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Novelettes of New York Streets
Fourth Ave. A Little Comedy t Antique
WrlUi twl) (or 11m Lmlni World
By Lthcl Watts Mumford
Cj.THlit. 1 :!. br Th I'rau
MWlMI Co. (Th RTC York Ktanlnj Wortd).
The tarnished swinging sign bore
tbla legend above a giobe, ao bat-
tared that It would have cone hard
with, any atudent of geography will
ing to tnut to conformation. Inside
the little Fourth arenue ahop, well
ing out even onto the sidewalk, was
.a welter of odda and enda of furni
ture, glass. Sheffield plate, china.
knee, brocade, pictures flotsam and
of a thousand wrecked habi
OfW this Interatlng mixture lira.
( Bloom presided. True the bllle
at out and the checks came In
there were any, bearing the
of Tbereee Lenormand, late of
me 4m SsvlnU Peres. Paris," for
baa discovered that the
of Franco waa a great help
sale of antiques, covering
I May a crack and blemish and adding
flftter to much fly-spooked gliding.
Madame waa short and stout and a
' of long standing. She had In-
1ted Use business and oarrled It on
I stolid, energetlo fashion, replenish-
sr stock from the wholesale an-
"repoaltorlea" and reinforcing
' colossal Ignore: a with an Imagt-
ae amusing ui It was fertile.
Ith ovary pleoe of brlc-a-brao ehe
lid supply a history as fantaatlo
Arabian tale. Her customers
aooepted It as gospel or pur-
for the mere charm of her
one. She waa quite capable of
Queen Elisabeth's telephone
; or Cleopatra's massage vibrator,
me all part of the antique bust-
I ifl smmmmmtw
I I mmmm smmmt T
" uWW wm WW '
1 i V" a
selling out below cost" sign made
she mlgtt be able to mark things up
a trifle and recoup. Anyway, she told
herself for the thousandth time, he
teas a fine buslnese man.
The weary day lagged to Ita close.
She sold one tattered sampler, and waa
too low In her mind and discouraged
to Invent a newer story than that It
was the handwork of Martha Wash
ington. The future looked black. In
deed. But It la always darkest before
dawn, they say. Dawn In this case
literally "broke." The cart that backed
up to the curb discharged Its freight
with a fracturing bump on the pave
ment, owing tn a rerHeaaly faataned
chain. The crash brought Mrs. Bloom
to her door on the run. She was be
alde the broken case even before the
cursing driver. The burlap covering
was torn, revealing the stenciled letter
ing of a well-known firm of cheap fur
lima Bloom stood at the door,
ag heavily. Things were bad
with every Junk storo on the
ana advertising removal sales for
bad enough, too, that the swell
waa creeping uptown beyond
i Twenties and Thirties. Added to
extensive alterations had been
next door, and an enormous
announced a new arrival In
i congested district. "The Crowned
antique store had opened
With an "extensive collecting, lately
lnmt4 f. wlil.-H wruiM Ha nriftail
.the entire content of several Amort- mture makers. Furthermore, a large
Colonial mansions and a chateau spiuucr, uimrn uu un......
Quebec, at cutthroat prices." No had deeply scratcnea tne suriace 01 me
render "Madame" frowned. mahogany reveaiea oeiow ana tne
ls. Ian Mclxan tho owner of that WOOU was new. aire. Diuuin nau uro
nmil HI wna nniinUR A fihtnln I lOO IOIIB; in Wl DUMUeaa IU UD un.Tlni.
lease. In order to extend his al- That Juicy, fu'l v-ined grain waa un-
adv imnoslne- auartera. Madame mlstakoble. Hue oopea over ana too
mjklw rufil... I.r.r twnnti'.Hv'A II ItllOtl IVri lill (II III' I , , i mi lull
she bad occupied Her Insrv ai mm mom uuu
Iwnrren. and she had no Intention of scene of the-wrecK.
