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Bill of Particulars
fuge in "Transfer" of Light Stock
to Wife Impropriety Charged in
"L" Third-Tracking Contracts.
'wntT reasons why Chairman Edward E. McCall of the 1'ubllc Service
br-tko Thompson Investigating
nad tor a bill of particulars in the
In abort. In vigorous paragraphs the
Sltto numerated the revela.
HOMO tho past week concerning Mc
ealftt vvrnerahlp o irtook In a llght
ln company, his Interference In cast
pending before the commission M-
ivculg pnuuo ivniv.
and winding up with this summary:
"That by his ndraintatration of the
nfflce which he holds, by his failure
properly to supervise the expcndl-
tures of the Public Sorvlco Commis
sion! by the extravagance of expendi
ture -which he permitted, and by hln
failure and neglects, ho has demon
strated his entire lack of sympathy
tvith the purposes of the Public Ser
vice CommfiiTon.
In addressing the Governor, Sen
ator Thompson, Chairman of tho lit
veatlratlncr committee, said:
"I beit to advise that this commit
tee will provo nt the hearing:
"That Chairman MrCnll's ac
ceptation of his appointment was In
violation of law. '
"That He was at the time the owner
nf stock In a corporation subject to
rupervlslon of the commission.
"That, thereafter he attempted to
; transfer such stocK to his wire.
"That such attempt was a mere
subterfuge and a clumsy effort to
vade the statute.
'That ho has participated in tho
consideration of mattors pending be
fore the commission affectlntr the
vninn or suen stocic. wnntner owneu
him or by his wife."
The committer then specified the
arlous 'cases affecting the Kings
County Eloctrlo Light and Power
Company In which McCall owned
ateck and Its subsidiaries having
cases pending before tho oommlsslon,
and the bill of particulars continued:
"Ho has neglected and failed to at
'tend meetings and bearings on Im
portant matters before tho com
mission. "Ho has accepted In at least one In-
nUtace a retainer from and rendored,
to evado in courts tne payment or
taxes claimed by the State, a com
pany In which the chief owner of
stock 1s commonly reputed to be a
controlling factor In tho Interborough
Rapid Transit Company (August llol
mont.) "In another case ho accepted a re
tainer In an action now pending be-
fore tho Supreme Court In whloh on- j
winnnr.t nt thn Public Servlco Com-1
mission will be necessary and ma
terial witnesses.
"He has favored the public service
corporations and his ofllclal notions !
havo been consistently prejudicial to j
the Interests of the people.
"Ho has appropriated to his own
uso an automobllo belonging to tho
City of Now York. I
"lie ban used his powem as Chair
man to interfere with bearings be
fore other commissioners."
In a list of specifications of Inter
ferences and lntluenco, the committee
Continued on Second Page.)
charges against m'call
Copjrlfht, 1MB, by The frets TaMlthlaf
Co. (Tli Nir York World).
BiaaH ak. hhi. ibbbbbbbbi ibbbbbbbm
Alleges Subter
Committee In reply to the Chairman's
charcoa against him
Has Say Whether Great Col
lection Conies lo This City
Instate About S60,00(,ooo.
l'HU.ADKU'HIA, Nov. I':'.-Peter
A. H. Wldener. whoo will was ad
mitted to probate to-day, li ft the bulk
of his estate, estimated between J.V),
OOO.noO unil $"O.ou0,i0. to Ills con. Ju-
seph K. Wldener.
rue iatl"r undor thi- terms of tho
ill Is glvon complete nutliorlty nvur
Ills rather's i-olloctlon of palntliigH
uiVd art work, considered one of the
most vnluublii In America.
un iins run discretion to prvsi-nt
tho collection to either the city of
Philadelphia, Washington or N'ew
Vork, In tho event he Bees flt to pre
sent the collection to Philadelphia
Air. Wldener Is authorized to erect
out of the funds of the estate an art
K.illfiy properly endowed.
Mi- 'Widoncr'H collection of paint
ings and art works aro world famous
and are valued nt several million dol
lars. Among tho master pieces In the
collection aro Itombrajit's "The Mill,"
for which .Mr. Wldener some yours
ago paid $500,000; Raphael's famous
panshnuger "Madonna" and IJolti
celll's "Madonna of thn Thnrnn."
