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f O.esfta, Moscow aaa Xmu. The
. t -1 - t J I
ailiricu is max ara carps, men
in araid total of 640,000 men.
tfcfc tat), so Uut MWM .are
'tt im MaatilAMi eivntiatilai tkai
VH1 become the Generalissimo of
; taMMl beta fcli aecoad eoaila, Grand pake Nicholas Mckolale
1 (. aaa (!. Roaakonrilnoff. the Minister of War.
Russia's determination to join with ServLi against an invasion of
'Servian territory by Austrian armed forces was communicated directly
' to-day to all the Powers. The position of Russia has been outlined by
Crar Nicholas in response to a diplomatic request from Kaiser Wilhelm
that Russia allow Austria and Scrvia to light out tneir own quarrel.
The reply of the Czar was that , in the event of the invasion of
firvit Russian troops will be mobilized on the German and Austrian
forfcrs. Such mobilization, it is announced, has already been Inaugu-
Immense tml.
It tt Is. Uanvcd her mm authentic ,rnir.es (hit Rmsla I snoll me
fif 1 flcht. Despatches from St
A demonstrations are under way there to-day and also in Moscow. The
KS . tniini mvernment Is fomentlnr these demonstrations and rouslnr the
MHtary spirit of the nation.
faanaih rwelveH fmm Wr50f Pnlsnrl rervirt ftiit vn1 rmw.
If W mafazines exploded in that city on
pfeakJns occurred in the principal post-office, many persons oeing Kiuea
i Another telegram says the entire dtadel of Warsaw was blown up
I nat that semi-official explanations declared the explosion to have been
C caused bv lightning. The despatch stated there was no truth in the re-
r'jath that a revolution had broken out
l iic uriittii i ice i miicu 1 1 uiu ruiii.uu iu-uy lur an uiimiuwii ucs-
lion. No information could be obtained from naval officials as to
Mhe movements of the war vessels.
y In the House of Commons Premier Asqulth said: "This is a mo
mat of extreme gravity to the British Government. Everything pos
sible is being done to circumscribe the war area."
Late editions of the evening papers voice a much more optimistic
tone. The impression prevails about
personal negotiations with Czar
Spatial despatches from St. Petersburg were characterized by a more
hopeful tone.
German Army
Warlike Moves of Russia
BERUN, July ft. Military activity on the Ituaslan side of the I
tier la confirmed ny many evidences whlcb have reached tho oars ol
n ofllclala, hut It was stated
rder had been Isauelt by the Russian War Office.
Private reports from the Russian frontier say distinct Russian military
aMtrtty hat been noticed here. Tbe
taatlBc forward to oceupy such Important strateglo poluu on the frontier
Wlrballen and Russian Poland have been given 150 rounds of amrnunl
a Mr man. while hasty purchases of forage have been mada fat- th
asval nr.
tWt' A number of German reglmenU
f).trUer as a precautionary measure.
aweacM ana carry tneir run aeia equipenent.
Berlin papers wero not permitted to print news of the movement
h Tin war umee io-aay isaued an
B manoeuvres which have been In
There was the moat Intcnso activity In diplomatic circles here to-day,
tr-V. SmA' tn t fl n IF i Vl I A itAV.liinm.nl. te.M Mnn A t.-.A . n V. . I . -
. . -'" .vfwa.u. . I v; Ilk. 11 UIIUII1UV WtlU IltT
ate ground for optimum, but tbi German Foreign Office declared that
r.aaare was notning on .which to base a
X1 TM oerman Crown Prince arrived at Potsdam to.day and a family
Mil was ofterward held In the New
J sjse Crown Prince and the other Princes
Cr? Ykev conferrpil fnr nn hmir.
Emperor William lo-day sent to
esteeming1 the International crisis.
fetersburg a similar telegram from
; uroars ror me mooiutation or the German army will be promulgated
: t the Brst ofllclal Information of a warlike move on tho part of the Ciar.
'Si u,rmn nipiomatio omcers in St. Petersburg are In constant com.
;X awsaicaUon with the Government here.
41 'Boelallst antl.war Mamnnilnllnn. In at.. . n A .... w
, - ,,, uiuuniu k i w - v. i. itn iii nuvu 1 1 1
'rlii elllSlons between th manlfnitnnta mnA th nniin. tknt h.
