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Fails in Brooklyn Divorce Suit
Actress Wife Who Served
and Now Seeks Decree in Nevada
Writ on Gallant Husband
Wler Reportfjd Confession
Killer Is Hurried Away to
Avert Threatened Lynching.'
Flame Sweep Through a ,
CrowJeJ House on ( lolum- j
New Jersey Congressman Is Barges A. O, Ropes auJ Un-
Hopeful Under Treatment
for Cancer.
daunted Known to Have Been
Wrecked ofl Btmtglt,
bus Avenue Corner.
$100,000 RADIUM
Ji 3 -4 ,4 . . ,B .4 ,4 VJ ,t v4 JS , H .4 J jd Jt J H .4 jt jt J Jt J . Jt Jt
ml&trT - 1 "-v.
i ifeV' - loyii
WW : Wff J
Jt .0 4,4 4 4 4 .4 4 .4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 .4 .4 .4 4 .4 4 .4 .4 .4 .4 .4 .4 4 4 J
1 y- .'.-.-' , - j Ef ,
i . W
n 'mmV ml LW' -m .
m ' 'flL - ' V
Dozens of Women and Cliil- '
dren Swung Dow n to Safety
as Crowd Applauds.
wM IhO s!d of high swaying
lad"rs. r. inbfth ' tests sti-h HI no
rlrcuo performer would lirt attempt,
rearing. popping flames, clouds of sti
fling smoke, women mid . liildrcii driven
from windows to Bra esrape with tha
haat forcing them from bahln'l, a po
licemen rut off hy tha f)r and calmly
sitting on a window till forty feet
above tha streetoil these and other
happening mala for thrill! In a blaze
that wwept the apartment liouae at tha
northaael corner of Onlumbus avenua
and eleventy-flrst street, and caused tha
death of a woman.
The victim was .Mian Ulla tfanford.
forty-eeven years old. of Warren's,
X. I.. In tha city on a Malt to her
Iriead. Mm a. Conant, whe lived en
the fourth floor. Mlae Hanford was
erereome by amok, flhe was breathing
men firemen found her w en the blase
had 'been controlled ami an ambulance
eungeon ueed the ptilmetor revival
Wlreatcnent In vsV.n.
To Are o. mured ahortty after
o'clock last night, a fortunate clrrum
stance considering t hat It apiead al
moat Instantly from the cellar to tha
roof of the building. Hnd the blase
broken out when all tha tenants weie
Asleep the loss of life would doubtless
have been heavy.
Policeman Hardlman. one of I'ommla
Oloner Waldo's new recruits, saw amoke
Issuing from the cellar of the house, ran .
In and found the negro Janitor Muhtlmr
a wicked Maze at the foot of the !r
well In the -e!!ar. The policeman saw
that the fire n.i far beyond the con-i
trol of the ;a?!lor nn.l shouted orders to
him to turn In an ahu m.
Then Hardlman raced up the atalrs !
When he WM through pounding on the
4oor oil the first ftOOf antl w if atar'.ii.R
if the se.ond the llsmr.. wee right :ie
hind hi it. rsclor ip the statra. B tne i
time lis to th lop floor th who), j
jtlalraay seal sblaie. Ifardlman had i
I famed all ihe tenants to make for the I
fire escapei there was ntf ulianoe of
taoape tliroufh the halls.
When tin- Mr .'tnen arrived the fire es-
rape lanillnga were Jammed. The vnes
f glass in the wli. Ions flanking them ,
were popping out and Are waa aborting I
through the apertures. It waa time fori
otilrk action and the firemen were eqi.al 1
to the emergency.
Hook aim ladder Truck No. 16. a :no.l
i .a IiaH lirn til. '.I
mwn piri-e wi
the air in a minute, line was ai
td toward Policeman Hardlman. who I
sitting in a fourth-story wlnih w.
with hia feet hanging over the ledge at. I
the tails of h long coat turned up ove,
tha back of his head and shoulder;, i
frotectlon aaainst the fire that was buf
fating hlin from the room. Tha palice
nian wa leaning out, shouting to thwt
eri the fire ewapes to wait for resc iii .
