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Ws an. eye witness of th master
((and returned her with the train,
( ''We were In two. coaches," said
SancheaVme occupied by the- Amert
.cine and the other by twenty of us
JJerflcan employee.
'.'Tso tooner had the train been
brought to a standstill by the wreck
th bandlti causra -a1)eH, tlinn1Bey
begun to board the coaches. They
ewarmed Into our car, poked Mausers
.Vlnto.pur eldes nnd told us'to throw
H t up our fcands or they would kill us.
i "Tiiey rlte4. our pocknta. took our
i blankets and biitgsne and even our
f, f "Then Col. Pablo Lopez. In eharae
SMhoVrsellno of our ear, aaidi 'If you
want to sea seme fun, wateh us kill
grlngoei. Came pn, boys,' he
shouts to his followers. They ran
from: our coach, crying 'Viva Vlllat'
and. 'Death to the gringoesl' I heard
a volley of'rlfle shots and looked out
f the window. f
".Manner Watson wns running to-
ward tho Hmtn Yaabel rtlvcr, a short
J distance Away. Four other Americans
- were, runnlnc In other directions, the
VJ. Vlpiifas jdioptlna; at thrm. fiome of
taW -l - a - . ... - S. ...
too aoiaiers dropped fo their knees for
' . . ....
ueurr aim, Matron iril nurr run-
nlnfr about a hundred yards. He trot
.up llmplnj, but went on a nhort din
c tape further, tvhn he threw up his
.nrmstand fell forward, hla body roll
ing down the. hank Into the river.
. f'Of two others runnlnir 'tor the
river, one fell midway. 1 learned Inter
thla wna Itomero. Vour bullets pene
tratrd hla tody. Tho other man was
j, iv hit twice ana killed, A younr fellow,
!t ,'.'ater Identified ns Mcliattan, cot
roriy ynrua irom me train "wncn ne
' was allot.
u "Whllo this waa solnr on other
Vtlilstaa crowded Into the AmcrL
cana' coach. I could not sea what
t 1 1 happened In.tbero aa frightful panic
broke out in our car. Tenter I IrarnoJ
Unit' tbo Americans were unarmed.
"Pcarco waa ahot na ho ant In the
coach. I auw Wallace's body on the
ground at tho car ntep. Ho had been
ahot through thcibaek. Another body
waa on top of Wallace'.
"Tho oilier Americana were herded
k.,., io mo aiuo ui luo coacu anu lined yp.
"Col, Lepet. (elected twe of hla
aoldfera .as axecutioners, and this
naarly preclplteted a fight among the
Uurnp from Bed
jn Morning ajjd
JQrink Hot Water
rll why everyone should drink
ht WfiUr ch morning
befert ''reakfait.
Why ! mas aad woman, ball the
Hbk. fcfliog netvous. despondent,
wried owe djs beads rhy, dull and
unsiruns: some nava rraiiv inrtiri.
K ,eat4vk (llnesa. -
11 1 i If we would all prartlie Insldoliath-
loa;, what a gratifying change would
talw Place. Instead of tnouaand' ol
iV.hff4ldK, anaemic-looking souls with
f paatjr, muddy complealons, we should
eo crowds of happy, healthy, rosy,
cheeked people everywhere. The res.
son la that the butnan system does not
rid Itaelf each day of all tho waste
which it accumulates under our pre.
, , ent node of living. I'or every ounce
of food and drink jaken into the system
nearly- in ounce of waste material
muStAbe carried out, else it ferments
, snd forms ptomilnedilc poiiotu which
,arr absorbed into the blood.
rib, aahrs from' tho furuscd each day,
Art ksaVtff'ths. Ijre Wt Imnn br!lt sn.j'
t.V.VftwWe ouiut each iuomiujk. .,i,r
.KlSSo Inllde uresni of the nreilmu hmv".
custulatlon of indigestible waste and
4v toxin l. Men and women, vlirllinp
ck Of WelL are advised to drink rich
iornJag,- before breakfast, a glass of
I not water wiui a traspoonlui of
rilnafl bhoanhalA Im II . k.rM.
means o waihinc oiil nf Hi
itomach. liver, kidurva and
iilll lilln
fifmi tyxins; tluls cleansinc. swrcleu.
xV" tttA purifying the entire nlimcn
ary canal before putting inorr food
pto the stomach.