After making numerous bequests'
to members of tho family the will
directs that tho residuary estate bo
held In trust until twenty-one years
uftor tho death nf the last survivor
of those descendants who wore alive
at the time of P. A. II. Wldener's
deuth. Tho nftt Income is to bo dl
vlded monthly Into as many shares as
tnoro are sons uvinr ana sons aeiici,
Mr. Wldener had but two children,
Joseph 13. Wldener and Ueorgo D,
Wldener, who lost bis life when tho
steamer Titanic went down. The
dead son's share in the ustnto Is to
bo divided equally among his do
After tho twonty-ono year period
has expired tnero snail no a redts
trlbutlon of tho est to among do
scendants. Joseph H. Wldener and
Oorgo I. Wident'r Jr., a guindsou
are named us executors,
i Nine Firemen Overcome at Blaze
That Destroys Hostelry in Loop
District of Chicago.
CHICAOO, Nov. 22. Olon IVurs
ton, a guest, was burned lo death
and nine firemen overcomo oaiiy to
day by II ro in tho llurton Hotel, In
tho Loop section. Ono hundred per
sons fled to tho street, thinly clad.
"Circulation Hooka Open to All.'
siibbbbbbbbbbbb ibbbbbbbbb bibbbbbbbbbbbbb
Presidents of Three Strongest
Institutions Make Statement
for the Public.
Public Service Corporations
Show Confidence by Making
Deposit of $400,000.
(Special from a Staff Correspondent
of The Evtnlng World.)
NHWAIUC. N. J.. Nov. 38. That
financial Nowark Is standing by for
mer Senator James Hmlth jr. In his
buh'!rlc8 collapse Is Itidlcrilnl by n
statement Issued to-day by Presi
dent" of the three lawn banks In
the city. Tho Ihree banks represent,
cd pledge themselves to the support
of the Perioral Trust Company, of
which Smith resigned tho Presidency
un Saturday.
Tho statement n-ads: "At the re
quest of the Statn and Federal ofll
clal having supervision over tho
banking Institutions of this city, con
curred in liy tho directors of the
Pedi-ral Trust Company, we havo,
witli the did of competent asilst
nnt, either selected by oursnlvea or
belonging to tho State Hanking De
partment, inndo an examination of
tho condition of thn Federal Trust
Company, as of tho close of business
Saturday. Nov, SO, 1915. Wo unani
mously report, after such evamlna.
tlon, that In our opinion the said
Federal Trust Company Is In sound
mid safo condition, with abundant
I resources to meet every obligation
of depositors and other creditors, and
to leave still reuinlnlng for tho stock
holders, after the satisfaction of
every claim, the capital of J1.000,-
000, tho surplus of jr.00,000, and a
largo amount of undivided profits.
Wo hold ourselves ready to extend
to tho Federal Trust Company, If
necessary, tho aid of the banlCs we
represent." The statement wan
signed by Uatal Jl. McCnrter, Presi
dent of the Fldollty Trust Company;
William Srtieoror, President of tho
Union National Hank, nnd Charles
Id. Fan ell. President of tho H.ispx
County National Ilank.
Christian W. Fe!genpan. the nwly
elected President of the Federal
Trust Company, early this afternoon
tecelved assurance from the State
Hanking Department ami tho city of
Newark and PassaiQ Vnlloy Sewngo
Commission that they would not with
draw their deposes and, If necessary,
(Continued on Fourth Page.)
Hive in Belgium, Twelve in France,
Fifteen in Russia, Fight
in Serbia.
BEKMN (via Sayvllle Wireless),
Nov, 22, Forty fortresses havo been
conquered by the Astro.aernians to
date, an otllcial summing-up showed
Thny Includn live In lleliclum,
twelve In France, fifteen In Russia
and ciirbt In Serbia,
In tho list wero several strongholds,
llko l.lege, Antwerp and Iirestlivotsk,
considered tho mlgntiest in tne world,
HelKlnii C'ouiIiik Horn for l.nnii.
THH HAUl.'K, Nov. 22. Tho IMgisn
Ministers of Finance and Justice nro
about to go to New York In un endeavor
to arrange a loan, say lh Uelglsche
Dtsbat Vo-iU.
viBBBBBBBBBBBa ibbbbbbbbi
Mrs. Grace Hall Sang.Sail Old
Melodies and Then Took
Poison Tablets.
Had Previously Qu.trrelled
With Husband Over Time
He Spent at His Club.
Mrs. Q race Itlnman Hail, wife of
J. Willct Hall, a broker on tho New
York Stock Exchange, died In the
Nassau Hospital at -Mlneola early
this morning, after takli)R bichloride
of mercury tablets at her home 1p
Arrondalo Avenu. Croat Neck, Jus
tice William A. Dodge, Who Is ox-
officio coroner, held nn Inquiry at the
hospital at 6 o'clock this morning and
found that Mrs. Hall had committed
sulcldo hecauso of Imaginary domestic
troubles following months nf hysteria
and acute melancholia.
