurit
steads for we are perfectly content to hear about at a distance, and
mi tar curiosity aa to the sensational lido of the tuff rago movement
It-not 8p4a the estimates.
This Is no silent Hennury.
A wife's "chtMlsh prattle" ts like the ticking ot the. clock; a man
doesn't notice It while It's going on, but he would miss It If It should sut
denly stop.
Alas, to most men all the pleasure of lova or
pursuit rather than In tho possession ot it
a Jag" consists la the)
What Makes for a Happy Home?
By Sophie Irene Loeb.
CocjTkfct, I'll. F Tha I'rm PublW.lnt 0 (Tha Set York Crtalni World.
irERPJ la no place Ilka home; and i cation that It woM ba PirnctT.T fee
"Sometime II u i sooa tnuig , them to fa out and cop with tha world
there isn't," la tha cry of on, man , when tha marrtaa Ma become antxar-
who writes to Tha bla. So they o on trrlne to kp t9a
44 H jt jijsjiji jus ji H4 H jl ji ji ji Mj j ji ji dt js H j j j o
Mrs. Jarr Is Collecting Dividends
on a Quite Imaginary Investment
ji ji ji ji ji j j j j j j j j j j j 3 j ji ji ji ji ji jt ji jt ji ji ji j j j
CawxisM. taw. j The hen i''!f
Ithe .Nt KTrntss World).
( HS.ii'T you coin w are
go oui ror a wm ini ""
day, deortaf aaked naishboiiy
Mra. Duienbarry. tha old lady from In
diana, who had Juat dropped In. "Do
fix youraelt up a bit and taka oft thut
thara taudy heathen baaq.u. Every
time I aaa them outlandlih thinga I ex
pect to hear Brother Slurk, tha Slnglnc
Pilgrim, Una out
" 'From Greenland' ley mouatalna
To Injy'a coral atrandai'
"And Brother Oreea. tha Boy
Bvanseltat. go around taking up a col
lection for mlaalona. Wothln' bat all
ver, pleaa,' ha always Bays, 'and tho
Siver ot greenbacks will ba doubly
blessed:' "
'Do you mean my kimono?" asked
Mra. Jarr, viewing with aom satisfac
tion the ornate embroidered Oriental
garment aha had purchased in Panama.
Whatever Its name Is. It Is too pretty
to ba rospectabK" replied the old lady.
I never see a woman wearing any
thing that ts enticing but what I think
of King Holomon'a wives and ether sin
ful critters."
"Hut beauty Isn't sinful, Mrs. Duien
berry." replied Mrs. Jarr.
"I always thought so, and that hap
piness was slnfjl, too." aald the old
lady. "Hut ail the preaching la differ
ent nowadays."
fn expecting Mrs. Stryver," aald
Mrs. Jarr.
"That other stuck-up wom.m? Was
you to se her elnca you come back
from the places they show you In the
Illustrated lectures?" asked the old lady.
"Me so to see HER? I guess not!"
said Mra. Jarr. "But she'll b here-I
wonder what she'll bring me?"
"She won't bring you nnythlng," ven
tured the old lady. "Klie's rich. And
I've alway noticed It's the poor as
gives things. The rich Is always try'n
to GIT. Fust tli!n they always wants
to know of poor folks la have they any
money to Inveat"
Broadway Ballads (III.)
iTs nn -nnsuvssyr nr-i-irm m n-r ' '"'"""""'"" ia
CniWM. ISIS, t TU I'rtis rMNUB in Co. (The ! Tori Bus World).
A PICTURE of wife, sweethesrt or baby is an admirable thing
MJk in its place, but that place is uot on the glass of aa engineer
ess driver's watch.
Such is the edict of tho Illinois Central Railroad, and the some
applies to brakemen and conductors. Thero is no record of any train
having left the track or ploughed through another while tho engineer
was dreaming over the likeness of his sweetheart, nor has any con
ductor been known to miss a car full of fares while contemplating the
features of his first-born. Nevertheless, these things might happen.
The railroad officials hnve decided that photographs in watch
cases interfere with efficiency. Is this idea to stay confined to o
profession involving responsibility for human life, or will the mer
chent and the office boss presently claim the right to inspect watch
covers on the ground Hint they are entitled to a more thorough sus
pension of sentiment on the part of employees during business hours?
