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At TJj
,ITIirHB WOKLD, T U IBOAI, If O V IB Jo JB K- 17, '191.
i m v
Metropolitan Opera-Season.
Opens to Crowded Home
act and Wnife Gowm
in Me faxes ana ATeu
feopfe in frie Sfa Mc
Conducive to brilliancy
"Un Ballo in Mas-
cnera" He Sun.
By Sylvester Bawling.
MR. GATTI-CA8AZZA began the
seventh season of his manage
ment of the Metropolitan Op.
ra Company last night with a pres
entation of Verdi's "Un Ballo In
Maschera." There was a crowded
house, an excellent performance oud,
Upon the surface, a repetition of the
familiar scenes of an opening nUnt
of the opera. Outside the faithful
standees began to gather before sun
set and the limit of admission had
Wen exhausted long before the cur
tain rose. As far as the Rox-ofBre
was concerned the seating capacity
of the house had been sold out days
fo. Invite the lobbies were congested
with devotees renewing acquaint
anceship who delayed taking their
seats. The lights were turned down
to top-heavy galleries ballasted down
stairs by congested spaces behind the
rail, while the boxes were empty and
the orchestra floor little more than
visit an artist In hls-or her dressing
room, nnd (most rcmnrkablo edict)
dogs may not be brought to the The
atre. Incidentally, It may be rocorded
that the executive offices last night
wero laden with floral offcrlnjrs to the
singers. One for Caruso was a tree,
under which a full-grown man could
stand. It never could have been pre
sented before the footlights, unless
the curtains were raised, not drawn.
The performance of tho opera was
an excellent one, he caa'. being tho
anmo as thht of last year when It
was revived. Aa Hlccardo, Caruso
was In fine voice, a voice grown
darker, It Is true, but, to some of us,
for that reason the more to be en
joyed. Emmy Destlnn, as Amelia,
singing somewhat shrill at first, soon
found herself and repeated Jier for
mer success. Amatoisang and
Renato splendidly. Mart -rets Mat-
FOttT sytTIt, Ark., Nov. 17. An
Victor Herbert was elected fresldent
ih .nnu.l metin. in il "llotM A.tor ordrr Granting permission to the re.
lat night. Over 24) mesjbers were celver for the resumption of opera
half filled. Mr. Toscaif nl's entrance
to the orchestra pit, ten minutes
late, brought forth applause which,
strange to say, he acknowledged gra
ciously. By the beginning of the
second act every place was filled and
the season was launched.
To many of us, however, there was
something packing to make the night
the equal of Its predecessors. One
could not, according to convention
and precedent, speak, or write, of the
"brilliant" gathering or of the "glit
tering horse-shoe." The boxes, for
'the most part, lacked color. Tho
women elect In society who occupied
them were garbed In tho Alack and
white adopted by English women of
fashion since tho beginning of the
European war. The 'Presidents
proclamation of neutrality went for
naught here, where the tics of asso
ciation and of adulation were so
strong. Then the orchestra stalls
were full of strange "faces. The old
subscribers evidently had sub-let
their seats to people with more money,
many of whom wcro not aulte suro
1 how much or hotv little they should J
show of their enjoyment, If they'
had It
Another damper on enthusiasm was
the lack of the accustomed presenta
tion of flowers to the artists before
the footlights which the audience did
not know had been prohibited by the
general manager. It may be all -very
well, Mr. OatU.'to make your average
grown-up, blase subscriber got along
without this divertissement, but how
may you expeot to keep, in the good
graces of your matinee Misses, who
enjoy these before-the-eurtaln In
cidents even more than the singing
of Caruso, or of Miss Farrar, whom
they all call familiarly, admiringly
and affeotlonately "Jerry V
It I ami betraying secrets, I npolo
arize; but Mr. Data's new orders go
farther. Henceforth nobody may be
admitted to the stage during a per
formance, or a rehearsal, who Is not
actually engaged In It; nobody may
senauer was effective as the -Witch,
end Frieda Hempel was a sprightly
Psge. De Segurola, Hothler, Bade,
Iteschlgllan and Audlslo all were
good. The chorus sang well and the
orchestra did Itself credit.