The Coroner was told that Mrs.
Halt had been much troubled because
her husband spent his nights recently
at tho new Vulo Club In New Vork,
attending tho house-warming fes
tivities. Sho had worked herself up
ti the point of charging blm with
not being at the Yile Club when he
said he wan there, nnd of neglecting
her nnd their four children.
Their little daughter Janet figured
In court proceedings brought by Mr.
Hall to havo her christening name
Janet Cowl Hall changed by dropping
tho namo Cowl, ut the request of
Clarkson Cowl, thn New York mer
chant and a close friend of the Halls.
During that proceeding, last August,
Mrs. Hall showed symptoms of men
tal disturbance nnd hysteria.
At luncheon yesterday, when an eye
specialist of New York was a guest
of tho family, Mrs. Hall was Irritable
and flamed up Into nn almost Insane
outburst of anger against her huu
band. Sho heemmo qulot suddenly
when her daughter Catherine rec
called tho fact that the day was the
anniversary of the death of her
Grandmother Hall.
Mrs. Hall went to tho piano nnd
began playing old uongs, nearly oil
of thorn sad melodies which, accord
ing to her husband, sho hail not
played for yenrs. ;ior mannor be-
tamo so tenpe and traulo that Mr.
Hnll, who had Intendod taking all
tho children to visit a ft lend In Port
Washington In order to keep tho
houso quiet for their mother, hnd
Catherlno, who Is twelve yearn old,
stay nt home to watch hor.
Catherlno was sent out on nn er
rand and Mrs, Hnll ran out to a drug
store on Mlddlo Nock lload neur her
homo and bought a box of seven und
one-halt groin bichloride of mercury
tablets and o bottle of tooth wash
The purchoso of the tooth wash al
layed any suspicions tho drug clerk
had on uitount of her excited man
A few momonts after her return
home Catherine went to ner mother's
bedroom nnd found hor writhing In
pain on the lied. Mrs, Hall told the
child sho tnwl swallowed nlno of the
tablets ,ln order to kill horJf. The
negro maid at oncn administered
milk and tbo whites of sggs, but tho
poltfon had ulready had tlma to do
Its work.
Tb World Trutrl llnrr,
Amd, !iaur (Wqikl) IHIUIuf.
M 'k Ilow, N. V. UU.
tieUX Clficn fur til CouUlti. I!rmiidi, Cla
im M l South Amerioa tjitnMhlp lluei. Tml
ten' ihKH tod woupy ordct tor nit. T4lpo
na tutomoMltt far olr. Check room lot big.
fJtlui SoW?1' Ayu"1" U' A TilfiUt
NOVEMBER 22, 1915. 20 PAGES
a ibbbbbbbbb ibbbbbbbbb ibbbbbbbbi
Nebraska's Secretary of State Grants:
Request of .JusticeNot
I-'igure in Primary.
M.VflOI.N. N"el) Nov. 22. Secro
tnry of Ktato I'oalo of Nebriiska to
day announced that ho would grant
tho icuiicrtt of Associate Justlco
Hughei! of the Supremo Court nnd
withdraw tho latlor'a nunio from thi
Nebracku primary ballot na a candi
date for tho Jtupubllcan Presidential
Justlco Hughes's reituc.it won re
celved by Jlr. Tool to-day, and ho
Immediately mitlded the signers of
the potitlon nf his decision.
"lIxurelMlng the nutliorlty which I
feel I am wai'rnntfil In using," said
Mr. Pool In his communication to the
f Irihtm, "1 havo decided to follow the
whiles of JuHtlc Hughns In this par
ticular, believing that he, as u mem
ber of the highest court of the land,
would not request mo to do that
which was contrary to thn existing
laws. Hhoiild you feel that I havo
Trcd In this ruling I shall bu plonsed
to have you tal; It beforo tbo courts
of uiir Huue for final adjudication.''
A similar petition placing on file tho
name of .Mayor William Hale Thomp
son of Chicago as a Presidential can
didate Is before the Huoretary of
Statu It Is undorstood that .Mr.
