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Trip of New Champion Toward
New York, Where He'll Arrive
To-Morrow Night, Teeming With
Crowds, Excitement and Quaint
Hy Hobrrt K4rtn.
ClHSbt, 1U. by Toe l'i.a ruMishln Co. (The New York Ktenlei Wortd)
HAVA.S.SAII. Ua., April .
WIIUN oW J. Cer hJ bl IltUe triumphs a roup! of ttmus.&d
jrer tto he saUsfled with line of march loa the Applan
Way and throusb lb City of Home to tb Korutn. Jw WlllarJ
UrUd bis profession t llixm, Cuba, ami thf oth-r mJ of It Mil ( In
Im Anrtlr,, Cat Incidentally, after b bu been on tbe route for thrr ,
dart bt'It touch at New iork In all he'll corrr irven or rlsbt thousand
Billet. More people !! turn out to fee bin) than erer Jammed the. ay
Utioni to (limpte a Presidential candidate.
I'm travelling with tbe Wtllard party on tie Wlllard ipecial, Wednes
day slfbt or came Into Key West. Tb crowd there bean to father, tbejr
told at, tone before the Governor Cobb hoe In elfht. Hour aftr hour II
piled deeper aratnit the restraining fence. And when Wlllard himself
marched down from tbe tteamer, towerlnc over the reat of hi party Ilk
bis redwood of the Sierras over a group of wrub pine, nothing could
bald that shrieking, hysterical mob back. It tor down tbe fence to got
to Mm. It ept across the railroad yards like, a tidal wave. It laughed,
bouted, sobbed, sang.
And to-day. ail up atone the Florida const, Jt hiu been the ame war at
every ftation and town and crrnmroad. At every Mop crowd have been
waiting patiently tn th hot nunshlne, waitlnk to ere Wlllanl, tho great Jtn,
who iubucutcd the tnvlnc.ble black and threw the fear of the big white
Cat Into the hrart of all of lili follower. Northerner will nrer b nMr to
uaderrtand what thin all mrani down In thr fur South, where black out
r.saibcr the white, and whetc tli r.nnm "Johnaon" bus bien a aytntiol of
"TO'. rue ever sine that July 4 at lleno live yearn niro.
At Kry Vet a man came up to me n I Mood nw Jes and wiM: "You
fellow ought to hir been here Monday If you wonted to nee a eilKht. Hnlf
a rolnuto after thr flash that Wlllnril had won every nigger In town wu
freaking It for tliu uptidx. Tiny all expeclid trouble, but we only laughed
, at them."
Willard Slicks Head Out of Window to Greet Crowd.
4- Or.o of the first Muttons nloiiR the route of Wlllurd'a triumph Thursday
morning ts Hock l iljrr. Here hundred of men ami women und children
of nil age were wnltliirr to Wlllard. Mix Joe put hi head out through
V window very obllcliiKl)'. and laughed und Joked until tho train HUtrted.
Later came Tltusvllle, mid thrn NVw Hmyrna. When wo were slowing down
t a stopping place Unit Ix'.inl thnt curloun wound made by a mixed
crowd, a queer ban rumble with n ehrlll femlnlno overture. An our train
eim to a i'.oi wr heard It ktow until It wan n clmut of "Wlllurd-Wlllurd-
Wlllard,' and then Itlir Jin Invariably hove hlnmclf out of hi aoat and
went out on the platform to ulioiv lilhuirlf, ho that thoso who cacao far to eeo
him would not be disappointed.
Wlllard Is tho most nmlablu giant In the wr.rld. At leant he wa amlahln
ail day long. Ho Mood the teat of iopulnrlty very well. He algncd pout
cards and posed for numtrur emm-rus and mndo ahort peechv and Jokad
with everybody and shook thuunumlH of mind. Ho had an auswor for
' !Verrbody. "Sny, HUs J'ellow," called a tall cracker nt Hmyrna, "yon don't
ook as It you had been In a light. Whero In your marks T"
"1 wasn't In any fight," Jld Wllluid. "It was a cakewnlk." And aa ha
raWnvnt the crowd luucheil with hltn.
notlrvd nt ovcry ntop it tiling tnat iooksii ouj to Kortiwrn eyei). racked
In a solid mas closo to tho ttnln wern the white; Iwhlnd them, and with a
respectful Interval of twenty fiet or so betwoen, the blftik ntood In rugged
jlna to gain tn uwed sllrnro nt the conqueror of tho great Jack. Only once
did I hear a word of comment from u black mnn. At Daytona. a great big
darkey, ns tnll a Wlllard himself, turned to u ilusky friend nnd chuckled :
"My golly, Jack, ah don't waul no light with that boy. Jest look at dem
And lie amllod until every tooth In hln head glenmod In the nun.