The ladder meant for Hardiman was
about elaiit feet too abort lilsworth
Clemmona. a fireman, raced to the lop
of the ladder, atnod on iha top rung,
braced himself against tha wall and
asked Hardlman to lower himself. As
dell&erateiy aa tnougn in wie i'' '
ancaofa drill Hardlman lurnad around ,
and lowered himself from the window
SLA1 " fMt on cummoM1
X aaarwlillght played on she two men. .
Carefully but awlftly Clemmona wen; j
down rung by rung with the policeman j
on hla aheuldara, both men bracing
tbemaelvea against the wall of the
houes. When Hard. man's feet rea hed
tne top round of tlie ladder Cleminons
guided him down and both were aoon
on the ground, the pole email minus his
oos:, which had been half conaumcd.
A cheer that rose above the roar of
the flames and the puffhig of the en
gines greeted t.ils rgaWt In the mean
time Capt. Ittcketta's men had raised
other ladders and were taknlg the peo
ple from the Are escapes. The following
rsons were reacued:
m the flfth floor: Mrs Harriett
Tgoran and her eblldren. Catherine,
aighteen; John, seven: Alice, three, and
Hxabeth, two years, aud a guest. Dor
thy Wlthford, nitsen. of No. 101 West
aventy-fourth 'afreet-
from the fourth floor: Mrs. Margaret
Lauglilln, fifty, her daughters, Ethel
and Anna, and her grandson, Edward
Bulger: Edward Neuman and Mute
from the third floor: Mrs. Wllhel
mine Hausclimann. sixty: her daugh
ter, Mrs. Meta Horfmeyer; her grand
daughter. Meta. thirteen, and Harry
'row 'ne second floor: Mine. Zordaji.
Miss Virginia Hops, a bird fancier,
who lives on thai fi.ur. stood weeping
iVthe atr.et. dh. said she had lost birds
n tte nr. valusd at IM- Ier ah.
In the fire
ound that a fireman had reeouad moot
them. Aiter the fire Chief Kenlon
nended Patrolman iisrdimsn for
iProsi tks Au-kissa liloUs.l
A man thinks ha ia graceful if he oan
dance with a girl without otopplag aajs(d " WMM "r1v od m,r
. - all . ' . ' . jv
1 1 1-
G tf& KJNOoLEVgf)
J Jl. 4,4,4.4 .4.4.4 Jl .4 .4
KKM. Dec. 77 Mrs. Mabrl Lorraine
Miller Swat began to-day an action for
divorce from Klngsley Swan of Brook
lyn, a grandson or Willi, im C. Klngsley.
who took part In she construction . ' the
Brooklyn HrldKC. Desertion and non
support are alleged In the complaint.
TOTlim inimillll
W p r-ej AUKCnmAn,
HriKiklyil din of niirteen Sa'.
She V us Working in a
Candy Siore.
klsther Acker man, thirteen, mlealng
su.ee las: .Monday, returned eaterda
to her home a: N'o H le Kalh avenue.
Brooklyn It :ie : P. M. wtmn she re
appeared, and from 'hen till dark rels
tlvea. friends and neigliDors held a Jsb:
laUon. Accordiuv to the story told by the
girl, who came to tb.s country six weeks
ago with her mother from Austria, sh,
got tired of Brooklyn and Its schools,
and Monday wandered across Williams
bur..- Bridge .. Manhattan, which am
reached at I K M
She made the a-oiiaintance. he says
of a wo:nan who keeps a candy store at
Da la 11 Cay and orchard streets The
woman aid she would employ her if
she would register at an employment
agency. The g.rl ass
she did tttlg
and went
work. She tirod of :he
anly store yesterda and tramped hack
to Brooklyn.
