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snd Houston
Tea-. Pjtr
ISo m Brew
said MM younx men Had ami
onklnr TOT a loo.
fnaWrt "
elcttm many ,n
tr.t hetwwan Htontei
mo by a named
- srV'ttflkr. taanlliw srf
that th
at re
vi Iwa d.-ivi ago
Then he W MM M M wnrfcln
m i laundry In WmmA
just lost hi place-
t-v noiw- r alWW now
. mm -' - t.i a atragaier
had MVWai at mtSZZTmt
Z have at.) hot", of finding
darworM a rhi to h!s alayaar an rx
vuu,ation of Md death. JV
i him hunrt nd tn
in Tor in "i - ,
.-outd wail have ahsa the Bd .
mil Mtni, m Mo,rT T"
I. Mi ,DW4 fj JJ
Th iMB" waa iinu (o death
ttataaa It wh ewv
Ined the body. aM that tha mar. mtffrtij
. . - ok. trunk before "
Hivr .irtn .
... aua aX HI 111 wara etalned aa
e.ah aa lUM ha
and tha eolle ""
that ha waa atranaiad Her h
-- ,,.,,i.tms and tlx
la hast lato th trunk taMor has
eaurderara war certain of hi death.
Tha enaa'a neck waa brokarn, hut thia.
jjr. Bdgar T. Itaa. the Cormf' phyai
ojgg, aaid, bad bean done In forcing
i k boar bate ruark.
Tb bedy was that of a trosyd-tooklag
outu .f about twenty four. foal or
h) lnchaa In h'Kht and Iwtwoen !
and 10 aauaU In waattil. IU had
.haaiaut hair, which nd
a, audi ha baan out rntlT. Tha la'
... .... I Mr. nouihur v t aanJ for
Mark Ira rrVoaa About ti u (
a T.rnvy Birrr of nkrthaalixt' H(r)c
trarrnwad i !iaaoki fraia a "''
b ad on (Ma llaw Than ha
aan tha tllnw raaa laoa
Whan ralaad tha l:d of tha trunx
ha dlarloaad .. ihaap pillow mndu dI
tteklnj and atuffad wiU, wtraw it
rovarod tha whol toi f th trunk
Ha llftad thla and waa atar'lad by tha
tllmnaa of a aiaa la. Thr cirutai
waa jajiimi aioaa atxxit baro aad on
ft dat it (hat ka tiad ooma an a murrla,
Mtaajoha, ktpt t)a lul of tha tfinfc
hut aad aant a tnaaaanfar to notify
tha po'.oa of tha 'Unton atraat atatlnn i-,, hl.H .11 r
Br tha ttm. fh, patmt waaon with i MlipLtOWl Jlltl JjIMCS I
ArUrut Captain Cooaar of tha datM'tlvoa
-tvwd of aavwral humlrwl
Vaa around Uw tmnk Ttia nwa avrmwl
Mil at tha naJirhborhnnd Ilka a prairl
tra that aatnr ono hM t hi rrrurdarad I
and urxaMa foUoaad to tha ataAloo.
What Mi body waa takait and wauthat
Mr. rkmarhan-ty tinrrlad (from Haavd
ajiaartara. Ua gaaartand yminn Patnatrln and
than atnl him out with two datrctlraa
to atarct, th nalahhorhood for aoma
traoa ot tba Btiahnart man or tha wall
draaaad atranar. Ha found Eathar
Laanlok of Ng. 14 Hmoma atraat and
FYlatJit Elanar of No 46 Hit atraat.
two lltt.a fflria a o had aran tha man.
and othri drtaiitlVMi navortad Oiam
throoajh tha nalnhhurhood mill otkara
want with Mr. Uotf ainl Mra. Wvtn
I. -11 and half a loian man wafa aant
t tha mark! undar the BMaVaMMwM 1
HrldKa tu U-wjuira If aJiy niaiu-art man
hiid haan hlrad t uao bU .art tor our
rylnc a trunk.
YmMuT FHnatnln'a lUwrrlptloTi of tha
nun ivt ri- to tha thaory In Mr
AsMty, Accused With Him,
Plead Not Guilty.
A Former Indictment. Based on
Same Facts, Was Dismissed
by Court.
alt tlia bawara ti '
tha hopa that ana might rrcall
i.tr.t lh ma ... if '" 'lain
-in (Kouah alralit Uir hair vim ahow
mf .m on tli' UPPrr up
n.iahborba .d In D.iudfiart a mUrvJ tliat the wa'l dmaaau
and audi,
who waa I
avldantjy Kiaaian rwa,
u... r atd. wika lru.".
mrn.brr af DM Qr-K P"
The nouy MM tluthad In rhr.p ar
mcuu aaral MM too lar, for ttie
man and tha polka b.llrv. thnl lr
haaa tha UHi waa nat hta. Ttu. bodj
l.ad a ooar oftbUik and ray rhaokad
roUtura. blua tiwuaera. a ry -"tton
ru,,W abtrt aaat abaa brawn ooUon
aoika. Tiiat" wara 1,0 anoaa or n...
lAaout tha head wrra tad an old hlack
and white pMtlCObl and a womani,
tjbvck aatio waiat vary much wieru and
repaired in many plaraa.
