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Labor Chief Says He Was At
tacked in Hancock. Mich.,
h and Dragged in Streets.
Threats of Vengeance by Men
of Town, Scene of Panic
Disaster, Where He Ruled.
waa attacked by about twenty-five i
men In my room at the Scott Hotel I
In Hancock. Mich.. 1at night at 8.30
o'clock, struck over the head with
the- butt of a revolver, shot In the
back, dragged through the hotel and
atrccti. and put on a train and told
to leave that country forever," aald
Charlei H. Moycr. President of the
Western Federation of Mlnera, dur
ing hia atop here on the train while
en route to Chicago.
Mr. Moyer was I onrtned to hla berth
and Ms pillow and bed linen were soiled
with blood from w. nils in hia scalp
and back. He waa goud natured despite
hia wounds and said that after ha got
"healed up" In Chicago he would return
to a imrf and flatit "thoae mine oan
ets to the last."
"At 1.30 o clock last night Sheriff Oruge
anl about fifteen other men came V
my room to aak ma about arrangements
for tha burial of the poor persons h
met their death in tlie I'hrletmae f-m.ii
trophe. They remained about rlftean
mlnutea and left ailer I had to.d the II
that the Western Kcdeiat on of .Miners
s and the labor organisations of the
country could and would rare for Its
own unfortunates.
Within four minutes, before the com
mittee of oltlaana could leave tnr hotel,
fifteen ruflians tins' m to Mia room. I
waa suinlrir st tilt- telephone at the
Mina and wa putting In a call. Charlea
Hi Tanner of California, traveling audi'
tor for the Westei n Federation of Min
er, wiia with ine.
'Several grubbed hold of me and held
me while another man nine 'up from
behind and struck nia with the Mill of
h:s revolver un the head. Then there
was a report of a gun and 1 felt a
piercing sensation in my back
not th.nk that any one ehot me ilellh
tateiy. I th.nk that the jinn used la
liitttng nie on the heml wits discharged
during the action.
"TbM twa fgen got hold of my arms
and draage.1 me out of the hotel, L'nwn
the street we went. When the two men
begem tired two other huskies took
hold of me. and although I waa on my
feet part of the time, vet for block I
was dragged
"It le a Utile more iban a mile to
Houghton, wbare the mob took. All
the while they were pulling me along
the ethers wsre yelling Lynota blm' and
gfaag him,' aad oalllag ma tbe vtlaet
Mads of names
When we reached tbe station Jamee
BgcaTaughtoa, Ceeasral -Manager aad
lcs-FreeldsBt of tbe Calumet aad
iConwmied on Second Page i
How Employers Found
Their Christmas Helpers
Just previous to '.be holidays
nearly every home, office, factory.
Ik., In Greater New York take on
ertr. workers.
How these workers arc found Is
quite dearly shown by the following
, 44,195
Mere Than A' ' 'HE ( OTHER New Y.rk
Me ' and Sunday Newspapers
A Fktkliti j WE WORLD S deWtilflJ
Ceosruu feef Ttltt lit Own Sivy
e WWtf At. RuuUil
nvrliht. I,
Co. (The Htm
Secret Affinity Insists Lawyer
Directs Her Frnm Be
yond the Grave.
and '
Talks of Suicide
May Be Sent to a
MONTICKIJX), N. r., Dec. J7.-rts-
fuaing to accept tha offar of her half-
brother. Herbert J. Branch, whom she
net for the first time In fifteen years
lo accompany hi m to nis home in Hart
wick. Adelaide M. Branch Declared to
day aiie h is In constHnt communication'
with the lute Me m 11. Couch, In whose'
i'ftli e she I led at) ret'.y for three years.
She sal. I that while sne wished to
place heme!,' In her brother's care, ehe
would not do anything Mr. Couch did
did t ol approve. Asked how ae knew
h. tt Couch would sanction, aha re
plied :
"He direct! nv every step. He tells
me what to do mi'l what not 10 do. He
otine!s t.ie, talks to me. anil tells me,
of ills lov,.."
It is understood she has developed a I
delusion tha' Cotieh stands at the foot '
of tier bed urging her to spurn life and J
follow him to t ie arave. When the I
Vision nppeiirs, according to report, she
has to he restrained from prostrat'ng
herself at the Tee: of the Imaginary
sre'ctre. A wording to report, she fre
iuenty !um for rolson Quit she may
"loin Hie man I love " Ksaeclally at
night. hi'lieves, he comee to beg
her to Join him.
