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mjfmmmmmmM& ih hi iiaaawwawiapTa
capital of Bosnia, and 100,000 from Milanovatz, on the Danube, in the
t tastem part of Scrvia,
Austria's First Victory
Cost Lives of 1,000 Men
VIENNA, J nl j- 30. Hrlarado hu been . oerapled hy the Am
trlan forces and her armies hate to-day Invaded Herrla from tare
' Mints.
The flwt ttottlc In the war na fonjrht nt Fotcha In Bola,
. V iflifre two divisions of the Herflan amir nere defeated bj Am
trlan troops Tim Hermans lut SOU men, the Austrian 100.
Bosnia is Austrian territory. It is supposed that the battle attended
jlaj driving "of the Servians from a position they had planned to hold.
jt Tit report states that hundreds oi .prisoners were taken uy ine Austrian
An unconfirmed report states that a battle wax fought between
Austrian troops and Montenegrins on Mount l.ovclien. ' Other reports of
engagements indicate that Austria is actively engaged in invasion and has
Idoptcd aggressive tactics.
v rotcna, wncrc tnc tirst accistvc engagemeni oi ine war was laugni, is
Jl. T?hji D!a l1!f, !t I r rAillllnnrl n C CamLiia t?t mwrt . 4 1 m
m II Iv ljiiha ivivti, tiling inula auuiiib.ui til oaiitj&vu. wi auuib iiiiie
past Servian troops have been concentrating along the Drlna in anticipa
tion of hostilities. The moment war was declared Austrian forces were
hurried to the Drina and no time was lost in making the attack.
From Belgrade the Aiulro.llnnrarlan Invaders hate prewted
ftnrard and followed Uie Taller of the river Morava. They first
encountered a liodr of Servian troops at Hemendrla on the Servian
Me of the Danube. The Servian held their around until night
fall last nlfflit and then retired. Itotli Auitrlani and Servians sua
talaed heat losses at that point, several hundred iioIdJera belay
killed 'la the earaa-eneat.
Thli Austrian force advanced to-day twenty miles to the south
ward of ltelrrade aad an artillery duel was la progress this Burn
laf near Klcxnlcr and Seraendrla.
Oa the western side of Henla another Anitrlaa amy ease
lato contact with a Servian force at Losnltsa which put up a stub
atra defense and held Uie fort there until dark but altat, lalllct-
lag heavy losses oa Uio Auitrlaa.
' US'
'.V J
L ; The -southern Austrian column In Bosnia remained stationary to
y awaiting the movement of the Montenegrin troops.
IN The ancient fortress of Belgrade was reduced by the Austrian ar
tillery, which caused only slight damage to other parts of the Servian
capital The British Legation was struck by an Austrian shell, and dur-
' lag the bombardment Servians rreatly harried the Austrian artillerymen.
The crossing of the Danube was accomplished on pontoons, the
Servians having blown up the bridge between Semlin and Belgrade.
j-Emoeror Francis JoseDh. who Is elehtv.four vars old. ram in
liljC. r r-' -aj j F-i.r
Ws Vienna to-day. A great crowd gathered at the station when he started at
71 isuui diiu liiccicu i.ic J(;cu iiiuuaiui ajjaiu uuu .ijjaiu. AlCllUUKC VIUIIC
Vthe heir to the throne, accompanied His Majesty.
'Combat welcome to the emperor.
&'r" .Scenes of extraordinary eathuslasm accompanied Emperor Prancla
'JOteph's return to tho Austrian capital. Enormous throngs carrying ban-
tpari aad led by aeml-mltltary bands formed Into procession behind tho
in monarch and escorted hiro to Schoenbrunn Oastlo. amid ,a continu-
roar of cheering from tho peoplo who packed tho streets.
The burgomaster advanced to the Emperor In the courtyard of the
AfrButtA mnA Axnriftfiff1 In Ilia Mntatv Ihn linnWArvlnir nnlrlnttam n.l nvntlnn
tfeaaonstratlon of their loyalty.