Tha body waa Jammed Into lha amall
runk ao that reatd Ita bak with
tba hneea drawn up ovor the . heat and
tieid by a d' of elothaa line paaard
tinder th.m and around tha hauk of
tha neck to that th chin, wtiieh waa
tbruat forward, almobt reeled on the
knaea. Tbara waa nothltui aUMiat Ua
irarmanta to tr to tba rmwi'a
Identity ecept a labai aawad la th
ot which read "Bt. Hebt.ta'.y
.rlrothara BJajBJlBMJfi "lMa." -"'1
atnaU braaa key wHh a tar. .'uchad
on which wera th lattar anu. aumbar
J. F. D. MC."
Tha trunk 1UH waa made by the
Pwtortburf Trunk Comaaay of Mara.
tiurg. Va.. and la of tha ohaan type
e aidant boubt hr iy one other than
, orebrnara and aold moat frequently In
tba 8011th. It la mora than a calncl
. . nre. tha poHoa think, that trunk and
(iothlng .hotild obvloualy have coma
from tha South.
Tha body waa dtamvarad by fNMIc email
HUrJuhan of tha Union Markat ataUon,
To him aa b atood at Pitt and Rtvlng
tan alraata aaout noon came aKht-yaar-old
flatnuel NaMe of N . Pitt atraat.
tha aid tad anaabancar of Morrt rwto
ataln. "Ixtaea ynara old. of No. H Pitt
meet, whoae fathara aoda aaj candy
euand la at Pitt and UeUnccy atraeta.
almoin In front of No. 41. Faltuvtrln
wanted a policeman, the amal bi J aald.
31. bad a trunk nu ha didn't know
whit to du with It .So Staxjobaii wilkad
to tha other ooruor
Tbara waa an ex.. I tad throng about
tha trunk, which etnod baiancd 0,1
Ita and on tha curtjeUme. Young Foln
ateln waa trying to kaap Ma ourloua
away, ut men ami women "
man aloaa knew of the murder und
that tha paddbv had len amplnyad
by blm to inriy tha trunk without
kmrwiadga of what It mtaiaau- Ha
Orel or ad tha retet vaa to a. attar through
the nalgbrHirhood to kaap a waln'h for
atthar of the two laye- ta, but aapeciully
to learn If a atrangrr liad hu-ad a
puahrart either In the regiiUr market
or along any of the etreeu.
Murdarere wh , aoucht In Ihlde their
ortrQ'W by pneking ttie iKHUaa of thalr
vlctlma In trwnka Imve nude hard work
fur tba iiellrr of New York. In only
one or two Inataneee haa It been poa.
alble to foate tha crime on the mur-
ng about anJ through Uie crowd waa
unnliiK the aoaup tnai ifrnaaw. ui.
nunk held a lKmb. To Starjolian Fain
Ktrln aald that a abort tie before he
bSf barn tending Ma father'a atand
whan ha noticed a abort, atocky man
In rougii clothae the tynloal puahcart
naaVller-nuahlnlt a green puahcart up
the atreat toward Me.
The man and cart were nearly uppoMi
high the hoy eakl, whan he aaw a
irwder young man. eiorrrlinnally well
cirreeed tor the nelMAortiuod. atop th
yiuabeart man. The wrenar wore a hat.
a grav overcaeA and a dark etttt The
boy thwught he wore a Ma, enuotaebe
Ha talked to the peddler for a mom ant
and Alien ntfir'r bun to lift the trunk
from hla curt. They eat II on tba aid
walk oiateMe of No. 47 Pitt etraet. and ;
(hanFolnaialnaaid oho wall drnaaad mas,
f-nay tha othor eonwithine- aa though 1
lie war payutg bun. Tha latter put
hla hand In hla pocket, than took up
lha handle of hla puahcart and walked
to Mviagton atraat into which he turned
and waa gov.
Oh tha at pa of tha tenement before
erhlcb tba trunk tone' were Mra. Tetta
Keif wad Mra. WetaaAaaa. They had
eaen the trunk deposited there and they
watched while th Waal BWBBB rnan
t Piaotln- ataad
Vi'lU you waatb my trunk for a Httla
while f " he aaaad ' Wham I retewe i ll
anaka it right wKk paw.'
Falaotetii agreed end tha aaaa I
away, aaoordlkg to th bay, 1
oowlad at tha uitareat ha Ml be bad
aaajtaed and than hurried lane Uo
Ubcay atreat and dhanpaarad
II waa aucue tbne later bafor th
oartoua crowd began h take Kainatem
and iu alatar. who wil.-bM win. nun,
about hit charge, and be aant
young Nabl giatnjwrlng off for a
tMller rn Ml.
