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- ' - - i in ii ii, i ii 1 1 m - - 1 1 hi mi i i Hi 1 1 i ii mi if it nui tii" -HMMf-jiriiiir-MMri i i t t i mn r "ii n r MMMf i
a . i
Spot Cash Diamonds
Sold at Saving Prices
Lamberts do not keep the dinmond cutters
waiting for their money. Wc nay suot cash for
$125 1uanllllt's f ''"c cut diamonds that we can
guarantee and wc import them direct to our
S150 cconomi-'nlly managed store. Hand made
mountings come from our own factory Solid
MOO i,4-knrnl or "olid 18-karat gold and platinum.
"w No waste or lots of efficiency anywhere.
S250 i ce. w,hn.1. tn,H sytero must mean to the
' buyer of a Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring,
whether he pay $10.00 or $1,500.00, or any price
Kxjcrts who
know watches as
wcM as you know
the way home,
and offer you
only the best pro
ducts of famous
factories, serve
you at Lamberts.
In the name of
the firm and by
its full authority,
they guarantee
every watch.
N o t e Sec
Bracelet Watches
$7.00 up. as gifts
to Indies.
LaillfV Solid M
karat Hold Watch,
bur ting car, fn
fin", turnrd: Wal
tham. Klgin or
wotks... $16.50
fiS,?.... $15.00
Silver A -
Cm $9.00
Men's. Solid 14
Vynt GoU Watch.
ung cane, to-
Hi turned: wal-
am. Elgin or
wotka... $25.00
fc... $22.50
Cae.... $10.00
No trouble at the factory ia too great
to make Lambert Seamleu Solid Gold
Welding Hing worthy ot their reputa
tloi.. Kacli is formal (rotn one piece
of cold and all guaranteed. All .tjlei,
abases, widths and thickneuri and en
graving dono free.
14-knrat, $3.30 up
18-lt.irnt, $4.00 up
ii-kurat. $5.25 up
14-kitntt, $4.40 up
i-Urnt. $7 .00 up
Third Avenue, Cor. 58th Street
Store Open Evenings Until 6. Saturday Nights Until 10.
Wonderfully Decorated Floats
and Cabs Vie for Honors
With Pretty Toddlers.
ounclay World "Wanls" Work Monday Morning Wonders
Many happy mothers are holding
up tht.V bablei to-day In Harlem and
telling the. ootsles. tootsies that they
are winners. And thvy are. For yes
terday waa Baby Day In Harlem. All
tits world knows that Harlem la hold-
I Ing a carnival. They have had auto
, mobile parades, Induatrlat shows and
all klnda of turnouts during the week,
and yesterday the great district
I across the river waa given up to Ita
youngeat lesldents,.
Tha little onaa were the whole
thing In Harlem while their parade
waa on. They atopped the cara
and kept busy Police Inapertor
Thomaa Hyan and 400 of hie men.
Oh, yea, It waa aome parade. And If
they we ttlvlng out prlzea for best
looking mothera well, there wouldn't
have been '.zea enough to go around,
From the eaat aide and the well
aide trooj .il tha toddlers. From four
sections of Harlem the lltin
formed. Ono group waa computed of
the kiddles living on Third avenuo and
cast of Third avenue between One
Hundred and Sixteenth and One Hun
dred and Twenty-fifth gtreota. The
second division comprised the bahy
boys and Kir Is nf the llronx nnl Har
lem between Third avenue and Fifth
avenue. The third section came from
Fifth avenue and west to Seventh ave
nue und north from One Hundred and
Tenth street. The fourth was made
up of the youngsters of .Seventh nvo
nue and west of that thoroughfare.
The Una formed lit One Hundred
and Twenty-fifth street and Lenox
nvenuo and wont down the latter to
Ono Hundred and Sixteenth street,
thunco to Mtidlson avenuo and north
I to Mount Morris Fork, where tho
Baby Who Won the First Prize
From 2,500 Competitors in Harlem
vision A nns marshalled bv Mrs. t.
A. Kerr and Ml Clifton: Division IJ,
Mrs. Alitermnn I'ouker and Mrs. Gor
don: Dltlslou C Mrs. I.ok.ui and Mrs.
Weaver; division 1, Mrs, Hart and
Mrs. Loomls.
! ' l t
1 1 , tT"
lllrin.r for frrsMrnt Scull.