Thompson will request tho with
drawal of his name. Mr. Pool lis in
dicated thut ho will comply upon re
.elpt of a im-sHage from tho Chicago
Workman's Pick Breaks Into Main
and Several Explosions
One of 11 largo gang of mn pro
pal lug to lay n servlco plpo from the
gas main to the houso of II. T. Par
sons, Vlco President of tho Wool
worth Company, No. 1071 Fifth Ave.
uiie, drove liH pick dciip Into tbo
main to-day at noon. Instantly thfro
was an upheaval of thn pavement
above tho Una of tho big gas pipe.
Tho workman wero not hurt beyond
n few scrapes fiom sudden buck falls,
and tho man with tho pick wan not
Policeman Duwnlo, Itnowlm: that
the home of tho I'tlkes, llanaim,
Carnegios and other notod persons
are near by, rang n Hi'- alarm and
ran to the hole in tlm mum, from
which u Jot of llaiw. was appearing.
He told the laborers to throw sand
on it. ltefiult, two mora evplonlons,
as tho annd collected tho gas in
pockets; also tho singeing ofi
IJo.vnlu's niustaehe, hanJs anil face.!
The reserves blockaded Fifth ve
nue, A fire engine dashed up and
throw a a team of water on tho any
er of lire and uulckly uuoucbed It.
. I
sent to whitman
j Circulation Books jOpcn
iHi mmm. ihi mbh MBiiBBBBBKaa mmmm aaiBM
.Buen and Other German
Agents on Trial for Aiding
South Atlantic Reel.
, Defense Objects to Talesmen !
Who Know J. P. Morgan or
Other British Agents.
Three talesmen wore found to-day
who had never read of the German
i propaganda In this country and' they
were Panned temporarily
I sld at the trial of KKrP
thn llnmliiii 1 tti.a l.nt
'in- iiiiiui'iiiu'iiiiiuaii wmci iiiiu
th,, others-ail indWd for 'con.'Of the Turkish underground work
jsplracy ngnlnst the I'nlled .States lniht defender.
; sending to thn Ormnii South Athiu-
t'o fleet of warships coal ami pn. :
visions. ;
Tlin trial Is Lnforn .Iii.Iph llnrlml
. Howe in the criminal branch of j official statement whlcli reports the Anz.ic victory.
is ."e',,,!ge,, sin? ' The uvh a4r,,ii,:mi5ts ,,ad ,mde successfui ai,ack w
united states Attorney jtoger it. the railroad station at Ferejlk, near Enos, when a Turkish shot brought
Wood, assisted by Ahslstnut Unltml I , ,i . ,i i
Htato. Attorney Garrett W. Cotter. 0HC 01 ,l,e, 10 ,he r0l,nd-
Kor the dtfeto thn lawyers aro win. Hie pilot was in imminent danwr of capture, but his companien
lam Hand Jr.. Howard H. Gjiis and . . . .. ,. ,, ,. ... ,, ,
iiaight mid Hantord. , swooped down beside him, caughl him up in Ins machine and soared
linens is managing dlieotor of thn back to IllC Hritisll lines ill SafftV.
5SnS-Ar? PARIS Nov. 22.-The report that the Serbians have won an
who was sup-rcargo of the steamship important victory over the nulganans near Lcskovats, on the. Nish
Lorenzo, one of tin. boats which, it is Saloiiica Railroad, twenty-five miles south of Nish, is corroborated in
TZZlnV0',1! 1,r,'vl"!:,nH,a despatch received to-day from the Serbian Minister at Athens.
to the (.ermnn fleet; (leorgo Kouttor, 1 ', ,, . , .., ,
Miporiniendent of tin, Hamburg- 1 lie message says that after a battle of several days, in which the
American, and Adoipi, Haciimi-iati.r. Hulgarianp sustained enormous losses, the remnants of their army fled
anolher ZZTtU 'n'" ! dis0lir ,0 'e M5tern ,);,nk f the Morava RlvCr-
aiiouut uiriHilor of tho lint, W titttler ,
indictment, but is outside tho juris- BERLIN, Ntiv. 22 (vi.'i London). The capture of more than 2,600
diction of tho ITnltod Htates.
Two indlutmcntH were brought
against each of the defendants. Ono
Is for conspiracy In having filed false
manifesto and tho other for conspir
acy In causing collectors of ports, by
mcuns of false statements, to make,
record and transmit untrue nnd false
Mr. nond, for tho defense, was
given tho first opportunity of ques
tioning tho prospective Jurymen. A
double panel was nailed from the
venire lu Court and the first man wns
Gcorgo Palmer, a Maiden I.ane Im
porter. ' Ho was asked whether ho
knew J. P. Morgan, or any one con
nected with Mr. .Morgn n'li olitre. Mi.
