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, i,n-inTOmnn i nuei-wi m iiiiwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMirrmiTi
The Evening World Daily Magazine, Sa t ur d a y , No v e m,b 3 0 1915
Tnr?an'o Creator Writes a New
Romance of tho African Jungle
Tough Lock!
hi Th rrrm I'aMlthliif f
mm .Niw Tri Eimliii WnrU )
Maurice Kctten- J
of 1
I By Edgar Rice Burroughs !
( JAuth,5"nf "Tri 01 Um Aw.." "Th. Cr. Otol," tie.) (2
,cH'lfiit, wis. bi I'm Pubiihini Co. (N(w nnd an ho fell lie rolled upon his back
York :vrum World.) ftndi pttCnK the muzzlo ngalnst tho
BTNOI'sts 01' PIlKOKPINO tN9TAt.MK.VT3. lion's breast, pulled tho trlggor: but
3tlfrm M Jr., rich jmin MutIuvIm, ngaln the Jammed weapon failed to
(hiring- bit mm trip t.i Afrk mini. Itiitrj work, which wns on well, for It would
liriai. "lulfiSZw wi.W Ju hnvc but Inflamed tho rage of tho
frr." M.hV maddened boost without Incapacltat-
brinm lon hrr wciMIng rrrUMetta nJ oUitr in,, him.
her lullicr lnl iit or lot (, thn linn .Inn.t over
HfckmrlM. VlrtwU rrnwi to briuUful sormn. tor an instant tne lion siooa oyer
1 . .r........ .n iik. i. ,.,. ...i.i. Vila fallen en em v. tin raised nls nCAU.
hnr to hu fortune. tvtt Twi, lUmhitt glaring straight Into tho brilliant!
l.tl.Vw cf IV old mtn, coram tmm .Vow jork to nt ,t,n niitnmnhlln Knjiclnated I
Ui. ll.rr'.nriJ tkntUcn to cllm tho Mtt. No lights 01 tno nUlOinoDilC. i'ascinaicu
nil in found tj.t nnu trt viw'ni, tmi with tho horror 01 11. me two women
w not nurrifd. Tiieir k1u rtitict brtn wntohed. They saw Taylor strug-
rVr.uMbffjSS M Klin futllcly now bntj, the huge
tsniortr. in liim to itow nr nrri. Tin paw that rested upon his breast. TI10
Inw nci ifcirkinV mm. tMr, llu fAthnr u mAn. nerve was cone. Ho whimpered
fftA. iiie rrw4?p bi to in a mm mnn oi . ..,, , a -rrifled nunnv.
n to follow d.i tail ikinixi. vtrnU w "Oodl" whispered Virginia. "Its
Afrkm on a qit for tlmo ol tw Dwrnta Reott "
iX',? . YnuZr Her mother but shuddered nd
uob ihiun cniuin mutinia for tb tn V drow closer to her.
3; rXlrrTMuTk . AKKravatodby the
An"r1o. Tlor contlnt Mji nnxln of n. too noiao oi ni irc, iitii
utf tnitM Um tiro. fu uwit rrturu to tba bead. Ills distended Jaws wcro close
to Taylor's face, his yellow eyes
glared Into the fcar-mnd orbs of the
CHAPTER IX man. from hla deep chest there rum
lOontimiKii bled a thunderous roar, then his Jaws
tw"i ko huc8 .lcci trap nnd
E1UNU mm a sueni snaaow BcoU Tay,or ccftsod t0 boj
moved along his trail. In 5tr3, Scott gavo a short, lnvolun-
long, undulating strides tho tary scream and burlod hor faco In
great cat talked Its prey. fr !,mtlSJA
;Taylor had passed bohlnd tho c&blns aglln oyed the glaring lights. Me
et tho negroes, for several of the yond them he could see nothing; but
blacks still were sitting beforo their from beyond tnom nan como mo
doorstops strumming on their Instru- a0,u,nd ,' 11 hu,mAn, eF?' v ,,
. , , Virginia watched tho beast Intern
ments or gossiping among them- ly KnoUj Bho nn,i hor mother loavo
eelves; but tho lion had caught a tho machine and attempt to escape,
ellmpse of the quarry, and so no or wcro thoy safer whore they woroT
longer must follow by scent. He had The, lion could easily track them
rri, w.ti ,v,, (..,, i. should ho caro to do to aftor they had
seen Taylor vault the fence Into the ,Qft tho car Qn the othor hand( th8
turnpike, and without Increasing hla Btrange and unusual vehlclo might
gait ho moved straight toward him. bo sutnetcot safeguard In ltsolf to
His way lod past tho darkles. Thoy keep off a nervous Jungle boast.
hnd hon dlncusslnir the stranire While sue was pondering these
had been discussing tne range quegt0n, IJon contnu0(i l0 gaio
sound that had come from tho big atenaily toward them. Finally bo
houso. lowered his head to his prey once
Broken and. muffled from having more, sniffed at It a moment, then
. . .... Eclxod tho body by the shoulder and
Ben'a single roar had como down to ft??.11 R.?!w 8 ni0 n? Bft? J
Uiem, half drowned by tho nearer h r?,ad- "fM tn0. ''?n .?.utv.of
noiin at tholr banjoes One had direct glaro of tho headlights.
