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Expected Him to Hold Back to
Avert uprising uy uer-
mans in 'U. S.
Now .Claim to Be Convinced
That America Wants
MUnlted Praia Staff Correspondent
viwlth Ambanador Gerard's Party.) '
t , BERNE, Switzerland, Kcb. 13. Ucr
lln was nstonlshcd, otllclals and the
Tpubllo alike, whtn President Wilson
broke relations with Germany. That
'astonishment enmo because otllclals
jjrtd recently beon assurod by Gorman
'Xmerlcans In tho United States that
"Wilson would not sever relations for
fear of a German-American uprising
Tho namo belief was held by tho Gcr
1 man public.
When tho American Embassy train
left Berlin tho Imperial Chancellor,
'' von Ilcthmann Hollwcg, wasadmltted-
ly downcast over tho situation and
. believed' America wanted war with
Oermany. It was notlccablo nlso when
' Foreign Secretary Zlmmormann re
ceived tho American correspondents
shortly beforo their departuro ho
was plainly very nervous.
' Ho llkewlso Inststod "Wilson wants
I war" and denied that Germany mada
'any Irrevocable promises In tho Su
iaex note.
' The submarlno policy which forced
tho break between tho United States
and Germany datos back to Novom-
ber. ,
Writing now fro mncutral Swiss
; soil, It Is possible for tho first Umo
vtryona should drink hot waUr
with phosphate In It,
bfor breakfast
. . To feel as fine ns the provcrhlii
I- fiddle, wc must keep the liver washed
clean, almost every morning, to pre
v vent Its sponge-like tiorcs from clog
V sing with indigestible muU-riul, sour
'; bile and poisonous toxins, says a noted
. If you get headaches. It's your liver.
L It you catch cold easily, It's your liver.
If you wake up with a liail tnstc,
furred tongue, nasty breath, or Mom
i nch becomes rancid, It's your liver.
'Hallow skin, muddy complexion,
I watery ryes all denote liver unolcanll- i
jness. Your llvrr Is the most impor
tant, also the most abused and neg
lected, organ of the Inidy. Few know
Its function or how to rtlrase the i
ilnmmrd-up body waste, bile and tux-1
I Ins. Most folks resort to violent calo
mel, which is a dangerous, salivating
chemlcnl which can only be used oc
casionally because it accumulates in
the tissues, also attacks the bones.
Kvery man or woman, sick or
iwcll, should drink rnch morning be
fore breakfast n glass of hot water
with a traspoonful of lhnestonc phos
phate In it, to wash from the liver and
bowels the previous day's indigestible
material, the poisons, sour bile and
toxins; thus cleansing, sweetening
and freshening tin entire alimentary
,canal before putting more food Into
.the stomach.
Limestone phosphate dors not re
strict the diet like calomel, because it
cannot 6!lvatc, for it is harmless and
you can cat anything afterwards. It
Js Inexpensive and almost tasteless,
Jpnd any pharmacist will sell you n
Vpiartcr pound, which Is sufHrieut for
m demonstration of how hot water and
limestone phosphate rletins, stimulates
and freshens the liver, keeping you
feeling fit day In nml day out. Advt.
'and other workers who mast
have enduring strength, take
to build up and keep up their
'.health. Surely it will do as much
'for you, but insist on SCOTTS.
Ucott ft Bownc. BloomEcM.N.J. 16-15
Mustard Rj
to tell tho developments which led
Germany to her decision of relentless
eoa war.
DolormlnaUon to vua the submarlno
in unlimited warfare dates back
lo November. It was ttion that Ger
many's Internal affairs wero At the
greatest crisis of tho war. Tho So
cialists warned tho Kalsor. unless he
moved Immediately for ncttoo. Dr.
Philip Scheldcmann (Socialist leader
In the Itolohstag) ana other Socialist
loaders would head a militant move
mcnt to brlnt' about poaw-Thls movo
camo at a
pooplo woro dostltuto and dospondent.
Simultaneously tho powerful con
sorvatlvo land owners, controlling the
food supply, anditho equally powerful
group of Industrial leaders, control
ling tho munition manufactures, told
tho Government tho jnly way to end
tho war was by untfmltcd submarlno
warfare. Thcso Interests have always
been nntl-Amcrlcan. They miccced
ed In convlnclng'Quartormastcr Gen
eral von Ludcndorff.
Mcnnwhllo tho National Liberals,
who would wclcomo war with .Amor.
Jca, won over Foreign Secretary Zlm
incrmann to tho submarine policy.
l'inuliy, tho Kalscr'ti ihday u.:i
foronce at Gorman Or oat Hcadqtiar
tors, Jan. 27, did . Include In lis
conferees such oinclnls ns Minister of
tho Interior von llolffcrlch, .Mini.. or
of Colonies Solf und tho Imperial
Treasurer, Count von Kocdcrn, known
to bo opposed to Inciting .American
Tho speech pjado by Imperial Chan
cellor von Itctlirnnnn Hollwcg In the
Hclchstaft early in December where
ho announced pcaco ovcrtws won
over th? Socialists to tho Mpport of
any courso tho Chnnccllor might ad
vocate. ,
In tho same way, tho Kaiser's sub
marine blockado won over tho food
producers and tho group of Industrial
leaders to n contluuanco of hostilities.
