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Leaders in the Plans for Next Week's Festivities,
When County Bronx Is Put on the State Map
Debut of Pa Knick's Daughter
Will Be 'the Event" of
New Year's.
More Talcum Than
ity WU1 Mark
the There's a dehaterjte bam In Now Tort
mho Is rolag to "com mil" aa Mew
Year's Day-and She hours
thereto and ths nbjrbt shall
with muslo, and ths onree Chat aneat ths
day shall (old thalr teats like Iks Arabs
and bast It It kt to be a
whteh will illuminate ths abq
nlgtit session sad permit host of har
admirers to shins by V
honeyed words a
dentally It wUl sst S
out" parties.
Ths debutante to
youngest of Father KnWterbooksr's Its
rich daughter atlas Bronx. She at atos
ths plumpest of them. For a lone, tons
tins shs waa sorely envious of bar sta
ters basse, use their drat name waa
County." whale she had to he content
with the devoted dlmlnuttve "Bora."
Now, however, aha haa passsd through
to t
high seat har tour slaters
s- Cathar's household.
Oa Jan. t aast Thursday, atlas Oooaty
smllas and blushes, aaaumaa
ame and har new d lenity, end
thousand people are to
kteon m bar honor. The
of a young lady la popu-
to entail no and of tabor
on the part of those who
I nagawaul at her "bringing
. to lass case there haa been the
because bar family and ad-
Baarara ars dstermlned to ahow what
fgsar asa do oaoe they gst together.
Anybody who as an outsider voatxuwo
oountry aaa ass at a
ads to sea that
bars bees made, aU the
everything ex-
te, so that nothing aaw remains
bad aba arrival of the happy day a The
assagais of the region have area gone
ajjbvr aajtolay In an extra stock of
-wsx vrnra getting ahead ef the story
Mara ahoat the t el sura later.
who Bronx baa arranged for ens rsry
toioual ssrsmony in honor of the
debutante. Tola hi to take plans m ths
"County' Court House, at One Hun
drad and axaty-flret street and Third
avenue, the House beautiful, wblob waa
twelve 'fears old before M waa bora.
as it were, at has been praotlaaly that
length of time under construction, al
though 1te had form to speak of this
la the Bronx). The North Bide Board
of Trade and the Bronx Bar Aaeooie-
tlon have arranged tale affair, to be
held at 10 o'clock Jan. J. la the largest
room la ths structure, the Supreme
Court chamber. There the beauty aad
chivalry of the Bronx will gather under
the surplcea of a Joint committee of
twenty-fire, headed by Bdward It
Koch, to Da tea to all the nJoe things
that a long list of speakers win havs
to say about ths debutante and her
lovable dualities
Chancellor Emeritus MaeOreohen of
Jacee Able ef T. D. Ne. 1. Multova. M. J..
Has): "For ate hat tone react 1 hare had
aad keekaeae, aad I aaie had U
' eight dan aad alswta I oould aot
off. I tboogst I eeafcl try bad
nat I gave sir seek sag kite sad
ahha suxi naauc itx a i an uaae me
Emm all esse. No see U ate world keen
fast sag screen the atieari 1 sea b in 1
10 Umtutf heady Ball at. 1 ebaeabl rt awe
aw sew s Mas knew what rest soalaan aa
j! ' tl f I i
arah flatterua. laei-
smmm sr wai soon
saMsaontes arranged.
1 . vf fir J -
I li?i.m,.,il.,i,j,.,sxiri,i,riIiI.,..i,.,.; aaaTasaaT' v ,
Now Tsrh University wfll preside
There will ha an Invocation by the Rev.
Dr. frank Oendentn. paator of St
Fetor's to Wee tea aster, sue of the old
sat ohurcnee to Nsw York, and then
the speakers are to bars their Inning.
Among them will be Dr. Penny, Prin
cipal of ths Bronx High Bohool. Will
iam W. Nllea, President of Ihs North
Slds Board of Trade, former Deputy
Attorney-Oeneral Jamee A Donnelly,
and Henry K. Davis. Chairman of the
Bronx County Committee.
