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Elevator Man Aids in Rescue
of Score, After Blunder in
Sending Alarm.
East Seventy-Sixth
Street '
Blaze Gets Twcnly-Minul
1 Icadway on Firemen.
Vlntcnt Astor and othr notables
watched a flro which early to-day
destroyed tlio two upper floors of the
fven.atory Casa Hl.mca apartment
bouse. No. S.. Kast Soventy-Blxth
filreet: caused tvonty-oiio tenant.',
twelve of them kIH art students, to
seek refuge through tho sleet nnd
now, and atmo.it pot away from tho
firemen altogether foecauso John Hon
lnson, nn elevator man, did not know
how to turn in a flro alarm.
Robinson ran to tho fire-box at
Madison Avenue and Sovonty-slxth
Street and turned tho door handle.
When ho camo back, nnd twenty min
utes had elapsed without any sign of
the flro apparatus, they asked him
whether ha had pullod the hook.
"Which riooli?" asked Itoblnson.
Tho alarm was then telephoned by
QrenviUo Vernon, a third floor'resl
dent. The flro was discovered by
W. jr. rtomc, proprietor of the Lee
Garaxe, No. SI Kast Seventy-sixth
Street, -where 150 automobiles are
stored. Smolio poured Into his room
on the fourth floor. IIo notified Rob
inson, who berran calling tho tenants
by telephone and thon liopt his car
speeding up and down. Tlio flro bo
Kan in the bascmont, swept up tho
uirshaft and mushroomed on the up.
per floors.
Two persons were clljrhtly injured.
Thomas Corcoran, the building super
intendent, was burned about tho facet'
and hands while assisting tenants to
the street, and Mrs. Gurdon Howe,
a resident on tho fourth floor, was
burned about tho loft wrist whllo at
tempting to drag her Airedale tcrrlor
jrom her apartmont.
For twenty minutes Corcoran tried
to fight the flro with th building hoso.
which proved to be little- better than
'a sieve. Chief Kenlon, on his arrival,
Vvaa incensed over tho delay in turn
ing in the alarm,
"It la an outrngo," said Chief Ken
ton, "that tho alarm was not sent In
promptly, livery person in that house
might havo been burned or smoth
ered to death. Moro people are killed
In this way than tho peoplo of Now
York havo any idea of. Tor years
the department haa been trying to
'teach peoplo to smd in tho alarm tho
moment a flro is discovered."
Tho twclvo young women Ilvo on
tho fifth floor and aro students of the
Frocbcl licaguc. Tho houso matron,
they said, notli'lcd Uicin, so they
dressed and walked quietly to tho
street. Dr. Harmon Vcddcr, head of
tho league, found them finally and
'took them to Ills homo, No. U Hast
Bevcnty-slxth Street.
Mrs. Kathcrlno van Wagencn, an
Invalid, who was asleep in her apart
mcnt on tho sixth floor with her
daughter, Miss Kathcrlno van 3'ag
cnen, Principal of I'ubllo School No.
S3, was carried down tho stairs by
two nurses, Miss Agnes Coleman and
Miss Edlund, tind removed to tho
Flower Hospital. Mrs. J. O. Cleve
land, aged seventy, who lives alone
on tho soventh floor, calmly dressed
and walked to the atrect unasslHted.
Mrs. U. G. I'urdy, of tho sarao floor,
fainted from cxtttement and had to
tie carried out. Among other tenants
who wcro carried downstairs by itob
lnson In tho elevator wcro tho faintly
of Dr. Horbert L. Wheeler. Tho loss is
estimated at 125,000.
And Blackheads. Skin Dry and
Would Itch. Scratched Until It
Pained, Could Hardly Sleep.
r "I looked a frightful tight a few monthi
ago. My face was Just one mass of horrible
pimple sod blackhead, and new onu
were alwaji sure to appear u noon as the
old ooe were gone. The plmplee wero
large and hard and would bleed most of tho
lime. My ftVIn becamo dry and would Itch
which forced mo to (cratch It and by to
doloc. I would Irritate It until It pained.
I could hardly deep.