ft?mlt.h? ihi? if mlpht have boon the Again ho looked toward the car. Now
wV0llKotlalUWhano?he6rbhad at? could see It. Ho cocked his head
mbutcd It to "Murso Jeffo'son "Pon,n aide and rumblel In his
Hiinits rhn'" throat. Ho did not like tho looks of
"It soun? to me like one adorn lines ,f'?ll"tn.2ll;in- What wm lit Ho
Ah dono see at du cucus laa" fall," wo.u.1(1 Investigate.
,,.;"; .all lankv black. Abandoning Taylor's body, ho
Sv!clmrt Smin. "Don' nril Blow,y -ard toward tho car.
V?? J, l hMhwAk MrB- feo,t "hrank closer to Virginia,
yo talk no lines uroun hcah er Ah, t terrified by this tlmo to sc?eam
calnt sleep a wink to-night for think- The Rlr, kcpt wSi bul Btl wnR
ln. ,bout om. nt ft icg aa to whnt movo to make or
"Win, honey," exclaimed the first t0 wi,ethcr she could make any
speaker. "o don' need worry nono that would bo better than remaining
bout no lines whiles Ah m roun . rB,iy quiet under tho lion's lnvestl
Ah cats 'cm alive. Ah docs. Dcy aln gallon.
millln' to bo afcarcd of. Why, Ah. Tim hoast was beside tho car now.
rfcen a whlto man go right In a chro Lelsuroly ho placed a forepaw on tho
wlf ten of 'em. nn' ho 'takes a big running board nnd raised himself
whip an' he lashes dem lines Jes until his giant head topped tho side
nma 's If iley was mules. Jes lalk of tho tonncau. Hlowl he Intruded
dls." and tho darkey seized his bango his wrinkled muzzle until his nose
by tho neck and struck out ferocious- brushed Irglnla s skirt,
iv nt lmnirlnarv lions. Kcott could bear tho strain no
iy ai imaginary lions. u'lih n inw mn.n ih iiini.
Hurtnirinf- nrnnnii tn cnastise one ai- -
I i . sHHHsKsHHllim.sm.sim.'Vm I I
1 rn
When Liberty Was Born
by Albert iaysqn terhune
It hns been said that Mr. Illchtrd Washington ikott, ashy blue from
Qnriion was a creature of Impulse; fright, rush trembling Into the library
rior did his next net belle his roputa. from the muslo room.
ti.1 m...i i.'i . t tuH.t. "nh. Ijir.lv. llna flilfhl" nih rrled.
i v 1 1 ' 1 1 . ii ivii null, 1 1 1 1 1 is 1 it.: .La in. . -" , - - - - - - -
1 had spared his Ufa. To-night he had "Hoy's a daid man In de music room
cnpinreti nnu piinisncii mo scounurvi nn um i u .u w..,
who would have killed Oordon but for Lo,rdlf' oh' I-ofly' , . . L ,
the timely appearance of tho lion. Oordon stepped quickly to the door
Tlio man's debt to tho beast was dno ?.f tn mutlo room, and there on the
that Illchard Oordon could not. In "f. roycalcd by the- light from tho
honor Ignore library lamp that filtered Into' tho
With a cry of "Don't ishooll" he room, lay a eight that eaued him to
leaded toward the piadng'hlm' UE? SSwlSnreBii:119
self belween tho animal nnd the w following close upon his heels.
riflM. He was so close that ho could "Hon has been hero ahead of us,
touch tho tnwney shoutder. Hen low- " explained. This must bo one i of
ered his head and snlffd Dordon'n Taylor's compnnlons-Kelly probably,
clothing. A llttro whine escaped tho though his face Is not recognizable
SAvsgenps. Gordon put forth hl . n, hnVinhi.S"1
hand and laid It on tho shaggy mane rn'n,rhi0. l,,"li"ii"K,M' b,hi5
And tho'lf;)n ,.ressed close against his , " T?1?! Ulnm tn . fTn for tSS
t.ln riihlilnp Ilia hns.t nlonc ihn yu hllght teleK10no to town for tUO
r," Coronor and un undertaker."
t, .Tnni.,.,i ., v.r..,. When Washington had fulfilled hli
tL? ?- . ?nf lrnLi CPiT ri missions he clung closely about tho
lowered their rlfres and approached famy nVl(ientIy terriricd at the
a trifle nearer, though still keeping thought of going to.othor parts of the
...n. .E d s'-nnco- ... houso for four ho nflght stumble upou
"l or the love tf Mike." exclaimed olhPrs of Hen's victims,
ono of them. "Whaddya know about -ii' K0 upstairs and see where h
...... . - broke down tho door of your room.
