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City Has Been Divided Ink)
Nine Districts, Each WHh
a Headquarters.
Two Ships From This Port
To-Day Carrying S 1 3,000, -000
to Iitirope.
-r u tt unuu, j-xjn Xj DJJ 'A X , JUJUX 29. 191. f
f i
23,000,000 IS shipped,
But We Can Stand Drain, Sec
, retary McAdoo Says
Wheat Prices Soar.
Tlilrteeu iiiilllotM more of American
gold wil be .hltcj rift of New Yorl.
on the st'-atneis Cai mania ami l.a
Ha vo.i tii.ilny. to.lm rushed to Kuro.e,
where the, Imminent of war lias ere
mod a tremendous demand for the'
yellow metal. It h to thW country
that the banks of tlm Old World are
now lucking for gold us tho war
clouili grow darker. Tile uiiirece
dented amount of .'.OQiVHti a.
ready been xhlpped aliruud since Fri
day and the total for the year Is
Insurance rates nn gold fOilpments
have more than doubled since yes
terday, and, In some caseH, under
writers! are refusing to quote any
Jatet at all except on gold shipped '
in American bottoms. The inte on
the J10.000.000 curried by the Kron
rrlnzessln f'ecllle, which sailed yes
terday, was MOO on tho trillion, and
fully $700,000 of tho shipment Is said
to have been uninsured. .
The rato for tho shipments that go
out to-day on the Cnrmanla and Sa- I
vole are $1,250 per million, and thetol
Is .ionic doubt am to whether the'
whole shipment will be covered at
4fcit high premium.
tlold Is contraband of war, and
should (I'ermnny becomo Involved In
war before the Kronprlnzcssin Ce
cllle reaches her port Hhe will turn
around and make for New York ngaln
as fast ns her engines will carry her,
lent her cargo of treasure bo pc.l7.cd
by the ships of nations with whom
Germany might be at wnr.
Despite the huge exports of gold,
he Treasury Department U not at
all concernod, according to despatch
as from Washington.
. Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo
'Id to-day that the Government is
prepared to take ear of every da.
mand mad upon it for sold Intended
for exportation to foreign countries.
Ha said that there is absolutely no
reason why any alarm should be felt
ver the situation, as there is enough
sjeld on hand to take care of all de
mands that may be made upon the
According; to the flguroa given cut
ett the Treasury Depuitmont to-day
fhere are now stored In tho vaults of
the United States Treasury 11,21)0,
000,000 In gold. In addition there la
1400,000,000 moro of gold coin In cir
culation. It Is not unlikely that in
roads will be mado upon tho supuly
of gold In the Treasury as tho war
Situation In Europe assumes a more
parlous phase.
I But Treasury officials say that even
hould 'the amount uxportod be in
creased three fold within the next
week or month, thore still wlli be a
sufficient amount romulnlng in tho
treasury to take caro of every de
mand of the Government without 1m
i pairing Ita credit In tho least.
Treasury officials statu that It war
'should come, desplto the large ship
ments of gold from this country, the
United States wuuld be more tbau
compensated for this temporary loss
by tho IncrouHo In our export trade
in the shape of manufacturing pro
ducts and food supplies. Millions of
dollars of European monoy ultimate
ly would be turned Into the treasury
of the United .States through this
source alone.
The shipments this week In detail
are as follows:
To l-uv
rttuoiuJ oitj Bus .$3,000 000
SaiidI Pnrca 2,0(H) OHO
lWiWlbicli. lfklliUMr Oo (100,000
f Ooldoun. bictu Oo...,
ToUl ,
(ttitruur Truit Compuv
KMdrr. I'ubvlr i, Co ,
NUAiiil vtly liinlr
Bchilie It Oo ,
(tnldmia. Stctii tt Oo..
Uridtlbich. Iditlbdniw A Co.,
..... l.don.oui
ToUl sifi.noo.ooo
Becauso of the exhaustion of the
supply of gold bars at the Bub
Treasury on Monday, all the gold
ngaged yesterday was In the form
of coin. The foreign exchange mar
ket was completely demoralized and
the leading banking bouses again de
clined to issue their usual tubles of
tabulated quotations.
The Delicious Laxative Chocolate
Ex-Lax relieves constipation, regulates
the stomach and bowels, stimulates the
liver acui promotti digettioti, Good for
yeung and old. ,10c., tie. and 60s. at
J. Tcheck woman of I'llscn.
2. Dalmatian woman.
S. Hungarlan'shephcrd.
4. Tyrolean musician.
G. Hungarian peasant woman.
C. Tcheck peasant.
7. Houmanlan peasant.
8. Voung Tyrolese girl.
Soldiers Take Charge of All
Utilities and All Reservists
Rush to Arms.
