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Copyright, 101S, by The Prnm I'ubllthlni
Co. (The If en Tork World).
Fair and catci to-night) Wsdnstday partly cloudy.
The Evening World, After Weeks of
Expert Investigation, Submits a
Programme to Reduce Taxation
The Evening World, after weeks of investigation inlo the crisis
(which confronts the City of New York
estate confiscation begins to-day the
dealing with the situation. These articles will establish:
1. Tha( New York real estate is
per cent, of its gross earnings tljis compulation being based on the as
sumption that real estate yields a gross return of 10 per cent. Approxl'
irately one-quarter of the rent paid in New York City goes for taxes.
2. That the gas, electric light and power and street railroad com
panies earn a gross return on their assessed valuation of approximately
33 1-3 per cent, and pay in taxes only 6 1-5 per cent, of the gross earn
fags. - '
3. That the,, burden on real estate has attained its limit of oppres
iiorvand must be reduced.- -
" 4. That such a reduction entails taking a load of $30,000,000 a year
off real estate because the debt scrvica of the city, outside of the needs
of a growing population, will arbitrarily increase the budget from SIS,
000,000 to J25,OOo;ooo a year for years to come.
. . 5. That public utility corporations are evading their just share of
taxation, that thousands of miscellaneous corporations are paying no city
. taxes at all and that millions of untaxed dollars are earning wealth in
New York solely because of the advantages offered by the city as a mar
ket and trade centre.
f 6. That the Legislature, by designedly unjust taxation measures,
takes from the city millions of dollars each year which should be paid
by people living north of the Bronx.
7. That the machinery of City
employees, too many departments,
all these causes contriouting to extravagance and inefficiency.
These polnta constitute a proU
tlon la up to tho 6,000,000 pcoplo ot this
that real cetato shull bo relieved of heavier burdens, and wo must provldo for
inevitable budget Increases at tho sumo time. Tho remedy lies:
First In tho curtailment of municipal expenses.
Second In forcing the Legislature,
publicity, to limit Us appropriations so that a direct tax shall bo unneces
ary, and to eo apportion tho State taxes that tho city shall bo rclioved from
contributing. moro than Its just share.
Third In raising new rovenues by a fair distribution of taxation from
persons and corporations who and which are reaping profits solely from tho
advantago of Now York's commercial supremacy, these revenues to be raised
along tho following lines:
A A tax on tho gross earnings
thorn Into proper relation to the tax
B A tax on tanglblo proporty
hare in return for tho advantage
l jl York City a trade advantago tux, in
tr. ..-.Hon. Tihlnh nil business in this
UUltttlUUU "
ffloes" in centres ot commercial activity, such as Esopus, Lestersnlre and
Millbrook, up State, would, undor this tax, bo compelled to pay the city a
return on their tanglblo capital which is earning money In New York.
Under such an act all tanglblo property which is enriching Its owners In
New York City would give a part of its earnings to the city which makes
such earnings possible.
C A tax on bond and stock transactions in the financial district ot New
York City in which millions of profits
advantages offered by tho city. For
lected in New York should remain right here. Tho Stato will make up this
amount by a revival of tho old law taxing inheritances.
First ot the sories of articles going
ouear to-morrow.
The direct State tax of nearly $14,000,000 which tho city must pay this
year was clearly established as unnecessary and oppressive by Tho Evening
World last spring before tho Governor signed It. Now comes tho Governor
and admits Tho Evening World was right. In a statement Issued from the
Executtvo Chamber at Albany yesterday, referring to tho appropriation and
pedal bills on which the direct tax
"Owing to tho brief time available and the frank Ignorance of many de
partment heads concerning the financial details of their offices, most ot tho
retrenchment work had to be done, as
Tho legal restrictions upon the
from reducing a single Item, though he may veto it entirely, made it Impos
elble to segregate the necessary from the unnecessary appropriations with
out Impairing the efficiency of some
This statement of tho Govonor'a.
about adding further, to Now York
come tax.
a crisis seriously threatening real
publication of a scries of articles
paying in taxes approximately 22
Government embraces too many
too many bureaus, too much red tape,
which must be solved, and tho solu
city. We must equalize taxation so
by tho power of public sentiment and
of public utility corporations to bring
on real estate.
to compel non-residents to pay their
they gain from doing business In New
fact. Tho thousands of "hide-out" cor-
cltv and havo their nn.rnl1,t "nrlnxlnai
r - - iitviLiul
accruo each year solely because of the
Instance, all the stock transfer tax col
Into details ot tho investigation will
levy was based, tho Governor said that
In the past, 'with an axe.
Governor's veto, whloh prohibit him
legitimate Stato lunctionn."
would seem to dispose of all the talk
City's burdens by imposing a Stats in'
Bulletin on Appendicitis Vic-'
iiin's Condition Says All
Is Favorable.
