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MOJTDAY, MOVIHBI1. 16, 1014.
rm nnuTrunT ip
imrr nw nnnnrr.
'4 iy.ini ii in rniiiii n
xinwiuv isi i iiuui.ii
rsWallslein Applies for Order
-5 $o Compel Hcllchstcin lo
Answer Questions.
tjuaoaard M. Wallitfln, Com m In
iMtr of Accounts, who linn been
IK ifraktil Into the Hoard of Coroner at
sajr W" io uio nujireme unuri lor
MtWUnni for the arrest of Coroner
Bmim llcllcnstfln for contrmpt In
MMMBir to. anawer qiirntlons put to
Mm during an Inquiry Into hln olTlco,
TSTllHCtlM Wrnnn M. H.ivli tinnn tli
Hon made by. Corporation
Polk, l-nl nn order direct-
itaoanatctn to snow causa on
, ITat 10.10 A. M. In Tart I. of
mreme Court why he should
tx arrested.
Maay chance arlnt the Coroner
Ml forth In the application, to
With the queatloii which he
to anewr on the around that
In haul no authority to Inquire
conduct of hla office. The
ft 'aw
Mill fl'Q Tnuriic
icrnMF rn&Trn
n cross, feverish and sick
give "California Syrup
of Figs."
v i"fejMNi love tnta irini laiauvr.
MM; Mtaiaf we manses me tenoer
:,AMMet liver aad bowels so nicely.
; awu simply win not nop piaying
i aaaaay um dowcm, ana ine reeuu is.
u Manny cioggea wun wsju,
JjgUb, stomach sours, than
i shmcobm eroM. half-tick.
. aW't eat. sleen or act naturally.
, la baa1. aytUm (ull of oald.
tHroat, atwMan - acae or
LUtaa, Motaert See II
ItlMMMtrtkM Itva a Uaaaooafwl
Mm Sjmm & W md la a
MM aM tfca eoatlt4 watta, aour
aesaeeted footl paiaea out of
mnQ roHMve .wcii, piay.
m af Matkm give "Catiforala
-hacaiiae it' if nerfeetlv
i aaUaW love It. and-it aevtr
lt a tka itoaach. liver aad
wnugWt (or a AO-eent bottle
rmUrrapof Flam," which
rectleetf 'loc pautea, awiaren
auad. for arowB-uni plainly
mm tka bottle. Beware of coun-
&ald kerp. . 'GfV the aenulne.
,1b; "umaM rw ayrup
,H ; atafw .W other
t. AdVT.
kad with
cKarcea are eumma'riaed' aa followa:
Thot ho haa fallM to comply with
the administrative practice of the
Conmht'b offlco.
That Improper, lnndqun(e, Innuffl
clont iiml Iniux-tirnln etatnmente n
to tlm rnliuNt of dth liavo Wn nu
Ih"n1lcnlrd ly the nlKtinturn of llel
That tin lim fnllcil to direct that
niitojiilri I mi mndo win-in thny wire
nccfary to ncorlaln with rneon
alito rnrulnty the rnu of drxth, nnd
Hint lin hnji failed particularly In one
rain wherein the llnhlllty itt Inmir
anco companlen iipin pollclee Iwiuod
liy thutn on thn derwiepd win depen
dent upon thn question na to whithor
(li-nne(l had rome to liln df;alh hy
eiilclitn or natural rauw,
That wlilln occupylnr hla offlT,
Coroner III llnalii (inn nnllcltod
from vnrloua Inmiranco companion,
employment by thnrn or In their li
half In spile, of the fact that thn
Inuirnnre comimnlen were liitrrnntcd
In certain owiej potnllnn.
That hu luiit fallodj to nulipdena wit
nearer, at Inqiiente when he knew
they wero mnllnlile and neceaiary,
That lie linn participated In the.
concealment of the Identity or nn
individual In n cane which camn to
lilm olllcliillv wherein llio pu'd linll
vldual could, liy the ntulltiK of the
coroner and Jury, havn lienn rharKo I
with civil or criminal liability.
That he han token ennne from other
roronera where hla frlenda were
Interested In the proceeding or In
I he outcome of them.
