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llior II .v ?rr af i7if Summit Paint Ouf Mr? ffonff to
Of hen Who Are Beginning to Climb.
- f -.A V Mlahlaf iT Naw Tofk Run ng Pfaffall.
'SI RANCS CAREER. By E. E. Rtttenhouae, ,
otumfai oner. h:iuitahl' Lift atlMfMOl Asportation .
.1 tFA
mux.es or tbs hoad.
; i i . : . RittenkOM$e,
fell -rail tut.
it coaftdtnc la yonrlf.
udy yjru' Ald.
MM MUHI "in who
,B jT i
"ili.au n th 1 op
In the tif Insur
un bt ielnM nratl
In. . poral hi hi
make-up the qual
It-- ,.f j-eif-rrlianc.
oiii,, fmetori i'.l
enter Into tha mak
ing of a tWCMI. . it je.f reliance la the
vary ground upon Which vou muat tread.
Bven if you ive In your "teena" and
hava a clerical poaltion with mm com
pany or : your brightest proa-pe-'t
of IU0C)RI Ilea Ifl amhraelng tlie
opportunity of lotting on on your own
iod .lurt a- tool is i.-r .niiAnces will
permit, r-itinif away from th limi
tations of th aalary pay nvlop and
Into ...lor p oagtbltltl f tha "self
mggUfd ion)."
I'or in that My t om agencies an
rraaied an.1 earn for ttielr founder
many time .ovar th al . that awe
vn with executive poMMon. A young
loan el s M nsUOh iMUTgno that
pratty mon t h;iM to oa 1x11 ona
t help Ultn. Unit try llttla th buil
naai ot hla ajaacy grow until he boa
I toiT OfBca f-r- e :infl a CTWW of aalo-
men to Ui Ilia It tail Worit for liln
Whlla h dlraoti their efforte. The ar:.-
1 .ilon and th energy and the br:n:ii '
t at formerly ware pt Into making a.
at irt Ikan ara employed In atrenxthen
Ing anl tnlarfjlng and auprrvl.ilng the
big hn1ne Which he hna ( rented. ll-
la no aublact lo ih. bua pollri.ia,
i otllro rd lapa and ilia fixed pa
ny eniDiovera a t la iri.- zr or h
n domain. With Itn i nning power that
lila.own ability lives
Tlat tha boat "road to the top,"
and it Is i n open roa I. And ou ,-an ae
n liy yon muat thoroughly aelf-re-l.ant
In oider to ollmb It.
There Is now and always will be a de-
maud tor ffleloul young men In the
f.eld. hm they must he efficient.
There la unlimited room at the top,
hut to get Lhrough tha prcaa at the
l oitoni lakea rtn n-.-tli .m l purpoaa and
wit and Ua rulttvatlon Of thoae at
c i.iiUs h m:tke a ;. o ing man
tgnd Oil! anurt fro. a hit fellows; t-
i jff ahor. lim n, to outdistance tham,
You will newl i ability to tali.'
Sonnet to the Sausage.
By Eugene Getty.
reiiyni .
w KKT, -on
With odol
by thy
ul y
hi I
I'rtai ihi' liiiim
ipn my
lUera i. i 1 1 nasi ling
i, itmptlng
1 .wants arc a .1
upplle l
jilir 1
lu Id 1.-..-JI4WI .... a.a I -
to sate.
I. a
.1 vl'Ti.lls
!' m. In
Ikeida l.nc-.iri ,ei II,- U t
il.urr. .:i .if I h Ktll I Was
In. -ui It- lia s, . siu Mid '
m h ls iii" 4 !! Olanai
nC leai )u ii ui- 1 1 C"'r. i In
lis ei'inei in, duals lilll Ac In,
d i hll .si
I. n' lr. - ..-it-lacislly
loval iui. itisi
II, ' .
i, ,ii
i r : t - iciinlr .1 il-illsrs
sa "QnH t l.'ihl." norsi
i.Hisl 'IJ. . thsl fl "i is.,
i r'nircu it a
iiimUred -' nn. It Is
ci-lici si'-l
I im - (lis I
Petri lli.mlvr dvi.nn-'iitmn
im fef Itir follj snd sin el ic ces.ir
Hut hs ri lla sll '.so t""r. i -nity fii
hiiarh "
;4av 1 ,
nlttt Pe r Dry Ooodl Km-
irtum 'a In t. t..jrth.n
pgr! of th CltVi seveial tulles
from the busy ilu vnloan d.a
trlct. where bOOltmukefl ''ad
their noadtiugrttfgi
Tlie sgprea tvik or'- doe' i In te'en-
v-.v mm mis I'mrene Rgurd that
y doing without lunch he could get
... i 1.... . 11 . .llir a AWM
ui h;s daurlng did nol Inclddi n
a:ed bridge i I protrat lo wag-
lle wna fortysflV minutes latr get-
.'ig lia'-k to the store.
