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about 1o becom &
Age of mothers In her care of chil
dren, then?" suggested the District
'ft neemnd to nip," Aftld Mrs
O'Hrien deliberately, "that ehe wan
careful about many little details
which moat mother might overlook
Delia Csrloiv, a nurse girl, wild
when hIio visited Mrs. Hogera the
Saturday before the tragedy he found
hur moody and abxent mlndod. MIm
Theresa Oallagher, nur.to at Lebanon
lloxpltnl, described thn ronduct of
Rush P:isl DnnrlL'iidL'r In Ite'ir P'' ,,0BC"! ", a irll,onor ,her8 a8i
ruisn i ,im uuiiiiuiuLr in "ear lMilloml an(1 nmy c,mrautortatic
ics inionv in nitric Poison- of a woman
fn mother.
nifc v.iat. Th(J nur declared Mrs. IUjgers
tore hr hair, alternately refused milk
INSANITY TUB DFKFNSE und then Utank It ffrccdlly, atUtrrpteO
to Jump out of tho 'vlmloTV, aornoUnio.
I in iln ,,.nli t fimriftf dan( l tinr flmt
1-NClgHDOrS 01 WOmiUl lllirgea at other times thrw them on th-
With Killing Children Tell floor- Hh" thut M,r- 'tow" orl'1 i
How blic unreel tor mem. they re doi
lr. Woosthln, ohcmlnt of the hos
An enner nrmy of womrn, all of pltni, wrui called to prove mat Mr
them well dressed, besieged the doors "
same poison sue row imp cmiurer
of the Hupte.ne (oml In the Bronx D1(,trlct Attorney Martin asked him
to-day to seek admission to the trial hf jib original report of test mad
for child murder of Mrs. Ida Snlfferi Jan. 3, 5 and 1C did not read "No bl-
Wftlters Rogers. They came so thick chloride of mercury found" and if the
word "not" had not been ftnexward
erased. Mr. Woosthln admitted tho
with mieh nklll that numbers of them erasures, but denied they had, been
enwed court umcer i-rnnic unrvin. mado nf,eP talk with Hogers.
wnen inn aurrnoon session Deran on redirect examination hv Mr.
nodding plumes and fluttering- ribbons chandler, tr. Woosthln explained
lined ttiroo-rourtlis or ijv ttencnea in that his first testa woro unsatlsfac
the room. tory because his rn-arentn were not
Proceedings to-day, relieved only by fresh, lie sent to Mt- Slnal Hospital
somewhat dramatic effort by Dls- for frcslt re-agents, he said, and.
trict Attorney Martin to disprove the found bichloride In all the instances
statement of the defense that Mrs. In 'Which he had before failed to ds-
Hogcrs, when she killed her two chll- tect It, and so altered tho entries.
drsn Dec. 29, 1911, had herself taken "Has not tho District Attorney
bichloride of mercury-, dealt almost al- threatened you with lndlctmsnt for
together with medical testimony. Tho making thoso changes?" asked Mr.
women weie wameu oi mis ai ino I v-aanaisr.
door, but none of them seemed to be "Yes," replied Dr. Woosthln. He
deterred. said other chemists had verified his
The second day of the trial found findings.
Mrs. Hogers In much more cheerful By agreement of counsel, Emory R,
mood than yesterday. She came out Buckner was allowed to testify for
of tho trance of fear and desperation the State regarding an agreement
In which she sat before the court yes- made between his client, Mrs. Caro-
terday and took the keenest Interest line Olddlngs Itogers (whose refusal
In the testimony, frequently consult- to obtain a divorce caused the de-
lng with hor husband, Iorlys Elton spalr of Mrs. Ida, Rogers) and her
Rogers, whom sho married last July husband
on after the birth of their third Dr. David Oreenbcrg and other
child, and with her other lawyers. physlolans of Lebanon Hospital said
Delia Hums, Janltress of tho house that when Mrs. Rogers was , taken
where tho tragedy happenod, was re- thcro she showed overy symptom of
called to corroborate Edward Market, bichloride of mercury poisoning, that
th owner of the house, 1n his stato- she showod evidence of pueper.il In
ments that the Hogers rent was al- sanity and was unbalanced and only
ways paid and that a mold was em- haJf conscious of what she said and
cloved to help In caring for tho chll- did
drsn. Mrs. H. Leroy Boa of Missouri, Lewis Htuyvriant Chanaler, for
who was a friend of Mrs. Rogers In Mrs. Rogers, called on Dr. Graeme M.
