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THE. IVINIWQ-' WOULD, wltilClSDAT. AUGUST .18, 1,915, ,',
aMrrUry Mat1 that K eth fe4t c.
--falvavTo FALL MON.
The capture of VIlBa, and with It th
iwimM railways rotating through
WCMtttw1 Russia, It expected
a fortnight. The civilian' popu
MNa becaa evaewatlag the city tn
4yg Mr c
Xevno ( the capital of the ttutthtn
aamiBwelrl of the same name and
rB I nyies Beathcast ot Pstrograd.
Il wm feuftded la tha eleventh cen
titry' aaa ha a population of iboBt
TI.M4.' 'TS principal Industries aft
mtJ factories, producing barbed
wwt taehlBenr aad nalla, Kovno U
atJS ah 'Important distributing centre
tef"tra4 betweaa East Prussia and
fKVriifo oTui. London Time.. In
aa, article this morning, aire:
K the enemy sseeeeds In rcdttclna'
Kbtbo, and ! thereby able to eras
rW'N lamer, he will be if the rear 6(
IM Russian line north of Bventa. and
witk th Junction of the (wo wings ot
Friid Jlarah&I vs.Ittsdohburg's army
position of the Russian right
.MJ mH be very aimcrtV
"JUS aHelal fJermin atatament of
J - - . - . r ....... , . I . 1 . .
twmmmmt auuanti s capiurv Ui,
tha.tefu ob, the south west front ot
KMpm. together with 4,W prisoBtti
iM NO -run. This was Interpreted
U'ftoraaBadoeln tha' fall nf III. fnn.
reM, proper, but its accOmpllsbaieBt
aoeedlly was hardly exbrcted. 1
-TthaVuetriart andoYrm.u fore, id
M W . f r A . . V . .11 S UI4atata 1
f aftalaLl Sh urn a, a i -m IUU. I. .i
dlvWOrli. From thft MOUth Tifctd Map. I
tcitv. rtcAkiturlnff1 ttiA nrttvined rDni
ibo Hussians.. rrom tbe west rrlnce
Leopold ot Havarla advanced directly
at tl.e Warsaw fronu Kro.ft,te north
caae the foroei of Mold Mkrabal von
TtitanUata t. ' rai I
in iiiKii fiwui iuo Ttuot rnuco
UlBdenbufr. advanclna- throutrh tha
Baltic. provinftfe. .
"T " , -'"'B tii.u be. i
ti 2
. Alttr Warsaw waa K.nlnu.1 kl
?o" betw.h the
rWr lr.lM,l or nacKonacii and XJ
tweu- Tna capture or KovRo probably
wal'rtfMIt In weldlrtr th northern
.F,on' "'.
eoHaolldated line from thft Ualtld
provinces 10 uaneia. ivbvno la a
unit of a line of fortresses runnlnx
rrsai tie Nlemen'souln and east con
nected by railroad, im' tola line aro
UreMo, Breat'Lltovsk and Lutlk.
The .MtHura of Kovno raises the
queatlon wnethr tho lluaalana will be
C.ta M'.?I. wnethp'
rV.ral7etMat HoEntlon of "tbi
regaining boaltloria on this fro.it
might " cxporfe" tho" ltUnsians" to tbe
danger ot a flanking movomonL The
.5Sd aiWLea.
pvCtsjani tne srawei. i (ins eiwiii T MilftJ
ttomhAi lildnv Baranovltshl arid
rtaak to IlovnoA This line Is about
law BHlimvi luuva iuni,.
Mi rapidity of tho Qerman ad
Vaffce slnco the fall ot Warsaw, on
Ai.'.b1iilluuil.by the-fact (bat
tttejsM within thlrtaea miles of
?J?:V'l0.T,"' , ...wj j,
HeVns tg' YIr AttliifrM aad fifty
mHea aouthw.st of Petroara; tha poa.
Uslllty of an advance aaalnst which
tw betas eoWsred HaaUid
;vMiripritr of Socialists Viling
'V-. Vi' ...... . , .
ro voie ior irar session
ly Cmrj W, Ackerman,
. Vlu4 Ittm SUff CafrMaaat.