Btarjahea looked th trunk orer and
aaw that It waa a antaH affair. bty
it waa maarured and It proved I b
thhty-lour inohaa long hy tMMMB and
a hall loobea In width and twenty-three
eud a half iu depth It la covered whii
'Orvwn can vaa aud haa alrndar wourirn
alat. Tha and ware reinforced with
Th llndlng of the body In lltt etreel
In a trunk to-day la atrlkltigly a ra-
mlader of toe murder of Mayer Wale
hard and Moaa Hac ha, both elderly
Jewelry peddlcrw whom, boolea were
found In trunha left to eaat eta
Mayer Welabard wu., kllleal. aa nearly
an the police were able tu learn, In
Utile Italy" while t oUeatlng In 11 man t
payment for Jewelry. Hla rouroe on
th day of hla deatli waa traced Into
Kla.bath all ret. near Harry How.ird
Sauare. and there loat. the green ami
a tin true. wbeh oonlanie.1 n
body waa found .tan. la. on in
adaa of an Raat Rtver pier, under the
wtadewe of tbe old Slip police ataton
Though arrest wero made, nobody waa
aver brought to trial for the murder
Moee Hacha. alao a Jewelry aaleaman
and matarment collector, waa round
lead In a trimk in th hall of a tene
ment at No. ai Uoerck etreet. where it
bail been left by an eipraaaman In broad
dayllKtit In June, 1W. The trunk, aa
waa tbe oea to -day, lay about for
houra before th gliaatly nature of the
content waa rVaoneered Tha polio In
veatutatioii developed that rtacha had
money and Jewelry amounting to C3.W0
on hU peraoai. Nobody waa eteer
hrouglit to trial for the crime.
Uaok In lar the PoUc got hatter r
anlte They fatid na Capt. Edward
t'ngrr the murder of Auguatua Mohle,
hie room mate, wboau body waa packed
In a trunk and aant from place to
plac Iu thai city and at laat to Balti
more, where the nature of the content
waa teamed. There, tecuue of th
carclaaanea aot the murderer, a label
I waa found watch ahowed tba body bad
1 been ehlpped from io. llldg atraat
arreat and
In thla tilty and L'naer'a
conviction followed.
Father Kaauar, an Arrnaalan prieht,
waa left dnad iu a Weat TlUrty-rnUi
treat lanement in February, wu;, bi
two men who tia.l Mrnd a furnliaad
1 room ther. 1'ii police never found out
; who they were. Department at th.
The iKMly of Wall tujel. the grtkl I MMMlMT carried
Rl - onmti'..er Kdwrd M Jrout. who
wa FtNMMI of th Union Dan l
Krooklyn - the rooraanlied Meohanka
and Trader- llank- frnm Autpiat. I) In
Uie tbne of it .-hieing In April. IPIO, nl
Jnmea T Aahlev. Ha .-aehler. aaoeareii
in-day before Ouuaty Judaa Oika iu
ltrook)n and pleaded not guilty to lu-
kttMSM chargiug thom aitb pariury
. connectkin wltli thalr retxirt to tbe
Mate Hanking lpartaiat lo lfl
Uoth men mad thalr plea, with leavi,
to withdraw them wMhlu ten day.
Judge Dike releaewd both men on tnelr
iwn recognlxaiMi. daaplte th oppoel-
tlon of Ulatrlot-Atorney Oopeey, nho
anid iha objected to the procedure on
pr.ajc.lol only.
I think, rie-vertheleaa. thai I caa trust
Mr. Orout and Mr. Aahiey aot to run
away." replied the Court. 'They art
Th Indictment agalnM the former
ank omcMu ware found, 00 Haturuay.
They are lata ad on Identically the aama
ret of taut on which tha aama men
were liuliutad ua Out. 10, uol. on the
tochuloal charge of making falae re
port te tbe Hanking Department. Tina
f-Son I only a niladerueanor. Perl :ry.
wMh whioh they are obanged now, t a
In the mladameaaor Indictment there
wera SJM eta lament on which charge
ciuad b baaed and Mr. Orout and Mr
Aahiey went before supremo Court lue
tic Marrton with th motion that Dla-Irltt-Atturney
Crapaay bo compelled to
Indicate the exact uharge which they
muat anawer. Tba Dlatiict-Attorr.ey
rafuaad to comply wltb thla demand and
a a reault Justice Marrluu threw out
tha Indictment,
Tba present Indictment charge Mr
Orout and Mr Aahiey with rendering a
report which ahowed tha total resource
of the Union Bank to be I7.16S.klU,
where. It Is oantaiatad, th fwaouroea
actually amounted to only M.tM.dnO 2s.