Hand did not give any bleu how Mr.
Morgan figures In t li eas,-, It bo does
figure. The presumption was that .1
Juror mlgl I )! prejudli ed agulnm tho
lefondants, nil of whom are German,
by nn acquaintance with 11 purchas
ing agent of (Ireut lrllulii In Ibis
I country.
Mr. Palmer said that he did not
know Mr. Morgan or any of his firm.
Ho said that lie .id been born lu New
Yolk and that his father was an
Irishman and his mother Kngllsh,
"Have you nny prejudice against thn
KalMix- or the Caiman empire?" Mr.
Hand a.skid.
"These men are ..! subjiis of the
German ICinperor mid .lie charged
with conspiracy in coaling and pro
visioning German warships. Would
that prejudice you n gainst them?"
Mr. Palmer answered In the negn
live, and sulil that he had not read
anything about the churterlng uf tho
vessels by the llaiiihuig-Amerlcan
l.lno and subsequent charing of them,
ostensibly for u German port, but
really fur the aid of the German war
ships, lie knew nothing of a Ger.
man piop.iganda in tins country
wlueli had for its purpose tho aiding
of the (lei man Government In the
war, or the destruction of munition
plants and munltlon-carrylus ships.
to AlJ
Vienna Admits Losses in Desperate
Battle, but Claims to Have Re
pulsed All Attacks Save One
Rome Says Ground Is Retained.'
LONDON, Nov. 22. Infa determined attack wKh bombs tte 'Aus-
W"'al-n',l r,cw' Zw,2nd troops jaf lleJrsIaneUes Yiavejeafajed 'fraiiJ.
Line"' andT"'1 00 ",c wcs sIt' Gallipoli Peninsula. They occupied ptrjl
The brilliant rescue by a British aviator of a fellow-airman, whose
machine had been shot down by the Turks, was also described in an
Serbians was announced by the German War Office to-day. Five
cannon and four machine guns were taken in the field operations, while
in the Novibazar arsenal fifty large mortars and eight unnon of an
old type were found.
Flames Sweep Infirmary in Annex
of the Bon Marclie Resales
Under Difficulties.
PAKIH, Nov. Fire In a military
hespltal to-day nearly cost tho lives
of ninety wounded soldiers. All wero
romoved, but only nt the greatest
risk and with much difficulty and
barely In time.
The hospltul was In an annex to the
lion Marrhe, Porls's biggest depart
ment store
Tlie lire tunned for hours. The ex
teir of tho dnmugi is not yet known.
Briiisii Lmb.t Hears Reservists
May Launch Hostilities From
U. S. Border Cities.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 22. Cleve
land, Kulfalo, Toledo, Ieti'olt and
other Great Uike cities have Ix-on
specllled lu reports to tho Ilrltlsh
emb.-ihsy us polnta from which an
attack on Canada was to be launched
by German reservists, tho Hritlsh em
bassy said to-day.
So far. however, nothing has neon
discovered to warrant a protest to
lids Uoxbrnmont, It was .laid.
anil cold to. night) Tuttduy tUur,
In the Amac Zone, killing many of
Near Srcinic? In tho Ibar Valley
Serbian rear guards wero repulsd.
An entrance to the Lab Valley on
both sides of Pndjuovo has oeen
VIKNNA (via llerllu, Amsterdam
and London). Nov. 22. Italian at
tacks on the Austrian front are In
creasing alt alonr tho Una. Although
most of them have been repulsed, th
loss of an Austrian position In tho
Oslavla District, in front of Oorlila,
Is admitted In to-dny's official state
ment. Tho Italians penetrated the Austrian
lino nt thlH point by a tremendous
charco, but Uefors they had time to
mako their ndvantaRo good a counter-attack
drove thorn back oxcept at
ono spot.
The Italian forcos on the Isomo
front havo been strengthened by
drafts from tho Tyrol and tho bom- t
bardmont of tho GorUIa bridgehead
In particular Is being pushed with
ever-growing Intensity. Tho olty Is
largely wrecked and frh flros art
springing up from the persistant
uhellhu'. Attack after attack Is be
ing beaten back In tho Ran Martlno
section, with enormous lossos to tbo
I Italians.
I Alternate shelling and Infantry
i charges aro in progress, sometimes
with ono side and again tho other
attempting an offensive, at Poem.
Podgora and Monte Ban Michel.
IIOMB. Nov. 22. Italian troop hava
mado an Important advonoo 00 the
Ionto tront,'cpclally on tit

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