'Moving. Besides, the comoensatton I "You've made a mistake, he
offered was ridiculously small, and sternly to the driver. "That consign'
the orlca she asked would salve her ment'a not for hern. man.
feelings. Mr. Mclean had lot fall a The driver regarded him open-
hint that perhaps he might under- mouthed, hut the ateelly eye of the
t.MllM n vu i I In m .dm vi' tia nulnt. 1 Cnn, nnMn,l )( vtatnir nnrh Thft
lad out his stock would be superior invoice, however, waa In his hand.linetrinhly,
and draw away her trade. St ill Mrs. and. with a splutter of anger, he
Bloom had gased In bis steel blue l landed It over. Mclean glanced at
eyes with her bendy black ones and it and again at tho shattered case,
defied htm. Results were painful. "Mletakc," he aald laconically.
Kven Madame's hectic histories or "Take It back. I'll take thle up with
the past glories of her stock-ln-trado these er people." Be set the long
could not overcome the lure of the Qngara of his long arms beneath a
price tags on McLeana onken set- roiner 0f the box, nodded to the
ties and crested piato. together with driver to take the other end and, with
his quiet, matter of fact statements tne ,trength of a steam derrick, hoiet-
ss to bis sources of uupply among e(, tno consignment to Its place In the
the castloa of "Bonnie bcotland. wagon. Then for tho first time he
McLean came to the door of his nppeare(j to notice Mrs. Bloom. "It'a
Hop. ushering out a purchaser, who rol(,,. ho romarked casually. "You
Insisted on carrying off her pur- hom(1 not ,tana out without your
chase In her limousine. Mrs. Bloom bonnet and Bhawi He turned ami
turnea pais I wtw envy. wriaae tnUwd back.
ZSSw ur rivi rinrd nt hor and Mrs. Bloom was thinking hard, and
' . - IT. mn,..,A Ihnll.M. tlmu WAfUh With
1 . m Vi m. I ii.nml nWUU milTl I M H I nil l.imu i .... u n " . j ........ ...
automobile. His face remained mask-1 sub-current that murmured In sus-
ke, but hi. eye. glinted. . . V, "' , " ""I mtCSZtTZ
bit at tuo neart ot mn. ' , 77! T
. .. . . . .1.1, , 1,. utli nr n mnn" RhA rAtlrAO
moom. yet sne ouia not rosirain a . .. . . i
feUng of admiration. Her hearties, to her little bedroom ot tho back end
Vompetltor waa a ou.lne.. man-no ot the dark corridor and sat down .In
P i, lip wnrn nvrbinff rhn r. On the other
tide of the partition the rat-tat-tat
and erraping sounds came low, but
clear. They ceased suddenly and were
followed by the muffled sound of
voicea then began anew. Slowly a
suspicion and a plan began to weave
together In her mind. The soothing
equoak of the rocker acted at once as
a sedative and a stimulus. At length
f lie rose and pulled out the tool chest
Hum under the bed perforce she hud
draw up before bar neighbor's door.
Sunday oamo and she draw a lone
breath of relief. From their rooms
above the shops the three nephews
allied forth to kirk. Mr. McLean
appeared a few momenta later, Tory
neatly dressed and wearing an ex
pression of stern probity. Mrs. Bloom
ur.hooked tho chain from bar door,
stepped out and intercepted him. He
looked at her In surprise, but she did
uot hesitate.
Mr UrUin" aha amid. "I wnnld
like to speak with you about the lease A
hum" W
"It's the Babbath," ha growled, "and
mwt a day for buslneta."
"That's all right." she answered,
"but you'd rather have this out whan
there's nobody around. Now, take It
from me"
Something In her manner disturbed
"Bo brief." be said solemnly, taking
out bis turnip watoh and giaaoinc at
It anxiously.
Mrs. Bloom blushed. "You awa," aba
aid, and heel ta ted. "Coma to a mo
ment" she almost pleaded.
He retarded the door
aa If It were the gateway of some
trap aa. Indeed. It was bat he
bowed his head and followed her.
"You need this store, la It, Mr.
McLean T" aba began, narvonaty.
"And I'm a widow. Now, eoajta't we
fix thla up without trouble?"
