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Explosions in Burning 'House
From Attic Stores of Safe
Blowers. I
Caught in the Blaze Supposed
to Have Been Started by
Lounging Cocaine Users.
Unexpected explosions accompanied
the (Ire In the century-old house at
Park Row and Roosevelt street last
night, whan David flint and a child
lit Mrs. Rosa Franco were burned to
death. The police, looking up records,
find that the attic had been long
known as a hangout for safe-blowers.
It w where "Louie" Holottl and
"Bliakey" Holottl had put up, tllj
l.o'ile" was captured when running
away from a safe-cracking Job mime
inontha ago In the Ie Rosn drug
store In Catherine otreet by De
tectives l,oughtln and (lurevan nf
the Oak street station. "Louie" was
hald and be died soon after. "Hllnkey"
and his mother had continued to live
at the old dormer windowed house,
taking roomers. Lately the gangs had
gone to pieces through the use of
cocaine. It Is thought to-day that the
lira was accidentally started by "h p
py dusters," as the cocaine users are
termed by themselves, who had gono
Into the hallways for refuge.
The first to escape trom the burn
bag building was Junlo Perlnt, forty,
' who leaped feet first Into a snow
drift. Shouts from the crowd which
gathered from neighboring saloons
prevented the women from Jumping
until a group "below waa formed to
break their falls. It would have been
simple for tha firemen to rescue them
with 'adders, of course, but the un
cleared snow banks kept tbem from
getting near enough. The women
war on the third story. They dropped
una by one as the men below humped
their backa to make a cushion. It
waa Ilka clockwork. A woman would
hang from the window, drop, bounce
off the men's backs and Into soft
Only one. the mother of the Infant
who was burned, waa Injured. She
dislocated a hip, but seems well again
to-day, nn J Is trying to gather money
to "bury the little one."
Oak street police quest lored her
and other dwellers, and then learned
that In the burned house they had
discovered sticks of dynamite, fleorge
Hntt, known as "Deafy," one of the
most expert aafeblowers in the coun
try, used to live there. He had been
a pupil of old Mark Shlnburn.
Deafy" had spent nineteen years In
prison, but being a born Fourth
Warder, always drifted back there.
Tla was a boiler maker by trade, and
known as the brains of the Shlnburn
gang of cracksmen.
Four years ago he was recognized
aa be stood oulalde thia house and
arrested, because the police had In
formation that he had been experi
menting In the attic with high explo
slvea. They took from his pocket s
cryptogram recording th secret
mechanisms of forty-eight different
pattcrna of burglar-proof safes. He
waa not convicted of crime, but six
months ago In Hprlngfleld, Mass., was
taken with "Bull" Hutchinson.
Mince then, owing to lack of leader-
lilp and a liking for cocaine, the
ags had been broken and dlsnersed.
he police think that they muat have
left some nitroglycerine and various
chemicals in the attic and that these,
totched off by the fire, made the can
rasaVlIke reports that blew the roof
.I.eV Promptly Decides His Wife Is
ot Oalltr.
IS Mrs. Adrlenna C. Tanty of the Hotel
Imperial waa victorious to-day In
MBIl ii when a Jury sitting In Jus tics
I Vast Blcl.n's court found against her
In his action for divorce. Mrs.
ho Is a tall and alluring blonde,
own bast wltnesa.
avsaKS. WIIU IB llir HBPI t. me spori-
Ing goods department In a big Hixth ave-
ua department store, sued his wife sev-
saw snoatna ago, naming Paul Ferrand.
furrier. AO concerned are French.
Tanty said rarrand had the habit of
vfattrog lira. Tanty In the Tanty suite
at CSaatleton Apartments. Bt. Osorge,
Btalia Island, and that Mrs. Tanty also
aaajde aaeurslons to the Ferrand bunga
law at Wo. 1U Ocean avenue, also on
Mtd Colds
Hale's Honey
off Horthhound and Tar
Is unrivaled. Pisa sent to the taste
and healing absolutely da
nota oy an aruggista.
" Halt - and
To Take the Place of flaxixe
T4K6 five
SiERf in
"It Is Really a Five
Step," Explains Vernon
Castle, the Inventor.
"The Count Is One
Two Three, One-Two.