The Meohanlo and Trsdara' Bank
waa closed on Jan. II, ISM. Edward
M. Orout, It counsel and a director,
undertook 11 raorgariliatlon md It re
sumed business aa the Union H.ink on
Aug. IS following. Later Mr Orout
srtld th bank had nearly ruined him
Mnarlally and that ha found it imp-
.la to revive th hueineaa
Mr. Orout. through hla attorney,
sup. in H. liuldwln, iseiiad ihia alate-
''I had not lived In this 'ommunlty
Afty year, hold Inn various pnaLtlo
not only of honor but of truat ami
aponalblllly, to become auddanl
Airll, lylti, both a foul and a rogue, aud 1
would have bad to have been lioth if
thla ludlounent wara true. Th.- will be
evident lo pvuple who note that tne al
laged overvuluutlon amount to nearly
It .kuu. mm a aum far exceeding whtl
th beuk'e capital and aurplu ware
avr auiioaed to tie.
'Vl will be recalled that not una of lbs
aliased over-valuation wa of -for
wltldi 1 aas raaponatble, but eftrt
all, In .me form or another. Iniiaril.ii
from the rtulllvan admlnlalratioii. ami
were all turned over to me at the tc
organlr.iitinn of the bank by the Banking
values at which ne
tliem until we ' ad
I KiirBw!
bwSbbBwB aijaF .aBaBwaBwaal
BaBBTh laff
fiiXKiklyil Man ChokeJ Dsiugh
ter When She sked
bout Mother.
Acted as Stenographer for Cm-
tractor, but Got utile
for Work.
Mile of Hose Hun to River
Halts Blaze That Rapidly
Sweeps Through Block.
MONTREAL. Pec. 2tt mile of
Vina stretched to the St Lawrence
Hirer saved Montreal tn-dny from a
aerlimv ronflaatratlon On account of
the break In the waterworks ln-Uk
pipe, which has caused a walrr famine
her fnr several day. Ihe fire hydrant
wre all but uaelea. The fire destroyed
a block of stores mid house st Ht.
Hub'Tt and Ontario itraatl nrid caused
ttOO.nou dumage before it waa chocked.
With only on weak stream Of watr
st Ita diapoaal the Are department was
obliged tn depend upon cheinicil ex
tlnnuialier. I j namite wa aent for, but
liafme It arrived coupled hoae lirought
plenty of water direct from the river
and the explosive waa not ueed
From the place where It atartad the
fire leaped aovoa the airest to u large
automobile garage, where a series of
gasoline explosions threw Jet of flame
In all direction and In half an bour
swept a block. At this point Chief
Trrmblay held a consultation with bl
lieutenant and sunt for the dynamite.
By dint of piecing many link of
hoae connection was established with
the bl. LhWrekSle' Itlver, nearly a mile
from tbe acene of the the and a aecond
stream wa I hue made nvallahle.
Tba uodi nf Mr H.ilie MoitOtlBtl wa
'.i ui ate this riftr-mooti m a oal bin
In her home, No M Most Klghtii street.
Parkvllle. MaMtll 'h hy PMVm I'uptrn
UtiBnta of the PhllRilM station.
I'lia police at once sent out a gen
erjl alarm for lier hu,stailil. John Mor,
hsn. who disappeared sua morning
after boating his daughter Zenle. nged
III teen. hecaue she insisted on OWarCh'
nig for her mother.
The gill 1 asletl the iilce til
house Ihl afternoon She told I'apt
I Iiultnis that her father and mother hs.i
- i uusmeli lasrt .rtight ana M till
I tnornli.K nee tnotJie was ft me
I asked tier fa. he: . re bar gwMol
the eald. and waa told gli had gMN u.
I the Bronx.
"J started to go to Lhe cellar lh,nU
ng my motner might tm there" the
girl aaid, ' and my falhei struck and
hoked me and to'd mt not to go Ih. rr
Later In tne morning he left the house
and J hove not sv n him since."
t'apt. iMiiWrls went into the cellar S'ld
found the woman bod in a coatblb,
her akull crushed In.
Munohan. who Is forty-seien year .i d.
1 a forwarder of fre.ght on 1'ier No 1-.
Kast Klvcr. Manhattan In addltioc t ,
the daughter. Zenle. MM couple had MM
ether child. Julia, aged eight
nt lor
si rel
l.v li
'What Are Sheriff and His
Men For?" Asks Comptroller,
Who Won't Audit Bill.
The John Doe Investigation Into
charge of grafting on Stat contra, -ts
a a resumed thle afternoon be', ere
I'lrlef Maglatra'e McAdoo. An Interest
ing witness who wa present In response
to a ambpoeaut waa Mary J. lyfcunond, a
pretty young woman of Kingston, N.
T . and sa'.-noB raphe! by profession.
During July. August and September.
112. ahe waa carried Baa laborer on
the pay rolls of Daniel E. Hchnnnmaker.
s rontractor. who waa e-.traged 00 a
piece of road work In Ulater County.
Although carried ao a laborer at 22
ciue an hour, Mis Diamond of course
did not do any laborer's work. Instead
she scted aa Bchooomaker' stano
grn.pher. The xlrl all th money fhidrew
from tiie Bute aa a laborer wa II. 10
In July, when th pay roll ahowed that
hs had done 40 hours' wrrk.
