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The "Corkscrew Curl the "Fore Lock and the "Brimless Derby
Are the Proper Things as Society Sees Them at the Horse Show
JumpinE,, However, Is Only
Preliminary to Real Osf
Events Later Mackay Win.
Approaching Blindness Drove
New Rochelle Diamond Set
ter to Sudden Frenzy.
After Breakfast Fires at Wife
Till She Falls; Then
Pierces Own Brain.
Tepondent over falling eyelght
whleh threatened to destroy hla useful
nee a diamond setter at Tiffany',
where he bad been employed for thirty
yean, Oeorge R. Newman ahot hla wife
row time and killed himself to-day
In bla home at New Rochelle. Mr.
Nwman died later tn the New Rochelle
Mr. Newman ft flfty-flve year old.
HU wife wa fifty-two. They lived In a
flat In the Ro.-he" Height Apartment.
' No. 220 North avenue. William D.
.Newanan, their eon, a bookkeeper In the
National City B. nk of New Rochelle. In
married end Uvea elsewhere, and a
married daughter. Mra. H. U Warber
live In Houston. Tea.
The eye trouble that promlaed to
disable Mr. Newman had been pro
aresalng for aome time, but It was only
n few day ago that he found the
dleae waa probably beyond the Mill
of oculllt. HI depression wa ap
parent to his wife and hla friends, who
lid their best to Sheer him up.
Mr. Newman prepared breakfast for
her buaband as usual this morning and
tAey ate together at 7 o'clock. A I the
conclusion of the meal Mr. Newman
went to the kitchen expecting her hue
band to hurry to the train, as was
hi custom.
Instead he followed her Into the room
Before he had an Idea of hi Inten
tion he took a revolver from a ahelf
and began firing at her. he wee
truck In the abdon the breaat, the
neck and the right arm. Not until ehe
fall did her husband ceaoe his attack.
Mown r, bellei.. his wife dead,
fl- 4 a bullet Into his right temple.
Th missile passed clear through his
head and h fall backward, dead.
Nelghbjrs who hud heard the -ts
telephoned for the police. The flat waa
entered In a few minutes and Mrs
Newman was hurried to the hospital.
She retained consciousness long enough
to tell the atory of the tr. jdy.
Mata Falls to Esplala Queer Arts
la Jiilied.
wanmNOTON. Nov. 17. While
nrowllns In the ahadnwe of the shrub
bery south of the White House early
i,.rtlv a man giving his name as Clyde
Wythers. and his address as this city
waa arrested by the White Houaa po
nes force.
H could give no explanation for his
presence ao cloe to the Executive
Mansion and was Imprisoned. He will
be remanded to the asylum hospital
for examination aa to his sanity
Tavern l.onla Forced Into Bank,
reptoy by Landlord.
Another turkey trottery went under to
,ihv with the rtling of an Involuntary pe
tition In bankruptcy against the Tavern
I .mils, a tango restaurant located In the
1'latlron Building, The reason assigned
for the failure w in a dispossess action
tiled by tho restaurant's landlord. The
liahllltles Wr placed at I7S.0OO with as
atg totalling- a bout 1-5. WO. 'Hie petition
waa filed by Palmar Searles, acting
for the following creditor: R Hubburd
BanOTOft, the Iu Vlvh-r Company and
the Tarr Brother' Stationery Company,
rtuted States Judge Hough named Hob
ert P. Lewis receiver under a bond of
15,000. The fOjlTaT 1 empowered to
continue the bualnee.
HI Joke t ost III Lite.
TRACl'HK, Nov. 17 William lloIire,
twenty ' ": Ot Tanytown, died at Cro
ton late yisterd of a Ktab wound re
ceived Brly In tfie morning. Hodge,
white on his way home with his room
mate, Frederick 8 -hulenburg, directed
a joking remark to Risnuale Iacarone.
1 The latter resented It, and drawing a
knife tabbed lloJge and disappeared.
Flush your Kidneys occa
sionally with a t able
spoonful of Salts to
avoid danger.
