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Blind Senator Says Mrs. Bond
Made Advances to Him at
Time She Charges Attack.
"What Does This Mean ?" He
Swears He Asked Man Then
Burst in on Them.
OKJ.AHOMt CITY, Ukhv. Feb. 14.
United Statu Senator Thomas P.
Oore took the witness stand to-day
tB Um f .".0,000 damage stilt or Mrs.
Minnie. K. Bor.d. and gave bis vpr
ton of bis meeting witb her in Um
Winston Hotel in Washington In
March. 1913, upon which Mrs. Bond
baaed her charges that the Senator
attempted to attack her.
Senator Uore testified that Mrs
Bond Insisted upon meeting lilm in
tbO hotel to discuss the appointment
of her husband .is an Internal revenue
collector, although Jie ussureil her
that he would give her preference
over any other .alter and .-. her
at once If she would nil til his offioe,
Ho said he finally agreed to the hotel
conference and thut when he called
at the hotel he whs met by Mrs. Ilond,
Who conducted him to a room.
At their meeting, the Senator de
clared, they disruased 1 tie appointment,
aad he finally told Mrs. Bond he could
do nothing for her husband. As he
roas to go, he said, Mrs. Bond seized
kirn and attempts! to pull nlm toward
her. He said he next became a WaTt
of the presence In the room of T. 10.
Robertson. He declared thnt neither
tin. Bond nor Kobertson made any
suggestion at that time that the Sen
ator had been guilty of any b. pro
priety. His sightless eyes n bi hands
foldod across the tup of Ids rune. Su
ator Gore went tiiioiigii ths ordcnl of
examination anil i rn.is-examination
With grim determination.
Ail of his testimony was In line
With bla claim thut tha charges made
by Mrs. Bond were part of a con
spiracy to ruin him politically.
Senator Oore wa !e to the aland
to-day by D. M. i'rawley, Income tax
collector for Oklahoma, and examined
by Judge C B. Stuart of his counsel.
'He took the oath sitting down.
Hs remembered meeting Mrs. Bond
a the Ski.-tn Hotel. Oklahoma City,
I January, 1913, but not who Intro
duced them. He told ber that lie was
eommltted to an applicant for col
lector of Internal revenue and could
Mt give his endoreaeinent to her
"Was It ever suggested that she
(Continued on Second Page.)
Going; to Albany Wednesday to
Attend Hearing on Bill Engineer
Mayor Mitchel announced to-day
that he would go to Albany Wednes
day to attend trM public hearing on
the (ioethals blllg before the Joint
Committees of the Ponate and the As
sembly. Ha was asked if 'ol. licet nr. In
would be present, and he replied lie
did not. think
"I suppoee," wdded the Mayor, "that
there are many still under the lm-
Sression mat col. uoctnals will not
a I'nllce Commissioner. I know that
It Is hit Intention to com to New
York under the conditions we are
eesklnK lo have brought about by
legislative ennt t ment. v have Col.
OoetjtalK'a pro nie to come and he
has not changed his mind I have
every confidence that the Uoelhele
IsgtegOon wur oe
.'lsM, 114, h.
fa. Tl.e Nr..
Liner Was Helpless in Mid
Ocean TwOhiourS in Trough
of Great Sea.
Carmania Flails to Pick Up 51
Angry Passengers at
nnrlfl't. 1I4 to Tbr I'rtu i.nt OS.
th.: New Y..rk W'uikll.
'Klsl '. it T!i V-nlns WM.1
QUKRK&TOWN, Keb. 1-Passengers
who arrived here early this
mii t ntejg on tho Anchor iiner Cale
donia. rroin New York, report a ter
rifying experience last Friday In mid
ocean during the prevalence of a gale
attended bv mountainous soas.
Some of the machinery connected
with the shafts gave out and It be
came necessary to stop the engines
In order to make repairs. The Cule
donia dropped into the trough of the
For two hours she rolled and
plunged, utterly beyond control.