Marnier. O. Heott will begin Nov. 1
his two-yesr term ss lrealUnt of thr
lnternntlnniit TyHiKrnihlettl t'nlon, and
next Sunday si 1 M. hi frlcml will
Rive htm n, dinner at Hlisnlry's, tlnvtd
way and Forty-third street. Ajiioiii
the sueita who will respond to tonnti
are Samuel Uompers, 1'reaUlent of the
AmerlrsntFrderntlon of Labor: James
M Lytieh, Commlsslmier of Labor: John
Mitchell. Compensation Commissioner:
James M. Duncan and James ,V lliyn
President and Heerttary retpctlvely of
the International Typographical Union.
Others Are Mlsslns; In Itulns
Fallen flnllillna.
MONTriOMKItY. Ala.. Oct. IT four
persons me known to hare brn killed
nnd several others arc mlnstnx as tlm
result of the collapse tn-day of a build.
Ins; at Hnmpiott, Ala. tampnu i Mi
miles south of this city.
Loses III 11-Vear-Old Hrtdr.
The attempt of Anthony Valentine of
No. iMO Clscn avenue, lltookljn. to
compel his fotirtrenyesr-old bride. Ilea-
lee, to live with htm was fnutrute.l
this mortunK. Valentine yesterday cnt n
wrll of Iiiiikus co pu dlreetlmt the Klrl's
father and mother to produce her In
Justice Manning of the Pupreme Court
decided thai the parents could net, on
)er the law, the girl permission t
Why Harden
Your Arteries?
For that is the result of sluggish
I 'i )our iwrL truni lcumli.f staa-
nont. U Diem there will bt no tbserp-
j rm, no pelaonlna of
....,.. ,,., ".J,.--) i. m. thai oramns.
O Pills iirsvsnl l:illuin.M lint-
ehe, Cnnstipiitlnn, Dlrtln-.. ami all atatn
sch Troubles (lei bn fslsht.
I Oe aje the tlnr
R k G PlMa. 20fl Centre Street, If. Y.
prlia winners were hailed and the
prlMs awarded. Not less than S.500
babies were In the procession, and
the good people ot Harlem gave them
140 prlzea. , .
All the toddlera were uccompnnled
by their mothera. their sisters and
their aunts. Sometimes fatbor showed
up. but the mascullno (fender wus
generally among the mlsslns;. And
Mm waa th tirnMleMt. And flS
the prlio awardors were women, this
algnera. Ordinary carriages there
wero wreathed with flowers, with
roses, yellow und pink nnd red nnd
white. Tho carriages hud been trans
formed Into aeroplanes and automo
biles with cute little angels for the
cnaurroura. Ouvea there wero In
plenty riding on baby's automobile
and neroplano and cart. The nies
sngu acnt out by Hnrlom's babies
was one or peace.
i.ittiu May lingers aat hnck In her
to tax tho genius of tho world'.i 3u?
Lord & Taylor
Murray Ilill 9000
Fifth Avenue, 38th Street, 39th Street
Unusually Good Values in
the Latest Styles of Winter
Coats & Dresses for Girls
Girls W inter Coats
Fcnturini? new enpe, flare and fur trimmed
styles, of zibcliuc nud wool plush.
Usualjy eiO.iO
Girls' Chinchilla Coats
Full length belted style, buttoning high ut
neck, silk serge lined. Sizes 0 to 14 ycur.i.
Usuully $12.50
Girls' Felveteen Dresses
Long wnisted model designed with contrast
ing silk. Special ut
Girls' Dresses, $5.95, $6.95 & $7.95
In serge, stripes and plaids, tunic and stnurt tailored effects.
Sizes 0 to 14 years.
Girls' Raincoats', with Hats
Special at $495 & $5 95
English belted styles of silk poplin and enntonette. Sizes
8 to 14 years.
Third Floor
' $9.50
A Very Special Offering of
Blankets, Comfortables
and Bed Spreads
, California Wool Blankfts
Single, full and extra large sizes,
$4-50, $5-50 & $6.75- Usually 85.50 to 8.00
All Wool Plaid Blankets
$4.85 & $5 J 5 Usually $0.00 & $7.00
Figured crepe mull, cotton filled Usually $4.50. .$2,Q5
Plain mull, wool filled Usuully $6.75 $475
Bed Spreads
Satin finish, usually $2.50 77777.7.". . .$1.95
Embroidered llntiste, single and twin size
Usually $0.50 and $8.50 each $4. 50 &$5.50
Sixth Floor
Muslin Sheets
Pillow Cases
63 x 09 05c 42 x 38 15c
72 x 99 72c 45 x 33 17c
81 x 99 78c 50 x 38 19c
00 x 99.. j 84c 54 x 38 21c
Second Floor .
Smart Millinery
At Much Less Than Usual Prices
Semi-Dress and Tailored Hats
SS'OO-Very Special Value.