lie walked in dnlluiitly. Kvery eye In
the store wa turned upon him, gad
yes of I law ley, horrified ye of caah
boya right,, t.siy sngry yag of old Ft-
. hi .w .. I it niaiters not Thou art not lesa dlvlna. rwa xamgasaa aai aanutwaur wgii tea aim
.UCUllUg, rtvcll ng In pomp and atate. ' By lovers always shall he Idollaad tanoby'a never mind how I know; I d
Wo. ild qne m. the with Wttllngj Thy etrlrgs of linked eweatnea long know. Ooodhy."
Rotnan pi it, , drawn out The French-gray door tn tn jx,,,!
I $100? $2 0,0 00? -Nothing? Or
The Evening
S'Matter, Pop?
. ry--xnrLruTj 1 1 ri gjxaj i.'.nnujjLr ru juuini".L - .-.rinj-.r nri r - juTYl 1 .- i TT"riTir m nr j"BTTViTJJ1TJT'VJfcJJrl"rrT p1-l-rrrmi T"iii r-,-,-- --.-ai.
reb.iff.' -,'hoiit (fettlnr IWrtiHHf
Voa Will i:ef to know human naure ,
Vo i will need to atand In th eyca of
your fellow aa a joung man of In-!
'"rr.': You w1 ne.i to be Induatrtoua
and to know th value of patient and
rerveratio. Tou wit nd to b an
Ui;jelat:i and of gooi temper and to
loe your work.
You muat. a..o e all. hava auaol'.ta
cnnfMonr-a In youraelf. and hava th
Nurago and determination to oearcoma
the ordinary difficulties common to Oiim
and every other buainea. Without
th'-an your atllaT qua.lfloatlona will be
uf little value to you.
Thepe are anm of the auceaaa-oom-pclllns
factor! Which have mad a.
ma"ti nwn prosper :n th tlf Inaur
an e field Thrr are a,, enornioua num
ber of yojnc men who ara looking (or
a buaUiaaa opanlng to-day woo poaaaaa
thtae quallfi atlona, but many of them
do not reallia It. Few of the aucca
t'ul men of to-day knew when thy war
yaimg how tar their energy and mdua
try would rarry thtn. All they knew
waa that they wera going to try their
heat. Tl. man who trie ula heat la
aurc to win.
Willi it do. a not require an eitenilv
educntlon to be a aucceaaful Ufa Inaur
ancs agent, tha hemnner muat poaaea
th fundamentals of oominon aenae and
ruffli-lent Intelligence to enabl htm to
comprehend th a'mple princlplaa of l!f
tnauranee and underatand human na
ture oa he flnda it among th peopl
whom he if aolk ltlng.
Uii very work .a a progreri r edua
.Ion In Itat-lf. II larna that to gal the
.ntereat of one man ho muat employ
tiictlra aon.et:mea the direct opposite to
thoeo eafljuirad in .el, i s to eonie dher
man. ll learns the value of good
addrea. tie leaina how to be brief and
ti-rsa In presenting hi proposition to
hue-.- men. nnd he learna how to talk
ln:rlllently ,n tc.pl. s of interest to
men who want to ait down and chat
with him while "looMng him over." JI
laafM t, uae of t.-t and diplomacy.
for upon them often depend th me.u
ure of hti aue. eaH.
lie. aoon leaina to prepare himself
aifuJnst ani emergency that may arlae.
