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imp. i.ti.a;wp:&ir,, iATPifiAT. MAioi n, m.
Baa.aBaw s .
K 12
r"U( ?tt saa, aa aa.aaaaaa jr
Attricin With, Foreign Legion TeUs
Thrilling Story of Hazards and
f:rnU8fnients at the Front
p,.l .HUnj it ih4 mr4 f 'm of arflclu ay JMI Xaster, cot
MAiMl AM M to mt' aafaresA: Mm m tntm teUh tkt
MffiMi Wwjn' tefcta af taa rrac army. Afltr ftwr Ml
df MfMM af mwn m fM frmeAtt Ms reytaiewt m artffaal
..A t&mtl an MUtft mttignnnti', entalHuf a farlatJfR aa
Greatest Yield in History of
Country, Away Ahead of ;
Other Year.
M,:Mf,ffMiUt(4 prtpantlen of then article-.
SaSmttaW k fcJSala
aBSsaw ai ppn
.Atammmmmmmt .mmmml
snRP linlo.hAcauM It is so sooth-
RA r . . . ... .. lew
I Eg: lag wntn-tn- sKin is hot,
WAHIlINaTON, March 2fl.-Tho
rrcatft cot(6n crop ver product!
In tba United titates wm trown
In 1ll. Cnu Uurcau tatUtlca
iMMd' toidar, lirlnr final ginning
figure, officially ptnea th 1914 crop
a record with 1,10J,H1 balet of
WO pounds each.
That la 409,442 equivalent COO pound
bale, or 04,721,000 pounds, mor
than produced In the groat crop of
la addition to tno groat production
of, lint cotton, a record quantity .of
llntar cotton, which It extonilvely
ud In th manufacture of military
esploatvei, wm obtained. Thl cot
ton.- deiinua from in eeas at on
mill, amount! to IM.7JI.000 pounda
and' brought tho total 1914 crop to
1I,MI,I04 equivalent 600-pound bate,
or l,44,IO,600 pound. ,
While the crop una a recora one,
the only Mate to make new record
In-productlon were Alabama, Loulel-
ana ana Oklahoma, -me remaining
cottoir growing Bute ail coming
cloae to their record production fig
ure, t )
attmatea place the value,,
i. . . . , of the crop, which thl eeanon .nan.
Waff U go avr tkat every Wire wlU e,, jrreatly reduced by the effect of
at V704,U00,W,
'' mi Mfitr, nWr 0 Hrt, wMer M tmttfMW
4tmtn mm pmn l ie r ; ins nmm im grtet gr
rMM lrtiii V Ht tut lgt rMiaM, mi rtweaw
giaiWy Mmw tvek itrttHng fgtkUn M w mkh tkt
M MM wrjUtm ff iU VnltU Pff$t to ttmd t m mm
j (WlfXV flW'fltnHWiM iwnwwn, ay im twr.
t'h 't MM JtWr.
, - 1 UTIOLI NO. .
Mk'XW Mafl). w doe It (eel to live In the treieksfT:
I1LH 1
ono. una uh a DrwcwK
with ft fnritr1r
llcf. jlahUlih. Lent AAlMk'l
mitt, ilu afnlMi mktdmtAn ABthl
rlerai nultr
TMortis or tggcPiiK Ceurr.
'vrnj. nnai last u BiwftM T
oM, tb Murttavf of fort A IlLTfrVii 4M
aw nu. Mgw vy
tiff 4Unnn.U ban htn lor IrM B-rtkra4.t.lof
pair at htaAt sitkoat ra or podR A Mi
in uui aitti, m rroaa Bonr u uif
IMlt rtmulnial. Is It. tBl blt
duuixada an.1 ik aSblM k hVM
hnrnin (Mtiox Ulf laoxter aal hall atM. M
iha imfMBor MpUla. U baVU art aTlra.aajd
muise.aun and akainoaan wwim
fltiaaa. la Oaaat'a rooaaa tha KbHnlloldt dm
monda liii'rtilr monaar. wM la : a aaM4
black OQl mih , bow llfar br th kraalaail!
was atruggllng lee
and hug and feet.
tUe wltt kneel
riwxt. with Um
Uu hut.
rnsunaauia vwa,
llorta a rUmd
ikuka ob a bandeax is tba not
h,ra MaodatKaiV rarap bad baen aacoapllabMl.