A1Mnt IHatr' tttvirv Clirk, who
was atltBtlOBlm Miss I. a:t ond. brought
out the paitoUs with htt signature and
the check Mhe received
What sa the amount you received,
according to the payroll?"
"In August lilt the amount due me
was IS. OA"
"DM yob get Una amount?
"I did not: 1 got a tic. k tor IX from
Mr. Irchooiwnak.-r. "
MI.j Diamond, '.onever. wa recalled
by Mr. Whitman. Who allowed her u
nigll Wg IieuHrtment draft on the
Treaaurer of I'later County for UO.tO. It
ivaa drawn to the order of M. J. Dia
mond. On tbe back of it was the in
doiaement, VI, J. Diamond. '
"Did yoi write that? Mr. Whitman
ask mi
' No, I never did. I never seen It
until thia in.r.ute. I've never given
uny one auCionty to sign ny name.
Reported in Cliicago That
Knahe Tx Will Join New
His Stem Mother Turns Him
Out and All He Has Is His
8 a Week Pa v.
dk'iKhter of Uan. Kranii rilge), the . ivll
war hare, waa fouad in th apartment
a 'MM had oven ooi-upled by lliliianu.!.
'oier a ehop away reataurant In llightli
1 avenue. There wa u worldwide eearch
lor Willi Lane, a OhrUUauued i lilna
n.an with whom ahe had a ruiuanc, bui
up o thla time h ha not hean found
reaaun tu tne cautrary.
".So far a 1 know. u ,port WftJ
true In Ita ataivinant. awlvrlthatandlng
tn fa.-l thai after three and a half
year of tin. administration of Mr.
Dodge. Mr Ooldatetn and Mr Crops v
many n the aaaet have turned out to
b worth b.a than either 1 or laVJ
Hanking Jiepartmant tbaught (ham to
b "
Arthur Masur Was Only 16, but j
He MMiured Six Feet Two I
jnd a HaV hKiies.
Arthur Masur, vshoae aniaalug htagl.t 1
for a i.to reai -oUl boy wa the ,
wonder or aH hia frleiula. died at hla
una al Mil MS Putnam avenue Brook -
Ira. beat night it new learned to
day. Vuauig Mssur. deotiil b ad, wa
among tit bmtteet Individual In th
aVoroagh af BrouaUyii. Me iiasaaurad
alt feet two and one-half laches,
Tha bad wa the aot: of Arthur Ms., jr.
a retired iiaberdaatier, who lo napubrd
t I -wealthy. Hu- death occurred ftoin
lung trouble, whi- h accoidlna; to ih
doctor wSo attended him. wa dire tlv
cause a lv' th aspiring of hla trefri,
due to hi weed-like growth.
Toung Masur waa a pupil at J"ubl:e
rVbool No M He wa a miiiabii of
the (hinday-whool altarlhad to Temple
Bath aohhn Ui Keep street. The bov
lad nro aware, but rhr M nothing
abnormal m their
ktiiTtitki'i nunii.
Knni tin. Loums 'Kr I NW4 I
UuoM. ilooul and Ballot. Speed Ihg
tm when the latter will 'be ar!at
Ingty divorced from Ihe outer two'
Aa foi Mfd Howard Moor, who i
1ifU-eu year old, it runs In lie: family
to marry enrl. and hot mother :
rooohciledi hut the mother of eoventoen
I agr nlfl llnaant Moore doeMi't balievt
.n i hiUi mnriluge and will probably
take slant iu Inn,; the union annulled.
PandiOg dflDU0 action all Plntbusii ll
huaaiiiK iv, tn rttMntilftlt
HViinl Muoic liVesg) with lila father
and moUMl'i Mr, atad Mia. Pratiklln
Moore, in a manaion at No. Lanol
road. Hnwaid I a olerk and earn ta a
n.,k. with iir.,ne"t of having hu ia
culsad I. 1 wek next yenr. Mai.au
Brcu lived artth bay mother, Mrs. Will
lam Hretz, .n u tv. o-faJiill house at Mo,
EM Most Twantl -iniiili street.
llunaid fail in love wmii Maraui aiet
Marian fell hi love with Howard. On
laat :.,. Howard tonU a day off
and got married lo Marian It waa a
uni'i. mutter
The p.ur went lo the marr.nfte l.hcnav
rturcau, while Unsaid .-.aid lie was
twt-ntt-one and Marian Mul she mi
niuel.'Mi. Alderman KI.Mi rn hap
panad to br .hate at hand and he per
formed the oaieiiiony. Then the young
couple went home to Mra. UrnU.
Mra Breta wa maim.-d when aliu waa
fifteen. Her daughter Hilda stepped
away snd married st the aga of all-
teen. 80 ahe clidn'l feel that aha could
nftflgf Ittl lilrtltl J obldS Marian, but she
did say aoiin tiiinx to Howard about
gutting married 011 M a week, and aenl
htm home In hla mother
When Howard told his mother he wae
married. Mra Moore nnt for her bus
huabaud and there waa a famil) caucua.