Afternoon & Tailored Hats
SlO.OO, $15.00 & $20.00
Trimmed with ostrich, Paradise, goura, numidi and flowers.
Untrimmed Hats
Black and colored velvet, velour and Venetian velour shapes
in a large and varied assortment.
Sr. OS to $9.05
According to material.
Children's Misses' Tailored Hats
Formerly up to $0.05.
A Limited Number at $2.95 Usually 5.00
must havo been right. .corringe of whtto and green trim
uui 11 was a sigui unit imru'm n- i iuuiks unci ncr way wan marked by a
dom has seen, inoro wero more wiuio novo. In tho bill of thn dovo
babies on tho sidewalks than In tht was n pjreat golden ring and it mr
parudo. The streeta were llttorod wlthirlago bell hung abovo her tiny head,
baby carriages and thousands of "lit- llcneath tho ring was tho Inscription
tls bright eyes" were out on piomo-! "Fruit nf tho Wedding." May won
naae wun momor or iiuiso. i " , ino mini nrize.
he - I-asseT Sim. of th.p
went afoot, but most of them rod. In l.owHr'won 'Z'flrsrprl.o.0' .ohu
moat wonderful designs had been r 'l
woven Into and about the buggnt nor Hhe .. on,v -Vi,,;;" "f,,:;,.
that bore the babies. There woro her mo" ier Is Mrs nh?ni
floata and there was enough vnrlcl O'Connor of No. au A ""'Pi1 "
iilreil and N'lnrt(nth street.
Marlon Louisa Drecluler, eight
I months old, whose mother Is Mrs.
Margaret Droohsler of No. 2372 Hue-Ond-avonue,
won fourth prlto. Hue's
the prize baby of thn milk .mn.,,,
nnd weighs twenty. three pounds. Hho
weighed six und three-iiiartcr pounds
at her birth. Helen Cameron was
warded llrth prise. Her muther Is
Mrs. Holen Cameron of No. 207 Bast
i One Hundred and Twenty-fourth
street. Mildred Uroughton, two years
old, camo next. Her parents are
i John and Katherlne Uroughton of No.
243 East Onu Hundred and Twenty-
I third atreet.
The first boy to win a prise was
Itobeit Carvella, fourteen months old.
i His mother Is I.ucy ('arvell i and
lives at No. 27 Kast One HundreJ
and Klfteontb Htreet. Hubert CnnUllti
eon of Sophie Conklln of No. 226 Kast
One Hundred and Twenty. llrst street, i
waa noxt, and Irving Werner, whose
mother Is Catherine Werner nf No.
. 812 Hast One Hundred and Twenty- 1
second street, ngatn helped tho boyn' !
.v.u..,,. i,ID iiyun was ine ;
iciiwi (vinuer. nn bears tho sume
namo us her mother and lives at No,
2187 Third avenue. There were Just
130 other prlie wlnnors.
Nathan I.emleln was Chulrman of
tha pnrado and Airs. John II. I'arker
who has dono like service for the
Asbury Park baby parades, was thn
director and chief Judge. She wa
assisted by twenty more women. D.
Founded 1826
A Trimming Service free of charge if hata
and materials arc purchased in this section.
Corsage Bouquets and Shoulder Clusters,
50c, 98c and $1.3$
Fourth Floor
Grecian- Treco Corsets
For the woman of fashion, the Grecian-Trcco gives
the graceful, classic lines now fashion's ideal.
For the outdoor or sport-loving woriian, no more
comfortable and hygienic garment can be worn.
$3.00, $3.50, $5.00, $7.50, $IO.OO,
Custom Finish
plain Batiste '.T.Ti'.T, ;. .$5.00
Figured Batiste $7'50
Coutil $IO.OO
Second Floor
rn til u .. t . ... ... . .
. L '" 't. nisi, ( II
o'eloeh, lh must rrnmrlislile nffrr ner
made In this or anr olher rlly, Immrillatelr I
u'u if.rrnr or min HUkerll-rinrnt 1
r P'see on sale one let nf nine huiidml
STi' U!i,r.,i,?.n.i"l!?,. '' '"": .Ire"
" n.irnr. hi en. 11 eaen.
We il.h U einphsklie the fact llml dir. el
law. Hr aollil NK, Hold through .ml.
inrousii snq mainpisi in the mrlal, o there
ten 'm no ml.take. The nioirnirnls ure 17 1
JrHrlled snl aitjualed, tcrr one of thee
"mir. win im Mini nun llle (ll-llllet Un.
ilrr.lunillnc Hist If hejr in lie ilupllraleil 1
hy mi Jrwellrr In the I nllril Ntale nr
le Hum aun.lHI . Mill refaiKl tlie money I
eirry ceiil of It Hlthoul iuir.iiwii. i,ii
isri nur nruien suarsiiiee mi ine lime or i
-theAute. lie aure tn arn iM inr r..ilninBii
Kltra II lo u. Jllat 11. K Jour Jrttrllrr Ilia
. a.rli.M ff,.v 1. vailll.in.iiV .la. u.ll.l . I If S.