"Tola troublo lasted for tlx or seven
monthi and I used everything that was
recommended to me, but I wasn't relicMil.
Then my Doctor recommended Cutlcura
ftoap and Ointment, and I began to uto
hem. The pimple began to dry up In two
weeks and In about, four weeks I was
.hetded." IHIgnnl) Mrs. Helen Hlherman,
170 E. 4th bt New York City, July 10, 1016.
Sample Each Free by Mail
With 32-p. Skin Hook on requnst. .Ml.
itreM post-card "Cutirura, I)pl Ta Ilea?
tee.'!. Hold tbrouibaut the world. , ,
Plan Marriage by Conscription
In Jersey, but Fear
Paterson May Find Itself on the xMap if Isadore
Klencrl's Hill Becomes a Law He Sets SI. Val
entine's ait the Day for Mating by the Draw
ing of Names From a Hat, and Hopes His Will
He the First Out.
lly Xixola Grccley-Smith,
Volunteer niurrlarn lias nrnvcil a failure. Mnrrlncf' liv cuiibci llitloil
! must ho the order of the day If the
,MV YorI ai e t0 c prC8CrvC(1,
isauorp rticncii sajs so. uuu is ne. tun im;
l'atcrson paper, describe him as a bachelor, continental
tourist and learned criminal lawyer and ns I novcr
attempt to gild tho lily 1 Mil let Paterson have its way.
Paterson, X. J of course, homo of silk mills auJ
silk magnates; Paterson that suppresses tho singular
,'nmljitlon of young ladles like Elizabeth Gurlcy Klynn,
'who want to spenk there; I'aterson that has famous
Arcs and liosschcter cases; fatcrbon that lilt the Hilly
Sunday trail; Paterson on the Hrlc; and better than
that, on tho map.
Isadora KIcncrt and Abraham Kloncrt nobody
lias qulto decided which Is the brother of which aro cclobrltlcs la I'aterson.
And the oilier day lsadoro put one over on Abraham by announcing In the
I'aterson newspapers that ho has persuaded nh Assemblyman of Passaic
County to Introduce a bill In tho New Jersey Legislature making marriage
compulsory upon all males and females moro than thirty years old.
According to tho KIcncrt plan a census will bn taken of available but
reluctant males and females in January Iierod, Tctrarch of Judca, had
nothing on lsadoro you perceive and on Saint Valontino's Day Feb. li
the names of men and women uro to, bo drawn separately from a receptacle
and Bachelor U-2 Is to be united In wedlock forthwith to Spinster 11-2. He
will be given, however, thirty days
his own choosing.
I saw Mr. lsadoro Kloncrt yesterday
afternoon In his office at No. 1.0
Washington Btrcct, I'aterson, and wn
discussed his plan of "marrlace by
conscription" at some length. Mr.
KIcncrt is a metropolitan person, who
assured mo that 'he spent at least
four days a week In New York City;
that ho is a bachelor, way past his
own ago limit of thirty, and that there
is absolutely nothing In this proposi
tion of taking ono girl after another
out to dinner and to the theatro and
waking up next morning richer in ex.
pcrlcnce but poorer by a J50 bill..
No. tako it from Mr. Kloncrt. the
real thing is to ncttlo down with a nico
old-fashioned girl not too prim, how
ever nono of your narrow-minded
ones, and live happily ever afterward.
After an hour's conversation with
tho ndvocato of "marriage by con
scription," I gathered that hit Ideal it
Juit tha uiual mstculine conception
of s croit bttwten a peach snd a
prune, I trust Luther Ilurb.mk will
turn his attention to Its production
some day.
Hut girls! splnstcr.il widows! Mr.
Kloncrt himself Is a bachelor. He
has a largo practice. Ho Is well
dressed and llko most firm believers
In Uio old-fashioned girl' he seems to
possess tho very quality of speed ho
deplores in her modern sister.
"Men of to-day aro afraid to marry.
That Is why I am calling upon the
New- Jersey Legislature to help them
out," ho told mo. "I'd bo vory glad
to have tho Legislature make up my
mind for mo. I know plenty of girls
but I'm nfrald. They're all so speedy.