..... i n. Hammond to nfw uiai uie nnyBicai
. .... t ,.,.
noiuiuK j. if ,m jar form of insanity whicn maue
Mr. Rogers since you ported with her her not responsible for her aots. Tho
hat I urine he was a a:ood woman has prosecution has retained Drs. Max
vour oninion of her?'' asked Bcniapp, aionas i. uregorj ana
r i rvntilf v wrhrtJonTi Ia rvintrnvArt
UtSlTKSl AUUtUCr utvm
Do a Blonde's Giggle and Her Adoring Look
Make Her Harder to Rule Than a Brunette?,
jL.il At v ylJjJJJ tTOf rHR,JI6QUNCi AWt HCa BINJlklf-
rff I . 1m MfiT Jeyc ib DreoTAt with a j
C t7l W SMe w,tu! R-eiPccT You"
Mrs. Lnndes Settles Down Republican Leader Applauded
With Cook Stove, Turning When He Savs He Is Against
Patients Away, He Says.
Country Entering War.
Never Be Brutal to a Flaxen-Haired Siren, but Man
age Dark Beauties With Iron Hand, Says Writer;
but Mrs. Woodruff, "Moat Beautiful
Blonde," Doesn't Agree With Him.
"So," exclaimed Mrs. 8ea, who has
Dr. Hammond.
red hair and a positive manner. '1 Tnrn I nIP PM n CUIIII
have always believed and behove now IHtlH LUHO bULU Ulflnl
he is a good woman
Mrs. Elizabeth O'Brien, a more re-
cnt neighbor, told of Mrs. Rogers's
devoted cars of her children,
"Was she a better mother than
you?" asked Mr. Martin.
"No, ehe was uot," replied Mrs.
"fihe was juit about like the aver
Women Will 1
This Habit
As Well As Men
Olaia of hot water each morn
ing helps us look and fsl
clean, tweet, fresh.
By Nlxola Greeley-Smith.
Why is a MondcT -Not
being one, I hare always wanted to know?
And now comes Vanity Fair for May with a study ot blondes and tha
reasons for them, which bites Into this perplexing
problem with tho accuracy and the venom of an etch
er's acid.
Vanity Fair's Indictment of tho llght-halred slater-
hooJ la presented In the guise of an essay on "The
Management of Blondes," but It declares at onoe that
you cannot manage a Monde any moro than you can
manage a mosquito.
"You can keop It off with a net, or you can swat It;
but you simply cannot manago It," observes Dlonyalus
Carr, Professor of Kugcnlcs In tho University of Tu
bingen, which scorns a transparent alias tor Frank
Crownlnshlcld, the witty editor of Vanity Fair.
I took his arraignment of tho blonde and all her works to Mrs. Lewis
B. Woodruff, author of "Tho Lady of the Llghthonso" and declared by
Pcnrhyn Stanlawa to be the moat beautiful blonde In tho United States.
"Read It," I said. "Answer It Isn't It perfectly dreadful?"
And, do you know, I really did feel as badly ns any brunette could about
this terrible offensive launched against the Inoffonslvo blonde. Any othor
tlmo I should have written tho harmless, necessary blonde; but with the
memory of Mrs. Woodruff, pink and whlto and gold, as sho poured out tea
and epigrams for mo In her drawing room at No. 14 East Sixty-eighth
Street, I am Inclined .lust now to believe that if eyes wcro mado for seeing
then blondeness li ltfl own excuse for holng.
"Whon you called me up this after-y-
noon," Mrs. Woodruff began, In her
limpid Alabatpa voice, "I told my
husband you wore coming to discuss
Official Note Accuses Secretary of
Discourtesy In Taking Abrupt
LIMA, Peru, April 25. A copy of
tho official statement Issued by the
Peruvian Government, nccualnK Sec
retary McAdoo and tho International
High Commission of discourtesy In
abruptly leaving Peru, was forwarded
to Washington to-day.
With It went copies of several
Peruvian newspapers which charRn
that Mc A duo's action was an outr.iK"
upon tho Peruvian Government. Tho
nowspapers report that Secretary Mo
Adoo ordered tho cmlsor Tennesson
to sail a few hours after her anivnl
becauso of rumors of bubonlo plague
and because of fear that his party
would not bo permitted to ntop al
Panama by the health authorities.
They declare that the party, there
fort, put Poru In tho sumo class with
Pnnnma, Columbia and small republics.