Sliding down the side of one moun
tainous wave, her port side ports
Would tie submerged while the star
board ports were pointud towurd the
sky. ''limbing the next wave, the
position would he reversed.
All the passengers could do was
catch bold of something and hang on.
In the smoking room, the dining
saloon and the lounges everything
movable was burled from one side of
the ship to the other until stewards
could make tblngs fast. First one
side of the bridge, then the other
touched the surface of the sea.
The Caledonia came Into Queens
town harbor in the darkness of the
early morning with heavy sea run
ning and disembarked six passengers
and 1,570 sacks of mall. The arrival
of the Caledonia was a source of add
ed Irritation to fifty-one passengers
who had tickets for New York on the
Cunarder Carmanla and will have to
wait here until Feb. It.
The Carmanla arrived off Queens
town harbor from Liverpool at noon
yesterday. There was a heivy ei4
running and she anchored two miles
outside. A tender w'th passengers
and 1,11 Backs of ma:! was waltinsr
Inside the port to mnke the transfer,
hut at the end of two hours and a
half the captain of the Carmanla sent
a wireless message stating It whs too
rough to enter, and then he etar'ed
for New York.
The abandoned passengers made
life miserable for the Cunard agents,
especially In view of the fact that
the big White Star liner, Arabic,
which arrived an hour ahead of the
Carmanla, steamed Into the harbor,
embarked passengers and malls and
teemed out again bound for New
York, passing the Carmanla anchored
aut la tea again
I circulation Book Open to All."
Ihr er, , I'sblUIOsi
lark Murldi.
Snow-Men at Work Opening the Way for Traffic,
And Fire Engine Fighting Storm on Way to Blaze
: -
iM-t-H-MH 1 1 1 1 1 II 1 1 II
George v. Jameson, Office
l-ici trtr U. , . I.i. Bj
M.UMvll I 'I I1 l.K V
Co., Brokers, a Suicide.
(leorgc W. Jam1 sou, .dtice maunder
I of the liatiklni? and brokerage house
I of Rhoadea Co.. at So, 45 Wall
street. Jumped m front of a south
I bound Broadway egpreee in the mu
way station at tine Hundred nod
HlKhty-tlrst Street to-.l.iy. Two cire
paaeed over hlra and htt arae Inetatitly
Prlende and lelatlveg were incredu
lous when told that he hud oommttti i
suicide They lualaled thai his death
must have been the result of an acci
dent, tint the inter bo rough manage
ment has the statement"! of two wit
nesses John spano of No. 317 Garden
street, Yonkers, and Kdward Meyers
of No. .180 Tenth street, Hrookly.i.
who say that Mr. Jameson waited un
til the train was a few feet away, and
then deliberately leaped to the track.
Andrew Mat tin. the motor engineer
of the train, tells the same story.
Mr. Jameson was forty years old
and unmarried, He lived with his
mother at No. S4J West Rnd avenue
i So fur as is known he did not leave
any message explaining his act.
Tracy A. Johnson of the Byte, of
Ithoades It To. said that Mr. Jameson
i was a bond salesman In the. financial
I district for r.evernl years up to six
I years ago. when he entered the bank
ing house as I'ttlit manager
"I cannot conceive hy Mr. Jame
son should kill luinsi If," said Mr.
Johnosn. "Ills accounts with the
Arm were straight, iii never showed
any slgni of mental trouble. We saw
him last on I'lidav w hen he v as as
cherful us usual, lie dm nut appear
I at I tie office on Saturday."