The meeting hetween the lata law
yer's selt-styled "soul widow" and her
brother wss Intensely drsmatio. When
a last he hail seen her she mss s round
do nhevkeil. healthy, vivacious young wom
an, rnougn sue ha l tieen expecting him.
aha trie.l wlien she beheld him. "Her
bert! What dnl you come here for?"
He took her by the hand and sooth
ingly told her he had come to help, not
to Mi-old.
The Sheriff left them together and the
long talk followed. At its end Mr.
Uranoh went to sevoal shope and
i n it aearing appatel for hit sister
Upon his return Rl talked with rs
po. ters.
"Although my lister has refuned to
return le llartwicg itn ma ami has I that lie wn 1 vtng at No. 10.7 first
prai'ileaiiy refuaed ;t me assist her," le venue with iw Ural wife and son.
aid he. "I have not given up hope of; vYlllle K ibler, who baa Quite a rep at a -taking
her k with me, it ta fifteen . as a lightweight lighter, Kohler,
M.is suite as liiiin seen each other, hen he Isn't b isv getllns; tturnid, is
-.'ml Willie we have Written u asionally I , hattenrler.
we stem a, most I.Wk sirangara. i Mrs. S.hmldt or rather Miss g, nmidt
"Four lean ag" MelVln Couth camei was presented at the umi tinie I he I
to UartWleki Mylng he nae Adelaide's I abl lecelved this Information with a
sttorney. We neve :mag,ned ne was
more to my lister than he represented.
she neiei mentioned him n any of her
Mr. llr.inch made still another egll
on bi llatefi hut could not cnanaa
view, un de:artlim. ho was very bit-
tar In hie commente oono.iiiing i-ijuth,
ne saw ue .... .... .,......., ..
tbe Court, estate recompense for the
sieiiuaiwimni - -
1 le look
late uricrr.oo.i train for his
When M.ss Uran-h
brother a tin eat she
lranied of
was mucb
"I loved afelvln OOUCh and don t oon
aldei : ii a '. my lelaions Willi him nets
wrong,1 she said to a woman vlaltor.
"I ina'l not countenance any action that
-.111 reflcil upon his good name."
win ILK t HI lalat
o fietuiu'ia
at I'li.snui i i iT, IVL inj.e
41. si. i' Amvn i , ' l ill. Mfire
Iv 'irti
I Irlu
brid Tourf, n.e-'.t. c
i M'HiiUU
t ill '.bt lire. SI I HI. "kl TRa v F.I,
t ni.At Atesns, fuiuser iWiuia
.liuaiis. Huhuer iWuildl BuiLllma as.
fe I'.rk Be. K CUv. T)sess Inkmu
The Vmt PwbUslilas
Voek Worm.
No. 10 Kicked
He Lived With No. t
Shopworn Hubby Had Gone
Rack to First Love, Who
I Is Now Sixty.
Left Sing Sing (Where Nine
Wives Sent Him) to
Marry Again.
A man with ten wive was arraigned
tn th Yorkvllle Court to-dsy oa a
charge of abandonment preferred by
wife No. 10 Whan ha was arrestsd ha
mi living with ti'.a mat wifa. whom ha
married whan h waa seventeen yaara
eld. bafora he became a alava to the
marrying habit. Wife No. I la mty i
eariold. while he la thirty-nine. I
Pile muoh-:narrled Individual, who haa
'"alv ar ei tou.' and one-half years
for bigamy, la Joseph Koblar, a abort.
thlek-aet florid nan, of No 1TT Flrat
avenue, and not tha leant remarkable
feature of the naaa la that hla first
wife waa herself arraated for Mganty In
i Berlin, Germany, while they were on
'heir wedding trip twenty-two years ago.
I couple have had eleven ohlWren. of
whcim seven are living.
Whenever Kohler fait an irresistible
craving coming ovar him to get mar
ried ha used, so aha aaya. to go out and
acquire a wife, and a'ter a more or leas
prolonged abaence tome back and admit
that he had fallen onee mora from the
connubial water wagon.
The murh married man was ar
rested on a charge of abandonment
obtained by Mre. Martha Rchmldt,
who waa the tenth partner of the Jove
and sorrows of this trtyso of the
I re, a 1 1 miki game And all this when no
had aerloua thoughts of quitting tha
habit at New Year's
bto, ais maxx xa mot obvay
It sppears tiist Koliler has the habit
so deeply tngrsined that he cannot root
it out. This thing of getting married
haa become a regular tie with him.