Wo Mopped at Ormond und I'utntka null Ht. AiiKustlnc, nnd nt each
place Jess appeared an ditood In thn doorway at tho end of hut car, fllllnif
H completely, nnd irrlmwd at thn liundrlappliiK' nnd shouting, and responded
to tho appeals of tho crowd tn "romo down and stand on the ground, no wo
aitck ntrcxtc Jt wcifcM maw touN'tfj tut NCt.ro out nir AtcoNO jumccd into tmc hino to vulu jOHf.f.of.
Upham Pitchhtff I Mercury Footers
Find 1 Seam n, Hreak Record
Declares Mauee In Mile Swim
I v I ;. .
mmf Hawll
T ,
Ml. II It
..I. 'IS .
a ... k.-w
r I
4 I,.'. I I II
i at.. I
I. -t ttsti.
Tin i
l n M
U i, r ii 'I.. .
t Sie I nrfc K In. '(.
Ii i i aad sl '! i-M 1
us I II i nut AC Ki a t
WISH l SM, W i )'' M
ih Um man, i-ontt.' .i.is
i a tnt h, nsl kin uT
Iti.n-afrti' Ttt Mil tttt .a tiw
tMirl.t l i
n.oas in jr mii hf rum
.. .iw.n h Ms ttstm fUxuitt Mil
i i.. I ,iMil laam
.. ,Mta t vrliuil Mlttag fct-.. Itt IM fll Hi
.ii .f .1, iii'" I" I I" T ,t Nnlli-ii. : A I
I II if I ,. . f i. ,.,,..,,,,,. ,, !,
c I' i . if i , s . ,
I III' ' ' ' '
H Iff I fl . U . l 'I
if r 'i dera' y
- . I
t ale
i - atmiaii
. -nl
oi 11e
I It Hll
'I. I ! IJ. I I
!i. i .ill
Ii .11 II
I'rtlit I III
V.'i.mal Mi i' I'J
White Had Duffy
tali 1 1' utiHuii i"'
lHlf lliifMlilg A.tMiali.in
A ii'im and i l' iiing ' - '
In a vlrtMt fvf n'li.r P I'liiipi '
Utuittni'hiii, onr Tlivlliaa H I.Ul.
Lnwritrioetilin Pmii, Ih ilif .
tun lMi viinls iiuvHii mwIii. Ti i w.i
imr In tint prt'llmUwilfa i t IV
'harllej a. aatiJ.ui tliii an I' II air
N V A , ! 1 1 Nii'l.in . il MII
V. M I A.I. tll uitn.Ui 'it I I
M IImiii, ii'im i.ii iii d .1 o
liiiek, V ' nli'l ' I ' '
Wl.t Hldn MP A
Til" mlnllln iln .Hid tin H 1 1 'Mi
Ki' y.ml li.ui'lH ip n ..' i I
ii I
111 KI'AI). S' Y
UHtii hi t Jliiim) lu fly of llulflo
i n (lis tnrre "f i kniMtkout In thn
tirsi round tt tim hottit tsn-roiinl
lie ii' fT si-en hern Whll.'rt left
I un l'vl im lurry's (hln ft"r io niln
...... ... 1......... l.l... ...
U-n iff mil IIU.U'N, UIU,r,,ii mill in, . , I ,.,,1 I ,1 lit. V
a oniit or nine. li rum grogi.'y .nut r ' ; " . .
ii.nrni.i anil uaifiy insiii'i inn roiiiiii
In tlm si', und round Whlto unt
n'lnr luiffj in a lli-rui ixrh.iuitn
TIikV liuth fell to I In Moor ImrTy
was up llrst and tin- reform coiintud
tno on Wlilti After that th Imttlo
r iKP'l, oiiii inn up follow lug anothur
White won on li.inl. olean punching
nnd was acrnrdi'd a grout ov.itlou by
the crowd for his work, un he bad
taken on ImiTy In spltn of tin- fact
that Hurry camn In over weight and
gave him a trimming
Cunt li'li'il ill
M Ml-
The smartest liats in the Style Parndc
Sunday, will be Exposition Styles,
Mr. Goodrrsitr will be seen in nil his Sprinp,
Rlory wearing the new Truly Wurncr Derby
and Soft I lat Shapes.