Howard wa Informed that he would
bar to giv up hi bfHdg and start a
tilt for an ul nent of the marrlaie H
declared h a Intention of standing by
inTtrolar John L,yon of Naasau
County nurwied in a communication to
day to tl-.e County Board of Siipervbsors
at .Mlneola. in which he ecorea District
.Vttorney Wyoong imon Wrlllam
Chaae of the Kldscopal fUOOOgO of Dong
labial and former Oov. dulser. He
condemns th clergy in particular be-
cauev of a claim presented by Malcomb
Nesbold, ami of I'eator Newhold of the
Kplat-opal Churoli at Port WaslUturton
for tX.to, alleged ex pen see for tbe In
veitlsatlon of gambUnif. Newbold
oliarge K a day for four day leant by
him in getting vldence near Belmont
Park. Mr. Lyon thinks a gambling iial
is no place fur a minister ' son.
The bill wa indorsed by th Di
lrlct-AI torney. who ordered Newbold
to do th work Th Dlatrict-Attorney
I ritlcled for thi. Mr. Lyon saylnn
that It make a furce of the prosecu
tor a adtulnlsiratlon. The County had
a aherlff. under aherlrT and numerou
deputies, and none of them was asked
10 yet evidence. The District-Attorney,
Mr. l..vn maim a Ina. cannot prosecute
until a crlin haa been committed. If
lie attempts to prevent crime, where
does his buelneee a a proseculer. come
In. Mi. Myoiis wunts to know.
Tlio work, he say, wa backed by
Canon Chaae "and a few officious c'.er
aryman who, havltui failed to ieoch
To.vnklnd that it ia wrong to wajer
money on the speed of horses, rWv
oome to the conclusion that the .ny
way to stop It la to Itwprlaon, at the
expense of the thrifty, those fOOlMh
tnoAlgli to wager their money.
ifh Dltri' t-Attorn) ." ay Mr
Lyon, itietlilLJ lil act ht matina; mat
Koere, to Tkt reanlsg Wort '
OOIICAIJO, 111. Dec a. Jo Tinker
this afternoon signed a contract to
manage the Chicago Federal League
team for three year. Tinker will b
eo made nto. kholder in the club.
The exact terms were not made publl',
but It ia said to be belter than tbe i-eet
proposition made by Brooklyn.
Tinker met "is ties Weeghman. th
chief backer of the local dub. and W.
M. Walker st 2 o'clock thla afternoon
hy a ppol nt merit The terms had been
sereed tn previously and all fat wa
ne, easnry was Tinker ai a nature Joe
kept In hiding all the day. but ap
pear! at W. i unman offl. e In the
OH It Hiding as scheduled
The moat imptirtsint new of the meet
hbj we the development of the fact
that the new league baa otrotuj taaa-
clal Mcklng. Patch club now has on
deposit a forfeit of tr im that It ahall
finish the oeaaon nf ltll and a promise
that each cVuh ,hJI spend tlO.Ohl for
playe r.
Accorli!ig to persona In close much
with the affair of the proposed Fed
eral Iicagu, the ranks of tha big
league will he oomewhat depleted be
fore the 114 season begins. Tbe atgn
.ne of Joe Tinker n manager of th
'hi.-atio team wa a senaatlon in itaelf,
but now come the announcement
that Otto Knebe, second barxmian of the
PhUadelphls National, la to Join the
new organisation aa manager of th
IlaHimore team. Knahc wa a candidate
for th managership of Uie Cincinnati
nnd It I aald ho was ulaappointed wtten
Herzog of the- C.lants aecured the Job.
Knabe. U is atated. Is expectad to
up with Baltimore to-day 0r to-
Coroner and County Authori
ties After Facts in Happen
ings That Stirred Town.
Wilson's Secretary Finds No Change
in Condition of Congressman
Under Radium Treatment.
Tbe lart of Federal managers now
reads like this: For Cblcato Federals,
Joe Tinker of the Cincinnati Nationali
st. Louis. Mordecal Brown. Cincinnati
Tumulty. Secretary to President Wil-
eon. to-day visited Representative Rob
ert O. Bremner of New Jen-ev. under
treatment for 'tancer with radium at
Joan Hopklrsi Hoapltal. llaltimore.
It was atated at the hoapltal that
there wu no change In the condition of
the patient.
Tumulty nnd Hremner are warm
friend, and it waa largely at the sug
gestion of Tumulty that Bremner t
agreed tu Hike the treatnteirt. Presl-
lent Wilson, who 1 also a close friend
of the pHtlent. has shown great sym
pathy for him In his lliiiess. On his re
turn to Washington to-night the Secre
tary will wrlto the President telling
him of Hremnei'e condition.