"Who In the name of I'hlneas T. Dick." suggested Virginia, nnd to-
Ilornum nrs you, anyway?" asked Bcthcr, Washington bringing up the
tho owner. rear, they nil tiled up tho stairway,
. n,j , i 1 i! Oordon Tho splintered doof filled the tw.i
laughed hack, and then, briefly, ho women with amazement, so complote
to (1 them of his past acquaintance lmd been Its destruction, and then
w f...1 ? . m .. i. ... Washington, wishing to share some
"Want to sell him?" he asked ,t, i,,rv .,r ihi. ruintitnm. rniu.i
""""y- their attention to his hiding place.
"He's n very valuable animal," com- "Ah done broko through de hot-
menced tho owner, shrewdly, sensing torn." lie giggled nervously,
a prolltablo deal, but Oordon Inter- Virginia, taking a lamp from the
right." he said. "I'll Just let "liLlV.r"1'"
y ' I "iiVr ?S2hIlf vn,. ,m m. I n1 "ho remarked, and re-
nl.. !T. n ""Whni'ii vn.f rrlvn MnK tho lamp's rays downward
guess he said. hat II you glvo mo ,..h ,.,,. h. ,,,krd lnto .h.
for lllm. . l.lnU lint., tmnnnth Mix unllnlrrnl
Just what you paid for him, plus
trnnsDiirtatlon charges to tho New
.York Hon-I'm going to present him
to tho city."
it's n ko." sum mo owner. we
00,,1,1,,'t nnver take him alive without yhSaJkiV
Mooring. - A moment later she had
thrust her hand und nrm deep Into
the aperture, and when she withdrew
them she held a shiny, black box.
what do you suppose this is uoing
viinr hi'lti.'
. "Throw mo your ropes." commanded
Oordon. "I'll put thorn on him and
"It must have been a'secret hiding
place of your grandfather's for valu-
"r ,Q".. . VI l. . ""' ".'".i " nhles." suggested her mother.
T. Zj of'S murm "'e1'" "nvo u lo0,t nt th0 contents
L'?r??huill nv2r Srn " cried the girl, but tho box
caJ..B .U fJf , .-i would not open to her efforts.
Without d Tlculty he ndjusted two sho nnnde'(, u , Oorilon.
ropes about Hun's heck, tossed an end vf f you Cftn opon lhe Mt
of each to a keeper, patted the 1 on on jorn0n examined It for a moment.
the head, and turned h i attention to u.s toci,c,jwo'ii havo to pry It
tho body of Taylor lying beside the openi" o Bn,i. "Oot a screwdriver,
road. His first thought was of the paf Washington, nnd we'll go down
tnanlla envelope nnd this ho quickly 1o tll0 library again nnd Investigate
found tni tnrjsfTrntt to hla own iUH Virginia's llnd."
pockot. Then ho sought fpr signs of lly ,), time Wnshlngton had lo
llfo. but a careful examination re- cnted n scrowdrlvcr the others had
vraled tho fact that Taylor was dead. Kathered once more nhout tho llhrnry
"Come along," ho said, and taking table, tho little black box the centra
his pliiro at Hn's shoulder he led the 0f attraction.' With the tool Oordon
way UP the road to the Scott lawn. quickly pried tho lid open, disclosing
At sight of the lion entering tho a number of papers within. These he
grounds tho servants who were handed Immediately to Mrs. Bcott,
gathnrod nhout the veranda stepi who run through them quickly,
fled to thu Interior of the house, "Why, horo's your1 grandfather
leaving Mrs. Hcott nnd Virginia missing will, Virginia," she criod,
iilonn. The girl saw with relief that handing a legal appearing document
flordon was unharmed and that tho to the girl.
linn had been secured, ami running "Hiiro enough, exclaimed tne lat-
. . .town the stoun she linstonod forwnnld ter. glancing through It. "And It n
rcctlv behind him. his eyes fell upon ?w ""-r0"'" no escnpo for Virginia, half moan Dick Gordon sprang to his down on the accelerator, let In the former friend of the jungle and tne rnngs. -ino man una , uem inn tn meet the young man. Just as Judge Hporry said, he has loft
J 1.1.11 uliiuiu null, nip t "1 h iPl .tpolnil horsfllf tn mont thn . ...i . ...l" . .1 ..1 . .I.,mnr tin rnlllil nut Inl Sllrn. Illlt level nd for a moment O" ttlO lions n...i.i.. i..i. h.nj. In l,nr nn hl nfri.hlnir In mo with lh nlronnllnn
me nute who an huuitiiis 01 .! iV. "?"' .... ... ..... w. --- ..... i 1 , .i,,,i,in. .n.l ih,.n. wlili nn nxe ntnii- . V".... .1" h .1:.. i--.- ...... ...i .......
Si corner of tho cabin a few paces away. ""V" " 0110. Aa lie rair no snoutcu aiouii to took a Tew stops toward mo car. "'"""""J'""""".""' .i", ,. i i.V ..1 nil nnin.i th,. rhimce 3 .T"'VL.'" i" ' ."'r .:' .' "
.1,. i- hi.r i,rHfln.i intfint ih "MU u,m attract tho lion's attention. Tho which ho easily cou d reach ln n alnglo o nncoum ninrp wi. V.VV '". 1" T.."A.i . Vi.,.ii. clioken nun me worus wnuni nui ura puo ui .ui mt.