Hits From Sharp Wits.
A descendant of old Peter Mlnult. who
bought Manhattan Island from tha un
sophisticated Indiana for a string of
beads, ha put In a claim for tha entlr
property, but It la not believed that tb
Astor wilt gtv It to him.
The man who loses hi head la the
only person who can't be helped by ad-
a e e
The Comptroller of the Treasury hav
ing decided that a man's home Is where
his wife lives, a lot of gentlemen will be
registering from the bargain counter.
Huston Transcript.
Man want but little here below and
seldom gets more than half of that
I'lilladelpht Inquirer.
With more fatalities on New Tork
street In one recent month than ever
in fore, perhaps, "Stop, look, listen!"
signs at tach street Intersection would
be of scrvlce.-MUwauke Dally New,
Mr. McCill Is still denouncing the tyrant press,
to no!d olf his climax fur twelve dvj.
We advise h'.m
1 Letters From the People I
Imjijuuij j i r i ii ii i.i ii i.i i r i r 1 1 - n- n nrl
Needle stule. . It Impossible to sleep at night and gl
rol fas K.ming World: 1 une nervous prostration In the dayitn
STVe lb thanks of the I A number of resident and lusln
r calling attention to ai.d si I MSB on Jamaica avemue have ptlUon
f the Editor
Tou do
Bi unity for caning
tacking ib uunecetsary noise In this
oSty and Its suburb. The traction com-
i are no doubt the worac offemlers.
I SS Rlcneaond Hill, where I live, th
ears eaavt run Cnrvugh Jamaica
It Impossible to sleep at night and stv
tlio Public Set vice ''omuilsialon to has
the trains end running gear or th of
fending trolley line Inspected, because
It Is a menace to health and almost Im
possible to do business on tb avenue
o.i aooount of thi terrible ools aa4 vi-
New York's aquarium ha a twenty-two-pound
lobster. Wurely New York
Cat do belter than that by searching
th d'eat Whit Way. -Top State
It la reported, that Harry Thaw has
entered upon the study of th law. He
hae had opportunity to eee that It's a
pitying profession, In favorable olrcum
stances -Albany Journal.
An aitaeo of hair, even If It Is red,
( srortb a pound of bald bead,
The ma who uaea a busts! te bit
ate NgUt hoid carry aavsk wheat
m 19 MATA EE l
V aTJOi. J A
KtlltPtSai tV Xjsi jJh
rEtK . SYVLEO Jto ZttSJuiX
Ah, you love me true ant ardent
A th aeaaona come ant go;
You have worshipped at my ehrine, methlnks,
For a ecorw of years or ee.
ut I wonder, ah, I winder.
Will you Keep on loving yet
When I ley aside the eld dress-suit
"Well. Mrs. etryver will he her, and
she'll bring me something, too," Mrs.
Jarr went on. 'That's why Tm wear
ing this kimono. It me a I told
Olar MudrWge-Smlth yesterday at four
that th Presldenteas of Nicaragua no,
It was Costa nica would visit ma this
winter. SlfK'LL BK HERE!"
The Presidents!?" asked th old
lady. "Will ah have Jewelry in hr
"Sfs. t mean Mr. Stryver will b
here." replied Mra. Jarr. A for jw
els In anybody's nose, th President)
of f.'osta Klca Is"
Mrs. Jarr paused a minute to think
Just what alia would make thla purely
Imaginative but itrm:y Interesting
nerbonage like.
"Well," she added after pauae "I
ran only compar the Prsldnteu ot
Costa Klca to an empress far dignity
and an actress for beauty."
"There'a the Stryver woman now. Juat
a you aald'." esiad Mrs, Senberry.
"111 be going."
"No. you stay." aald Mr. Jarr. Tare
see what ah brought me!"
Gertrude, the Jarr light running
domestic admitted th visitor, who
carr.o pufflr.g In with a great ahow of
affectation, kissing Mra. Jarr, but ut
terly Ignoring old Mrs. DuoMiberry.
I have been Just dying to you
since you cairn back!" cried th new
comer. "Out I waa preparing surprise
for you. Here I geld mesh hand bag
have been keeping for you. you aear
thing! I aald to myself, What can I
gat my dear Mrs. Jarr, whom I have
missed o Urrlblyr "
Tali th bag, Mrs. Dusenbarry." aald
Mrs. Jarr sweetly. "You Know, ins
Prosldentess of Coat Rica nvr re
ceives present escept through lady-ln-waltlng"
Yea. yea; I know!" exclaimed Mrs.