Vl Magu-f.Aug. u-
f.Otmm the activities of Dr. Karl
'IltlM&lit. " hadlcal Boclallat leaded
th7aaJorty. of tbe jtoolalUta ln; tb
fwenstag are prepared to vote a wr
eredlt of tf,0o:,0O0,0W when the llelch-
iaa coBveaea lo-raorrow.,
Llebkaetbt, . who already has an
that be "Wm usK th aovjra-
taefit;ar what terms Ucrmany would
atrrW'io an Immediate peace, prob-
mww vui.unn no qn movproposai
-ta rat lurwer, wedlta for war. pur.
r nbt im nan as- a aueni' protest, out
thaiartjorlty of tha Hbclallat members;-
mffnfM. a tarM-oay conrsreaca,
n kawa asaaimead thalv datarnilaallan
'1lfl auaaort J.ha DovernmeYit. - '
Or I f"";lc" session or ine
Hetaastarg to-morrow afternoon will
rtvaTtha famous meatlnir of a viu'
-jafe. beh tbe Mrs; credits fqr tbi
iwauuuu ut. iwi 11v were yoipy
yassM-MntMtrallelled scene's. American
irbi. af tha dlnlomatlc corns, aranlan.
w . a 1 1 ri t- iiarirn n ,1 nin.r rn . m
alBMLto' attenu. .
It Is reported that the coming ses
MM.LIItlhAW.. ......I .1 . .Mil..
Alda.aLH'tlhArtvar avail hi.lv
rriT.I'.ir:'.". ZL " . v.
JKJWSlLif.: ffrHLfi.i?.-- S:
HUH 4Bra mtm sa I7v.(aiiiaib0 a tlV
Ifoainllat labor .leaders, for Instance.
wttl fluflst that action be taken ngainst
-"--- -- aceematorai Thiv iimi
arsrspsrsd , to cppoio cortain new
IU FflOd nHI LUftil
;wia junaiiumco oi inQ Mwno are going to wtioesa ins Qora
National Liberal rarty, meeting to. kjjJrjiynof'iijSrt jbwo Oeorglevsk.
ttayUn 'idvaAc of taa. openlpi 6t the', , J- 1 ' " "r'' uwo Vgaevsa.
mnawg JSV ucrmany only anrea to
am fa&aalaaaav Il el Bar 111 (HI s) B-a l t Asa liAst KsttW
a psfe.tt will guarantee ber, both
freak Ae military and econoralo stand-
paMiram'fsrsii attacks nl tha Unaio.
Uf Ttwre,..
yl v'
. LpXPON. Aug. H. -Eg.Premler
smouBer es veaueios to-day notlOed
:.. Klai nanatnnllna or hi. ..ml n... ...
k:Ba-,.qrclan Cablet J sue
i w ibb uoonans Ministry,
resigned at toe opening ot ilia
..parliament .vaatardav.. ar.'.
to ra desaalet) to the fjeatnif
Scale Two-Mile High Peaks of
TutekeU Spits at Night and
Surprise Foe.
Strong Line, of Intrehchments
'TakenOthej-. Gains
ROME. AUk. II (via PArlsf.-Fiir-
thef Italian" advances' through the
tra ui mo Aipi mm a uriiunni
baybrfel 'char-lte. ' Which ehbtured" a
strong llrle of Auitrlnn entrenchments
In the TOimino region, are described
in.it.. Mhmu .,';..,..'.... ..
i i '
."'"! 75 Wduartcrs. The
itHinmiini - inva?
.n (htt VViuvi.! rirlUr
Menti set out. dtirlnjr thb nlcht ot
a U - . ' - l'. .. . .
AUi. id irom uan.innn ninno. ana
Auit. 18 from Cqn.mnii Milan
divided" Into snuaria loinci t.v
6ssd tht CahioiHl t'aaa (t,i
by top,
'.400 feet
hlth'f anB Ihh Vnlrettn ill Damro.
climbed'. Uie snbw. caDMd atimmlt of
iurcKeii mills uu.buv recti ana sur
priaea aroupa or tne ennmy.
mi. ..... ...... to-... t....
Bnua lo ini f.s. ftn.,.i. h
. i.-.f ! V . " . . ,
aeiacnmeni 01 mo rnmj, wnicn u
attacked. And dlanersed ahd solidly
In ,Upor Illena further proms
by pur lnfnntry,M reported. Wo have
occupied Battlebsr. went of Lane
"In tho Monte. Nero section w cap
turpd aevoral of the ennmyla trenchm
In tho nehborhood' of ihe Vlslo
c0"n.ter aU?.f W
enemy on our V(slo pMltlons was
vigorously repuUrd.