Fsw Artists dare, of their own ac
cord, ft drop their Christian names,
but Lcglnska, the English pianist,
who gave a recltaf at Aeolian Hall
yesterday afternoon; Is one of those
who do. wo heard her last year and
liked her and we like her better now.
Sho not onlr plays with technical
mastership, but she has Imagination
and temperament and sentiment that
reaches and appeals. , Iter pro
gramme yesterday, all Chopin, was
enjoyed by a large audience.
Her pronouncement of the sonata
In H flat major, onus S3, was most
Impressive. Beforo and after this she
played the twelve etudes, opus 10, and
the twelve etudes, opus Lcglnska
may bo forgiven the absence of a
Christian name an,d the use of an un
lighted stage, a la Paderewskl, by
heatrefusai to add extra numbers to
Juer programme. Long have I awaited
Tho Day."
present, Including Public Service Com
missioner Edward E. McCall, the re
tiring President.
The other officers elected were Thomss
M. Mulry. First Vice President: Victor
J. Dowllng, Second Vice President; John
a O. Keeffe, Treasurer; William J.
Clarke, son of J. I. C. Clarke, Recording
Secretary, and John F. Joyce, Corre
sponding Secretary. '
It was decided that the annual BtT
Patrick's Day dinner will be held at the
Astor this year. .
Jersey Farmers Want Mare Rata, )
The rain of the last two days not only .
served to eliminate the danger rrom j
forest and brush fires In New Jerssy
but has replenished the natural sources
of water supply In many sections. For
several weeks past there has been a
great scarcity of water In the district
west of Caldwell, but the rainfall has I
relieved the situation. The farmers sre '
hopeful that another heavy downpour
will occur before frost ssta In.
tlons of four mines of the Dnche-
Dcnman Coal Company and another
.order directing United States ttoop
already on the ceneto guard the
Its employees wer en- v
tired In the United States Court by fjtJ
juuge rraiiK . louiuaus li
The company's action In establish
ing the open shop system brought
nhrtiil - lni-lmi T-Afatr llm rnttmnllV'
surface plants were destroyed by?
rioting miners and United States,
troops were sent to tho scene.
-i -J
llarbara-er Left All to Wife.
Ex-SherIK Julius Harburger, who
died last Nov. 9, left his entire estate
to his wife. Line, according to the pro
visions of his will filed In the Surro
gate's Court yesterday.- The value la
placed atr "more than 110,000."
Try This New Treatment for Pyor
rhoea, Receding Gums or Loos
noil Teeth at Our Expense.
If you have Pyorrhoea or any of the
diseases mentioned above, get two
ounces of a prescription known .to ex-
rt Chemists and Dentists as Gingi
very concentrated -antiseptic of un
pert Chemists
a verv concci
failing effectiveness (or sore. soft, bleed'
ing. foul smelling gums, loosened and
sensitive teeth. In two days you will
notice the soreness begin to go and alter
that steady (mprovement'eontinues.
Ginginol is inexpensive and is guar
anteed. Simply deposit the price of two
ouacei as an evidence of good faith; use
as directed, and if this treatment'.does
not bring the improvement you ex
pected, take back the bottle and with
draw your deposit. This honorable offer
is open to dentists as well as the public.
Any first-class druggist can supply you.
Advt. t
s S asset a m a
r it th Ave., cor. 5Uth M.
WEDNESDAY, Nov. 18 '. THURSDAY, Nov. 19
Smart .Evening Wrapt and CoaU
Fashionable Fur Trimmed Models far Opera,
Theatre, Restaurant and All Social Functions.