. . -
jey out troops to cope with the disturbances. The district whore most of
;i:s..hh ull ai.ii i.mi nn. nr. ai i nn i.n
:I " " -' "
aiiaeaea witn volleys of stone by tho people.
The North Oerman Gazette, thn official organ of the German Govern
it published In its evening edition the following comment on th Inter
i situation :
The peaceful tone of the official Russian eommiinlrnllnn la.n.4
; yesterday finds a lively echo hero. The Imperial German Govern
'C aaaat shares the wish of Russia for the maintenance of peaceful re
k Uona anil It hopes the German people will support It by maintain-
tag a moderate and quiet attitude."
f Copies of newspapers received to
; nmer war-oaiting between me prejuj oAustrJj ami Bervla preceded
,ke declaration of war. Violent attacks wore mado on each aide.
The Belgrade Zvono published an
in oi Arcnauue r crainana. was
fear Of Austria royalty. It stated that the mother urged Prlnclp to kill
Vtordlnand because she bellevod Ferdinand plotted the iiturdsr of her hu.
kaad. Thn nnner ehnrirnd Prlnrln mnn
wm learn ine mentity or nar husband's
This publication Infuriated the
I.. .Illl n t V. Lunl n . 1 1 -I . U
, .jr. winn
law that advocates of pacific measures found little opportunity for their
jTRANKF'nriT. nprmnnv Till v ( TT'tY.t-l- l l, tri . i u ....
rw , - --. - .- ' - - ....... o ... nuinci I VI 1UUUII7.U (1111
gjt aVaatro-Bervlan war nre lelng nullified by extensive military movements
', uivuiuiiih eniH ucapuiun puuusnea in nn extra edition or
Hm Gazette here to-day. Tho publication Is evidently Inspired, us tho Gov.
1aiaent often uses this paper In
Ijaeepatcn declares conditions are rapidly becoming worse.
All Servians
Held as
VIENNA, July 29. All Hervlans
"Asjotna.Hungary are being arrested
' eaers of war.
The Austrian War Office to-day
fsartlng thn blowing up of ihe railroad
war the Sove River. U"Hclal reports
Th. i,..ii..tn i...,.n i.v in 'nr.,
........ " - w...vw "- i.vimi tut? iiuiuuui UII1UIK
of a Servian position and the capture of two Horvluu stcumurs, uy pre
viously told In news despatches.
telegram from Premier Pachltch of Bervla registers a complaint In
regard to Austrian attacks on Servian merchunt vessels on tho Danube.
; Bays:
"The Austro-nungarlan military and civil authorltlea fired
throughout the day of July 24 without the slightest provocation from
our side and damaged three of our trading vessels at Kostolatz, on
.the Danube. The Hervlan flags were hauled down nnd replaced by
the Austrian colors. Thero were, however, no casualties."
f ' , Tke Junior officers of the North Osr
V. seen Lloyd liner Kronprlnz Wilhelm,
rjrh!eh came to this port to-day, be-
Bar that this will be their last trip
u'y this country for a long time, as
riHr .aspect upon their return to ner-
U he sailed to serrtee la the
M. JtovsJ Reeerrs, af wfcleh
peace footing of each of these
. . 41 u 1 I lAAAil -
ui wirm n.ssucnng iwiww men,
The conmaid to mobilise dooblti
affected by the order.
la nt aval t-'Binernr Vlelinlae
the Kau'laa forces, his seconds In
Petersburg state that great patriotic
Monday and that several bomb ex-
among the Russian Poles.
the Foreign Office that the Kaiser's
Nicholas would better the situation.
Sent to Check
hem to-day that no general moblllsa-
Russian regiments whlcb have been
have been moved toward the Russian
The men wear the new gray service
order recalling all the Baxon troops
Drosrreaa near Draidnn.
judgment one way or the other.
Palace. Tho Emperor and Empress.
of the Imperial family were present
Emperor Nicholas of Russia a telegram
The message crossed on Its way to HI.
Emperor Nicholas to Emperor William.