Bertha Hadarr Uatee Home After
lllolieiuenl H I TWO Week.
Her family welcomed Miss llsrtlia
I "'" """"' " "jurnod to
I ""SKL 2?
nialca, L. I., in tune for Chnatmaa din
ner. She eloped with Thomaa Kirby,
twenly-iwo. and abl two were abaent
two weeks.
"I care only for rharley .Is obi," sa'1
the girl.
Jacohl, her fiance, la a wire.ess opera
tor at the Brooklyn Navy Tard. Jacohi
mm imm
jl ,4 ,4 jl jt jt 4 .4 ,4 .4 4 4 ,4 M .4 ,4
The couplo were married In MM, and
they have one child.
Mrs. Swan Is a daughter of Alvah
Miller, a New York paper manufac turer.
Karly thla year Mrs. flwan sued In the
Brooklyn Supreme Court for an abso
luto divorce, but failed to sallafy the
court with her proof.
Five Queens Held Court at
Costume Affair Given by
Mrs. William F. Draper.
WASIIIStlTON. Dec. 27. Society
agreed to-day that the National Capital
had nSVOr before witnessed such a dag
gling display as attended the ball here
last night of Mr. William F. 1 Taper.
Three hundred of the elite of Washing
ton society attended, itarbed m silks
gnd ermines that OUtrlVailod the splen
dor of the mediaeval courts they
mimlcked. and flashing lth a thousand
rars jewels It was a "renaissance ball."
Five oueens. each noted for the mag
nificence of her court, were represent
ed. Tne hostess received her gueats
in a pearl and diamond bejewelled cos
tume patterned after that of Margue
rite de VglOlaj yueen of Henry of Na
varre. Mlse Margaret Piaper represented
Queen Marie of AftJOUj Miss Helen
Walcott. Queen Clotilda of I' ra .ee
gold crown and all; Miss Krence Noyes
was Queen lsuhel. wife of Itichurd II.,
and Miss Alice Whiting waa Anna of
Austria, wife of Louis XIII.
A email fortune was expended In
draping the walls with American Ilea a
ty rosea.
Father Thinks she Plauae lllope
ninit Uaali lo Monlreul.
CHuaeppe Nargadonna asked the polloer
of the St. Nicholas avenua station to
day that a general alarm be aent nut
for hla daughter Joseph i.e. woo he said
nad been niiaslng elnre I o'clock thla
mornlni; from his home. No 109 West
Una Hundred and Klxtv-nfMi sliest Her
father said ho believed ihe girl had gone
away with a young man wiio has lived
in the neighborhood. Nargadonna de
acrlbed the young man as twenty-two
years old and curly haired, with a ecu
on bis head whloh he concealed oy
training liia hair over It
The girl s fifteen years old. 5 feat tal.
and weighs gboUl lJu pounds. When
ahe left home she wore a Mack skirt,
brown sweater and olack shoes and
Nargadot ne said he thought the
young pair aTOfO on their way to Mon
treal, aud aaked the police to watch
the railroad stations.
Hit hy at Mabway Trala.
issa etocaowlta, a laborer ui So. so;
Broome street, leaning out ovor lli
p. u' folic ot the gaOl side of t e nuhas,
stntlon it Bight) -sixili Itrool and
Broadway, orgi itrucb ii a train sari)
to-day He O'gO kMOokad ba k ggajngl
a pillar and nil head ws cut and hi.-,
right ankle dislocated He waa taken
to the Knickerbocker Hospital.
De Witt f . Oklltoai Dead
HA KTFORO, Conn.. !! V
C, Hkllton, who ret
President of
llli cisn t .d
. lUerorltori
Surgeon Confident He Will
Arrest the Four Years'
Growth of Tumor.