That lie linn BUKKantcd thn appoint
ment of ceitalu counnel to appear nt
That he linn rromly mlnnlated the
law to JOrorn nlttlnK before him.
Tlmt he han allowed defendnnta ta
pick Jurorn to nit nt Inqueeta.
It In nlleRed liy wnlMtoln that It
wnn necroniry to hi InventUntlon
that the qunntlone cnncernlnir. the
charxea cnuiuornted be annwere'd In
Bullet Goes Through Her Head and
Smashes Looking Glass She
Used in Hiring Shot.
faixrUI in Th Rtmliit WotU.)
Mm. Kmll O. Miller, 48 yeara old, wife
of a prominent Maybrook contractor,
hot and killed heroeU to-day aa ahe
atood before a mirror. The bullet
went completely through her head
and amnahed tho mirror.
No reason can be ojulnned for the
act, aa tho woman woe apparently
happy. At the time of the ahootlny
Mra. Mlller'a huaband waa talking
over tho telephone with a neighbor,
ile heard the ahot and. dropping the
receiver, runhed upatalra aj)d .found
hla wife dead.
"""rre" t.mnr' a Baafcrapt.
Frederlrk l.undy of Hmmona avenue,
Bhepnheaa nay, former Democratic
imdrr of the fllateenth Aaaemhty Dta
trlnt end once Iteglnter of Ktngi County,
lo.day Med a voluntary Mtltlnn In bank.
ruplcy before Judge Chatflel4 la United
Hlatrn DUtrlct Court. Brooklyn. He
clven bin llebllltlea aa fll.MT.IO and hla
neU ti6,3Sz.tO. l.undy, who la In the
nnn ana oyaier Dunneaa, given ine ret
non for hl action aa a nurplua of nn
collectable acoounta.
Yegganea allaw Olaa Can iale.
(RpndtJ Ui TU Dtataa WwU.I
HRMPHTKAD, N. T Nov., !. For
the toeond time within a year yeggmen
vlatted the railroad atallon at Olen Cove
and blew the eafe. obtaining aeveral
hundred dollar. The jiafa In the office
of the Adam Kipren Company, nearby,
waa aiao mown ana iv itoitn.
"Charity Begins at Home," Is
Slogan of Red Cross's
New Rival.
A crowd choked Iltnad si reel In
front of No. 5ft from noon till 1
o'clock to-day. A man atood on a bor
rowed stool In the middle of the etreet,
and there the American White (!ron
Hoclety wan born. It motto In "Char
ity betel nn at hlme," nnd It haa de
clared war on the Ited Cronn and the
Itorkefellnr Foundation.
IVaneln Ixiw, nn ex. soldier, of No.
S Went One Hundred and Third
etreet, put nn advertisement In the
Hunday pupera calling a meeting of
all former member of the army, the
navy, the National Guard and the
Naval Itatalllon, at present without
employment. Hut thn ownera of the
building at No. to Jlroad atreet
wouldn't lot (he 114 men that an
swered meet there. They moved over
to the Htvn House, No. 19 Broadway.
with scores of added followers, but
the police were called. Then Ixjw got
n permit to hold a meeting on the
si rem.
Ile aay there are 1,100 former aol-
dlera and nnllom In New York unable
to get work, eo the White Cro I
organ I ted "to demand employment
from reserve banks, banker, broker,
railroad, teaman I p companlea, man
ufacturern, city and Htate govern
mente, trust and other large em
ployer of labor, skilled and ttn
skilled, for men who have faithfully
served their country In time of peace
or war; to discourage any further col
lection ny the American lied Cross
from charitably Inclined men and
women for relief abroad until the de
serving widow nnd orphan of ol
dlera and sailors or unemployed of
either claaa ara peaflded for at home;
to prevent the uocxereiier Foundation
or any other ao-caiied American
foundation sending money or supplies
to Europe until nn equal amount la
act aalde ror the American whlto
Cross for the relief of those )fCer!ng
at home."
Until the latter aim la aocompilalied.
Low told the crowd, the White Croaa
waa going to picket peacefully and
In a military way tho headquarter
of thene chaiitlea. At noon to-mor
row the member will begin their
mnroh nt No, SA Broadway, the Hock
feller Foundation.