L f' A movement Is on foot among American cltlrcns and British subjects
SBTiag to nunaarj i lorm a special corps 10 accompany me Hungarian
ray Into the field, according to a telegram from Budapest. It la said that
British officers who served In the Boer war and who have a lively recollec-
of Emperor Francis Joseph's sympathy at that time are at the head of
pe movement
Whilo passim through Llnz on Ills way to Vienna tho Emperor ad-
?iretaed the officers of the garrison assembled on the platform of tho rail-
"I only have tlmo to give you a few words or greeting In this
'grave hour. Thcso are that 1 trust In tho good spirit, tho endur
ance nnd the valor of my army. It was my wish to maintain
LONDON, July 30. A newspaper despatch from Rome savs sham
istance is being offered to the Austrian advance from the northwest
smaii aeiacnmenis or Servian troops lett to impede their progress,
ucwa luiiicj iiuiii ocivu, vy wy ui aiuuiK.
,240,000 Men in Field,
Czar Says Defiantly
CHICACJO, July 30. After a scn-
srttlonal advanco to-day at onntlmo
an much an nlno cents a buslicl bo-
cause of tho war nowH tlio whait mar-
luit cloiiod almost In u etato of col-
lapiic, with values iiown thrco cent
a bushel from earlier high IlKurcn.
The rlso In war rlskH on tho ocean,
maklnK shlpmonta unprofitable, ap
parently DUt a BtOD to buvinir on fur.
egn account.
Many of tho laratat traiUm with.
drew from tho wheat nit altoirnthp
and several houses went bo fur as to
Klvo numbers of their employees n
complete furlouKh.
ior tho nmt tlmo thn earn mn-v.
Joined In tho cxtraonllnnrv ndvmiM
ehown by wheat. Heptembcr com
roso threo cents a bushel. Ont nri
provisions nlso climbed, but only In a
moderate way.
fti ftesl
8T. PETERSBURG, July 80. Russia to-day officially
Duke of Nassau
Invincible Size
A new mark
of Quality at
1 . 9
tne price it s
essentially mild.
aW I iHw
1 aWSW
By the box of 25. $M
Rulers Whose Men Are Now Engaged in Battle;
Leaders of Other Armies Which May Be Involved
- . n4rm-sBswv, a saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaim l
sssHfesaaV 'vlyllW ft .C- jZWWEM I i
$2.50 PER BALE
NEW ORLEANS. July :. As the
result of pessimistic cnbleirriuna to-
day from larxo murkut cuntres of
Europo und vauc rumors that hi
EnKllxh concenui wore csibllnir tlili
side not to risk further ehlpmentii
of vurioUH rommoilltio mimn .i
cllncxl $2.S0 a balo Into In Uie fori..
many and Austria of the moblllzatlortiof fourteen army corps numborlng
1.2t0,000 men. This lu practically a notification to Germany that peace
negotiation! are at an end. The Crar is said to havo expressed, tho Inton-
tlon of taking the field as commandcr-ln-chlef In event of hostilities.
TaU Is Russia's aoawcr to the virtual ultimatum which camo from tho
Oeraan Foreign Office In the unofficial statement that tho Kaiser would
order tho mobilization of his forces unless Russia ceased her military ac
tivities witnin twenty-lour hours.
Martial law was proclaimed to-day over llolderaa and the
oath of Uie Ultra Blver and Its vicinity. Steamer have to ob
tain special permission to pass In and out. The Held of anb
marine mines outside tho entrance to tho harbor Is to be com
pleted to-alght.
Hundreds of thousands of Russian citizen soldiers aro bidding their
families goodby to-day In response to tho call to arms contained In tho
Imperial ukase ordering out Russia's vast resorve force.
Already 1,240,000 regular troops are reported to be massed on the
frontier. Now the resorves the farmer, tho artisan, tho clerk, the mer-
chant-jnust leave their private occupations and go to Join the forces
already assembled to protoot little Scrvla from further Teutonic molestation.
1, 300,000 shares and of bonds $5,007,
000. This was the bluest day tlio
Stock ExchanKO has known for hpv
eral years, Tho Government shipped
to the Sub Treasury In Wall street
from other treasuries millions or dol
lars In Kold to meet tho demand.
Seven truckloads arrived In tho af
ternoon, estimated to contain ISO,
000,000. (For Quotations Seo Paro 9.)
UnilLIN, July 30. Tho tenseness of
tho situation was shown this after
noon when tho Lokal Anzelgcr, a
senil-olllrl.il paper, Issued extras do
clnrlnK tho mobilization of tho army
had been onlorod. This was promptly
denied by tho Foreign OIHco and the
extras were recalled.
A second extra was Limed at once
carrying tho denial of tho KorelKn Of
fice, hut nt i V. M. It was Imposslblo
to tell whether orders for molilllzn
tlon had been Issued or whether tho
Lokal Anzolcer had been mado tho
victim of a hoax.