"In the Tolmlno tohn our brilliant
.offtnslva developed against 'the hilts
of Hadta1 Maria and Santa Lucia' com-
Biandlng posltlohs sltuatdr to the
right of the' lionso.' After the c'us
tomary preparatory' shelling by aV-tll
h" ?Hr Wp, rV"4
wHlhe Uayonat and stormed a line
of strong atreaolrmenta, eatendlng
.?dBL. wValarn' aloma of thM
n,.t? YmVn. ,lop .1 V1
guas aad ' a irreat' Quantity' of am
it '
. A a
WilYln Atfik'oh.pelagosa, Which
- Gfplurtd:
- ItOM& Aua. Twenty Austrian
Warships and one aefoplaho yester
day V&ckMi the Halian positions on
I. i '.' 'v r .... il ..... ..
lua.iaiasa ! cetaKVsa ui ia wvanaiic,
but wer repulsed, by tho Italian or-
llllsry. ThAi Italians, lost fotr killed,
mo Ayui'i'my huhpmocou mis wer
neoa. it
The tiny Island lit Petadaii. Ivlna
miawar peiwoen me iiauan promon-
tory of Qrirg'dno'.aBd the- coast 6f Dat
wftu .ciaed by .Italian naval
forces verai weeks ago.
lana tinV a hiimnAr nf Allatrlnna npla
onera and captured the wireless sta
tion and fort on tne island.
I . . , .-- , .'. ,
I lhrotlgh bCrylCO IS UfUH BetWCW
cxircmc? oi enemy i cmiory
" . , . J
i nciu vy ivaiscr,
I '
Binttl.tNi Aiir.. II. .Lllla.Waraaw
express., These words record knother
rJ.m. m..kai..i .j
DermM meohantoal and technical
1 cievpn 'sraya aiiar nf capture 01
.t- mi.ra ..itM'. nm'i.L
, v
Pve nUUratod itHf((UlNrHn aer
vir,- cpnnacupg tne. eireme 91, 00
Officers! and f47 uneB.'' foUr machine
cupted veoemy territory, leaving Lille
'ilM .0 o'ol'ocl ln'tb,o mprplng,, rus
at .v ociobk id mo morning, urus-
aels at Mi and JJerllmat midnight.
1 i . I '
I " arriving at Warsaw In time for
luncheon the next afternoon.
... .ii il ....
' ,".'" "JHW ! 'T eM"
nrdJromJle.r.ln. carries a party of
I-.. T S f . T . 9
' OJSNidVA. Aug. II. The oorra
irondent of tbe Journal la Hulsse at
he from n ths. Voiges states that In
I an nrmv order recently Issusd bv tha
Prman Cfown f'rlnca and found qn
prUonsfs tak-pi by the Krepcb ocouri
o ipii . pnr"'
I "WB shall taka wa
"We shall take we must take. Ver
dun. Then the. w.ar, .wll) be Oplshtd
py weqeuiDor at the latest
The laUst propheeies 'f the ?rown
rloeVs father, KaUr Wllhelm; place
Wife, Mother and
The Victim 'of
II . T Mr, . M- rwm III a saBlaMSSal 11 I I llaHllllM BBB 1 1
mmW .Jim
Advance Soo Yards Under Heavy
Fire at Suvla to Straighten
Line. I '
LONDON. Aug. -Is. A further ad
vance of COO yards by the- allied
troops on Oatllpoll Peninsula Is an
nounced in n report'fronl an. Blrlan
Hamilton, tho Hrtjh. expeditionary
cqramander-ln-clilcf, glvta qut, here
to-day. The statement, follower i u
"Hit Ian Hamilton report's that in
the. 'southern, sono the-situation was
unchanged dilrlng tho 14th and lSth.
The Turks kept up tho usual or
tiller? tiro without .much effect ,
in the northern cono the right
flank of tho. Atts'trallan and New
Zealand army corps' position was
heavily. attacked during the nlirht of
.the HthrlMlif but all attacks were
"At Buvla tho troop on tho loft
flank mado a short advance on the
afternoon ot the 15th. with a view to
Itraightening out the lino. They
moved forward under considerable
gun and riflo tiro hnd gained about
DOO yards, capturing a Turkish trench
and taking iwa'otllcera and twenty
other prisoners."
London May Establish Credit Here
of Many Mljllons to Buy
War Supplies. ,
Dritlsh credit strengthened ud a lit
tie In tho foreign exchango market of
Now York to-day on leports that
bankera and treasury officials were
lit conference In London ahd an an
nouncemtht cquld. bo expoctcd soon
of a new war loan to establish
largo credit account In this country.
xne ungusn pouna sterling, usually
worth I4.ICCS In American menev. was
quoted at 14.0$ Ih bills of exchange
toraay. tbis is up one cunt irgra yes
terday's low, French francs wera
quoted In demand exchange at ft.t
to make one American dollar, as com
pared with 5.1& in the dollar .normally,
Italian ahd German exchange was
ven at, creator discount.