Ji Minions of people who had tbrir turn
tc.si constipation, bilious attacks, acid
fysjomacb, nervous dsys aud sleepless
'.N-askbta, have become real cranks about
i'ilaw morning Inildc-batlu A quarter
;j0und of limestone phosphate will not
mmik. kaatif4i at -41m," Jritataf.- hut (a
le La nv nnm
n'lU ueMttOaC vrclcolDa sua lreben.
ciieci upon nc yirm. auvu
tswAid'ofteTj; subjotr to headache
v.W&fnturdl'-pite and -nen-bdV-1
because their blood is thin or insuf. '
ficient. They hesitate to comDlain. I
If . iV,-buj .)Hcy lat)c that ambition and
li . '"WB'y wWch Ja ttr birthriglit.
' m-Aoovc an inev need ine tonic anri
nouriihnient in Scott's Emulsion
that qakes richer .blood, fills hollow
Gtterfis, suppreSMS nervousness and
establishes strength. Nourishment
alone nukes blood and Scott's Emul
sion is pure, concentrated nourish
ment, free from wines or opiates.
" ,l mother or daughter is frail, pale
or Nervous, give her Scott's for one
itionft and see the betterment. Ithas
a' wholeonle, "nutty" flavor, l'ree from
alcohol of. drugs. Avoid substitutes,
Hwtt k Otins niuuantM. S. J.-AUu. 15 :
At) ImI or foead arlleles ad
verl'.Md In The World will be
Ihled at The World Informa
Um' n-jreaa, rll(rer UulUUir
Arcade, I'ark Hunt World's
Tptown Ofice, nerlhirwt eer
wr SJth W. aad Ilroadwari
VrerU'i llerUm Ofnu. 13S
XTUt -1331b at., sad World's
JlreoUln sjflce. SU-' Wa.hlog
n nt., Vrnokls, far .10 dj
Uawtag the prlatlnr of lbs
ml(liaet. -
bandits over who should hvo th
privilege of ahnotlnq (he Americans.
"Several of the Americans In lino
had been wounded when (he Vlttlataa
shot Into the coach.
I "The two executioners used Mauser
rifles. One would shoet his victim
and then the other soldier would take
the" nexl In line.
"Within a few momenta the axeeu
tloners had gone completely down the
line. The Americans lay on the
, around, some gasping and writhing
in the nd and cinders,
"The suffering of the Americans
isesmed to drive the bandits Into a
frenzy. 'Viva Villal' thav erled. and
'Death to the grlnooesl'
"Col. Lopez ordered the 'tiro de
gracla' given to those who war still
alive, and tho soldiers placed the ends
of their rifles at their victim' heads
and fired, putting the wounded eut of
'.'All bodies were completely Mrippod
of rlothlng and aboer. Tourtrcn wore
pllfd together In a amall draw about
a yard from tho track. After plckW
up tho liO(lc our train teturned o
Chihuahua City'
Others In th party raid that
American frienda of the murdered
mining men risked their Uvea when
they boldly rode Into tho view of th
murderer nnd recovered tlm dead
hodlea. The bandlta .ill II lurked In
tbo vicinity iia the half dozen Amerl-
can, heavily armed, picked up the'
niood covcrr nulo bocllea and placed
tbem on tho rcaciia t'rnln. " ''
8oft-noeed bullets had been Used
making ragged holes In the head of
the wounded Americano whan the
bandits gave them the "merey shot."
Tho skulls of three men had been
shot away. Each body had from two
to five holes, tho blood eoakbig the
dirt and cinders along the railroad
Tho Americans In the reacun pirty
were cacorted by a amall dotnehmont
of Curranza troops.
Wlien tho scene of tho inniisacre
viia reached mountrd Vllllslua wora
not over half n inlh nuay.
Tlio CftrrAnr.l.ilaH, not being mount,
cd, mado no nttompt y purauo JJio
suspected murderers. "
As aoou us tho bodies wero loadod
Into n bos car tho train backod Into
Chihuahua, whero the entire populace
had gathered at tho station.
K. 13. Htephenaon, Secretary of the
Mining nnd Huioltor Men's- Associa
tion of Chihuahua.', who organised tho
party that recovered the bodies, auld
that tho beuds were almost blown, off)
and tlio riuiims i'Uieri niuliuiou
"Thoy were stripped of" clothing be
forp being draggad out of the cars
nnd klllo'd," Bald Btepbcnson, "When
wo arrived nt the aceno of tbo mas.
aacra a Currin gtiarJ remalnld at
Hanta Ysabcl where wo found a num.
ber of the bandits encamped. We
returned to tli troop (rain to get a
machine gun and then proceeded to
the place where the bodlea ' were
Jieapeds" " . .