Tolephonn and telegraph lines wero
swamped with inquiries. Tho Lokal
Anzelger put up hli?o slttnH In front
of Its ofllco declaring mobilization
had not been ordered. Thousands
poured Into the streets nnd patriotic
parades were soon formed.
Hurry calls were put In for extra
pollco to control tho crowds. Police
nlio seized tho Loknl Anzelger office.
Hundreds of reservists reported for
duty nnd It was Knernlly believed
tho country was taking tho 11 ret step
for war upon Itussla.
Tlio second extra ana tho slirns did
not convince tlio peoplo that tho first
report was not true. Desplto denials
from the Foreign Offico thosa crowd
ing the street did not believe a papor
so close to tho Government could
hnvo Rone wrong on so vital a pleco
of nows.
PAHIR July 30. As nn examnlo to
sensational newspapers, tho French
Government to-day bepan tho prose
cution of Maurice Do Wnlcffe, editor
of Paris Midi, on n nharRe of printing
falio news of tho meeting of the Cab
inet. Tho ouVnse Is punishable by
Imprisonment for from one month to
a year aa well as a fine of $10 to $200.
More Failures on London Stock
Exchange Announced to
Gloomy Brokers.
TOKIO, July 30. The Hochl
Ghlmbun, semi-official paper ' Of
Japan, to day declares that If Eno
Innrl It attacked Japan will t-U
assistance to British arms.
LONDON, July 80. As had hein
anticipated, the Hank of Knglnnd to
day raised Its minimum rnto of dis
count an entire point, making it 4
per cent.
Two moro failures occurred to-day,
making ton so far this week. ' ltu.tl
n.is was practically paralyzed nnd
purety nominal quotations wero
glvnn. Consols fluctuated between
C9 H nnd 70i. closing at 894. Tbcro
wero no transactions In the foreign
section, and dealors In American
stocks refused to do business oven
when New York opened. Tlio ad
vanco In EnglUh und French bank
rates had been anticipated. Tho
Hank of England statement showod
that a hugo business had been done
In loans, and that tho rosorvo had
fallen to 40.03 per cont.
The only other transactions heard
of were In Canadian Pacific, which
opened at 167 and then fell to 165 1-2.
PARIS, July 30. Tho llank of
France to-day raised Ha discount rate
from 3 1-2 to 4 1-2 per cent, and Its
rato for loans from 4 1-2 to S 1-2 per
cent. Tho Uourao opened to-day as
usual, but there was no business. Tho
nominal quotations of French 3 per
cent, rontos was unchaugodo. It was
announced by tho Committee of tho
Uourse that the monthly settlement
for July had ben postponed until Aug.
UKItLIN, July 30. Tho committee
of tho Imperial Hank of Germany
has been called to meet to-morrow to
act on tho advisability of raising the
bank rate.
URUHSKLS. July SO. The rate of
discount of tho llank of Uelglum was
raised from 4 to 5 per cant to-day.
AMSTERDAM, July 30. The Uourse
reopened to-day, a committee of
bankers having placed a large sum of
money at tho diMpoual of ton Uourse
Committee for loans on national se
curities. STOCKHOLM, July 80. Thb Swed
ish Rlksbank to-day raised Its dis
count rato from 4 1-2 to 5 1-2 per cent.
CHICACJO, July 0. The Dally
News to-day publishes the following
despatch from Its staff correspondent
In llerlln:
"It Is reported here that the Rus
sian have blown up tho railroad
brldgo at Wirballen, on the frontier
botwuch Germany and Russia."
how to See New York
TUB secret of seeing a live,
moving city is to be
come part of the life and
movement. On a Fifth Ave.
Business men snatch a
breath of fresh air on
their way up or down
town Shoppers, a refreshing
moment on their tours
Pleasure seekers make
it a part of their outing.
The wise slght-secr joins
them, passes through the
great nrterles of the City,
the fjsliion centres, the
residence sections, by parks
and public buildings really
sees the city.
And the 'bus makes htm
part of It all
Fifth Ave.
Coach Co.
MrU r4 llaJfian
annwfr.lil asvW
'v fJiSyiKti CO
Sunday World Wants Work
Monday Morning Wonders.
(Continued from First Vaga.)
the monetary demands of nil tho
world, but at Its own price.