"Woman I ba ejaculated, with
amaaement and anger at bar au
dacity. She trust tb prints Into his band.
"I don't any but what you ain't a
Una business man," she muttered, "a
fine business man aa I'd ba proud to
do business with, and I wouldn't Ilka
to hurt such a fins business aa youra
neither. No, but I gotter live, al' 't
IT And I'm a fine cook, and I'm no
naiutar t ant a. mod ava fee huvin'.
I have, and" aha lowered bar voice ' tm
almost to a whisper "I got by me 22
something else, the recipe what Isaac
usta use for antiquing wood. It
beats what you've tot and takea bait
of tha time."
Mr. McLean's cold eye travelled
from one photograph to another of tho
thick sheaf In his band. Not a muscle
of his face moved.
"How much space bar ye got
hore?" he asked, hie excitement show
ing for the first time In tie thickened
burr of his speech.
"There's, twenty foot front and seventy-five
through." aha responded,
matter of fact "And the alterations
will be cheap, the partition, are thin."
"So I should ha' Judged." ha aald
"Well," aha aald, "do we make It a
"I'll not be saying," he observed
slowly, "that there's not something to
be aald for the proposition. However,
III think It over." He rose to go,
glancing once again at tha bleated
"No," amid Mrs. Bloom with de
rision, "the option expires at noon to
day. You must excuse me, but It'a a
shame tn spoil such a fine business aa
youra I don't want to urge you to do
things, but I hate to think of hurting
auch a bualneea, honest I do."
Ha hunched his huge shoulders,
looking down at her. She waa not
voting, she was not handsome, but she
was capable, farslghted. undeniably a
awl tMialnaaa woman and she bad a
tan vear lease on the 50x76 feet of
pace he coveted.
"YouH ha to go to klrkr he rum
bled A .
I, wnn't hurt me." she retorted CO
to ttn wttn a memoer or
na nf the lost tribes."
"Aweel," he aald slowly, "you can
naltp varaelf betrothed to me." and,
turning on his heel, strode from the
The widow watched him go,
heart blsr with pride.
"What a fine business man! What
a r.oiiath of a man!"
She turned, snatched up tho bulbous
newter mug, relic or the defunct
Isaac's unbusinesslike qualities, rush
ed with It to the rear door and hurled
It, clattering. Into the back yard.
CO" Gire Surety Coupons Free with Purchases and Redeem Them in Merchandise Q
New York's
1 IIVKffl
I A Shopping Centre
Sixth Avenue. 20th to 22d Street
Monday the Profit Sharing Sale Opens
With These .Early Morning Specials
First to Give an Early Start to a Very Important Shopping Day
Second to Indicate the Money SavingCharactcr ot the Lvcnt
No Mail Telephone or
C. O. D. Orders can be
filled on these items.
These Early Monday Morning Specials Are
On Sale From 8.30 to 11 A.M. Only
mum rn
'denying Ita One business man. if
uoly her husDana ne turned irosj
the door and picked up a pewter Jug
a purchase of the late unlamented
Isaac's so hideous that not even the
Munchausen tales she had woven
about It could Induce any one to take
It away. She sighed. Truly she was
bandloapped. Hue thought of Mc
Lean's castle-bred stock, and sighed
tain. Such shining, clawfooted,
elllared malioRany, such time worn,
Mass of Red Boils Ail Over Face.
Itched and Burned. Caused Dis
figurement. Cuticura Soap and
Ointment Cured in Two Weeks.
dented, blackened oak, such bulging, to fninlllnrlse herself with these tools
brass looped walnut aa passod in
and out of the "Crowned Thistle!" It
came In crates covered with burlap,
sad emerged to piidded vans. In end
Isss procession. In the rear of his
shop aba could hear the rat-tat-tat
of the continual repair work, under
the direction of McUon himself,
superintending three nephews, evl
dantly master craftsmen. Hhe won-"-Vnow
long she could hold out.
SuJT'the novelty of the new store
wear off? Would he ha compelled
shortly to raise his prices? Hhe began
te wish that she had not asked such
a bonus over and above hor lease.