BALTIMOHK, Dae II llevafl tuaeg, I
aaoh about two and a half isdin ion
and a third ol an Inch thick, and cost- ,
ed with rubber, Were Inserted i second
lima this morning to Incisions in the left
sflOUldet of rtobgft O. tlremmi, rini
"iritl. Kcpresentatlve In Oongiess from
Iha RavanUl MW Jersey District. In
the tubes are lu.i.00n w.irth of radium,
the most expensive miantlty of radium
ever used In a single operatic, i. It Is
hoped the trealment will arrest the
gfOWth ofi If not permanently dcatrm,
a maMgnanl cancer from which Mr.
Uiemner ha suffered for four yeats.
The raluabla radium, of courae, car.
bn Head again and again after tu-day'a
The operation was performed by Pr.
Howard A Kelly In his private hospital
in Kutaw place. It waa the se-ond
that Mr llrmnnsr has undergone In
two !aya. The tubes were put hi place
the flrwt time on Christmas morning
and allowed t" remain there for twelve
hours. Or. Kelly observed the result
carefully yeptenlay ami to-day deter
niincii to repeat the operation.
The doctor looks for a degeneration ol
IhO malignant cells tn Mr. Bfokndr!
."houlder .ii.i. i the application of the
Eamrnu rays The operation is so per
formed that the alpha and beta riys
MO, niltered out. loaving only the gamma !
rays to penetrate the canceroua tlastie.
Dr. Kelly expects a cure.
The cancer on Mr. llremner'a arm and I
ahoulder is of a moat malignant type.
It extends over the ahoulder and almost
meels under the arm. The extension In
front enda Just over the heart and '.he
extension over the back covers the
shoulder blade. The patient has beer,
compelled to carry hla arm In a strap
holding It constantly In an elevated po
Mr. Bremner ("Smiling Bob") la one
of the most popular of the newer mam
hera of the House. A native of Scot
land, where he waa born thirty-nine
years ago, lie wen: to Canada with hla
parents when he was a boy. He aettled
In the United States before he was of
age, and began hia life work as a re
pair r In I'ateraon. In 1MB he obtained
control of The I'aasaic Daily Herald,
and is its present editor and publisher,
lie had never held public office until
elected lo Congress In 1IH over Repub
licans and Progressive competltora.
When the special session of Congress
met In April and Mr. Bremner was
oworn In as a member of the House,
the growth on his shoulder had become
so serious that the chances of his liv
ing many mouths seemed alight. The
fortlltude with which he haa home hla
pain has evoked from his I ollcague
many expressions of admiration aa well
Well aa sympathy.
Dr. Kelly, who Is a specialist of the
Johns Hopkins L'nlverslty group, re
cently bouKht with Jumna Douglas,
president of I'helps, Dodge . Co. of Now
York, iwenty-seven carnotite mine
claims in Paradox Valley, OOli where
ore now believed to o tne greatest
radium ore deposits in the world.
Announcement that they had hough'
these claims and ihat they had organ
hud a National Radtum Institute, where
by, with the co-operation nt the FederOl
Bureau of Mines, the radium would be
extracted according 10 a new and more
efficient process, and used for medical
purposes, was msde by Dr. ('. L. Par
eons of the Mines Korean at the Ameri
can Mining Congrats in Philadelphia In
It whs stated st that time that not
one oent of the radium would be BO id.
but that OVOry bit of the precloua meta:
would he used in the cause of humanity,
cllnlco for the trestment of the afflicted
being established In the Memorial Hob
pltal of New Tork City and Dr. Kelly's
hospital In Baltimore
But StaiJ Diners Needn't Worry,
toflt Will Be un New Yi.ur's
Eve Only.
iuie ma between bites hsi ggVOf ntsi
permitted In the dining rooms of the
W'sldorr-AstoriO. But It will be on NoB
Tear a Kve. Peroons who have mads
rolorVOllOPJ have told Oscar that a
BiagJ without any tango tn It is a llsvor
leas affair.
