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Cahtmet. Seen of Ptmc Disas
ter, Mounting Victims while
Police Search.
Fifty Children AmtoiiR Those
Killed Wilson Not to Order
Federal Inquiry Asked.
CAM-MET. Hie.. Br-
.actives end loom esltee n rrutklng h
Mf aearcn te-dv far the men who
cried "Are ' at the Ces-tmnxaa fnvtlvnl at
Italian 1 1 All on Ctirerlmne Bee. starting
psnic thst eued the toH of ecventy
flv. llvss. dfty "f th. victim. blm
The men Is described M of heawy brtltal
UK) wearing batrd ft) a MJMMM
Issued thin forenoon ProeMleng, Moyrr
of the Western redeem Hon of Miner
denied that he had stated that ls man
nM a mam bar el tlM CUlleo' alliance,
a antl-strlka organlaatlun In tMe city.
"1 du not blame any member at th
men nation named (or what Bite liap
peneS. ' Moyer Mid. "If suah "Ui
ircuhe had occurred among the wive.
and oh I Id re n of member, of tbs Cltlaan.'
Aillsi.re, there would have beati mot.
iu:e and poaaibly lyachlose la the atneaU
of CaJaaiat."
Woyer aald be wou d fcrtna; tlva wit
netaea be lore ihe Coraaar'a Jary who
woaiil ewear that rhe man wbe akoutnl
"Are' wora dttsraa' AtMaaoa lde.
hat that he would make no dtraot aoou
Mnn. The rMaai f tae paat win
burled lifittat,
era roaeeaaian
beareee. Th f aaaaal will ha haM
"With tha kind eat feallnaa for thOM
wba offer H. w aak aa allna hala.
Hieae are oar aara eole and thia la
oar pr.vilasa to ear far oar dead aad
to comfort aha mease "
Tbl waa th maeeag that taaa ant
oat to the world from fmlaaiat ta-da
aa th final praaaraliooa war balnw
mad tor th burial of tha victim
But oeaaile thto ralMial of oieaaOe M
oaaxnbuUoaa aaaaiaeaad tm aaar la.
freatdent Mayor to-day baa) at hla dla
aaaal mora dbaa faajaw for tha miof of
tha famlua of tha vlotiaa
To-day tha IdantlHoatlou of ail ex
eptn.a throo of the hndlea that thrnuun
out Chrletmaa Day lay In lona rows of
th linprovkied tmuaue In th Town Hull
i,l Ked iaeka vao complete.. The
supply of taokola la Ckduaaat wae
hauatod oarly lat nutht and more w, re
.rdarad from BfUwawkaa. Twwnty-nve of
i bom arrived early La-day aad th bodie
at tbe morgua were taken to th hoinea
of relaUe.
A doapatoh araaa Waablnanaa ear -that
tha reuueat to 1'roaldant Wllaoa by IrVee
ijm Meyer far a r-wheraJ limatlcatloa
Ireiinistanroi urrfaindluaj the horror
waa forwarded to-day to th Pre Went
M Pakj '-hriatian. JtlkM.. hy Hortary
Tumi Jlty.
Bocratarf of Labor WUaon al Watih-
Mfjtoa u-day orAere.1 John H. Uena
morc. Mulltltor of lb Uaaartatent, to
i alutnet. to render aay aaalalaaon poa
llhle In eettllnc th copper atrlke eltua
tloa. The Chrialmaa Ewe tragedy, .he
Herretary aald. h thought wae a matter
far state m realisation.
While four eeparate Invaatlvatbrna of
the dlaaeter wrre being made to-day
aad a d Innate wae being waged aa to
who ehould bury the dead, peacemaker
were at work la a aupram effort to
bring about aa and to th oupper mln
etrlke In tM rwglan..
i of the
pp dtstvMt for
United In their grief over the snuffing
out of so many young Uvea the warring
faction -mine operator, guasda aad
strikebreaker aad the Bhrtrken union
miners and thxdr friend gave no thought
o the big labor battle that Indirectly
. blamed for the most gruesome horror
the history of Calumet
There was attll a dispute over wheta
ef the offer of th CMl sens' Alliance, aa
oraanizatkia that has been considered
hostile to the etrtkor to oaf nay all the
i atrial expenses would tie permitted of -
of the Western Federation of
Sec lares that th offer would e
"We win ears oar our own dead." wss
the rsapoaae ts aha Alliance.
Tbs feellag af hostility wua not eu
marked to-day, whan It waa eeen thai
the citlasne of Calumet and other
o i ties la the axln dlatrtot war la
earnest In their efforts to ralae funds
for th strtesoa families. AJanoet un
limited amounts of money were
pledged by Balsa o wears aad mr
o rants who have been opposing tbe
sinkers. The liltai let. representing
tbe operatoas went from house to
houae to-day, eoaa for ting the surviving
mmbr of families whose dear uaes
were taken from them la the unnec
essary panto.