Moat folks forget Ihtt " MdMJf,
like the bowel, gel sluggish ami doffM
and need a Flushing occasionally, else we
have pgekacha ami .lull misery in the
kidney region, severe bdahaa, rheu
matic twinges, torpid liver, acid stomach.
laapleaspr.su und all sorts of bladder
Yo lmplv must keep your kidney
aotrva and clean, and the moment you
fad aa ache or pain in the kidney
raffgaV about lour ounce ol J ad
The Men:
Evening Clothe Are
Fitted to the Wearer,
Not Hung on Him;
Waieteoate Are of Silk,
Just "Off White' t Pre-
vailing Style 1$ a "V
Shaped Opening; But
tons Are "Fancy" and
Watch Chains Are Es
sential. If you wish to learn which horse are
entered in the harness classes of the
Horse Show, your quest will entail the
mild labor of turning over the page
of the official catalogue. If, on the
other hand, you wish to aea the en
trant In a far larger "name" clas-
than anything the horses have to offer.
al you need do la turn your head from
the promenade of Madiaon Squar (Jar-
den to the bozea and then back to the
promenade again. Beoauae practically
arery living soul In that vast arphl-
tbeatr la entered In one or another
of the "harness classes for human;
manner to count"
All of which 1 prefatory to saying
that the Horse show s just about the
most distinguished assemblage of well-
dressed people that theae United States
can produce. Of caurae some of tae
women have on everything but the
kitchen stove (this Is being written by
a man) and some of the men bat leia
than .003 when It comes to a coat or a
waistcoat but, as a gathering of thou
sands, the Horse Show sesMona afford
one an opportunity to see not only tne
last cry but the very best taste in per
sonal adornment, masculine and fem
New Yorkers dres proverbially we'.l,
or. at least, with proverbial distln tion
(Uon't you remember the fellow or was
it a girl? In the cros road store who,
when you went In to ask the way, or
buy a stamp, or borrow a monkey
wrench, said to you In a voice ringing
with penetration: "You're from New
York, ain't you?") And the people who
i .instantly visit New York dress well.
Therefore, the Horse Show should very
properly be the occasion upon whl 'h to
view the smart things in raiment
Whether the time and thought expend-d
upon embellishment of the hom.in IlKUri
represent profit or loss is a matter which.
It Is agreed, cannot be decided. So those
who can afford It go valiantly on, hand
in hand with Ham Fashion, and thus,
who cannot afford it well, they do the.r
The first night of the Horse Show, last
Saturday, well auffleed to Indicate Jus:
what the "proper thing" Is in thia sea
son's dress for men, ulCiujgh It reali
changes very little from year to ycav
As for the women s gowns patience lor
a moment. They require the aid of an
assistant, who shall be heard a bit fur
ther on. Let the men be first for once
A has been atud. the dress of men
varies but little with lUOCMdlng years,
and this Is particularly true of (Vantng
clothes. However, there are details of
cut and lit. to say nothing of the appur
teiiaixn, which Instantly differenllat
the well-dressed man from hi less for
tunate of '.ess-caring brother. And when
one comes down to It, the question:
What does well-dressed mean'.' can only
be answered by referring to the apparel
of those who are recognized In New
York as well dressed men. Saturday's
Salts from any good drug store here,
take a talilrsunonf ul ill a glas of water
before breakfast for a few days, and
your kidneys will then act fine. This
famous salts is made from the arid of
grapes and lemon juice, combined with
lit din, and is harmless to flush dogged
kidneys and stimulate them tn normal
activity. It also neutralizes the acids
in the urine 0 it no longer irritates,
thus ending bladder disorder.
Jad Salts is harmless; inexpensive;
makes a deligiilfjd effervescent lithia
water drink which everybody should take
now and then to keep their kidneysctean,
thus avoiding serious complications.
A welt-known local druggist says he
ells lot of Jad Salt to folk who believe
in overcoming kidney iroubla wbila it if
oadjr teoubla.
of the show brought to the Oar-1 I -X f IH If 0H
tmmL, VH oWW V I Wj
Win- Bm jfTt. I V ggTaBBBBBBaV I Lr
throp HHgF lA l S V
Ky HiA fl Br H gfee-.. .jfl
Howl 7ml 2. fl JRi flS-a O'vfll
HE l I t! nr-wB aP7 aKfS Tv -BJ
Bloodgood. flflkJ laVaS J ga I EbM bbbX
IteKlnald are fl Bl ' IjbflT gw " I Biflir wfl
tint best I Jr Kfls tttt BBT I m JmU
in I I 1 ijflV LAlfcVHj --yC HflflrSk j flflflfl
in the evening may. be VJ fl 1 1 O'cVwflB'l fl
iepte.1 repreentlng the mode of I II flflVy yXNIJ(iU
In the first place evening clothes are V 1 I tl M J
tight. They must convey he Idea that II II MM &l 1 .