Uscar had hard aors to prove It to
George C Buldt. ins proprietor, who
failed to aee why turkey-trota should
be sandwiched between curses uf a
square meal.
Heluctanily be consented to mot let
his prejudlceo for Now Year s K . on
Oscar so announced yeotvrdtv
"Spaces will he left ve'i
rious dining rooms
Boot R
it ' palm
' .. dan tig
no trot ,n the Wal
Oftai Jan I. You may taa
, from oscar, wbn kaaws
rii.r.a n hui i a o i t mis
linaisUtj rsfiaia are) if rift) oiKTfllfSr Is
ifiliofctti Mwmsm
Victims of the Gtk at Sea
bright Sheltered in the
Hire House.
RiOron I in sTOrd loft In the storm
which stanel on chr.ilmae tught and
ravggod the ad.ls ettt mails of (tow
York and New Jersey.
Ten motl ol the crews of no coal
barges. Eta V. Oi Hopes and I'ndauntsd.
Wieckel oiT H.irrrgnt In an e!ghty-mlle
gale, a 'Org drowned. Tholr bodies hae
not l.eeti recovered, "ne man pe 1shed
In the Frist Hlver from a skiff over
turned by the wind.
Wireless despatches rereived from the
revenue cutters Itasca and Seneca,
which were sent out In the gale ves
terday to save Uvea, remove the last
doubts of the fate of the tnen Aboard
(tie .bargee. Capt. JohnatonO of the
Heneca reported that ha found both
(Orges sunk. From the Itus. a Copt.
Van Boaklrk aent word that both wars
a total loss.
The wind shifted In the night tn the
nx.rthwest, hfl tiering the loy breath of
Milliard vrhldh haa boon prevailing ip
aMAte. Tremendous aaoo still prevail
along the octets of Now Jersey and
Ixing lalsnd. and the suffering In coast
towns atlll prevails.
At SesnbrlglU, N. J.. Where the bulk
head haa been torn away leaving the
oea a clear road into the town, IM per
one ere gathered In the nre house
otherwise they are homeleaa and ahel
tertese. Most of them are fliher folk
who have been exhausted by Ihelr tsm
tlnuoua struggle with wind and wave
for the better Part of forty-eight hours.
The Rnokawaya are by no means out
Of danger. The ArvetnO Pier Theatre
totters on Its soaking piers, some of
whloh have boon Lettered out by the
wavea. Wavea fifteen feat high ara OU1I
pounding upon tha adore, and unleas the
storm relents the theatre la doomed.
In the Hamtnela section many real
tlanta have packed their movables snd
moved. Many of tha M bungalowa of
(be Ocean Breeze Camp, at Edge mere,
have been washed from Ihelr founJo
lions and arc floating on (he eoa.
Waves sre running through Surf avo
hue In Coney Island. Many small boats
have been washed to ava. Bathing
houses have been damaged and cellar i
flooded, and from .Norton' Point lo
Manhattan Beach the storm Baa left in
mark. The damage is eepe 'lglly heavy
at the Sea Gate end of the Island in
this region telegraph and elfVtrlr light
polea have been undermined or blown
The two coal-laden barges lost down
the coast broke away from (he ocean
going tug. Falgar F, I.ucktnbailh, Chrtet
mas night and stranded off Forked
River. They both sink after davllgn"
about throoqUartOrfl of a mllo off shore.
T o two barges were hound to Provi
dence, capt William H Picket! of
Chelsea. Mass . " imm.init-il the ITn
daiintcd. and Capt, O, Olson of Provi
dence was in thafge Of the A. O Hopes.
The track of tie Southern dlvillon of
the Control Railroad of New .le.-sev
were swept away at .Vormindle.by-ihe-en.