H has tried to brace up. it would
appear, and check the craving for wlvee,
to which ha has tiecome a alave,
but It is no good and there Is no In
stitution In which he ran be cured, so
far aa Is known.
As sn Inaiare e of the complete posses
sion the wife trahlt has taken of him.
body and soul, it new! only he set forth
that live years ago be waa sent to tarry
In Hlng Sing for a perlo.1 of four and a
half years. He had only had nine wives.
I B,,t '"n h ot '"' wh,t d0 00
the very flrat thing but return to his old
pernicious neuknees and, agrparently
without making an attempt to brace up
and break off his way of life, fell off the
single life wagon with a loud crash and
marry ihe present complainant agralnst
Mm tinder tha name of Joseph Sohrrddt?
The ialy's maiden name vas Martha
She Is living at No. 811! Westchester
avenue, tha llronx, and ha I lost track
of Kohler. who left her some weeks
ago. till yesterday, when she learned
bunch of cllgplags dlaplayiejg Kebler'e "ais itag
pernicious activities in getting himself! At the ie' est of the New York en
all tied up In the bond of matrimony. ' trui dele -lives the me-, were be.d till
A' tned with ih Information, she went Monday for further egamitiati e when
I to the Torkvllle Court, where Magta they were brought un in court, in the
I tr.ite Kreeuhl nav e her a warrant for
' , ,, .,-, n.nneil paitner.
., ti iM, nln, ,,v Police
, ( ,uW,ni i ion-van, WHO round KOh-
, , ,, wlln um vVlllle p.r up
h,, , ;ini, ni lac er. 11 it
liuiio.an, who is somewhat U.. sy of
being a scrapper almsell. mniuiaed to
handcuff the '-urstor of the uiairl
moma.1 tntiseuni un.l , him to the
torkvllla conn prlaon, wui. he
looked up on a 'mrg. uf abgndoi ment,
! loli aill -later be changed iu bigamy.
Wlien Kohler g'ae ari aigteu the Magla
tia'e held him III I Monde foi further
eaanilnatlon a id f kwI th. ugij a 2,ouo
lighlbll No. is. in K'onler's .a-f : i d
the court thai he had met aim married
! ia,lt. hi Augdfl, Ittll m: after h
liau got o it of p.ison Hhs Kne uotn
ing of bit fonbsi life and UBtll ans saw
tbe eliagiugs bi fiisod oagded aer ae
Meal Freight and set Immense
Floal Adrift in Gale to Ln
denger Navigation.
.small Boat. Scuttled. Steams
in Circle About Craft
in River.
The lata lamented Mr. Bequetnellngi I
tha noted amateur of plrecy and his
torian uf Black Hart. Lsfltts and Lo
lonal. must In. a turned over In h 1
ravo on the Spanish Main. here he
waa burled by Morfan'a merry men,
hrr, Id the height of tha wild atorm
at ohrlatmaa night tuar rVM free
hooters etole the tug James Uradley,
ran a hawser from her to the nitts of
a big New Tork (.'antral freight car
float; then, while the waves ran like
water mountains and the Wind blew
great guns, ran her through the gale
to Mtsten leland and rifled the rich
freight of the cars
To make at all complete and In keep
i'ig with the best trr .Inns of the craft
if the Brethren of t is Uoalt, as the
mantlo- M. Ksquemeling
dubbed corsairs of the Caribbean,
they then scuttled the tugbnat by open-
ns ihe -ico-ks and etil-. her adrift
In the huwllng storm With the wheel
SL7 ver ,u t,,. risiw pMvsiu.
.n circle Ilk. the valiant aid w-b.
ble of the California Nittht l.ne till she
aas boarded by a crew from another
tug tiiat had eren her lights going mer
r -go-rojnding. pumped out and bt ought
back to lloboken, where she had been
barratrled from War No. 3 of the Ham.
burg-Auieruan line nhlln her rightful
akippsr was esho:, with his crow a-
merry-maxing on p. . d iff ami
The four allegeil emulaturs of the
g'.ais-chewtng, red-aashed It la ok Bart
have been arrested and were arraigned
to-day In lloboken before Recorder Mr
(Jovern on charges of piracy, a charge
which in these degenerate daNS doesn't
often figure on the court dockets tine
of Hie let'er-rlay coisatrs Is Henry Cobs),
thirty, an engineer, of No. tn t'llntun
street, noboiten lie Is sum to he a
nephew of ex-Oov. Cobb of Maine, and I
a ted as the mains of the looters and
ran the engines of the Bradley.