they are titled to the man wearing I afli TMC NEW I
them, not hung on him. He should fee: M fKE-LOCK
that he has them on, because there B I , I
should nothing roomy "r .-a.- aV"i! 1 ) I flj gflHK3gW 1
a tall coat and waistcoat. With the y Ml B BflflaBflK
light the back t- keep it Vdtt II Bl I
flat, the front part, the lapeis, should BJ I wJ fl I
be cut -well back to make the coat 4a- V J W HHW
cldcdly "pen In fmnt to show almost km C vfll
the entire width of the shirt bosom ml J JMf BJ I
In the matter of waltcoat. the best
of them are made of silk, and prefer
ably what one may call "Just off
white." It l not a cream color exactly;
If the color of white silk after It h.i.i
been washed or cleaned. Some of t ic
waistcoats (how a tine pattern of dots
or tiny arabesques. Uut nothing floridly
floral 1 to be tolerated f ir a moment
The waistcoat must be tight, too. par
ticularly at the waist, and lie flat to
the breast. It may be "Horseshoed" -that
Is. the opening cut like a II be
cause there were sever. f. of these In
evidence Saturday night, but the pre
vailing atyle la a V-ahaped opening.
The waistcoat has either three or four
buttons, and In character these folio .v
the taste and purse of the wearer
Primarily the button are "fancy"; that
Is, they may be set with diamonds or
may be mother of pearl with crossed
threads of diamonds. They may be of
enamel or crystal or gold, but they
should be as fai removed as pusslule
from ordinary buttons.
Trousers are neither tlirht nor lOOgfl
they may have a double stripe or a
wide single stripe of silk braid down
the o aside scams, but they must be
short. They must come well up over
the heel. Long trousers are the ev.l
companions of long sleeves.
In ah ! it bosoms tie men showed
more diversity than in outer clothes
Home had unstarched boaonot made of
multi-tucked llnn, the tuck- less than
an eiKhti of an inch wide, others hell
to the stiff bosom with woven pattern,
but all wore two studs. The "bi it"
thing, of eourau, Is a real pearl stud,
but one saw several which wero of
ryslal or mother of pearl rlmmod,
with diamonds set In platinum. Tins
is riot ao gaudy as it s unds. since
the studs themselves were scarcely
more than a uuuiier of an inch in
diameter 'I'm. cult links general!)
mat'iusl the studs, unless the latter
were pearls. One pair waa of siual.
linked balls encrusted with tiny dia
Watch chains, which came Into more
or less vogue some time ago, arc n w
part and parcel of evening dress Hut
such chains should bo intinitesimallv
thin, of platinum, aiid have Jewelled
links alternating with plain ones. Thar
was ICgrcaly a well dressed man at
the show on Saturday niudit who did
not sport a chain. Many of them, too.
wore black ribbon guard With a gold
runner about their necks. To these,
in many cases, a pair of eyeglass.
w as attached and tucked into a I
waistcoat po, set. nut one youngatei f
In a box had a diminutive pair of opera
glasses attached to his.
The style of the top h it. as exempli
Dad by It - w. invars, is pr . tlcally what
It was last winter, although una seus
a Kiig.it diminution of the "bell," The
brill are almost Hat and ..n fairly
wide, and the two-inch d ill OlOth band
universal. Incidentally, th further
ack on your head you can wear your
silk hat the better.
Now We COIIle ta the gowns of the
women and to a man's dismay They
were all fluffy and sh.mmery and eh.ny
and Of many colors and soft textures
Haturday night, The Women had hale
on and those on tne pTOmanida were
een to i. wearing shoes, it IVaj im
pogalbla to aa th shoes of mo in
the bog, A great number of them
had fur OlOakl .too it .liuir MhOU.ders.
that is, i, unvahouldgr. fur It se u
to lie "the tolug" to lt UlC ' oak ill op
off tlis- ot; n houlde: going of the
cloaca were of ermine nid brilliantly
walte, and others were of other kind
of fur, brown and gray. And then.
again, some were of velvet (tuff with
rl. tm collar, and cuff. Ihf. wet
OMCe.AouwO-rlC'AtwA J I J
all kinds of feather, tall Imposing snea.