LOT 1 A collecHoh of beautiful models in chiffon
velvet, flowered brocade or duvetyne, all fury
trimmd. Creations from Callot, Cheruit and
other famous designers.
Originally prictd.SI 10 to $150. Sale price
LOT 2 A collection of stunning models in chiffon.
velvet, black satin, baby lamb cloth and spangled
net. All fur trimmed. Citations from Drecoll,
Doucel, Premet and Cheruit.
Originally priced $175 to $250. Sale price
Sale of
Sharply reduced to make room
for incoming stock. You mayfi
secure unrestricted choice of$
NEW PIANOS selling regularly
up to 5325. TO-MORROW
yln early call is aduied in order
to ticure the piano yot prefer.
$5 DoWn, $5 Monthly.
$600, will be OFFERED TO-
Siaie.sskeAHI Si StflAA ftl
mukkuw oiuy ai vu. i nese &
'NOTE (the full keyboard) andv
have all the expression devices
known to the art, enabling any
one to render the most difficult
music artistically
Terms to Suit Your Convenience
12 Rolls of Maslc Free and Library Privilege
All Are Fully Guaranteed
Liberal Allowance for Old Pianos 'Taken in Exchange.
K1W X RE Warerooms
MM. iinuu5th Ave?j at situ St.
Why You Should
Own Your Home
There are many excellent reasons v.hy
a man should own and live In his own
He saves rent money that would
otherwise go Into the pocket of some
Making payments on a home Is. an
incentive to save money that might be
squandered, lost in speculation, see.
A home Is. a nest-egg that comes In
mighty handy on a "rainy day."
To Own one's own home gives a man
a reputation lor thrift and responsi
Mr. Homeowner does not bother or
Is r.ot bothered by tenant: above or be
low, or to the right or to the left, as is
the c;;e many times In multi-family
Real estate Is a.ways increasing In
value. Many houses that art; bought
now can be sold at a substantial profit
a few years hence.
See World Ads. for Home Bargains!
-Bosom Lbkx& Tmfvm
Untrimmed Dress Hilts
Rfular $5.00 to $7.50
At $2.45
High-grade silk velvet Hats,
newest shapes, in large and
medium sailors? tricorncs and
smart turbans.
Hlnck and sand color.
Distinguished for beauty and
style and unequalled at the price.
$1.69 Brocade Satin at, Yards 89c
. . . . . 111 I
This sweeping prictfoncesiion is possible because 'c bought a quantity
l . . . ...... , i. i - . . L!
arc 40 inches wide, ana Will be auna in a spienuiu assortment 01 cnoicc
for spot cash from a.promlnent silk concern whoe nme we are not per
mitted to mention, but whieh ranks high in trade circles. These brocades
colors and black. Think of the remarkable savingt
$1.00 Brocade Dress Poplin,' Yard, 69c
A special purchase. High grade silk, 30 inches wide, and in a full
range of colors and black. , , Umlrn rioor.
8 Two Bin CUy Block Ftoori Crowded With New Merchcndirc at Lotctr'd Prices.
Sltwnnrl IT. rl it inn nf tht Sinaninl Snla nf Afnms a in1 IUs'voob
Seal Plush and Ural Lamb Coats CjA iX
Rj With Large Fur Collars, at ' . . . . .tpXtJ
This will be good news
for many women who were
not able to get tt the
GIMBEL Subway Store
last Saturday. 150 more
of these Coats reached us
yesterday, and will be on
sale tomorrow morning.
As we said beXore, $25
would not duplicate these
Coats elsewhere. It was
only by co-operating closely
with a prominent manufac
turer that we were able to
obtain these coats to sell
at $15.
Lustrous silk plush or
Ural lamb. Large variety
of fur collars. Some of
the coats are in military
effects with belted backs,
others 'have flare skirts,
trimmed with broadtail
cloth, fastening in front with belt. Lined tliroughout with guaranteed satin.