Wife Spends Night Near Him
in Hospital McAneny Act
ing Mayor.
Mayor John Purroy Mltcliel, who
was operated upon for appendicitis nt
Itoosovelt Hospital last evening, was
reported to bo resting easy to-day,
with nil tho symptoms of a quirk re
covery. Tho following bulletin was
posted nt noon:
'12 M. The Mayor's condition con
tinues to bo favorable. Ills tcmpora
turo is 99.:, pulso 8 and resplrntton'20,
"Dlt. C. II. PECK.
"DR. W. I rOST."
The temperature wns over a degroe
higher thnn tlint stated In the lost
previous bulletin nnd tho pulse count
hnd decreased eight. The physician
said these changes wero not signifi
Mrs. Mltchel, who occupied a room
next to that of the Mayor, wns up at
G o'clock and was chrorcd by tho
soundness of tho sleep In which she
found him. From 8 o'clock on sho
wus kept busy receiving visits from
the Mnyor'H friends, Including nearly
nil of tho higher otuclals of Uio city
Administration, Including Dock Com-
mlsloncr It. A. C. Smith, Corporation
Counsel Lamar Hardy, Commissioner
of Licenses Bell and John E. Wcler,
Queens Park Commissioner. Com
missioner ot Police Woods nnd Com
missioner of Charities Kingsbury
Tho operator of the hospital switch-
board called for help early In tho day
because of the number of Inquiries us
to tho Mayor's condition. Tno pres.
mire becamo especially heavy soon
after dawn, when a wild rumor of
tho Mayor's death spread over tho
city In a flash.
Dr. Martin J. Dwyer, the physician
who attended tho Mayor through nn
nttack of typhoid two years ago,
found the Mayor awano wnen no
called nt 11 o'clock.
"Hello, Doc, nope you reel as won
as 1 do," was his cheorful greeting.
Dr. Dwyer said that ho was amnzed
to find that no traco of fover hud fol
lowed the operation.
When the Mayor awoko ho told tho
nurso ho felt much refreshed and suf
fcrod wry little pain.
This bullotln was Issued at ! A. M.
"Mayor Mltchel passed a very com
fortable night. This morning ho In
rosting easy ana lias no unfavorable
symptoms. Ills tompcraturo Is 98.8;
pulso, 96: respiration. 10.
Oov. Whitman tolegrnphcd: "I am
sincerely sorry to learn of your Illness
nnd hope that your recovery will bo
President George A. McAneny of tho
Hoard of Aldermen called on tho
Mayor lute this afternoon. Ho report
ed the patient In excellent condition.
Alilrrmnn Kxprt'i Symiintliy With
tlir Mnyor.
The Hoard of Aldermen at thli after
noon's meeting unanimously adopted
the following resolution introduced by
Chairman Henry II. Currnn nnd Turn-
many Lender i-rnnK I., Howling:
"Resolved, Thtit this bonrrt express
Its sympathy with Ills Honor, tho
Mayor, In his sudden Illness nnd hereby
tenders Its hearty wish for tils jpeedy
anu compinio recovery.
Gold Coin mi Vny Here to lny War
Kxprtiars Went Dnirit With l.lner
ROME, Nov. 16. Eight hundred thou
Hand dollars In gold, to tie deposited In
tht SHn RrnncWro Kuh-Trciisuiy'tn meet
certain war expenses, went down with
the, Italian liner Anemia, sunk tiy a
submarine, Hankers here made this an
nouncement to-aay,
Germans Organize a Camel Corps in Africa,
Anticipating Invasion by the British
fSIJ'urf jjjj Jjfjjfjgjfjlfljfa
It is reported that tueBrii.Uh,'wlU shortly send u military cxpe- ' ,
dltion. against. Gorman Euat Africa. Tho Government of tho Union
of South Africa has decided to send 25,000 men against tho colony
if necessary.
Tho Germans havo been preparing for rcBlstanco and havo or
ganized, among other meanB ot defense, a camel corps.
Three Victims to Hospital
Four Other Members of
Party Held.
A big touring car containing four
women nnd thrco men, while going
cast nt moderate speed through Knst
One Hundred nnd Forty-nlntb Street
early to-dny, swerved against the
south curb noar Union Avenue and
turned a complete somersault. All
except two of the men wero pinned
under the machine,.
In Lincoln Hospi.l are throe o;
the occupants, who describe them
selves: '
MILLER, ROSE, twenty-five yeart
old, uiher In Apollo Theatre In One
Hundred and Twenty-fifth Street and
living at No, 237 West One Hundred
and Twenty-sixth Street. Hat a frac
ture of the skull and internal injuries,
and probably will die.
DECKER, ANNIE, nineteen, cashier
In the Apollo Theatre, and llvinn at
No. 61 East One Hundred and Twenty-sixth
Street. Several broken ribs
and internal injuriea.