Nearly one nunarca leaning nusiness
A DLOMDC li Lite A Got.
TAKe vouft eve ofp mu .
aho you Ane cosr
WASHINGTON, April S3. The first
demonstration of Congressional nttl-
The practice of Dr. Tonard Lnndes,
a physician well known In the neigh-
hnrhnrwl nf Ma linrn. Vft 140 FlASt I
Twnnty-tecond Street, has been i"1-'"'"" .uuii.v.....r,i.-..1.
thrown Into confusion. Ilia wife, situation occurred In the House to-
from whom ho separated three years day when great applause greeted Re-
ago. has returned and camped In his pnbfftn TPldo,. Mnm,., Htfltraent
otTlen over his protest, bringing with
her a cook stove and her twenty- 11,01 hn l'P0-,f l' to breaking off
year-old son, llernard. -She Informs diplomatic relation, with any coun-
pntlents who call, It Is ssld, that the try nt this time.
ou.ee . ner privaio aparuncm. Mftn wn, ,,e,Mt, ,he Army m
In the Torkvllle Court, this mom- ,
In, where Dr. linden sought tellef n'' nrl,,lf for,a "'"'""n torn of
by having his wife punished for tils. ; "' " , "' ""
iirrtrrlv rnniliirt. hor ntlnrni'V K. - '"teriiatlonal rmcrgency that may
Moxley. contfnd.Ml tho bouse occupied """ ""l ''"nipean war.
i.v !, tn.i... ,v... n,vnn,l ini.itu. i... Insisted on a srparat.) vnt by the
hi... and his If... and that If sho H"'"" on the new army's size.
chose, she could turn It Into a con- wn" prrclpltntetl by report-
cert hull or u moving picture house. ' s'Clal riilo rejecting Senate
Magistrate .Miu pby . ould not see It amendments t provide on army of
In that light and gav Mrs. Unities'
!5ii,fniit ..nil n tt.i t lotu. I volunteer fore.
and iH'ilerliig the Mil xetn tn confer-
until May 2 to move out, adjourning
thn case meanwhile until that tlnle. enee
As tbev were leaving tho court. "I am again! this country entering
Attorney Moxley Is said to have been '" M- "1,ut 1
heard to advise bis client to disregard "r "'"'"' prein..,u..n nm-. so mat
n.n iwi'. .4i.lp.lu.nh. PiW W we ate forced Into war we will
National Guard fiiveti Orders to
Prepare Arrests Made in
New Clash.
PlTTSIUmcil. April IS. -That the
Pennsylvania National Guard may bo
called to preserve order In the West
Inghouso strike zone was Indicated
tu-diiy when Atljt. Oen. Thomas J.
Stewart directed the c.minmudnrn of
husband's office. Magistral.. Muiphy
called Moxley back when he hen it I
this, and Informed him such conduct,
If persisted In, would bring him Into
a clash with tho Par Association.
Dr. nnd Mrs. Unities wero married
olghteon yearn ago. Her Itoy Her.
i nard, being but two jears old at too
, time, has always been called by his
i stepfather's last name. Three yoars
I ago, when tho couple soparated, Dr.
I Lan.les gave his wlfo $20,000 and
' signed an agreement to pay hor $10
a week. Ilo remained In the house
and leased out rooms lie could not
use after his wlfo left.
Last May, the doctor says, lie was
Patrolman Catches Two Escaped
Convicts From Hart's Island
and Returns Them.
Angelo Sablllo of No. 98 Roosevelt
Street ami Vlotor Holt of No. 124
East Tenth Street are candidates for
the hard luck medal. Tkey are back
on Hart's Island to serve tho re
mainder of their terms In the peni
tentiary after achieving a rcmarl;
able escape In the early hours of this
Kludlng the Hart's Island guards
shortly after midnight, Sablllo and
Holt siippeu into L,ong tsiana aounti
and struck out for the Uronx shore.