A great batch of Invitations haa been
posted to dlgnltarlas all over ths otty.
including Mr. OCHehsl. whs goes la
band-to-band, as It were, with Mies
Bronx; Mayor Kline, who goss out;
former Oov. Dlx. who signed ths Mil
making ths young lady what shs la;
Oar. Olynn, Supreme Court Juetloee
Olagerteh. Fags aad Orady. Surrogate
Oohalan. Judge Pranklm C. Hoyt and
Mac let re tee IroAdoo, Tan Byoh and
Breen. These gentlemen are to be pre
railed upon to "address you In a tow
watt ohossa wards." so. you ass.
nothing baa been left undone ay that
Joint committee.
Oos "owhudar"' bad the tamerrtv Sa
as Mr. Kooh whether there was to be
any raaaptkuu ar luncheon at the court
baaas as part ef ths "exereleeav" "OK
asr be aulokly replied with araase
ment la every line sf bis toes. Ibis kt
o be a vary formal aooaatoa. ft will
probably not last ever two bourn"
The answer will serve to ahow Miss
Bronx what aba's ap against that hi,
what she may expeof es part of har
o far aa an adventurer la the region
oould dlsoover. this le to be the only
"sst piece" to mark the day. But all
the new offloors of the county, Louis
D. Olbbs, ths County Judgs; James F.
O'Brien, the Sheriff; Prancls T. Martin.
the District-Attorney; J. Vincent Oanly,
the County Clark; Edward Polak, the
Register, aad Osorge kt. 8. Sehols. the
Surrogate, are to be present aad ac
counted for. and they will add Immeas
urably to ths scene If they can be
jollied Into the right mood they may
be mduced to "say a fsw words."
too. But a lot of oratory will hare ta
be eompresssd to give every one a
ehanee at Miss Bronx within Mr. Koob's
tws hours.
It Is ths lighter, less formal phass of
ths celebration, however, which Is Inter
esting the greater number of the Bronx's
bundrsds of thousands. This begins oa
Nsw Tsar's Rva. and at that time the
Bronx Intends to provs to ths Orsater
City that Broadway isn't ths only placs
on ths map at such s tlms. The cele
brants of this hour ars out to celebrate
not only the county debut but elao the
Inauguration of Douglaa Mathewson as
Borough Presldsnt snd William J. Klynn
and Jerome V. Healy aa Coroners They
dessrvs something In the way of a Jol-
llncatlon. so that all shsll not be lav
ished upon the gentlemen who srs to
aaeort Miss Bronx through hsr first
county experience.
The very centre of things In the Brnai
la at ths junction of Third avenue, Wil
lis avenue and One Hundred and Forty-
ninth street, and there the New Year's
Bvs cslsbrstlon la to be the moat brill
ant ana louaest. And now ns come
to the talcum powder. In ths outlying
ssctlons of ths Bronx, for Instance,
Broadway between Thirty-fourth end
Forty-second streets, ths Nsw Tear's
Bvs orowd disports Iteslt with confetti.
Not so the Bronx. It goes Broadway
ons better and uaes talcum powder.
Rvsry other man and woman In the
throng which wUl Jostle Its way up and
down the "Oreet White Way" of the'
Bronx oa Nsw Tsar's Bvs will bs srmed
with a box of talcum powder and wlU
liberally aprlnkle those they pass. And
before morning One Hundred and Forty
ninth street will be a "White Way" in
deed. Also, It will bs somewhat par
fumed. And for a week thsrsaftsr ths
county will resound with ths sound of
clothes besting. Psrhaps for more then
s week It wtll ssrvs aa an explanation
for othsr powdsr on othsr ooata, but
that's not st all ths sams story, not st
One Index of the enthusiastic manner
la which ths Bronsttes are going In for
the celebration Is ts bs found tn tha
fact that In ths large restaurants up
and down ths "Whits Way" and svea
eastward to Hunt'e Pajnt, table reser
vations for the evening at tha day be
, no
THE hl&NX - PART Or YlhofB
With Gadski
Fine Performance of the
Wagner Music - Drama
at the Metropolitan
"Hansel und Gretel" at
a Special Matinee Draws
By Sylvester Raveling.