Oallwrbrr. a wnwm .hand oaoa l Ia tba
ratlant Ihronin UUMta tn
Ad.ttv.i'tt lwlv Ia found.
lbar ami hia rata lorJuru ahaiJaai bw.
'IT ia luuna
toru. nlota rtraaaa.
. Ilaluralaf . in.aa
n" 1
rbr Oal.
U'Wt bWxra Ma war lo frwdoaa arltb aa anlaalra.
rnrtiiaa.M iiauanrra.t
ir iioum itui aa a 1
(OnpjrWM. llt. t
band ha anka ihJlar t
f m10 fM fad out Take m eold, damp
wm m u uum of alaoet lorxold ku4, at a
4 K wltt i
w Iteet tnm Hm letr teteh a Uhgle of wire, torn an eJectrlol Un'offlclat e
H wtfWt4i let U reltajki tx M h. .. ml?' crop,
r-iv.VvkaU' .itr . . ' 7Z ... ' ' "" been greatly reauc
.S yff W B! I, "awl to the Ule the European war.
mr. I III II I ft
aaaj waavak aaa ara pm aval. iai aaA laiwi.iki. ..aa a..ai.
L r...- v. . '.. " Mna
OaTt. I ISIv . .17 Ji t0,, 0f W"'. ye
Wihih ew.ni aaa nan n.-k.a a.... ,n
i-'aV'. ..A'll , . . . -- uuwa, mil, it you aia
mw f nn'ii wyr; p Bvgieeuaf nga i-,,
JtraietojVlttow HMr 1C yA w 4
but. If rou
It i your duty, for
rurd. Watekfil rrei
Hteert will tUoorer whether you
akootlng.lnto tkt air or whether
Ttm are firing with your aim fixed on
tan eaeaiy-aV trenchM. and ,arui
Market waa len active In aecond
hour. National Lead gAnd 3 and
Motor Usuea were active at higher
price. Goodrich common advanced
JH point and Dethlehem k8tel re
aoted to H, closliiT with a riet gain
the leading
closed H up,
at 44H
rtock. Uteet
Th Cloatas Haotatlea.
mih at chiasm tnm pntlaia cloataaT.
I Alaakk
IamTODtvar '
Am. Brtt takmr.i.,
Aak. Uaa
entlnel la sappoaed to ralie kU hoed the day of 2. Market cloed
k. . t 1 i.r -mm. . steady, showing small advance in
lo see what I going oa ovUtde.
Victor Chaj)mn. a Harvard grad
ate who was with ma In ths
trenches, was' something of a phllqa
oksr,t aad ha usd to saV: -t
4agr of kslag shot to very small,
the trail of a bullet U very small.
the space around you, a compared I !:-9Vy-iiu-
with the trtUl of a millet, to aa ona AiTtra SoTT'.'.:'.
wild., a. V I AJS LaTtrOClIOUTft. . . .
ruiiisii w an: so taa cnanoea of be- aa. vujt ........
Ing bit are In that sama propoL't S 22
But it didn't work out wttk ChafK& tL "&' K
man at alt H waa hit U very I'i&ti'tf::
first day' In tM arm. .
"LQNaACNat .ajtliasiBm iaa u. liWKrtv'Ua il M. 55.. .
rninun ISINOHIO: wv a w aa... , vija v-,
ths. tranche are on Undrtrroiinfl JPimSS iMii 105
ty Hied with .unspeakably , dirty,
rttlsms. TJi'ey are In a tangle 'of
aunkea street, the houses are boles
In ths earth,, aad the street, in my
district, converged la one plaas,
wnicn Americans called "Longacre
flauare" Into' a'vrv avnlual trl-
'uil.'t... all .v. .aal.L ..'
a-ina.w, nun. aut uibj omuajraj UTOO.
There are street algns, too, telling
to reach tkls or that officer'
bole In the' ground, and now and then
taere are danger, signs warning the
aaaeer by to keep his bead lowi It
waa a two-mlle journey through the
tra'el'''frolB' our front to the fear
t , a.i 1 il. M.a m rv 1 Hhi.m.l aI J
weatd meet aad pas many men. The
soldiers always .evesJc to sack other
at attCJi aaeetiags nuesa two men
boss U Ubm of day oa auobutry
. . S. . , r ' l.nWUI. I-aVUilO
s might be llasaad ta ao- l onurb wat.