Whllo there has been a tremendous
drop In the prices of American e
curltles dumpud down by Kuropo on
the ExrhanRe, yet In return there has
been unprecedented demand for that
which Anierlca alone oa.i supply Eu
rope monty and food. For theio two
Kreat commodities tho American own
ers are making Europeans pay ex
traordinarily high prlccu, thereby
reaping a proflt.
Nine millions moro of gold were
bought to-day in New York for ship
ment to Europo, practically all of It
g-olng to London and l'arls. Whnt
the purchasers had to pay for this
most precious nrtlclo U o secret, but
Only Individual transactions at some
prlvato rato wero made. 1'rnctlcaJly
tho only method of making; forolsn
rcmlltunce was In cable transfers,
which were chnrjred at exceptionally
hiKh rates. The leading; banks, bro
kers and uven exnresa nirencles dp-
cllnod to sell bills of exchange at any
iiKuro uccauso or tno uncertainty or
conditions In European countries.
French banks, so tho rabies said,
declined to-day to pay out any sold
and very little silver. Paper monoy
Is tho only medium available, and
this caused considerable unoaslncsn
among tourists In I'nrln, llorlln and
other capitals. They wero demanding
irold for safety of travel, but could
not obtain It.
Tho last hour was the most disas
trous for prices. Stnndnrd stocks and
speculative Ikhik'h melted away before
tho storm of llnutdnttnn caused by nit-
noiincumeiil or net-many h ultimatum
to ltumln. Hpeculntors rushed to un
load their holdings, but wero met with
an equal readiness on tho part of
btrottg Interests to tnko them nt the
bargain prices prevulllng. Tho Hour
of tho excltnngo was a pandemonium
of struggling brokers and vast
amounts of both stocks und bonds
r ).i lined hands.
Tho lowest point was reached half
nn hour boforo thn closing, after
which thero was a slight rally Jut
to show that the strain had been met.
Tho general nnrace of prices wan
the lowest of the war week and
marked figures not touched In many
years. Some of tho most extranr-
If tho quo-1 illtinry docllnes n compare with last
It ma nn normal IlL-uro
..i fo-.in .hinn nfr,.r ,nlght's closing were ns follows:
miiui . ... .... " , Amali;amuted Copper. 68 1-2 to
The foreign exebango markot wan so
completely at sou that few bankers
would quote any llfftjrra at nil, and
theso were classed as merely "nomi
nal." Ordinarily, an English pound
sterling Is quoted as worth around
14.87. To-day It required at least 15 to
buy In exchange the gold equivalent
to a pound.
Officially there waa no market
whatever In New York for bills of
exchange on London, Parle or Berths.
American .smelting, en 3-s to Dl; Am
erican Telephone, 117 1-4 to 114 3-4:
11. St O, 75 3-8 to 72; llrooklyn Hnpld
Trnnslt, S0 7-S to 71M Canadian Fminc,
105 3-4 to lfiBl-S: Ht, I'atll, Z to 85:
Consolidated (Ins, 124 to 110: Ocncrnl
Motors. 78 to 54 1-8: Ureat Northern
117 3-4 to 113; Lehigh Valley. 130 1-S
to 118; New York Central, 82 8-4 to
77; Pennsylvania, 10S1-2 to 105 5-8;
Heading, 154 1-8 to 141; Southern Pa
clnc, 91 to 84 7-8; Union Pacific. 110
to 112; U. B. Steel, 66 3-4 to 601-2;
International Harvester. 101 3-4 to 12,
and Wells Fargo, 1 1-1 to 10.
Tne, tout anarea of stocjui
Federal Court Permits0 Atutit, and
Adjustment Association to Form
New Organization.
Judre Hand, In tho United Mates
District Court, this afternoon signed
nn order permitting tho rcpresentd'
lives of tho Creditors' Audit und Ad
justment Association to withdraw
from tho genornl Clafiln Creditors'
Committee, and form a separate com
mlttoo to reprcsont tho creditors who
filed their claims with tho as
sociation of which they are members,
Krom tho first tho relations between
the Creditors' Audit and Adjustment
Association and the Note-Homcra-
and Credit lion's Association Com,
mtttees hnvo been somownat strained
and tho members of tho Crodltors'
nnmmltteB anbolnted by the llr.it
named orcunlzatton believe that they
can best represent their interests ny
forming themselves into an inui
vicinal committee.
Thoso who were permitted to re-nlc-n
from tho genera! committee by
Judge Hand's order wero Holmes J.
Corbett, Htepnen u. conger, .mho m
Holding Jr. and John H. Love.