A Long Step, Like a
Waltz Step, Is Followed
by Two Short Ones,
Such as Are Used in
Dancing the Two-Step.
It's Half JVay Between
the Frigidity of the In
novation and the Cal
oric Clinch of the
Broadway Tango.
By Marguerite Mooers Marshall.
Do you hall '-ami-half 7
If you don't, you will. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Castle have put a new
verb In the bright lexicon of dancing. They half-and-half. I've seen them.
saas'r rl srtv
Withal, it Is danceahle. Which the Innovation tango wasn't, for the
average pair or drawing-room dancers.
The half-and-half, as Its name implies, belongs about half-way between
the stand-ofr-aud-don't-tout h-me frigidity of the Innovation and the caloric
clinch of the Broadway tango. But the name has still another significance.
In the quarrel ovrr the new dances one side has urged that they be ban
ished by means of a revival of the waltz and two-step. The party of the
second part has retorted, "We've danced thoa old things till we're tlrod
and sick nf them, aud nothing shall Induce us to take them up again!"
The half-and-half, while neither a I also originated iiiun'r for the Innova-
u '.t mi ! , .... .. II.. naplnkaa
........ ii. n , , OT U-,Mf ' n.j ii ..nil l lit! IIIUJIIAQ.
of the nature of both. It retains the "The time used in the half -snd-good
qualities of the old dances with j half has been employed in operas.
the additional anil to-day Indispen
sable charm of novelty.
This is how Vernon Caatle him
self explained It to me:
"The half-and-half la really a
five-step. The most peculiar
thing about it is the time. In
dancing it the count ia one two
throe, one two. A long atap,
like a waits step, is followed by
two short steps, such as are used
in daneing the two-stap. The
dance is rsally net at all difficult,
once the dancers gat the music
into their hssds. It is different
from any music used before in a
dance hall."
Mr. Castle has always Insisted
that good dancers must "feel the mu
sic," particularly lit dancing the tan
go, ills version of the tango (I am
not referring to his touc.hlesa per
formance, which waa only a tour de
force) Is noted at once for Its deli
cacy and for variety of movement.
He has said that almost any two
dancers will tango differently from
any other two, and he dnea not
frown on Independence so long as
the music Is obeyed.
"Those who first attempt the half-and-half,"
continued Mr. Caatla, "will
probably try to make a waits of It.
But they will find thin Impossible on
account of the peculiar time. I do
not believe that they will have much
trouble picking It up, however, for 1
worked It out with the Idea of mak
ing It a drawing-room dunce. The
Innovation waan't one, of course, for
two persons muat be something more
than ordinary social dancers to dance
In perfect accord at a dlatanoa of
two feat
"The social dancers are always
aaklng for something new, and I be
lieve they will find It in the half-and-half.
I am still developing It,
and by the time I am through with It
there will probably be at least eight
distinct steps. There are no more In
the tango, aa I teach It. The half-and-half
Is a rather alow dance, com
pared with the one-step, but so Is the
hesitation alow, and that has proved
extremely popular.'
Arthur N. Qraene haa composed
Urn bbbbsIo for uZwtJH:
the mam woilp.
- Halt " h the Very Latest Dance
i n n mr rr
back-vaas-d) B xws i I
jX I) Lid
I I Te TVS.U ? (
Terpslchorean fashions have changed again. The
Innovation tango, sponsored by Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish,
Is now relegated to the memory class, and the niaxlxe
has hardly the status ot a memory. The half-and-half's
the thing.
Pleas don't all ask the same question at once!
IT IS PROPER. It Is pure. It Is moral. It wlU
never bring a blush to the cheek of Innocence. Even
the mother and grandmother ot Inocenc will not be
shocked by It Not a single little snowflake. of all
we've seen lately, has anything on the half-and-half.
I MjM. . .. . .1...
but never before in dance music,'
ha sxplsined. "It is writtsn five
four, with three-four and two
four plaoad after In a parenthe
sis. It really nsceesitstss the
dropping of a atap in each meas
ure. But it's exceedingly simple
after one catches tha knack."