Stryver. "I hear an la so sweet, ao
sractouat But surely you do not mean
that Clar Mudrldge-Smlth 1 to meet
her? Clar la dear, sweet thing but
coarse! Don't you think bar ooarasT"
Mr. Jarr thought of tha ooetly ai
grette Mr. Mudrldgo-amltb had given
har the day before, and said:
Oh, Clara means weU, you knew."
"She means well, of course!" Mra.
Stryver went on, "but If tha Preslden
tea of Coata Rica Is to meet our so
cial leader, we must not permit bar
to gain a wrong Impression of u Now
Clara, as I aald, is parraet lev nut
she I forward. She will make aora
"Th President will be prepared
for that 8b la very tolerant." salt
Mr Jarr.
"Could tha reception be ot my house r-
asked Mr Btryvsr eagarty. "Clara
Mudrldge-Smlth Uvea la apartment
turaly th roptlon could not be held
In apartments, no matter bow luxuri
ous! But I forgot. I saw th loveliest
bonnet yesterday. Tou must try It on.
It would beooene you aw beautifully I
siting. Let me belt
Evening World. II
deplores th fart
that woman get
mors sympathy
from th puttls
than doe man. II
"It Is unfortunate
that public sym
pathy lg so per
sistently with tbs
wlf Oonaolous se
curity offers the
termagant wife
great temptation.
Knowing that fleelns husband under
any provocation, are foredoomed by th
publlo aa rascals, wife can safely In
flict every form of domexrJo torture.
"St bss or' Utah tats pitiful
story of hor tor. V has loved
her husband, how kindly tli hss treated
him, how unwarrantably he remains
away from her. to win for herself tor
rent of publio sympathy. I apeak from
experience - my capacity of husband.
"I hav tried to d -eight by my wlf
No doubt I am to blame; but I hav ex-
bausted my Intelligence and my patience
In my cffoa . to win kindness and re
spect and to ma: s my home resemble
what the term 'home should mean. I
nav trlM -enty year Now X llv
alone. My wlf uncaastnrlr threatens
to 'ruin me i th y- - of th world' If
I se 'l divorce. yet I have never
met the 'other woman.'"
It IS true thst woman get more eym
pathy r man in such caaea. And
rightfully ao. For daserrted husband
usually has the ympathy of all th
widows and old tralds, while deserted
wlf ts looked upon with suspicion,
Not yet ha th time ie when all
women can be economically Independent
of such conditions ao that they may
leave an unhappy state and not suffer
SO t consequence. A a yet man cer
tainly h th ADV. VTAOE.
There are many little women ao altu
ated either by lack of strength or edu-
remnants of thing torrether.
Wit i man It ts different Th dual
standard of man and woman is aot Tel
changed, and the benefit of th bsjaaso
SIIoin.D be given to the woman, ft
la true, aa this man states, that tie
ruel creature exists who nags without
However, If such thing coutt
been tolerated for twenty years,
must be something to be said la
of har who oould hav endured the
state of affairs so long. Her story rslgti
be Interesting also. It you want at
anew the truth about th m
stood husband aak th unde;
wtf In thla esse it take two to
up hom This man says he baa
"exhausted his Intelligence to make bis
home ream .bt whs tbs term Inaas
should mean."
Thereto lea go Bom tWhat Is ltd
real meaning of ham? First of sJIt
TACT and TOttBRANCB are prims fea
tures. Many hem Is saved, th
truggl of existence svolded and a tVe
rekindled by Juat these two elements.
A few suggestions to keep th lnt
alls- and to tend toward the
home are:
In double hamesa, when nerve easts
in at the doer happiness flies out of tM
When people quarrel, on word brlsfa
on another until they acquire I imasQji
lary that they are ashamed of.
"Tts a wis wife that keept!i har own
I.ov is rh on unfailing traveller ttat
reaches tn road of reform.
th marriage wheel go without ecr
Love extended at tha right t'.m steps
the tear and the closed flft
In keeping the Are alive one reuot net
be loo ur of n everlasting spark.