An exiiedltlon which left ClUhualiua
City to recover tho bodies of tho slain
Americ'ana were luformed by the sta
tion agent at feunta Yaabel that lion
jamln Bnell and Frank Woods passed
there, bound west, half an hour After
tho Wutson train wna reported In
trouble. The station ugont said be
warned tho two men to return but
they aald thoy were nrmod and feared
no trouble. Nothing later waa heard
of the party andlt la bullov.ed that
thnt they met the futo of the Watson
KL I'AHO, Jan. 1B.r-A telogifalm to
be went to Theodora HooMovlj, ap
pealing to hjm to usn lib influence
with Cungromt to brlnjf nrnnlt a
'chnKe In tbo policy of UiIh (Jorern.
inent , that so far ban refuse "p e
rrrlaii Ita pati-inal duty of pryljr.vllng
Amerlcnn llf" nnil properly abroad,"
IVBH cliculntrd hoii! to-d.y foV,hlg
liatuie. .,
It wns proposed to Hend It 'i him
rersona with interests in Mexico
were not permitted to atgn It.).
I.S. h.
(Contlnuod from First rage.)
citizens and to authorise the Presi
dent to uxe the military and naval
forces of the United HUtes In Mexico
jo the oame extent as now by law
permitted the navy In Nicaragua and
jfaytt for the protection of American
fights." - , ,.,
In Huytl the navy, particularly tho
I . , One hundred and twenty-seven years jrjro,
R aHsnMl CsrsU)rsne.washasUenfiTorlte Itnnslaisato- t feflC
D HrUli 'urip',,roJW snd nMlkwriMs hT kst Its 1
3 A Cposilf to Jtp OaeJUkerCeeaV
Food Is Lacking and the Mon
tenegrin Capital Is'Aboul (o
Be Evacuated.
Serbian Refugees, Especially
Babies, Succumb to the
Hunger and Cold.
PA MR. .Isn. li. Austrian forces
advancing from Cattaro nnd Kudn-i.
have reached Mltchltr. five miles from
Antlvat I.
The town Is being bombarded by
the Austrian lenr range giina, accord'
Ing to a despatch to I.'Oeuvrr.
A Hjutnrl trleftrnm to the Serbian
I.cgMlnn In Home describes tho sltun.
Hon ln-flciitnrt-ns-ppinsrhlng d's
peratlon. I'ood Is lacking; to feed
thousands of women, children and
refugees from Herbta, th Inttir .tr
rlvfn'g In large numbers, swelling the
refugee colony nlrcady established.
Tho new arrivals are obliged to
sleep In the open air In the hitter
cold. Hundreds are dying dally In the
streets of cold and hunger. Nearly
all the very young ohlldran have died
from lack of nourishment.
In view of tho aucceea of the Alls,
trlap offensive against Mt. Ixivcen,
measures have been taken by tho
Montenegrin Government to evacuate
Cettlnjo Immediately, says the I'otlt
Journal's Milan correspondent. The
government has decided to contlnuo
tho struggle against the Austrians.
Tim Montenegrins, aided by Herblan
rontlngents, are making a stout re.
slstanco although outnumbered Ave
to one,
IlOMi:, Jnn. . Italian troops may
bo orderod to proceed' to tho relief of
the Hard.. pressed Montenegrins with
in forly-clghl" hours. King Victor
Emmanuel to-day summoned military
chiefs and member of the Cabinet
Into ponfeVoncti on. the McnWiickilii
Tho King's hurried return from the
Italian front after an eight months"
absence from Home whs caused by
alarming reports of tho progress of
tho Austrian Invasion. Ilia Majesty
sent (or fUron Sonnlno, Foreign mn.
later. .
t Montenegrin Crown Prince Ianlllo
luBiuioacr anu mo urown rnncess
Jutto reached Ttome front Cottlnfo h
few Tioura efprp the. king arrived
front the. front. They presented
personal appeal for help from tho
aged Montenegrin King Nicholas.
t Is said that QUeen Hejens. a
daughter of tho Montenegrin ruler
nnd an ardent sympathizer with her
people, sent the telegram that brought
King Victor Emmanuel back from the
M'oald ve Candidal eir Monr .