What man can keep up with thorn? 1
How many girls of to-day who want
to get married know how to cook a
good meal? How many of thom caro
nbout unythlng except going to a the
dormant? Thoy dress beyond the
young men. They eat beyond them.
What fellow with 3,00O a year has a
chanca of wlnnlrlg tho girl he loves?
If he does win hor what chanca has
he of keeping her In a city a big city,
particularly? She wants to llvo In a
neighborhood ho can't afford: to wear
Krench gowns and have her slippers
made to order, and by and by she
meets tho fellow with $20,000 who can
glvo her tlicso things and who does
give thorn to her on tho side. I tell
you marrlago In a. big city Is a nuro
loss. Tho happy marriages occur In
small cities and towns."
"if you really believed In marriage,
Mr. Klenert, would you think It must '
be made compulsory?" I asked.
"Hut I DO believe In marriage," the
young lawyer answered. "When a
man and woman aro properly muted
nothing can surpass their happiness.
Kvery man has his Ideal girl, nnd
when ho meets her hn does not rest
until she Is hla wife."
"What. Is you Ideal wife?" I In
quired. "I'rom the picture of lilllle
llurko on your desk, I have guessod
that she Is red-hoaded."
"You're wrong," Mr. Kloncrt an
swered, blushing to the color of Miss
Hurko'a hulr. "I want a brunette I
have never been very partial to
blondes. My ideal gill can cook a
good meal, wears senslblo clothes, Is
willing to have children and to look
after them, Instead of rushing ore to
bridge pat ties."
"Docs your idcul possess lutein
gonco?" 1 naked as huputully as If
I did not know the answer.
"Well," Mr. Klenert uuswered, "alio
must know something, but not too
"Not so much as ou, for Instance?"
1 sunt.
"Well, no," Mr. Klenert admitted.
"A nmn doc wain his wito to look
up to lilm n little, you know. Hut 1
should not bo too particular on that
point. If n man and a woman aro
really mated, cuoli little questions
don't matter. I'm sure I shouldn't,
seo tho mental dofects In u girl that
I really loved. On the other band,
ehi nted nut be a dazrllnr beauty,
State, and particularly tho City of
In which to select a eugenic mate of
It Is the face which nltructs at first,
but unless there Is romcthlntr li.'irk nf
it. It novcr holds it man long enough
tor mm to consider a wedding."
"You are obviously nast thirty tho
ago you fix for compulsory mar
riage?" I said. "Why Is It that you
aro still a bachelor?" - And I stated
hastily that my interest in this mat
ter was purely academic.
"That's what I'd like to know," Mr.
KIcncrt answered. "Maybo it is bo
cause I know so many nlco girls.
Mnybo It Is becnuie, llko so manv
men, I like my freedom. Maybo X
am afraid the girls all seem n hn n
speeded up I don't know. All I know
it I havo reached an ago when I see
thcro Is nothing In this buslnosa of
taking ono girl and then another out
for dinner nnd the theatre. What
have you got tho next day? Nothing
but n pockotbook In mourning nnd
tho certainty that tho girl will go out
that evening with nnothcr man, but
that when sho feels like It -she'll ring
you up. Jolly you into the belief that
sho likes you nnd that you are a
pretty nice fellow, and so on, over
and over again. Thoro Is nothing In
that. That is why I want tho Legls.
lature. to compel bachelors to marry
and sottlo down. And if thn bill
passes I hope my namo will bo the
first to be drawn In tho lQttcry, and
that they will tako mo and marry mo
to somo nlco girl."
SSemblyman Marsll Would W'ipetheir cells this morning Kircher did
Out Aldcmianic "Graft" and
Make Total Price S3.
'Sue nt t. The lltenlni WeilJ.)
ALHANY. Jan. 12. Cupid's chain
plon In the Legislature has appeared In
tho person of Itobort Marsh, the rich
young Assemblyman from the Fifth
Mnnliattan district, which includes the
Old Orcenwlch Village nnd Washington
Square. Hn introduced a hill to-day
that promises to become a law and
clear away tho last of tho Aldennanlc
"marriage graft" which his intimate,
Alderman Henry Curran, succeeded In
partly abolishing.
