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; mmw f TIVTWa WfllT.n. . TTTIIdAT. VOT1V111 17.
ktidaa flora He. Paula.
Contribution of Knickerbocker panta
for orphaned boy of l'rance and Bel
turn are aollcltetl by I ho women of the
Oerclo Krniico-Ainrrlcnii, who are mak
ln up ti alilpmrnt of clothing for women
nnct children nmilo honulrra by the
Generous rcaponaoa to appeals for
yy, money with which to help the homeless
aro belnc nmilo to pr. Kdounrd Hllti
of No. 540 Wert One Hundred and
Korly-alxth atrcct, who la treasurer of
t tha rlrrlr. Women nicnihera are col-
lectin clothing, which tho Cnmpalgnle
Uenernlo Trnnsntlnntlqua agree to
r carry free. The women have received
every t-ori ni wcaruiB appirci except
Doys irouscra.
Oranit fur the I'rnltenlarr
,( Through the effort iff the nev.
Charlca Tinker, aupcrlntcndent of the
V Vjr 'I'rotcatnnt Kplacopal City Mission, and
Jr. Chaplain S. Jlolatcnd Watklna of the
V5 'Penitentiary, the large pipe organ of
' . i. rt. . . t. . . ti l .1 tl..l.l.
Madison Acnun and Klghty-nlnth
street, lms been donated to the Peniten
tiary, on HlnckweU'H Island. The organ.
Which consists nf over 4,000 parts, la
now being Installed In the north end of
ihe main prison, and will bo first played
on fiuntfay afternoon, is or. .J.
2 I
Police to Comb City to Reg
ister Names of Black
Hand Men Also. '
"Get a Box
' Look at our advert iscmenta you will
always read "Get n Ilox To-night."
For Constipation, Headache, Bilious
new and Indigestion Get a Box To
For Pimple, Blotches and Sallow
Skin Get a Hot To-night.
Use as directed.
TI am Km n.nlsrh. Ilia. UfO Jia Hat
R4G Pills, 20S Centre Street. N.,Y.
Scores of Detectives Busy
Trying to Run Down
Terrorist Plotters.
IL -
Mutterole Leotcni up THom Stiff
Joint DrUes Out Pain
You'll know why thousands use
MUSTEROLK once you experience the
glad relief it gives. ,
Get a iar at once from the nearest
drug store. It is a clean, white oint
ment made with the oil of mustard
Better than a mustard plaster and does
nfi. blister. Brings ease and comfort
Vn (. t i i
, wnno u is wring ruuucu uni
I MltKTKimi.K ' rernmmpnded l.v
doctors and nurses. Million of jars are
used annually for Bronchitis, Croup,
Stiff ?eU Allimn. NtirftiffiA. PnnB..
tion, Pleurisy, Rheumatism, hurabago.
Pains and Ache of the Back or Joints,
CZC Sprains, Sore Muscles, Bruises. Cliil-
, Mains, Frosted Feet, Colds of the Chest
"lC (it often prevents Pneumonia).
At your druggist's, in 44c and 80c jirs,
-Si and a special large hospital size for $2.80.
Be sure you get the genuine MU
il TEROLK Refuse imitations get what
you ask for. The Musterolc Company,
Cleveland, Ulno. ,
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get
at the Cause and Remove it.
No less than forty .clues are engag
ing the attention of the detectives
searching for the man who placed a.
lighted bomb In the Centre Street
Police Court, In tho Criminal Court
Building, on Saturday morning.
Every plain-clothe man who can
be spared la worklne on the cose.
Among them la George I O'Connor,
tho young policeman who saw the
bomb and carried It out at the riak
of hi life. Ho was promoted to the
Detective Bureau to-day, thus achiev
ing his life's ambition and gratifying
his father, who Is a detective attached
to the Police Department ot Worces
ter, Mass.
Police Commissioner Woods to-day
Issued', special orders prompted by the
bomb outrage. Iu compliance with
these, patrolmen started to-day to
make a census of all known Anarch
ists, Nihilists and Black Hand 6per
ators In New York.
Each patrolman Is to ascertain It
there are any ot these persons on Ms
beat aud turn In the names ot such
to his precinct commander, who will
send them to the Detective Bureau
Inspectors have been ordered to
Instruct all precinct commanders to
pay particular attention to the pro
tection ot churches, public buildings
and the homes at Judges and city
officials. Every public building In
tho city Is under guard day ajid night
nnd Judges who are known to have
Incurred the open enmity ot Anarch
ists or criminals are under the car
of detectives
Alexander Berkman told an Evening
World reporter ,a few months ago
that thoro are between 11,000 and 12,
000 avowed Anarchists In this city.