-- - .... ""' ...m. uiu uuiiiui ilii n
.m. ..u k.ii... . . i
.utiuuimrii vj fw 1 1 Kunmii W 11 U
- day from Vienna and Holirrade show
alleged letter charging that Prlnclp,
an illegitimate son of a woman mem-
aged Emneror Pranx Jowl nri oih.
UI.. I ... . .
umcr tixcnnnKrs lea 10 sucn Ilcrco reel.
Issuing semi-official news. The Merlin
in Austria
War Prisoners
liable to military service residing In
ana handed over to the military as prls
Issued Its first ofllclal war bulletin, ro
bridge between Bemlln and Helcrade
of the destruction of this bridge by,
nnw i a .... . .
they are members. Of Austria's dec
laraUon of war, nows of which reachod
them yesterday by wireless, they wouM
say nothing beyond their expectation
of having to serve In the reserve.
The four officers who hold captain
clss In ths reserve are First Officer
A. Warusoks, Second OtOcsrs H.
Frets. M. KJer and K. Hentachel and
Third Oaeer B. Erring. Dr. Perre
non and Dr Arnsperger, the ship's
surgeons, look for a summons to serve
la tae aaval reserve and the araay re
serve rsaaeeuTaly.
Frontiers of Two Great European Alliances
Now Facing War, With Number of Their Troops
. Spa., n ;
(Continued from First Page.)
minutes of excitement and erratlo
trading at prices varying up and
down from last night's closing,
general tendency at first wss down-
ward, from S to 6 points, on a variety I
of leading securities, but gradually I
there came a steadier tone and the
rally put the general average above
the low points of yesterday. Tho first
outpouring, said to be chiefly on ao-
count or foreign liquidation, was soon
cheeked by the rush of bargain seek.
ers and Investment buying,
, . .
.! Iump n thd 8tock El""a-e
always takes scores of people with
money In their pockets to Wall
street looking for good pick tips, and
this class was 'n evidence to-day In
many brokerage offices. Even on the
lw of the Exchango there nppoared
numbers of old tims members who
seldom go to nctlvo business. Only
a special market brings them out.
The cables roportod that the stock
exchanges of Vienna, St. 'Petersburg,
tlrusaeli, Amsterdam and Liverpool
were closed, while Merlin, Paris and
London were open In merely a nom
inal sense, as no active business was
transacted on tholr floors. Toronto
and Montreal remained closed nn n:
count of tho heuvy fu,ll lu Canadian
There were a few small sates and
purchases, but us a rulo Jobbers re
fused to muko any definite quota
tions, and no real prices could b-s ob.
tallied on most securities, both Amur
lean and European. The risk was so
great um the uncertainty of the war
situation so acute thnt few speculat
ors cared tfc take tho risk of limning
any flKure, either up or down, for fu.
ture delivery.
The prlee of English consols, ur
government bonds, went down to G9V4,
tho lowest llguro for which the pre.
mler securities of the world have sold
In u century. Not slnco tho days of
the last Napoleonic scare, Just onn
hundred years ugo, have consols gono
down to such a low ebb.
There woro soven failures of brokers
reported on the London exclianne, but
none of them was so largo as to cause
spreading embarrassment. The great
banks 1u'e"y Put the prossuro on so
curlty transactions and curbed rash
Similar check was exortcd by tho
banks of Paris and liprlln, so that
trading on the exchanges In thoso
cities was mc.aly nominal.
Hutween tho'Europaun capitals and
New York there la a dlfforenco of
between 'five and elx hours in time,
so that when the various exchangos
In the metropolis opened this mnrr
Ing tho day was nearly finished
abroad. The brokers of London, Paris
and llerlln, with llttln opportunity
either to buy or ta sell at homo, be
cause nobody would quote n definite
rrlco, waited Impatlontly for New
York's opening. They had piled up
by cable large orders and for a mo
ment there waa nervousness and ap
prehension lest tbe New York o.:
ohange. would bo awtpt ott Its feet,
ant there was ao tatsra taalteaieat m
the floor than In many days of purely
local flurries.
Financiers declared the domination
of America over the world's financial
situation. Enormous purchases of
gold have boen made here by Euro
pean banks, totalling ovor one hun
dred million dollars during the year.