L L J r- ,
ttWe to taadUur ttiw way.
rekaaoo la the money, and tsM.stere.
keaaeaT la the chao Who ol erla.ln
time baa more of some" one thing
that he want lasa f tho another
thsat aa needs, so that every, man Is a
steriMW er at one time of aaptner.
Do veu want to go to a mualo hall I
Therrg iure to be a .certain dug-out
irr. is.:.... uk
inai4r, l:opp .... .'2ft
tirvt:: a
Km. o. l pf. ji
hol Co. a uf. ao
Max. Wtrolaua ... H
HUBi uoppar
cat. Powar Co. ft, '
would be better If you waited In th
car until I send out for you." r
"You don't think the Jowels hare
been stolen again?" pbe gasped.
The Inspector made no reply. He
had' drawn from hi pocket a Uttlo
pais key and was fitting It -Into th
lock. The door swung open. I
(To Be Continued.)
Etet advsnced on
ratlin 4 12 Dlnt to f I. a coin of 1 1-4
points from yesterday' low. Various
rumor were nrouroi lortn to account
for the rlae, Including estimate of large
earning for the year, .but nothing offl
mtnt that no dividend would be paid in
tne near ruturn on account oc in in
tention to put earning back In the
plant for Improvement.
wa time at day oa actraatry Ni. ui ........ es
' na'imtiaaat'toVraetlcaUy tra::!!:': 12
Ue-lwr;otkU uMertToaad olty; IK. Olw?."-.
ITattB auu
tOtVl T-iMMlf HIM)
Do yeu want to go to a musio.hallf
aomawbere In th treacbea where mu
Oeorge Ullard, a negro from Oalvea
ton, xex..
gather. In oart tresoh
uu. m utiu wow vaatavajaj I
slaved wonderfully on a I
with aaa atrlajr. aad la our I
ad) aut.here waa themusto of mouth
organs, an aeeoraion ana ullard'a
banlo very nltrtrle - Tho Qerman
i trench waa only forty-five feet away
mm ua at taia poiat, aaa uwy tnea
to listen to, s every ovsnlng and
eheer as. ' M -
There ar many llttls tasks with
which clUaei.iot-tke.' trench towns
busy themeelves. You'll see a man
cleaning hi lifie: another, will be
refioorlng hi hut. with straw, ant
other .win t rigging a ootue on a
stick for the Hermans to shoot
at) two or thres may bo prepar.
laar a4uDnf figure for. a Qerman tar.
get, another may be marking. til ini
tial In the ide ot the 'trench
. . an
yalaaa Oat W
. Gornar... lfl
Wi aawa ." 'an
tjomotaULf .
I s
S lOcaUaaad.)
ED aAUiAaiODR and his
mate were racing almost
side by aide toward htm.
He rushed up the , narrow
stairs Into the signal room,
trnrlnjfopen his coat to show his offlr
clal badge. ,
'"Stop, the freight." he shouted -to
the operator, "Qulok. I'm Sanford
Quost, detectlva sseclol powers from
the chief commissioner."
The man moved to the signal.
Another voice thundered In his ears.
He turned pwUHy .round. The Irish,
man's red head had appeared at 'the
top of the staircase. i
"Drop that algnal or I'll blow yoa
Into bits," be shouted.
The operator hesitated, dased.,
"Walk toward me," Oallaghei
shouted. "Look hero, you guy,, this
will show you whether I'm In earnest
ornotl" ' . . '
A bullet passed within a few Inohee
of tba operator's head. He cam
slowly across the room. Below they
could hear the roar, of the freight.
"This ain't your job," tba Irishman
continued savagely. . "We want the
cop, and we're going to have him.?
guest had stolen, a yard, or two
nearer durlrigrthle brUf colloquy.
Gallagher's mate from behind shouted
out a warning Just a second too late.