AMIANV. Jan. 13. With a. view f
preventing office hnldcia and eandldstra
fro.n beJiis Imslegcd with ir(uesls tn
t'tirrhtsn pingranune advnnUInK, new
r support and tickets to entertain-mi-nt.i,
Hruslnr l.awann li-day Intiu.
diirrl a bill making such solicitation
plinlihahlp hy m S0 fine.
marine corps, has been In virtual pos
session of tho Government for zomo
months. Under Hcnutur Lewis's res
olution Intervention could ho com
plete. Tho Senator oald be would discuss
the resolution later In thu day.
In the Uoufc,, Hrproeentntlve Hla.
den of Texas, Democrat. declund the
time lind come for u I'nii-Ameiii.'.i'i
union to hrlni; peace to Mexico ,md
InsUtcd that only the execution of
the alnyers of t tin Americans rocently
killed near Santa Ysobel would n.it
Isfy tho people of the border States.
'The rising anger of Americans on
the border Is dangerous and cannot
be trifled with, "Ije declared. 'The
President did tho proper- and only
possible thing In adopting the sug
gestion" to reoogntre Carranza. It wns
an Intolerable condition' ana some one
had to bo recognized. Tho choice lay
betwon Carrunza and Villa, tbo un.
"I have been silent even when I
thought eerlous mistakes were being
made, leaving the whole matter Inthe
handa of the President and tho Sec
retary of Htate. I am not criticising
them, , , ,
"Horrors in Mexico are cumulative.
Americana hava hn murdered singly
and In wjuadi. They bavo been ahot
even on their own territory. They
liay mysteriously dlsapbeared. Mex.
loans havo even Invaded our territory
under mlllUiry commsnd. killing
Americans und stealing their proper-
Woman Who Saved 25 With Her Ironina Board
And Fwo
An ironing board produced by
Hundred and Twenty-ninth Street
from the roof of the apartment buliaiDK
yi lriMB 4 i7HBsftsttsH
PH Kj sK aBsssssssssssa
x I rnn Tiir nrnnmiin
nnu j wenty-nintli Street when theyiioro traiiped br Hre. Tho board was
used as a bridge between tho roof of '(be burning ibulldlng and u fifth-story
ninapw or tlio uiltmoro AparVnieiUv which ' across a six-foot alrshnft.
lust after tho women nnd children had been rescued the roof on which
they had hpen cathcrcd crashed In.
BY 500.000
Troops From Oallipoli Land
and 300,000 AIHjs Are
Ready for Attack..
LONDON, Jan. Following tho
report In despatches from Itome and
Athens to tbo Dally N'ows Uiat SOO.Wu
Teutpnle. Bulgarian anil Tfujiklsh
troops urgan nn aavanco on jiontiay
against the allies : their iioslllons In
front of tialonlca, comes tho story
from Bo (la that the Anglo-French
troops from Qallipolll aro being
Salon lea reports that the Important
railroad bridge over tho Htnim.i
River at Domlr-HI'Mur bus been
blown up by French engineers tts a
precautionary measure.
IThe Dcmlr - Ulssar Urldgo
spans tho Struma about tlfty
iilll'.'H northeast of S.iloitlui. Just
to the south of the -Bult.-irJun
frontier, one of tho probable llrst
points of contact botwnn a force
moving from Hnlj;itrla agalmit thu
right of tho allien' U.ilunica of
fcnscs.l The IJulgnrlnn uutborltles cstlinatn
that 1B0.OO0 AiiKlo-Vretu.i forces are
41U uuiuuiujiua,
Urltlsh ofllcers hero declare tho
llles defonso worka'ln tho Halonlca
ono nro Impregnable.
Tho Grcok Island of Corfu, In the
Ionian Hca, two mllos oft the Albanian
coasi, has been seized by tho French,
whoso tropps havo occupied the
Achlllelon, the Kaiser's beautiful
summer marble palace, over which
the tricolor Is waving, according to
Athens and Home. Urceco has mado
a bitter protest.
The J.utente ministers at Athens
havo notified Greece they deemed It
their duty to "save the berola Serbian
soldiers from famine and destruction"
and would therefore tend tbem to
Corfu. They have guaranteed they
do not Intend to retain the Islahd,
rtOMK, Jan. 13 (via Purls). Tho
attack of tho Toutontu allies on the
entente forces defending S.ilonlc.i is
being developed on a large scale, etc.
cording tn the Athens. orrespundent
Of the Gloinulo d'luia, tologrnphlng
lindvr Tuesday's date. Ho .reported
that n bombardment of the Urltlsh
line to tlio Doiran Zone proceeded ail
day Monday.