Heading for the street lights of City
Island, they fought a tldo which
steadily carried them toward Hell
Two hours of swimming landed
them at Bartow on a loneeome neck
Happy, bright, alert vigorous and sUrt0(j to enenk up a street along
viyscioiiJ ft Rood, clear skin; a nat- wnlcl, tj,e electric lights are about
urnl rosy complexion and freedom 300 (0et apart. And It was Just their
from illnt'. urr surru miiy t.j j10k to get unacr ono or tneso 010c
1 lean, healthy Mood. If only every trie lights as Patrolman von Dartheld
.. mnn n.l likewiic every man could glanced In that direction.
realize the wonders of the morning The policeman nabbed them In their
i,i,!e bath, l.at a gratifying change wet ciouiM ana cnatxer ing emsions
" In e, t-f .he' tl.o..,ad, of .Mckly, Hc : Ration. A Knrala'ar, tolling
anaemic-; looking mm. women and J ; MnBlBrtAto McQun.de nont tliern
girN with pasty or miiu.i.v complex- ,)nck from West FarmH p0uCe Court
inns; iiistea.l 01 mi- muimm ici I" to-day,
"..,1. irrerks. rundowns, brain
I hoi ualur with a tea-
to wash from the stomach, liver, Mil-
neys ami icn rt 't ' r. 1 ...-.... ....w. .wj-
moiis tiu.v.1 iiitiigciinHv Homos at Mirnt.
f..r.,.nlnt bus ami ninsims, thus ft
c CHUNIUC, jwoeiennig ami iic.-.h;m..ik uiiitjyvutj, April -o. reoiira 01 wn-
the entire aiimentar c.m.ii iniu e lMgo to-day henrd about an "enemy '
pulling more fond int" the stomach. aor()pan0 which loot night dropped
Those subject to ick headache, till- ()0Ibs on tho city, theoretically dc-
! - l.r,.lLlh. rliellinutlMm. .tM.tnfv te. nno.nHl.A 4 w.r. nall..
(IMISII. P, ii-.,. .......... m otlvitiy ,...o,w...ww, . n v. ,umu
tol.l: anil particularly tlinse who have I stations, a large hotel and several
i nn III. I a nw ((.iiipleMon anil wno stores in me tiowniown section Doiore
. M.lll . .. f... I , .o H-il.n ff n M.fnnlnl
..rm ..tllk...lllll.l V.TV ..ILC... HIC 4. " ..,. v.. j a. u.w.iimm
iircetl It. i. btaiu a tiimrtcr pound of P'onc-
jirgr.i i. I I ,' . The attack ng aeroplane, carrying
lln.r i ..J '1 I ... n infi. lint fi ' Jht bombs, was driven by DeLloyd
nhicli "Ml cos l.iit a tru e, nut, h Ti,0mDSon.
.iifficicnt to .lemonsiraio i ie qui m Xnn (,ofenH1 of tho city was In
anil remarkalile ciiaugf in imhii iieaiiu tnlHtert to MIhs Huth Uiw'h biplane.
mid uppeHi-.iiice nwiuiiiig iiioy ii 'i'nP purpose of the tlemonstratlon wan
practice internal sanitation. mint No show that American cities need
remember Hint inside clciiiiline.s is aerial defense.
......... mii.iriun t .an mi it e. or- Alter i nnmpson nan sianeu inn at
11 ..... i i. I t.u.. r ..... ...... ni nu.i
i Hllse I he sKlll .lues lint aiisorn Iiupur- ua .mna "..r. mm. imu 11.0 an nun
ities to tonlamiii.tlc Hie 1.1.....!. while save chase, finally "driving" htm
he P . res in the tliirtv fret of bowels '"' "t ), "nUI attack had
tne pons in u.. accomplished Its purpose.
the management of blondes with me,
and Mr. Woodruff said: 'What's tho
use of discussing? It can't be done.'
"1 know one man who declaros that
blondes are tho canary birds of the
human race," I observed. "He nays
they wcro mado to look protty und to
chirp but not 'cheap-cheap.' "
"I'm afraid that's what most men
think of us," Mrs. Woodruff admitted
Her tone was that of a bird In a
gilded cnge, but In her white frock,
showing her mllk-whlto throat, sho
looked much more llko an Kaster lily
than a bird of Paratllbc oven.
"You Know," sho colli lulled, "I am
Interested In a great many charities,
hoa nothing to do with her Intoxicat
ing quality."
"It Is declared, too, that man must
never be brutal with a blonde," I In
terrupted. "With a brunette, on the
contrary, you MUST be brutal or hIib
will not respect you. A blonde has
not that substance of humanity which
links her with tho dear old days of
the cave man, we are told. She Is llko
a toy balloon. You may toss her about
nnd tap her lightly, but glvo her a
serious blow and sho bursts."
"Put all the blondes I have ever
known wero making balloons of
men," Mrs. Woodruff answered.
"When It comes to balloons, you
know, a blondo would rather see than
bo ono. Have you thought that the
most famous sirens wero hlondos?