The alleged pirate chief describes blttl.
seif ae James Malonay, Ihlrly-n.ne. a
tugboat captain from Newfoundland, but
now living at No. I3 York street.
Jersey City, The two others of Ihe crew
of tha stolen tug Were Nick Shields, a
deck hand, of No. 312 riinton street,
lloboken. and Samuel Niobola, dackhiinu,
of No. SH Kranklin street, Jersey 1'lty
Like all regular sea-goltig swash
bucklers, the drank deeply of rich
red nun before they hoislel the blacl.
flag. Il waa this fact tha' in part led
tu their undoing, fur with boat sc. pual
Ical voices, thev bragged, ova1 tha
flng 'tis of old Jamaica, of ti e r pro
p.sod swoop on the final. In fai l. the.
neglected mine of the on.en'lonsl
"props for then pans sgoepl sslt
crusted boat oaks, scat let ssshes
large burket-toppe.! inp-uoots, s rut
lass or two stul s r oafing' slave of a
rollicking old bs.lad like "'Ihe Flank-
I meantime tha railroad naanla knu ih.
. will be able to locale the stolen prop
( arty, whloh up tn now they have failed
. to do The first en: 1 mate thai I'11 0 m
worth ot loot w.a taken fr ,n the koldl
of the cars Is hid iv the i a.l to i.
errolieu is. The loss will not foot up
' (Continued on Second Page )
nat ner n
e r eiv ftueband A
vet y ehopa ii 1 1
lA'uen K'i .lor ggi iei to prleoi
pic by Judge M ilquee i la Uensral
Peeeionei tnra "f mi si aad aoqu im
nne a.ves Appealed ag fist i II
, sunt. l'istnci.,nio. ii. Harl loid n.s
Court then mat there ere eis umei
telle: halves Icalteied around tie
vicinity, Kan let luen p.iideu guilty
ae -ni-ga-
Children Killed by Father
Who Slew Wife and Himself
ne aaVNaaBeLBH lfl elas
Answering Reports, OlTici.ils
Declare Body of Cardinal
Will Not Be Exhumed.
lie.- If. Official! of the Vatl-
can. as Waal as Intimate friends and
rit,ves of the late Cardinal Rainpolla.
.j dented emphattcally rumors putt
clrrulatlin In certain quarters
Rome of myeterloue circumstances sur
roundng she pre ale's death.
They slso declared ihere wns no in-
' leOUon of cxbuuilnir his body for med
flral esatnination. as the cause of death
had been already established
The i until, s In question at e sssuine.l
I to have born founded on the disappear
ance of a small box . ippuserl t have
inntaiiirsi BOlna private papers.
Seveinl Itah.iu nenspapeia to-day de
manded e.l.i. a that tha cardinal's
body lie Qghurned and Its urgana sub
Je -teal to ahernleaj analysis The tem
poral author ttlsl havs not made any
move i n the matter.
Cardinal immpoiia dieii tee, is isat.
IC was llrlcken sudilsnly with Indlgea
tlOn after superlnteiiUlriK repairs to lbs
choir In Ht leter's He wetit home,
.nil refused to have a physlclsn called.
His secretary, alarmed, however,, sum
moned a dm tor. who said he round
nothing srnous In the Cardinal's symp
toms. Cardinal Itampuila declined lo allow
his ser-retajy to rumaln alth him, but
later m the night beriune worse and
sent ror huth the se-'retarv and s doc
tor. When the two arrived they found
the Cardinal dead He had passed away
prati' ally alone.
In spite of the denlsl given out at the
Vatiian the If sesagerOi a popular news
paper, say! the exhumation of the liody
Of Cardinal ltumpoila has oesn ordered
ill COntaQUent e ''f the isptrlons aroused
Pl his ittddea deatu slid the dleappear
tnes uf ins will, whl' h It le h ' if t
may ha., been connected with. It.
,re.pe.-t- of 5l,r"i'K) Sltaf)
Slovk Look t iooj tfi 1;X-
Manafsr of Kr?jv.
tMi''w. lie. 21 Jo Tinker 'aid
ioUay thai ,;' looked ir ne u-miid
s.g a reoeral i. . ntrai '. Mon
t id n is.-! man igei
Katlonal planned
'In '.n- i
onfi i lo-
Oav With those 0
owueri beve wh
the !' eral i umi.