"It'a not gnmgto be an Upton Sin
clair or I. W, W. roughhnuse." lw
Insisted. MIe explained the marcher
would circle the block Broadway,
iveaver nireeu new street ana kx
change Place o aa not to run afoul
of the police. Aero the atreet from
No. 21 iiroaaway will De a me
pot" for contribution. The march
era will wear no Insignia except their
nuttona aa army or navy veteran
Later they propose to picket the
office of Jacob H. Hchllt, treasurer of
the Ited Cronn. at Kuhn, Ioeb ft Co.'
office, No. 61 William atreet, and af
terward Andrew Carnegie' home will
tie picketed. . Hot coffee will bo served
an picket, who remain on duty two
hours or more.
After the street meeting to-day the
pickets go together and Ixiw piannen
n call thin nflernoon on .Mayor ami
chel at tlio head of n committee of
five to snk his help In securing em
ployment for the ex.soldlors nnd sail
or. Iw said thoy were going to
eet the Mayor treasurer of the
Whlto Croaa. Ho Inn already pre-
sen ted a petition to the Hoard of Ke
tlmate naklng that th, old City Col
leg at Twenty-thlrd atreet nnd Le,x-
Inilnn avonu tut nt anlilo for the Use
of the White Cross and expect n de-
clelon Friday. He projone to rtir
nlsh engineers and stokfrs, Ac, to
hent and run the building, so mat
member of the Whlto ("rowi enn use
In a a lodging house.
laveHate Heath of llrnatklyn llrp-
reaentatlvr'a Itrnthrr,
(KperUl fl Tit rnin WorM.I
NRWAItK, Nov. 16. An nutopny per
formed to-dny by County Physician
McKennle shows thst Hamuel Men,
forty-five, n brother of Hepresjntatlve
Met of Itrooklyn, and former Comp
troller of New York, died liut night as
a result or a rrauuron mini, jun nm
he received (tint frocture the l'rose-
cutor's detectives nro now Investigating.
Mttl illrtl nuildeiily In the csfo of
William llohrer. No. 41 Wavnrly uvenuc.
tin asked ixtinlnnlon lo rent In the
saloon and n few minutes later wan
found ded.
M.II liven m pm J- wuiiiiibii nirri
Ills family lived nt No. Ill Ulliaheth
avenue. Meli was employed In
York City a a travelling salesman. I
Mrs. Met said to-day that Representa.
live Metz will personally look Into the
fact concerning hi brother' death. ,
llohrer, the saloon proprietor who"
found Met iled, and Clinrles Wolpert
of No. 129 Quitman street, were que-.
Honed hy the police. !
by adding
vtnerne I
Bleaks, Chops
Itoast Iteef
Corned Beef
Dolled Ham
MAXES Hot and Cold Meat Tatty
Al Delicatessen aad Orectry Htere.
All lost er fenad artlelsa mim
vsrll.ed In The World will fa
llntril si The World's Inform.
tlon llaresu. 1'utlUer Building
Arrile, l'srk Hnw World's
I'plown (Wdre, aorthwest ror
ner flilh Nt. aad Mraadwart
World'a Harlem Offlte, 1KB
Went IStSlh HU, and World'
llrookln Offtre, 202 WsAhlng.
ton HU, Ilrooltln, for !IO day
following tho printing of U
To mnko lino candles, something '
more id needed than fine materials
There's 40 yeara of success behind
every box of
Vw! t,
At Leading Druggist and at our Stores
Ituylcra Cocoa, Uhs Huylcr'a Candy, is supreme
fates FirtftlK. CBlett
3 ( IMM )
4 Fviiike4l
f 174.
I3.N Down on it Wortfc
1 NEAR 8 AVt.
Sunday World Wants
Work Monday Wonders.
Mnatrd I JjO-y! MlWiiUfl UMA
Mga)wjvv-n anarvi ll.vi ! sg( VUiH4tm(lTT,
ewuoi i i
$385 $6,000
Lm K mm . . ri
:0- We are the largest dealers in the world in Oliver and Natural
ri Black Fox. In order o dispose of the valuable collection of
M skins now on hand we will offer two-skin Sets, muff and scarf,
rki'for two weeks only, at
k3 i
m :
.V 4
We also offer at special prices for the same period the follow-
Is inor vrv flpirAme furs:
. ..
rcrspaii L,aiiiu wufiLa 7vu aiiu paou
ftmm awa ma1a w 4tltn -KAr mj1a1c Af inllinn Iahiv V. am1Ib
ktwA cuffs of the Lamb, or in a contrasting fur. Fine selected
Stfossy skins.
