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W011D, IATV1DAT, JAUVABT 14, ltl4.
'Five Persons Injured When
Machine Skids on Ice and
Goes Into Hole.
Four Taken to Hospital After
Midnight Accident on
Pelham Parkway.
Automobile parti who had gone
for lata auppra to SormanU'a road
house. Whit Plains Road and Hal
ham Parkway, ruahad from the plaea
early tbla morning wban a tarrlflo
craah on tba road outald waa fol
lowed by aorta in of woman. Chauf
'ura watting In thalr cars outald
he Inn Jolnad th rescuers, and nil
' uahad on bundrd yards down th
oed to an overturned automobile
renting In th water of a ditch tan
feet below tb road'a level.
Ffbm th wrack a man waa crawl
ing, and on tb around nearby lay a
girl, seoseleaa. From under th car
cam smothered calls for help and
th sbrtsks of women. Tb man, who
waa daad, ataggared to bis feet and
"Help me! There are two women
aad a man under that car."
soor of man and women tot
their bands on tb ear and by con-
effort raised It, while other
ethabed beneath It and drew oat
man. ail
Injured motorists war taken
to Fordham Hospital for
Tba man who had
told hi raseuara
Xa was Paul J. Morant.-., oon-
wtth aa OSAO at No. Wall
taw owaer of th mschlno
a waa alagandar Dun
chempton bowler and
' at alloys In th Bronx
at On Hundred and
street and Boston read.
at th women was bis wife,
, twenty -six years old. An
other waa Mrs. norone Tappln. wife
f Polio Capt John F. Tappln of
Mo. 41 at. Nicholas Terrace and tba
third. Miss Emma Lowe, daughtsr of
W. R. Lowe, proprietor of the Bronx
Park Casino
Mr. Morants said he, th Dunbars
and Miss Lows dined at Hunter Island
Inn, and there had met Mrs. Tappln,
who was vtsltlna; her slater, Mrs.
Arthur McLean, wife of the proprietor
of the Inn. It was nearly midnight
when they started back and Murnuts
Invited Mre. Tapplu to accompany
Tha three women rode In the to.i- i
nsau whlls Dunbar rode In fr"t with i
Morante. They were utmost at White
Plains avenue, proceeding at ordinary
speed, when a big llmoustne appeared
In front Morsute was forced over to
ward the ditch. When lie essayed to
set back to the mlddlu of tho road.
hla rear wheels were running user
a shssl of Ice ami the w. skfcldsd
Before he could right l(. it slid 01T the
road, fell Into the Uluii tti.d toppled
When Dr. Muth nnd Dr. Blskttul
arrived frvm Fordham Hospital they
fauad that Mia. Tappln wua badly
hurt. Besides a broken rib and muuy
cuts and oruisss aha had internal in
juries. Mrs. Dunbar sustained a bro
ken nose, was cut and uruised all
over the body and suffered greatly
from shock. She had been almost
drowned while she east plnnsd under
ths car. Miss Iajwh had her collar
bono broken, lut her condition waa
not asrtoua. Mor.inte and Dunbar
had escaped with bud shaking up.
had escaped with bud shaking ups.
the hospital, where It sas said Mrs.
Dunbar and Mrs. Tuppln were In
critical condition, thoWKh the physi
cians were hopeful they would re
Child Undergoes an Operation anJ
Faces a Second to Overcame
BALT1MORK. Jan. 74 With a
hinge made from tissue takSSj frorr a
pig already on one aid' Of her Jaw,
Delia Shoemaker of Washington. D.
C eighteen month old, i Ldnir pre
pared st the Union Protestant Infir
mary for a similar opennion. which
Is enpected to make her deformed Jaw
as good ss new.
The child's Jaw was of solid bone
from birth, making It Impossible for
her to move It. In the first operation
the surgsons made sn Incision nnd
cut ths bone of the Jaw where the
new 'Joint" waa to he made. Then
they rounded out one end of ths bone
and made a socket In the other. A
pises of pig tissus was then Inserted
between ths bone to prevent their
growing together and ths wound
sassed nr. The sam process will be
waa sent
hsjvtt had
WWWH L-Li--rvtnj- u inr-jj"L---L-----Tj-r---
And the Woman Assumes a Touch
rijvJTJTj-tj-ruXfLnj.J i '
Pen. onFSTSP
asm -SawawawaW
SBBaV bTaI 1 I
aassT """
Neither Partner Touches the Other in the "Innova
tion" Tango, the Man's Hands Being Safely
Stowed Awau in Hie Pockets All the Time and
the Woman's Resting on Her Hips.