In colbr tone. h04e und becomingneis. our
xpo'itionStylei are the last word tn mtn'slat
ttvles (or Spring. Get yvurs today. Price $1
(Xnle Item leloie) Mail Order Vrtpaid, II
can see how big you are," nnd ran rners with Hiuatl boyn whrn thoro was
room enough, ami enjoyed hlinsi lf cenrrslly
Whlla h wss standing In the doorway at 81. Auoustine a nice
looking, whltehaired old lady crowded close to the car steps and calUd
"Mr. Wlllard! Mr. Wlllard!" until Jass looked down. "Mr. Willard,"
aha (aid, "this Is Ih first tim I ever wanted lo be a prize-fighUr. I'd
rthsr b you than President of the United Stntes, We nil want to
thank you, Mr, Wlllard," and she fairly beamed up at him as he took
his hat off and bowd.
Hand lor Jess on Platform at St. Auaustine.
They had a baud on tho platform at HI. Augustine, and It certainly
played u If It enjoyed the occasion.
It was after leaving Ht. Auguiitliin thnt Jihs hegnn to get wiviry of tho
hand-shaking, lleforo pulllnir Into Jacksoiivillo ho camo nut of his stato
room with a mischievous twlnklo In hit ei. Ho had mado a nllnft out of
ii scarf and wan carrying his right tin ml In It. "I'm going to nave thin hand,
boys," hn said. "I may need It again nomo time."
Hut when wo rolled Into the Htatlon a coilplo of ucrcn of peopln net up
a roar of applause "Cleel" jwild Jess, "If they sen my nrm In a iilltur they'll
think I wnn hurt In thn tight." Ho ho threw the sling uway und went out
to show himself to tho whole town of .Inc ksonvlllo, wholu and unburn und
smiling, nnd hn spoko n few woiiIh and Joked with thn pretty glrla and other
neoulo who wanted to nnaimliot nliii, and maiio u great nit generally.
Jarksnnvllto Is a huntllng, riictgntlc city. I know It, for tho population
nrnrlv odshed our train off tho track. Wo couldn't stnrt until long nftur
thn usual ten-inlnuto Interval was up. And nt last thn conductor nnd thn
trainmen and number of policemen had to wedgo their way along the
sides of tho cars and beg the people to stand back and lot thn train start
without running over a few hundred who might bo punhed under tho whuclH.
Wo woio two hours nnd thirty minutes behind 1 1 inn now, nnd when wo
got out of Jacksonville at last tho engineer opened her up to elxty mllen an
hour, which Is travelling nomo In Florida.
O'Nell was tho engineer of tho Wlllard special, nnd O'N'cIl In thn man
who run tho Ore train down to Jacluionvllln at 120 miles an hour f our toe n
vun .m when the city htirnel. It won another engineer who took the train
out of Kay West. Juwt bnforo starting ho camo Into Wlllard our una shook
hand with win.
"Mr. Willard," ha said, "I've un detailed to naui many frasiatnt
and other big Popl over this road, but I never cam to shake hand
with thm. I'm proud to shak your hand, air, and I want to tell you
that I thank you and wa all thank you for what you've done."
less Would Get Many a Vole if He Kan for President.
That'll tho feeling all through tho Houth. Tho people aio thankful to
Jrsii Wlllard. They hnvn an Intense c.urlnmty to hco tim great wlilto man
wbo dethroned tho great black. They ailnilro inn Hireiigui ami skill, and all
the rr.t of It. Hut mostly thoy To ttiuimriii to mm nocnuso no nas rcmovou
ihn ftvo.vcar-old Ide.i thnt tho UlacK raco In u superior llgnting stoe.K. Tnat
notion. In tho puat live yeurs, lias causeu a grcui ueni or irounio. inoy ro
irliM tho troubln In over. If Jcms Wlllard wero to run for President lio'fi have
iiuiiiv a Houtnern vole.
Wn arrived nt Havannnh nt night. Tliern was no mom hot sunshine.
Hut Havannnh, too, was on hand to wolcomo .less Wlllard, to roar his nnmo
und ntruggln for n clianco to nliaite ins iiimu.