The Gorman commander of the
attuclUng forces, says tho correspond
ent, will muko uso of Austrian, Hu
g.irlan und Turkish forces, T1'" par.
tlclpivtlon of the' Turks lum been
doubtful, ho adds, hul it In how cer
tain that they will be included In the
attacking army.
O lliU Imiv l V-.
lai isw'4 isri, i.wi,
(lM. Illili finVllnw
l'. Jul) .
newt .
Ml -HI, IIHt kin,
.. 69 Wit Wt 'IV)i
Z eA, 7, , . T ,Ui,n,l SS: 'VJi i"f mA 8? $ : !i eni-mlm. but carried her floe Into the
300M Will be concen rated Jnstwpcn l . ' .. JjjS , $ . - enemies' countries.
fh ? "f". V, aw,l,brdcr Moro I -; '.iV.m'M' ''' UX '! ' J "W re. nnd always will be. proud."
the , cnd of another week. T. a ? he said, "together with our other
(iSl-Dolrai, .lirmHltmOriSUi., immortal glory to tho heroic deeds of
on tho cast, concentrating at Xm.thl I i&.sWmV1 . SS5j W W - J, "jr athora and nnewtou. Together
j r. .nr.. ifn4iiuii i-.ciii.- .. lmc lVSil ,V:i? . with our King and Kmncror wo
Girls Who Crossed
Mrs. M. Saycr of N'o. 260 West One
navcd twenty-live women and children
nt KIkIiIU Avenue and Ono Hundred
Initial prices Indicated fair amount
of strength In Industrial, especially
In the war brides. Crucible advanced
'3 points, Itepubllc 1 and Alcohol 3 4.
N'tvws froin .Mexico caused eetllng in
.Mivtlcnn' Oil and Smelters. Trading
wits figiit ind prices sagged off In
crcond hour, llaldwln Locomotive
w.i weak, selling off 2 points.
After .midday market picked up a
llttlo and nhowcd an Improvement in
sttcnirth. CrucIMn recovered
points, to 60, and fractional nd
vanccs occurred In some of the rail
road stocks. Pittsburgh Cont was
active, up 3i points. Air nrako
gained 34. to H8i.,.
Impiwliiff tendency o( prices con
lliiut'd In lute afternoon and som"
liei'lallli'H were mlvnnre,! Mrnl...ni
I Vlr ''""Sheffield and Amerl.
Iran foal I'iihIiicIh gained from 2 lo C
points. A null ,,f Bellini,- towmd the
h lose r.irrleit pi U-es olT. V. ti. Steel
nun, mi A.I
C'loxlllU (lnolullona.
null lift rluiiKM fr.mi iinrtlmu iloiln.
lUUlioM ,Mlnr.. -A'i ii'l'h
VlllnJ'lnJuTvr, ,J
Utirnl,-,ke K (,l.,. flC
'i - "'',Vm' I,SI- ' "'i
I !"!" tpieri .''.'.'. sis
lone i
st.O. !;
twit. . .
1'ilni I'fOiI, C.
rw-llile Kttf
'ub,.Di. rtmir .
llfn,' n, It. lf.. i-JJ, sit, i'v'J IS
JMt 1W. Corp.... Ill', 49' 40''
Krlo It', 41 'j 4ii '
;'. W. V.lnrlli. . 10S llll( IK", 1'.
1 1 in Motnr. Co... 470 470 470 . . 3
niiKlrkh fo.. li. I
llivu S.ir. i(
TI l.
47 '
,,141 .r. IITF. . . .
ln"trilion Cmwt.
nir. Mfkel
Kn ntiih...
tA.'kamniu Steel.,
irhtsll Vllt'l. ....
louii A. OiUaIi ...
M-r Martin it....
lliir, Miiln r. rl. .
Mnull M.itnr
M .)lir iM if..
Mrtli-js l'Utilua
IUml Cnpi
It.' Kaii A; TI4I
son, V si
"sil t -a
7u ii
mA 'J. :jS
Hn rMli( H
UniOiilu ponM'0 Tr.l,
K V AlrhnVc... 119
K V I'wirj ih;.
.wuieni i ciii'". . . . jin
rriKjixuii mi. . .
'hill. fo. .., 4M,
itt. roj . . 'is
lllH, ('Oil CO. lf.. 11 144,
'HMI Ml-I .... Ml
1,1 'A J5Bff;:: St.'
iS4r: :::::: T'
I'.' Hlffl, lf I""
limeH. (t... i:i
llU11.ll ft. Ilf .1.