Tho term "mobilization" moans
something very different from the
comparatively leisurely process for
which tho word Is Known to Ameri
cansthe gathering of rallltla regi-
men t s at tholr armorlns nnd the
transfer of regulars nnd militia to
mobilization camps for tralnbjg and
movement to trie field.
When a mobilization Is ordered In
a thoroughly militarized country, as
former German soldiers now In tbls
country doscrlbo the movoment, the
country goes undor martial law. All
transportation linos, even though
privately ownod, are Immediately
transferred to military control. What
happened at Oottysburg when Col.
Normoyle of the United States Army
took advisory control of the local
railroads become Intensified Into an
Iron and Inflexible control all over the
nation. The communication lines,
tolephone and telegraph, aro put un
der the sarao management.
Word of the nioblllzaUon Is flash vl
to ovry telegraph office and every ex
change and to every telephone Instru
ment. Courlors In automobiles and on
motorcycles rush through every street,
road and lune, shouting the notice and
pasting bulletins In overy conspicuous
place commanding reservists to Join
their regiments before a certain hour,
perhaps eight or ten hours after the
moblllzaUon order has been flashed.
Every man drops his work as soon
as he hears the order; the plough Is
left In the turow, customers are left
at the counter; balances are left un
checked in the bonk. Every man
liable for military duty rushes to the
ucarest transportation lino which will
take him to his regiment, whether Its
headquarters bo a mile away or a
hundred, or Ave hundred. The reserv
ists do not wult to pack luggage or
food. Thero aro clothing, equipment
and food for all at the moblllzaUon
centres In storage warehouses, alwuys
filled, ready for the call. Men go to
the trains often hatless and coatless.
Thoro Is no formality of getting
tlckots and passos. Only soldiers may
ride and they rldo freo In tho direc
tion whch duty takes them. All
freight traffic Is suspended; all pas
senger schedules are abandoned. The
Government wunts mon, In masses,
quickly. Parlor cars and sleeping
cars aro no moro privileged against
the reservists than workmen's gon
dolas. At Junction points soldiers
run from train to train transferring,
always toward the headquarters, the
whereabouts of which ) fixed in
every reservist's vralnd.
Moreovs'r. tfasra la 'a drill, -t laaat.
la sjlttwisj( SM,(ta
k-K'-flRB Thc PWure shows the extraordinary diversity of nationalities that make up the Austro-HunpirJan Empire. Several of MHBDPv
MaSj these were brought under Austrian rule by the annexation of two Servian provinces, taken from the Turk, an WmW
1 AY
9. Man of the Tyrol.
10. Itoumanlan peasant woman.
11. Hungarian woman.
12 and IS. Bosnian Turks.
14, Roumanian of Transylvania,
15. Kouth Hungarian peasant.
16. Trnnsylvanlan peasant.
17, 18 and 19, Vine-Dressers of Tran
Widow Demands Compensa
tion for Death of Hus
band by Fall.
Is a contractor an employee?
This question Is being considered by
the State Workmen's Compensation
Commission nnd should Its ruling, to bo
made next Monday, bo on affirmative
one thc scope of the Compensation Law
will be greatly widened.
The point arose at to-day's hearing
by tho Commission, when Mrs. Mary
Rhelnwald of No. 1025 Tlnton avenue,
the Bronx, applied for compensation
from tho Builders' Brick A Supply
Company for the death of her hus
band, Robert Rhelnwald, who was
killed on July 1 while painting a sign
on one of the company's buildings.
A representative of the United
States Fidelity and Deposit Company,
In which the Builders' Brick & Sup
ply Company la Indemnified, produced
two contracts between the latter con
cern and the deceased. In which
Rhelnwald, a sign painter, agreed to
do an amount of work for a specified
sum and agreod, further, to furnish
his own materials. No tlmo was sot
when tho work should bo started or
finished and, thorefore, it was con
tending Rhelnwald was a private con
tractor and not an employee.
An attorney for tho widow argued,
however, that inasmuch as Rhelnwald
had been employed at tlmos by tho
supply concern during the last five
years and was doing Its work with
out help employed by him, he was an
employee of the company and on Its
regular payroll.