It la underatooil London and N.w
fork flnonclars aro working out the
aetaiis or a syndicate to take on some
form ot a loan to the allies which will
bo donostted aa a huge credit account
jn New York. The present discrepancy
in lumigii uAtimuKU s inuamg pur-
chossa' ot supplies In the Amorlcan
market extremely costly.
i "' r '
OOPKNHAOBN, Atif. U, Via Lon
don. German cheers for men in. tho
lirltlsh navy Is an unusual war tlmu
Incldanl. reported fram.tlio North re
by the captain, and. crew of tho Gor
man trawler audrun, .belonging to
Altona, which bos Just arrived at
Eabjerg. .
Tho cantaln. relating thn exnerl
ences ot the, trawler, said, that the
audrun was stopped' In tho North
Be a py , a llritiah. squadron. ji0
promptly got his boats ready and
distributed lifebelts, bellovlng .his
Shin waa certain to ha aunk.
. Whan thi, Ilrltlah aanman ranch.
the trawler the cnptaln begged for
time to take to, tho boats, and ad
mits that he was staggered at the
short and pointed reply:.
"Yqu can take tho whole ship, We
nan nut num. yuu.
ThtnapLatn that tlm Jlrltlal
l.fl analil ilia Kaarlv . jiliMn -nf li.
Sister of Frank,
(Sebrgia Lynchers
(Continued from First Pago.)
points wherh relief may
tiov. Ferguson has taken Up the
subject of relief for Oalvoston with
tho Adlutant General's Department.
Btato olllclals have announced that
they aro prepared to tuko tho altua-
Hon In hand and promptly extend
help whero required. Thousands ot
residents In the coastal plains coun
try about Port Lavaca, a hundred
miles wost of Galveston, aro suffer
ers, according to reports received
hero, The district Is one ot fruit and
truck farms nnd tha character of the
...... 4 ... 1. . .. ,.!! . . ..
. !i i t. i t T V i i m
to the gale. It U feared considerable
lBa?fJlf2J5 re8uU.1-,.
GALVESTON, Tex, Aug. IS (by
wireless from V. B. transport Duford).
There Is considerable suffering In
tnis city, ino water system, ugnung
system, gas ana street car systems i
aro out of commission. There Is no
drinking water in the city. Three
hundred feet of the causeway had
been destroyed. All ofllctrs, classi
fied employees, cnllstod men and tholr
families are safe. (This refers to the
garrison at Fort Crockott.)
WACO. Tex., Aug. 1,
reaching hero sy that twelve soldiers
were kilted at Texas City during tho
great storm of Monday, when the
Thompson Ilulldlnt, a new throe-story
structure, collapsed, right were killed
falling brick, while four were
drowned later. About thirty or forty
civilians, many of, them women and
children, also lost their Uvea
Those killed were enlisted men and
no commissioned officers 'lost their
lives. Military rule has been estab
lished at Texas City and -the soldier
are taking corpses out of the water as
tast as they can bo located.
First reports sent out were to the
effect that between 200 and uO sol
dlers wore drowned, but these were
denied by A. II. Puffy and I. J. Moran,
who mado a trip to Texas City In an
automobile on tbe railroad track.
They said that twelve soldiers lost
their Uvea and perhaps thrloe as
many were Injured.
HMITHVILLE. Tex, Aug. 18. The
crew ot a Santa Fe work train, reaoh
ng here from Texas City Junction at
noon to-day, reportod the track torn
up and that thay were unable to pro
ceed further. They say they found
eighteen bodies at Hitchcock, twenty
miles from Galveston.
Several business signs from Market
Street. Galveston, were found scat
tered, all the way from Hltchoook to
Texas Clty'junotlon, they said. The
water Is reported to bo threo miles
farther Inland ttmn'ln 1D0O, when Qal
veston waa nearly wiped oft the map,
HHAUMONT, Tox., Aug. 18.
Throe men nnd one woman were
killed, almost tho entire population of
Port Arthur made homeless and prop-
unu prop-
erty damago estimated nt more than
iioo.oira constitute tno ton or wo i
tropical storm Monday night. ' ,
HOUSTON. TilX.1 Aug. IT (bv ma 1
. 11 " " t , " " ,
ha.o'ir ,RK
Houitau nas sustained a loss esti-
ma tod at from two to five million
dollars In the worst trafrlcat 'storm
nmmu yu. i n.
residence escaped damage, and at 4.80
si n ci a niiainpia.fi itnn i nrtr a, in arm
known. At that time tho wind at-
talned the velocity of ninety miles
Wr:,. a , ...
veston are in Houston, coming over
on special lnterurbaiuiand trains dur-
Ing Monday Batternoon after storm
warnings Jiad been. Issued. It Is be-
n..i'.r rri 4V,,. h.iv.a.nni. mAi XTii
IIUT c4 iiuiu Mit vse vvv s nvv v m
and causewau aoted as tuners and
nreventoa wnqmsuie aeatruction or
Human ure, ievcrweiesa, g;
nuprehons on la expressed here.
xno storm flcre raaea witnout in.
lermhUlon, from 7.80 P. ,M. to 6 A. M.