Most of these are enrolled and are
regular attendants at meetings.
heavy pcrcontago of the rank and file
of Anarchists lives on tho East Side
downtown or In Harlem.
All known Anarchist leaders and ngl
tators aro under constant surveillance.
There aro Anarchist groups In which
the English language Is never spoken,
for the reason that few ot the mem
bers can speak or understand English
Thcjie groups are difficult problem's,
hard to locate and enter.
Tho police authorities In charge ot
the bomb Investigation aro convinced
Dr. KilnaraV Olive Tablata. th sub-
atltuta far '1oml. act nentlr on tha
bowala and positively do the work.
People afflicted Willi bail brrntli fina
quick relief through Dr. Howards' Olive
Tablets. The p'easant, auarnr.coited tib
ials are taken fur bad breath by all who
'-know tlicm.
Dr. EilwrtrdV Olive Tablets act gently
but firmly on the IkiwhIh nnd liver, atlni-
tha blood and sently purlfylmt the entire that the bomb outrage aro Instigated
''Ti. . by persons engaged in spreading
...v .... ,114b nM.wt, it.ii,Dun caiuuiei
doea without nny of the had after effects,
All the benefit of nasty, "Ickenlnr,
srlplns cathartics are derived from Dr.
Kdwards' Ollvo Tableta without arlplnf.
pain or dlsagreeablo effecta of any kind.
Dr. F. M. Kdwarda discovered the for
mula after teventeen years of practice
, arsons patients afflicted with bowel and
' lxmr rnmnlnlnt with i'i- ,,.. .
..... . nitU.iii uma
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tableta are purely
a vecetnble compound r UeJ with olive oil;
...J'OU will know them by their olive color.
i Take one of two every nlrht for a week
and note the effect. 10c and '-'5c per box,
7) All drugglitx. -
The Ollvo Tablet Company, Columbus, o.
propaganda of terror. They antlcl
pate that other bombs will be planted
In the near future unless the vigilance
of the police prevents.
It the planting ot bombs continues
It Is only aNquestlon of time mjtll
somebody is killed. No one reallzos
this more keenly than do Commls
Rloner Woods and Inspector Ksrurot of
theDetectlve nurcau. They are bend
Ing every effort to find the ringleatl
ers. The appronch of roldweather,
KMKmwxm fa m ra an nsjMija
I attended by unprecedented conditions
of unemployment, ndds to the danger.
Owen Kagan, Inspector of Combus
tibles, and known'as the bomb expert,
said to-day that not two of the
twenty bombs sct'off In this city dur
ing the past month were constructed
alike. f
"One would conclude,'" said Kngan,
that the bombs we have, hern both
ered with during the past thirty days
have been made by as, many tllffarent
gangs. It would be natural to sup-1
pose that It one or two gangs of de
fitructlonlsts were operating through
out the city there would be a uni
formity In the make-up of their en
gines of death.
I -And t.ie bombs of the past thirty
days divided Into three classes. Gen
erally speaking, the ipowder bomb
seems to be the most 'popular.' Per
haps this la because plain powder Is
easier to obtain than either dynamite
or chemicals.
The dynamite bombs are not
made from explosives of that class
purchased In this State, for we have
very strin;:ont law which prohibits
tl.j sale of dynamite to any but re-
ponslble persons. New Jersey seems
to be an open market for dynamite.
Again we nave traced dynamite found
In an east side barber shop to Cali
"The bomb exploded In St. Patrick's
Cathedral was made of dynamite:
those of the Bronx County Courthouse
were of chemicals, and the Tombs
bomb was filled with black powder.
"The Tombs bomb seems to be a new
Idea. It resembles somewhat In
mechanism the bomb planted In the
Italian Consul General's office at No.
215 Lafayetto Street last April."
Three- tna' Iteaolt of Tllrlr I'ln)
Imk WltH Mntrhra.
Klre CommlslunT Ailamton said to
day that 1tt rlnar the laat three da) a
tnenrj-nlne flrea had been started by
hlldren In Manhattan.
"We are about td beln the teaching
of fire prevention to the chllJrcii In the.
schools," continued the Conimlaoloiicr.