HDQKRIEIO." repeated at the
bk Metropolitan Opera Houar last
night, for the first time thU sea
aoa, bad Johanna Oadskl aa Brunn
htkto. Hers waa a beautiful impereona
ttoa of the gnddeas vhn, after a Hip
aa Winkle sleep of twenty years, waa
awakened to a woman' realisation of
Ufa and krve. More than that. It was
a d aright to hear the niunlc aurg by a
soprano for a soprano aa Wngner wrote
It. Moreover It was auuarbly sung by
lime. Oaalskl. Jacues Ultllk, recovered
from bla "aoute Imliireatlon" (I think
that waa what Mr. (luerd called It on
Ctiristmas Rvel eanr well and actml
the young hibblelehoy finely. 111a
spirited fight with ths lraon did not
Impair trta enoounter with Wntan, dis
guised aa the Wanderer, or his ardent
display of affection for the Bleeping
beauty that Ma kiss awakened
Trie caat rnnluiled Italia as Mime, than
whom one may never exne t to aee a
better; Oorlts aa the only Alberlclh. Put
nam Orlewold to a noble presentment
of ths Wanderer, Margarete Mutxe-
nauer aa an Impressive Flrde, Itasll
Rnysdael aa the fog-horn-dragon and
lasiora Hparkes aa the voice of the
Mrde, a really rxqtilMte Mt of a njf.ng.
Mr. Herts conducted with authority aa
wsll as with etffectlon
"Haeneel und OreteU" sung for tlie
first tlms th'.a season at a special mat
inee yesterday at the Metropolitan
Opera House, drew a large audience In
wh'.ch children were well represented
Hans Murgenstem. who conducted,
This Includes supper, but It's a novelty
In the Ilronx.
Early on New Year's Da the Rront
official flag will be dung to the breeze
from cnuntlees flag staffs. This Is a
preriotis bit of hunting of thres hori
zontal atrlpea. orange, white and hahy
blua The centre of the white strliu
heara the pruud arnia of the county, an
eagle In short pants sitting uneaelly on
top of s bslloon which Is poised over s
It. eld bearing a radiant sun up to the
walat In a crinkly ocean ile'.ow in the
motto: "Ne Tede Mh1I." which, being
freely translated, means We should
worry." All dsy long the various
political clubs of the rounty will beep
"P'n houie, and for the benefit of those
who are overcome by the heat and
burden of the day there will be punch
bowls or something like that, with a
bucket ti.KH.1e well skilled and handy.
There will be absolutely no reaaon In
the world for any one to become
parched fur more than a minute at a
There ars three man In the Bronx
echo ere busy making personal prepara
tions for the great event Hilly Gibson
Is having his blsck plush hat dueled
aDd fluffed up, Oene MoOutre Is hsvlng
his mustache curled and Arthur Mur
phy Is prsetlstng hand-shaking to bs
la trim to receive congratulations on
the success of the Tetnmeny people last
November. In ths msan tlms the Bronx
Is on tlptos with suppressed excite
ment. They say that after the first of
It Is to bs printed In red on
seemed to drag the time, or, perhaps,
the principal singers our old friends
Marie Martfeld and Bella Alton, la the
title parts were a bit lethargic. There
waa a nsw Peter In Robert Ieonhardt,
who disclosed a good voice and an In
elgnlflcant phya.qua Hs didn't try to
lift Bella Alten. as Oorlts does, in the
last aot. Most likely he couldn't. Balsa
waa the Witch, a part which bo acted
finely, but which a woman's voice would
have made more plausible. Ula Robs
son waa Gertrude, and Sophia Braatan
and Ioulae Cox were respectively the
Hand man and the Dewman, neither of
them giving satlefmctlon. The aoanery
was new, painted hare by Peter Pox.
all to bis oradlt, tha second scene of
ths first aot In tha woods being espe
dairy alluring.
Ixiule Kommanloh conducted the Ora
torio Society through an excellent per
formance of Handel's "Ths Messiah"
at Carnegie Hall yesterday afternoon,
before a large audience. The aololats
wars Corlnns Rlder-Kelsey, Chrtstlns
Miller, Kvan Williams and Frederick
Martin, all of them familiar and each
In good voice. The organist was Frank
I., fiealy. The choruses were delivered
with spirit and Mr. Komtnenloh's train
ing of the singers was shown In the
excellent phrasing, fine nuances and
admirable balance of the choirs. Ths
performance wUl be repeated io-nlgbt.
Charpentier's "I.oulse.'' which Mr.