The wind blew from all directions,
wluiiping from the south to north and
irom vnmi ia nun,
Aug. II. Gen.
stated; that ten' soldiers perished
o'clock tnis morning, wnen to storm spectacle or tne pony or tne victim
hsachod It height, the barometer fell of the mobB vengeance was tho only
to S8.!l, said to be not far from ( ......i dinr,ir
tho lowest barometer reading ever w t0 Prevent disorder,.
(dontlnued from First Pace.)
fended the lynching of Frank In a
speeoh fit a public bnnquot last nlftht
and had In the samo speech warned ex-
JOov. Blalon, who commuted Frank's
sentence to remain away from
Ooorrla for at least a year. Mayor
Woodward, a mnn of great Influrnco
and popularity here, Is quoted as say-
Ins; in Ran Francisco:
1'eopld throughout the United
Btates hava obtalrled their Ideas of
the Frank case from a pblsonod and
subsidised press and press reports.
Common decency prevents me from
telling you ot tho revolting truths ot
murder of Mary Phngan,
ueorgia is the itsding mate 01 mm
Soiith. lis psopte cannot Be classed
with tramps, hoodlums, bandits and
lawbreakers, but thlnnt had' come to
point where every avenue of the '
laW hid been exhausted and the Judg-
.-i. t tuv ..,t. ... ..Ma hj ana
m.n 41.. .ft tk.t It wa.
iMsaiff easiis ins uwvui ,
.. . i ..... i.. .l.i.
up 10 insm io laKO xno law inia inoir
"While wo people of Georgia deplore
this deed ot Monday night wo know
what IS behind the feeling that prompt,
ed It, and 1 want It understood that It
la almnlv AmtihaalrJnv thn fact that
wnn it comes to woman's nonor incro
Is no limit wo will not go to avenge
and to protect It.
"I know that there Is not a member
of the Jury that tried Leo Frank who,
from the day they rendered tho ver
dict to this, have any Idea that they
would change their decision If put to
the test again.
"Seventy-five per cent, of tho po-
pie of Qeorgla are convinced that the
man lynched Monday night commit
ted tho deed, and they aro on the
ground and ought to know,
"I want to put. my city nnd Stato In
the right light and I havo tho nerve
to do It. I will be home In less than'a
week, and I can go back feeling I
havo dono my duty.
"I know Jack Slaton, have known
him for thirty years, ever since he ;
was a young man. I have been friends
with him, and while I ha to-to say It,
1 would not n"1'80 nlm t0 return t0
0co ,a or ft ,f oVcr Tho buik
ot the people may understand him
M& mRy rfallf0 ftnd belleva h8 dld
wnllt h, thoUght waa right, but I nm
,frald thoro nre BOlne who wm r.Bent
hls act, throughout all the years to
Tha Identity ot most ot the twenty-
live members ,of thq lynching .party-
Is pretty well established' In common
rumor around Marietta, but there Is
no widespread belief that any of the
iU,pect. wlll b' arrested, or that. If
arrests should be made, punishment
WM follow. What amounts to a no-
tlce from Marietta that any attempt
to InVesUgalo wilt bo resented with
violence by thb "members of the
lynching band has already been
served on the people of Georgia
through tho press.
The Investigators wlll be confronted
by a difficulty In Identification wjilch
looks to be almost Insurmountable at
this time. Only five members of ths
rrior took an active part In removing
Frank from tho prison farm and two
of these were masked. Warden
Smith hnd Supt. Hurko say they did
not recognize any of the five and do
not know If they could Identify thnn
at any future time..
Marietta has resumed tho placid run
ot routine life In a country town and
there Is an Utter lack ot excitement
In Alfanta, The local newspapers
carry to-day columns of editorial de
nunclatlon telegraphod In from the
papers of the largo cities of the coun
try. and this denunciatory attitude of
the press outside the State, as well
as the almost unanimous condemna
tion of the lynching by tho press ot
Georgia, has Its ; effect In official clr
cles. Tho question ot fixing respon
slblllty rests on how deeply this ef
fect, has penetrated and how long It
will last-
Frank's body was placed aboard ths
Southern Railroad train leaving for
the North at midnight It will arrive
at tha Pennsylvania station. In New
York at 6 o'clock to-morrow morning,
Frank's widow accompanies his
body tb New York. With her aro her
brother-in-law, Alex Marcus! Tlabbl
David Marx and Frank's friends and
... ii..,... ti . . a ir
'-"'"T- " "
I Among the many criticisms offered
...... . . .v.. in.t. ii..
i tu-utaijr nwa uiiu vi veto tt ttv t'uiivu
for allowing a great crowd ot people
I to enter tne unaeriaking rooms oi
I Qreenberg & tlond to view Frank's
00rps8 yesterday. '"Tho 'police defense
thalr notion la that tha method
i . --
they adoptod of making a publlo
Tho corpse had been hidden jn
stable, and the mob, In Its dotcrtnlna
Uon to find It, had Interfered with
am a . . , .