He leaitis thai to ba ah!., instantly to
rP with any r.w jiroblem that may
evnfront him la valuable etock In trade
Ills bus, kiss g..-a him a field for con
stant gtudy,
Aganti new or old. cnMtaUtiy have
the nealstanca of gnral agent in
over n'li iig dmiCUltkta, but iho exper;
enoe naieeil tnro igh solving theaa prob
lems for thetneelve gU'ns fiem tha
greater strength
Do, rrie- N Ttrk li ng Wir.Mj
Aios' thai ooon was erneiiy denied
To OTOWn hie royal feaata. but audi
1 Kate.
Whether thou'it male of dog meal
ohopped up fine.
t)r weary car horse recently demised.
r pi, tint pork.T, ludicrously stout -
It matter? not Thou art not lesa dlvlna
ri resent! ;I eves of Mlsa Mean di(
gueted (-' of i ar .ton -'ulden saw
llicill all a- b stifrlv covered th long
wa . from toe entrance to his . ounter.
ft lit:.-, necaus only hy holding hla
kiu stiff could he prevent their wab
bling Yet ll Wasn't that ho waa frightened.
RVMI Pet. rs's Implied threat Of dis
charging htm did not produce the Im
pression that It apenker Imagined But
the storm .f disapproval was so over
whelm, ng thai tt took away his hieath.
Sonm latent obstinacy In hi nature
made h m sullen Instead of abashed
"One hundred dollar thrown gwgyl
Htich a chump I t.evar saw, " sighed
HWly bttWn Interval of cutting
"It wa mire' Mine'" snarled Olden.
"Any one would think I wa robbing
th eah drawer'"
llawley's lgh would have drswn
sums peopl back from th edge of eter
nal damnation. But Olden wa In no
humor Juat than to pprclat sighs.
H awung to th outer and f tag
counter and am (ao ta Caog wtth
Jonathan Ptra, wh placad tug handg
aa hi hip and atared grlaaly at gla fw
World Daily Magazine! Saturday" December 2TI I 9 1 S1
Novelettes of New York Streets
By E,thel Watts Mumiord
5-The Hidden Room
On Fifth Avenue
The Story of a Girl Who Lost Her Job, and How It
Came Back to Her of Its Own Accord.
( aal aaaaw
gfl gaaw
.aafl aaaW 1
'' afl H ' -
i ppfe i
1 ' ' g i
B tTHEt W. NdoMf-OlVlO. if)
i (?'
)owriaH'. IIU, 1-r The Pr.ea P ih'ls'uot Co.
(Tlic Nee Yerll Eieulrg World.)
"! gnon's th name Don't forget,
th night-light room, .luat puh tl.
It was th vote of M:n. Alphonaine
and It carried imtlMtly to the ears of
Katelle M.-Oulrs an he waited tactfully
till th ruatomer then rloaeted with th
great couturier ahould have taken her
departure. The door of tuo aanctum
opened and the bofurred and fenthereil
r lliouetta of Mra. Clooby-Wheenie
allowed against the pit. a and go.d 'bac
grouml of madatna'g private ofllee.
Madame .-aught sight of th modal 'I
waiting flifii'i' and idgiied to her to
enter. Madame' face lost He affable
gmllf ! her dark ejedrnws drew i .ccther.
"Mute MolilrV ah eild trnly,
"this morning you wera a half hour
late again. I hava spoken to yon be
fore about thi. You need not take off
your hat. You were. I believe, pnld off
on Saturday. We will, therefor, d.a
pense with your aarvlcea."
iMian McOulr -wiia thunderetruck. "Oh.
madatne," eh plmtded wtth a atnkltiK
heart, "I'm very aorry. I overslept. My
mother has been veiy 111"
"So 111," remarked madam oldlj as
h lifted a at rand of her becomingly
etrtped peppei -and-aalt .-oltrure. "that
vou tangoed all .Saturday night at Uua
tanoby' never mind how I know; I do
The French-gray door wth the Ijoul
rchensild sales man
'Mr Olden 11 aald Pediirii i urtlv, "I
may us well Inform you that there art
several worthy young nun who could
fill your position more (atlsfaciorliy
than you. After to-day you may hava
all your time to dot to horse racing. "
Peter' e voice waa loud at any time.
Passion mad It louder Malf-way
serosa th store clerk knew that Olden
waa being fired
"Tou'v only yourself to l.lam'"
llawley aald virtuously when Peters
had sailed away. "Much a chump you
arel A hundred good dollar"'
Olden aald B0 thing" 'Only stared with
11.cre.iMed BulleunHS And Ihu woman
OR whom he was waiting never knew
how ehe hupp, ned to get two mcr
yard of silk than she p ild for.