No other applications for compensa
tion were presented to-day and the
commlfslon then adjourned until
Here to Care for Herman flecnrltlr
John Meyer of Berlin, who came on
the Kronprlnz WUhelm to-day, told sev
eral of the passengers that Ills mlaslon
to this country was to stop, It possible,
the drop In German tocurltles. He aald
he could not conceive that Europo would
be drawn Into a general war over tho
AuBtrlan-Servlan matter.
this tremendous gamn of the concen
tration of lighting men. The signal Is
given, not for mobilization, but for
"kontrol-versammlung" a control
assembly or roheaual. In order not
to Interrupt the nation's busl
ness too much, the domination
of the reservists to a "kontrol-versammlung"
report at district
centres which might be compared to
county seats here. As soon as they
have registered and have been rein
structed as to the whereabouts of
their regiments and the best routes
for reaching them should a real mob
ilisation sail be . Issued, thay nay go
syl ranis, -
to, 21 and 22. Trnnaylvanlan peasants.
23. Servian, woman of llosnla.
24. Tranaylvanlan peasant woman.
26. Montenegrin woman of Nolr
26. Moravian woman.
27. Slleslan woman.
28 and 29. Moravians dancing.
30. Slovak woman.
PARIS, July 29. The European war situation wan foretold last
winter by Mmc. Thebes, world famous seer, In tbo following -words:
RUSSIA Will bring order out of disorder in the Balkans, unless
German Intrigue Cannes the Russian power to topplo. St Petersburg's
greatest enemy is Berlin.
GERMANY What I see fills ma with fear. The Kaiser's future
looms dark and foreboding. In the Bouth, many victims of riots and
AUSTRIA Unhappy country! In Vienna, riots, fire and bloodl
The country will pass through dark days gravo conflicts, financial em
barrassments, street fighting and worao still. Open hostilities between
the Slavs and the Oermanu is approaching.
ENGLAND War at home and war outside, with a revolution or
something upproachlng It over Ireland.
Mme. Thcbes's predictions regarding Franco made no mention of
war, tho whole condition of tho country being tnnnmod up in tho pro
diction that It would bo a "happy year for France." Mme. Thnbea claims
to have predicted the assassination of Archduko Franz Ferdinand, when
oho wroto regarding Austria:
"Who thinks ho will reign, will not reign and a young man who
was not to have reigned will reign."
Amnesty for All Except Those
Directly Responsible for
Madero's Death.
runza and Provisional President Car
bajal have agreed on a basis for the
arrangement of peare In Mexico, ac
cording to a message received here
to-day by Joso Castollot, porsonal
representative of Carbajal.
Mr. Casteliot showed Secretary
Bryan his latest advices from Mexico
City, which stated that Ren. Vlllar
and Justice Allende, Carbajal's two
delogatns to Carranza, have boon In
structed to carry out In detail tho
general basis of peaco "already
agreed upon."
With rnspect to amnesty and guar
antees, Con. Carranza, It Is under
stood, will promise Immunity to ay
excopt those directly responsible for
tho ovorthrow of Madorn. Practi
cally all thosn said to bn guilty have
lied Mexico, and that oxceptlon will
not bo opposed by the Carbajal Gov
It Is expected that within & few
days the Carbajal delegation will
have worked out the details of an
An agreement whoreby Zapata's
force are to co-opsratn with tho Con
stitutionalists In restoring peace
throughout Moxlco has been arranged
by delegates at Vera Cruz and now
requires only the signatures of Car
ranza and Zapata before being made
A dellnlts Idea of Qen. Villa's lntsn-
tlMa U axpaotad aooa,
'T. r
Jl. Peasant woman of Upper Austria.
32 and 33. Two old men of the Tyrol.
34. Dalmatian gypsy.
3S and 36. Hungarian Serbs from
37 and 38. Croatlans.
39 and 40. Serbs of Bosnia.
41 and 42. TxnnsylvanUn reapers.
43. Mahommedan of Hersegovlna.
44. Roumanian woman of Transyl
Says His Actions Destroy Illusion
That Republicans Pointed
Col. Hooscvolt's statement that he
will support Harvey D. Hlnman for
Governor, evon though he falls to
snatch tho Progressive nomination at
the primaries from William Hulzer
or any other regular Bull Moose can
didate paved tho way for another
caustic attack from Republican Statu
Chairman Barnes to-day. Xlh Barnes
attacks Roosevelt's sincerity In poll
tlcM, and points to tho army of faith
fill RcpillilicaiiH who deserted the (.