Sizes H to 44. Subway Storo, Balcony
Framed Pictures, Matchless Values
Here is the Story in Brief
50c and 75c framed pictures, at 29c.
$1.7.1 and $2.00 framed pictures, at $1.00.
$3.00 and $4.00 framed pictures, at $2.00.
$7.50 and $8.00 framed pictures, at fS.00.
$4.50 and $5.00 framed pictures', at $3.00.
. $0.00 and $10.00 framed pictures, at $6.00.
Our framlnf d.partmsnt is wond.rfully wall equipped, to randsr
meat satisfactory ssrvics. Third Floor.
Expert Inttruction in the Art of
Correct Corseting'
Few women know how to select, adjust and
wear a corset so as to attain the highest de
gree of style qnd comfort
An expert instructor from the Nemo Hygiene-Fashion,
Institute, New York, will be in
our Corset Department all this week to teach
our patrons the true art or correct and health
ful corseting.
She will also show the new Nemo novelties
for Fall, and all the established favorites, in
cluding the wonderful Kop-Scrvicc models.
This is not an ordinary "demonstra
tion," but a school of fashion and health
for your free use and benefit.
Your attendance will give us pleasure.
Norond Floor.
The Sunday World's ,
Want Directory
makes more "Offers
of Positions" than
any other twomedi-'
urns in the universe
Taffeta & Mescaline Petticoats, $1.89
Made of excellent quality nicsMilinc and chiffon taffeta with
accordion pleated ruffles, with cotton undcrpicce, plain and
two-tone effects, in all the leadinK colors. flrr.nd Floor,
A Sale of Imported Jewelry
Val iableSu(gestlons for Christmas Gifts.
Brac.l.ts gold filled; engraved designi, with safety guard $ tLt
through the bracelet; guaranteed for H yrars; reg. $4.00; at X.DU
La Valllcrea Starling Silvsr set with brilliant French Itliiue-
uttmcit; in r variety of cle.iiKn.i; ri'K. ut jSi,&
farty Cas. "ruiiuoru style" ol
(icrmvn silver, fitted with mir
ror, powder box, perfume bottlr,
purse and nail file; reg. t f(
. $4.00; at M.DV
vanity Uasas lirriuun silver;
plain.and engraved design; fittcc
with a watch, mirror, 3 coin
liou ers, powncr and rard case;
omong shape; reg.
7,0l; at
Imported Bar Pina, Cuff Pins, Brooches, Lavalli.ru, Cuff Buttons,
Vanity Csses, Purses, Pearl Bead Necklaces,, Coat Chains.
nac rins, earrings nu new rnincsionr ami bibck
enamelled designs; value $1.30 to 2.50; at
,49c, v 98c
RIBBONS---Three Notable Values
Satin'ufTeta ribbon,
6 1-8 inches: also high
lustre moire ribbon, 5
inches; black, white and
colors; reg,
f yr
Dresden ribbon .
several beautiful de
signs, ofjlght and dark
combinations, Sand Sji
Inrlipfl rpff. 41ln
yard 23 C
Moire ribbon, superior
grade, inches, in a
wonderful vnriety of col.
ors; also black and
white; rrg. 8,'lc;
yard 17c
I' . A . .
irV..'i i ii'ii- ' i''ssssf iftifllfr It Y '
Silverware for Thanksgiving
Priceu that will make it wite to se
lect your Chrittmat Presents also
Tea Sets at 4 pieces
with tray. In plain
brlEht finish and bead
o d g i reif- t7.7s
$10.00, at.
Cnffeo Hets ot 3 pieces,
with truv. In plain
bright llnlah and bead
e d bo j reif. tfi.Qfl
JlO.uO, at
Syrup Jubs, with
In hrlylit flnUh
Fie Dates In silver
plated, plerred de
signs and Cluernsey
llnlns: res. tl1 7C
2.00, at ?