Mnmmerateln Introduced to ua at his
Manhattan Opera House In the original
French and, thanks to Mary Garden
and one or two other artists, made very
populsr. Is to bs sung In Kngllsh for
ths first tlms In America at the Cen
tury Opera Houee next week, beginning
on Ttl today evening. The cast calls for
a large number of principal singers
mors than thirty and the production
must havs stmosphere to reach any
measurs of success. Milton and Sar
gent Abut ii, u.j'p trends . are striving to
achieve this. Thsy have announced the
abandonment of the usual Sunday night
concert to-morrow for a scans rehearsal,
the arccttaoiies havimr been loaned by
the Boaton Opera Company. Up to the
last minute, too, singing snd acting
rshrarsala will bs carried on under tho
direction of .Mr. Ssendrel. On the open
ing night I.oulee will be sung by Bea
trice Ia Palme. Kathleen Howard will
be her mother and Ixnila Kreidler will
he her father. Ouataf iicrgman trill be
Jul. en. ths lover of Iouiae.
Thcra will bs a holiday matinee or
"Haeneel and Oretel" on N'ew Ye;'
Pay, with the eame cast sa on Ohligt
mss Hay, followsd by "An Internatlon il
The Sohonberg q isrtet. which Is to be
played by the Flonxaleye at their nest
subscription concert, Is such a bOVelt)
that Mr. de Coppet wlehes to glvs lbs
aubacriheia an opportunity of hearing it
, n,ore than once. Accordingly he haa
arranged for a reheareal a,t
Theatre to-inorroar evening.
tha Colt
Ths -Nstionsl Conservatory of Kuill
oi America. Mrs. Jeannette M. Thurbrr.
founder, will hold lta regular sent,
annuel sntrance examination In e'.ijn : ;
piano, violin, Sc., on next SarurJa)
The Rducatlonal tliamber Music So
c'.ety'a concert In the Straua Audltorum
of the Flucatlonal Alliance next Sun
day evening will be given by a quarto:
compoaed of Alexander Uaslsvsky, Na
thaniel Flnkslatsln, Jacob Altaoiiuler
snd Modest Altechuler. They will plat
Works by llurodln, Ivanow and Tschat
kowsky. A fres Christmas organ rscttsl will
be given on Monday evening In tha old
First Presbytsrlan Church by Henry
Seymour Schweltier. organist and dl
rector of the music In Trinity Lutheran
Church. Heading, Fa.
e J J- Jl Jl Jl ,w ,w Jl .4 .4 .4 . .4 Ji .4
TW-HaLM' 1.,;
". 'II
IT f . . s .
n Cvjrea - now ANb BUT
vj sjw oaajje, , -j
JjMjJMM JtJJ Ajl jt j jl . ,1
W. Stork of Washington yesterday
" to SBBBBBkBBBBBa . ' aBl KV ' :..'. M '-- - S
j sWJm KLssssH . .1 lliH LsssssV , IsSH m
News Oddities
ALL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS In tha Swiss canton of Tlclno are
to he subjected to an annual Lax. This would appeal to residents of Har
lem flats.
a stupor for several hours probably
FIRST MAN to raise asparagus in New Jersey, John U Walling, Is
dead In Port Monmouth.
NEW YEAR'S I.VK PLANS at hotels and restaurants indicate tint the
Infant 1914 will be taught all the new tango steps promptly upon his arrival.
BARBERS In Acquackanonk, N. J have raised the price or a hair
cut to outsiders to 25 cents. Residents still pay only 20.
BANKRUPT accused of removing $u,000 worth of goods from his
store Christmas eve says Santa Claus must have done IL
BRICKLAYER In Paris, aftr falling from a sixth floor scaffold to
the street, coolly picked up his cap, remarking " 'Twas a bit of a bump,"
and walked to the nearest cafe and ordered a drink. The doctors at a
hospital later testified that every bone In his body was sound.
and New Tear recitals axs to hs given
this year at the Lyceum Theetre on
next Monday afternoon and on the fol
lowing Monday afternoon. Earn pro
gramma will Include much that Is new,
thanks to Mls Cheatham's lndefatlgabla
research, ami the material will be aure
to phase because of her exquisite taste.