"That Dance Is for Soul Mates," Comments a Spec
tator of an Exhibition by the Castles, "for No Mere
Ordinary Husband and Wife Can Keep Step
by the Power of Auto Suggestion.'
Bg Marguerite Mooert Marthall.
It's so purer than the purest, this Innovation Tamo that the Vernon
Castles danced at Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish's
waits or the two-step, or eren the dear
dsnce one ever heard of, before the Innovation, the
dancing partners at least i touched each other's hands.
But a goodly two feet of floor space separates the trip,
pen of the touchless tango. It Is the ideal dance for
Icebergs, surgeons In antiseptic raiment and militant
moralists If they can do it.
For as I looked on at Castle House yesterday after
noon, it seemed to me that one salient characteristic
of the Innovation, as compared with the old-stylo tango.
Is the greater difficulty of the former. A woman must
have excellent poise,
and a eonetderebte experience to be
her male partner white entirely ungutded by him. Stage dancers hare j
often varied their steps In this fashion, hut I doubt f it comes easily to j
the social dancer.
On this very account the Innova
tion, If it Is generally adopted, will
doubtless Increase th dance mania.
In an effort to master th solo steps i
women will take more twenty-flve-dollar
leasons, will devote more hours
to torpslchorean practice, will talk,
,t Vion inil breathe tanso mora
,-iolpntly than ever. Reforms often
have curloim and unanticipated by-
product you never can tell how a
, m jump. But whatever the ef-
foct on health and purse of tho In
novation Tango, Theology Is sure to
bestow uon It a blaad and beaming
Now. Just what are the polnta of
difference between the tango of yea-
terduy and the tango of to-day T
To the cursory observer the main
i;rference Is that of position. This Is
now Vernon Castle describe the
proper position for ths dancers of ths
old.stvle tango:
"Ths gentleman should rest his
hand lightly sgsinst ths Isdy's
back, touching her with ths fin-
rjsr tips snd wrist only, or. If
prefer red. with ths inside of the
wrist snd ths back sf ths thumb.
Ths gsntlsmsn's left hsnd snd
forssrm should bs hsld up In th
sir parallel with his body, with
ths hsnd sxtsndsd, holding tho
Isdy's hsnd lightly on his palm
snd between th thumb snd fore-
"H. must know how to guide, snd JttM graxed big chest during those
hi. hold must be firm and yet loos, instant, when it waa Impossible for
enough SO that the lady can move'"" to see ths motion of any part of
.ja.lly to the aide positions. The two his body. As sh turned, however.
Hanld stand far enough away from she veered quickly away again,
each other to sllow free movement of DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE
the body. In irder to dance gracefully OLD ANO THE NEW.
A nAmlAr(.hlv "
. i,n th'
iMiw. in toy ,...- '
tango In aaeptlc snd antiseptic enough
. .. ., ..,.,.,1 ,- i .aw th,. faallea dance
It several week ago, also many other
voung person who had taken lessons
X. .h i ,m'i imartna
from them, and 1 couldn t imagins
anything more chemically -pure. It
certainly I. no. the dan. c wVich has
' .. .
maqueraoru ... .
Broadway restaurants, and during
Which the dancers are poulticed to
gether from collarbones to shins.
But the Innovation Is a real snow
bird of a dsnce.
In ths newest tango ths msn
dess net put his arm arsund his
partner' waist, hs dess not rest
his hand upon her baek or eh.ul
dsr, he doea net cradle hsr slbow
In hie palm, ha doea nei touch
even the tip of her fingers. He
stsnds shout tws fsst swsy from
hsr with his hsnds in his poeksts,
aa svsry small bey has bsen
tsught he. should never stand in
the Denatured Tango the Couple Keep Two Feet Apart
i i IM" " mmmi
1' " "" " " - - - .saxsssssasssr(M
innovation TeTP
dinner party. It's purer than the
old Virginia reel. In every other
a strong sense of musical rhythm
able to dance In perfect accord with
her hips with the Angers wide
spsrt and hsr elbows akimbo.