Srf. .. . . " :'t.7.i'" Km.. i ii,h. ,i. i,.i t. it,, ur. i ti. i.i nniinn nnw in Tige iieast. miuicienuu iiy mo insio m 11.11 ui. 11011 ..un .... :-'"--. -ninn ltn iiresBod her hands tlulitlv -wiint is in tnai manna enveiopei
lilMK man sioon nciriiien wnn icrrvr. ......v.... ..u.. ...... ........... ....... ..u ........... ,... .(. 1 .. n.i m.winm.i mrvniu ni nin v. hi ran strait 11 lor mu ; t". . ....... .1 .. n..i... . .,.tiin.
v"i 111H niOUin 111TW IIKai'V. Iim l.ffylf J Fj L A. V . . ,nlli.l wlllrtl It mill linHSml irrim lienSL. I . I ...I ll, , ...mnli nnp tn nnn thnt r nnrrlAfl
1 .......1 1. . , n ml .n.irl w Tn UUI. 1IUI11.I1 U UULL'll Uili:i:3 llUIll llllll. llltl 1I13I1BL 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 B II 1 1 II H lil'UII .111 I'liou- , .... . . . I -I .... - 1. ... I...1.1.... l.l. . V. . linn inl. ....... . -- - ... . ..... . . r . ...
Rl - 1.1 I !!!.. .k.b 1. a .ln,,A .an,l SBBBBT 1 1 l.u l.u lltuonoi m Mini UtlllllllT UlUUd in 1 1111 I1UUU 111 111- 1I1LT I' It T. IllirilRU V11I9 lirillUUd UUlllllU ... .1 . . . a I . n 1 1 . . ... l., II., Iln .. . ... . .
u. uiuuii uumiiiiu aniii'ji. 11 u uu.u iict.i. r. mrtm m. " " : .niarmi rrin rmi iniiiii. winiiii ii't'iin .11,. miiii ri iiiiriiiiiTiiini: iiiiiiuij1. . vj .. n.. ...1...... u ln ...f,i 1. 1.1 cinin
. . m . . . 10 . . i...i ti 1 .1 n .i . .t n . . ,1111.1111. . un unnui I . nnn. .i,n n i.i,, n .1 ,.1,, .ma nnn in ni nn nr. , - . . . --. . . .... 11m 11111111111 1-11 . .-i,.u. ,.... . n - . . . .
-im . . OS A m i'liiij iwiitiiu 111,1 UVBiunn 11'lfh illn-ntt.. II... 11.,.. ..f 1,. ... ;.,! llllll. rtui.-iliu llllll hush, 1"-l. vw- l.l,n fn. ftTl llljlt nail riSROIl mill Murniiuil UIIU V'viii:ii iv. mil"
11ra-u011r. Kw.11 1. m.i 1.1 ... nuartcrs. from whence he in,..nr.i 1,1. '... ."... 1 f.. ,V, , h hn.l lint th s wns all npart from mo ru.-icii. men uiu nun ... ... ... .-. ,.,. for lol. , hers mm ineeiiani- rouniieii into a iiuin 0111 01 uoiigiueu
411111 Minim, nan iiuiriiii;!! in.: ..-.- . . iia..u ,.,,.1 . . , . . . ....i.A., .i, nin,i i. n,i i.,nn,nn iinln Issue tne savinK in Virginia innuiiii, ..u uw.""... v-.. ...,..., pniiv tore tnti writlilier uiieo. in mu suriirmo.
cnoa nun cunvincen tnui 1110 nun iw ..n .
eves hn,l taken. Thov. too. saw Hen Here lie found tho torrlflod blacks Are you there, VlrKlnlii?
,;,. on ....... .nn- thoir fiim hmi .nf .. i .i.... , uoruon. Aro you unhurt7'
..ui. , .. ,....,.. ...w.. . v .... .. Din. iu,i m mu uu. ..1., iiiuniut, n 1m hero " she replied "He has)
d'reham; mlntrled with his. as ra0V8 to extrlcato .-homiolves. He not. touched u., jet; but" you 1 Oh, f
did their nrrna and logs and bodies shouted to them, asking whlcn way wick, do carerui or Jio'll get you as
as tho half dozen negroes launched tho Hon had gone. Hearing a white ' lb ,, .n, .
ir'LTll ''""VTemMI? m&n'a VOlC' th P" d1sontanBl,0lJ flrstnatqo beforeh and e"en now in
, eamo small doorwaj. Hcromb ng. j nresontlv ono was suffl- tho midst of ilnnimr-ln th. fn-o nf
l,ameTforflthoaTX'y oi Mho Interior recovered from his terror to death-hls heart leaped In glad re-
un"lCmeTbeh Inform Oordon that they did not HPimto Uio love and solicitude In
In tho narrow operturo that they know which way tho Hon had gone, Cat yo ur.iv4-.. no cr)((
nMl SSSSSk stop tor tho simple reason thatall having JTj, I can drive." she replied.
nt the first sight of them, now np- their eyes shut, they nact not Known
ve of
i iirniielioil tnnln.stlenllv. for his wav ihni ho hml .lnii.irtoil nt nil until thev .