Thousands of shares of foreign owned
stocks have been dumped back on our
markets, but the strain has been met
without a failure and without tbe
slightest embarrassment to commer
cial business.
Hales of securities on tho Stock Ex
change were very heavy, totalling
3S6.000 shares In tho first hours. Home
enormous blocks wore turned ovor.
as, for Instance, 4,000 shares of United
Btntes Hteel nt 54 for the opening.
Toward the noon hour prices con-
tlnued to advance with strength and
lirmncss. Tho losses of the early
morning and yesterday were all over
come and many stocks advanced from
two to five points.
In tho commodity markets tbors
were varied condltlr . The war
mA .11.1, ,v4.rA nnffA- 1. -
.V..I on pv uibiuiuvv sullen V l ivvn un
cause coffee Is essentially an Interna
tional market produot that members
of tho New York Coffeo Exchango
seriously considered closing altogeth
er. Thoy took a voto during the morn
ing and decided to vest the managers
with power to close at any time con
ditions should become critically dis
turbed. Th ore was a continued slump
In prims for future deliveries.
On the Produce Exchange and Chl-
cago Hoard of Trado tho wheat prices,
which had such a phenomonatTlse yes-1
tcrday, eased oft and quotations were
from thre tn fivo .mint- inwnr r
: . . ,. V . V
bushel. Thero was movement backi
and forth ull during the day, bad news
from Europe sending prices up and
peaceful rumors pressing them down.
Itrokers doubled the usual margins
required for future transactions.
rt . . , . i ............. . .
vjuiu riiu in wrro ri'iiuwou uirpress-
Ing demand from abroud. but Paris
and London bankers had to pay high
rates for tho yellow metal, run tor-
elgn exchango market was so demor-
ulUed that llxod qiiotatlons could not
he ohtnlned. Exchange on London
touched for cable transfers, which
Is 32 cents In tho mnd sterling above
normal, nut it closed at OS.
iiriuai, oui u ciosco ai i.hb, . lo-uay us me resu
Four millions of gold were engimed,,,, wheat, but big
ir Hhlpmcnt by Friday's steamer. , ,, , ,
iu American liner Ht. Paul, and l'rH nnJ 1,Pn(,H ,,f
therefore Is safu as a neutral In case
of wur. Insurance brokers advanced
their rates on iroltl shipments to
.Ytt-fifirdlnarv m-tniiimi fnr nliltiu ..f
other nations. Tho rato yesterday "T,m Tr,c" l)f fl"ur "I'1 " fl'irtu.
was tlTiO for each million lu gold, ate considerably and to mako ad-
70'nnft,I)', l,rc',1,,,lm wa" Increased vfinces If tho European situation he
to 15,000 per million. 1 " , . ,
Tho cotton markets, aftter another ! comM moro fl"'01"'. Ba'' I J
slump during thn morning, rallied in 1 Vice-President of 'the Northwestern
tho afternoon and closed 10 points up. Miller and Flour Record, "hut the
Wheat on Chicago Hoard of Trado
rOnu..,! mi .-ill nvmnirn nf 11." iw.l l
,lnwn rnm Vl'nlnrilnv'n nvlrannll.,..,.
rise. The president of the board
said that he cousldmed tho worst of
the tiurry over.
Money rates for rail loans In Now
vorK, wmcn nuvo neen at low et.b
for l
weeks, hardened during thn day and 1
touched as high an 3 per cent. They I
easeu on laior aim closed at 4 per
(For Quotations See Pago 8.)
CHICAGO, July 2. Despite great
strain and a sudden drop of more
than four cents a bushel, wheat
traders to-day escaped any failures
nnd most of the tlmo were acting
under fairly normal conditions. Tho
close, however, showed sensational
weakness, values falling away one
cent la a (aw atlautaa aad lalakla
at virtually the lowest figures of the
day, 3H to 4H cents under last
night Reports of communications
between the Czar and tho Kaiser,
foreshadowing possible peace, 'hnd
most to do With the reaction from
yesterdays extraordinary advance of
nearly ten centa a bushel.
Informal notices from bankers to
board of trade houses that extreme
caution was necessary and that no
undue risks be taken, rosulted In
calming tho cxcltemont that marked
yesterday' trading. It was said that
nearly every house In the grain
trade was required to submit a
statement of liabilities, and that It
was this proceduro which brought
about the calling of margins to the
almonjt unheard of extent of from ten
to twenty-llvo rents on all trades.