An cmerfci nc force was put lo
Work In relays and at midrfght had
lestored the tfAcga so that It was pos
sible to run trgini over MtgM at au
tlodii epeed. Cnler orders from tne
wealthy house oenofpt contractors all
along the shore from Norms-idle to .00
rlfjht began repla :lng the bulk'iead
piling that hnd been torn nut hy the
storm. The present repalis are merely
temporary, but It has been decided that
In tile spring a new system of toulkheade
will he put In to prnted rhe spots where
the storm did the g -cat est damage.
Throng i ths generosity of summer
dwellera the permanent dwellers whose
houses were wrecked have oeen al
lOWpd lo make their homes In unoccu
pied cottages intr. the smashed and
overturned hoiisea ha,ve leen rep. iced
$200,000 NEEDED NOW
BviT) 51- Grives i Week ot Free
Treatment to j Buffering Man,
Worrum or Child.
To-day and to-morrow mark tha
climax of the campaign " provide funds
for free hospital treatment tn the poor
All ages, segea. creeds and races In our
great city are benefited. It is necessary
to raise IM,I0I now to enoble the
forty OOVOR asiodated l.ospltala to Oil
then present beds with sufferers, who
cannot otherwise get medl ai aud t ni
gh al arr
These hospitals last )tar gave 1,:'1,
04 - free dtys to C4,40fl patients Many
mote could have been treated but for
lack of funds.
Bvery II . gives a week of bOi lil
core to a suffering man s
child This often n t
healili. frlen
...live l-llol
0 it V city sliest
ami dom iliobod by a
at tne gouth Market
or the Pennoylvnnla
and Motor lan I, V
, . gel irsin
,tisei croislni
lls.lroad r.wtav
Hpi't noo
the pilr.- pf
atr.ed several hloogg on
the incomotDe Into the
aiiioad gtgtlog boforo the train Was
toppad MpOttO1 S iou der was dlslo
tted There were no PgggetigOri on
ns 'si inil tne connucioi' had nut si
r mmr H ' ' ' ' ' ' '
W r
n i
1 1
B J Jf J jl ,4 ,4 ,4 4 4.4 s.,4 4
American Newspaper Man and
1 Ai.lc rtAo'sn.llsH 1512
Feet Inside Volcano.
NAPMl.s. Dec. n -Frederick Burllng
hom. on American newspaper man. haa
I convinced Prof., pterculll, director of the
Vesuvius Observatory, that h ds
Ocended to the floor of the rolcano'a
crater last Tuesday. Three Italians.
Sonlno, Knrmass! mi and (laudlnn, were
with the American. Burllngbam haa
furnished Prof, MaPValll with proofs of
the oti-ceasfiu accomplishment of Ihe
undertaking, heretofore considered im
possible. For three nights the party slept on
Ihe lop nf the mountain, wsltlng for
k propitious tune to descend. On
third day ropes were swung over the
precipice and the descent was begun,
tturllnghani'a siory of the journey to
the Inferno, 1.212 feet bslow. Is as fol
io WO:
"While descending below the third
precipe e. almost Immediately over the
large sulphur fUtnOfOtO, th" wind
changed ami we were enveloped In
dense sulphur fumes. A cloud of.dan
gerous acid fumes i-aiisji next
"As they continued we decided to de
scend further and eventually reached
the Boor of the crater by passing BVOf
a steep s!op between the sulphurous
flimorule aud the main mouth of the
croler which as opened ill July.
"I suggested mak ng I descent of W
fret through the tunnel to the mouth.
Sonlno. who Is an expert on Vesuvius,
Warned tne thai the il.es of all would
be In danger, but e tlnally
agreed to
take the risk.