Ion hv tholr throshnhl. Iln nnns-.l a . T... nst " 011 n .". r tno 10
moment to nllT lit the wlldlv klckinir ,iau ncaru uronB vo,cc- Heaven, get out of here."
. moment to snirt nt mo nim j iticKing ,in-. nf on n.iinin. "nut vnn?"
i of their fear-laden vo cos must havo lntr cahln a frlirhtencd. n chtcanned . " ' nriucu, aim
s of Itovo-
r: Trrnio.t nnnn his nerves, for. with hlH t ..." ,.. --.i no rawed the futile old relic
momi i close .to thorn ho gave vent to aa , ",,a " ru" " "!' " liitlonary days to his shoulder. .
a alnglo, mighty roar, nnd then passod'"'omWlng voice Issuing from shaking Tho girl, realizing that hor mother's
j')Bn. lips vouohsafod tho Information that safety lay In her hands and that
-came rigia aim mieni as uuuwi; imr fence into tno lurnpixa ana uibup- i' i ouuv .....i ninruMi
lid thoy movo again until long after pear In tho direction of town. "ID engine. tin me wnir or tho
ihn cront linnst hull nassed out of win, nut lvaltim' tn lutnn in thn HturtT Hen wlieeleil about with 11 Inllil
, bibui, nurruwinK uoiunn ivniuu nun uhu.q ........ ........ ..... ,,,u ni. ...on
I ai iiftnff Tno rnnn rrnm Ni.ni.iv no ' . .. ini . i . ....... una nn.. inp niirpri irvor mpi inin n n r n . . n n
ilftA. n ... 7. VV . iiuni a. nun iiuci. 1'iuin j l i,i v.w.- ' -
fjjiurrcd the big Scott car, bearing don ran tho fence, vaulted It and I
!.-5iIrs. Scott and Virginia from the U- ,tI1r!n,l rtnwn the roail at a ranld trot. A e-i it o a
THIS year hna marked the fifth
birthday of tho Dark Contl-
nenfo "U H. A." the Union of
South Africa. It was In 1910 that
the four British colonies In South Ar
rlca Capo Colony, Natal, tho Trans
vnal and Orango Frco Btato wero
formed Into n great federation under
the British flag. Tho formation of
n. Alo:
I'iBl B HC10W liltJ UUKIUCI UUmiri. IUU hn An', rnnr a. n MnlinilOII
i'ti,..i v...... w ., u.w. inin rimn ntraicnL anenu anu. ui no
r - A h .iT.niS miss " renlled the chauf. Th Qan' nt sololy on ovcrtaklni
,2NC E frnm his seat and Taylor and wresting tho manlla on
iaVsVnf-ono sidS of thoonnot. For a velope from hlro. went warily nov
rn"0,- fd.'.i ,m i h Ln tho that ho might avoid tho Hon. for h
r nnrrlno unii the control noard. trying ".'"' i,"'""'" "
, ; ..... . , . am . ri n.n. nnv rnll.ii.i.n nn ,nn
K lufr Ihn BlnHAr linil I All inn nnm. . l'."- w..m..v ... fr..u
"Ah guess wo-all uiowcu a ruse," ne uiwnuiu .. "
Annnnni,ii nroKnntl v. do to bring Taylor to a stand, but for
."Havo you otherii, or must we walk the lion It was scarce adequate, Uhe union wan a triumph of statea-
ycott, had hunted the king of beasts with
"Oh, yaSHm, An got Bomo ngm us couuiurpari anu sumo oi mem
cV.from' tho driver's Boat and thrust his pious.
fl.,.,,,1 .n... Hi.. I.nv liono.'llh. I'nr A A turn In In. .Anil ..v.nl&l no
juoiuuat he tuiublod about In iiearcb lio.ull.glUa uf un automobile and sot
of an extra fuao plug. Oordon to wondering. A llttlo closer
. "Who's that coming down tho nnu hc saw u cmmplnd something ly-
, road "' asked VlrglrJu. jnR at tho aido of tho road, Oordon
-ui, .Scott and ..io chauffeur both ft t t th 8hndow of tho bushes that
...nke.i nn Thev s:iw a man. running i,.,J.i ti,.. ,,,... Th. nmnn ....u
.. k.ow. dlrecMy In tho mlddlo of tho road hrlirht. the shadows donso. Ho moved
iniiciiinu. in i iDiiiin. ll... . Y " roadstiio was tno noay oi a man. it
(flguro bounded Into sight bohlnd the mst ,J(J Tnylor.li j,ut where was tho
Why Your Clothes
Are Not Becoming
By Andre Dupont.