In the hats, and tin
gowns were low
In the neck and bewitching.
That's how It looked to the man on
the prom.nale. Hut the expert fam
inlne win was there beside hlin sougnt
to enlighten him. She ran an alert eya
down the throng and swept th boaaa
with an nll-eucompasemg glance and
then held forth:
"The gown and clonks of the women
are assuredly beautiful this year. The
cry Is satin, velvet nnd chilfon. And
just hsk at those ermine cloaks! (This
wasn't putting one over on th mini,
he'd seen these already.) There'a a gown
of white chiffon With a double minaret
tunic of silver Anlahad w.th skunk and
embroidered at the chiffon-Veiled bodice
with silver lace and dnlshe.l with hand
of skunk, and a cloak of black velvet
with white fox OllaT, and a black vel
vet hat with black leaves, and there's
a chinchilla coat, and a string of pearls,
and a Watteuu hat of pink and whit
chiffon, with blue satin ribbon and a
band of little pink roses and a cluster
of light blue sat. n bows."
If It be true, .i.i often averred, that
won. en dress themselves for ihe betn th
of the male of tit ipcetag, It certainly
Newest Feminine Fashions
Fill Boxes and Promenade
From the femlnln artorlal tand
pint the opening of the twenfy-nintli
Horag Show at Madison qugr Warden
was a complete success, and this not
withstanding the fact that society in
its loyalty to spots w.is forced to
divide Its adh.r a between the foot
ball games and th snow. The latter
suffered in 0OnqUnc, hut even thoUg
tin- attendance of society was OUrthlUd
fashion was there In all its -pleiidor.
And It wa by no means confined to
the arena bogeg. It was noticeable that
the occupant of the boxes were them
selves much Interested In th movl.i :
fashion dlkPlay, for such it truly wa-
befort the n.
Never before in the hlntory of the
Horse Show have local modlsti and
ilillluieis made lUOh an extensive show
Ing In models as at this opening. And
,iby should not s ..iety be interested In
the models at the New York Horse
ghOW just as tin y are Ui the mannlkins
at tho French races? And so Ne.v
York's society watched tho passing
show, for here they received th very
iatest faahlon notes from Paris, and In
eies. nice ami style this lival'.ud th
fakhlon display in tho Isixes
An extremely aniurt costume that was
followed with gdmlring gagag was of
verdlgrii duvetyn. It wa rleh In Ita
Implicit)', the only trimming being a
i lose collar of seal dyed mole. Thu
coat was a abort, round 'dgu model and
buttonnd ologg to thu neck with J"'
tnoiliei ebarm.ng gown worn by
,d ; wa uf black cloth. Over the
In. pie si. lit fell a ghort tunic of gold
ttorlgonlal striked black cidffon cloth.
This was gathered full about the nor-
; il . aist gild the llttll cloth lion Jack
aiit A I era
11111 - .
fcliri Of lrr-e.ll
i rre.li tU . t
tlliiK Su.i 1
fij, XlJ'uM Vu-Wi.
ts a benefit performance that they're
giving this week at Jladlson iuare tai -
1 den. a Is worth any man's whll to go
there Just to see them In all th glory
of their plumage. Again, If the cutty
I retort that women dress to make other
1 women envious, let the other women go
to the Car. ten and turn green.
1 Whatever the object of dress, If any
i one wishes a great white light shed upon
I It and how charmlmtlv th new modes
may be worn, let that person hie him
I self to the Harden show and sew thi
uperb ooatuma of Mrs Alfred O. van
derbllt. Mrs. Ildwnrd B. McUian. Mrs
Krancia Hyde, Mis. Xton.n Morrl.