O. P. standard to gather at Armag
eddon as a striking example of vic
tims of the Colonel's perlldy.
In thn despatch Col. Konsovnlt Is
quoted as saying ho will support .Mr.
Hlnman should he bn bcaton In tho
Progressive prlmarlos, nnd the name
of a Progressive appears on tho offi
rial ballot as the regular nominee for
Governor. ,
"If that statement that Roosevelt
will Imlt Is true It Mmply Indlcatex
that he had tlin samn attltudn of
mind tuvard tlm Progressives that
he had toward thn Republicans," said
Chairman I tarn us. "Many thought
ful and patriotic men supported Col,
Rnoxmelt In 1312 on the theory that
ho had sincerity. That was un Illu
sion the Republicans tried to point
nut. J tn t thuy could novnr do as
much to dostroy that Illusion as
Roosevelt Is doing blmsolf day by
Mernae fur I'lner Tlmt .Never
rioat-il Til! Last Mnrrli.
Mnynr Mltehel lifted tn.dny tlm lid
on Jack's restaurant on Hlith avenue,
for two decades thn centre of nUlit
life on tho "Oiiy Whltn Way." For
tour months curfew has sounded In the
old iill'iilKbt restaurant promptlv at
1 o'clock, but now thn Muyor bellovn
thu proprietor. Jack DunKtnn, has been
ptinlHhed sufficiently and on thn rec
iiiiinit'iidutlnn of l'nllcn Coimulaslmiur
Woods tbo all-night llcenso has beun
Jack's all-night license was revoked
on March S nftcr nn InvestlKatlnu by the
Muyor of a complaint that wullers hud
beaten up & putrnn.
Since then Mr. Uunstan has repeated
ly made applications for a rw-lssuanco
of his tisanes, without susoess, until
46. Hungarian woman.
46. "jumanian woman of Transvl-
47 and 48. Slavs,
49. Roumanian gypay.
6J. Polish W(sasan of Qatlcla,
63, 64 and U. Slovenes.
66 and 61- Okods.
At White House They Hear
His Argument for Trust
Bins and Expected Effect.
WASHINGTON, July I9.-Presldent
Wilson held another conferenco to
day on business conditions and the
pending trust bills with a delegation
of business men representing varied
Interests throughout the country.
A delegation of wholesalers pre
sented a brief opposing the "one
prlre" and "exclusive agency" fea
tures of tho Clayton bill and several
sections of the Trade Commission
bill. They told Mr. Wilson that they
approved of tho ponding Inglslatlon
In a general way and thought It
necossnry to provont unfair compe
tltlon, but feared somo of Its fen
tures would seriously Interfere with
business organizations operated on u
small scalo.
I'ar moro than half an hour tho
President and tho business men had
u detailed discussion. Mr. WUson ex
plained his view of the purposes of
tho legislation and afterward tho
leaders of tho delegation said they
wero greatly encouraged by his attL.
Hugh Chalmers of Detroit told tho
President ho bellevod tho greatest
trouble with business was uncertain
ty, and ho believed thn trust bills
should he passed an quickly us possl
hie. Business had been bad for tho
last few months, ho said, hut ho
looked for great Improvement as soon
un tho trust bills ncro out of tho
way nnd thn Interstato Commerce
Commission gives its decision on the
freight rate Increases,
"(Innrt , Tlm for War Plaja."
Henry W. Savage, theatrical manager,
was a pnssennur on tho Kronprlnf WU
helm, whldi arrived to-day. "It's a
gmxl time for Hiir plays, I think a xooil
tliiin to revlvn '.Shenandoah,' (or exnm
pin," was his summary of tho war nnd
thu stagu Kltuatlonx.
llelKlnn lleere rr t'nllrit Out,
IIHU8HH1.H, llclglum, July Tho
llelKlum Cabinet declik-l to-day to call
out Immediately three ciussua of the
army reserves.
When best iced tea you with to
Please bear this beyerage m
WUto JUm (Ml, fmmi Tka, Vm.
68. Woman of CarlntMa.
69. Bosnian.
60 to 63, Civilised gypstc) of Vienna.