1 for soconim mai huhiiiou nonro w nui withdrew tint contents of the
the man tho two stood facing each cnV(,iim Hm gave a little exclamation
oilier. It was tho lion who mnytd Jlrst. f surprise an her eyes fell upon tho
Ho advanced slowly and dollborntt'ly. henf'of pnpors within.
Thn moonlight Hooded him. OordutLs "Why, "whnt are those?" she ex-
Cw)rli:!it. 1V19, by Uia I'n
l-ubllAInt Co, (Th Nw Votk r.imltt WorlJI.
Dressing the Hair to Suit thu Frock.
ID you ever stop to think that If you want to bo becomingly dressed your
AHA,n..... .i.A ..mi. . ... .. . .. ...... -.. ,,. i a af.fi nn I 'pnviiir.il iniu in
..lumen, mu iiuuru ui uroucht down over mo roienean in u run ... . . ,n
1 und thu Oramro l'rro ..... ....... it.. .m lv tilicar). this mode of halnlresslng "
befote in tho history . VaL".. .;.V". 7 .. -nf...n. the features nnd gives tho lino of t'"ib t.r.iih and a tr.tp brush tun
world havo tho woundi ' '"""""h ' ". . , nee. ssiiry.
and terrible conflict b2 ll!llr " front of tho hat that many fares iin-d. ' 0I lt3tL.. 0 conBtructed Ms- to
is In Kimth Afrlnn. It takes a faco with very goo.l features nmin "r.B, ,,,, ,.niir(l lk K1)0ll uriv are ll.li. Tim
?rain. Mechiinlcally the chauffeur. ,,,.,
. '.hiin i,n :.tfhf.,l ihn niinrnaehlm? . . . ...
. , .. ...... 1 till 111 Bi!f llllll. OLUIlUUm 1V1L1I
into pi -tho car was reaay to run , ie machine and his head thrust
tf' "ML1, AfA.n1'?A,",1n Inaldo tho car. A tin' den whimpering
fcback lost li. head complotely, ut- "un ' . , ,rf the buhea
I tred a w Id yell of dismay and bolted p Tr.X
jolted0 K a,',;? dlsarpeared!"' f ttcntlon. It .oiindcd like a man cry-
jthSs. B tSiVna f." ttontz ? thatr wh,a,,ored tho younc
'watched tho frantic efforts of tho NoS, r', i . a
man to outdlswnco the grim beast . h.. Layd erclalmed a voice
now rapidly closlijg up on him. rom beyond the rollago, "is dat you,
2 Directly In tho full glaro of tho Mlstah Oo'don? Haa de line atcn 'em
headlights, not a dozen paces from "P.?" , ... , , .
he car. the lion overtook his nrev. "Eaton whom?" cried Gordon, half
Kanlr lllll-l ni. llllll In ton ITfl Hf! AllS MPfllT nnn .IIIKH I 1 1T1IB flfl VSO
Vlrcinla Scott gasped In dismay. In do cah, an' hn's eaten of 'om up."
tho inan'a hand wus a revqlver, With a cry that waa halt curse and prestige of their country,
manshlp, for It marked the final step
In granting tho largest meanuro of
Independence and sclf.govornmcnt to
Kngmnd's late
tno Trnnsvaa
.State. Hcliloin
of a warring
of a bloody
quickly heuled s
Only fifteen years after their war
ngnlnst tho forcoa of Kngland tho
Boers aro now fighting under tho
banner of their lato onemy. Thin now
allegiance Is nil tho more remnrkahle
when It is considered that the Boers
In their struggle with Kngland had
tho support and sympathy of Oer
ninny. While a fow of tho Irrcconcll
ables raised lately tho standard of
revolt, they qulekly discovered that
the mashes of tho Boors were loyal,
and the Incipient Insurrection was
Bpecdlly suppressed by Oon, Ixiuls
Botha, the Boer soldier nnd states
man who has been Premier of the
Union since Its Inception. The feeling
of the black population of Mouth Af
rica was manifested by the untl-Oer-man
riots In Cape Town nnd Johan
nesburg following tho sinking of tho
As a result of tho Union's urtlel
riatlon In the present world war Oen.
Itotha nnd other Bouth African lead
ers, It Is said, confidently expect t"
add largely to the area, power and
1...I. m,,ol hn n.ranruJ In -.lit Ihn frnrk Villi rtfl! WeUHllg?
.1.1.1 ...HQ, MU IIIIWI.B.U IV BU , . .
A too elobonito coiffure not only looks out of place with a plain
gown, but tho combination spous win cu..
f of either one. There nro frocks that require
simple halrdrcsslng and others that need
tho most modish of coiffures adorned with
i" whatever funcy of Dame Kashlon stills tho
wtarer. It ull depends upon tho frock and
on tho occasion upon which It Is to bo worn.
At present tho woman who wants to be
both modlshly and becomingly colffed can
adopt almost any stylo nho prefers, provld
od It Is not too voluminous. And though a
chango In millinery fashions often necessi
tated a change In halnlresslng this Is not
thn ease at present. The now vogue for
high crowned hats simply confirms the well
established preference for close coiffures,
varied only by an odd twist here or u smart
turn there.