"That Helen wan golden haired, Cleo
patra red headed. Iucrer.la llorgla's
ioVks wore tho color of pulled mo
liiHses. ltlondes. vou see. strive to
please mon. They study them and
they are not so overcome with tholr
own feelings as to bo unablo to ob-
mcn and llnuiiclcra waited tor two! the Tenth nnd l-lgliteniitli Infantry
hours at banquet tables i for tho arrival HKhnonts and it troop of cavalry to
of tho McAdoo party before learning . unl. ,u , .
of their deoarturv. The newsnaoers 1 l-reparo to mohlllre. The order was
assert that the Incident Is a severe only for the commanders of tho three
blow to the commercial prestige of thn. .minl7.atlons to urenaro Jor tho oall.
United Stntes In South America. ,hi,i, inni-,,ip tt.n ,.niifH, t m.
Several of the newspapers have . . . ,
aunched a concerted movement .m...... ....... ...
forco President PUTdo to demand nu equipment. Only the Governor can
apology from Washington. The tone '"'''r out tho (Iimrd.
of tho criticism became Increasingly l'"" st an ruts In thn U osUnghousq
bitter this afternoon. Tho Incident, tonne zone were matio lo-ti.iy, itch
w-Mvh Ttrnv Atirw-jir triviM to tin. H. Murrlck, a Socialist speaker and
United States, has assumed tho great- , an utildontllled striker were arrested
est Importance here. "y uepuiy sncriiin mi a cn.mi onuge.
The iwuvlan Minister or Forclgni ivmcn nn ..a. .iu.k.i...k u.u iwauui
Affairs, replying to a wlrolcss mns- to hold their places ngnlnst nil orders
sago from Secretary' McAdoo tlumk- from Kii.inla uium tout to move on.
lntr tho Government for courtesies. , i no sinner mmi n-iuswi iu m. itoiti
have soiiu tlilni,- to light with I shall,
however, l everything in my power
tu piment this country from going
Into war. evcept under extrenm clr-ciiniMt.uices.
We oilgllt to provide 250.000 mn.
put ihniu In tr.iiiiini; and have them
picp.ucd for use us the fit Ht line of
ili.feliHO If It beomes necess.irj'. If
when peace ri-lBiis again tbrniigbnut
the world theie should be a tlcslro to
lower the standing army I would
favor It.
"It Is. himner, foollsli beyond de
scription in the present situation
throughout the world to hrsttnto
about spending a little, monoy that
forced to cut lilo wife's allowance wo might have trntncl men if war
down to $20 a week. Hne sued him In Hhould come.'
) IZ "''.""K ' ",.."'r ! Chairman Hay sal.l In conference
llllllH.ilJ. r...... on,. I ..... .
oeiidlng, but her application for all. ho would oppose the Semite amend-
mony wns deuletl by tho Court thrco pieiit for n Government nitrate plant,
weeks ago. ,nj. rnn,,d stories of a German
the olhco. bag and baggage, last Krl- binding army In tho United States
dav. and camped thero. desnlto the I mere fairy tales,
doctor's protests, She told her bus-1 Tho House passed tho special ruin
band she couldn't llvo clsowhoro on providing for the Immediate sending
hor rouuceii allowance, snu nesiaos, of tho army hill to conference
the house wns as mucn ners ns nts.
sent a hot message expressing regret
at the unjustified attitude ussumed
by the medical otricer of tho cruiser
Tennesseo 1n frustrating entertain
ments prepared for your party.
and because of thut, in tho last year
or so. I have gono to see a gootl many (i.tvo their effects
business mon In their otllccs. They are I KEEP YOUR EYE ON BALL
nlwavs so astonished to porcelve that GAME'S FIRST RULE.
I am not stiuare Jawed and middle- "This socrot grudge which nearly
Thnv .rt of straighten up and . pycry mim cher shea against
" --- . ., . liinntin 1m till
- Alls.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Onepackage
proves it, 25a nt all druaglito. j Jftilfi ,ln
Stsdrr to nulld nisvpat Hotel Id
.New York.
E. M. Statler, who operates hlch clsis
hotels In Iluffalo, Cleveland. Detroit
and other cities, announced to-lay
at the Hotel Belmont that he would
build the largest hritel In New York In
me vioinuy or me urana central Ter-
nunHi in inn near ruturo. it would con
tain more than a thounnnd looms. Mr.