Miss Audrey osborn, Mrs Bid Ward N
Krrltong, Miss l-ota Itoblnson, Mr
Payne Whitney, Mrs. Mareden J. Perry
Miss Julia H. Kdey. M.ss .Margarot I
Overion, Miss Pa illne Markson. Mrs
Hamilton Wilkes I'ary and lialf a hUH
,tr.,i more Who were at tit show on
Saturday and will be there nearly every
day until the close. They have settled
tor the seas in, at any rate. Just "what
they're going to wear this year," and a
simple man ventures to eUggaal that a
tr.p around the arena has a perusal of a
fashion book beaten three way fron
tti' ace. If this expression Is not en
Urely Intelligible, it means tnat thu
writer meant well, a wiiole lot.
t htioek the ro w note In fashion that
Promt a atrong following. A gold
embroidered band at the lower edge of
tho back afforded a pleasing trimming,
Mis. Alfred (1 Viinderhllt arrived
early with several of the g .ests whom
she and Mr. Vaiiderlult dad entert.nni.l
at luncheon in the Garden, .she w at
tired In a QOatum Of black plush vel
vet. The HUM ln blouse had i collar
and cuffs of handsome fox and when
opened revealed a V neck, edged will,
a of frill of lace, a string of pear's
and a corsage bouquet if orchid. i
black velvet muanroom hat had r
hWef of paradise at tho hack In the
evening she appeared In white satin
Th. nam was In walking length and in,
double tiered tii:iiaiet unl0 of allvei
mbrotdered lac fell into a graceful up
pling edge ooverad with narrow ekunll
handing 'I he decollete bodice f match
log 11 e was edged wltn the same fur
Hh wore a blgob panne velvet cap.
lined with white silk and having u
white fog collar. Her black velvet pic
ture hat had low Jet trimming. Sh.
wore a str.ng of pe;.iis and a corsage
bouquet of red and white carnations
Mrs I.. under llorm Koch, who was
une of her afternoon guests, wore g .it
of black duvetyn wltn black velvet
trlmminns Her black velvet hat was
1 adorned at Hie back with two outstand
ing wings mud" up ot short aigrettes.
In No. M, the box of IteulnulJ C. Vao
derb.it. Iln-re wa a i.ierrv par'y of
little gitis. i hftprond :, Mis. rgjgrl ,;t
Mama Jiavic. lit, hostess was little
Miss t'atlileen Van I. rbilt, who looked
charming in a loll. tt,, of Hussian green
cloth trimmed with fltch.
Mine. Hruguiure made a pretty picture
.n white In box No. 4 Iter cogtumi aa
vlv.L Th. ooat we edged
with a six inch band of badger fur and
her collar and muff wer uf the .ia-i
fur. Her low crowned hat of whit
velvet bad the hrlm edged In matching
fur She wore shoe of bler'.i patent
leather with wh ' velvet uppers.
After the matinees many actresae
'ran In" and became part uf the well
liessed stroller along the board walk.
'onsplcloiiH among tnese, from a fashion
standpoint, wss Mae Murray, who la
noted for her exqnlelto costumes, all of
which, bear a Krrm h label. Thia waa
plainly evident In the ranhlon lines of
the black llusalan velvet suit she wora
on Saturday. The ahle abort round
edged coat had a tiny edging of fltch,
and small white sat In revere gave It
a pleasing touch A fetching llttls trl
enrn shape of black velvet edged wltn
fltch and an upright of the same at
the aide computed th popular dancer'
In the evening white and soft pastel
colorlnga held sway
Mr. Klbert II. Oary'a toilette waa
pure white. Her full-length unapotted
ermine coat with It deep Itunlan sable
collar conceiiled the handsome, white
..tin gOWt. underneath
e-llmpHe of the white chiffon bodice that
extended to the nck, where It waa fin
ished off with a narrow band of ermine.
A string of rnatohnd pearl over thi
was most effective. Her white velvet
hat had a full upright cluster of
aigrettes at the side.
Mrs. (lary had a guests Mra J. B.
Utile of Atlanta and Mra. Lewis Nix n..
The former wore a gown of yollow satin
ihat was oinnletely Inddon by a i-oat of
unmarked ermine 1th a white fox col
lar. Her black velvet hat had a lace
brim and black plume. Mrs. Nixon ap
peared In a bli k satin gown over which
she wore a handsome coat of black
velvet with chinchilla trimming,
through which her high collar of dia
monds sparkled effectually.
Mrs. B. Fran Is Hyde, In hnndomc
costume of tnbroldrd wistaria net
and velvet and saldo furs, entertained
Mrs. Herbert M. Hyde, rfh - was attired
In navy blue chiffon, trimmed with
wulto la 'e and banding! of r nil li.'. She
WOT " string or pearls and a .ngl
pink tone Hal small hat of til.uk vel
vet had a cluster of erect plumes In
alack and pink Hues at the side.