Following these committees wen
others, and suggestions that peace be
declared between the force reprst
ing capital and labor war diplomau
rslly expressed.
After the funeral of tbe victim, it was
canceled hy assay that the spirit o(
right sill have bean burl
freer the basse of the Stale oaee, she
aaa as end 'a the Inks strife whteh has
rld with Hi
ajstslrgo and
f too
SfittZttAjm MEN FELL
SmmmW II'
1 9
I i
jr.- Hi I
lve Of the trikiT,
will prevail
' WASHINGTON, le-. Id. No Ke,le
ral Invratlgiitlon Into ttie Chlumal
(afloS.1 panic horror of Wclneeday
' night will he Inetltutrv!. aoeardlng to
a telegram eent hy Secretary of LhhOf
I Wlleon to Preelilrnt I'hatlea II. Moyer
of tbe Weetern Kederallon Of Minora
to-day. In which the t'aninet official
: expreaaed the opinion tti.it the glMataf
waa not In any way connected with Ihe
I atrlke situation.
I Hccretary Wllaon'a talagram to Mover
I waa aa followa-
l wi, ahookod by PSVf telegram
I and the accounta In the preaa of the
lerrtble dlauatrr which occurred In Cal
umet. My avmnatlilea out to the
! famlllea of lha men, wonien and cMl
drn who were aacrin-el In the crush.
I It la almost lnoononvg,bl0 that any fine
could be eo Inhuman am to plan ailcb
a cataatruphr, toi waet'irr it a,ik
planned or the result or tna1l ioua inla
chldf, I hope tbe facte will he promptly
brought In lltfht.
Trmn Ihe meagre Information as yet
In my possession, It would appear to he
purely a alalutory crime, solely within
the Jurisdiction of the pollen powers of
the State and not In any wuy connected
with tbe strike allaatlon. I cannot con
ceive of such a connection existing.
I am, however, sending the Soil . llor
of this Depuxunenl, Mi. John II. Iiens
mi.re, to ChlUflset for the purpose of
rendering any assistance iusslble In
clearing up the situation."
OmCAOO, !ec at.- Mia, Hrace M - j
Arron of CaJumi t, Mich , arrived In
I'lilcago from her h one to-day ami I
.all alio knew poaltlvely that the i..r
of the man coming to the head uf the
stair, and shouting "Klre!" in IsalbM
Hall, whore V0Bty-tWa persons wore
trampled to denth, waa not true.
"The alarm uua given right In Ihe
hail." end Miaa MeArroa. a uui
hla tarted on tn, Ohrl. uia tree
and some una lit the hall tried 'Klre!'
Then there waa a Bed rush for the
Miss M' -Anon Was a former pruof
reader In the MtmlCan Senate, und la
now etenogtapnei uir tue moukiiiou
County Oread Jury 1ST eetlgjg ting tin
copper inluera' atrlke She Is on ln-r
way to iMiiislug to eee the Mu-iiik.u
Attoiney-eilneral In connection with
the Otfnnd Jury work.
School dir! Visiting for Christina
Makes UiiCiivery When Isht
Calls Her Priend.
Whin Jennie Oordohi n elghieon-
yeur-old high a Boot girl or rmtcnogus.
I,, awakened this morning; arel turned
to awaken her chum, or lit O. linker, with
whom she ha1' kMD gtMPUIfi she found
th other girl dead. The two girls, who
were of the some axe. were Stayln. Ir.
th Baker home with little Maurice Mak
er, thirteen year old. The falher of the
dead girl. Maurlre Baker had returned
to Wie Hluo I'olnt Life. Having Station
of which he I aeccmd officer, the pre
ceding afternoon Mrs tinker la Vlalllng
In Ireland.
On Chrltma night the two girls and
Miss Baker's little toother atlendtd a
moving picture ahow. Later they had a
party in the Baker home Then, al 11
o'clock they went to hed. Ihe two girl.
In one hed and the little boy In another
room When Mlae Hordon awakened
this morning she shook hnr friend, an.!,
getting no response, ran for the neigh
bor Death l supposed, to hv been
du to in ait rit erase
Bled la III aleep.
.peels! U l li 1. .i .i.l UwrlU
nk.w HAVBN, Conn,, Doc. tr
ibal l Treat, the hulldrr of New Ha
ven's J. nan i en .ourt house and W ho
bad Just started wnrk on the tl,'.ntU00
poet-ofttcs here. dld In hts sleep tarly
to. day He spent Christmas with hi.
grandchildren and n.ul apparently never
no n.yl uppaienlly
bu in hlli hai
i 'n niirn nuiArn imiia
blVtb UANbLK KINli
Rich Brazilian Gets Short Fare
well After Inez Borrero Faces
Customs Charges.