When Mr. and Mrs. Castle danced
It they took tha conventional post-
l tlon, such aa was used from the
beginning In dancing the two-step
ami waits. Mr. Castlo's right arm
was around his wife's waist, although
only his four slim fingers touched
His left hand lightly clasped her;
right one, holding It parallel and on
n level with their heads. Her loft
band rested on bis right shoulder.
A long step with the right font was
followed b a short step with
left, a short step with the right
and then another long step with
the left. Instead of circling the
ballroom. Mr. and Mrs. Castle danced j
back and forth across it, wldthwlse, '
In a very graceful and delicate ver- j
slou of what college men l.now as j
"the serpentine." On the turn after j
each long step, Mrs. Castle's slender
foot swept backward In a small semi
circular kick, which of Itself stamped
the dance as belonging to the ear
1914, despite Its mingling ot tha steps
of yesteryear.
.... '
Homo of the society women already
much Interested In the half-and-half
are Mrs. Htuyvesant Fish, Mrs. An -
thony J. Drexel Jr.. Mrs. T. J. Oak-
lay Rhlnelander, Mrs. W. 0), Itocke-
feller. Mrs Kdward Adams, Mrs. El-
bert H. Gary, Mrs. Amos Plncbot.
Mrs. Arthur Iselln. Mrs. W. Bourke
Cockran, Mrs. Hermann Oelrlchs,
Mrs. Oliver liarrlman. Mrs Norman
Hapgood, Mrs. John Corbln, Mrs. Mi -Kim,
Miss Elsie de Wolfe and Mlrs
Carrie Morgan, the cousin of Miss
Anna Morgan.
CMeasjw Wasnaa Hart Mr. and Mrs.
elssaaf Narrowlr Kseape.
ST. MOhnz, Hwltserland. Keb. 17 -A
bob sleigh, the steering of which gut out
of order, shot over a bank yesterday
while going at a terrific pace at a point
known as Bunny Corner. It drove into
a crowd of spectators, and Mrs. Swift
WT Injured. Princess dl Ban Kaustlno
m' SJKtitiSXw'F
The aenaatlon of the etyle dis
play at Auteull, according to Parla
cables, were the pantalettea.
They are short ruffled skirts,
with hoops In the hem, and muslin
pantalettes, a return to the style
somewhere about the time of the
civil war. On many of the skirts
there are six flounces.
The bodices are tight, fastened
in front by two puffs over the hlpa.
Among other new styles arej
short coats of Roman striped flan
nel: white waistcoat, with high
linen collars flaring at the aldea;
Neapolitan capes, and colored
waistcoats with pockets. All the
slashed skirts seen were exceed
ingly short.
Srphew of I'amons Democrat Was
Kapvrvlsor of state fharltles.
ALIIANT. Feb. 17.--.Samuel Jones Til.
den. fiscal supervliior of State r'harltlen.
ill. ,! ,t it I..tsi.ll..l ,...1. i, Ifa. saw,..
ai..M ii- i.-.i lava
oor health for more than a year. A.
though not able to participate in the
rmerclnrH rnmmenim-Mtliiir the ni.H.lnin
i ilredth anniversary of the birth of his
uncle, former inv. Tllden. st New leh
anon, on Keh. g, Mr. Tllden watched the
ceremonial Drocexslon trom It win. In
Soon afterward hie condition hernme
worse and he wax removed from his
home in that village to the hospital. He
wiih appoinieii fiscal Mupervlnor in
June. 1912. by Oov. Uls.
When on a Kebruary day
: Old Winter feels like ptay
1 And on New York descends
, We. that's where friendship ends!
Kor by that play of his
i H" pl"rsM,h'' d'cknj' wl,h " klr"l
; N) ,,?. Vi My ,.
Not out of pluyground for a blooming
j To M of ,w thftt., fl
Where It haa all the room that growj:
1 flow M weighs down
The 'SUSTftS ,h Pmd and
Manhattan knows.
The nve. working "I,,"
The trolley car whose finish none
ipoy tell,
The uncertain taxicab
That any troublous drift msy grab
And hold for hours, or for dav
Krom theae and other transit ills that
On would-be hurrying hordes,
The moment but one uvenuo of escape
affio ds.
Oh, sui. way! blest but all too feeble
n relief,
Now do we curae the thief
Of "Next Week" and short sight
That leaves us la tbl.