I The mother of .it Jameson is an
elderly woman and has been ui A
dniiKhlcr who lives at No. !C West
i Knd avenue -aid that the ghook Of
her son's death had overwhelmed
I Mrs. Jameson and her life
I spa! red
Samuel tioldberg of the Amstnrdam
avenue tailoring nrin that made Mr
Jameeon's clothes told the Coroner
thle afternoon that his customer had
been talking a grest deal of late about
business depression Mr. (ioldberg
thought that Mr Jameson had Inst
some money.
a, f ' ' . . - '.-.' ';: v.. i.
t tv'.;.. , jJtt &mmm 1st -
V ' sxabSxessxl Ixasnus! kr
' ' VbbbsssssbssBIbsssV rtl&tStKfSlflflKtlK. Lanae
' Bjj Jox' ,'SPBBBBBW
w - 4swsj pas iej Buhs aM Vm w sWasnl ana
- -1 . chasms WiSBJi BJ wBJ a21' WJNIaaaaal
BsaaaTaMsBBBBsl I -awei .srWJsstl"assssssr "3bT -aaassssnTsi Mm ii HjUaxTBaKssralBBl
' sfft evsSW aPHaWssssstsssBL Idssssssssssssssssb- . . m
BJ aLJxssWbaal BgaJal aY asKsl "asw isOffTrl
aal ssssfl Bp eSs. m sisw eu?Teal Iv9
jll fll i I lsaV ' CPW
' If I sV wjjM PawM aaaaa 'tWri
'l"r.a. FSBterf&eaW ' eaasi'
rMes!s?.1fJesa1s.ii..T.s. e e . .' -1-L.t sM Bsj'I afcil tS is JjSejBTi' f ." a.
(Photographs Taken by an Evening World Stdff Photognphtr.)
iH - i"i - t - i - i - H - H - : - i - K - H - H - i - t - i - t - i - i - : - -m-h-i-m-w- : : : - : - k - i - whh - h
!MW th-H.-' i
44 1 1 1 1 1 1 II I II 1 1 H"H""M"H
Lieut. - Commander Hull i
Battleship Texas Punches So
ciety Man of Newport New s.
-,..!! aiTtw Kvselei w' i i
NEWPORT nkwk. u.. Keh, 11
Angered because his wife danced the
"one step" with .'. P, Kolgtckef, pro
minent goetety ; i r i i clubman, dutins
a Valentine dance at the Hotel W.u
wick. Saturday night. I. nut. Com.
ntander Charles p, Huff. I B. N'
yesterday uttacked Mr. Kelsnkci in
the hotel lobby, seveiely punishing
him. The case was aired in tin Police
Court to-day and resulted In Ine
of Ill.TI bains Imposed upon Huff
Mr. K elate ker, whu is chief of cor
respondsnce t the local thlpbuildlns
company. I prominent In socio!
circle In this city, Norfolk and Old
Point Lioul 1 'onimandi r Huff is
aaslgned to the battleship Togas here
and I guest at tha Hotel Warwick
e, with Mrs. Huff. IS H guesl at
Hie dance given Saturday night.
Uurlng the evening lln Huff and
Kelslcker danced the one step
together whin on the floor they
were approached b Huff, who told
Mr Keleleker thai he objected to
lh dance The latter, thinking the
lieutenant a i"iun.r. replied inuh.
"Commander, your object Inn Is
"Oh, but It Is not. Take Mrs. Huff
to her seat."
LeSSt. Huff retired showing amrer.
Mrs. Kelslcker. eeelng that no Jeet
was meant, promptly showed git
ON th ex WAY
Mil lli'lt IMHII 1 1'l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
partner to her seat. Mis. Huff apol
onjged fur her husband's . omluct and
Hie Incident was apparently forgotten
until yesterday morning.
The clubman and naval officer 'net
iii tin- lobby while going to the din.
Ins-room, witnesses say thai with.
,out a word of warning iiurr dealt
I Kelslcker a severe I. low, Milne, him
to Hie Qoor. He then is alleged to
have struck him twice more, A wur
rant was nerved by friends of Kel
SherMan Accused t Attempted lix
t'lrtnoi Evidence obtained
Through a Detectafraph.