Whether the rude custom men
blasted a romanr on th arrival of
Ihe Majestic waa still In doubt to-dar,
but tbl much le known.
Mis Ines Borrero of Barcelona, who
before she daaaled London with her
tango, was a tip-top tiptoe art lot la
Lew Klelds'a company, was the otar la
the cesium aanemg en the ahtp after
the Christmas Ere dinner.
I'ampllio Xavler. a wealth? young
tlraailUn and a student at Oeurgetesm
University at Washington, fell aa Im
mediate victim to the dancer' charms.
(In one of her shapely fingers he placed
a diamond and ruby ring worth tSut, a
family heirloom.
1-ater In th evening "Pampy". as
he called htm, gave her a W bill and
a chock for an unrevealed amount, taxi
by tht lime everybody n ard waa
talking about the Christmas romance
It s'aa understood that the twenty-year-
old millionaire had fallen on hla knee
Im truly ,vn n style and poured
th ,,rr"t ' Mm tov ln, " wW,n
ear. When asked If he had been ac-
rcpled h aaM. noa-com..ilttally :
Borrero was mora positive.
jcl.lly when Ihe customs men stopped
, her aflsr Ihe ship's arrival yesterday
and asked to aee the ring, which they
allied at !. They made her take it
off. too. Klrat, she protested, then ah
argued, toll ed. smiled and finally rs-
eorird to woman', mast powerful
weapon, tems Th customa men war
unrelenting, however, even after being
assured It wss an engagement ring.
So then she went to where "Pampy"
stood hid hi baggage and aald
something lo him In Bpanl.h. Next .he
pinched his cheek, but he still .hook 111.
head. 1'inallv he aald something like
t's your ring now; the duty Is up to
you " So she paw it nerseir.
rtefnre leaving for th Prince Oeorg
Hotel Mr. Xavler wa asked again If
he wore engaged.
"Perhaps," he replied with leee assur
ance than before
Miss Borrero was Mill certain, hut
Hit male, I she wa. having too good a
time Just now tn listen to wedding
bells When shs left th pier .he waved
I gosSby to "Pampy." and. departing
PH the arm, of two young men who
hadn't even heen Introduced to him. shs
promised to telephone huu aa soon aa
she got to hi i loonier a noine. ,. alls
USUI "" ,!" address to Ui re
Tnoinpsnn Tries to Escape,
Is Captured After a
James Thonuon, Iwsnty-slx year,
old. a chauffeur of No. auT Wsst Oa
Hundred and Fortieth street, was ar
it sled early to-day after bl t.xlcah
hud knocked 1'ulkeman Abraham
Cuheu from In. "fixed" pa.t at Tb.rty-
p. i, Mi .tree! and Broadway. He I.
i longed with ruckle, driving and with
bav dig A man on the seat with him.
A. . jidinx to I'oik email Coheu th
taxi cam sviulh at a good rat of
apced and on of ihe mud guard
knocked blm to the street. When the
chauffeur aaw tin. policeman bowled
ever he tried lo get away, according
to Cohen.
Police whistle, war aoundad and
nightsticks beat a tattoo on the asphalt
and at Thirty-eighth street and eleventh
avenue Thompson was captured. Ttie
polli'o'tvan suffered front -ut and
uruiaos, but remained on duty.
GUARD; GET $2,000
hour Armed Bandits Strike
Down Orpheum Watcivman ,
and Tie and Gag Him.
Vour masked men rose from ths
ehadops of th balooov seat as John
Hind, night watchman In the Orphean
Theatre. No ! Keel Ktrhty-aHth
treat, made hit rounds about 2 jn o'clock
this motnlrig. The light of Kind lan
tern eicem revolver In their hands. A
gruff vo oxammanded:
If you make a aound I'll shoot "
Rm.l halted, wnlls one of the men
stepped behind him. Then there ram
i resiling blow nn hi head and he
dropped eenseksa to th ftoot
A terrific pain in hli hes.l, sn trh In
hhi wiisrs and ankle and a sensation of
l latens ooM seek him up. Hind waa
lying la a little store room an tha lag.
floor of tha theatre about im feet from
the ground. Through an open window,
a euld wind was whipping drop of tsln
Into hla far. HI bends were bound
lightly behind hi back, aaothsr rope
held hla anklea tightly and hi mouth
we Muffed with handkerchief.
The watokanan waa almost belpleo.
but ha found be could wiggle hie leg.