Boveral tunorats and threatened to
searon the houses ot leading Jowa In
.iB cily tor it
,,,:' ,i fl, .
When the body was first exposed In
la local undertaking room auout nve
thousand people were waiting to soo
L About two-flfths were women.
At first none of the women was
I admitted. Presently, however, some
one In authority allowod two pretty
girls to climb In through a window.
At this about a hundred more rushed
in en nd boys who were regiHy
and the women crowded In ahead of
Pollen reinforcements Anally re
stored order, but agreed to admit men
and women alike, wan tno under
standing that tho latter form In line
with trio men., .
Dntniis nf the movements of the
lynching- party aro coming to, light
10-aay. n is now eai&uusnuu nun in
.nnlrv hodv nf thft tnfth wau Drecoded
by two or threo men, who sneaked up
to tne prison tna cut an t.at teiopnona
wires. leading' to the outsldo world
but rtia. Tint wire connected with
Augusta. Not Until the wires wuro
cut did tho automobiles carrying tho
lynchers nnnear at the prison
Mahy In Marietta believe plans
slinllnr to thoso which wero success
ful Monday ninht wero frustrated a
month nca. The MUledeoVIlle com
pnny ot mllltla waa ordered to' hold
Itneff rcadv to nroceed to tho State
prison. As tar as generally known,
reports -that n moo mignt nttncK me
nrlson were no more Dorslstent than
they had been for somo time. Prison
reaUeatod the mllltla to bo held ready.
n wa Intimated at Marietta
thern hnil hern a "lnk."
- . , ,
cnll DilRftllPttA.
- . i
.Those who trie? to roiww;w
"i",L,"7ii-.T n.nn.l
on. where a demonstration took
place, said to-day that theso plans
nna Decn cnrciuiiy nrrnnntu, v.iii",
.wero placed on tho tires, which mado
. m... ..... . . .t . ,.. ha in,.i.h1nit
.IIUIIHK l.liu in. mi. .......
crosscu tno dhuro over uiuo nucr
tho chains were removed, which mado
It difficult to follow the car.
Although nearly every town be
tween .Mlllcdgevlllo and Marietta
over any route tho mob might havo
taken hnd been communicated with
to-day only ono mun was round wno
had seen tho several automobiles pro
ceeding toward thn lynching scene.
Ho lives within a short dlstanco of
where Frank was hanged, .
Warden J. T. Bmlth of the Btuto
tirlson- ftt Mlllfdrevlllo said to-day he
knew of nothing he could do to aid In
vestigation of tho kidnapping of
"Tho mob overpowered mo and
every ono connected with the prison
who stood In Its way," snld Warden
Hmlth. "The work was done too
quickly and we wero taken too muoh
by surprise to offer resistance. I am
very glad members of the Prison Com
mission when hero when the attack
occurred. Two of them, Mr. Italney
nnd Mr. Davidson, told me that no
one nt thn nrlson was to blame.1
CHICAGO, Aug. 18. Klmer Murphy,
President of a Inrge Chicago chemical
concern, a business friend of Leo M.
Frank, who visited mm in prison al
ter his conviction, to-day received the
following telegram, dated Canton. Go.:
'Have just had tho pleasure or seeing
your dear friend, Leo M. Frame,
swinging to a tree. Am reserving ror
you'n rlece ot the' ropo that you and
your kind forced about, his neck by
misstating rncis ior conrpssiqn rumored-
Wish you wore nbro." '
Tq message) was signed "E. B.
Green and D. P. Bobo,"
A letter from Leo Frnnk, probably
tho last ono ho over wrote, was ro-
celvod to-day, by his father, Rudolph
Frank, at his home, No. 152 Under
bill Avenue, Brooklyn. It was writ-
ion in the Mllledgevllle Prison,
aeorcln,, on Monday, 'tho day before
he was taken out Dy tno moo ana
The letter was in every way cheerful
and ontlmlstlc. There was one fateful
scntenco in it. rank wrote nis tatner
that ho expected to be up and about
In n day or two.'
In other parts of the letter Leo
Frank said that he felt much better
nnd that the wound In his neck was
Improving In every way. . .
Until Mr. Frank learns aennictiy
at what hour tbe body of his son will
reach New York, he said to-aay that
ho wdul'd make no arrangements for
the funeral.