WHhA,suddsn kick, Quest sent , the
revolver flyini 'Across the room and
before the Irishman could recover, he
struck him full In the face. Notwlth
landing hla huge else and strength,
aalUgherreeletV The .operaton wjhp
had Just begun to realise what was
happening, flung himself aoaiiy
again, the twp.tbtigs, A. shot from
the tank-lea mass 01 struggling
whistled Past Quest's legs ns he sprang
to the window- which overlooked the
tracks i The freight bad already almost
passed. Quet steadied himself for -a.
supreme enort, crawiea out on to tne
little steel bridge 'and poised hlmseir
for a moment The last cart was Just
beneath. The. gap between it and
tho Drevloua one. waa allDolna; br. Ha
set his teeth and , 'jumped on to tho
month ton. ' 1 n
hock benina th tower Red Oal'
lagber andJils mate .beat .wltk horrl
(led faces over the body of the algnal
man." "
"What tho hell dlil von want ta nlna-
hlm-.fpr.r the lotteMnutUred. "He
ain t in.me snow at all. You ve dona
us. Red: he's cooked I"
Red Gallagher staggered to hi feet
Aireaay tne norror ct'the murderei
was.ia ni,raceLas a gianoea tur,
lively arouna.
"I nover meant to dron blm."
muttered. "I got mad at seeing Qneit
got on. Tnat maa'a a.devll."
What are we going to tar ths
omer oemanoea noarseir.
There's the auto." aHrher iTiont
ed. "Come on, come, on, man I I can
fix, tno wheel. II we've, got to awlni
for thl Job we'll have something 'o
our 'own back flrst."- '
Thsy crawled, to the aide of the
road. Gallagher's rough, hairy .fingers
were sun trcmoiiag, out iney Knew
thelr'Job. In a few minutes the wheel
nxea. 'Uiumsiiy nut aueoeesruily
the groat iriinmaa turned the oar
round away from th city, ,
"She-s a nummer." ne mattered.
Til make -her go when we get ths
honr of It Bit tight.' -
They orove uumsiiy on, gatMrtng
peed at every yaro. Behind, in the
hadow of the tower, the 'signalman
lay dead. Quest, bslf way to New
fork, atretonea nat on his atomaeh,
8. KH5tNHOLDT welcomed
the IgRpeotor with a beam
ing smile as he stepped out
of his office and approached
, her automobile.
"How aloe of you ta be so punctual
Mr. French I" she exclaimed, making
roarti for him by her side. "WlU you
tell the man to drive to Mr. Quest's
house In Oeorgla HquaroT"
The inspector obeyod and took his
place In the luxurious limousine.
"How beautifully nunctual wo are!"
she continued, glancing at the' clock.
"inspector, I am so excited at ino
Idea of gottlng my Jewels back. Isn't
Mr. Quest a wonderful man?"
"He's a clever chap, all right," the
Inspector admitted. "All the same, I'm
rather sorry ho wasn't able to lay hi
hand on the thief."
That's your point of view, ot
course," Mrs, Rhelnholdt remarked.
"I can think of nothing but having
my' diamonds back. I feet I 'ought
to go and .thank the professor for
recommending Mr. Quest."
The Inspector made no reply. Mr.
Rhelnholdt was suddenly aware that
he wn becoming a little tactle.
"Of course," she sighed, "It Is dis
appointing not to be able to lay your
hands upon the thief. That Is where I
suppose you nnist find the Interfer
ence of an amateur like Mr. Quest a
little troublesome sometimes. He gets
back the property, which Is what the
private. Individual wants, but he
doesn't secure the thief, which Is, ot
course, the real end of the case from
your point of view."
I ''Itaf a..aueer affair about these
jewels," .the Inspector remarked.
''Quest hasn't told me the whole story
yet. Here we ar on the stroke of
The car draw up outside Quest's
house. The inspector assisted his
companion to alight and rang the
bell at' the front door. There was a
somewhat-prolonged prrtm. He rang
"Never, knew.- thto to happen be
fore," bo remarked. "That sort of
secretary-volet of Mr. Quail's Rosa
Brown- I think, ha calls blm Is al
ways on the spot." They waited for
oifla tithe. Thero was still no answer-
.6 1 their summons. Tba la
aeote replaced his ear to the key
bole. There was not a sound to be
heard. Ua draw back, a little
ussledi ' At 'that moment hie at
tention waa. caught by tba fluttering
ot a little ptoc of white ..material
caught in the door.' He pulled, It out.
It waa a fragment1 or White embroid
ery, and On It were eeveral moll
tains.- The inspector looked at
. thorn and looked at his fingers. His
Cotton opened steady, dinning
ilgure were ;dlcoanted and market
tun nn
closed quiet
r level
vanced In first hoar 11 to II point.
kdy at
the higher level with
and tedy
March ...