Olden wa very glad Whan the hand
of th clock ahowed I. Th atmoe
phere of pity, acorn and ontniat gal
more than he could endure,
Caah boy whose namee he did not
know pauaed aa they paeaad hla coun
ter and nudged each other to "look at
th guy what wag loonay." Part eales
gtrlg lo whom be had nvr gpokan
purposely aauntsred past and Inspected
t Orrrtetit. 1(13. hr
XVI. gilt decoration etoaag over the
glimpse of th rose brocade and pink
Ilk ehadrd aid light that alternated
along the mirror laden wall of "th
Drearllv jr-stelle turned v. Too
late ehe reallied that she had counteil
too much on her chl prettlneas. Hbe
deacended the etatrs, eaet a colitamptu
oua glance at the glass cabinet crowded
with chiffon nd tinsel and waved a
eauoy hand at her erstwhile comi un
to na.
"By-hy. girls. I'm .'..wing the 1b."
she oallad garTy
Two black clad young women tvirnel
shocked face away from tueir OUg
tomer and gapped at BUOtl temerity.
Tha Olrl Without a Job.
I.atrlle' feelings ogllMd iiieh.it .us
ehe found hereelf on the avenue-the
unlit avnur, wMoll had i.een "riot for
hr." even at lunch hour, that being too
variable .in event with madam' i llenta
to be counted on A auiKlwicn woa t o
beat ehe could do, and often that luul o
be gulpeil at an undlgeatlve spetl. Sh
waikad Iong, keenly alive I the excite,
mem of the hurr1ng Uironga of motota
and pedeatrlane. She ahsor'ied the eon
tentH of tilt how window with know
Inrr ye, comparing mvles and price
witli "Our Sliop." A feeling of adveti
t.iroua freedom invaded her. How won
derful tt muat l.e ,,t to l.ave to have
a lobl (she found a ten loom and ute
a -cent " dub" luncheon with the relish
of a freed convict, dropped In at the
Waldorf to note If tl.ere nppcared nurht
new In mllHnery. wrote a billet doiix
oi two on rh hotel etat.onerv, thus
cononitxlng her own beat paper and
ahunterivJ out again.
Broadway row claimed her atten:'in,
hut Ha ghope, ahlle alluring, were not
to her taate, fe. as It ffll on th "i res
tlons" of the foreiu-ist makers. "Fifth
for mine." she thought, and turned In
that direction through one of th m'd
dle Kurt) ld street. A. I at once alia
pauaed, her attention rtVottOd by a mil
I ner1 wlndo'. It was quite an ordinary
display the hats were, In fact, rather
conservative, hut across the front in
letter of gold were eniblatonnd
'HBO MOM ' .Madame' word ra
occurred to her Why In the World
ehould madu.me re omrneinl t. ., a
sha-irb;. ahopl r'urely tt could not h.i
thl oua lh alon .it down the atrei :
There, a door or two helow, atood Mr-.
Oooby-Wheenie's roiui: hltie limousine
Evidently It wa the ahou
Her cRirloalty arouseil. r.stelle enter 1
th (tore. It eemM well patronli-d.
T , c, O W
him a the- w mid Inspect a fiv-lgge !
.lust before e l, lie Petets was Bgfaly
cut of the wav Hgwlsy lUfraptl
tlouNly ecu' a boy o u for the last adl
Ilon. They were epreading th musiu.
cover our tha rountars whn the boy
brought l:
llawley opened the pink sporting
page with Ihg calm niove-nettt of on
who knows what he will see.
At th first gllmpre of the MaVH
h -ad-llne 1 forgot the pine. Uie time,
and the goggb gfanO of n.s aus
tere mployr, ll shriek drew the
tnilon of vry one In U; fore .-n
those -alio arte putici.lng roe time clo k,
"Olden I" 1, shrieked, "g n U lU
won: Vou wonl tVir tha love of Mike'
.omehoilv ll ng how mm . ten h .n
drd lTlle one hundred Is'"
And then wild au.-prlm: ga- e wy tj
'Why didn I you t.l us It . a
sir thing? 1 could have put up a
Qulrvy O'BrVni, Carlton, and a acora
of othr laid violent hands on the pdnk
ht. la a second k waa In ah reds
Whoop, O'Brien
TK. Praas rvh.isfcla O. rib Vor 1-nlnf
h it again, to her practised eye. tha lur
wee not aufllcleit to gOCOttftl for It. A
w l?.'-yed young woman approached her,
noting natelle couuett ah hat, -ll.
dtessod hair and ImpaeegMt figure.