Tho aovernmeut's peaco proposal
united the German people. They bo
llovo firmly they must fight on In
their own defense.
Liner With 200 Passengers and
Cargo of Munitions to Be Con
voyed by British Warships.
A strike of coal passers caused
another delay to-day In tho sailing
of tho French liner Kspagno, sche
I duled to start for Bordeaux at Id
j o'clock this morning, following the
' postponement of Sunday.
I Ordinarily tho coal passers receive
10 cents nn hour. Because of the
! Intense cold yesterday tho fifty men
nt work wero given 60 cents nn hour.
They romalncd on duty until 10
i o'clock Inst night, when, following an
hour's rest, thoy failed to como bad:
to tho ship. It was not until early
this morning that they woro rounded
up and Induced to finish tho Job at
the rate of a dollar an hour.
Tho Kapngno. which is now sche
duled to sail thin afternoon, carries a
77-mllllinetro gun on her stern, takes
with her 200 passengers, a cargo of
munitions and a large consignment of
mall. In shipping circles it Is under
stood ftho Is to Join the t'edrle of the
White Star Line, which sailed yestc.
day. the two vessels to bo convoyed
to Europe by British warships.
Alexainlrov Railway ami Station the
Targefs Czar's Flyers
Shell Airdrome.
I'OTItOUItAI), Feb. 15. "Our avi
ators dropped bombs on tho enemy's
airdrome In tho vlllagu of ICnbylnlk,
north of Naroez U'ike," says to-day'
War Ottlco jttatisuent.
"Knemy airplanes dropped hombs
on the l'ogoreltsy Station, on tho
Alexandrov Hallway, on l.uel and In
tho region pouthcuNt of (ialltch.
"Northeast of 1'okRhanl one of hn
French aviators engaged in combat
1 nn enemy machine, which descended
1 rapidly, apparently having been dam-
Ittfc'ed." .
tiiilil Ili-iihl mid llruaa Muttons
tinliirr for InaiiKiiriil.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 13. Thero win
be plenty of gold braid, brass buttons
and Hashing uniforms at President Wll
mii'h second Inaugural pnradu after nil.
Detplt" the fart that moat of tlio army
IX on 111" jinxii.Mii uuiucr, .unjnr lien
lluipt 1.. Kcoii, uninn .Mnmniii, lias or
dereil that all army and navy rontlu
Ktnts present wear full dress uniforms,
ICntaer VUIU Hmperop rimrlrs.
VIENNA, Teb. 13. i:mperor William
has arrived hero on a vUlt to Emperor
Aspirin is
made by
only one
To get the genuine
Bayer Tablets
see that every package
and every tablet bears
IITI. n r
I ne Uiyer WOII Th(; trademark "Atplrin" (Rf it, U. S. Pt. Om) Is a
Ynnr f!n,,.i,. f P.,.:i" Kuarantrcthntttiemonoaettir.icidfstcro( Mhrylicacld
lour UUarantf e Ot flinty fii thev! Uhlel of llin rellaWo llavfrm.inu.ii:ture.
Modern Close-Embrace Dance Denounced
By a Billy Sunday Advance Trail Blazer
Familiarities of Waltz and
One-Step Make Them
Morally Bad,- Says Rev.
Joseph W. Kemp, and
as Exercise They Are
Failures, Not Nearly So
Good as Golf, Tennis or
Even Croquet.
tty Nixola Grcclcy-Smith.
Tho very last tlmo I danred a ono-
Mcp and my partner tramped on my
loot my eonscienco begun o hurt me,
as it nlwnyu doe.s
on such occasions,
lji I thought
olMiut Miriam, sis.
ter of Moses and
Aaron, dancing
on tho banks of
tho Hed Sen, nnd
was reassured. If
Miriam danced, 1
said to myself,
you n a o d n ' t
worry. It must
bo quite, all rlplit.
Hut It was not, Just tho sumo. For
tho Itnvorend Joseph W. Kemp of
Calvary Baptist Church, who
preached last Sunday on "Tho I.tblcs
of tho Dnnce," declares that all mod
ern dancing Is sinful and that there,
Is no Uso going to tho Hilda for Justi
fication of It, bccatiso though
fiourcu the good book from cover to
cover you will not find In it a slnglo
ItiMaucu In uhlch both ooxob united
In dancing either for worship or for
Dr. Kemp, who Is preaching a e-
lies of M-rmons jn modem sins, Is
piepailng the way of Hilly .Sunday In
.Now York. A week ago ho exhorted
his congiegutlon In tho great gray
church In West Fifty-seventh .Street
on "The Tragedy of tho Theatre." an
institution of sin
This wenk ho devoted his pownrs of
denunciation to tho modern round
dance, and net Hundav he will ex
pound "The Curtn of tho Card Ta
ble." From which you may gather
that If you uro looking for a templo
of good old-fashioned heavy theolog
you need tint fenreh lurther than
Oalvniy Haptlst Church.