Tho bill authorizes the City Clerk nnd
his deputies to perform manlagc cere-
monies, and limits the fee to V.'.
It. h
Intended to smooth tho way fr quirk
and economic weddings.
A marrlago llccnso will bo obtained
from the City Clerk for 11. "Pass right
right Into tho next room," tho man at
the llcens desk will say to tho young
couples. Thcro another deputy will tlo
tho knot and tho whole business will
bo done In flvo minutes. Total cost $3.
Father of Albert Spector of ibonia
failed Upon for Detail:, as
to Nativity.
ANSOXIA. Conn., Jan. 12. Albert
Spector, twenty ycais old. of this city,
Is detained by the authorities In l.on.
don, his father. Simon Spector, was
Informed to-day in u cablegram fnnn
Proof of his nntlvliy mis asked and
the father Iiuh fm warded .in affidavit
that thn boy was born in New York,
No details as to why lin Is held werw
.given In the cablegram.
l oung Spector, ror tile past year,
has been travelling about the woild
and was Inst heaid from in li'duud.
Hat ll'i Still Albany. Nul Wimliluit.
tun, lie Aniilrra To.
AI.HANV. N. Y., Jun. I.' Oov Whit-
man has officially unnomiied candi
dacy, for io-eleitlon to the Uoei.uirHlup
political Albany oWlins to-day. The an
nouncement Is seen lit Whitman'. decla
ration before tlio Comity llai Association
at Its annual dinner lice lint night.
"Without icgJtd lo party ictllng.
nant to announce light laic tu. night
that I am going to may In Allun as
avi an I can. i iikr me mansion;
i t.- i i,e .i,i iloora.nd I imnt vim.. ... .
llku tn i dpiwi i win even Brow
noil." tho Governor declared. .
The Viesllifr ft rT Au To-ilui.
Hllil. TuOK-uUl.e. Ilifli. 45'. lw, u.
uli Uiiii'o tin mi Quinine cairn n.oil.l In
txoi for tUuttun li. WukoVe, i4?.-Td,i.
Draft Riots
:;.jv;vj,ij.j).4.5 I
Authorities Discover That Jean
Kircher Is Gone Only When
He Misses Breakfast.
.lean Kircher, a burglar serving n
term of seventeen years nnd six
months, escaped from Sing Sing Pri
son Eomo time, during tho night, nnd
tho officials of the Institution aro
utterly Ignorant of bow ho got out and
Tho first alarm sent out from the
prison to tho police of Westchester
County mid New York City stated
that Lewis klrchman, serving a term
of twenty years for second degree
murder, committed In Kings County,
had escaped. Klrchinan's descrip
tion was flashed broadcast before it
was discovered that ho wan still In
the prison Then tho nlarm for Klrch
man was recalled and another was
sent out stating that tho escaped
prisoner was Jean Kircher.
Not until tho discovery of the cs
capo was two hours old did the
Sing Sing authorities begin to send
out accurato news and a description
of tho prlsonor.
! Tho authorities had not decided on
what kind of a story to ten bout tho
escape at 11.30 o'clock. It appears
from tho best Information at hand
flin 1ifii thn nnnvln.tu tnrne.1 nut nf
not join the line on his tier in the
procession to the prison yard.
His absence- was not noted, how
ever, until his vacant chair loomed
up In the mess hall. Then tho con-,
vlcts wero ordered back to tho cell
houso. and the dormlOrlcs and were
checked up'. Klrchcr's cell was empty,
but on his cot was a cunningly con
trived dummy.
From thu fact that Kircher had put
tho dummy on his cot It Is assumed
that ho had csenpod when tho con
vletH woie locked tip latt night. Ho
could not havo broken from his cell
after ho was lockod In, according to
tho prison authorities. They believe
ho had tho dummy ready, placed It
on his cot, slipped out of tho cell
ihock nun concealed inmicii some
where within tho walls before the
cells wcro locked for tho night.
Kircher was one of u gang of burg
lars mui looiru numerous country
houses ulong tho Sound in Westches
ter County Jast year.
County Jildgo William T Piatt sen-
trnced Kircher nt White I'lalns on
Od. lr, 191D.