1:1 i
N', 1J
4t v:
l Jit
103 '!
,8 &
KrjI.M .Mr l.lnr... It.
hci'ti'il .Afr 1-liis pf. 4.'
roulli. (. le,',
Millh. Ill Iif- ... .?
MH.UUkcr Co. ... .i.J
'IVllll. ,'OIHT ?tl",
T'l4i I'O ---ll
C14 I'il'
'Ihinl A
I'uini I'a .
I . S. luil A I. nil"'
P. v htifl. .
I' Ml.l tif .
I'uS i'iinrr.,
a rjr, iMicm
Waluili . .
Mint, 'i ll A.
W,I ( M
rtrn Jliif 10-1
MrtlV.ioiiv l! A SI
Wwlnni Vnlen Ti!
I'.'Ul Ulfl. .'07 .
To rrtirnl rhr 4irln.
CaVIa 'JOia Lili' lilll' lliA.no Vllalnr rv
iia ilia nay, thin la onlr mt "nnoMO Qt.it.
.Nbit," 13 ,0ioi' slfuituti ea bw, Ih.-Ain
It to Escape Fire
Dr. Betlunann-1 lolhveg Opens
the Prussian Parliament With
Forecast of Victory.
UKRIil.V (via wireless to Sayvlllc),
Jan. U. After dlvlno service In the
Protostant Cathedral and In the Cath.
ollc Church of St. Hedwlg. Ur. von
llethmann - Ilollweg., the Prussian
Prime .Minister, opened to-day the
ncjv scselon nf lw Prussian Pnrjln.
ment. Ho read the spe,.rh frtfin the
throne In tho White Hull of the Cas
tle, members of both houses of the.
I Prussian Parliament, as well hh tho
i diplomats, being present.
! In reading the speech from the
throno Dr. von Hcthmann-Hollwcff
llrst recalled the fact that nt present
n sanguinary conflict Is going on on
wide battlefields. "As our enemies
forced the war upon- us." ho said,
"they must aleo bear the guilt of. the
responsibility If tho nations oC .Ku
ropc contlnuo to inflict wounds, upon
one another."
Dr. von Uethinanu-Hollwrg said
that Germany's enemies had planned
to demoralize her by cutting her oft
from tho transatlantic v.orld, but that
this had failed.
"Our agriculture assures the suste
nance of tho nation," he added. "Ile
lylng on our own strength, on our in.
dusters und on our trade, wo can
produce what wo need for our de
fense. These maintain the millions of
worker's who have remained at home
anil they malninlu our ecououilo life
111 spite, of the war. Hut above, all
things .ire the needs of tho nation In
arms, filled with Ineffaceable gran
deur and heroism."
Dr. von lletlimann-ltoltweg said
Germany, together with her faithful
ullles, not only resisted a world of
march toward tho turning of tho
roads, sure of victory. Ono thought
fills us to givo all until the very
last depths of the natlon'o power for
mo ma um mo saieiy or lllo nation.
The, Prime Minister then stated
that the King and Kmpuror sent, as
a greeting to the Parliament, his
wurm thanks for those who are light
ing at the front. He also announced
that n bill will bo presented im.-re.i-a.
Ing the Income tux, us nn Inert-use of
mo eiaie'e roceipis nao otoome nee-
lessary, Tbo war. he said, had not
iiTOKcn mo sirciiKin
i . i... , ..
Of PrUSJtUl'K slate
finances, but further means were
needed to be used for the rccon.
ftructlon of Kant PruaBla.
iMountm For lr
Eyes Examined by
Registered Specialists
1893 Store)
Optometrists & Opticians
1 1 I nation St., nrsr .Nh.hiii tit.
I ir.H Madlaon At.. Cor. IIIOMi hi.
I HOI IV. 1HI.1 M.. nr. HI. Miliolu. Av.
iimi iTijwi a nr. limn ni., nrom
M;Tir.RVII.!.li. On Turajjjr jn. n
J110IIAKI. J Nr.TTKnvlI.I.K, btlo.J
huaVsnd of liary A. Nattf rvllla, at his
rriidano, SS 4th ma.. Itooktn 1'jrk
rtcqultin "ism I'rtrlsr mornlnr st lo
o'clock, at tWumli l) flalts'.CbUrcb
lilllS Usi6sr,'tV .
mr; juosors claims
Statement as to Questions Involved
and How a Compromise Was
Agreed Upon.