H ffV QUI Alt?
look alive when they notlco that tho
typical Dresden Shepherdess has como
to pay them a visit. Anu mon, wuoh
the sheuherdess begins to talk real
sense, they slump back In tholr chairs
and look so disappointed.
1 boUevu men resent Intelligence
In a blonde. They JUBt wnnt tier to
look adoring. But If a woman cm
achieve tho real adoring look, It doeB
not matter whether sho Is u blondo or
a brunette and even If sho has two
front teeth out, men will ltfvo her
just tho same."
Yc," I acrec, "It's wonilerrui wnai
that adoring gaze will do. l was
looking at my colllo dog the other day,
and I thought: 'Oh, Jumbo, If a wom
an could only ncqulro your expres
sion of perfect love nnd faltli nnd
humility, what a bit she would make
with men!"
"Cut don't you think lots of blondes
particularly drug store blondes-
keep dogs Just to learn tho correct
expression of adoration from tbom?"
Mrs. Woodruff asked. "I notlco Van
ity Fair defines a brunette as one
who Is biologically tired ff being a
blonde. But many blondes aro Just
women who aro pcroitdicully tired of
bolnfif brunettes. There are three
great classes of Hlonde.s," .Mrs. Wood
ruff added; "Thn drug stoic kind, tho
Marguerltn or Oreichen typo with
flaxen pigtails, primrose, color nnd
snpphlio eyes, and 'h tall, slender,
pale creature with exquisite features
and ashen half. To me, sho is the
true, temperamental blonde."
"But," I objected, "Vanity Pair says
'A blonde must he plump and sho must
be fluffy. Further, sho must giggle.
Stop her giggling and her power user
man Is spent.' "
"A blonde's gmglo is like a chsm-
blondo 1s due to his belief that she Is
lacking in temperament. That is true
only of tho Hroadway blonde, the cold
storngo cmcKon, shall we say?
"What women aro more nrdont In
love than tho Swedes or tho Hermans,
both blondo races? I notice that the
nrticle you brought mo says that a
brunette will stay whoro you put hor
till sho Is wanted, but If you tako
your oye oft a blonde It's a little like
a golf hall you are lost. WI3LL.
YOU Ol'OlIT TO I1R I.O.ST. Always
keep your eye on tho ball, Is the first
rule of tho gamo, nnd If you don't
Know cnougn to do that you aro not
oven a dub player and should give up
gou ana learn now to tat or play
"Hut why don't you print some
brunotto views on tills Interesting
subject, Mrs. Wooftnift suggested
finally. You ought to have Iwth sides
of tho question, you know."
So 1 said I would.
Jury May Ilavp In Drrl.lr Ilrtween
Den Hi it ml Life Iniprlnonnirut.
A jury in the Court of Oyer and
Termtnor, Newark, heforn .fudge Martin,
will decldo to-day whether .Mrs. Klvlra
Lotora Is guilty of tho murder of Joacpl;
I.audadlo at her home, Dec. 28 laut, and
If guilty, whothor sho shall b punished
ly death nr life Imprisonment
It Is tho first Jury In tho .state to act
under thn new alternative M.-ntincu law
In capital cases.
According to her own testimony. Lau
il.iilli. ri.lliiwc.il ilrj I-fturn hiimr. Insult
Ing her, and attacked tmr in the house,
She swi.r.i she shot htm In self. defmse,
V It n. 'sues tor III e Millie tusllllou sne in
vlte.il him into tho house hj waving he
l,i, n,l ti, mm (.mi. the u:.ulov itllU ntt
the shooting ran Into the street, crying
. i i,nv killed 1.1m und I nlmll he triad ti
.-n m the electric chair" Mrs. Letore
denied sh had lured the man Into tho
rUI MUdl rT I,COO. ,. mind inactive Is "bout to colli; tn 0 ( re, of the papers. Them was rre l.UI.. Ihe hr.t lrinm. ir-
in. li... Ti'"' l" 1,1 allowed to ii pen I ' ' . , ni,i,,i. ii,i n,. .. f--tpl iiltrr nr. r.ir" oiirrlrntx urn
.... (..... r... ,v , lows and secuie lirlc-ii-leac for pii.-' a basis Tor tumors that thuy con- M tulUt In ill.r.i..-. of the Ksr. Now,
Ct.iiirtllmi Sleler r.rin .Iii.1uiii. iiI w mill." ' ' .letiinattiniH. tlilned Cermiill-Jnpnnesn propaganda, llinml. t'lint wn.l Mmiwrli.
for Itnl.i.iK C-hll.l. tectum X , v . .,. , - ,rr
the biidgi'
n'nrn nf (Inn rrarllcft.