DUNN, HARRY, fifty year old,
stationer and printer, No. 893 Faile
Street. Concussion of the brain and
Internal injuries.
Others detained In the Walton Avo
nuo Polico Station to bo questioned
gavo theso namos:
Mrs. Florcnco Lloyd, fifty, of No. C
F.ust One Hundred and Twenty-eighth
Street, and her eighteen-year-old
daughter, Hhalrcn, a moving picture
actress and model, of the same ad
dress; Joseph Goodman, twenty-five,
of Cathedral Parkway, son of a
wealthy contractor, whose placo ot
business he gave an No. 2C3 East One
Hundred and Thirty-third Street, and
Frank Demurest, twenty-four, No,
1002 Garrison Avenue, liroux, son ot
a wealthy feed merchant.
Tho police flay Goodman first rave
his name as Grlflla and said he was
a clerk living at No. I860 Valontlne
Tho police nay thp wrecked nuto
mohllo was driven by Demurest, In
owned by him or hln father, and Is
almost new. Whon Mrs. Lloyd had
sulllclontly recovered from tho shock
and excltemont she told tho polico she
went to a thoatro with her daughtor
last night, and afterward mot Good
man, an acquaintance, and went with
hlmcto a cabaret. Later thoy mot tho
others, and finally started with Dem.
arcst for a cabarot In tho Oroux.
According to tho ,ollce, Demarost
wns driving and Miss MUlor was on
tho front seat with him. The others
were In tbo hooded tonnonu, some sit
ting on tun laps u( others.
It Is bellovcd Demurest took one
hand from the steering wheol for an
Instant and caused It to swerve. When
ho machluo turnod over Domarest and
Goodman wero tho only ones among
tho occupants to bo thrown clear.
Later Domarest was held In 2,000 to
appear this aftornoon boforo tbo
Margaret McGratli, Seventeen, Said
S'ne Had Been Looking for
Vork(for Two Days.
'hr sobs of a girl attracted tho nt
tiMit mil of three women to-day ns
limy knelt In Ht. Michael's Church,
No. 233 Jerome Htrcot, Hast New
Ah they upproachfd Hliu drained a
liutilc of hid I ni
At the Kings County Itoapltal nho
said sho was Margarnt McOrath, sev
enteen, of No. 2817 East Third Htreet,
Long Island City; that she hud been
looking for work two days and was
illim llm'k. llimllrn. (h.Mn U'lif, I.irkln. .Mollis
ii. ."Mile 11 , WajUrrr. ttcctllili Kiilntit tin,
HWUtli It u;K. lUn.lKtp, tuHrolda: ii
furl. .r Ii IU14t' Choice. Ill'j lllinurl, ultllght,
til c. .".(: kltwr, t.lliu. tint c.iii.llf.
ion .rirrlnfrtonl, plica, 13 f.O: "how $t.7n,
o.i.l lllit 'IMo OS llljani. li. IMrU.
Time. l.H!!5. TUJao. lllh ilw nn
Sunday World "Wants"
Work Monday Wonders.
Wife of Millionaire Routed
Masked Robber From Her
Room in Country Home.
vlltKAT NKCIC, I,. I Nov. Id.
Mrs. Hnrry V. Guggenheim, whoso
husband Is a Hon of Daniel Guggen
heim of tho great mining nnd smelt
ing Interests, was awakened by a
masked burglar early to-day In her
room In tho Guggenheim country
homo hore, Nevada, tho fnmous show
pluco of W, Gould Uroknw.
Tho man had already taken 125
from a purse which lay on a table
near tho door. After that ho opened
a buroau drawer clumsily nnd Mrs.
Guggenheim awakened, Hho switched
on nil the lights In tho room by a key
ut hor bedside and sat up. Thu man,
who had a black handkerchief tied
across his face, swung about and,
pointing u revolver Into hor face,
backed slowly to the door.
In aplte of the silent threat Mrs.
Guggenheim screamed to her hus
band, who was In tho next room. The
man wuut tumbling down the stairs
ns Mr. Guggenheim unswored and
rushed Into thu room. Tho small
army of servants was aroused, but
none of them was out In time to eo
anything of tho Intruder.
Footprint!! on thn drlvo showed
that tho burglar hnd been Joined In
flight by two other men, who wero
waiting for him In front of tho house.
They had run Into the thick woods In
tho lower part of the big estnte.
Constable William Nlncsllng was
summoned nnd with volunteers from
(irent Neck Village hunted through
the woods until long aftor daybreak
without result. He was Joined by
Jettlvo I'hlnenn Henman of the
District Attorney's office later In the
.Mr. Guggenheim found that the
thief had been In his own room and
had tnkon $45 from a dresser drawer.