BALTIMORE. Md . Dec. St. F.dwaru
Hanlon of this dty. former manager,
successively, irf the Baltimore. Brook
lyn and Cincinnati National bttaetaill
club, to-day pronounced untrue th re
port that New York would tie taken into
the Federal League,
There will be no further garov.lt
change, thin year, aald Mr. Hanlon.
who 1 now uctlvely Identified with the
new ora-anlaatlon. The league tnade
up of clubs at 'Mango, m. Louis, In
dianapolis. Kansas city. Pittsburgh
BufTalo, Toronto and Baltimore will
1 remain 1; tact.
of the State. '
NaMonalai Pittsburgh, Jlmmie Sbeck
ard. Cincinnati Nationals; Baltimore,
Otto Kntbe. Philadelphia Nationals';
Kansas 'lty. Oeorge Htovall, St. Louis
Amortoanti Indianapolis. William Phil
lips; Buffalo, Larry Brhafly, Buffalo
Internationals; Toronto, not atated.
From authoritative aourc cornea
list of the backers of th Federal
team They are:
St. Louis. Otto eUelfela: Pittsburgh.
W. A. Kerr, John Barbour; Baltimore,
Mdwartl Hanlon; Kanaas City, 8. ft.
Gordon, C C. Madison: Indianapolis,
J. E Krause, J. A. laorge. F. i:
Hates: Buffalo, Walter Weeghman, W.
M Walker and Jama A. Ollmore.
All the backera named are said to
have large resources bshlnd them.
The Chicago Federal League Club to
day advertised for bid for the construc
tion of ., cement and ateel grandstand
to 0O01 lUMev. 'irminds rise been ptir-
haaed it iShaffleld and Addison atr-ets
on tne norm tae. itnis ror tne atan 1
will be opened Immediately and the eon-
ttact will b" awarded in rorty-aiarnt
houis. it was announced.
Joe Tinker, who signed a three-year
uoirtract Saturday to manage tn, t hi
taao l-'edau-ala, ia away from Chita-,., r
was mad known to-day, on a nigtil n
to obtain plaer for lila team Tinker.
It Is uutlioritatlvel) atated, already haa
nine regular players, of whom rive are
I :g leaa-tiero He Is after others.
, Charles Weeghman. President of the
ChtcaKo Federals, atatsd to-day that
Tinker wo tld make no attempt to aum
any player under contract to play In
any other league. Tinker is not trying
to get Heinle Zimmerman j the Cubs,
Weeghman declared.
OAliCMBT. stash., Dec. M.-Wlth moot
of the doad burled. Cahuawt to-day
turned Ma attasatlun to th Coroner's la-
quest Into th Christmas Kvs psnl 1
whioh cost the Uvea of seventy-five per
and to tha Houghton County
Grand Jury Investigation of the forcible
eleotion from the copper country of
Charles 1L Moyer, PraawSaat of the
Western Federation of Miner
When Coroner Flatter called the) In-"
rfuaot In the Town Hall th room wast
crowded to cnparlty. A half dozen wit
neaaee teat fed, tnelwlmg Mr. Anns '
Clemens, leader of t!i women's auxil
iary of the Western Moderation of 1
Miners, tbe organisation which waa dis
tributing Christmas gifts to tha children
when the panic troka out.
The testimony of the witnesses coa
fr.idtirted th generally clrculatml rumora
that a man wearing a CibUcn' Alliance
button hail rushed up t'm stairs ami
shouted "fire" and that deputlt- stood
at ihe foot of the malrs and MM back
th.ve coming out of the halt, All testi
fied thnf they had not seen any truth,
wearing a Citizens' Alliance button com
ing hp the stairs nor any person In th
hail wearing such 11 button.
Mrs Theresa Miser, the only wKneaa
who aaw the man wu 1 yelled Fire."
dcacrlbad her experience graphically,
She was standing on a table near the
r iihh ir..njr 10 reeirmn a man or r I.
dreu toward the tTiristma tree. When .A
shs heard the alarm stte Jtmiped frond
th tstde, ran to the n,,tn and graaP
v,lni by the ehouldere.
' Man, man, what are you
"Thar. Is a fire! ' hi replied.
"No, 00, keep HSU," aald Mra. sixer
and tried vainly to force him Into a
chair. All In the hark of th" hall were
rushing toward the exit and the panic:
wa bglnnlng tn spread to those about
the ataae. Mr. 81xer quit arguing
with the man, ran upon the platform
and began to play loudly upon tha,
piano. Then the panic begau to dl
Mra. Slier described the man aa nf
medium height, dresaed In dark clotleM
and said be had a dark mustache. 8ha
aald he wore no button or other In
signia and was not near the entrance
to the hall when she Are, heard hi
-learner Bnvee a Twp.
NEWBl'BOH. N. Y., Dec. Tha MM
Edward F. Murray of Now York waa
towed Into Newburg Bay thla noon 'by
the steamer Trajan. Tha tug's hull wo
badly battered by I CO and she waa out
of coal when picked up at Coxsackle by
the Trojan. I'll Murray was on her
way to Albany with a barge In tow.