' 'Kvenlng hate, pleaae," h.iI Kstell.
esttt, milUonalre iiunnhilatiea
Th damaol produced eeveial confec
tlona of lac and tulle and a ehOl of
JgWalled atid algretted ha dreesea.
"I'll try th.n on In the nlglit-Hght
room, " 1tell remarked
Info the Room of Hfyntrry.
Th saleslady shot her a quick glance
of uuentlon, eeetned istlsfleil ith her
InAPi-etlor. and led the way to a fee
tlvely idCOrgtad alcova .h drew- a
long curtain hefiie the door, act down
the hats on a BIM COVegtd sholf. ami
went out. !i a-1ug Batotlej ainne
"Jtlai push the nilrror." thoe had
been madatna'i worda what could it
msti" Tlie pier glass that ismfrmited
her reached from the floor to within
a foot or two of the celling It boasted
a marble shelf, ou which rested a
fancy phi ctiahlon and a china hat pi i
holder. Mstell placed an Inquisitive
finger on the mirror and puehed. Th
glass n"!vcrel and eiowlv turnd It
aw ung on a rod set In above and be-
loan and revealed a narrow paeaagei
iieteiiee heart quailed. Then ehe te-
Pi . ted thai what mudaine thought
good enough for Mra, Oooby - Wh eeme
ought to be koii enough for Mstn M, -iimre.
Cautloualy she ateppad through
The pis air was Btiort and c.lo-ed by a
heavy OUrtain, Hhe liftl it. and found
th corridors beyond eoftlv lighted, An
other curtain, and Khe enierg.-il Into a
beautifully appointed dreealni room. A
maid rose and reepactfully offered to
check her fura. Ratetle gjanoed at the
C'lst-rack anil was dazr.li-d Itv the num.
bar of expcnalve garnietiLa that depend
e I therefrom amoni; them Mrs.
Wliaeina'g nables and yes no yes,
mgdajna'g own seat and ermine wrap.
She hook 'her he id, opened hrcnat
at th throat and obeyed tun mails
directing hand to another draped door
way, through which Queer olh king no.s'i
leached her eais She fn.ind herself
In a long club room, lighted overhead
adth aWliaster cups that rned a charm
ing glow ovr tha 000. Her and
t.iere llttl taMeg wr temptingly
apreadi Two maldn were buay euppiy-
Ing th wants of varl his women sst-
ed therein, gome eoomed buoyed with
plaaaurajbl ewltement, otnera were
plunge 1 in gloom BattHo had never
seen gaming lablea. a vivid doasrtp
tion or Monte Carlo Riven hur oiwg by
Mr. Qaaton. tha iNmmlng buyer, was
all she kne, but 11 suffice I. Without
a doubt ' lie was a woman' pgfgiltaa
of fortune At several tabled ladle
at at cal ls, hut the crowd waa mi
ned around a olloktng, Jerking ball,
cradled in a revolving wheal at the
Ion:,- ta'de Hll aaw madatne herself In
animated con vara with Mra Wheene,
who waa betting heavllv. A ma. i
approached them wtth a salver bearing
glasses of imampagna, a knowing luok
paaead between ilia female Qanymxl
and 1 io gray haired lady Ma lame
rcfuacd, hut pro sed a glnss Into Mi
Wheema'g band,
A HdCOf fl(tftlH and a Haiti.
Watching It all with wide evea. Ke
lt lie sank IntO one of tho gilded Chans
berlde en unoccupied table. Iratuntlv
th maid approached and act a bubbling
glas on thn ta d and a tray of bon
The Story of a "Hunch" and What Didn't Come of It
Oldm 'n ti e ha' iv
li- forgt oldan.
chap' Tat,iy 'In
itul'v for ou'
v i r th rlves
.said dotlin -my
"l.-ickv dog 1 ' r.ed CgTMafl affe-t.en-atly.
I muat admit. Ciegeneg, that
tn th mattr of Judgment you'v got
the rt of ia sklnneiil What are yo i
going to do lo nlfUtl I've got two
'lekets '"
"He's corning up to mv houae'" said
Mils lean rna.-tlv. "Sam oa he al
ways does Tion't ven, v'l.w erpe? You
didn't thtnk I mean t anytf Ing If that
note did you""
i Ijrsui e d I not ansa-' He wa
atari I g a! ih" r.-ds of 'he pink srsjrt
Ing isg., that l.e had '.cc,le 1 In pull
ing from six pair of hands
"Twenty (ho land dollar" he gasped.