Joseph A Sheridan, farmer Preei
dent .,f tin Independent toe Dealers'
Aaeoeiatlon, and former head of the
Cltleena' Protective League, was
placed Ofl trial tO-da) before Justice
Oavis in the Criminal Branch of the
Supreme Court on an indictment
charging att mpted eg tort Ion
Sheridan was arrested on goat plain!
of the officers Of Um Knickerbocker
Ice f'ompenS after I hearing before
Chief Magietrate MoAdoo st which
laatlmoS) was grin o show the'
Sheridan bad demanded 11,061 from
the Knickerbocker Company si
threatenlns to set the lgislsture or
the Attorney.Qeneral of the niate or
the District-Attorney of the county
utter the Knickerbocker Company
At Hie hearing before -hief Magts
Hate Mi Adoo, dairies Mtnall. division
auperlntendenl of the company, in
West r'orty-slxlh street, temined that
Sheridan had proposed to htm over
the telephone le all off a muss as)st
lna ... poper Union, providing that
ho would pay the l.nnn.
A detective Sgepry was etupnye1
to obtain evidence s gut net Hhnridan
by use of dele. t. (graphs, fine of the
machines was Ine tailed in Hie Knick
erbocker's office m Ptuehlng and the
other one under ooal ack at the
company's offioe. No. lit West Forty
elath sueet, Manhattan.
I "Circulation Books Open
- : - wh - : - : - :-i-k-:-h-h--i-h-;-mh-H'
Routed From City Hall Cor
ridors When Threats of
Violence Are Heard.
Two hundred young men, who
claimed they bad been driven by the
police reserves from the city's em
ployment ugenc) at No f lufayette
street, uiaiclii .1 to tbn I'lly Hall at
noon to-day and laid their case l.e
fore the Mayor. Ilefore the arrival
of the Mayor the joung men thronged
the lorrldois, discussed their griev
ances aseMStfl) and for a time made
themselves objectionable
"Ixt's moli the Mayor! offioe!" de
clared one of the leaders. l.leut
Kennel, down SI 'he other end of
the corridor, heard the threat and
got bus . Patrolman Frits of the
Muyor's personal staff. Acting oity
Hall CugtOdiaa Itooney. SergnantH-et-Arms
Itrehiu and Horbncher and
threo men from the Truffle Sound
formed a BylBS wedge and the men
were forced down the steps to the
city Hall Plana.
"If you fellows want to see the
Mayor." said Kennel, "you had belter
have a committee represent you. '
Witllnto J. Doherty of No. 406
West Fiftieth street and Harr Kline,
who Hiild be lived at No. 2H West
street . and admitted he was a mem
ber of the I. W. W.. were picked as
the representatives of the gathering
"We were peacefully waiting for
work." said Doherty, "when the po
lice reserves cams around and bustled
us out on the street They clubbed
and manhandled uh shamefully."
Kline told a similar story.
An entirely different version of the
rumpus at the employment agency
came from those In charge there. Be.
tween t o'clock thle morning end
noon. It waa explained, between 600
and 800 men applied for work. Al
though every aaenry In the city was
communicated with, not one vacancy
was located. Meanwhile the unem
ployed, parked Into the employment
agency, began to fret and grumble.
It is claimed by the agency men thst
there were rufflana among the work
seekers and that they began to break
up the benchee In the rear of the
mom and Interfere with the telephone
connections. The men were threat
ened with eapulslon, but only grew
wnrs. It Is olalmed. Finally It waa
decided that It would be neeeeeary to
end for the polios.
Augustus Hegan sstt be would per
mit the men to return and make out
their applications for work If they
would behave themselves
Not ten minutes efter the delega
tion of jon had departed from the
Amnlovment ssencv for the f'itv Hull
a call for -'") men was rev -.ved from
the Bridge Ueaartment.
to All." I
Fireman Will Aid Street Cleaner
Near Firehouses, So Horses Can
Draw Apparatus Stalled Ve
hicles Jam All the Streets.