Crumb Sets: fancy en
Kraved designs: bright
tlnlsh: reg. CO
I2.B0. at 1JJ
Sandwich I'lates In
Hhettleld metal, pierced
designs, with thread
' ndi'o;, reg. 1 JC
12.50. at
Rogers Al Quality Flatware
Uutter Spreaders, 4
dor.; reg. J2.00. j ,49
Orange Spoons and Oys
ter r orKs, in sets or b;
reg. 11,75,
PI. Knives; reg.
Il.tO, at
Soup Ladle;
rg. fl.OO, at
Dutter Knives and Hu
gar .Shells; reg. Qr
Oravy Ladles:
reg. 76c: at..
Creum Ladles;
reg. 10c, at...
Child's Sets,
rusher and
reg. 11.00,
, 39c
. 69c
Duller Dishes, In plain
and fancy engraved
designs, with gloss
drainer; reg. 1 qq
$3,00. at I.ao
Uread Trays, Sandwich
I'latus. Hon Hon
Dishes, lloltle Hold
ers. Itellnh Dishes,
l.'ondlment Sets, Kyrup
Jugs, Klower Vases,
Candlesticks and 3
lloltlu Cakteraj reg,
SI. SO to (2.007 QO
ai ...........
Tut Spoons and
Cold Meat
Forks, In sets of
6: reg. in.
75c. at..
Tahle Spoons, me
dium K n I v s
and Knrks, Des
sert Knives,
Korks and
Spoons, Frul t
Knives: In sets of S;
111:. 98c
Horry Spoons
reg, 11.00. afT..
A Chest of 2t pieces
ft Knives. C Forks.
Table Spoons, ( Tea
Snoons. . Sugar Shell
and Butter Knife:
reg. s.6u,
H. C. F. KOCH 4k CC
mvif Maw mtwmtj
ecial Subway Store Stile
and Luggage
At Specially Low Prices,
Despite Increasing
Cost ot Leather
14.26 Black Walrus Grain
Bags, 3.60
Leather lined; strong locks and
frame, 14 to 18 inches. .
$4.76 Oxford Bags, $1.
Leather lined; pocket: all size.
Black Keratol Traveling
Bags, 2.60
Well mode; .very serviceable; 14
to 18 inches.
$6 to S6.76 Sole Leather
Traveling Bass. S6
Sewed edges, leather, lined;
black and russet.
S6.26 Suit Cases. $6
Cowhide, linen lined, skirt
pockets, straps all around, 24 to
26 inch.
96 Suit Cases, $4.26
t 24-inch, cowhide, linen lityxl,
reinforced edges, strups, strong
bolts. Subway Store, Balcony
Extra Special
Boys' $3 Norfolk
Suit, $195
This is one of tho .best bar
gains in New York, and we look
forward to an enormous demand
in the By8' Bfcbpintho CUmbel
suDway at ore tomorrow.
These Suits are made with Norfolk
coat, in sewed-down belt, with patch
pockets, or pleated style; knickers arc
extra full cut with all Beams taped.
Fabrics are Cheviot and Cassl
meres; colors are mixtures of
Brown, Gray. Tan and Green,
also Drab and Brown Corduroy.
Sizes in this assortment ore for
boys 0 to 17 years.
Subwty Stsrs, Isloeay
sd or
Ths Beit Sal
.of ths whols'
rail Season.
360 Fairs of $3.75 Blankets
U'tif Um1r, hfary.
warm ani rouunri
a hie, nl will wrr
n well m a fJV
tiUnttrt: flaiitierl witli
tU tajfft. blnliug;
lull ll an,
Thanksgiving Linens
Unusual Values at Prices That Will Instantly
. Interest You.