Snow and Rain General With Tem
peratures Away Helow Zero
Cold Wave Coming Here.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 12 Tho must
extensive and severest storm of the
winter Is raging to-day neit. of the
Mississippi Itlver and is moving east
ward. Temperatures this morning,;
the Weather ilureau repotted, ranged
frum 08 decrees below zero In thn
Canadian Noi thwest to zeio In the
TexiiH Panhaiidln and in Southern
Utah and Northern Arizona it was
from 10 to IK degree below. The
storm has advanced from tho Pacific
Coast ami to-day was central In thu
middle Mississippi Valley, it was
causing snow and rain generally
thioughout the country exei pt In tho
South Atlantic Slates and over thu
middle and hnuth districts of tho
Hoeky Mountains.
Kastw.ird of the .MixsimmpjA tttn
pc rut ii i cs wero alinorni illy high,
ranging from IS to 33 digiees above
thn seasonal average, but tlirne dis
tricts nio expected to feel tlie ffect
Of thr slot III later n the week.
Ml Dorothy 4rlirn-l. tit Weil.
Im Itutions havo been li.nied for the
wedding nt Mies Doiothy Dm S. Schenek
of Ihiglowood, N. J., to William Keiir
boiough of lliooKlyn. on Saturday, Jan,
ill. JIl.is ftclicnck i tho duuehtur of the
rrcuericK if. rcni.ncK. who was
President of tlio Ilbcrty National Hunk
of New York, nho has Just reached her
msjorlty nnd Inherited moro than 1300,
I 000 from the cxtato of her father and
arsuamomcr, ut. Mancy u. u uui-
Bogus Department of Justice
ngciiis rounu Aiany victims
at Atlantic City.
Tli arrest of Don Collins, alias
.'(!!obert A. Treublllon, In tho Crlml
filial Courts Itulldlng, by Detectives
!. I Kin an and I.ennon to-day, on a com
Tt plaint made by Frank T. Oarbarluo,
.. .Special Agent of the Deportment of
;;;'juitice nt Philadelphia, w'lll bring in
Ulght, ncordlng to Oarbarlno, a most
J I elaborate, and widespread blackmail
plot which has netted more than 12.10,
!.;,000 In the past eighteen months. Tho
blackmailers, Oarbarlno says, posing
$ns agents of tho Departmtnt of Jus-
' I l'c0 anJ uslnB young nnd attractive
women as accomplices prejed on
wealthy nnd prominent men vlstlnf
Aimntic city una other Jersey re
1 sorts by threatening them with pro
, sccutlon under the Mann White Plave
A well knuwn up-State New York
Jurist, Oarbarlno stated at rollco
Headquarters, paid the blackmailers
$2,500, A member of Congress whoso
Innmn Is known tho breadth of tho
nation handed over $5,000, Tho
mother of a young society man in
Philadelphia produced 4,0p0.
Collins and his male nnd female ac
complices, according to- Oarbarlno,
watched tho big hotels along tho coast
for the arrival of men of wealth and
prominence. One or two of the mem
bers of tho gang apparently had a
wide knowledge of public and wealthy
men, becauso. they were ablo to spot
several elderly, dlgnlflod Americans
from rcmoto parts of the United
States who registered at Atlantic
City Hotels under assumed names,
nnd ns -husbands of young and lively
The brains back of tho Collins gang,
Oarbarlno ays, realized the Immense
possibilities for blackmail which are
latent In tho Mann White Slave Act.
According to Oarbarlno. tho black
mailers working under tho guidance
of Collins caused to bo printed some-
where In Philadelphia, ounnlltle. nt
blank warrants, letter heads, ultl
davit blanks and other forms used by
uiu uvpiu-uucnc oi justice.
Carbarlno says tho Collins outfit
would spot on arriving celobrltv and
nolo whother he was Accompanied by
urn wua or nomeuouy else, or was un
If tho prospective victim was uh
accompanied ono of thn fascinntlng
femalo members of the gang would
proceed to make his acquaintance.
Then would corno a raid on u hotel
room by two men wearing Depart
ment of Justlco badges, the arrest of
tho man and woman and ii start for
Philadelphia by automobile.