"I havo only two desires Just now,'
ho added. "Ono Is that tho perpetra
tors ot tho outrage upoo my son shall
be punished and that my family and X
be let alone. Wo are trying our best
to bear our burden."
Ncvr President of Peru Taltra Ofllce,
LIMA, Pru, Aug. 18 The new
President ot Peru, Dr. Jose Pardo, took
the oath of office this afternoon. A new
Cabinet has been formed, as follows
Mln'ster of Foreign Affairs, Enrique De
La Illvn Aguero: interior, ur. uwt
inlln Menendezi Finance. Aurelln Qar-
rln Laatraa: Justice. Wcnccslao Valerai
War, Col. Benjamin Pucnte; l'ubllo
WorksDr. BeiieartoBosa.
on In a dark, musty sub-cellar, where the sunlight would
require a letter of introduction to be admitted or In a
Big Daylight Candy Factory, where every detail of sanl-
tarv nrndnctlnn la looked aftar aa carefully aa the moat
immaculate, painstaking housewife manages her home kltchan.
Our big Candy Kitchens are spotlessly clean. Machinery, kettles
and utensils used ara scoured and polished to the highest degree
of brightness. The hands of our employees that coma in contact
with LOFT CANDY aro carefully sterilized many times a day.
Such conditions of sanitary production must surely add to your
Special for Wdflday.
E8 A mastcrlr blended combination
of rlcheot Mant flavored Baaar Craaaa
nd cholcMl Cerloa Ursltd
f n.n.nut. formed Inla lrre-
tUUbia twe.ll. HVMt BOJ
nrlerd of our iaeemiMrable frrnilum
llun ol iciuea. araaranco ana rami,
no.t deUrloue Hiurar Cream. drlutliliuUr
Cttt 11 a. .a.. Uallr
ii k iiiiw a nuMv
IIhm il a. a. Halle
Cleaea 10 O. m. Dallr
rtl.TON BT.. I
n H ni.
isw evai.
Tha aaaeUM weiikt kachUai the
' v ,
Kovno, the strong Russian fortress on the Nlimen, arvWtff'flft
armies of Field Marshal von Hindenbure have been noundlnr heavily
since the fall of Warsaw, has been captured by the? Germans. Four
hundred guns were taken by the victors. , ,
Military observers are questioning If the Russians, wltti Kovno In
Germans hands, will be able to Tiold the Brest-Lltovsk line of defense,
in the general direction of which the Grand Duke Nicholas' armies have
been falling back since Warsaw was taken. A Teutonic advance on
Fetrograd also is being discussed id Russia nd England as a possibility.
From the Dardanelles Gen. Sir Ian Hamilton reports an advance
of 500 yards by the British left flank at Sulva, on the GalllpoH Penlnstiri
Italian mountain troops, Rome announces, In squids joined b
ropes, crossed high maintained passes and climbed" and occupied Turokelt
Spits and Hlnter Madatasch Spits, each about 10,500 feet high.
Italian advances are claimed In upper RIenz, In the Monte Nero sec
tion and in the Tolmiito zone. In the last named section Infantry attacks
resulted In the capture of a line of strong Intrenchments on the Snta
Marlit and Santa Lucia heights. i
Advices from Athens state that former Premier Venlzelos has no
tified King Constantine of his readiness to form a new Grecian Cabinet.
The western battlefront has been relatively quiet. The French' claim
to have blown up several German ammunition depot in the .Argqnrie.
Zeppelins raided the suburbs of London last night, killing ten
persons and Injuring thirty-six.
A Basle despatch says German official figures show 13j803 officers
killed, 29,176 wounded and missing
in,illfjed irt the total are 123
?. ... . . . . .
An official declaration making
0avi. meetinp of the British Cabinet.
- a -
PI3TUOOHAD, A-ug. 18 (via Lon
don) German neroplanes are per
sistently bombarding the city of
Vllna, about fifty miles cast of Kovno,
Tho possibility of tho capture of Vllna
by tho Germans Is foreseen In Petro-
grud and operations preliminary to Its
evacuation arc In progress.
The Governor-General of 'Vllna has
ordered tho removal of the equip-
........ .. - ..... .4 ........ .. 7
iiirmn ui iiiviunvn fiiiu ui utiimn, iu-
gcthnr with supplies of metals. In
cluding church bells, leather and
cvcrythlng'.eise which might bo useful
to the Invaders. Horses and livestock
aro being taken nwny.
preparations ror the evacuation ot
Blalystok continue. Tho town Is In
darkness nt night on account ot at
tacks by-Gcrmnn nircrnft.