Tho pits And galleries wero crowd
ed to capacity. The commotion among
traders, however, after operations ac
tually began, was less tumultuous
than yesterday, whon nows was re
ceived that war had boon declared.
The extreme point of tho break In
tho early trading was 4 S-8 tinder
lost night, but the market gradually
steadied at approximately two cents
down for netlve months, and less for
other options.
Announcement that all firms on
'Change had passed tho Clearing
Ilousn safely brought out Immediate
evidence of relief. Tho feeling of Im
proved confidence wns reflected by a
lively advance from bottom prices.
The upturn In some cases amountod to
more than a cent a bushel.
Corn showed some firmness at the
outset, but soon followed wheat
downgrade. The market dropped to
about a cent under last night.
uuia, ,.n ii. v.- ,liui, ii ..iiijitti -
atlve strength nt tlrst but the col-
Oajs, like corn, developed compar
lapse of wheat checked buying,
Weakness seized provisions when
grain raiued to advance,
The (111 colors of t lie C
Chicago rtoard
of Trade held a apodal meeting this
morning to discuss tho advisability
of closing the board because of the
tense situation. They finally decided
to let tho board remain open for tho
tlmo being.
., tr, y- ri nnnin
i 'r unatxtt
rrcoi ami o.vrnfi
MiwPAPni.lH Minn mil. "q
M1NM.AI OMH, Minn.. Jul J9.
I-'lour Jumped forty cents a barrel
to-day uh the result of the advance
Minneapolis mill
big baking com-
panics declared that they do not
' expect the nrlco of bread to rise as
a result of war In Europe.
" '"-'li
millers have anticipated this to Home
I'XlClll, kllOWlllg that ttlU Ellropi'llll
' p,'"l' would "e short tills year. The
advance lu flour prices will not be so
marked as to cause the price of a loif
llr urPau u nuvnnce.
LONDON, July 29. The serious
ncss of the Kuropoan situation was
reflected to-day on tho London Stock
lJxclmnge, where llrltlsh Consols
dropped nt one time to C9 1-2, the
lowest point renohed since tho enrly
years of lust century. They opened
ut 71, or S-4 below yesterday. Boon
afterward they dropped to 701-S and
then lost a full point, bringing thorn
down to 69 1-2. Aagovernment broker
came Into the market at this point
and began buying oil the Consols he
could eet at 70 1-1.
A nuly la aaauak late ut ua after.
noon brought the price back to 71 1-3
uuu iiciiini nkiiv iu vuovs ma ii.inw.
.1 I..I..J I,... . .. .1.... . fc. -.-Wa.
Transactions In the American section
showed the quotation of Canad'an
Pacific at first to be 181, then rising
to 170 and afterward declining again
to ICS, as compared with yesterday's
closing price of 17914. Southern Rail
way was quoted at 17, against yester
day's closing price of 18, and united
States Steel 54, as compared with
at tho close yesterday,
Tho Curb market was erractlo after
the close of the Exchango. Canadian
Pacific sold at ICS 1-: and Southern
Pacific at 89.
Seven failures were reported and
several other firms, It Is thought, are
unable to meet their obligations,
which raises the fear that other sus
pensions will be announced to-morrow.
The discount market was disorgan
ized and the Dank of England again
transacted a large volumo of business
In loans and discounts. The Bank
rate Is expocteU to be raised to 4
por cent, to-morrow and possibly to
5 per cent. In view of the critical
state of affairs on tho Continent and
the large gold exportatlons. Paris
purchased tho bulk of the 15,000,004
gold offered In the open market yes
terday. LIVERPOOL, July 29. Tho Stock
Exchange here suspended operations
for the day.
UERLIN, July 29. The Bankers'
Association met to-day and decided
against closing the Bourse but
resolved to suspend deattnga In
securities handled on tho set
tlement. This Includes all the prln
clpal stocks. Dealings In the cash
market, however, continue. The com-
mltteo of the Bourse waa called to
gether and without taking formal ac
tion on the recommendation of the
bonkers, sent Instructions that no
quotations be registered. Business at
once came to a standstill. Bankers
are In a pessimistic mood. It Is eg.
pected that the committee of the Ger
man imperial Bank will raise the dis
count rato from 4 to 5 per cent.