May ....
July . ...
Dtcember .9.(1
1.7 J
firm t
to 14
face grtw suddenly grave.
Tisjesms i
colony. Almost every day there was a
wooden tombstone or two to prepare.
it was my auty to aecoraio ut lomn.
stones with some sort of design, and
a ueigion nomea vurmine aiway aia
the lettering. You might find us almost
any forenoon working away wun
red hot poker, burning names and
sticking' his empty
into tne ewn. . v ...
There are artists, too, in this strange
SO Years tae World's Perfect
r:(.-X.. 'aaa- V ' - aa aam. ' I ajpa
r-.v, uver gnu Bowei nesmaior
If yon. waart1 in feal-yoaiig and full of
aTI'ht iwft jjHid ..ktatp. yottr Liver and
rwlngaod eonditipB.
NoWf rao'laae, "Q certain
AtWyittf ( aa. CafUr'a
if modI, old. youog and
take tlaaa 'for bUiouineu,
Jfifl TtT. ;jgjiet' sranacb
, 1, aid "blotchy akia.
or so
dAcstlonM on a wooden (drow 'Which
mmm. tk JB aiAaaait aaxtSkt aOjl All A skMW VxlaVMakaa
1 1 There were three Americana la my
'maohlaa gan squad of srzten men .
Eugene Jacobs, Who still owns i
butcher ehop In Towtuoket, R. I.
Victor Chapman ot Now York, and
.myself, and 'on 'Thanksgiving Day we
arrangod' a feast In our hut Jose
Ames, an' Argentinian, heard that wd
had picked up some stray chicken
and had shot a goose and that Jacobs
wo oooklng them for some sort or
banauet. and he Invited himself, say
Isgl , "i know what Thanksgiving
Day Is and I'm South American,
1 think I ought to come."
The other twelve men In the squad.
aian t know wnai inanaioiYing uay
was, but iney anew coicaen wnen
they smelted it so we Invited
them all. The chicken was served
la a huge, magnificent old china
bowl which we bod found la the
Osaierted house of the Mayor ot a
moll town nearby. Chapman, who
Lnnw. antlnuft when 'he seek them.
old the bowl wo at least three'
hundred year old and that he wo
totng to take It borne with him when
ib left the trenches, but one day
when we permitted five. Infantrymen
of a. newly arrived division to sleep
in 'our hut a shell struck the roof.
tuka tba bowl sad killed five men.
Don't itch!
Tba moment that Raamol Omt-
ment touches itching akin the kch-,
Ing storMi and healing begin. That"
(a why doctor have fweeeilbetl it'
aucccNfully fortwenty yearfinWraa
tho severest coses pf eciema, Hng '
worm, rsshea, awej msny other tor.
mentlng-, ififuringf ln 4kcatea.
Aided by warm baths with Reelnol
Soap, liciitol.Oiiilment msVes a.
alclcskin or scalp perfectly .healthy,
quickly, easily and at Utile cost
JUalwl .totulM aotMag al .0 bank a
UrwUa Mtara tU mm ha m4 fraalr Mat
M aba tatataata aaaat (rrilatad aarkua.,
hall tikva'rn tkka a, llhartv. If vnn'll
exeuW me," Mr; Rhelnholdt, I think It 'Advt.
'to .he-muttered, "that
bee aomf -trouble .here.- I
Baak Itcarrva glUOaBVOrSaO.
The statement of th actual condition
of Clearing House bank and truit
romponiMv snow tnat iney noia
tl31.5tl.S20 reserve In exces of legal
requirements. Thl I an Increase of
!9,i59,990 over last week.
Dead Ms Waa Jaha Strle.
The body of the man found drowned
In Htatcn Island Sound yetterday wo
of John a
a that i
Identified to-do:
twentv-nve. a 1
tun Street, Jersey City,
twenty-five, a labdror, ot No. 141 Nep
trloe, ;
II. 1. r'
CUSTOMER buying a
pair of our child's ''knock
about" shoes said the same
shoe was advertised elsewhere
at a lower price.
I am one of' Best's
"shoppers," and was told to
"shop "it
The other shoe a ' 'special' '
was, 25 cents under ours.