Incidentally, If tbla dance really
catches on, I prophesy the appear
ance of aids pockets In the tango
frocks. Yesterday lira Castle wore a
whits costums with a loose, full over
skirt hanging from her waist nsarly
down to hsr knees. Presumably there
were silts In ths voluminous folds,
for her handa auddenly disappeared
from view when she began the Inno
vation. A aide pocket la a perfectly
logical development.
The two dancers gane solemnly into
each otber'a eyes and, as If connected
by Invisible wires, thslr rest gild
and turn In the parallel movements
of the dance. Together they go for
ward, rstreat or turn to tho aids.
There's something almost uncanny
about it to the onlooker, who Is al
ways conscious of the twenty-four
Inches of slippery floor between the
dancers much more conscious, ap
parently, than are the dancers them
selves. That danee Is fsr seulmstss,"
I hoard a man comment laugh
ingly. "No mere, ordinary hue
bsnd and wifs esn ksep in step
by the pswsr sf suts-sugges-tlon."
The only time when I detected the
slightest contact between Vernon
Castle and his wifs was in one move
ment when ah was dancing almost
back to blin. I think her shoulder
1" ihe earlier tongo done nt Castle
Mouse there waa nothing which could
be described aa contortion. Ths
-houlders were held squarely without
..... w v w
remained firm, and practically all
. . . ,. . , .
movement cam. from below the hips,
There were SO hopp ngs; only a
nninitnc with the heel and an oc-
1 . , ...
mmallv confined to the maxlxe. Dan-
cers wers specially cautioned to avoid
the low, exaggerated dips.
In ths Innovstion Tsnge ths
Stsps sssm littls changed from
tho used in ths tirst version. As
bsfers, ths dsncsrs maks uss sf a
slow glide and their knees sre
kspt bent. The body is hsld s bit
mors stiffly in ths sol. st.ps than
whsn ths partner are lightly em
bracing en. an.th.r. There ia
neessaarily a specie) effort to
keen the stsps of ths ssms tsngth
nnd te turn, the knee st the ssme
time, and with tha aame amount
af ferae. The head is hsld high,
almeat at an angle of dsfisnss.
g W
rosiTioM ajo itis.Tiif distance
At natjr-ERJ- iM wtv
S IV .- Sal SW pi l savaam AW
S 'jn X. Xsewsw earn. I Pos,T'0 ' LjWa VaeeeeW
w.1 ml Hy
I m i I mm mm wa, r
wy Mm DANcrov '
I ) m 1HS HEEL,
(V I I
Battle of Felines Over Feast
Disturbed Peace of
J. Wynberger, proprietor of ths
Brighton Bench butcher shop nt No
72 James street, left the place In ap
ple pis order when hs went home at
7 o'clock last night. The front win
dowa were filled with hanging chick
ens, Inviting cuts of steak, pork chops,
sausages, lamb and mutton, all In
readiness for Saturday morning's
bualnsss. And then
Shortly before 11 o'clock last night
wild crlse rang out from behind the
closed doors of the butcher shop. The
cop on peg post, th roundsman on
his beat, 100 people In tb cafes and
coffee bouses In tb neighborhood
ware on th run In a minute.
And they gathered In front of the
Brighton market. They couldn't be
lieve thslr sysa Every cat which,
at that time of night, ahould bs mak
ing ths rounds of ths garbage cans
In James street waa In the ahop. They
ware feasting on choice blta of chick
en. Thsy were scrapping with pork
chops. Thsy were playing ninepins
with sausagss. And In the middle of
the floor a real scrsp was In progress.
When Mr. Wynberger left for home
he left the fanlight over the door
ajar ao that ths aweet air of James
street might blow In and keep his
pork chops and chickens and lamblea
don't-toueh-me offset. Ths regu
lar tango music, with its slow
bsst, is ussd.
Ons reason for ths difficulty In de
scribing ths tango Is that tango sx
perts rsrsly dance twlco alike. There
are no aet steps,
two-tep. "You
la In the polka or
must follow the
rhythm of the music," iaya Mr.