"The fact that we continue In have na
many na twenty-nine flies In three da) a
fiom children plnylns; with mntrhra Indi
cates c ottxht to boKln tenrhltig flrn
prevention to Krown-ups as well."
A Happy Bald Headed
Well-Known Politician Nearly Dald
Now Has New Growth of Hair.
Tells How He Did It?
A western politician, well known on
account of his baldness and ready wit.
surprised his friend by appearing
with a new growth of hair. .Many of
his old friends did not know him and
others thought ha had a wig. On be
ing asked how he did it, he made the
following statement: "I attribute the
remarkable growth of my hair to the
use of the following rlmplc recipe
which any lady or gentleman ran mix
at home: Td a half pint of woter add
1 oz. of bay rum, n small box of Ilarbo
Compound and U ot. of glycerine.
Apply to the scalp two or three limes
a week with the finger tip. It not
only promotes the growth of the hair
but removes dandruff, sculp humors.
and prevents inc nnir irom tailing out.
It darkens streaked, faded, gray hair
and makes the hair soft and glossy.
These ingredients can be purchased
at any drug store at very little cost
and mixed at lioiue." Advt.
UT of your bath and in
about three minutes you will
start another spick-and-span
outfit on the road to rack and
ruin. 4
Still a minute! Your mother
puts in a gcod part of her day
fussing with the things you
wear. And she has always
seen here at Best's such a pro
fusion of lace and silk and fine
linen that maybe she has over-
looked our endless variety of
slam-around things at pin
money prices.
As soon as you think you
can talk enough real English
so that she cqn at least make
believe understand it, may we
ask a favor- of ylu? Quit
wiggling! Just tell her what
we have said?' '
t ilK Atinm. rfil .We, Cerner a )lt Slrel
James McCreery & CnC
34th Street
5th Avenm
Sunday World "Wants" Work Monday Morning Wonders
Exceptional, Values at
In order to make our
Hosiery Department
better known we are
offering some excep
tional values for to
morrow only
Silk Hosieryfidc.Excel.
cnt quality, with cotton
tops and soles, in black,
white and staple shades.
Regular value $1.C0.
Lisle Hosiery, special at $1.85 for
half dozen pairs, value $3.00. Of fine
quality with deep lavender tops.
Two-ioned Silk and Lisle Stockings,
assorted colors, $1.25. Value$1.95.
Black Silk Lisle Stockings,
with wide tops, $2.75 a half dozen.
Value 75c each.
1. yfTs.
Murray Hill gooo
Lord & Taylor
Fifth Avenue, 38th Street, 39th Street
Music Daily Luncheon and AJternoo)i Tea, io A. M. to 5 P. M., Tenth Floor.
rounded 1S26
An Especially Prepared Sale of
Winter Coats for Women, Misses &
Beginning To-morrow, Wednesday
Remarkable Values
?i ' '-' A Magnificent Assortment of Styles to Select from
Misses' Coats
Misses Clever Coats
Full flare belted models of chinchilla,
and boucle cloth with soft silk lining
nnd warmly interlined; belt of plush,
iiigh storm collar. Usually $20.00 J
Misses Coats
Attractive models of novelty mixtures,
chinchilla and plush, soft silk lining
and warmly interlined.
Usually $25.00 to $27.50
Misses'- Smartest Coats
Of heavy ribbed corduroy, seal plush
and novelty mixtures, with low
belted waist effect, some of the
models fur irimmed.
Usually 930.00 & $32.50
Misses Fur Trimmed Coats
Of corduroy, plush, novelty stripe ef
fects and broadcloth, all the full flare
models. Usually up to $40.00.
Women's Coats
. Sample Line of
Afternoon & Evening Coats & Capes
Of velvets and broadcloths .
Special at $25.00
Girls' Coats
Girls Coats
Smart tailored models of zibcline,
duvetyn and mixtures, warmly lined.
Sizes 0 to 14 years. Usually $12.50
Girls' Coats
Embracing nUrnctive styles of chin
chilla, zibcline and novelty coating.
Sizes 6 to 14 years. Usually $15.00 J
Girls' Dressy Coats
Of corduroy, zibcline and wool plush,
includinc fur trimmed styles.
Usually $17.50 J
Girls' Coats
' Cape and fancy tailored models of
wool dIusIi. corduroy nnd novelty
coatings. Usually $19.50 J
Girls' Coats
Exclusive models of corduroy, velvet,
zibcline and fancy weaves.