Ii ii.. did pot In.
s of -i U,t l s rear
yesterday Proape
. .lit i a fOI tin ee
hi s un I a uioci,
of slot a
Tlnket . he eg ,i.
' ' ist ass ,i tncee
. ue "ii.. aw. 's i
i to . ins Ine uea
Pps 1'edera l.eae la
iai e pat 'ol lie la
confe. - ' epl f
oih e i i. deeerted
1 thg n .inporigm m
tle.il e 1 v he e
t ner
n an eaaoutlve
the clerks I s
i a stated
i a -as using
NSTWuv fctrjCXs
AImi Mas Green .ind Whitf Shirt,
Black and Red Tie and a
Nickel Wlio Is He'
ivi police inventory as folkowi tn
daaorlpUotl of a smooth-shaven man,
i .... 1 1 Wenty th roe veara old, who wna
found Ihla afternoon romiUiig aimleaaly
Hisiut itt Kenelngton Ws,ig i tlie
Bowery, CVaeew laiaud
Blaok overcoat.
'irav rbncK suit
Clreen ,ind whits s'urt
Itlaok and red tie.
lvender euok.
sift hat f hck twaed
Contents of pockets'
Three chicken sand wjroiea.
line nickel
He could loll nothing ahmit hlmeetf
bill maybe the publication of tnie
description ma iielp some
Ho was laid ! lie on his way to
work. Every bod) tin one gueos
Dictoi J-iiid Her Dead in Home,
bin Mother Disclaims Any
Knowledge ot Criirw.
mvcillAMTON. ti r , lie. J7 Mye
lery eiirrouiiils Cm etiootlng f nfteen
i.ar-obl itettha Wakefield of iwlacbin
yeeterda) aftemooa 4IUinugsi bei ntatJi.
er and Bradley Hirriburt living ai the
WukefiAld luarie ere in tile house st
rhe Iteaa, Jiev glaatgdm all knowledge
The girl iad beet) tieatarl for ijuinsy,
and alien the dootor . tailed veatarday
aftemiion he fnsind her on Ihe heal with
a bullet In her In-uln. One of the gtrfe
eyabatll as T,ng on her cheek. A
trail of til.Mid la.1 from s front room.
Th aMtnei of to girt dkKiamisd sll
kmiwlalge of Ihe msrrner In whlrti Hie
ehooi Irm nr. u re.1
F inerai urenatlona were hattwd and
IP atliopw) Is lu b hsl.l. A gun was
found bidden In the room whte ihe
hoi whs etippuaad lo aav been fired
The alii'- mother declared si gad BW
seen ti.. gun and 'hat ti girl's e shall
1 must have letrm
I li.il Wau Heed la Hedi Kl,kl'.
I'erl Neimund and Prtts Heokar, am-
ployses "' lohh Then i is , near tKit
tier, with ahum ibey i.ved at Me IS
S'onh Third siree-. Woodelda L I ,
uarl a eerluui hgrti " S Bflorit ng
Iteeker sent has'k i" tha bo i and
..' in bad Mis rhoynani steni I
is rouT. to aa him for dhinei and
foiiid iej dead rill iki.il had :,en
' a t ired Th aol us wie neildad sna
I sol Pro n 'h H inters Palm sta
iio irrssted Ralaj md lie dec-a) red he
Still i. .11 seif dsrfertss but ne w se
.ocaed ng. sbargsd wrta be
Henry Knell, Secretary of a Steel and
Forge Company, Shoots Wife Dead
and Smothers Himself and
! Children With Gas.
Murderer and Suicide First Made a
Will and Settled His Accounts
as Church Treasurer.
The hodln of lUnry Knoll, hla wlf and two little children, were found
to-day In a bedroom In the attic of their home at No. 38 Dry Harbor Road.
Olendale. Queens. Knell waa secretary of the Philadelphia Step) aad Forge
Company, of No. 50 Church it rent , and waa prominent tn cUurch work ead
In the aorlal affalra of the neighborhood.
Knell wai much run down from overwork and a aufferer from heart
dlaeaee. but seemed cheerful anil happy when ho loft tha Foreit Park
Athletic flub at Dry Harbor Hoad and Myrtle avenue last night. The
police believe he ihnt IiIh wife and then filled the room with gas by blowing
out the Jet. In order to asphyxiate himself and the children.
His Work is a Fireman I ikely lo
Hrinfj Him a Formal Vols
of Thank".
! PA1) CltnifTIAN Mla. Her. IT.