The supposedly enmeshed prisoners
would bn taken to tho building in
which Garbitrlno's otllco Is located
and would bo started In the direction
of tho Philadelphia branch of tho De
partment of Justice. One of tho bo
gus dotectlvos would say that hu was
thirsty nnd suggest that all hand.i
tako a drink before going Into tho
nwesomo preseneo or lliu represen
tative ot rncio aam.
Invariably tho suggestion would bo
entertninud nnu tno party would ro
pair to a qitlot place In tho neighbor
hood, whero tho bogus Government
agents would offer to "tlx tho caso'
for a certain sum of money.
Complaints nbout the activities of
tno bogus Department or Justice) or
flcors were received for a year nnd
a half before uurlmrino ana his mun
got a clue. This was obtained
through the Now York police, who.
last Friday night, raided ii couplo
of flats In an apartment house on
Audubon Avenue and captured night
men and women accused of robbing
thn booths In publlc tele phonu pay
In tho loom of William I-ewlH. ono
of thn prisoners, was found a trunk
containing a quantity of what wmu
apparently warrants, nflldavH blanks,
letter neatls nnd other forms used by
tho Department of Justlcti In thn
Philadelphia llulcuu. The meal po
lice communicated with (inrliarlno,
wno ciunti over and started an in
It was found thnt the trunk be
longed to Collins, nnd that Collins
wus arrested on Oct. 10, 1313, on a
charge of trying to extort J2.500 from
Georgo H. Ilaeon, a banker of No. 10
neaver sirent. roinns was released
on ball of 7,5W.
Oarbarlno and the pollen after go
Ing through the documents in the
trunk nnd Interviewing some of the
prisoners taucti in tn Audubon Ave
nuo raid notified the security com
puny to produce Collins nt thn DIh
trlct Attorneys ofllro fo-dav. A
Collins entered the building he woi
nrri-HTcd by l lnatian and Jennon and
talien to roiire iieauqunriers.
Dbscnts from Garrison's Proposition
That Continental Army Enlist
ments Be Made Compulsory.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 12. President
Wilson Is opposed to compulsory
military service, Chairman lluy told
tho Houso Committee on Military Af
fairs to-day,
Assistant Secretary of War Hrcek.
Inridgo told tho Committee tho plan
for the organization of tho conti
nental army would bo moro twitlsfao
tory to the war Department if en-
llstment weiu madi compulsory in
stead of voluntary, but admitted that
the President dissents,
lliMinr I'liufi-rn Willi llrllNIi Mnli--
LONDON. Jun 12. Col. II. M. Home
confident!-!) agent for President WiUou.
has confentd pilvately with Premier
AUilh, Sir Hdward Orey. Mlnliter uf
Ainnltloiui t.loyd Ueorge, Klrtl Lord of
theAdmlralty Arthur Halfour snd other
prominent pertoni In the last few day
11 fH icsxaca vo-o.
Are You Saving Money?
Evening World Starts
Campaign lor Thrift
Centenary of the Founding of
the First Savings Bank in America
American Bankers' Association
Co-operating in Campaign to
Bring Out Most Helpful
Plans of Saving.
Tho Kvcnlng World, co-oporatlnc with tho American Bankers'
Association, begins to-day a campaign for pockotbook pre
paredness for thrift. '
It Is not tho easiest thing In thn world lo save money, but tho
renders ot thin paper during tho next few months will bo glrcn
every encouragement to learn how to do It.
t'asli prlos amounting lo $25(1 n III bo glrcn to those irhn sliorf
(he most .sciittlbln plans of homo or domestic financing.
llcforo maklitg thin offer Tho Krrnlng World submitted tho plan
.to tho American Hankers' Association. Tho result was thnt tho
association, roincacntlng tho financial Interests of tho cntlro coun
try, gavo Its hearty approval and backed it up by offering f 150 to bo
given In prizes to livening World renders who aro able to provo
that they can cavo nnd tnko caro of their money. This action of tho
American llanKern' Association, through Itn unvlng:! hank section,
Is ono feature ot lis cottntry-wldo cnuipnlgn for thrift, which wilt bo
' carried on throughout tho year 191C to eclebrato the otto hundredth
anniversary ot tho founding ot tho first savings bank In the United
All signs point to a tremendous, record-brenking year of pros
perlty In this country this year. Millions on millions will bo made,
but it thn best and most lasting results nro to bo gnlncd, tho wsgo
earners hntl salary workers mttBt learn to saro and Invest their sur
plus moro sensibly thnn they ever havo beforo. No thrift campaign
could havo been started nt a bettor time, for there has never been a
tlmo when saving should be so easy.