II lay a steam pip which rose
I through the floor By rubbing hla legs
agalnot It be finally frayed the card
that held hla aak lee until he woe able
to break It by a euddaa kick. Hla hand
1 were still held tight, but hla
I worked loose ha hi mouth aad by work- '
' la hla tongue and contorting hi fees '
; ha finally spat It out. He crawled
toward tha open window and cried for
I Again and again he yelled, hla vole'
growing weaker with each effort. He,
did not know whether he wae heard for
he wss toe eahaueled to rale hlmaetf
aad peer out ihe window. Finally ha
tn lha etreet below Policeman Co, of
a,, area wt,tv-elaiith etreet etarinn.
heard Oka Srst err but could not tell
whence It came, lie rapped far help and
l Policemen Whlttell, H hater and O'Con
nor Joined Mm. They finally located tha
ciiee in tbe upper window of the theatre
ootid Ing.
They tried tha Eighty-sixth etreet
entrance and found It locked. There la
another entrance tn Third avenue and
they wont there. The door was open.
With matches they searched Sat S way
upatalra and entered the little room
where Rind toy aeneojeea. They un
bound hi band and chafed aad rubbed
them, glassed him an tha cheat and
worked ever aim till hla aenaea i
turned. Then they heard tha story of
lb four masked bandits.
Hind led the way osok downstair aad
switched nn th light. In tha prom
enade behind the oroheotra chair, lay
th safe of Aaron Bernstein, the houao
manager. It waa on Ha sWs and It had
heen rlpisrd open with a "oan opener."
Its content lay scattered about th
floor, but a hag In which Mr. Bernstein
had put about li.OOU before he left th
theatre, wa gone.
1.1 eut. Ttobo, In charge of the detec
tives of the Base. Eighty-eighth street
station, examined the aafe without
finding a elngle finger prist. He de
cided the burglar, must have uood
Had Brief Paeseee aa 'Cabby' Then
nn Barber Ibep.
PAHIH. Dec. M. The Count da la
Querlvlvre, wb In 1M7 asse.red as th
first woman cab driver In lbs afreets of
Pari, has since then twice changed her
profession "
After a brief success aa a "cabby,"
the count, who at one time was
very wealthy, but I. now forced to earn
a living, became a barber, assistant
She then opened a barber's aha on tier
own account, but this venture did not
is st long. A few neon the ago a third
thange took place and the C'ounte.a be
came a nuree in a Part, hospital for
dog, cabs and bird.
Eastland' oldest Wasann Frealdee
at Pan' Wedding Bresfcfsat.
LrONUON. Dec. M--r.ngl.nd'. oldest
woman, Mrs. Hebe, cs Clarke, aged ltd.
of Woodgraen. near Lemdon, pr.d.d
yasterdsy at th wadding breakfast of
her bob) eon Harry, aged sixty-seven
Cold weather prevented her from at
tending the wedding.
At the hreakfnst she prop sed th
health of thr newly married maple, at
the tint slice of wedding cake and re
cited a few vet.es of bcr own compos'-
ion about her p.t dug, that .he held
n her arms. Hh concluded rh eventful
ley wltb a Chrletioaa dlnaer party In
tbe ei coins-
cats t tome to the Pnaltry Show
West Week.
The Iwenly-Afth annual Poultry dhow
began to-day at Madison Square Garden
with phenomenal attendance. hi. hi
thousand chlck.ti. plgeone. waterfowl
and cage bird, oecuui d all the exhibi
tion space in Ihe cordon. O. U. Tllley,
the Connecticut naturalist, wanted te
und two oet riches but the offer was
declined because when it was received
gygry lneh of apace bad already heen
Tlio ';,( Show will be made a part Ol
th- Poultry Show nsxt week on Tues
day and v euneeaa. wun mo largest
sssoi-ureut ui felines win, li has ever
been gathered under one roof in Hue
.... "liautwtl ai'lsIIMS-.'
lli.t i, LA
o-1 U s-iis'trvi
Alienist Declares unwdtefl
Slayer Is Putting Up Bluff al
Being Mentally Unsound. '
Pr CSthM P ItSSDoWdldi T lalltl .,
mental atel nervous disrates, roflllnhl
hy the Slst to prove thd inn!:i Of Hans
5chmldt. T'ie , onfessed murderer of
Am. a Aumueliei, folav gave II a h'.
nainlon that iclimlrtt war saie. na
shoniminat lajant&y ami waa in cJov- .
eret ami most cunning . rimlnar' thj
I aSyaaakan had lllll Hi The nwr;Jonn n. . otr r.n. painters, o.
-a. not In response to tha ueual hypo-,
wmimi aaiaaaiaa ho, oineoi rir sir-
I'nnald's d'rert examination hy Assist-1
ar.t DtaVUt Attorney Dalehan .