To-night Wlllard sIiowm hi tint i.yric in ii.iiumorr. '-incn on 10 row
York for tho blggcM reception of all. n(J
"This Is tho llfo," nam Hlg .less.
I suspect thnt bo's beginning to like It
Last Night's Scores.
ln.Jlm.l..n S'. I Il-1 Ullli.t!n
(U, Khnlim. Ill'; Jlrjer. bl. H.ituu'n, Ml. To'
l.l. iHII.
I'.ll Amrli'an. No. 2 Hr.ttck, II MrSlthnn,
Jwlin, 117; lllMuwu..!. 4A Yvuii, 77. 'loul.
tvmwic, ,ii, jtan mivr, w,: i.v.t, im:
Willi., &.1S tltu. 4.1; lUnk-h, 4. T..IH. .-i:.
Ilrimktin 1'ntnn lit. Oiiniptiiv, .MrtsiittllUa
llrtnnli. Nil, I Jrlfn, HI: Ii-iimMi. Ml : llruu.
MM; Hliaiuiim, Wij II W nlW, h'J. Tmil. 424,
IWrutrle, No. a-KtUin. Ills O'liniiiiell. Oil
l)oi,r1n nix Xm, Wl Asm. . T..UI. 3.l.
juiwwjn l nmn iiu i;oiiihliir. Mrtrnlioiiiiin
li....rti. n.i '3 ii.i.iiu..n iit. rPir..i u. II....
ilrfni. 63i Hem Ml: W, NuHr, tn. 'fuia'!. a.
jurii"r. ft.i, j -ii, .ML.iir. to; r. ittitir,
AS; I-uprlU, 70; K, Wickpr, Ki; UnV. W. Toul,
Iimntun union iim tvmntnr M.lnnoliua
llrunin, N'i. 3- '.ir"m. U4 Ulntlr, 4J flntlrr,
7: lltrrr. SI; lls.n, S(l. TuUI, Ittt.
Ainiviian Oittim nil Wriirti'li. S7; li.mffh.rtr.
(IS, IIKH 71; tuiniitt, Mi: Clun. I. Total,
llroklrn t.'nlon Hit, MHromHtsti llraonh. No.
4-l'lilum-. il: LWrmtn, 61: bnrt, 02: Oho
Sin. 7'.'l tlnir, ill. ToUI. .107.
JUlOT, .n. -"A, Urlll.ui. ,1.; r. ii.ninum.
IV .iiriRitni, un, uuhiu, o
M.CroMcn, 77!
Mrllinl'-'l A Bittu, No. I inrooHnl nolot, SI;
I Ail In. lie: Itolnnrr. eo: Otuwn. M: W'Ula-
llun, is, 'itiiaj, ,ivt.
MutvUM-A. llmnaiM. Ml: Will. 71; lluam.
Bit AiUnu, 7H; M. (Irr.-nwiM, (W. tnUI. H4I.
M.-ll.iutl & Sunt. Nu. 2 limit. Us: (i.uut,
IW; Ciinr, Ml Ctinttl". IH; MclliiUil, . To.
111. 417.
i i.i n
!ftM St
w kiiist;thv i,i.i
llryii n ln-ilny in hi
fili-1, al II i vim i. on: In i - i'
pnrt io Jui'k liilnii"iii. i I".
Ii is I. I'll i mix Irti il Hi' a I 1 . i v
u fllKIIIVi' Irnni Jii:ii I
It Wll1. Illllll I it null fllMtl 1 1 't
f plli'll)' til il Jl'lll '
mill I iiiinol
sri'l elili'l
i in
i iim
i IH
a:rf lly John Pollock
Am)nliti In IIIII M.rameT imn..r nf Lirt i Hln!, on A.rll 21 Itfi h ritl try List lo .tui
i-ilir.l a I ' unit
ili'in.iitilrd r. in n i ii I
ll'ltlM it. Tin I- '" ' ' I'
iler nndlllh. h"- '
niini- At 'ill ' ' "
ntuleil to nniii and. u
bninU. piopu id in ii' ' '
firm in.