"a-a "Vrfaa
mr tv a vu -aaaaj
Have the Blues? ,
ar ef the amino u sa dmist h?e lasara, M
tsia, bre-aMjala. ut aoau Juaaack UUasSa. Tiliir
aa w u juuwiii mi
fcw ha- caa a vUl rerund wau aassaf, ml
aaBhw aeaH f' OiwaV''- mkU
ralirve snd correct all
forma f lndlatlen.
laapurre. aa a 0 . lastl, ,1.1 .
-ome from the Oovernor
Canon tltiaae wrote to Uo . Suutei . who , OklUM Chase must have worked on hii
aent a letter to Wyanng telling bun intnd as well s HUM M tne LnitiiCl
ihm if sambilng took place he would Attorney."
e his job. The . .itnptroiier te , ir.
Strange that uch a threat should bill.
1 tA"P rrl
rnw lurs
i Anniuissioii to DeienTilne Sanity of
Prisoner Will Take a Week
Betorc (jiving Decision.
,XiNeX)lU1. N. j Dec. M- Ti e .oii,
miasioi. appointed bjf the Federal Court
lei deteimin h,-llier 11 would V safe
tu admit Harry U- Thaw to hall re
sumed It xaiiiinuton of the Matte
aaa fugitive to-d This examination
nd the at dy of the "--.asc hook" of
th MalUMiwau H.uipltal rovertoig
Tnaw'a record at that tnatllutiou will
occupy a week. ,
Tbe coromleeloa plana to Isold a pub
lic hearing next week at which any
Interested Partial may be heard. It la
prooabl, that teatlmony will b tukan
to ahow how Thaw conducted htmeelf
alno bll arreat at Cotebrook. I 'ruler a
rescript issued by Fsderal Judge
Alclrlch tha hearing will be confined to
acta aluca Thaw' ooinmittal to Mat
lea wan, tending to snow paraonal vlo
;n or durpuBitlon to do phya.cal
his obligations and waa oid-ovd from
navasus ah Mahbsd. , th pateruai roof
HAVANA, Dae V. -dl waa learned lo- I Whereupon Mr liretr. tool, him in.
day that MJOU has been eloien from tha I Tban Mra. Mo.ne ,-si ,m upon Mis
Havana branch of lha Korai aaa OI Hr.n. and the convrraatmn wa i or
er las boated acceraiaj U ajaa. sMatg,
Acker, Merrall & Condit
Well at Moderate Cost
(Tram Wafer. Jllv Paadaal. Roral. Fiwarh
I t'eaaaaat t ut
lOWcimm wmmro pap.
ef other
for seme,
to ase al
ALL 1'OMPI.KTK. ready
year ew leer Party ,
Our Qyality and Prices Assure It
H AMSElln Cy xcptronxlly Finr Ouxllty Mild Currd lb.
CHEESE-cmmbtrt rnprted ch
PEAi liwporttd- MtrcilUt Hinf tins
CIDER-Purf App, Jvkstwy. gal. lug. .22; pi lg
Prlcr Includes Jug.
GRAPE FRUIT-a,olc lBdtaB iwm 4 wt
We are ?titl -elling the best
OWING to the extremely crowded condition of our stores on Christmas I've a
aaaa manv of our patron found it impossible to be served. For tiieir benefit,
we ncTrcnrw cur popular Chriitmss Specub of Candy packed ,n FIVE
tloa ,,f tootbaorue lavorll. lha wUI
Mae r.erj ae,abr 01 ine fhaj
five rot wn box
HU. II liHtlll. HOSHONs, I 11,11 ,1
LAIFS and I.I. At I. ltd ll- or en
aaaurtmrnt nf III I hra-olateal a
Iraaaare li a s of ( B Urn las
rand) Jewels: Ilu kind. 5 I
PI K poind no v 4rJLeayJ
Special for Monday
... ill lib ruuin
al.e rf a peacll
Tl.aaa ar
ol about Ih
varloua ,-liopped
Oulalde la ia..,
laaaa easOf.
Special for Tuesday
11 SAN I T KlrsHtJ, A pleasing r.,iu
Mnatlon of rhelce Orated (axaa.
mil aad , reavm. akllfully blndd
a u u i.aeurro . a a aon
cbo, oleie.
Suggeetion for Monday
.r tr
I lie d
v. cold
Ua'l mmtfm le with thees.de-
Uallttul also a I mm, e"vi,
tax. Bissmaw a- -rt:
rot VtlBOX
ilr wilb Prim .
i Poseur T
a7uTgws7on for l uesaay
MIIHiET TI('HH An aswrtmeait of
thoae little ralry-llks e,.radlnsa.
which are uerfeei reproduction, in
wwlatare or that aouel old nine
aera ssasasr. ,ar rniieren
always regatd thsae aa a
epeelal treat. PEW TIN
It II, V
M bahti at sTurirr
Cera rbareh Wreet
r .f i.. Hall Park
tenirr Kalian Phisl
Between serknas Harar Sto.
si Km
Jaet Kaat ef gUtb
UeMJ 1 KST l'J5th Jl KKS-r
'sa aaa, i sastiu, Aeat
AO BsVOOMg MTBRsTT J920W r MT tb rill ,T

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