I found lilrn itnueually Intelllgen:. " I
arid In Ma. lMinald. well edu.-at.-d and
well read At flrtet he bungled, in my
opinion, hi effort te prove himself in-
eerie hut lie rapidly learned the eaaen
tlal. of to nd .darted MMStU to
ZT . m j, . rA, rA
Thedefene had prepaid s H,IN word,
hvoothetical uuestjon which waa to t ,
ZIZi .. . .. ssa
cotf'luelon of Dr. Macllunald's cose-i
Continued from Ftrat Page.)
when they reached Slrty-olrth street
and started across to the eubway kiosk
on the went aide of Broadway.
CoL Harvey, being unBnksded. hur
ried into th kloak ahead of th others
He thought thy wore close behind,
and a train being ready lo pull out ha
jumped In. thinking they were follow.
Ing. H returned to the boo apartment
Ignorant of tha tragedy that bad oc
curred only a few feet over hla head.
Tbs maroon Umouetn was oonttng
Sown Broadway at good speed, eorao
nay thirty mile, an hour. That part
ef lbs street bos boon known for some
tira aa a oort of "reoe course" for
autcmotrirurts. especially on a rainy
hbjTbt when motorcycle aoUcemea ar
not .uppo.sd le be aa huay a at other
Harry Oohen of No sTf Wait Seven
tlath street and Joseph Jacob of No.
Bl West Sixty-a lath street wore "tend
ing a tew feet away and saw tha Mg
ear bit the couple behind the umbrella
and knock thorn many feat. They alee
aaw th women la the Hmouln rise
up, but tbs oar was goes In a flask
and they could not aay wsethar any
thing was said to th chauffeur or not.
At any rata be earned to speed up
and aaa soon lost In the darkness.
Coming at a good clip behind w. a
t.xlsab owned hy Maurice Warahewasy
of No. IB West One Hundred and
Twelfth street and driven by Harry
Da Forrest of No. SB Bast One Hun
dred and Thlrty-elffhta street Ha had
a man and a woman a passenger.
Cohen and Jocose shouted to him, but
he eu faUowlnn the Bmouln .0
cloaely b could not atop aad tha taxi
ran over both Loo and bl. wife
Do Forrest stopped and aided Police
man Cringle, who was on axed poa
block away, to carry th man ana
woman Into tha .belter of the subway
kloak, where Dr. Do Pass of Poly
clinic Hoapttal mads a hasty examina
tion, then burrted them to that Insti
tution. Mrs. Loo's two rrnaeelete were found
tn the street, but her pearls ware etlll
around her neck. A gold meah bag ah
carried waa seen In tha street aner me
accident, but when th policeman want
lo look for It It had dlaapponrsd.
Both Mr. Le end hi. wife were un
wneoloue and h died before ah could
be placed on the operating taUn He
became conscious long enough to tell hi.
name and address and ask If his wife
waa hurt.
Col. Harvey wa. notified and almost
rollapasd. H. .aid he aaw aa aoon as
th train he had taken started that his
daughter and her husband had mieeed j
It. but thought th best way to rejoin I
them waa to go to their apartment tn I
Ihe Fanwood tn Bast Seventeenth street i
and wait for them.
Mr. Lee's fir! husband wa Conv'.ll
Arnold, who died In tStf, Ther ar td
children. Convlll Arnold Jr. thirteen
yoar old. and Frances, seven.
Three years after Arnold', denth hi
widow married Mr. Lee. They war
devoted to each other, and the children
nive their etopfsther almost a much aa I
they did their own father.
After the Occident De Forrest went to
the West sixty-eighth street station
i ml toid hi tory to Ueut. Qulnn. H
said he tried to get the number of the
llmaustn. but could not make It out
because of the way ths tall light wa
arranged. II. wa. not arrested.
On Th.nkaglving Day Jo McKlttrlch.
a blind nwadealr. wag .truck at Slaty-
ixth street and Broadway by an auto
mobile and died from hie Injuries A
good Samaritan who was leading him
serosa lb suset at the time waa eo In
jured he else died. Pblllp Clark, a res
taurant keeper et Slxty-eixttt street and
Columbus avenue, aaw th ac.ident and
It mad. him nervous Two night later
an automobile mlseed him st the same
soot hy only a few Inohss, and lbs next
was found dead In bed. rite
,juctor aald th aback had probably
I killed blm.
The subway kiosk la so situated on
I th a. (Id. of the a-reet al that cor
I nt. thai msnv TM,ranr, sten from bs
(ess: n.l I. .llrecltv tn from f eapdlv mov
i tomobii
Titini r
an : h
Knocks QUI Two Poiicenien,
RUIW Over Driver, an J
Dodges Automobiles,
Twd new trorld! rhumn nn. sere di
rovsred to-day is result Of a runawav
!r Lafayette street.