Our one hole I, the ground I. great.
y"1 wt oepiore
i'"- " Ff.T'
and Tango
a 1
T. -
$ffa)6l46 THC
&IR.L Ott MIA.
Oliver Trails Three to Fifth
Avenue and 23d Street
and Tackles Them.
Karly shopper and business folk
stopped this mornttig to watch afra
caa when one man sprang on three
others at Twenty-third street and
Fifth avenue and hurled then: Into
snow bank. Instantly the four were
mixed Up In a lively fight. Policeman
Kerry grabbed the man who had
started the trouble.
"let go of me," he yelled. "I'm Se
lective Oliver. Help mj get these fel
low." Ferry helped aqd presently three
youths who said they were Joseph
Klein of No. ax Kast One Hundred
and Seventh atreet; Frank Kalcee of
No. 211 Mott atreet, and Oeorge
Moultder of No. 151 West Twenty-
first atreat wore on their way to I'o
llce Headquarters.
Oliver charged them with burglary.
There have been many complaints
lately from the cloak and suit section.
Oliver suspected Moultder. He trailed
the three men from Moultdera home.
They visited many cloak and suit
houses, and finally entered the build
ing at No. 110 Weat Twenty -fifth
st"et. When they emorged they were
carrying a big bag. Oliver trailed
them to the corner where Kerry was,
and then grabbed them, expecting
Ferry to help hlin.
The bag held eleven women's suits
with the tag of the Monroe Cloak und
Suit Company on them. They had
been in the sample cuae, and appar
ently the thieves had grabbed them
while Isldor K. Ulaas and Abraham
Marks, partners In the firm, were
opening doors In the rear to comply
with the fire requirements.
Olass wouldn't believe he bad been
robbed at first He took Oliver's
voice over the telephone for that of a
friend and thought the affulr was a
joke, since he and Marks bud been
discussing the sdvlsahlllty of taking
nut burglary Insurance.
The police found no record agulnst
two of their prisoners, but they said
, KIln hail toon Hnt In th IIouha
JlalK-teffiW i'-i!
I Nff ' rilllllin ill 11.1,4 ttllll in null
Hlng for four snd u half years In
l!is, barged with burglary.
Struck by rraments of Clltl
Front of Car in Collision
With Milk vvafon.
The left eye of Kohert Mclniyie.
j moturmau on the Hamburg avenue i
j car line, Krooklyn, will be perma
nently blind, doctors at Bt, father-1
! ine's Hoslptul say. as the result of a I
collision In which Mclntyrn's cur fig
ured to-day.
At Johnson avenue und Humboldt
street a milk wagon, driven by Frank
Anthony of No. SIS Uoerum street.
Brooklyn, tried to pass In front of
'lie trolley car. Mrlnrre applied the
brukee, but could not stop the n
which hit the wagon, overturning It.
I Passengers rsn to Mrlntyre, who
' fall unconscious on the floor of (ho
front vestibule nf the car. He seemed
i to have been only slightly cut by-
glass and those who picked him up
i carried him Into a nearby drua store. !
Maatocclo came from Mt. 'uth -
mines llosi.llai Afle, in e...ei.e.
erine's llnapltst. Aftet an exumlnu- 1
I tlon hs found thai a fragment of
glass nad cut through the motor
man't. left eye, destroying It.
Caaar of Nla l.oais l.uaebruara.
Nine men entered a lunchroom at Une !
Hundred and Thirtieth street und North I
River this morning snd. Intlmldstlng
Tony Tsnnsco. s wsller In charge of tha
Place, took $16 from the cash register.
Police of the One Hundred and Twenty
fifth street station started a hunt for
Use robbers.
17, 1914
Mrs. Rom Zimmerman
Death Due to A New
Haven reek.
The twenty-second chapter or death
1 whs added to-day to the history of
the wreck Hept. 2. Ill I, on the New
I York. New Haven and Hartford ItMI
road nt North Haven. Vnn. Mrs.
I Hose Zlnimcrmon tf No M Kant
Seventeenth street died arter llMW
' Ing tlve ami one half months with I
broken hack.