Reports reaching hero from Poland
nro that Russians who remained In
Warsaw after Its capture hnvo been
removed to the Interior of Germany.
PARIS. Aug. 18. Tho French Warl
Office this afternoon gavo out a
statement of tho progress ot hostili
ties as fqllows:
"Last night passed In relative quiet
along tho greater part of tho front.
JPhcro has boon reported only artillery
engagements In tho sectors to tho
north of Arras and between tne mvor
Hommo and the River Olso, In tho
region af ltoyo and In tho vlolnlty of
"Thoro was righting yesterday wun
bombs and band grenades In thb
itrgonno at Hautc-Chevauchee, at
Fontalne-aux-Cbarmes, and In the
forest of Choppy. Our bombardment
yesterday of tho German positions
near tho Linge destroyed two heavy
battorlos iuni caused lliv explosion
ot several depots of ammunition.
"On tho crest of tho sonaernacn
two fresh and violent counter-attacks
fluting tho night against the position
3ken by us yesterday were completely
repulsed, and wo made about fifty
Ul.illvltN, aus;. . ine oiuoini
statomont to-day sayS regarding the
fighting on tho western front:
"in tho Vmbcs French attacks took
place after having been prepared for
Ixt the expenso ot considerable quan
tities of ammunition against Hchratx
maennle and our positions southeast
of Bondornach. Tho enemy divisions
which hnd penetrated Into our posi
tions were driven hack again by
means of counter attacks. Houtn of
Bonifbrnach a small but completely
demolished trench section remained
In the hands ot the French."
Harwich post office
hit by zeppelin,
BERLIN (via wireless to Bayvllle)
Awf. 18 The Post Office at Harwich
nf m mt
BUSINESS is one that can be carried
Special for Tunday.
weet Is
of a Hie
r mil
Uruwn. ' Foil riatored, ftrforllt
lloa.ted Bouthrrn I'rano.t, eeatrred la
aatll pi rnroai voaiea-
llonrr' hi
I Kl-l'KRMlNTHt Tha eorerlnra ara
Mllkf'horolale, bavin a a world wide reputav
xno cenir.f af oi jiiniii
flaiored with rlnnt (111 of
m 39c
aoei HRninw.v
aa.1 Bat. Ill a. ai.
4liT.ll BT, RO AVRND4
mt Saaaaa
MS . M Ma S
and 993 captured since the war
cotton contraband is expected after
was badly damaged la the recent
Zeppelin raid on the English East
Coast, according to information
reaching here to-day.
A- bomb crashed through the roof,
starting a fire that destroyed port of1
the building and many mall bags.
Travellers arriving In Holland report
that heavy explosions were heard at
several points along tho coust. but
that tho authorities took great care
to suppress news of the damage.
xno coast guards aro reported to
have been badly frightened at ha
appeuranco of tho Zeppelins and to
nnvo deserted their posts. Seventeen
persons wero wounded, according to
iiouanu aavices, and tne oxact num
ber of killed Is not known.
PKTnOGRArvIa London). Aug. v
18. Tho winter palace of Emperor i x
Nicholas, at Petrograd has been con-i
verted Into a hospital for tho 'round
ed with 1,00 beds. Tho row of gor
geous state chambers facing tbe Neva
River Is being used for wards. Only
tho Emperors personal quarters ara
undisturbed, being maintained for. his
accommodation when ho- Is stopping
temporarily- In' Petrograd. The beau-
tlful Porapellan -gardens aroi fcelagt
utilized for baths. ' - ., .
The English and American bpspltaln r
have been requested to Increase thfctr
operations as far as possible. The
American hospital is negotiating for
additional room so .as to provide
thirty-live beds. At present this hos
pital has -twenty-eight beds.
The hospital facilities of the city are.
overtaxed, owing to the removal to
this city of wounded men from maiy-
stok, Vllna, Kovno and Riga.
The Modern bbeity Bell
That Sets Pisople free from Busi
ness and Household Cares I
Come all yt mtn and houJewlvti,
Crowd' close If you. Would tee
Wlut mns this loudly ringing ot
Th bell Publicity.
You'll find It's not unusual
fJut what happens every day
The World's great Want Directory
Has started on Its way.
J XetpUam CieartStTin tAs rFprfd. M
63,715 :
Mora Than
the Herald. ,
XW The World not only prints rrior
advertisements than any other Hew.
York newspaper, but gives them a
circulation in New York City, morn
ings and Sundays, greater than tas
Herald, Times and Trlbvjn. ADDED
AgsatBf' iraajAlMaa.
w w ih war 'vaieft
v . t
greatly ruTS4 uermana.
toe Texas aooa.
Unid UP to nter Were brushed slde
MM .1. J'B. .
" i .
warama iiiimi

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