64. Tyroleso woman.
66. Htyrlan woman.
66. Tho Superior of a Rutbenla. ca
67. A Turk of Herzegovina.
68. A Herb shepherd. Southern Hungary.
Woman Held for KlBata Mar
Brohara Oklldraaw
Distraught with loneliness over loalng
her brother's two little girls, for wh
she had cared for aeran years until h
married again, Miss Anna Powell of
Cedarhurst, I I., kidnapped thorn from
tho brother's home In Lakerlew, a sub
urb of Passaic, N. J., and aa a result
was to-day charged with kldoactas;
and released on ball.
After one unsuccessful attaapt to got
the children. Miss Powell want to Lako
vlew on Monday last and with tho aid
of a child aha brought with her suc
ceeded In enticing the daughters of bar
brother Thomas Anna and Baraa, who
are twelva and fourteen years old, ra
peetlVBly, to the railway station. Thar
she took them aboard a train for Pas
saic, where she alighted and want by
motor car 10 uenarnursi. roweu, aided
by thn police, located the children at
.miss roweu noma in uooarnurst
t and
lo-aay toon mem noma again.
Powell said that the children wanted ti
go with her, but a stepsister of thaira
contradicted her. sayins- that ah hmi
hnd to hustle them on the train to gat
ilium in mo,
. C 6fi4aafy 5hof Oydtamt fat
Will Close Out Thuraday
150 Misses' Summer Dresses
Formerly up to 15.00
Smart models in linen, voile, eponge, crepe, tissue. White strip
and colors. Sizes 14 to 18.
90 Women's Wash & Clotlf Skirts
Formerly up to 9.75
In white cordeline, white linen and natural linen. Also of plals
165 Women's Silk Blouses
Formerly up to 5,00
Two or three of a kind in taffeta, chiffon, lace.
plain handkerchief linen.
50 Women's Linen & Palm Beach Coats
Formerly up to 12.75
A few coats of a kind In natural linen and tan palm beach cleth
in a variety of motor models.
75 Women's Coats and Capes
Formerly up to 19.59
Whitt shaft catts, shawl mfm, &
Polios) Commissioner
nounced to-day that ha
prlatlona In hand enabling Mas taj yM
in effect Aug. 1 a sub-dlrUleat at? ffca
Detective Bureau Into (Halite, -frit a
branch headquarters th rough oajt' tka
city. In this way tho Com
said It would be poaetfeU to
mon particularly familiar wth r
ous districts always within msl Ml
at the aame time the unity mt Mat
bureau would be maintained fcy aaa-
tlnulng the dally line-up of
and inspected criminals at
Headquarters. In addition the M
to bo four special squads at PoMea)
Headquarters that can bo tkras
Into any district when needed.
The districts are to be established
as follows:
1. From the Battery to Fonrtaewtfc
street, 123 men, commanded by Cat.
Cray, at Police Headquarters.
2. From Fourteenth street to Fifty
ninth street, TO men, commanded by
Acting Capt. Olldea at No. 466 Isl
ington avenue.
3. The east side from Flfty-aiith
street to the Harlem river, 47 sMfl,
commanded by Acting Capt. Jonoa a
No. 211 East One Hundred and Bto
teenth street.
4. The west side from Flfty-ataUl
street to Hpuyten DuyrU, 43 MM,
commanded by Acting Captatn Cwpar
at No. 143 Went One Hundred and
Twenty-fifth street.
S. The Rronx, 17 man, comaMatM
by Aotlng Capt. Win as at No,4J
East One Hundred and FlftyralifcM
street. '
bur, 10 ne, oommandod fcy VMm
Capt. Coughlla at FoUm Tirl tfg
tare, Brooklya. ,
7. WUllanxshur;, U asea, eoeaaaaaiM ll
by Aetiac capt. dimm m m Mi ,V;
Wllloughby avaaraa.
. Queana, II
Aotlag Oat. Orahaaa at
Plasa OowtkM
Aotlnc Otsi Yaa W ac&ar at Mo. M
KohaMMU Tarraoa, St Oecrsje.
Haadauartara Saada HeaalaMeL M
mmaaaad hy Oat Caryj Bat
and Laft, M mm. nMMiaailU ky
Ltow. Milium Matpoekrt aa4
Oaac, M mm. wiainHad by Ltont
umi rsssiim, 1 sun, ooaa-
A aortal a mmt at aatacttra wtft
ba roqatrod to stoop at tho hraa ok
aiuajii aint. aMot to aala.
Mom aaJa. J
The Ooiaislasaiaii aald m ragrottod s
that Ua faada war sot amSoTaat to ?
Draax um vwm mo unwloldv
atdo uppsr dtoMet of Maaaattaa.
Alio striped and
bs a , .i

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