Later the Bourse committee an.
nounced that dealings would be per
mltted to a limited degree and that
settlement quotations would be Issued
this afternoon.
The Bourses In Hamburg and
Frankfort also suspended dealings
for tho settlements to-day.
PARIS, July 29. The Bourse opened
weak to-day. Prices were affected
by tho drop In New York yosterday.
Little business was dono. French 3
pur cunt, rentes were a little hotter
than venterdoy at 78.
Gold coin has almost disappeared
from circulation and even silver Is
becoming scarco. Many of the small
storekeepers nre unablo to give
change. -
ST. PETERSBURG, July 29. The
FlourBO horn was closed to-day and
probably will not open until Monday,
AMSTERDAM, July J9. The Bourse
here was close.d for the day.
MUKTllKAXi, juiy in. i no iioara
of Governors of the Montreal Stock
Exchange, which closed yojterdnynf
ter Auatrln declared war upon Ber
vla, announced to-day that the mar
ket will remain suspended until there
Is some definite Improvement in
European conditions.
TORONTO, July 29. The Toronto
Stock Exchange remalnod closed to
day uwaltlng a change In the situa
tion In Europe.
LIVKRPOOOL, July 29. The cot-!
ton market opened somewhat ex
cited, IS to 20 points lower. July, and
Ks"JS.B2JSrtt,SCU? "sfJtitti
' JBtJSWy.Ufd'
Patriotic Outburst
For French President
PAIIIH. July :!. I'rfdlilf lit I'oiiiohiit'h lottitn li I'.irl to-d.iy from Ills
visit li It ufttii nn. nidilc I lie iipiiortiuiliy fur a nianlfi.'.stiitlDii (if putrlotlo
fpclliiK Uy nuiiif tlioii.iamlx of yoiini; tiion iirlonKlnt; to l lit' l.MRitia nf I'.itrlotn
of wlili'li Dt'imty Miinrioo llnirox Is I'ri'nldHtif,
. Tin- (IcrnoiiMr.itcirx .ii'tiililiit nt the mllronil ptiitlmi Hiitl cliccrod the
President on tils arrival. They thru forinril into foliiinn ami murclipit be
I hind tlie President' VMirlaKc to the I'alaci- of the Klyro. ItnitiPiisa crowds
cheering them ss thry ent ly. The nrniy. Uw Piesldent and the i'rench
Keputillu wcru ull cheoieil by the peupli-.
The windows nlon the route were crowded with women, who showered
flowers Into th t'resrdent's rarrlnce as It jmnnotl.
The Rovernnient to-d.iy prnhtlillud an nntl.war imrlliu filled hy tho
revolutionary lahor orranl7..itloii3,
The Temps says Itnssla was ofllcuily Inrorined aliont half-past twelve
I his afternoon that Austria-Hungary would M'speot tho territorial InteKrlty
of Hervla and wishes even to refrain from occupying lielRrade. thp Servian
Krance rontlnuea quietly to p ropn.ro frr war. The troops of the active
army are gradually concentrating near tho frontier.
A military Ktiard has been placed In the Rreat flour mills at Curbed, near
Paris, which In the event of war would b takpn over Uy the army, while
the bakers In Paris nre laying In large stocks of flour anil the olty author
ities, to prevent all possibility of famine In the capital, started forming to
day a reserve store of 16.000 tona of flour.
The Police Department Is oxercltliitr a Kenenil sur elll itico of Aua
trlnns and Germans In Paris, where many thousands of them reside, and
tho Prefect of Police to-day ordcreil tho dlscoiillniinnre of th service of
the public. nt( tables on the sldewalkx and on the terraces In fiont of cafes
In consequence of disorders which havo occurred slnco the bt'Klnnlnff of
the International tension.
The Government mnde an appeal to the press to keep calm and care
fully to verify Its new concerning tlio crisis beforo publishing It.
Adolpho Messlmy. .Minister of War, visited tho military wireless sta
tion on the Ktffet Tower and ordered the toff to he doubled, the oltlcers
to remain on duty nlcrlit and day.