Conrad Uieeiei. Ma ."-To Palisade ave
nae V.o llotirtken. N .1.. I asarded
lb t.tl. of fleet "rul.bwrnei k ' of all th
known aid HhSflOWn earth.
llkwnr. Hos, o, the .loll eery horse Of
"IM rnrawt, waninrei s rne pnw inc.
llos -o (or rvhstevet- Ills nsme 1st took
It Into his liammer-lo-sd ro run nwav
st IJaV o'clock this afte-noon when
Mresler removed the feed tav from tlio
eiiif mussle.
Themeforward noaco s prodigies ::
He ran three-quarter of mile
dire., vlolailur, of al, taw.
of physic, particularly the one relating
spot a
the same time.
II kno- ked Mil one noHcem.n with a
deft kick on the ankle.
Ho knocked Brealer down and ran two
wheels of th wagon over Brealer'.
'neck, thereby efff i-ttiallv silencing a
string of insistent "Who!"
He tOMOd off a mounted ", op' with a
I frisk of hi. head.
He loped thrnugh the tanx'.e of rat
tra'ks, street curs, subway 'tations,
automobiles, delivery vans .rid shop
pers wherewith Astor place 1 tortured
and finally brought UP .gainst a Jam
of wagons at Tenth street. Winded but
.till In th rars
Th discomfiture of Bree'.er a:il th.
flr.t policeman. Georg. U O'Connor, oc
curred at practically the same moment
. . te. .no. I nr.. .troof ttnth
'ro,""'v:. r .:i n-h.'ro.i.nt. m b.
' A -I mZi Tina rt-nT
hors howled Breeler over .ml th r.ght
side wneele tracked directly over the
hapleaa man', throat. At the ram.
moment the policeman received a kick
on tne ansae tn.i , km , Hancock County.
and left film there, writhing In pain. j
Breeler osrea hi. life to the fact that i
he has a flexible nook and that be wa. j DROP IN MARRIAGE RATES,
wearing three coats, each with tbe col- i
lar turned up. champaign. Ill . Dec M. Christmas
A horse attached to an empty dirt c.rt marrksgea ar cheap In Champaign to
which Thorn. Maber was driving day. Juat.ce Smith posted a notice in
down Third avenue Jhla morning tn hi
stable at No. SW East rortteth etreet
took fright and bolted at Klghtleth
.treat. The cart humped against an
elevated railroad pillar and Manor was
thrown out. Hie head was cut and
he got Internal Injuries. t
The hores kept on, and at Seventy
ninth street struck another pillar eo
hard that he threw- hlma.lf off hla "
and the cart wa. overturned. It frill
end the cart wa. ov.rt
on Mrs. Mary Chandler of No. 2SI Kaat
Seventy-alnth etreet, who had alighted
from a car and could not get out of tbe
Dr. Moorhou cam from th Re-
cantlon Hospital and dressed . cut on
Mrs Chandler'e head. She wae oth.r-
lea unhurt. He took Mwnei to tne"' mnvu icam yr-o.-ruaj, siii.na tmr
Later They Arc to Be Called to Tes
tify on Campaign Con
tributions. District-Attorney Whitman said to
day he was examining a number of wit.
neseea on campaign contributions who
are to appear later In the John Do
proceeding. He wa. asked whether
he would have before him Charles F.
Dillon, formor Secr.Ury of the Stat
Highway Communion.
"No." h. replied, "beeau.e as I un
derstand It Mr. Dillon ts not In a con
dition to talk to-day "
Dillon collapsed on Tuesday last after
testifying lief ore the Orand Jury. He
had been giving testimony In reference
to the H.bM contribution to tli Iienio
cratlo State campaign fund In 1912 by
Madison Aldrich, a Poughkeepsl. con
tractor. Aldrlch's contribution followed
a talk outside of the door of State En
gineer Beneel . omce.
Makes Hot end Cold Meets Testy
A Fine Naiad Drrsnwg
and Fish Aauce bp adding vinegar.
SSId by Itellenteeeen A (ireeerv Mieree
HOWASTH.-Oa Dec. (I. 113. t Wl
residence, tail C'lsremont sv . In his
fifty-fifth ysar. JOHN' HENItV MOW
AIITH. bslsvsd husband et M.ud K.
lntsrmeat Oreenwood.
lll'tLSUt. Suddenly, oa Ore IS, A B 11 A
HAM I,, nrvi.mi st Harlem llnapltjl.
register clsrk ot Hsrlsnt Hnspltal and
r'oun.n CemfssndM o' llsllywdod
camp. Ms. il. W. o w.