It Is Bnfo to say that ovory reader of Tho Evening World has
money problems. It In planned to havo you write about thom; tell
what your Incomo Is; tell how much you spend for rent, food, clothes,
4c, how much you havo In tho Imnk, what Investments you have, and
how much llfo Insurance you carry. In other words, "What Do You
Do With Your Monoy?"
Tha articles on this subject will bo published on Wednesdays
and Saturdays In Tho Kvcnlng World. In these columns will bo
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President's Daughter Gives Views
on New York l-oruni I alks
in School Buildings.
WASHINGTON. .Inn. li. Miss
Margaret Woodrow Wilson, daughter
of t&o I'rcsldiint, In a statement
given out to-day replying to a
request from tho l.abur Forum of
Now York City to give her opinion
regarding tho proposal to atop tho
forum uso of tho New York City
ichonl buildings or to restrict tho
freedom of discussion In them on
account of un address of Helen Keller
dellverod in the Washington Irving
High School there on Dec. ii, said:
"Tho Dronosal that tho Hchool
Board or any other body of tho peo
plu'n agents limit or restrict what Is
said In tho citizens' forum, when onco
this most Important institution of
democracy- Is properly established In
tho public school house," said Miss
Wilson. "Is oji absurd Indeed mtro
absurd than tho proposal would be
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fection. So exhaustively has the merit
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to have eome outsldo nnd Inferior
body linposo restrictions upon the
discussions of Aldermen, Btate legis
lators or Congressmen."
Vienna Reports That No U-Doat
Was in Vicinity of Point of
WASHINGTON, Jan. 12. Tho
Austrian Government has notified tho
rflato Department, It is understood,
that after a full Investigation it has
been uuablo to detcrmlno how the
Hrltlsh steumer Persia was. sunk.
Austrian Charge Zwledlnuk Is said
to havo placed this Information bo-
fore Lansing nt a conference they
held to-day; No Austrian submarlno
was operating near tho point where
the Persia went down.
This leave the United States with
no means of placing responsibility for
tho disaster.
For rati: sample ot i'onm. m
THIS COUPON nd end to KmerKf ncy
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Adiitrii ,. i
Comedian Mistakes Process Server
for Robber and Battles at
Stage Door. '
Details of an exciting fight at the
stage door of tho Winter Garden, late
yesterday afternoon, when Jack WIN
eon, comedian, battled with a process
server who waatrylng to hand a sum
mons to Kitty Oordon, were unfolded
In tha West Side Court this morning.
Louis Temple, the process server, bad
summoned Wilson on a charge ot as
sault. "Miss Oordon and Mr. Wilson wcro
leaving the theatre," Frederick Gold
smith, attorney for Wilson, explained,
"when Mr. Wilson saw this man
rush up to Miss Oordon. Ha thought
hn waa a robber. Miss Gordon was
carrying thousands of dollars worth
ot Jewelry. Of courso he struck htm.
Mr. Wilson and Miss Gordon are pos
ing for moving pictures, and' Mr. Wil
son could not como to court to-day..
Magistrate Corrlgan warned Attor
ney Goldsmith to havo his client in
court Trlday morning. Miss Gordon
will probably bo n witness.
Wmlr I'lrr .Veur Snlinny.
Much cxlctement was cauied early
to-dny by ilensn smoke trom a fire In
llm auhrellnr if thn Tltnea ltnll.lln
1'orty-sccond Btrcct nnd Tlroadway.
which titled the building and pens-
tratcd to the .subway. The blast waa
In a pile ot waste paper and did llttls
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