Her fight for life miilnat over
. whelming watt took place at n hos.
i pltnl In New Haven where she MM
taken immedlatelv after the collision
lietwnen the White Mountain Kn press
and the Hat Heritor Kxpress. News
of her death, received In New York
to-day. recalled the sacrifice or lire
III this one or a se'len or horrors
Mrs Zimmerman Val thirty-four
veiirn old ami the wife of furl Zim
merman. They had MSN nmrrle I
about three yajgfg and lived with their
two-year i. Id nun, Hamuel c, in Mrs.
I Itosle Nnsh'n rooming hituse In Kast
Seventeenth street. At the beginning
.of the summer Mrs Zimmerman went
I to a rnsArt In Maine to work as s
cook. Mho was returning home on
one of the trains wrecked at North
Haven vv nen Mrs. .immerman re
covered consciousness she was on n
hospital cot, numbly aware of a
stinging pain In her back.
The husband, taking the bay, hur
ried tr. his wife's bedside When she
was a little stronger the told her
Just how badly sh was injured Her
back the upper part, near the neck
.as broken, they said. Dr. I.e., nurd
C. Hanford attended her.
Mrs. Nash, wttn whom the Zlnuner
mans lived, told an V:enlng World
reporter thu she received u Christ
mas present from Mrs. Zimmerman
aland a letter In which was the line:
I wild, live- I know I will." Hut
on New Venr'n l.y Mrs. Nssb got
another letter -this time from the
husband- -In which he wrote that Ills
wife would never rise from her bed;
thnt the doctor had told him her
case was hopeless she might live u
week, a month or u year, but could
never lie cured.
She endured her sufferings with re
markable courage.
She died to-day, after living uno
hundred and sixty-eight days with u
tiroken back. The Kvenlng World
was Informed over the long-distance
telephone from the hospital that ev
erything known to medical science
eras tried In the effort to aave Mrs.
Zimmerman's life.
Wire No. 2 Charges Kaplan Willi
Hijfamy and Us$s Kuse t'i CJrt
Mini Back.
When Nathan Kaplan, who had i
married her on Oct. s, disappeared
ufter one week, Mrs. Hudle Krledin.ui
Kaplan, who still lived with her par
ents at No. i'ih Claremont Parkway,
the Hronx, began to look around for
a reason. Presently, so she notified
Detective Nelson of the Hronx De
fective llureaii, she found It in the
person of Mrs. Dtbonh Mltnlcl K ip
Mrs. Deborah Mindel Kaplan lived
with her father at No. sr. Hopkins
avenue, Brooklyn, and told how Kap
lan married her Aug. SO, IUnJ, und de
serted her soon after. The former
Miss Krledmun recently learned from
friends that Kaplan was In Montreal,
so she prepared u d y letter, telling
him a relative had died and left Ipt a
f he would return all
would In- forKlven. l.a.n night Kap
lan, very dapper, reached the Fried
man home, where Nelson grulibr I
him. Magistrate Ten Kyck. In the
Vorkvllle Court, to-day held him in
fi.ooo bail for Mm Qrand Jury.
Acker, Merrall & Condit
Save money in spending money
by obtaining the utmost value
MACKEREL Fat White Norway pail, of 8 to 9 fbh .85
CHEESE -Swiss Finest Imported lb .29
FRANKFURTERS -Schmidt. Imported 6intin.34
talO I T D
Tomato Gndcnscd
lg- tin
- - -
CO V FEE Plaruaticn Acoffccthat issure toplrast lb. .28
Fresh Selected
Maplehurst Brand
Only One Instance in Wash
ington Society, w hich is Now
Trying tor I New System.
V ASIMMITOV. leb. 17-Wotnen
li official lag k circles met hi re to
day and MWNSMd the .national capl
tol's romplex calling system with a
view to evolving a simpler and more
SatlafMtOty method of exchange f
the formal Mil The meeting wss held
al the ( 'ongresslonal Club In radtSSTMSl
In n rail h Hn Imuran f Kletrher.
Its president. Former Amhusxailor
HMrj White, who SefSd on dlpl"
mi. nil missions to I nji.n. Carls,
Home and other Knropesn capitals,
ION of aggBjji obligations n he had
olmerved them abroad.