Kemalna st Thomas O'MIIIFl 'ansra'
parlors. U-'ul 7 1 Is av. None of
funeral hereafter.
Tlr.KN lit Ob He. . 3a. llgTBR WARf
runeral Saturday. Her. '.-;. fulemn
requiem maes .Jn la ths rhapel of Ihe
New Trk roiindllug Hospital.
- 1
- I Utllf
Uandbsa touuinlua luseln, end
tata-ea til'i u l Slid isk '-aid.
sla a, SaS Si.
six hurt by crash
''4SSC"l'r in C.lrjllision ;it Syrai-t
hili' 1 li'.tvv S.fli rw . .
nr"' -
i .r .oi
svi-.Acrsi:. X, v. Dee, ai.-Durin
a heavy MoWMonn whlcti ia. d kei
Mil" to-day litem i renr-end eo'
IbBkn in tne Xe-v lforh frn-rnl rrd
:hal r "tilted in hi' in mr- of six pi-r.
"-ie Md a Big I is. ,n t'crcnnti.lls., BIHl I
lumber, Throe frotghl nan
"hpti from the iMiii iraln when :.t
Mtifar train Ho, 3, batltld east, came
Alnntc and crashed into taem. The
frr.rn; ftfl .r,. b.-idlv dariiagerl and
their contents war. itrown along tn
irtu kg,
Ofgai Wiles, mglfitrf o? ths passenger
train, was th. most seriously Injured ul
the six. He COUld sec but a HUM WSJ
ahead because si I .mi snow.
TtlS snowstorm ws. or.. of the most
severe tb.t has struck Syracuse In many
years. Nine mrlies SSVSPtd the group 1
at dayJlffht ami the feather were Mill
fal lag
Train on Ul XSW Turk Central and,
Uelawate. laickaw 'anna .nil Wt stern
were behind time and tnere was SOU
sld-Val.le troUbfs to tinf'lc on the local
troltey .md inter. irbin lines. Tlio
Nl-iijure power sytrtn al-o suffered t-i
a certain extent.
One Terrier Kills Over 2,000
Pimm1 Five Weeks' War
on Pests.
FXWOtaAT, O. Deo. 3S.A Ave wes,V
rat hunt In I'nlo.-i Township ended la-:
night, when tlie SIS men and boy. en
gaged in '.h SOBtSSt producrd 10.;: td
rat tails, which wer counted hy tli
Judge. The loser. In the contest gave I transfer of Joe Tinker from th Cln
a Jtlnner for the wlnnei. .cinnatl Baseball Cluh lo the Dodger.
One of the moat remarkable ngurisi' ln Imminent danger of going up In
in the slaughter was a .mail rat te.-rlci
owned by J. M. llartman. More than
two thousand tails were taken from
th. terrier, Which
rsosrd of thirty rati In one
Another township hunt I. on, and it
Is believed that when th aeries of
ro:. tests ha ended SO.nofJ rate will have
his window offering to unit, loving I
couple, for thlry-.ghi cent.
Jisstloe Ooffman glimpsed at the notice
and posted another, offering lo effiriat.
for nothing. Not to be outdone, Justice
Armstrong announced that he would
perform the ceremony free and give a
present to each bride.
...... ZZ . T .
A ILL 34 r EulSKALfi.
Washington. Dec. M. Word
... . .
thnl x Urge forco of revolutionist, on
1 the National Hallway, sixty mile, north
: of S.n Lui. Potosl, dynamited a K,-d
ty-iour renerais. i ram
Luis Potoel is suspended
north of San
It Is report-
ed that the situation at T.impico
i unrnangea.
I hlllp M -Iji ixhlin and his mold
for whom Inquiry was made by the
State 1 epnrtmerit, are reported to h.
safe at Chihuahua.
r 1 : r A our efforts in giving you FUBE. WHOUU
WWnwu wjww. SOME CANDY at a fractional
to Welcome in the
New Yoar
Special for Friday, Dmc. H
A eellerllon at rheeelate
eeeered .west, the! letredeeee aer
number el eleeetas oeatres
i mVBMM MM ) i " f
Spaciali for Friday and Saturday
rHoc.iATg rx.vr.fJtl fi I VJJLV-SEIH. ll&iLJPtSS
rr-r-rrnMiNT. Th ets iece ierj1. VlTT t jojt
rtek. ...M, I hoe.ls4aw -US aas.Uc JJJ" HjTf
user ereaa. eealree. Aa eld feverlU isxp hi aCss Vl tUlW TiT
that always bH.se '- aklll Is ceaSr erxoTle reeaefVle far
oleeeures. Oar eessUu- SSe Q. 5. imtmliiSi ffssee ef shot gn S
Sufgattion for Friday and Saturday
I i Hi, i III ATK rOVSBBU MA- I I Mil H ranrni I
Aa laeane.
isft world of
leiu.e r. vjfffJIsa
rrk Mew, f erllsaSt, lilSth Mraat. UUS flreet aad Brooklyn Uteres Open Tree
BWenteg I mil IP .'Hack, ill Oer Slav. Open Sstsrder Bveelags t'Btll It e'l leeli
-J"L WstBrsws
delayed mail drove
J 'yi M.irJIy Col J When i'xxv.it
I il.r l-'r. .til ?! .VlK'.irt
r . .