Mis Henry gallgwaiii'i gown of yr
aril was effectually hidden by a black
velvet coal irimmoa who enn una.
i black velvet hat had a brim of
black lace and tulle trimming.
Mrs Kdwnrd II. M i.ean, who owns
the famous Hope diamond, wore a cos
tume of winte chiffon trimmed with
skunk Her Waiteau hat of pale pink
tulle had dainty trimmings of lace anl
tiny Dink Howefii and a bow of pale
blue, satin ribbon adorned the beak
Her ornament were pcarle, and a coa
f . moduli COgOOAlad her gown. Hhe j
had as her guet Miss Lota Hub. i, son.
Ahu was attired In bla k satin, with a I
at of blank VelVCt, the upturned bnm
brim outlines! with delicate upstanding
aigrettes. Her ornament were a h.gn
o.lar of peail and diamonds and long
pearl Bgrflng'
Mrs. Wlll.am M Fleilmaiin hBtwarad
In a costume Of royal blue velvet The
Tortures of Indigestion
Miseries of Constipation
Evils of Impure Blood
Quickly and Safely Removed by
The Family Chocolate Laxative
Ex-Lax Saves Pain and Suffering; makes people
healthy and is safe for infants and grown-ups.
Ex-Lax is guaranteed to be efficient, gentle, harmless.
A lc Bex WIU Prove Thlai Try It Te-Oejr AU DruggMa.
The Women:
Cry in Women' sCoume Is
Satin, Velvet and Chif
fon Ermine Cloaks Are
Bewitching in Their
Magnificence; Descrip
tions of Some of the
Noteworthy Costumes
Tell the Story of the
Winter Fashions.
bodice had a vest of handsome white
lace nnd the upper edge of the deol
hnt of black velvet, the upturned
frill of lace. Iter black velvet hat
had a single plume In royal blue at the
side. Her ornaments were a string of
pearl, in the box with Mra Pleltmann
wero her daughter. I.Ida Fleltinann.
and Miss Hopeton Atterbwry. both In
natty riding habits.
Mr. William Uu Pont wore a ault ot
brown velvet with a white Italian blouae
and a matching hat with upstanding
plume at the side. Her ornament
wem a rope of diamond and a large
horseshoe of diamond. Her daughter
was attired In a pretty toilette of old
blue and gray.
Promenading along the board walk
during the afternoon were noticed Mra
Hamilton W, t'ary. Just returned from
a long atay abroad. Hhe waa attired In
S hiMI'k Velvet uii 1 1 Uk. la
hat of black velvet and a 1.7. veil
Mr. K. Berry Wall had on a .1.1..
gray suit or corduroy and a black vel
vet hat. Her mother-in-law. Mra.
C'harlea Wall, wore a black cloth suit
and a black hat. Mrs Arthur Carroll
appiared In a insrt suit ()f black broad
cloth. Her fur were pointed fo.
M,ss Marl Taller, debutante daughter
of J. I..-,, Taller, was a study in brown
Her sk it was of plaid and her short
ooat of tobacco brown. Her hat of- vel
vet was trimmed with fur. Mis Paul
ine Clgrkgoa wore a suit of arm ti fries.
The collar and cuffs were of silver foa
and her hat was of brown velvet.
Mrs. Walter Watson appeared In a
blank velvet suit with skunk trimmings
Ihat was relieved by a corsage bouipjet
of Violet, Her list of black velvet had
a trimming of black algrattea.
Miss Adele Oolgat, .laughter of the
Count of Stratford, wore black velvet
and her black velvet hat was adomad
with a light nine plume.
Miss Payne Whitney was attired In a
costume, of blue duvmyn brightened by
a vest of rose brocaded silk trimmed
with winte lace. Her hut wn of hill
Her daughter, Joan, wore black velvet
.mi a hat nt ti... . . ...
,, ",. iiimuicu wim a
slant ami wail plume. Mrs K. N.
lire tung enlertalno.1 Col. and Mrs.