Hhe might have moved her battered
collections to soma cheaper neighbor
hood. Then she chid herself for her
weakness, and her anger at this at
tempt to oust her from her home
flared up anew. She would hang on
a while longer. Perhaps if Hhe had a
oroaa snJ Irritable without a
! ... - , , .. nal..nlia V. f It TT I A I -
rausai "'- ------ - - -
orUr4 br impure nd dlssaud blood.
Pom your child start and muttar In Its
laapt Do ls hands and faet twitch or
move with spasmodic larka? Than bawars
. , vitua D-inoa and other forms of nar-
inua troubla! waaa. punr. narvoua i ner
14 Rerkaway Ava. Brooklyn. N. T.
My trouble begaa with pimples. Thee.
of amy face looked as V I aad a
of red bans all over
iy face. It I
St. Vitus
,ra headlrapped In ilfa'a battla.
Danes nar cloud a chlld'a whole
Dr. Greene's
ot ii- trade. rhe selected an augur
nnd a sharp knife. Approaching the
v .ill she laid a aharp ear to Its soiled
aurfare and, after considerable ex
perimenting, located with exactitude
n spot where the sounds reached her
most clearly. Thla she marked out
with the point of a knife In a small
square, deftly lifted the plaster In
rtrlps, and reached tlm wood and
brick. Her task was easy. Her cubby
hole bedroom and the workshop be
oud, had at one time leen thrown
together, and the subsequent parti
tioning had been of the flimsiest.
Lata that night Mrs. Bloom bad
made a small hole that gave her
ample opportunity to Inspect the ac-
tltlttes of the repair shop. Then she
turned In and slept sweetly.
Hhe was up and dressed earlier
than wae her wont and comfortably
established at her peep hole before
the McLean nephews descended from
their room above. What followed
filled her with amasement, admira
tion and determination. The various
processes by which the crude new
furniture waa aged wore revealed to
her eyes. Steel wool removed tha
varnish, creosote dried It. Tiny
screws developed an tne symptoms
of boring worms. A skilled hand
touched up the machine carving,
blatant gilt was reddened, brass was
Mrs. Bloom observed and possessed
soul In patience Then she rose
ff boned m at badly that
Jf 9 11 when I scratched tbesa It
V 'A 9 caused then to Mead. I
JL - lost arach res at night-y-jf
The hriilrtag oat caused
"I tried al
remedies hot they did sae
my face with Outtcura
la warm water each night aad than
applied the Cuticura Ointment aad m two
weeks my fees was all cared.': (Signed)
Jwae 1. mi.
1 Columbia St.. New Ten. N. T. !
and aa Itching ear aad stiaioasd n
H sera There was ao arupWen aa the ear
aad sometimes It was se kifHrssd that I
could hardly bear the pala. I eonM as Me
en that ear. It was swollen
promment. Tha OwUeara Beep
ant cured It In two weeks " (I
Berry Zwtckalberg. Jane I. Ml.
A stagl cake of Ctatfcura leap (We.)
box of Cutleara Ointment (aOa)
world. Sample of
mailed free, with M-f.
eat and "OuUcnre, Dept.
ar Men whoa
tfcnra Seep will Bad It bast fees
Dr. Oreent.
aire and afMclant hale far
la thm nraftrlotor of
Nerrure and tha wen.
knows medic
wasjf-1 wo i. , 1-;rrl.?4;;
aJUaal li"urer aademlaeat
fSSSr W.w "ill la srtTviraeT
SSVSt after over. 40 Harssfi iue-
aesatful .werh ii
v ba eomsiiwa
rile Mat about year ease ta hla of
i fakaaatai. IfT Altaey at. Boa-
from her choir of observation and to
the occaalon. 8lie cloaed shop early
that day and at tha corner drug store
at Twenty-third street purchased a
For a day or two aha practised
with reckless disregard of tha coat of
Alms, development and printing. Then,
feeling sufficiently aura of the ao
miracy nf har aim, aha waited for the
big game to show up.