A signal of three guns will be given
about 3 o'clock Thursday morning nt
Fort Hamilton to warn all residents In
the Hay Hldge section that the ipmrtcrly
ATTORHEY GENERAL 7 Visits for $5
RtMinrte Tint Hi; cItaH Piner;l Tin rtwon whr mny people sufferloi
HClltirib III.lt niS OCUOU I .ipcri I fro, CHtnrrliel trouhlea ere not cured, Is
Contained German-Japa- SfoSS'iriSfSea't" ""L VA:
. . i i ne oner oi (u. .luimnni 1,0
nese rropatranaa. vi.tt. tor ts t iftven at tht. um by p.
1 " I McCoy u thet all autfBrere from oetarrnel
WASniNOTON, April 26. Attor- I dlsee may afford to recele trtauneal
noy General Gregory, In his rooom- I leUn this niumrturillr of notlfjina all
i .i. .,,, p... ,..., Ihiwe Htm require Irrnlinenl for ceterrnel
meiulntlon to tho btnto Department trulilr tlml until May 1 my fee for
not to turn over to Germany the S'.,..d7JII. rASSST tIiI? s?m
papors taken from Wolf von Igel, In- Include all nrrrmury treatmrnt and medJ.
... . , ., cine. In urdrr t. take udranlase of tale
eluded a strong recommendation i,iw rrrr II sslll l.e necexary to sl.lt my
against release of von Iapen' socre- ;;',',r .J"'1 enr"" 00 '
tary, It became known to-day, ' "-f hJ. Oiler POSITIVELY Ends April 30.
Ilcports to-day atldod to tho knowl-
edge that haa leaked out concerning k.U'r'r'niX t'h7 ..InTe "a'.'Tt wi. heu
Mrs. Mary A. Doyle, idntnr of Ildwln
Fltigerald, better known aa Ivddle Foy,
was to-day awarded Judgment against
her brother for $7,238.82 by Supreme
Court Justice Hotchklss, The Judgment
Is the outcome of Mrs. Doylu's suit for
thn expenses and sorvlces rendered in
caring for Foy's daughter by his tlrsl
wife, who died In 1894, whon the child.
Cathnrlne fjtanzy Fitzgerald, wJt ntKiut
Iiliiu montlis old.
Mrst Doyle said the defendant re
quested hor to tako earn of the child and
promised to pay hor for her se.-vlcca and
sums sho expended, Hn paid hur $700
during tne period netween 1S4 and iiz.
Koy denied his sister had been promised
pnyn.ent for curing for his child and
mild ho had huen Informed she had
adopted her niece.
ATHENS, via Paris, April 26 Thn
losses by the Bulgarian army during tho
war aro estimated by Bulgarian news
papers received here to amount to
HI. MO killed and 60,000 wounded or
M(H ny Will ItMiv A.IUj f ItruiDiUOOl
c.s wnrra fuea an
ft Tonwrnnv. Wednesday, April 26th f$g&
r& Clogged Nostrils, Dropping
Spring's Choicest
Suits Reduced
in Throat, Deafness
and Head Noises
Mr ItoUrt Allru mid, at Mo. IVH TUnl
Atrnui. Stw Von. Wiun he first eoraultM an
Aiy luwirii. bam tsn ej.vitQu "
I... .l
tuctit) )eAr,
I H K I CUUUl UOt tilCtttl.
Charmingly Individual
Ilroker f.aiitloii l.rrt a:illO,THn.
The Transfer T.uc Appraser'e report In
tho etttatu of George I. Landon, a stock
broker and nophow of former I'reitdlng
Justice ingralinm ui inn Appellate in
vision, ftiows iu deieueiii leu .iw,78J,
' Tin. rutrftu unrit ui imnitdUtn memlera
.,f Iht family and rulntlvcs Male M. i
Kl nn. desiTibed aa housekeeper and j
n.l,,..lurl ,,l.u. r.,.iUf. tl.f.f.O In oaah I
"J.V U jtui u liifiiikuui sjuX anil a Ul wuti la )U0,m. M
COME are twenty-one inches long,
at $3 95; others measure two
yards and a half, at $35.00. But all
are rich, fine and fleecy, and priced
far lower than the same quality would
cost elsewhere.