President Wilson to-day slept lata and
It waa after 9 o clock befora hs left
for hla morning game or golf over the
course of the Mississippi Country Club,
thirteen mile awav Tor the first
tlms since he left Washington tha Presi
dent hal a ruddy glow on his cheeka.
lis had grown somewhat pale during
hla recent Ulnae, but reel, bracing air
and exerssse apparently haa restored hla
citlssns of Oulfport. through whloh
place th i'resldant daily passes on his
way to the golf club, to-day were on the
alert to see htm Mr. Wilson's prowess
ae a flre-flgh'ar use added 10 hi fame
her One merulMir of the volunteer fire
department of Uuirport to-dey revealed
the fact that ''resident Wilson Is quite
menastory in emergency.
' I was standing out de the N'evtMe
reatdanoe waiting for ttie apparatus to
siTlve.'' he taid, 'when a masi csen,. up
He noticed mv iinlfoi-m and asked ma
Why I wss etandtng there looking at the
'Why dont you get up there and
help?' he aakml t told htm I couldn't
go tp until the. hook and laduar wagon
eanie '
" Wall.' he said, 'my cnan could dlmb
up On the Inside I don't see. why you
ayjB't.' It suddenly dawned on me ahat
1 wee talking to the lre dent and I
went Inotde to help."
60ES UP 20,295 FEET,
A i.ilur Lefagneux bstahlishes New
Altitude i iKiirC) During
Ascent In France.
SAINT ItAI'MAKI,. rran. ., Use ST -
The w 'ild's altitude record for aoro-
planii aaa broken to-day by iieorges
l.ejagn. ig, the lrnch aviator, who us
vended from the aerodrome here to a
he.a'ii uf n -te fee- In ill monoplane.
Tin. il nation of h s llgnt was one hour
and in notes.
The I gbest allltu4l MtHaftO attsitvrd
in n aa.oplsne was mat astatillshed by
Kdmonsl Perreion a' Hue, K ranee, on
U. waea be rose jm 4eev
Sirs. William Kllla. who occupied the
moms on the first floor, beat d sounds of
heavy falls In the Knell n. t from time
1st time after midnight thle morning
Hhe was moderately curious and when
none of th Knell r nlly appeared this
morning sent up to ask If there had
been any trouble.
The hall waa full of gag Mrs. Ellis
wis alar, ne.1 and called Mlae Heleo
Seeley of No. ttl Kim avenue. Rldge
wood, ho was passing. The two force.!
the door. They traced the gaa to tbe
attic. The bedroom door waa cloaed
hut not locked.
On the bed in the room lay the body
of Mrs. Knell, a handsome young
woman. There waa a bullet hole In
her left temple. Knell's body lay
across the foot of Ue bed. His knees
were on the floor. Uttle Edith, who was
eighteen months old. lay In bed beside
her mother, and the boy, Harry, who
WM three years old, was huddled In a
heap on lha floor.
Mre K.lls and Mlas fleeter ran eereem
Ing from the house and It waa some time
before they could eolleot themselves
enosigh to tell the neighbors what bad
happened and aek them to telephone for
the police. Reserves from the Otendale
end Itti hmond Mill station and an am
bulanee waa .-ailed from Richmond Hill
uapltal The surgeon aald that all of
the family had been deed for several
When Knell's body waa lifted the re
volver with Which he had shot his wife
uas found under hla head. Only one
PUtlet hsal been fired from It. Ferdinand
Knell of No. 343 1IU peace, brother of
the dead man, who was summoned b
the police, told them that while hs was
terribly shocked be was not altogathei
surprised v the tragedy.
With other members of the family
who arrived soon afterward he agreed
that Knell had been planning to kill hi
family for some tlms. Knell believed
that he would die suddenly of hie heart
affliction and sometimes said that he did
not want to leave his family behind blm
dependent, lie waa stricken with aa
acute at tn ik of the disease et tbe Palm
Garden restaurant Dec. I at the per
formance of the "Finger of Scorn," a
play for wtiloh be had coached bis tel.
low members of the Pleiades Dramatic
in- Hedoehelmor, his family phyalclaai
told him then that a rlmiiar attack
a mi I probably kill him. Last week hs
. -lied the faintly of his ftifr, a ho was
Mis. Bmll Kessler before they u.-r
msrr e.1 six years ago. In Newark. U.t
his way home he narrowly escaped be
ing killed b a train in tha Newark sta
tion aad toe Knock threatened blm wtsb
esewitsa swvSb1b
'.-W l

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