Hut Mi Cheatham luioas that 0tl
f ua who refuna lo "grow up" will de
mand oUl favorites and she has antici
pated ua by putt.ng go ml of them of
he regtllAf bill of fare. Including Ar h.
ba'.d tfu'.llvan'a ' The Little lira) latin I,"
Her lnlni'tah e negro tonga and etor.es
and her plqua-it delivery of familiar
ntirtery rhymes sre ever recurring
Hour.'ea of pleasure, and wo shan't low
" IF
No odds how much your hesd aches; relieve your sluggish Liver and Bowels
how miserable you are from constipation, of all the sour bile, gases and clogged-up
indigestion, biliousness, a "f'ascaret" lo- waste which is producing the misery,
uight straightens you out by morning. A ID-cent box of C'sscsrett keeps your
(lean your stomach, liver and bowels head clear, stomach sweet, liver and bow-to-night;
end the hrsdaelir, biliousness, els regulsr snu you feel bully for months,
dixzinrss. nervousness, the sour, gassy Don't forgot the children their HUt
stomach, backache snd sll other distress; insides need s gentls cleansing, too
.4 .4 .4 ..4 ,4 Jl jl ,4 l ,!? 4 ! 4
y '
Dftbnn OS
UP -ruMic nuioNU. II
- i i vfr.
,d d Jl J jl jl J"aw. jl . t 4.4.4 .
The stork visited Mr. and Mrs. Edgar
and presented tuem a little Stork.
BOMB which will throw a wan into
It loaded with Christmas bills.
her rhe lets because her vogue his
apread beyond the confines of America,
to England. France, (lermany, Itue.'ia,
and, In fact, to all of continental hu
rupt The aecond of ths Metropol.tsn Opers
Honae'i new productions for the season
Italo Montemezxl't "I.' Amors dee bl
Re" Is snnounced for next Frld
Htchsrd Htram lias KTitten to Mr
aattl-C'aaaxsa. thanking hint, Mr. Herts
and everybody consented lu the Ameri
can production of "Der Rme-ikava'.Isr"
for thslr splendid work, of which reports
have been caoled to him.
Mr' W 7 a" 1
- . .r
. JLaasssssWw M
.ft t , BgajMsiaW T. sbbbbBIbbbW mm "m
,4 4 .4 .4.4 ,4 .4 4 ,4 .4 .4 4 4 4 .4 ,4 .4
iin - r etc stLtie fAw I noeaft aw ki t t- rH&suB.e
nwi - r - , .Jr nuiu . , -; V. . 1 r .rlj . ta
awweww J .4 .4 .4.4.4 jS .4 .4 4,4 Jt 4
bwallnvta Tree Ornaments.
MIDDL.KTOW.N, X. T . Dec. tt. Ad
miring ths tinsel ornaments on ths
Christmas tree in her home yesterday.
Margaret Herman, two years old, wis
Save your hair! Make it soft,
fluffy, lustrous and
Trv im vnu will, gftci an n plii t i n (
Pandering, y u rannol fiml n mhkI trace
of dandruff or fallitiff half a ml ) OUT Kaip
will not itch, bill wlnt will ptease you
. oil . I .l
most, w i.i tic t:iier a i rra.a in-, w ova
you si r new luiir. fine ni.'l downy nt firt
yes-- but really new hair -growing all
over the srglp.
A little Dandcrine immediately dou
bles the heauty o( your hair. So differ-
There is Comfort In
knowing that you can obtain one tried and proved remedy
thoroughly well adapted to your needs. Every woman
who is troubled with headache, backache, languor,
extreme nervousnes ; and depression of spirits ought to try
eechanti &UU
CThe Lergeat Sale ef Any Medklae la the World)
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jtha system they insure better
nerves, and bestow the rharm
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The dlroitloai wrltk every boa ere very vehieble oapeclslr te wesson.
FREE at All World Officesl
The World's
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4 jt 4 4 .4 4 4 4.4 4 l.w.4,JI J
seized wit:, a sjduen deslrs to teste
them. So sue plucked several of ths
oi'iiaiiiettia, stuffed them in her mouth.
cheed nr.d IWallowad them. Sns waa
hurried lo the City Hospital. It la be
lieved she will raeavafi
ence how dull, faded, brittle and scraggy.
utl moisten a etoth with Danderineaaej
carefully draw it through your hair, tak
ing one small si rand at a time. The
effei I li Immediate and amasing yeui
Lair will In- lipht, fluffy and wavy, attt'
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iBcouparanie lunirr, softness and luxwrl
time, lite heauty and shimmer of true
hair health.
(ict n f.'-rent bottle of Knowitoa'a
Dandcrine from sny drug store or toilet
counter, snd prove that vour hair Is as
pretty und .loft nt sny that it has bean
geglegted or injured by cRreless traaV
incut that's nil.
they will make,
digestion, Rounder
of sparkling- eves.
By purifying
sleep, quieter
spotless rosy
1.4 -I t wjlew MJ '' ' UJ
at trees- ftp
Kitty Pea turn's

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