It came. A huge bog arrived and
Ita contents waa removed to tha
workroom a sideboard of noble pro
portions, hideous detail and of spark'
Hug newness, it waa set up dlreotly
lonuoslte ner point or observation.
1 The camera clicked all that day and !
ii., n.ff tim nnaaai nr ana mimi.
oument waa recorded, Another weak
and Mrs. Illoom enssismd a unla.ua
collection or. nriata u.-xvea
corner of her sdtow window i
the Liver
Do its Duty
aaml aaay aw
awSmSi awamT
estJatsMakwaVa watanl DlseaW walwanf aawawamvm
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Valut 80c to 7fto. Monday
Morning Special, pair.
Grorcafor women and cbOdren; washable doe, chamoiaette,
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Besides those advertised
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A wonderful lot of real hand made Cluny edges,
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aB V V SBBa aa
Linen Cluny Laeee. edges
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to 74c. Yard. at., ivta
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Loom Muslin
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Full bleached end M Inches
width; quantity limited
Off i
Seco Silk
HmuL. 't maa
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VwJay llornint apHmtl, H WC
Shown in a varety 3 the neat styles
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inciuaing moire, laueia,
and satin, 4 to 6 laches.
Publitktr't ffjm SI.85. a,ga
V onlay Mining Upaoial OVC
An intensely human story, original
stimulating, permeated by a detightfal
humor aad a charming spirit.
Girls' Blouses
Rtguiar yatu $1 to ot
Monday Morning tiptrial OSC
Ihe new Balkan. Middy and Tango
styles, high grade galatea and fine Per-
sian lawn with niching in neck aad O'Neill's sell aa enormoas onaatity
" " v "" V' ' oi inu paper at a miner price ail year
round. Just the proper aiaa.
31 Envelopes to match, aaay ml
be bed during this sale at C
Writing Paper
Lintn eiota.
Monday Morning Spteial
vi. w.u y.. pivi BiinMu, i .mi,,
navy, Cupenhagen. tan and bine; sises
0 to IB years.
Gi r ls' C o a U
Kefasi to 910M a Aq
Monday Horning Spinal. . $4wO
TEree-quarter and full length coats,
several smart serviceable models for
school and geneial wear, some lined
ell through, others yoke lined. Some
plai tailored, others trimmed with
ng col
l Mala
JUgtUer sales 81.0JL
JfWay Morning .Wis I v. 9A.9U
rVlisnasia prairie grass rage, la the
moat Treated ooloriasa. faaey bordered
HsMnrnt UaaH8.urtiwri aim
White Lnamel
Regularly $8.00. Monday riS a
Morning S-peeial, each. . . .n&l
fUUag wan, ceaaeotlag
splngH smooth a kits sasmil flalah.
Valuta to f5e.
Monday Morning Spteial
Men s plain hemstitched.
also big assortment of colors
Boys' Shoes
D. I..- she mm
geg T.: t.1 ia
monauy aieemaf oywsi,sv, pa ,"
Uae 4ach continuous past, five $-iach upright
with H4mem cross barss has "T" ball easUaga; la a
188 pairs of gun metal calf Mocker
shoes, sisee 1 to M-
Little Boys' Shoes
Rtgu ar talut 1.50,
Monday MorningS
188 pairs of little bays' boa calf
Hlurber shoos; aiasa 8 to ISVf only.
(VMaall Msa Blase St. eat
Glass Tumblers
Rtguiar talut 50s dea,
Monday Morning Spinal .tank. .
Plain thin blown tumblers.
Dinner Sets
Rtguiar taint 85.,
Monday M ningSpteigl,ttt 9.70
Haadsomely deooratod.
perfect; there are 50 pis eat ta i
OKeBl ""i fnsji
Aluminum Saucepans
Rtguiar taint 80s,
Monday M ornin, SpmitA eOta. AVc
last 500 of
-ory flaa "r
wear; eaty aw
O'NEILL-AD AM5 CO., Sixth Aveac. Msh s 2ad Strtwc. New York

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