Castle, "and to do that you must
really feel the music get Into the
aaatwai of li ... II r It .11 4mi4.
'on the music how and when you take
' on the music how and when you take
the various steps."
Miss Elisabeth Msrhury
' Into werse" the other day and lyrlo
I iced ths Innovstion, as follows:
I "Ths Ne Tango with courtly grace
j Determlnee aniemnly the pace,
With glide and slide and stately time
THIS tsngo seem a thing divine.
No rough, uncouth, nor ugly dipping:
j No bungllrg, awkward, clumay tripping.
' liefoi e a stern and moral forum
! Th '.i stir danee with all decorum.
. The modern dance ln work, not play,
, It can't be picked up In a day.
. To learn to rtanre la really serloua
And far removed from aughl dallrloua "
I The Innovation Is assursdly manv
j removes from the Turkey Trot aad
- Me - If - You
Jw '
fresh for the Saturday trade. Soma
anemy of the butcher be Is sure that
It waa no friend- gathered up ths
feline visitors of the garbage eans
snd sbovsd tbem Into the shop
through the open transom. Mr. Wyn
berger has two cats of hla own.
trained to eat no meat, which h.
alwaya leave In the shop over night
The first peripatetic pussy that was
pushed through the fanlight
pounced upon by the faithful feline
guards of th pork chops. They
grabbed him and sought to shove
him Into tha sausage chopper. But
other felines came through the fan
light. It began to rain cata. The
guardlana of tha garbage cans made
short ahrlft of the tame tabblee of
th butcher ahop. Than they got
busy with the best there was In tho
The policemen couldn't open the
door. They shoved Tommy I .aura,
a young man of James street,
through the fanlight. A doaan cata
scrambled over Tommy when he fell
to th floor. He turned up th lights
and got a pair of pliers with which
ha opened th door. The two police
men and eight strong citlsena of
James street rushed Into the breech.
Tho policemen wouldn't let any mora
Cata were swinging themselves on
the acalea, maybe weighing the bit of'0 MajWSi to a denunciation of tho
meat they were going to take home.
Cats were negotiating with chickens,
and others were trying to wreck the
sausage machine, their common ene
my. Cats were scrapping with the
two faithful felines in the middle of
the floor.
"Beat!" cried Ihe coppers.
Scat! Oh, yes, and leave that good
stuff. What do you mean the restau
rant' cloaed? The kittles kited up to
the meat hooks. They Jumped on top
of the Icebox. They ran away InUi
corners with bit of chicken and
choice lamb chops. But leave th
ahop? .Not yet.
The copper want after them with
their night sticks. Two brooms In the
shop were pressed Into service. Ons
hardy citlxen of James atreet grabbed
ths tsll of a est perched up on a meat
ho.,k. They took the man to tha hna
pltnl with hi fare nil bleeding and
cut. The feline fought with ths
ferocity of the Jnrksls of the Jungle
It wan t every night that a feaat
i "K" ,n' wu" upeneu up to mem, and
,h'y T"re ln M nurry lo g 'ck to
the gnrhagH ran.
Hut human intelligence end physi
cal endeavor conquered In the end
and every nOWIing, meowing, sr.lttlnif.
! scratching, fighting feline was flnnll.
uriven inio inn irru ana .1 urn
1 street wa restored tn It iiatumi
quiet, aim tno nun pari or It wan
that Mr. Wynheriier's two tame tab
lues were swept out with the rent.
"I don't know who did It," suld
Wynberger, the butcher, this morn
ing. "Yei, It might have been a rival.
I don't know."
11...1.1L. Me., to Olv. . a.n
(.me of the Isrgest bslls of the season 1 Ooelet. from whom she la aeaklng a According to the story, young Mans
glven In Wrhater Mall, ln Baal Eleventh I divorce. 'field had set out with only 50 cent
atreet. will b. that to-morrow evening! When asked how long she Intended In his pocket to visit bla mother, who
of the I'.vaumg Telegram Clreulatlea t nirf. .h.. ...i.i .k. was reported to be In I'arla, and had
Knul" ee A,o..iiion. ill aaac ia
tlon numbe - aeveral hundred employees
nt the Kvenlng Telegram sad N'sw
new nirs
. ...