But the sole was not Goodyear
welted ours was. Ours was
sewed to stay on the other
just one stitch breaking meant
the whole sole would rip off.
Our sole was water-proof-1!
leather-their sole was inter
laid with paper to build it up.
Miss G. B.
"You never pay more at
nfih Arena, Wait Bid, Comer Ida arrest.
. Three Notable Interviews in
f - - Editorial Sectionr
John Dewey, Professor of Philosophy at Columbia UtuV
Veralty, on "Making People Citizens.'; "
Riecardo Martin, of The Metropolitan Opera Co.,
"Future of Onera in The United States."
Dr. Sudekura, leading Socialist 'Member of The Reichavl
tag. "How the War Aids German Socialism."
.-"Jt. f
To-night I Clean your bowels
and end Headaches,
Colds, Sour Stomach.
Get a 10-cent box.
Put aside lust once the Salts. Pills.
Castor Oil or Purgative' Waters which
merely' force a passageway through, the
bowels, but do not thoroughly cleanse,
freshea and nurifj these drainage or-
fans, and have no effect whatever upoa I
h livvr and atomaeh. I
Keep our "insides" pure ond'freehM
with Coscorets, which thoroughly cleanse
the tomach.remove the undigested, aeur
(oo.and foul gases, take the excess bile
from the liver and carry out .of the
system all the constipated waste matter
antt naisoBS'iB the bowels.
A Cascaret to-night will moke you feel
great by morning. .They work while you
sleep never gripe, sicken, aad cost only I
10 cents a box from your d-ugriiUl
Million of man and women take a Cas-1
carat aow and. then and never have
Headache, Biliousness, Sever Cold, In
digestion. Sour Stomach or. Constipated
Bowel. Cascsreta belong in every house-
held. Children just love to take tbem-1
Five "Loveliest Women" in
United States
Scq Their Prize Winning Photographs in the "Magazine."
and "Pictorial Review Section To-Morrow.
, . , , u . , , , ,,. -
' yin Meprbpolitan Section:
"Reducing" Artist Frueh I& Funnier Than-
Ever in This Picture of New York. Life.
They're Putting Time Clocks in City Apart
ments!- And What Do You Think of .That?1
The Flower Show as Seen by Artist Roth.
t I w.'fa a 'a
?nnnfir lllpaninor n Pnrlar StatiinrvaWaltwrJ
aaaaVfikkVa Q WWUllIBj fT " J - WS
Scott, Burns, Webster and the Rest.
.Masquerade Night ri Nevyt York., Suca
1 " Cr5wfj in Gay' Costumes! ' .'" ' :
"Pilciorial Weekly Review of Events'
' r 1
Separate 8-Page Supplement Printed On Tinted Paper
Showing Photographic Views of Great Human Interact.
In the Illustrated Magazine:
Two Xovrng -Hearts' That Caused a .Wholft.'
" .Ton to. Be Vaccinated.
A' $&;0.Q0,Q00 Art Palace for ''Tragonarris?f;'
Remarkaljle Call in a Breeches Buoy on 'an
, Errand of Mercy. ... -s
Frank James, Bandit, as He Saw Himself.
Strange Story of a Red Cross Stowaway. '
The Unsolved Mystery of Rugglels, 3bljJ.
Triumphant Florists Exhibit Their
w aa r,,.ijuw "
Au;osv MnuvnuunBi
Double Page Feature Strikingly IUuetrated in Coleira.
Another Inimitable "Bill, the Office BoyM
Story by Paul West.' ' ' k
a I
t ' t
Great phlUnthropists, agree that better-ihan giving money Is
: to help needy persons to .help themselves.
So, if you know some one who Is out of employment, needs
a competent worker, seeks a more suitable home,' mourns a lost
article, wants capital for Investment, Is on the lookout for bar
gains, &cf ' '
Great Weekly Joke Book
Drives Dull Care Away;
The Comic Section That Features the Drawings
of "Dkka, Originator of "The Katzenjammer
Kids;" Gene Carr'a "Lady Bountiful." Gus
Mager'g "Hawkghaw the Detective," ."Tha
Newlyweds' tc.
t 1-i .' fc 1 1 i "C" "tr ' i ' i ",i
"AU Sorts of Pups"
A Chajrle Dana Gibson Drawing Ready for Framing.,
We left the atea aad bowl burled tan
iaa,asT'amaw .

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