'Twenty ihouaajtdl" Qulnai echoed
In sn aei whlper "I ilwty said,
OI4n, 'hat vou hsd mors br ni nan
all tii i t .f - p.t to4lhi say,
come home with '" (? dinner I wunt
to how yoj a piso of pr .perty I own
that I'll H you"
"cThot up"' aald Mla I'e a angrily. "1
guea w 11 talk over our plan flrot he-
tore bo bjys eomothlng
you probably
Ml. 'VJrtWJ
bon. I'elelle fumbled with her puree.
"On rh hnuee, ml." Th mad
looked at her harply. Who are you
Wrbhi pieaee, mla""
"I waa with Mine Alphoiialn." Ks.
telle replied with the ring of truth In
her dulcet voice.
The maid rouehaafel a smile that
was almost a wink and retired.
Tli room begun to nil More table
wera provided l'etll I'hevaux and
Until were commenced In the a Coin
ing apartment. Still Ratalle eat oh
sei lug madam .i d ilrs. Whceme.
All at once eta-rau t.ipplni
aounded, followed t.y a niufTled bell.
Instantly there was a pnntc. Th
counter bar wa uu kly covered by a
device that developed a Well filled Sook
. aee out of nothing. The mlddl table,
wheel and all. he ante n tolltop dealt
Ulniaes and platea ner swept from th
little, table, and tit tauloa thomlvcs
shipped badi Into tho aalnscotlng of
the Wall. It wus Ilk prestidigitation.
"Lad lea." It a the dominant vole
of Madam Alphonsln. as she mounted
a platform at tha end of th room.
"Ladles, don't loe your head. Line
up your chalra; give me your attention,
I will now continue my lecture."
She wa Instantly obeyed In orderly
row a tha attendance at n. -fore hr.
etotne one started a handclap that be-
lame loud applaua.
(in thing is .-eriain." madanii')
vole rose with deep and glon Ing con
vlciion. "women musi band together
Patty friction must h forgotten
Solidarity that la th watchword."
There was a andden commot.on. A
poUeg offloer ami two men entered
Madame was mugnltleent
The Hr iranl for Nothing.
"To what do we owe the honor of pe
aecuilon?" Ji deinai.ded. "Are tli po
litical i. pinions of th Women' Civic
I'rotest league o painful to th po-
"I guese we got th wrong dope." the
uniformed ofheer declared. "Sorry.
Idy. vrdr from hndiuarter to look
it over '1 ies we won't poll the lec
ture. "om on." The wink he heatowxd
on madam wns only een liy her.
"ToU nnd your men hd better stay
right here." aha retorted with heat.
"Vou're Just the peopl w want to
reach "
"No, nOi thanks ladv," th offlner
grinned. "Sorrv to dlaturh th meetln'.
'Votes for wlmmen" ) I "
Tliev were gone rr few moment
madamO contiuued to expound ud ggt
hort. Then she illpped from the plat
form. "Wall! the' waa scare'" ah aald
"Hut ' 'am. Sulll'. an 1 nice man. I
know ho d never carry thing too far "
Her word were addressed ro Mr.
Wheeir.e, but happening to l-e)k ovr
the ladles' head he luxjuritern) the
frlgfttened tare of Batalla McQulra, A
look of utter hew llderuient and cunatcr
tiatlori ufogwad her fac. then alio con
tinued heraelf "Mlsa Mofjulra," ah
raid ICateltl approa hh1 "You will
kindly reiort for Work tO-morrOW, I'll
Put you in the Receiving I'epeitment of
the In, ported Millinery, It will nut be
nacasaary for you to arrive before 10."
Retell gaaped "Oh!" eh Drltdi "ma
damgi you so g.iod--rm ur rn
never" ---
uf course you won't, my dear," ma
dan: Interrupted. "Wa q .it underat und
on another t'oine, Mr. Wheame, let
try our In k again "
go, ao iked on W on': wn, ( 'larerc .'"