Tlio f.i I that Albert Ighwlnsdf, n
Co. mo laflt 'holl tlttTej : -a;!, at-.
,,n, allien hlSMSlf l4y In : 'l
-:,g hsus al X . 41 W litehitt ' ( ,
id .1 ..mi ilur nn- Invrest. to- . it
IMH RlTfl in X,-w Rut the lllll d
gains nw Irttefisl ream Ihe fa t ."
!i Would not have hnrprnctl had n letter
which waa recrlvrd lb lodging rtousj
o-,i-i rearmed there rrstefOtay
Schwinxer -arne here front It. no.er
i Hill iw .i-s ago. a'.tor t q inrje'
-la hi ewe-'tli, a-t. M.na ller
. mm rrlaUvei m rtomr be lagrnod
snofi tin,,. .i, t it ho Im' not mat
ned, and be de'r:.i I to ante ami
. -k bei lo Uirt-' the Pgtl ami a'l'W
ni t rel-.ir!: Id ItSnOVet and rld'ttl
her hsntj,
"I mad. up nr. mlfd.'' he told John
Dclventnjl, the proSHotOf. who knew
about the girl In Hirnrany, "that I
would wall until itirlgtma, Then if i
dot boar i would know ohe imd for
gotten mo. The letetr didn't conn ,"
rielventsjl uio.1 to enliven Rebwinssr
and inany drlfibk wrr oofi Mimed ra th
pi'.iii-s. When BrhWlaaer retired h,-
appeared t , be almost cheerful, Bui he
w.i, lottnd dead In t.-.i at noun tg-day
With a pistol. In li s band and a . bullet
In his head.
Two hoUrs later letter arrived from
Mina rHfSrl asking blm 10 conic hum
ami man y her.
ReporiSd in Chicago llr.it Kx-Matj,-.iRtfr
of KeJs Will Sign Willi
Uutlaw.s. '
j OHICAOO Dec. It.Tb l'j;.0l
smoke. The famous short, top, .ftei
he had threatened to back out of the
ileal ' . sasaeal ases n.t h,mIi.m,
Inilmnea .- iha SaSaeal 1 ...... sau.
., .... .ei.. ,.
unofficially announced that Ttnbe.
would sign with tint outlaw organise
tlon. President Ollmore, .fter an In
terview with the former Cub. .aid that
he ha,l met Tinker, demands
If Tinker signs with the Federal,
.t I. understood her that he will re
ceive IK.O0O a year to manage oa ef
the clubs in the new circuit as wss
as getting a big piece of .tack In th
noonoyc Bins it unnv
i , , asiirpei-e-i aiaaa
j Ijk AN I If EST 8 AT OR
James K. McGuire Put on Stand
lrefue; to Waive Im
inurtitv. M.HA.NV. IK-.-. : - Jame, K. MoOalre
Sew Hrocbrli took tne witness otsi i
1st to-day the csrusia nignwa:
ar Tig before Colon IsiSUSr James t
McOulre refused to aigu tt) Isimuglt)
waiver, no .; waa decided to qucstiei
hjnl 0ny resa,rJing his ..plia'.t Je:,l
with Carlisle.
Cnrttyha sTa1taa
Moro Caetl Bavaaa
ti i
.u i
Tree Mark
TANDINC at tits throehold af Has dawn
ing Now Yoar, we deei In thanSt YOU
and sash as aesr aMmwa far lias Mrsppal
given us during th paat twelve
Ws ar Indeed glad t Brass that
saris af tknt
charged by other, have mot with yosar es
precietion. W sr. Witt these glorious Snav.
dale so s fitting tribute tn ths parting year,
which wo truot ha boon ens si jjnsnsHly
and happinass far you all.
Spatial fotSaturda
Dec. 27
wna i sesxeie
weeps sweet
vattets ef Useerted
aa neaseslle
ase mest. buweh
fsetb'. soil
Lienx rrem-
Se .m.I. I- .
vee aeteJn. eja "
rot tn mox Jf ajrv
csnajssi .
uwaswai n - is

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