When personalities creep la, lerr
rrawla ou.
In th matter of bonds, forged sheet
lea of law lose out to spider thread si
The Day's Good Stories
When Artist Disagree.
A CERTAIN esslant laadtcspe arlart sold
picture to e eeallliy weesaa of Boslea.
Tbs wessaa sees became tiled of toe pls-tn-e
bertwe, ife ew'a-ea, H lacked eelwa
tloe. So ah seat tor asctber artiet sad aakel
alas te palat sua or a eaus oa sue lead that
rsa throiif h U aaleale ef tta ststna, sen tea
Philadelphia Beeord.
The arttat dM s aa wbea b met th sua
who bad patated tb ertstaal work is told kiss
what be bad deae. "1 bad the teawrlty w
alter e laadaaape ot yeur the ether day," t
aid. "It was the oae ro sold W Mm. W.
Bhe wasted e fltura paUtwd ba, as I added aa
eld sua walktof dow tb road."
"Boadl What loadt Thor.' ee read hi lat
"Why. r there k)." askt the ether. "Thar
1 e lead that ruse through the sudd of tbt
"Why, you fool." lBdlssaaay sited tb Oret
artM, "that 'a do road I That's s rirw.w
Passed the Piste.
II nn strest eat eoadortot'e dutloj Is OVs
I church of which he waa a siesabw to taka at
the collection oea dart aad, as a b
pessd, bis Mist ssixneaos of saoh dauss, mm
tbs National aleauilr. H we little seneas
es he starts dow the eeati sWe, bet that
eoo won off, sad he betas to feel almost al
Th saw collector peaed h'rn the plate, but tk
sue abook hie bead and stuck hi haeoi doss Saw
bis pockets.
Tasrsupe our Mead the eoadsc'ar - mst
put BJ bis head ea u lerk tb ten S
"Wen, youll have te get off."
Hssty Departure.
ABACNTED hoea u QeorUa wu ketd t
terror by all the Beerties la tin rtcustf
aeept Haas, who deslaied that lot a a
would aleep then all Bight.
A pons was rale J and Sam was tret to aSart
est bis red of tb baajala aod to oaO tattle
moralo for tk saceey. When morals eaaw tj
trace of asst. Th hmaw cimtMd Sjetbisastt
the erldeae of s hurried departure. "
Foot dan later Sam, eoreiwd wtth mat. essa
alowlr walktag dow the road.
Hi. dare, Blsgerl" ytUtd s bystsadsL Wsssa'a
roa-ell bete d lu' hh dan I"
To watch Bam curtly m.p.,adwd: "Ah heal
e-ceisia' back." Erarybody'a aUsaats
There vers several children la tha fleet psw.
Each put la a ewaar. The people la the Beat
pew alas ooBtrlboted toaethlaf each.
The Minister Scored.
TBS yeUBf lawyer dlda't Ilk th
SB he thoofbt te corner htm.
-now. oaov. h. Mlai. - pssj
paiwtB ead the drrtl ehswjd bar a ussjwja ssB
party do roe tkuk would wtnl"
"The derU, waquapaoaabbT." raptled tbs ess.
"Ah!" ehuoklsd the roar I lawrer. "1st ssjl
re tan na whjf"
"Bacaoaa he would fcava ell me I
1 1 wvuau EWOWBBW W
loowoe. my ear Is waitlai
t , , Nsra t wits swai tjaAis:
A U glass Sallow tat alone I tb third psw, stda." ladles' Boss Journal.
Tts Bvenlmj World wis pay s
flow I oot My first stsaa,-
estae of m tor the test aocouwt 4
The atorv must be true fa rworr dotal and auMtct to cndrm.eie-. ia
rmist gfrt tte wrkktrw acxuai txttvieoo la oWainini bis first lr.cresss of
etrvtes ee eeHes rwtc wu the nlse swarded? Vht clr
Cttiustancts PSttild Ml Tfl the story ttrirfly, stanply, nsturii.y, withuut .
SI IIIIWSI'IIH VI lBBll WB now nrwinj
Coaglne yosar atarrswjre to. a5o words or lata:
a-prfersbly less. Write ea
Edator, Evening World. a
- s vgr
is Jaaaaica make
bratleav OaWlwa IT.
te mlMfvll

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