i l.ii
. ' ill
. lv r
i i I.i in i
m. ill
Hi ', ti;
, it. 'I ul
t i ill H fi
m i s wltli
U'rrlt. Jn'k Jotinin'i it Unllmi Ibit In aim't
lurtit mlu to tiunV. Iln m) ihit Jolintm In
t4nl up f.ir i lntUit wlt!i any oiviii.nt ttitl
I'nfKl ll.llln.mi, iliirrlur nt Un N'tlloiul Sirtlnl
Cluli of l.niiiti. iWreoi. ytoirtu lut ri.rlfil n
nff.r fpun I to ru.rt Itumlunlti-r Vrl!i tint
I'r.r.X Mirtn In linJnn ulthiii U'ik urit tsu
monUu, 1 Ctl slut tlintii inAUhm h hit lnQ
iutiirr.1 tint ht'll ii't a clitm. lo lu,lit Jack
Mil'arnrT ilso il-rtt UmI Chirl.t Do llit.n,
n trior, bu bi'ini tnttnirtnl to ilfii up Mlkr
llllibimt fur A uitu-li with llinrcra (iirpinllrr,
Kuroi't Ii mom tuilnj clumiJon, nov nriln lu
tlio l'rii-li irmy He urn that CtrpanUer will
I- (lira fiitlriUfli tur a Unit lth UIIiIiom, Da
lliiru all) n."ot 5111. Illliliont shrn ba rrtunia
lirrr to-ntint.
Murrli. t ta.t tint Cuttiir Mini to ttmiilUli. m l
tlii-fflij IncrKM lila clitrny. f aittli un a Unit
with Um Intliruati.
Ilfnny lxnr., Illlly (llhaon't ork lktitaiUM,
U lilt up mUi tho rli. (lib lul to rail "tf
lhi mitrfi ho lint MrJo.l for lnu,rj stth t'tl
Mourr tt I'liUiJrliln,
Ttu. Whl!.)iiflx l.mt at Ilntfalo l.ut niihl
ts-w I7,fii0, Tim ll'ifr.l.i lljtitvirlfM iin In
flm ltwn.lt oirmrlrht ivl Nata White's
lairniev, iJ hla furf.lt of 500,
ATLANTIC C1TT. N. X. April ,
Krnncls Oulmet, Nattniinl nmnteur Rolf
chainptnn, created a new record for tho
course at the Hcaviow Oolf Club by
making tho eighteen holes In seventy
thrfo strokes. Ho was partnered with
Hugh Wilson, of Merlon, ngalnst Wil
fred Held, n Heavlow professlnnnl. and
C. II. Ocl.1t, presildont of tho flub. In
a foursome.
lltli will be ttic
Spring Style Day.
The irnl Spring Fmliinii I'nriule was
not l.ciil lat Siiinliiy. The inlilit' nn
not prepared -they itiilu'l uiy llirir
Spring nvlfUt III" I'arailv will l.iLe plncc
Ibli fjuudJJ, April Mill.
The smiirtrnt liiiln in the Style I'uriule
Sunday will be Truly Wuriiur Imposition
.yles, ..
The bruutiriil Kxpotition colors, which
Inirinonise mi well with the new .Spring
Suiting!, of coiirti', run he hud only at
Truly Wutuer Stores.
t!et yours nt the nearett stores, ,Se
'pliono book for aililrcurs. Mail orders
pruuiiil. ' Attvl.
"Play BaU"
Federal League
Washington Park, Brooklyn
With the Greatest Outfield PLying Professional
Bennie Kauff, Steve Evans, George Anderson
Not Overlooking Such Stars as
Tom Seton Tex Westerzil, Artie Hofman.
Ed Lafttte, Claude Cooper, Mike Simon,
Jim Bluejacket, Joe Finneran
And the AU-Arounci Star and Youngcsl Playing Manager
To-Morrow, Saturday, With
Also Monday and Tuesday Next
Opening Day Band Concert, 1.30 P. M.
Flag Raising, 2.45 Game, 3.00
Reserved Bos Seats, $1; Reserved Grand Stand Seals 75c;
General Grand Stand, 75c; Pavilion, 50c; Bleachers, 25c.
IAWUKNCH, Mass.. April J. Al
Hhulicrt, of New Ileclford, Mass., was
awarded nn unpopular dnclalon hy Ilof
eri'o Hulllvan over youiiB Marino, the
New York bantam. In a fast twelve.
round bout at tho Unity Cycle Club
hero last niBlit.
J I in in r lllme llaav.