Lonjr lines of depositors waited outside Ihe savings banks to-day to
withdraw tholr money. nil payments will be suspended In case of war.
At the Krench Foreign Ofllee a pessimistic view of thn
ilon prevailed this evening. Officials there think the only hope, of avert
,liiK war Is that Aiistrla-Iltmsnry recognlre the determination ami unity
oi virus oi iiiisbui, urcai urunin
attitude towards Kervla.
July and August soon dropped an
other 10 points, but later recovered.
At 1S.1S o'clock the market nhowed it
decllno of 11 to 14 points tn new crop
nnd IS to 19 In old crop positions
from yesterday's close. Tho weak
ness was duo to Continental prefht
tnklng and private favorable crop
condition reports. The market was
Wheat opened excited and nervous,
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WASHINGTON, July If. Official no
ties to Austro-Hungarlans In the United
States subject to military service In
their native country, calling them to the
colors, was being sent throughout the
country to-day by the Austro-Hungarlan
The call notifies all AUstro-Hungarl-
ans In the United States that the Em-
Deror has ordered "a parUal mobiliza
tion," and under Its terms, according to
the Austro-Hungarlan Embassy here,
reservists belonging to eight army corps
must Immediately maae arrangements 10
go home and take up arms.
WASHINGTON, July t. President
Wilson kept oloeely informed of the
war situation In Europe to-day
through reports from American dip
lomats abroad, but there waa no
change In tbe attitude of mere obser
vation. Secretary Itadftald said he had no
fear that a war in Europe would havo
any serious effect on conditions in the
United State. It waa the belief of
officials close to tho Prosldoat that
although 'prloeo of foodstuffs might
go up in tuts country, general nusinoss
conditions resulting from the demand
for American product abroad would
offset it.
CHICAOO, July 2!, War funds raised
at anti-Austrian meetings bera last
night were counted to-day and held la
readiness to be used fet the transpor
tation of Servians. Croatlans, Bohemians
and other Slavs who wish to go to Eu-
mtm tn flrht for flarvla. Currency and
pledges said to total more than 110,000
were rauea ai one meeting.
Bdltar of Paris Temps Dead.
PARIS. July 29. Adrlen Mebrard. Bdl
tor of the Temps, and one of the leading
Journalists In Franco, died to-day at
,hm mm nt nlihtv. lis had been Man-
sslng Editor of tho Temps since 1970.
feiwas a Senator from
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Hull and Frank Discussion of
State Politics and Coming
Election Prospects.
WASHINGTON. July !9.-"We had a
most pleasant and profitable vlalt
nnd a most cordial reception at the
hands of the President," was the
statement of Representative Fftsger-
aid of New York, following a "party
peace" conferenoe of New York City
Democratic, representatlvea at (the
White House this afternoon.
ritagerald Indicated that the Press
dent will clearly define his attitude
toward the New Yorkers who are
candidates for rc-eloctlon regarding
the fight made against Hi em hjr a.
certain Democratic faction.
The Congressmen agreed that Pres
ident Wilson abould make publfo tlte
only statement regarding' the tneettne
and the following was glvea oat at
the White House:
"The conference waa taken tip ty m
very full and frank expression ot
opinion about the political situation In
New York and the prospects of tne)
parties there In the Congressional elec
tions. The conferenoe waa welcomed
by the President No plana ware
discussed, it was understood to bv A
conference for Information. The oon
ference waa characterized by a aptett
of cordlalty on both irtdoa."
Those In the party who uonJaiad
with the President were Representa
tives Wllaon. Dale, Sinner, ntbgerasd,
Griffin, O'Brien, Mete, lUordan, Oonqt
Carey. Patten. Bruoknar and Oo nldatv
Seven others of the New York detect
tlon In tho House ware absent. Ttey
were Representative oXeary, Ootdr
fogel, Levy, Doollng, Cantor, Ctoctfja
and Loft. Ooldfogel and OTtsaar
were expected, but did not aiopaaA
Levy and Cantor were not in sympa
thy with the pilgrimage to tho White
House, aeorge and Loft are abroad,
while Mr. Pooling had to go to Haw
York on a business matter to-dajh
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