In his flight ho ii I o took a purso
from n hull shelf which contained 130.
lie had entered the house by forcing
the French window of tho parlor,
Thn authorities are Inclined to think
tho burglars am the same oh thosd
who entered tho Great Neck statlun
,ot-allien lint Tuesday night and
drilled the enfe, but left beforo blast
ing It. For a week before the attempt
ed robbery of the po.it-ottlca tough
looking strangers had been observed
hanging about both Great Neck sta
tion und Oreat Neck vlllugo. Thoy
made guarded Inquiries us to tho
whereabouts of the summer places of
several of the weulthy residents.
George M, Cohan, the actor, among
French Troops in
Repulse 30,000 Bulgars, but French
Centre in Same Serbian Front -Is
Pierced in Two Places.
SALONICA, Greece (via London), Nov. 16. After heavy fighting
with the reinforced Bulgarian tropps in Southern Serbia the French were
compelled to retire at two points in the vicinity of Gradisce, twelve miles
north of the Greek border.
A Bulgarian attack along the Cerna River was repulsed, with heavy
losses to the attackers.
The battle on the. Cerna Vas. Waged along the left bank of th6 river.
Two or three Bulgarian divisions (probably about 30,000 men) were
engaged, and, a dtsperate attempt was
The engagement was in progress
hours, after whkh the Bulgarians
The situation in Macedonia is
ments have been brought in by the
efforts to force Babuna Pass. The
but tills movement threatens Perlepe
Monastir are preparing to depart. The members of the Diplomatic Corps
have 'changed their plans, and intend to proceed to Scutaria, Albania,
instead of to Monastir.
BERLIN, Nov. 16 (by wireless to Say ville) .--More than 1,000
additional Serbian troops were captured yesterday, Hie War Office
announced to-day.
Greek Plans Reported Changed
In Favor of the Serb Troops
IXJNDON, Nov. 18. A report from
Athens nays tho Greek Government
has modified Its position In favor of
tho entonte allies, nnd has decided
that, in tho event of a retreat of tho
Pelrograd Officially Reports
on the Operations for the
Month of October.
I'KTHOGUAn, Nov. 16. The nus
slans captured 45,S"t Austro. Hungar
ian prisoners of war during Octobor,
It was stnted officially to-dny. Of
the cuptlves 071 were officers.
The ltusslans captured also twenty
one Anstro-Hungarlan cannon, 118
Maxims, eighteen bomb throwers und
three searchlights.
Itupld progress Is being mado with
the equipment ot tho Huxslun troopi
for bitter weather. At some of the
Czar's frontal positions In tho Cauca
sus there Is already six feet of snow.
VIWNNA (via Merlin and Snyvlllo
wireless), Nov. 16. "After four weeks
of fighting about Czartorysk tho
Austrian retain their old positions
against the UussUns," said u War
Office statement to-day,
36 -Hour Battle
made to pierce the French centre.
with furious intensity for thirty-six
were beaten t back along this entire
developing rapidly. Larre reinforce
Bulgarians, who arc making renewed
Serbians arc still holding out there.
and Monaslir. Many inhabitants of
lilies to Greek oll. Uie Serbian trows
will bo placed on the aam footing mm
Uio Ilrltlsh and French.
Premier Skouloudls originally pro
posed to permit the French and Brit
ish to reach the sea without Interfer
ence from the Greeks, but to dlaarm
Serbians who crossed tho border. The
c'nnngo Is due, tho correspondent eay.
to formidable objections raised by the
French .Minister at Athens.
This report la simultaneous wltlt a,
despatch reporting the landing of Eart
Kitchener nt Mudros, on the Island of
Lcmnoa, 130 miles from Balonlca, and
forty miles from aalllpolt Peninsula.
Karl Kitchener was accompanied to
Mudros, t the Aegean Sea. by "the
Resident General of Egypt," (by which
Is probably meant Major Gen Julian,
H. G., D. N. G Commander of the
Ilrltlsh forces In Egypt.
Definite guarantees regarding her
attitude are sought from Qreece by
Kitchener, because they purpose send
ing another largo force Into the Bal
kans, establishing an entirely new
front, according to an Athens de
spatch forwarded from London, early
A despatch from Balonlca says the
morale of tho Serbians Is splendid.
Half trained recruits march to battle
singing like veterans. Aged King
Peter Is fighting in the trendies, clad
In thu uniform of a private. He seeks
death, saying: "When I am killed you
can floe or surrender."
l'uinliio and misery prevail. There
Is no bread nt Mitrovltsa. The people
are reduced to eating haricots.
Ilrrlln Itrporla Clnah ot Grrek anil
ItniU.IN (via Tuckerton wlrrleti),
Nov. 16. Greek and French troops hv
cluhed at Salonlca, Vienna message.;
ay to-day,
Th French tried to occupy a Ork.

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