I7lrvellel Wstrll. oil nil) then rrsllie
what lltla otfrr mrMin. lo ju. ro-ltltel;
liu limll orilera ellll lw f llti-al or (leiilr-ra aiii.
jiru. ajini f r ,.,(,. ,omi.n 111 aril llirin
'at lliie nrlra alter Ii uMork Haturday nlllit,
.flrt. II lil.
I. (Ml Alarm t'lork free
Willi rrr Milrli to.ilaf
anil to-morrow (Orl 7lh
ami Hi I. UXH,), louiouat
ore.rnl this rouiwn.
N. II. We slav liaie a inoal mat nlflrrnt
atork of hollil (iolcl tVntebea from fuii.O.i
lo Sinil.tMl at cut pnrea. Only a few are
mentioned here.
tnt.OOholld IS-K. Gold nit
UI.U0 Solid 1K-K. Cold
8(. 0 Solid li-K. Cold n
86.00 Solid 14-K. Gold 40
I6.t0 SOIId 14-K. UOld at
I hare na eannerflaai
Willi tin lion nut float?
(which waa nia4s ia Iml.
lata mlntl. Anr of dif cwtuam in.
Iiara Dwasht coaiU Ihrrs br mlilaka will
K? ILRlTKSmiilTi w ' "
James McCreery & Go.
34th Street
5th Avenue
Remarkable Values
On Wednesday, October the 28th.
Purchattn will appear on bill rendered December ifye let.
Exceptional Values
Trimmed Hats in distinctive new styles.
, i
Choice collection of two, three and four cornered Hats i
in the latest colorings, including Sand, Cerise, Tele dc Negre l5,uo
and White or Black. Also small Sailors, smartly trimmed oo nn
with fur and flowers.
Fur Coats, Muffs and Neckpieces, introducing many novel effects in luxur
iouh uh well as the more practical garments, at popular prices. '
An unusually lartfe assortment of Fur Trimming, at low prices.
Unusual Values
Persian Lamb Coats, made from lustrous pelts, with collar of Natural Skunk, 40 itohe
lonK 145.00
Hudson Seal Coats, made from Selected Skins; thrrn-quartcr length . . . . .9s!fJ0
Extra Large. Slfe Hudson Senl Couts, 44 to AO-inch bust !!!!!!!!!! !l25!00
Black Russian Ponyskin Coats 29 in
Dyed Blue Fox Muffs ZZ'zZ
Dyed Blue Fox Scarfs 1 i .'.'.'.!!.'.'.'!."!.'.'.'.'.' i .' 65.00
Blended Hudson Bay Sable Muffs, four skins .............:.. 85 00
Blended Hudson Bay Sable Neckpieces I..!.!..!!..!.. 45 00
Natural Skunk M tiffs, large size ' 3250
Natural Skunk Scarfs 18 50
Remodeling: Coats, Muffs arid Neckpieces made into the latest models, at
low prices.
Considerably Reduced
Ten-picce Suite, 'as illustrated, Colonial model. Made of the fine -l VI. I.
e"I,P('iul,y for -I0"16" McCreery & Co. Suite includes, Buffet, China Closet. Extension and Servini
regularly 825.00,
Special Values in WINDOW HANGINGS
Imported Cretonnes, various designs; fast colors yd. 25c, 35c and 48a
formerly 4.1c, 55c and 75c
Imported Casement Cloths formerly 1.50, 1.75 and 2.25 . .yd. 75c, 95c and 1.25
Imported Novelty Nets formerly 50c, 70c to 1.46 .yd. 35c, 55c to 1.15
Imported Madras formerly U5c, 45c and 5c yd. 22c, 30c and 45c
Imported Sunfast Fabrics, beautiful designs and colorings yi . 85c, 95c and LIS
Exceptional Offerings
Brass Bed, as illustrated, four-post Colon
ial model. All sizes. 19.50
regularly 87.00,
Brass Bed. as illustrated, Colonial modelt
bright or dull finish. All sites. 25.09
regularly 42.00
aj OaTa Walskss. Dtaaiaaiia, JewaJr.
,180 Aftawty. New uk
rtM,.. -, .--.,-;-. .,X rai.

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