A $12,000,000 PLUM
The noard of Estimate, with one
dissenting vote, to-dnv formally
adopted the amended plan for tbo
Kouth llrooklyn Marginal Railroad,
providing for tho elevation of the line
throughout Us entire length from
llrooklyn lirldgo to Sixty-fifth streot,
at a cost of $12,000,000. Much of tho
tirooorty Is owned by tho First Con
struction Company, In which ex-Stato
Senator William 11. ltoyuoius is heav
ilv Interested.
The amendment for Its construction
throutrh Furnmn streot was protest
ed by a delegation of property own
rn from thu llrooklyn Height seo-
tlon. In view of thlB all of the mem
bers of tho Hoard except Horou-h
President Connolly of Queens, who
voted nualnst the measure, gave as
surances that tho adoption of tha
plan as a whole would not prevont
tho reconsideration,
President Connolly explained he
had no objection to the plan Itself,
but he felt that In view of the city's
Knitted finances tt could not be called
upon to commit iiseir to auon an ex
pesdlture at the present time.
I 1
HANKOW, July 30. Tho British
gunboats Snipe, Woodcock and Kin
sha, of tho Hrltlsh China squadron,
wore deserted by nn Admiralty order
to-day. Tho crows removed the
breach blocks fmm the guns, took
away all tho arms and ammunition
possible and threw the remainder Into
tho river.
It Is understood that tbo Hrltlsh
Admiralty is dismantling all tho small
Hrltlsh gunbouts In Chlneso wators,
Bonding their crows to Hong Kong
and Wel-Het-Wol, In order to defend
these Important possessions against a
possible German attack.
PEKINQ, China, July 30. The oor-
mun troops forming tne guard at
Tlen-tsln made prcparaUons to-day
to proceed to Tslng-tau; which It Is
understood will bo attacked from the
sea by the Hrltlsh fleet Immediately
on a declaration of war.
The protection of foreigners
throughout China In case of necessity
will largely depend on the American
and Japanese Meets and tlio foreign
troops at the trcuty ports.
These Shoes Are the Very Ones
that Cammeyer Was Proud to
Sell You at
flhis Season.
Had a frice-Tunible
come "Truly Amazing
Rcflular Prices
Now They Have
and tte-Values.
Amid the huoand cry of "Special Purchases of Bankrupt Stocks"
and "Lucky liuys Irom Overstocked Manufacturers " this Sale
elands as a beacon lltfht to men and women desiring to wear
regular Cammeyer Shoes at Trices Greatly Lowered.
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if i! Q
fev1 1
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Shoe) means
Women's t3
low J0.65
hoe a
) I
Time. Hun
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Special for Thursday
m.nt of faT.rttM. to lneluli
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lluat "BTtrr-
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ipecio for Friday
iirrrKit i-kanitt ciikwino
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Dt.r, """VMr'nox 1UC
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itri The word. "Very, Utah tirade"
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plr, dlnpnl In rich
thrn rnirrnl wllli our In- "1 lA
rompnrnlilo rliArnlntr.
I'ni'Vii wot
nS t no i M : Ml., m I'.M
Okw. 1! lV
Clnw. U l M. jnej.
oiom. t i'. m.i at.. to r. u.
as east ass HTttKarr
OCom to V. H. Daily.
4ra.ro1.TON' at, bbooju.tr
OaMS 1MB r. I Kip,
Tna apMlfi.4
dm. T I'. Kl.. 10 r. at
cva e 30 I. m. t at.. u r. u.
U'anl II SO I'. II. IMIlf.
33 V.RHT 4th BTnrcKT
Clw 7 I. M.: K4t.. in p. tl
140th ST. THIRD AT.
CIomi 13 I', it. DOly.
4vuauirMav wuraw
1 If Qaa U r. at DaOt.
w.lfht InoludM ih roatalntr In ch caaa.
23 Jawils
Adjasted SO-Twr
Pilled littles
.;. an m
nen'a um BO-
ear Kol4 flBrd
ss vs.
Kt.it aM.H
lb. dlatloat aa
dmtaadiae tEjit
Uta manor
nfandad with la in
dar. tf ta.v ran ba
for Ira. IhaaSlOlSO.
nn. to a rtutomj. Othw Pjkta (
flllrd wutch.a a mil 0.
dtm rillrd,
Watchf. Diamonds. Jewttry.
Broadway. New Yrk
Onrn UnUI 8 o'clock. Satardara loaladd.

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