A-ul.'. Clgyen did not a iswer lie
Wag (li, Ing a' thl dllghtd ami. Uial
pmid Jonathan Mfttri'i whit wM
i ris and gsuatgch It was a lunurt
rtsg aintl ll radiated lov and kindly
feeling and good fallow hip And Ptr
graapd O.den r.Kht arm In an arTao
ttonata lllllgh "''I pattsd he orouldrrs
With th- combined fervor of t father, a
deacon, an ernvhyer aid a loving
"t'lare; . my hoy." rn ,;,i man !ac
ulated, i Uun' I want you to thmk 1 ap
piovo f gambling and racing Thay'r
-ei.l, of c arse, Ihrvi Immoral. Hi.t
i do ad-n.re a yuing (tllow wit u iblalna,
I've had my eye on vou for soiu time
And I waa tailing my wife th otlir
labjhl tha It wa gbOUl time fur me to
p it some young fellow In here aa Junior
msChfi 1 rn gelling old II, the way.
mini up for dinner to-ntght ' ran 4
rl you bo;t invtmnta"
"Never mind your engagement wltk
me, Clarence," krtbel whlprd. "Junior
partner that sound good:'
Ah flounc.d around triumphantly. A
group of alaglrl were given aa I Bag at
dBongtratom of th haughty
By C. M.
Old Clothes for New
bimfh eVayj to RtntfuUt You Watdpoit
$y Andrt Daponl
10 . t tl i. re l'-m I'u 'tWrane I'e. Tit N Yer enlag Wneld,.
tl'lltt s another pair of whlto
de, I it.. I can' I year gtOVag but
make Hv palis thl aeek. an.
n cents a pair to clean. I.lttle
money 1 1 trlcblei .iwy in tmy
i - 'r'
St 1
for 'hec have a chum- to lnk In
rut? i.-i."- mhi'oi n nr awasHin eon is in cours i-arerui nvr to . i it in a room
lig ited by ga ..I lamp or wln-re there l a f'.r. a such fluids r Idgblv ex
plosive "A small snot or mudg can eaaily he removed fiom Whttg gloves with a
peif . My eleaa eraser-- mie of th cheap ruhhsr arneere that yon egg buy am
where fur n fawcente lll ansa er perfectly. pTOVlgad that It Is not ma le of ha-d
PUbbei The soft eompagltlon called 'art gum.' sometlines uaad by draunlits
rnen, Is excellent for too puypogg.
"If a ahlte glove break at the Up of the f.nger and ran want to aaax
neat Joh mending It, don't w the edges over and over In the uaual Way ui
th outside hut turn It Inald out and, putting th edga together BgfefuHly,
overcast t'leru llnelv but ilrmly Alwavs use fine white thread, naver silk
ine latter
utter wVt out the kid "
Were You Satisfied
With Your Presents?
Hv Sochie
i m .na :., tail, h) Tat Pegg ntagtal
1:11 in i diaappointed with J our
chrletmaa gifts? iu.i vou gpe I
you a regret tun
ou erni something
tor Which ou 'I d
ted receive like
moaeural xnd did
aome one. from
e horn ' u egpaol -
ed to hear, not re.
-pond' And are
yo i planning to
b a r a e..rt
griavaaoa u'o it it
Wei I. thn, an nn
mlatakgble n- nedy
r if all thi brand
of troubla may l
oo m mon parlance.
- last analysis, such
prescribed in the
"cut It o ' l h
IVa-and-take gift- me only gnilts. and
vou are truly loelng 'he Jo , ous "plrlt of
the holiday season. By tho loss of a
material thing vei are nailing In youf
heart the dirge of discoid rather than
sounding the phlma of good cheer
It usually happen that the fullow
who cast hla bread on the waters look
ing for r'urria, retu-na still looking
Sending rts with the It 9 V r
( "I'leaee Iteply") spirit attachment
aswwweeieiew msswws sswwwswstaswsiew
t' ' t i aif of th new Junior
Iui i ' her Would ft a.
"Oolng i, treat us all'' aked O riiian.
' You ought lo "
Tfallng I a prnldnu habit"
Jonathan PUi broke In toldly. I'm
surprised, Mr. O'llitsn, at your suggest
ing it !"
M.ss n patted Olden' erm the
on that Peter wa nut holding.
'riven If you do slay all evening at
I'stttfe's, ' Die whlspersd, It won't be too
late for you to drop in at our house on
our way home.'
Coming. Otdwf I'eteis aaltrd ten
derly. 'Ha ley gag cover your counter "
"When will you the money?"