The "Linen Sections in the Subway Store make
these very special offerings:
Table Damask,
llll VKl III. J
$3.76 Comfortables, $2.76
n.1 lrJcrl dailsiu: lirtty wrltflitl full
$2 Woolnap Blankets, $1.35
8ofl. flurry .MwiloKn rioUh. Willie. lry
Of Tu. Ir'ull U1 tut,
$2 Fringed or Scalloped
Bed spreaas, i.ou
Wltli nit nut ri'wm; th rt two fictl-,
Irst 1um; IxjIIi wu
Bleached Bed
28c Each
.1 M.tot-lV
$2.26 Comfortables
lirnuot-l ki.tot.l
60c yd,
The very newest bleached Da
mask with wide Pink or Gold
colored borders, beautiful do
sixns, 64 inches wide.
60c Mercerised Table
Damask, 36c yard
Extra heavy, high satin finish,
large awiortmcnt of new patterns.
$1.36 Irish Linen
Damask, $1 yard
Made in Belfast, exceptionally
fine, heavy quality, full bleached.
Special Subway Store Sale of
Player . Pianos and
1mm fun bi tU.. ruicd
LI .vsrt5i ol.oO
tguf.,l .llkolltn, I f.
K icroll .MWIil;. . '
hubway, Lower Floor.
Sewing Circles
Are Forming Everywhere
Throughout the City
Sewing Machines in Big
3EUwood Player Pianos
(Apollo Action) $396
3 Cadillac Prayer Pianos. . . .3S6
1 Strotber Uprifht Piano, ..16
Small Sum Down and the
Balance in Easy Payments
Fill your home with cheery
music this winter. Givo the
children a chance to learn how
to play. Buy a Player Piano
or a Piano on easy terms.
These Specials Tomorrow
1 Conried Upright Piano. ...$165
New Pattern '
.Table Cloths
Round, designs, all linen, snow
white, satin finish.
$2.86 70x,7O inch, $3.3$
$3.35 70x 88 inch, $3.76
2.1x23 Napkins to match, $9 doz.
$3.50 Damask
Table Seta, $2.60
All pure linen, hemstitched, one
dozen Napkins and Cloth to
rnschi size to scat 8 persons.
r 93 Lunch Beta, $2
.Full bleached, Hemstitched
Napkins with Lunch Cloth to
match, beautiful quality.
. Subway Store, Lower floor
1 1
1 Sbonincer Upright Piano. $MS
i uiHnn upru
Ifbt Piano $6$
sitore, Baicony
Very Special Sale
$7.50 English Porce- tyt
lain Dinner Sets," at vfc. O
Full Set for 6 Persons.
Exceptional value. Fine English porcelain; handsome
Copenhagen blue decorations, underglaze.
Set Comprises:
c Cups and
6 Bread &But
tw Plates.
6 Fruit Sau
cers. 6 Dinner and
6 Soup Plates.
3 Bakers
Glassware at Sweeping Reductions ,Ud
&a Tub). Tunilikr , SiSed...
Gimbels .selling more sewing
machines than ever. A con
hp'icuouh special for tomorrow
is the
$16 "Goodrich" T1 O
Sewing Machine at PA
This is u drop head muchine, hull
U-arinx full sire head, newest tyix',
full four motion fwd. Hflf-threiulini!
sliuttlcH, automatic bobbin winder
and will do just as good work ps any
expersivo machine.
Full set of attachments for dolnu
any kind of fancy tewing. Guaran
teed for five yearn.
Free instructions at your home if
you live within Greater New York.
Terms $3 Cash and $1 Weekly.
No extra of any kind.
16c Muuldad Crucksr Jars.
una -Mouiiltii celery iioniurs.
tuo cm or vinetiir uei
Water lto(Us
IOn Psntisr ami Malt Rhakara
uwway atere, i,ewer riser,
ocresu a iJut- ml '?!f?i 1
i. uuinou pg" aw a iHifiai .
etable Dish. 9JB'
1 Pickle Dish, MMWSi
1 Qraw Bawl. Hi
TjSJWft ii an 'aslMJU i'iiewssaasasssasis-
JOa ru.
, trie
Kf" ' i iTViTi g;.' JTTI r77r,TT.T. r .

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