. .... ,. . . (
Street Cars Halt on West Side and Run
at Infrequent Intervals in Other
Parts of New York.
FTre laches of snow fsHIng
noon completed In downtown New
with a ten-Inch fall of sloet and snow
the piles of snow, shovelled from the sidewalks, became choked at S
thousand places by atalled trucks and cabi.
ity noon the confusion was such below Canal street that street ejenaV
lngs were closed by automobile- and wagons with interlocking wheels, ajBt
foot passengers had to walk half a block and buck the drifts to Isjf t
crossing place. Uptown conditions were but little better.
The fire peril of tho city caused
Street Cleaning Commissioner Ketherston and Fire Commissioner
son decided that their two departments should co-operate to make Bj
slble for tire apparatus to move with
Street cleaners were directed to
covered by snowdrifts and by foolish
suowploughs were sent, fully equipped, to all Are houses, to be
llremnn for the cleaning of streets
answering alarms This unprecedented action waa taken after CjgaW
rvemou reporrcii 10 ir. Aoaiiison tnai many nre companies were
bound that they could not possibly get two blocks from their ate
The strcot cleaners, emergency men and contractors' gangs, tha J
thousand more shovellers hired by the street car companlee, tha baas)
employed by hotel, theatre and restaurant ownere and by the Brtdjajs
pariincni, had ciearca away only
to-day's fell upon them. The new
work; the stinging snow in faces or
ling and carting almost impossible.
But Assembly Graft Hunters
Will Investigate Affairs of
Suicide State Treasurer.
Of the two Investigations ordered
to-day Into the accounts of State
Treasurer John J. Kennedy, who
eommltted suicide yesterday In Buf.
fain, one has already been completed.
This Is the one ordered by Oov.
tflynn The eeennd one Is to I made
by the Assembly committee thut has
nhsrge of the legislative graft In
quiry. Oov. C.lynn's investigation was or
dered after requests for It had been
telegraphed to Albany by the dead
treasurer's relatives. Similar requests
wr rrw!a by Ma doputina, II waa
made by accountants from the Comp
trollsr's office, who reported that the
books were In pel feet condition.
The examination to-day went back
only te last Monday, but at that Urns
they were lialenred by the same men
Samuel Q. Jeffreys and C. H. Mul-
suauedea fftftb .
to-day between dawn atd the eertjr
York the traffic naralyele which
Saturday. Tha narrow I
by the storm became ao acuta
some freedom.
aid firemen In digging out
sidewalk cleaners. Fire
which might be ueed by
little patches of Saturday's enow
snow did more than Increase abssT
men and horses made effective abwrSV
Contractors withdrew neeriv fasbb
of the horses promised to tha taffiS
Removal Bureau. Tho men waaff ff)
tneir tasks elewly end Ine
Hundreds threw esldo their
end deserted.
There wer squads of men. dsfjejn
by excited and sometimes aaOjgSSs)
foremen, at work on Broadway, fijjfSb
avenue, sixth avenue. nftygfajak
rony-eeoond. Thirty-fourth.
third. Fourteenth and Eighth
They had cleared only patches, I
apart, by noon, and
shouted orders of the foremen i
to do little more than pick at t
race or ine frosen snow
weather cleared Just after noes
The street car and railroad
tlon waa better than
All the railroads were movlns.
em thmiivh . m I..
hours to half a day late.
man trains. Suburban trains
New Jersey were only a few
late; thoee from the New Tors Osis.
tral lines fifteen minutes to balf SS)
hour late and Long Island eJenaSjS
trains on time, with the steam tjeJSpY
j doing nearly aa well.
The Broadway line at tha
Avenue Street Hallway
wnicn no eare nave run uj
Saturday morning, waa stit
disabled, wtih an uncertain
ui rosuuuna service, ine
car lines all ever the city
volved In the general
were of no use te
A seena aet half as
sxesxaa mm
which reafreal street
rn saw

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