Ttegaidlng tho order Issued on
Wedncsdny, Jan. II, by Judg New
burger, compromising nnd settling tho
pending nppeals In the suit over the
will of Juseph Pulitzer, tho executors
of th estate of .lceph Pulitzer Issued
the following statement:
Tho provisions of 'the Code of Civil
Procedure relating to executors' nnd
trustees' commissions on which Mr.
Judson bases hlsclnlmtosunficommls.
alons nnd on which these claims were
opposed by the other Interests nre so
obscure that on this slngto question
four or five conflicting views have
arisen, each entitled to support.
This complicated Mtustlun has been
fully considered und dheu.red by
those Interested, and the unanimous
view very quickly developed that It
would be better for the estate and nil
parties Interested to adjust these dif
ferences on some reasonable basis of
compromises An agreement of com
promise subject to th approval of
tho court has now been reaohed be
tween Mr. Judson and the other pur
ties to the Appeal, on the cdhdltlbn
that all other pcndlnc appeals be
abandoned, thus effecting a largo
saving, both In time and nioncy. to
the estate.
It Is recognised b all parties that
.Mr. Judsou's services to tho estato
were, by reason of his residence In
St. Louis of n character distinct from
thoso of his fellow-executors nnd Jus
tify the additional compensation
which Is the basis of the compromise.
nnd which Is r.itsfnctory to all par
tial Interested. Tho necessary permls-
slon of tho court Is secured to this
(compromise, nnd nil pending appeals'
will bo withdrawn.
Opt. Edward V. Nones and Three
Privates Victims of Collision
in Galveston Channel.
GAIA'KSTON. Tex.. Jan. 1!. Capt
Edward P. Nones, Medical Corps.
Cnlted States Army, attached to the
Cojst Artillery Post at Port Crockett,
and thiuo prlvatus of tho Coast Artil
lery Corps, were drowned in tho Gal.
eJton Channel to-day, when the boat
J. I). 1$ was run down and sunk hy
,thc tank steamer Charles H. Ilarwood,
outward bound for Tamplco, Capt.
Noncs'a, homo was In Louisville, Ky
" for miijt COURT
Will Ask Wliitpun Io Name Ex
Law partner to Succeed
- Brady.
Now York and Uronx County He
publican loaders will nsk Gov. Whit
man to appoint George V. Mullan
Supromo Court Justlctt to succeed tho
late John J. Hrndy of tho Uronx,
Mullan Is former Tax f'ommlvsluncr
and former law partner of Mayor
Public Service Commissioner Hay
wnrd. who Is Gov. Whitman's repre
sentative In this city, visited City
llnll to-duy and had a talk with
Mayor Mltchcl, Later Mayor Mitchul
mlmltted that he und llayward had
dlscuHhed the Mullan cundldncy. Tho
Mayor further admitted he hud told
I lay ward he would llko to sea Ills
former law pnrtner nptKilnted to tho
117,500 .a year Justiceship. Hut he
added Mint ho wna not "active" In
Mullan's Interests.
If Mullan is appointed he will servo
live yenrs. Justice llfady's unex
pired term riliiM to Dec 31, 1920,
Special for Thursday
cir.ACE rtud and Pates-h
suited nnr. for tbrs awrtU, It
wouldn't be rtrnnr too mnch. but
at the price we offrr them, thtre la
sotna tn atampedc. the chdlcr-t
lirirniai ri, ma ,'aiirs.
rnrlod la rich erralsllln.
Extra Special for Friday
!lll;Mi Thin hnrrt lia for lit
rrnlre a bis. toutliaome Knell. o
n'slnilt tlipiii'il In nirltlus Su,r
Urrsiii ! raktirlned lu cloV. nf
our finHii I'rrmlom Mill.
1'WoUtr. (lur r. ilUc. T fk
1'nu.Mi mix we
R nni'l.AT aTTRRRT
Cto K.r.0 p.m.! Sat. 10 p.m.
CIm.1I p. tn. Delfr
JTAltk Stow A NApMAlT ST.
abo Htm our (.TBKEr
Clra T p.m. I Sat. lo p.m.
tt EAbr U3D bTltKIST
Ooa (l 0. m. Haiti
4T i ftl-TON HI'.. II'KI.TN
rTl.44 4 il.:tn u. m. Dollr
Tb aprcifliil niliht lerladr
With Next Sunday's World
Waltz of Mine
Composer of "Syb.l"
At the Liberty Theatre '
Attack Near Armenlieres and
French Assaults in Chani-
; pagnc Reported Checked,
lUmi.I.V. Jan. 13 (by wireless to
Hayvllc)-A strong Hrltlsh attack
I nenr Armentlercs anil two French j
onslaughts In the Champagne were "
tepulsod by tho Germans, the War
OITIco nnnouncej to-dny. The state
ment follows:
"Vorthenst of Armentleres un at.
tnrk by n strong llrltish detachment
wns repulsed.