Wulivy asked enviously. "Uordy, I bet
th fellow who have to hand It ov.ir
are sOfgl"
"But you
dldn'l bf
see, linen .h'.i wearily, I
I chsn'ad my mind you
all ' imped
or. me so' II p tiled t n
mil from h
pocket , ;, ! i wlh I
had r
"Wkut ''" ex-reameJ Kthel Dewn "Clar
ence Olden, you you flathead 1"
"Oh-h-h you chump! Tou
haadad. putty -fa- :d. bralalea sjfeuU P
And O'Brien actually hegai to cry with
Sen .
kids that muat go to the cls:ir'a. I
one before they r pot black. Th it
I all the long one COO I t rom ten i
enough, hut 1:' aatoulahlng hew fait
driidts iik thla.'
gn uilded a prettjr fr'.i d of mlu
the ..tlier day. looking for aympatlt-.
Hut I tMn'l aympathix a llttl hi'
'Why do jou let them get ao din t
that vou hsv o aend them ti
eteahar i eani. "Tan can't hip tn
dirt getting on, of egajrgCs" I aeld, "but
you i AN help letting It stay en
There' nothing looks worse than
so led pair of w'ut Rid glove or Beer
elegant than th m pair pen tin v
are immaculata The PVeaieh woau i
always ki ta herself 'h'su gantce.' ne
she xptesea !t. by attending to lor
gov the moment ah COBBtg home
from cll or nv daylight expedition
ami the first thing th nat morning
after the theatre
"While the gloves ar MIU on h
Lands sh take a 'I an picc of a hit
flannel ami, dippmg It n naihtha or
gasoline or one of the s.ifer cleaning
fluid, she rub 't crefully oyer th
tips of the fingers so that nv dust or
grease spots ere rmnvd at 'lOc bg
nd permanently ataln th kid. When
.. jana i get uiji.n.nj-u-i
bene Loeb.
u (Th .w Vieii Krenaif Wsrtill
.rarel.- bring nvihing but disappoln:
n.,t,t ,nd eartalnty amnot. add to on.
Self nun. I I imi . . . . .
' e 'rimsnip and love are
to he weighed by th cost f m.meure
seta and bracelet ,i,.i
- .... --..'-r i, 1 1
lilove. nd hand kerchief, ,., rrulIBl
.hand, on tli ih of December, then rv
dil Is Mammon th ruler ami all la
(nieasuied hy mon
i Vet. on lb other hand. th. ,.i... .
sm,.athv. th word of approval, tli
Bie MM f aif t on. and all other au.-a
iiianue.iailona b.nd tl, that ar not
rad.ly broken by dlaappolntnu-nt.
if vou raeaiv n insp-ei prent.
don't worry and fret hecaua jou Ua.-,
not sent aoinethlng tn Ita place end
don't rush out to forwrd a bslattd re
turn of The motlv win n, a, 0Ill,
reognl,l, whlc , , 10t ,f ghoul.l be.
A' any rat, if vou ar d.appo.ntd
and liave not vet acipilred Ui gr
tileasur or giving rather than rgBgtVs
Ing. thru reflect w'tn old Omar
"The Worldly Jlopi men set ihele
heirts n.ion
Turns Aahe ar it prosper; and
Llk Snow upon th lMrt'a i-ustr
Lighting a MMI hour or two.
tty Ida iM. Lvans
as eiwwsw
'iui ii,s4n mat you Went clean dOtgg
town nil amr hack wlihout making
the net1' Jtawiey demandeC, 'Haj.
honest. Oldn, I've called you rnV frlnd.
btt I U h aahamad to yr x 11 yo i
nythlng after thla but a P of moldy
If mm pie "
Oiden." said anion, you havi. t
th k m.pt. on of a two-daya'-oldj .- .
"TgW about pln-haads, sap-heads,
O'o -a-neads, square-head Ol len, you
don't knon enough to la breathe tu.d'
U iln.-y .-r is -( with anguish.
Mr Olden." snapped Jonathan T'efsr.
atid the acid fairly oosvd from h s thin
pg end flecked hi aliiekers, "I fsar
that y iir tniprament is ontirsdv too
vacli'uvttr-.g You m to have no bal
ance non of th etlld purpose that
every young man should have. I think
Mr llawlsy can attend to th silk
co uiter without your help. '
"I'm sorry. Bthel. ' mourn! Olggak
".N'egt tlm-"
"Don't talk to met" h.s-ed EUiel.
"Don't vr dare to talk to me! Oo
away wher I oaa't see you 'caus whom
I look at your faoe I oould do ssmsttits
Poor Old!
Th Cad. ,.-ii
a . .

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