Harnll Mverr riemeer or 1
ttvrrua mVFW y "
. . i.i a 1 1 a
week ten wnrk'" hard te
- Dare Look
Tango Teachers
Unite in Suits
Against Prelate
Under French Law Arch
bishop of Paris Erred in
Denouncing Dance and
May Have to Pay Dam
agesBishop of Orleans
Once Paid for Like Of
fense. PARI8. Jan. St. Prof. Btlllson'a suit
for 10,000 against the Archbishop of
Paris, fur denouncing the tango aad
forbidding the communicants of Ms
diocese from dancing It. promises to
lead to suit at wbolesals by dancing
masters against eccleatastlca
Estimates of tha sums thsy will ds -
mend already reach 1100,000. They
are doing all thsy can to create the
Impression that tha churchmen are In
a conspiracy against them. If they
can win there will bs more monsy fori
h.m In collections from ths church
than In Uachlng ths tango.
It Is the general oplnlou that suit
for damages may be successfully
prosecuted. The Archbishop of Or
leans ones lasusd an order warning
the faithful to abun tha dancing
masters, and when ha was auad bs
paid damage rather than go late
who hare been consulted
say tbat the French statutes do not
Justify aa eccleslastlo In an utter
ance of publlu disapproval In mat
ters affecting the livelihood of any
claaa of persona. If such a law can
tango tha chance of a defendant In
a court would be allm.
The attitude of the Archbishop of
Parla la combative, fie has shown no
disposition to retract anything. His
accusers hoped he would settle with
tbem out of court.
The dancing mastsrs are making
common cause, and will employ the
best lawyara to conduct tba tight for
Meanwhile, no action will be taken
against Protestant clergymen and
Jewish rabbis who bavs sx pressed
opinions publicly concerning th
tango identical with the Archbishop's
Hhould the Arebblshop be fined, ths
Judgment In his case will bs used to
pummsl the others Into cash settle
ment. Protestant churchmen end
tb Jews sr throwing all tbalr Influ
ence on th slds of th Archbishop.
Lay observers think the dancing
master are playing the court gams
for profit only. All outward signs
show that tba tango la on tba decline
in Parla.
"Had There Been a Chance I Would
Not Have Come Here," She
Asserts in Daytona.
PAYTONA. Flo.. Jan !4. "No, In
deed. Never. If there had been I
would not have come here." declared
Mrs. Kltae Whalen Ooeltt when asked
If thsrs wss any possibility of s
I reconciliation between her and Ilobert
- -
I "really did not know. Mrs. Qoelet
1 . , 1 , , ...,...... 1 .. .. l . . 1
I ...
Wlv - w K.,l a
MS'fJIIltr)! hrniu v um u airu 1 11 niiui 1
of Defiance
7AN60 U
TAD ! -ev(,
Lwr the
Louis Ottman Got a Glimpse
When Wife Appeared on
Porch Top.
About tha only difference between
the famous attire, or lack thereof.
of Lady (lodlva and Mrs. Kvtlyn
Ottman on a cold January night that
witnesses described In th Supra
Court before Justice Blaacbard, waa
that the modern Oof Ira did not have
a horse. Mre. Ottmaa'a nocturnal
appearance on Union street, Brook
lyn, however, created quite aa much
a stir.
Louis Ottman. a wealthy yet
New Yorker, returned te town rather
unexpectedly to hear that Ms pretty
young wife whom he had married
only three years before, had bean la
! tn company of Daniel J. Junk, Jr.
Hs learned that Junk had aa apart
mant at No. sot t'nlon street, Brook
lyn. .
That nleht It waa Jan SI 1SSS
h, aaumhled two athtstlo frtehds.
MmH Kiernan and William 1 Poth.
,na w,nt wUn t,m t m
atreet house. It was after 1 o'clock
whsn Kiernan and Poth got Mr.
Junk to open hla door by a subter
fuge. As tbey did so Kiernan aaya
hs saw September Morn flitting late
tha parlor. Then Ottman entered the
The scene shifted rapidly to the
front porch. Through an open win
dow Mr, ottman in- or well, as des
habille as It Is possible to be des
habille, had climbed to the veranda.