Among those In s..endnnce were
Mrs Marshall, wife of the Vlce l'rexl
ilent: Mr.i. Ilryan. wife of th- Seore
tnry of State; Mrs. White, wife of
the t'hlef Jnstlre of the Supreme
Court; wives of t'ablnet officers .in. I
Mrs. Kletrher voiced the. sentiment
of those present by declaring that
the necessity for a simpler calling
system was Imperative. Kvcrylmd),
she said, wunts to return every call
that Is made upon them, but there Is
.i limit of hours In the day and days
In the week.
"On her first afternoon at home,"
snld Mrs. Kletrher, "Mrs. Marshall
had a thousand calls and haa aver
aged between three hundred and five
hundred each Wednesday since. Her
sincere effort to return every call haa
been the comment and admiration of
nil Washington society, but how can
anybody return In person several
thousand rails In one seaaon? Mrs.
Marshall's experience Is In greater or
less degree duplicated by every offi
cial hostess In Washington."
The question of simplifying formal
calling In Washington haa been grow.
Ing more acute during the last ten
years, and to-day's was the first at
tempt at simplification.
Fast Train Takes Him to Chi
cago, Where Girl Was Un
der Radium Treatment.
CHICAGO. Feb. 17.-Miss Margaret
Quuyle, daughter of Bishop William
A. Quayle of Ht. Paul, died at a hos
pital here early to-day while her
father was rushing to her bedside on
I a fast train
Hlshop Quayle was no
tified when his daughter became
weaker last night and ha immedi
ately atartad In his race with death.
Miss Quayle had been In tha hos
pital hare for two weeks. She under
went tha radium treatment for a
growth on her left leg at a Baltimore
hospital and waa being returned to
her home when aha became critically
III and physicians decided to give her
a complete rest in tins city oerore
continuing the Journey. Mrs. Quayla
was at her daughter'a bedside when
death came.
To Mead Phoias by Cable.
Hi: HI. IN. Keh f. Fmt Korn. In-ventin-
sf telephotogrsphy. says photo
graph by cable will be first transmitted
hy his system durlgg ths Panama Ex
position to be held at Han Francisco,
lie asserts transmission will be accom
plished by luteiisinsd sllenlum nmthod.
Richardson and Robbing
do. .39
'movie' Authors,'
T trif A AAA
I LIUI k. fill
Many Moved to Tears Whit
Accused Man Fails to Show
Up for Trial.
A hundred ambitious and rsveavfa).
ful scenario writers came la Jwms
Thomas's division of tha CBHass
Htates District Court this niiirnsadl.
each one eager to testify sgsinst Wti
gem- it. Watts, quondam head ot las)
National Authors' Institute of Ha
I .1.1 Itroadway. Watta waa el
with using the mails to defraud.
Ten minutes later tha
now gloomy and dlaai
slowly from the courtroom.
venge unslaked. Watts bad aot
peured, and Judge Thomae
his tS.MMi bsll bond forfeited.
of the indicted man said ha wwat
Baltimore several days ago on
ness and bad been delayed.
Assistsnt I Sstfh t-Attcrney
llartrldge declared that Watta
the dat nf the trial and had taaaji
notice to be present. OetecUYOd at
the surety company which weat aa
Watts's bond will endeavor to
the missing man.
Witnesses came to the I
from all sections of tha
Mrs. K.lbert Hronson came aft ttM '
from Merlin. Ind . bringing
babies along. Moat of the
were girls of sixteen to ts
though many men, moat of
pareuily laborera or
dreamers, were among th
inoned by the prosecution.
Attorney Hartrldga told
Thomas that Watta's advert!!
set forth in fervid phrases the a
veil, mis possibilities of tha motes
tore held and asserted that th4 get
could teach any person wh
read und write hoar to writ i
ful scenarios.
Watts obtained mora than
from his victims In two yeara. It '
sai. i. rnn s.zou victims wllHav
sums of from U to IX for
tlona. Various msgaalnse) ara ajaajr
Watla'a creditors for tlO.MO far ft.
vertlslng hla scheme.
Flush the Kidneys at oat
when Back hurt or 1
Bladder bother-.
No SUB AS MM. L. ul. .
larlv MB SUBS A sstsSebA Ba
the kidneys oecaaioaallr, say a l
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H. T. Dewey & Son C.
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Piano Player
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