"lCnily this morning tho Trench re
newed their attacks In th4 Cham
pagne. An attempted ndvancn north
east of I.e Mesnl) wns repulsed'. An
attack ngnlnrt a portion of the
trenches captured by tho Germans, on ,
Jnn. , nl-ar Mnlson de Champagne,
also failed. . ....
"I.leuts. Doclke nnd Immelmann
each shot down n Urltlsh aeroplane,
one northeast of Tourcolng, tho other
nenr llnpaume. In recognition of
their accomplishments both were
4lecomted with the order of Pour I
Mcritc by Ills Majesty tho Kmperor.
"A third Urltlsh noroplan'e was 'shot
down In nn aerial fight near lloubalr,
und n fourth wns brought down by
our defense guns near Maney,-northwest
of Lille. Of the eight Urltlsh
officers on tho four noroplaiiea alx
were killed and two wounded."
PAIHS. Jan. 13 (via London). Tho
Wnr Olllce this nfternoon gavo out
tho following statement:
"llctwcen the Homme- nnd th6 Avre
Inst night the enemy nttcmptcd a
surprbo attack aaninst ono of our
small positions, Tho attack wa,a.a -complete
failure. v
"In the Champagne the enemy
made two surprise attacks with hand
grenades, ono to tho northeast iff
Unite do Mesnll, the other In the dis
trict of Malsons do Chumpngnc. TheyO
wero checked at onco by our curtain
tf fire.
"Further Information regarding the
attack attempted yesterday by the
Germans with the use of suffocating
gai.es In thu rrglon of Forges shows
that in the coil rno of tlie operation a
gust of wind blnv bark (ho gases to
the Wenches of iliu t'iiein. Our Inim
tmrdmcnt of tho enemy's lino was
very violent."
Pittsburgh and Lake' Krle regular
semi-annual dividend of S prr-cent.,
pHynblf Fab. 1 to stock of recoitl
nbl Fa
rrer is
nuoted at 5CTi cents an
Victor Talklna Jlnchlne Comnsm- de-
Clsred n ipeclal ill Idcnd of 110 on rom
n.on slock, payable Jan. If, Tbls li In
addition of rigubir n per cent., payable
Mimo date.
This Homo Made Mixture Stops
Dandruff and Falling Hair and
Aids Ita Growth.
To a halt nlot of water add:
I Day Hum 1 as.
llnrlio t. onipotiud ,s small box
Glycerine Hot.
l'lidc sre all simple Ingredients
that you enn buy from any druggist at
very littln cost, and mix tbem-yourself.
Apply to the scalp once a day
for two weeks, Ibcn once every other
week until all the mixture is used. A
half pint should be enough to rid tho
head of dandruff and kill the dandruff
germs. It stops the hair from falling
out, and relieves itching and scalp dis
eases. Although it Is not dye, it acts upon
tho Lair roots and will darken streaked,
faded, gray hair in ten or fifteen days.
It promotes the growth of the hair
nnd makes harsh hair soft and glossy.
Sptcial for Friday
Dalolr. tootliaome fqosrra et rlth,
crumbly CbucoUte, spaiifted with U
sorts of tatty nala, a comblnatloo
that rtlll mt all comers
a uo a,sour ring,
frlrllll ua aid mm hl.
mtruuuciion io a
IdrntTrli-elloii of a rnrsl
iuiiii.-,..iiu. iiiurr nwrti i.noro
late Jivrkrti., rrolrfa of Manilla fl
ored mrltlni Soiar Cream. tl rnuin
uj-i.na. iiiurr
ynv mm r. but we rouldn't Oata.
Jell .vim more about them. Cll
Tho nrlrr. 10 UND IIOX tJiVt
90ft aanfiaiitaa-
Cloaea T p. m.i pat. IO ,
ituii rvicar isniii sthkrV
'lat I I .Jto jp. in. flallr
sr. Su AVRNUi
llo.f. 12 o ii
Cloao 11.30u,m.i
Hal, 3p.ta.
tb contslarr la each catV
viCTon JAcont

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