Proraol.r Jlniml. Dlina U. aniimnl l I".,
ot tnatiM lor thlt montli, Auiouc trmn art
1UU Plnlj n, lil.ll. Wllm.ir at IMr, W on
.Mull 13, anl Jo. Cliln tt. Htrk't Yanli IVtnm,
Uiimtir t l'ljtiiii mi lt nints Hits, .Mondt,
nlilit llitllltiii IiIiIlt ami Tom MrMihoo n
tn mil it XrwrattV, I'a,, uml.r IHui.a dim
tl,ai. Jlramj nart tli.rc'i Mj Intrrmt In ttin b"a
let now.
fits rununw will cirUflitt In tha rlUnlnltlnn
toum.j it Ihi l'l. nil Cluti to mono rrmn
In the Ilmt trn-rnuml affair Wlllli llruau, Uir
tnnt ofimil(iii cf Ilia I'nltnl Satt ,Va,j,
will iii-t I'raukU- I'all.biii tif U rmt ildu, Tln
n.lnliu.'- In It.. .......1 ....... -in l v
Jim Cotfer liu't to fht ssab. , for -m. J fhr , , ,wl( t'a"eir
tlint. m. rointirr. i.iiu .... m .. . t(J j Jh Taylor. Th, W, ,nt lirloi.
nl IU. etfm frso. all m th. .ort-l. bat tiurrtlicr rM Casl. lbs cfcrrr lllll. C.l.foml
(ulna to nj 1.1m tj ;Ui. - rimntr, U. rrat for , , lpkJ u.nt4mwcl4:i
a rmiole of wirLt, Alter tlila he la solnf to lt,m.n.tut of th? Iit.
tl him awu with a lt ! tralnari wlw'll work -
.iih him mitll lllb-vin Ii aUa to arranai. a 101U-I1 A f.lal uiifKut wia almnit dtlt In th. Aim.
llh Wlllint. for wlilch li It wllllris to r"ranla '"'r it AUuny jntcnlir tn lha llalont bill rtiiilns
H.'S.tKm. r.ilf'r Ut lalta Ilia m.n la sit wrk, tlir thn Dtmirrttttt Ikiiluf Cumnvlmloo.ri out of
four of whom lit luockM o-it In a total of rl-nn 'i"j snd rrmlltlns (lor. Whlunan Ui nam? thn-.
rounilt. (Illm Tt Uut liteli Coffay lua grown ll.pub:lcans tn Oialr i'la., .Ulrr a rtoaa nail af
thr!riurti of an In and talacl ila-ht iuuli. tha lliiua tfia IlapuMtcass nasteml rrrBtr.ts
...Una him on.', Ihiaa lochm itfiortar tn orltht ami 'otaa, Jmt ,wh 1,1 put Um meaaurr orr. T
two ana Mil lwOiat ihottrr In rJ than till It spcli to tt rtmh th flanata srrt
u-ulaM. Ooff.r U anl, tsintT-thraa years oil . ,
and baa bran In thlt coonUy ir iri. I
ltirrr P.illoV ami Hail McKrtrlrV inDoutv. thr
hat tsot-l tha llnshuin Uracil rare tra.-k for thn
waaon mil that thy U1 atat soma chiupi.niihlu
bnuta thna thli aummrr. Tin lare Mta tU.OOO
roplt. Whnn hotlns ahowi are not aaUMiilpt
aula racea ami oiaer aiwrung erruit .111 it
pot on,
M.irrtt, sho put lip mttii t womLrfnUr
Ctmo rihlWtl.in wilmt Jim Cortry Welnmll,
nlsht. hat Ifen nutchnl tu moot Al Itcloti. the
imacrful loral hrnjntUht. at the Ht. Mrholai
Zira package fronts, without tlte I
.....H.MaJ.li,.pi.nl irasnur H
UCWllllti lttltliiuii.iiiwM''"
aek worth V.c catb. and vou
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Here's to the New
Holiday Fashion
.Sunday, April 11th
Owing to the snow storm
last Saturday, and Sunday,
this Sunday has been declared
the general public and the
Get your new Spring Irving
Hat today and join the happy
8 I
Nobby stylet plenty of them.
Unytual Quality lota of it.
Three Dollar Value half that price.
Thaft what you get when you buy our hats.
25 New Patterns
Added to Our $20 Line
Exceptional fabrics that really belong among higher
priced suitings. We bought them at a fraction of their
value, and are giving our customers the benefit oi our
shrewd purchase. Wide range of weaves and colorings.
Suit to Measure, $20
Call, write or phone for samples and style suggestions.
C& 9th St.
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