Dyed Blue Fox Sets $65 and $85
Scpf These are choice White Fox skins, dyed the color of Natural
l'plue Fox, the season's most fashionable fur.
&tlr DvpH Black Pmr Sets nnd 7
! , Cross Fox Sets $100 to $150
ltThese values can only be appreciated by examining the goods.
$ J West 34th Street, New York
"And your soup was
"Thank yon. I thought so myself. But
don't blame me. It waa
Campbell's Tomato1 Soup
"I find it is always perfection for any
dinner that is not too heavy."
And many a clever hostess will say
the same thing. For this delightful soup
although rich in quality has a snappy zest
which whets the appetite for all that fol
lows. And it is readily pre
pared in various different ways
to be as light or as hearty as
We authorize the grocer
to refund your money if
you're not satisfied and we
refund his.
OF FIR fsmttir-MtdmAM
Mat aatat
1S.M Ttisrsri5'
.cane panel, S1.IS $aj
3K0UMS SSp a A ftp f RUOMb AJ fA
ccker. t.lB: -aluc to
ChSlr. S.SS; value tu
Three More Days of the
Pure Food Sale
Mnnrlnv TllocrloTf ArVpflnMflnV
W At All 235 James Butler Inc. Stores
WW w . aV T n ir-a a rf"V 1 TT! 1
Lowest if rrcesm i ears t or Best quality r oous
New Season's Pack just received of the Best Standard Quality
cw,d3?ohd fc5 Kits 9, yi o
lOcvalue, cut for this rTOTC
sale to the sensation- LH Vdll
ally low price of . . . LXW
Libby's Tomato Soup,
Large Can,
Triumph Oatmeal, t
Largest 10c Package highest grade, fresh from the mill aLF
Pure Milk Unsweetened Every Can Guaranteed
Lakeview Milk
Evaporated Whole Milk. Rich In Cream. Absolutely Healthful.
Evaporated Milk
The Famous Belle Brook Thicker Ithan Cream
Tall 10c
Prepared Buckwheat, oc
Peerless Brand; fresh and new; self-raising; large 15c package. . . . J- J
Pears Es 4 AcSpinachJJs3Qc
Lnrgc No. 2 can of choice, ripe, I II Clean, new, freah glnl -ZW
new fruit, in heavy syrup. . . JL packed; free from grit, J vUn
Grape Fruit ii i 4C; 2 7C; 3 10c
Potatoes, Best Selected 6lbs 10c
Toilet Paper...:.. 3, Sac 10c Pails, fttf.!!:..;. 15c
At All 35 James Butler Inc. Meat Markets
Extra Specials for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Pork Sausages, fresh made lb. 18c
Corned Spare Ribs lb. 11c
Helnz's Sauerkraut '. .3 lbs. 10c
Uorquill.d it tbt pri: In fltvor.'srant aad "Cup.Qudlrjr."
Choice blend of A Q I Het Wend ol ftA
Maracaibo and I Xf Mararaibo and 1 1
M.J'Ki SnntM. Ih BBlda.
Sirloin Steak, best cuts lb. 12c
Fancy Fowl, extra value lb. 18c
Hams, choice sugar cured lb. 18c
Santos, lb.
OA Stamps FREE with 1-Ib. QP
Ov Very Choicest Coffee 09C
New Teas,
Ceylon, uoione,
Enelish Breakfast. .IV
or Mixed; pound, vw
j ifrC Slimps FiEE with each hdi
At All 131 James Butler Inc. Licensed Stores
Port and Sherry
50c "- 25c
Selected M
California 1
Guinness's Stout
and Bass Ale
World's Two Best Brews.
2 bottles, 25C 3 Splits for 25C
Allowance ot IScperdoien pint and 100 per dosaa inllta
We Give &K Stamapa.
. 1'
-yaM --mm Ma
w a
. - mm
'"TZViy .Tr'tT"! ..."
.. . I. .1

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