Mhe was scrseming "Police!" "Help!"
and Indicating that aha wanted aid
generally. Tbla continued until Msrgt.
usviu j. Harry, among othsr
was attracted by bsr cries.
gesnt Inducsd tb hysterical
to re-enter th domicile. Sh bad
danced and paced over tb ooid
boards of tbs porch iu a paroxysm of
rage and grief until the good ssr
gsant roared for hsr future health.
"Can you d esc ribs hsr clothing?"
aaknd tb attorney.
"That la not possible, sir?" rspUod
the officer.
When Mrs. Ottman waa qulatad and
raiment apraad over her shoulders
ths Bsrgsant tesUflsd that Mre. Ott
man begged her husband's forgive
ness snd promised "never to do It
eguln." Ths Sergeant said ha waa
compelled 10 mane arrssia wnen ins
husband Insisted on It Mre Ottman
was not In court when ths testimony
wss offsrsd. Hhs did not defend hsr
husband's suit for a divorce.
In court Ottman and a fashionably
gownsd young woman smiled quits
broadly at tbs dssrrlptloa wMcb lik
ened the distressed Mrs. Ottman to
ths captivating Oodlva.
Was Sent Back to School a Week
Ago After Runaway Visit
to His Mother.
A long dlstanrs tslsphons message
to-duv to The Kvenlng World from
Ichwate'i Hchooi, in waiiingford. conn..
said that Uiubs Mansfield, fourteen
years old, son of the let Richard
' Munsfleld, was not missing, as report
e.t by way of Halcigh, N. C.
More than a week ago, according to
the school authorities, he took a no
tion to visit his mothsr tn New Lon
don. Conn., and flrat came to New
York. Aa soon aa he reached New
London hla mother aunt him back to
j c.h.o1
Hs returned a week ago to-
- been mieeing for two weeka. lis
aui noeed to be wandering about
. . ' -
tin '"J" er . r .-w.ei
.),., V l a ulne tn lease use as sanma
-14- Un. IK. .trv .r.rlaa.l nn ana
JkfBfcA -
Kibble Crystal Palace i
atory in Glasgow Smuted jj
Watchman in Peril. "
OLAHOOW, aeotlaaw, Jan.
bomb outrage, be tie red by th
to have bean carried out by
suffragettes, to-day vtrteaUT
In tb Olssgnw
known aa the KIMM
Besides the great
aldee of the
blown Into atom
plants were ruined.
A caretaker
the fuse of a
i of testes Ms Itf sr bwhaf
of the Eying i
In tha sua
tratora of the outrage I
time awaiting an
set the fuse of th
Near the foot pr arts.
was picked up, white aa empty Ymm
box was found sear the wall f ah
Botanle Oardeae. Among tha reauehhw
of the repeat war aa empty sAesfSa
pagan bottle aad eoeae piece of eSRS.
FACKLERS, Ala., Jan.
road detectives and
early to-day, with
gan search for three
of I
em Railway
aero and after etartlag the I
appeared ee
without a i
throttle to Larhlasrrtlsn, Asa.,
teen mikes away, where ft
when the
train ware picked np
by a train frees
which brought tha i
Th robber
mated at MM by
press oar safe.
the mall car failed to
thing, aa only
waa la the pouch. No i
made to molest
who vsntursd out
waa bolted
showsr of bullets. '
The bandits did their work
lonsly spot The locomotive ,
and express
t ached front the
ana ran down the track a
yard. One of th I abbey
the engine craw and
press clerks while tt
rnhhart tha ears.
A Message
All Builders j
Should Rend
Ths letter, ml If h hu Just
World office, Mill its
story i
v.. Turk Wasali
W . a.T na aattl
paini oMfuauy ho
i t a4 U other a
lU'Uw t
bum m aulas. ah
an. aaw ueew
Mtii . i css
WarM .111 Mi, U MA
tutor. new""' MlB .
heiuiii a i uhmm. en SJ.0;
i is
row escape
tome of the tying si Bawl
of saetal and gtaaa.
Itotprtat aad resnatas sc fwai snwaw
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whan the SVk
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