With morning dross or a simple tailor
suit the hair can bo dressed either high or
low ns Is becoming. Many women still
cling to tho parted style, with the hair di
vided el'her ln tho middle or slightly to one
side and drawn back softly Into a wide knot
at thn back of the head, or tho hair Is part
ed well over nt tno side nnu one sum or u
linriii. halted In Ills tracks. .,,i.,i.t ai,.iih l.nvA linen mm I. nn.! as It Is rlirht here. Hero It has been all
1 For soconds that wceiiiod hours to H,w Wnh(iriw th contents of the tho time, right under our noses, and
wo nover kiiuw u anu sent jjick al
most to his death looking for It ln Af
rica," and alio handed the much
Hnuirht fur- and elusive mnrrlairo cer-
eves dromied to thn great forearms. ,.1,. i,,,i,ii rnnnliii milcklv tlirourh tinmtn tn Imr inniher.
searching for the Jagged .scar that ,1)rtMl a haml long dead had placed It In
might at least glvo lilm some faint Gnrjlon nnd Virginia stepped tn her that cnvolopo, and In tho hurry of
hope. Nor did ho look In vain, for KMrii Hubert Oordon's departure from the
thero, plain In tho moonllglit, was tho ..,,, K0 Into the library." said mission had mistaken tho manlla en-
(.ernitcd mark that told lilm that tho jir. Hcott. "I do not find tho mar- volopo containing It for another ldon-
liniHt wu.i Hon. rlligo rertlflentu hero." tlcollv Ilko It which hold tho valuable
Almost simultaneously with his dls- Tinrether Dm three stepped Into the .i,.u r.trtiMivitex ih..t thu ttnv. Montr.
i'uery canio a loud hall from thn fluid houso. Outside Urn keepers, each nm,,n Morton had wished to send to
below tho road. Tho Hon halted i having taken u turn uiiout a ireo wiin hbt non-ln-law's futhcr for iiafo-kcep-the
siiund and Imlh ho and Oordtui his rope, waited the return of the jn(, ,
turned their eyes in the direction or owner, who nan- gnnn wick m um ..j-y ,nn!(oii WSs not entirely fruit
the voice. They snw thrco men, wreck for a team . of horses und n however." remarked Gordon,
nriiio, with rlllis. They wuro the whefled cngo for Hell. The llon. ner- Mll,nm,. ,ito Virginia's eyes.
circus ownvr nnd tvvq Jteepors. , vous now tno; , uoriion, nun iuii niin. it nj, not," cried Mrs.
.ni . i, . , . i i n. ii lViVi; n VMrLln a Mrs Scott and Hcotl- not catching the double men-
ownur. "That beast Is a dovll.' Don't r Inside, Virginia, Mrs. "cou nnu inr of his words. "Had It not been
.novo and wo can got 1.1m beWro ho Onnlnn leaned "v , '""fc , ? yo, would have died In th.
clmrges." . . i,V,iVeiiiii,..f thn iaiiVi nvolope. tin- P ho nntlvra duf ror lilm. Wash-
At the same Instant ,he three M r 11 " " f" tinK '"' w""1'1 ,,ot "uva J to clam-
r.i Hnd tholr guns and (ook n m nt the Vain t. C?krtTf i Uy ao rdon examined her Into the cupboard' to escape hlra.
splendid Htatuo standing rigid In the J p' ron ",y uoruon an" ,hn QCTet ot , faa bottom
moonlight. u'tiv thrnm am slock certificates of and the llttlo box might havo tone
tho hair brushed straight buck from the forehead, but for tho fortunate
minority tho effect Is very lovely. This severe coirrure is uiwnys inimi no
coming when the hair Is wavy and n little curl or two Is loft In front of each
ear to soften tho outline.
For tho high coiffure the French roll Is the preferred nrrangement. In
tho very newest variation of this typo the ends of tho hair, Instead of being
tucked tn, nre waved and ellppcd under thn low pompadour or under tho
side that Is turned bark when the hair Is purled.
It Is only when coiffures obviously designed for evening d.e.is ore worn
In tho daytime that they are unsuitable. Take, for Instance. lh-high arrange
mont of tho hair that shows a braid around the crown of tho head encircling
a email cluster of curls nt the exact top. This coiffure Is lovely with n hand
some frock, but entirely out of place, with a plain blouse and a simple tailor
skirt. Yet 1 have often seen It so worn.
Another unsuitable style of halrdre.istng Is the use of ornaments In thn
daytime. Nothing but the very simplest of bands is suited to sunlight, and
these only nt card parties or elaborate ilnytlino festivities. This season offers
it wide variety of hair ndornments. 1 1 Ir li'inds may be broad or narrow.