"We readied the edge of the opening,
from which red hot smoke waa Issuing
In a great volume i estimated that
the temperature was '" degrees OoBU
Moving pictures eOTO aken In the
ilnsoal Ran liter as Thry Karri,
Frews Metrrlaoe License Bureau
A inttlUWl llSppv v'lsloi.a lose before
Michael Hlncoff of No. fgj Kldrldg"
street and Fgnnlo Hvmun 'if No gtt
iisst Hougton otroot too) irippod
liflpplly out of Ihe marrlagO license bu
reau In City Hnll snd stnrt.nl ggvfOOl
Psrk How to -at h a ar shortlv before
BOOB to-dav. V.cther he nor hla sweet
heart noticed Ion approach of a n b
that swung out or NaMg ItreOl snd up
I'aek Row at a lively pace Whet the
owllng Vohldld ass al ih. mini or run
ning Diem down Mincofr perceived t'e
danger and dragsed nia lajwgo from
utider tlie ho.se's hoofs, but ag be did so
Mike kiymaP lOOl her rooting ani turn-'
bled to tin POVsmsnl After helping
hor to her feet Mil Hale Overtook the
nffendtno driver, with the aid of '
bridt policeman, far out on the Brook
lyn Hi idge HVproaoli, out did t .,l I
the heart" to pf.ss i
tlie driver wo s u a-ao lot
ulrd I riiiiiIIsii iutlior iieii.i
URO K V I LtUt, i nt . Or r. -Di
Hen .- ' HofBBhi 'ui authority on Cg
Agdlgti cograph. and tlie author of
"i '.ifiadian Men and Women of the
T.me gnd n micro is works doglhog
th fgnad I
here to-djy
horn n tv lent
hlitor) ,
' heart
Oily ll
die i
his home
He was
IHK WHK.iii Tiim;
iK - m ttt IttUlsnili f i i
"VAhv noes I oat bon 10 is ,i ggoti.
ate with the otuer hens'.''
"Oh. that hen Is descended from one
of the orlglool Plymouth Kovho."
. , .
Patrolman, Oft Duty, Breaks ,
Into Game of Three Alleged
Policeman tleorge Hllva. In rltlsen'a
i lot nee and off duty, had n "lerci aal.'
early to-.lay M a subway Ir.tl.i with an
allekeC n 1 1 pocket He hid bOOf l iwn
town and was on his way to the Bronx
Ahull ha noticed thiee loan acting Ble-
ipi.-iousiy near sie.mg passenger, siw
later proved lo be frank We.rnr.kc,
Ittilrty. a i.utchei. of No .300 Kaat Klghty-
scc.nei .irrvt,
Two of the men seemed tn be "otalle" .
screening the movamenla of the third '
fyOtP the twenty other paeaengera. M.lva I
says that Juat bvfore the train reached
Freeman street on the Urong division he
saw one of the men put hla hand In
Wcrnecke'e overcoat pocket. He grabbed
IPO man's hand and saya It clulchatl PV '
Tb "stalls'' ran before they ould be j
Intercepted. The prisoner fought, but
was taken off the train at the One Hun
dred and Seventy seventh street station
and locked up In the Tremnnt avenue
station on a charge of grand larceny
He said he was i 'hsrles Howard, twenty-!
hree. a bricklayer, of No. IM West
One Hundred and Forty-third street. In
Ills pocket nun a liadvie of a fire truck
company of Kreeport, N, J. The poll 00
say fill gpfta white hands Indicate It has
been a long lime since he handled i
WertircUi' aald he had been out playlns
pinochle and waa arrested on a charge I
of IntoxtcatkMi. He could not explain
how he expected to get to No. WO Kaat
Elghty-aecond atrret by the subway
Will Not Make Any Changes in
Taper's Organization or Policy
at This Time.
Nathan Htrnus Jr. has purchaaad Puck,
the weeky comic paper The article:, of
i Incorporation of a new company, whl b
will publish the paper, have been fllrd
in Albany. The Incorporators are Mr
tttraus. Max J Kohler and H Oram
Straus Tha capital stock Is leh.OUO.
The paper aas purchased about a wee.
ago Mr. Htraus diies not contemrla'
making any changes In organisation rr
policy at this time He sail yesterday
"It la true that I have bought a con
trolling uiterct In Tuck. However, as
I am aa ling fur I'alastuie In January, I
shall not .num. active charge unti.
my return next spring There is un
finished vork of niv father's In th.