Kenna In th afternoon. Mr. KMU
worn a iolh eogtlMM In aage green gad
a small black velvet lmt Irlinmed with
black wing. Her furs were of silver
rox. Mrs llreltung'h suit was of black
velvet and her black hat wa trimmed
WlLll tulle
A striking feature of the evening toll
tttos was the marvellous soft colorings
jjapiayea, rpeuial attractive was the
narmoniou coior sc.. erne preaeiilad
the adjoining noses r wllliajn Uawusl
lr ami Satin,. I II II. .1.1!,, I.. Ik
' i i mer
Were two beautifully gown.-.! women
the orange velvet VMhg coal of the
one blending beautifully witii the roy (
purple velvet . o.it of the other occu
Miss M irgai. t Warren appeared in gjg
gold satin, and the budlce was vailed D
The army wa the thing at th
Show to-day. offl.er from th
ot seven countries participated In
evolutlona of their charger. Th
of it wss th. i moat of the evoluC
were In the morning, when society aji
taking Its tub or putting up It hair.
Clara) Markay's chestnut mar I
Iturn won first prise for tk
I old fllliea. nut failed to win th ova) aaat
I up by the International Hone Show g
London for two, three and four-:
olda. This was taken by Bury
of the llroadlawn Karma, four-:
! chestnut mar, air glow OanrM,
I Bury fandy. Kntland'a Pride wa
' nnd. u'ie a tiay, year old, and
; stands II 1-2 hsnds high and la out of
AUthorpe M lUd by Towthorp Per
former, i
Msx. ih.. record high Jumper of Nor
way, may i out of th Jumping
night He Is owned by t.tctft. f ft
Hetber of the kerhun Dragoon Regi
ment of Norway. On Saturday night,
after lei vl k the Harden. Max Wag
frightened by an "I," train and klckad
Mn. -..if In one of hi foretaga. A rt
rlnnry surgeon prescribed aome madl
clne. which he snld wouldn't effeot a
permanent cure but that th curative
effect would last for only twenty mla
ute. Ho the llautenant le going to try
the twenty mlnutee of medicine and get
after the Jumps, If poaalbla
Irlah Hletarte Paaraat.
Mra. Ann Throop Oralg, under
dlr-ellnn the in , nster historic
w is produced last spring In the (Maty
ninth Iteglment Armory, la planning t
present a pageant tn Brooklyn. It g
her custom In the cities where tk
pageants are presented to recruit (kg
participants from arming the restdeatt
In which the production 1 made. Aaar
one interested may communicate with
Mrs Craig at the United Hi lilili ahead)
iuiid. No. m Naaaau afreet. Brooklyn.
white chiffon. The edge wer
with skunk. Her coat wa of
civet trimmed with fox. Hhe wore ,
girlish hat of black velvet An old Maw
facing on the upper brim wa overlaid)
with dull-colored poele. Her rniaag
bouquet wa of orchid and lllle of the)
Among Ui other handsomely gowned,
women noticed were Mr. Daniel Oat
grnhelm, Mrs. W. A. McOlbbon, Mra
Hi hard P. McOrann. Mr. Monaon Mor
ris In ecru and wnlte tulle. Mia KHhel
Mis'ormlck. Ml Mildred Rive tn ear
of gray mixture, Mra. Stuart Duncan hi
black velvet and aablea, Mrs. William
M. Washburn, Ml Julia Edey In a awM
of black, Mis Margaret Overton kg
suit of green. Ml Le Brun Parson kg
a skirt of Stuart plaid and a abort Mack
coat, Mis Alice Tinker, Ml Dorothy.
Webb, Mrs Walter l'hl-a Bllaj. Mr.
WMllam M V Hoffman In black velvet,
Mr. J. F. Smith H.tdden and her daugh
tar, Miss France Hadden, and Mra,
Marshall J. Perry.
in u pin no in nut u cheap new
hut it ii.sutl piuno of a well
iiiul wt'll known .nuke.
Such u piuno will oo.st no :
tlinu the OMetply built new
and will OUtlagt und outwear threw
of the foiiiiitoiipliuf kind.
Ws BTV offuriiiff this week awv-
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I KlMI) that oriif inallv nt fnua
to $4A0, Hint an wnrrantad
for Uut years the same aa
ternaof payment, f I "id per week.
We also hnve some fine br
gaiBJ in slightly usvd pluyex
piiiiins from $8d0 up.
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bsrgsio lit.
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