Genuine London Ostrich Boas
are told only by the
VEH 800 suitH in
tomorrow's jnlp,
fiHsembled from
various higher - priced
assortments reduced
by the calendar rather
than by weather condi
tions. Velvet Texture
. Twills and
Tweeds and
Of nil tin Miccial offerincs with which the Suit
Floor is crowded, these $15 suits will be the centre
of Wednesday's attraction. Every lato style coat,
every fabric and every untitle the flower of all
the Spring .suit fashion.".
No Charge for Alterations
ttiniiifli ln n,trll. t all. 1 could oolr itwp
lull.. Mima t a toni-. fur mi rlounf noinl
ull ke to, lit. rn am I ht my waae
ut xvll .V l,t "t illlnrni' woulj drup back
Into any ' I. nut My ln'trmi tjlk l, ami tor t"
)caH 1 lulu l.vii il-Al, l uai. uuiki in
...y lienl iikn tlnm rJ.'ln.- It via ti.uj foil
fur ma U luulrr.utul Htat tl'le aMJ tu nir,
Sliiro uratinn Mr. Allen he mierta mat liu
nottriU am trra an.l o.n aii.1 that l.o cau alerp
Kltt.iMt nakmi Ho In lbiier tin raina uraaa
the rr.l.t ut In llfal 'I ti- dpj?ttw la Oil Uiroal
tia. fx. The tioi..-. hate Irtr th car.. b raa
tarar vlt 'u l U aiuell la r-turrmi.-.
Whan Mr lUwud 4 Ituiili .irt miuultM
,! N4.lt t 4Urfllt '-"i-l fl t tn
. ui.i "ft 1 111 ui my " i ni nuiwi in
mv cart 'rut ruin l, i tem t'sc,'iij; anu
fll rti.gmtr
ly Itftvairif rt "o bi'l tTut wlutu I roull
bMr tho touth M tht-i rk) were tlfclug arouii't
ialI Whcu 1 nthat t" my bit: ilivk I roull
, nt r tt O'Ji. H I iui my wuh rwtit. up tu
my rr I oull not heir it tick Willi I lirM
tnUrt Ul Sltltll vffltlt' trifAttl 1 ivuli BO I
ber the uoi m-l uj tn tnnij,"
hinw 1 truaUii Mr l-mm ho report tht p
cmn h)r ouventioD well n eef hn rciiM,
iul that h can (war hi wte'i ties whfti twelio
incht irotu hia tAt auJ thit ill Ui tioi4'i hi
!(t hi hi Mi Imnn rcUc at .No. 41':
I . " 1 o.. ..,,l,ill, a.) n.alt Vat IV Vat It
nfc r".Trnw-' "u - a -
IS l'llltOT.
Win. Mr. J J, MJiilt.il. .V. 1M l(uotit
tTt,, ( rQ4. U, I , .juu11M uw hi saiil: 1
btrv N, ii .It'll fur (no nu I ot
th.tt i iimiU not hwr . wiuh Uc ux,lH 1
ixfuM tt ritfht ul Jt."i4iit my enr. I hl ro!m
?HritUU in nn inoriut i i i4 uia ifii
At the
grr.it ri'-iil. anil hoinotitnc t ht woitk) nulta mt
i HI i
tlir -il
mch t uiy U 1 i
iru,vinu th
I hAiti Ueu trtaitrl by mwy tloctur. hut tlMi
dM not hlp ine.'V . . w
huiio tfett'tiii Mr - m h' ffHirt that hn
nn hr tvNMii a ft m i ho (''er tlul,
notifi hfo left hi " Hi nt.irrt In rtllvii
tul h" m hur M i h tl hii Utii eigtit
ttn inrhfi ffui 1
SrinvwrJ mhubt
rinvwtl MnuT
llrui.Ul.u Store Kit rulton ?
Near Manorar l'lai,.,
Nineteen West 34th Street
If you fuffer au
nwtrtl. r s1 n 41
K-1TH It tlattt It '1'
t will ' .il
t will .-)( u
mwtriK illMhirftiut
D4,(l bfS'l or
rvi-.' ti iit my of no
i r 4U riiunlTutioa a4
DR. J. C. McCOY,
Candler BuildinK, 220 VV. 42 St.
A fw iter, ir-'at cl liranaay.
llouli .M.mJJ). Hil!ir.1u ajxl l.l,laT, 1$ A.
vt. to a I', II IMf!. Thuraday ao4 Hatindaa.
.OA. M. tt i I1. M. S'uilaf, 10 A. l. tali

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