They enn bo of velvet, satin, tulle, silver, gold or tinsel. They mil be worn
over thn forehead nearly down to lhe nyilnls or Ihey can be pushed up on thn
hair a llttlo way. Our Illustration h'nM mm of the simplest of tuese hands
mndn of a twist of tinsel. shot r.hle.i, ,m decanted nt one shin with n
cluster of rosebuds. Wider bands if h- m..i i havn two liny oslrleh tips worn
low at th nldo. For older women 'hi' .ur clusters of Jewelled aigrettes,
clusters ot tips or aigrettes ot velvet ribbon or tull.
rntiHldernble valim," ho said. "There undiscovered for generations. In
i ,1,. mnrrl.iL'.i eertlllnite hern. Illlt reality It Is to you We owe the
uur quest was not entirely In vain. Ilndlng of tho stock certificates, the
Thean certificates, probably of no great will and Uio marrlngo certificate
vain. i when thoy were purchased and, candidly, I am most Interested
y ara ago, now represent a fortune. In the marriage certificate; but then
Thero nro several Industrials olono I am a sentlmontnl old woman," and
that aro worth to-dsy a hundred Minns sho laughed gayty.
what they must havo sold for when "I too am Interested In a marriage
tliMni wuro Issued. Thuy are In your cortllleato," remarked Gordon, and
futlier's iiaini), Mrs. Kcntt." 1 again ho looked Into Virginia's eyes,
"Yes; but tlm marrlogu certificate," ud again she looked away,
responded Jlie older woman "What r. minutes later the young
can have ftccdmn of It? I so wanted pe.ipin strolled out onto tho lawn to
ll, nftur tlm unjust accusation of Kthnr to hae a look at Ben. Tho
Ni'utt Tnjiur." gru.it linn whined a delighted welcome
(iordoit shook hli bend. as he caught sight of Oordon. The
"It Is a mystery," lie said. "I j-jrl ho permitted to approach him,
brought every u.tleln that rmnulned too. On cithur side tho massive head
ih the itronn; box buuenth Ihn hearth, the two stood, their lingers twined In
There wu.i no nvldentfe that another thu blark m.ino. Across the savage
had been Hum beforo ui- h.id thurv head their eves met, and hold,
he would have romoved theso also, "I lovn you." s.iid Mr. Illchard Oor-
and the tew pieces of Jewelry thut dnn. fur the keepers were drowsing at
were hidden there." their postj.
"Woil." said .lrn. Scott, with a Virginia cant a quick glance In their
long-handled brushes aro a neceo- '.slglii . ' of course noiv It 1b Just a direction. Neither was looking. Mho
slty for pictures, walls, Aie. Theso . sentiment, I silppyim, for w hether leaned forward toward tho man, nnd
ran hit had at 65 rent.-!. Thino'wonten 1 Virginia Is nllowed the property of their lips met above tho fierce and
who line nui reii unjoins u.iu nriiMimn ner irrandfatner or not siih win no lovni neaii or nen, ivinK or iieasrs,
will llnd u good assortment In thn inilepuiidl'litly wotlthy In possession And If you do not hellovu this story,
sh.ps. wV felt brush can bo had at ,,r these stoeks ulnnu." Just go to the '.oo the next time you
50 rents. ' just then a Ht.u lle.1 cry resounded are In New York, and look for a great,
r.iilot rtusleis tn soft, bright ml- through tho hoiiho it caum from thu black mane I Hon with a scar upop
Brushco You Need.
N1'3 of tho most essential things
comfortablo housokeeplng
Is thn brush.
For thn kitchen thnre must be tho
Moor brush and tho stove brush, thn
Hhort-handlnd bruin broom, thn sink
l. rush and email brushes for dunning
potatoes and other vegetables, A
nice vegetable, brush can bo had nt
18 centa, A good brush broom Is 45
rents, while one with white bristle
enn he had at J 1.75.
There must be a soft, brush, for
(.loaning thu bilvcr und onq fur cut
ored fenthere nre 90 cents, imstlni;
Is a pleasure when one Iuia a nice,
fluffy Iamb's, woul duster. These aiu
s.inltnry Hlnro they ore Washable.
Tho handles aro removable and each
duster la provided with a long and
a short handle. Prices raitgn from
1 upward. There ntn fur dust
brushes, Ion, at 11. Soft hrlr-a-hrao
brushes In bright colors are to cents.
I'or cleaning pots and pans some
women prefer tho tinsel c.ths to tlm
brush. These small cloths .ire sold .it
eight cents. Then Iho.n Is in iirllel"
known (ih friction tangle whiih .end
lly remove, grease. &c. It is m.im.
of material similar to tinsel which
Just Ills Into tlm bind and does the
work more etllclcntly than n cloth. t
e)ls at 10 cents.
uslo room' bphliid them, and as they ono of his mlchtv forearms.
turned In that direction they beheld
Tim n.ND.
Tlm llnys When "I'ltKl'AIM.DMISS" Smeil
Our Country Aro Stirringly Described In
When Liberty Was Born
By Albert Payson Terhune
This will bo next week's, complete uovol In Tho Kvonlng World. It
s a roniunao of luvo and patriotism that every truo American should read.

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