Usually to $22.50
Women's Fur Collared Coats
For street, afternoon or dressy wear,
the new flare model in an excellent
quality of broadcloth,, handsomely
lined with penu-de-cygnc and warmly
interlined. Black, tctc-de-ncgre, navy
blue, egg-plant and Russian green.
Usually $45.00
Women 's Broadtail Cloth Coats
For street or dressy wear, lined and
interlined. Usually $45.00
100 Women's Smart Coats
For street or afternoon wear, of wool
plush, zibeline, corduroy and fancy
velvet; lined and interlined.
Usually $35.00
Women's Black Velour & Fur
Collared Corduroy Coats
For street or dressy occasions, all
beautifully lined1 and warmly inter
lined. Usually $30.50
Juniors9 Coats
Juniors Coats
New model of cheviot, military collar
finished with fur, deep yoke effect.
Usually $lfi.50.
Juniors' Coats
Of all wool chinchilla, wide box-plcnt
back with belt. Navy, brown nnd
grny. Usunlly $10.50 J
Juniors' Coats
New up-to-date model of pebble
cheviot, yoke lined with self material,
circular effect finished with deep belt.
Usually $20.00
Infants' Coats
Imported Corduroy Coats
The best quality corduroy in black,
navy and brown. Sizes I to 0 years. t
Formerly $0.50.
Peter Pan & Baltnacaan Coats
In plain and mixed materials. Sizes 1
to fl years. Special
A Few Models in Plain W Dressy Coats
at Great Reductions (sizes broken)
, $4-50
Third Floor
On Sale Wednesday and Thursday
An attractive assortment of ltich Furs
made into the most artistic novelties as well
us, the more conservative models.
Special Offerings '
Muffs & Neckpieces
White Fox Muffs. Superior Quality . 45.00,
White Fox Neckpieces ? 42.50.
Hluc Fox Muffs, new designs 42.50
Hliic Fox Neckpieces 37.50
Mole Skin Murfs, uiiitlc from the finest quality Scotch
Mole Skins 35.00
Mole Skin Neckpieces ', 32.50
Natural Skunk Muffs 32.50
Natural Skunk Neckpieces 18.50
Fur Coats
Hudson Senl Coats, selected skins; rich silk lining 95.00
Hudson Senl Coats, extra large sizes; 40 to 52 inch bust, 125.00
Hlnck Russinn Pony Skin Coats 29.50
Special: 500 Yards Brown or Black Coney Fur Trimming.
1-inch wide. Yard 25c
ruinous Over Half a Century
' Special Sale
Commencing Wednesday, November the 18th
18,000 Yurds
Black Dress Silks and Satins
Double Width
Mad; Satin Charmeute
Crepe Mtteor
Crepe de Chine
Sublime Dreat Satin
Standard Qualities
Imperial Satin Ducheaa
Chijfon Dreaa Taffeta
Satin Mesaaline
Silk and Wool Poplin FaSlle
values 1.75, 2.25 and 3.00, yd. 1.15 13D andl7S
Specially Priced
l-Clnsp Tan Frix-Senin Cac.kiii,
White Biarritz Ovencum Glncc,
value 1.00, pair 75c
or I'rix-Sciuu Doeskin.
value 1.25, pair 1.00
12-Button length Mousquctairc Glnco. White, ' pair 1.75
Vitluc 2.50
Children's Gloves: White or Colored Wool Gauntlets.
vulue 75c, pair 50c
Medium Weiuht Ribbed Cotton Union Suits, low neck;
sleeveless; knee or ankle length. value 1.00, 75c ..'Ig
Light Weight Ribbed Wool Union Suits, low neck;
sleeveless; knee or ankle length. value 2.00, 1.35
Glove Silk Bloomers, reinforced; White, Pink or Black.
value 2.25. 1.85
Combination Suits, bund tup; reinforced;
value 3.75. 2.90 ,
Combination Suits, reinforced; cmbroid-,
value 4.50 to 5.00, 3.65
(Slave Silk
White or.l'ink.
Glove Silk
cred yoke.
Unusual Value
value 6.00 to 7.50
Various attractive models in White or Col
ors, representing discontinued styles.
1 .njN.. S JOK.E BOOK ..fro-.
' "FUN"
Big. Trait
5th Ave., 34th & 33d Sts.

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