Holy Land will -h I must carry out unlet
his rsstr ic Moris before I do anvthltif
else I'ntll my return ths paper ail,
continue In Its former lines without au
inlerfereni e at all on mv port,"
Unknown Man Leave- No; in
YiJJih Explaining Cause
ot Suicide.
A dead man about twent) -e.ght ygOH
old was Found In the pai .or of a I
apartment t, i tOflimi ' N
Ml Boutnern Boulevard tu lot fha mai
w.-n- f . the iparl Rout 001 r 'grit an t
! Ja ah :.i'( aud mo wit-
igt ne a,, :lil mo.e .it to-dav. Th 1
' lor'g Ai.'e left .i.m ,u l ie apartment
ipparentl) lookJnf it ovor,
tftor the woman's departure th'
prospective tenant put a ouarter in the
gus meter, end, shutting all door,
opened up the gas cocks In the parlor
Levy was almost overcome by the
I imsi of gas sum he enterwl 'he apart
menl this morning, sod the dead bodv
n ihe man was Ivint! 001 the floor. A
note in Yidldsh, grltton in pen. II, rea
as follows:
"You should let me lay frr three .lav ,
fOU should tell my girl to wed and b
happv I love her, hut I could not llv
without her she should coins and aer
me when i on found dead."
Tha body la at the Tordhain Morgue
r g week of Imprisonment and
luestinnlng by Sheriff William .T.
of Westrh-ster Tountv. Prank
I'.ippe o. un lot aircst for the wanton
shooting of miss Mary l.udwlg In tha
railroad yards al i.'roton. N. T., baa
Otada i i mfogofn, Ihe Sheriff reported
to.d !.
1 did not mean to shoot ihe girl."
COPPOlO sat.l "I only Wanted to fright
en her. When I tired two shoto In the
sir to make her atop screaming and
her from running off to get help.
she diopned to the ground. I thought
1 had killed her and rati away."
t'appeio has given to the sheriff tne
name of a young man who waa with
him at tha time of the shooting. Da
te, lives have made a hunt for thla
other man, but have been able to get
no better trace of him than a report
that he oas gone to Italy.
The two men. according to tha eOOV
fesshm. snw Mis Ludwlg got OB O
train, her nrma full of bundleo, and
start for her home across the tracftg.
They followed her and. out of eight and
hearitiK from the station, confronted
her. She tinned away from theoa and
they caught her by the arms Then ghe
hegsn to scream and 'appelo
After I'nnpelo'o arreat he waa
to the bedside of Mis I.udwlg. Who
waa In the O seining Iloopltal. ehot
through the mug and the abdomen. .
a.iid she could not certainly Idoaury
him unless ahe heard hla voice
Sheriff Doyle made him repeat
words Mlsa I.udwlg aald he had
Just before he shot her: "If vou
stop fighting me I will kill you."
Miss I.udwlg with a moan, nodded hor
head and said: "He Is the moo. Tbot
la his vo'ce."
Kver alm e lh- Sheriff hoo been I
tnerliig at I'.ippelo for a confeaotom
aoon aa ha had It ho hurried the
oner to the county Jail ot White P
b cause of threats made hy cltiOoM of
Mai mon and Croton that they Wvutd
lynch him if he wore proved guilty. .
Perfect biscuit
No matter wliat
National Biscuit
Company product
you ask for
crackers or cookies,
. . wafers or snaps
. . cakes or jumbles
will be delivered
to you in perfect
condition, either in
packages with the
famous In-er-seal
Trade Mark, in
attractive small tins
or from the f&uniliar
glass-front cans,
Freshness is assured
through the distrib
uting service of the
National Biscuit
Company, which
affords a constant
supply of biscuit to
every part of the
United States,
flap bisemU
A I way look tor that nmm

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