Dr. Kemp was called to Saw York
from a Scottish parish several years
ngo and no moio Clod 'fearing, ear
nest domlulo thuu ho can bu found In
tho pages of Stevenson or Walter
Seott. He believes every word ho
preaches, and such Is tho forco of his
personality that few pet sons can
listen to one of his sermons without
agreeing with him.
"Thero nro two kinds of dances,"
Dr. Kemp told me yestorday In his
study. "In any discussion of this
subject wo must dcllne. You ask tho
question, 'Do you consider dancing
wrong?' I reply, 'What kind of danc
ing?' The danco of polilo society of
15ii years ago is no moro llko the
danco of to-day than tho old stage
e.nnch Is Hue a is;yiiniipr nutomo
bile. Dancing covers a wldo range of
moral conduct, ns 'transportation
covers various mothods of locomotion
but ther is a dinereneo. Tiioro is no
similarity as to social and physical
privileges granted between tho stato-
I I'll II 111 lZaJ 11 V- I
ly minuet of tho seventeenth century
and tho umbraco and Intertwining ot
tho bodies of tho 'roUnd' danco of to
day. Tho declluo can easily bo traced
thiuugh recent years through tho
minuet, through tho 'square,' dance,
through tho waltz nnd now 'two
step,' which hns been characterized
recently aa a hideous und rowdy
".Many people defend dancing from
tho Hlhln, but this betrays a dogreo of
Ignoranco and stupidity bordering on
sacrilege. No Instances of dancing
aro found In tho Hlblo In which two
sexoH iinlto In tho dxi-rclsQM eltlmr in
or out of worship or as nn umuso
ment. "Mttlo can bn said for tho valuo
of dancing ns nn exercise," Dr. Kemp
continued. "It Is recognized on ovcry
hand that sohools of physical culture
far mirpass tho schottlscho nnd th
vnllz for this purpose, and tho exer
cise of tho gymnasium, tho croquet
groen. tennis court and golf give
Physical development Ar surpassing
tho ballroom.
"Dancing masters nil over tho
country hnvo denounced tho license
of present day (. uicl g. it Is con
trary to the moral law. No man hns
any moral or social liberties granted
t to blni with women on or off tho
niiiico noor, ami surely thero is somo.
thing radically wrong with any
amusement wherein ethical princi
ples so rapidly disappear 113 is tho
case In Hie dance,
"Wc aie told it In necessary for
proper dancing that tho gentleman
Hhoiild place bis. right arm gently and
carefully about tho lady's waist whllo
he takes tho lady'H right hand In his
left, his left arm should i)0 extended
and held in a gracetul eurvo lialf way
between the lady's waist aild Mhoul
der. Tho only excuse for nuch cOur
ageous liberties Is inuslo and motion,
and this, forsooth, makes right and
pioper what under othor clrcum
Htunces would bo indignantly resent
ed except In close contldentlal family
relations. Omit tho music and mo
Hon and so called society would not
condone tho net for ono moment.
Surely what Is ethically wrong off the
dance floor cannot bo ethically right
on It."
Sow, before we proceed further, If
you have any doubt that what hap.
pens uii t)u danco Moor Is wrong,
ponder tho description of tho jound
dance as It appears to Dr. Kemp und
then ask yuursclf, as I have asked
myself, how wo could possibly havo
been so foolish as to havo all this In
iquity going on around us without
gi Ulng a single solitary thrill from
It, Hero 1 have been concentrating all
my energies mid thoughts on watch
ing my step and keeping my elbow
out of my neighbor's ribs and not lot
ting my French heels skid on a newly
wa.ved ttoor when nil tho tlmo I might
havo reveled in U.icchnnallan bliss.
You, too. If yon don't bellovo It
hearken to Dr. Kemp's description rf
dancing, as ho was onco condemned
to witness it on Hoard an ocean linn
when the only way to escape such
iniquity was by leaping- into tho sea.
"Wo havo Bomctlmes been com
pelled to witness on board ship the
utter abandon of a young, beautiful
woman to tho gleaming eyo of her
partner. Ills breath breathing upon
her und lim lips well nigh touching
her foreluad, her arm almost around
his i eek, face to face they whirl, hu
pres ng her to him; yet from this sho
does i ot ahrink. And wo nro asked
to )i iievo that this shameless exhibi
tion la necessary to deportment and
good manners.
"A man must nurely have i( gen
erated In his morals when be can per
ni.t himself ti dance in which tho
bodily movements of tho dancers at a
certain Htago gel as closely togcth r
.is It is po. slide to get and move. The
daring of the moUe.ru. duueu lit per
fectly alarming.
"We tall; of 'tho ascent of man,' hut
sn long as theso dances of tho natives
of tho tropics, the llowerles and thn
low-down placos of I'arls arc danced
by fashionable people In fashionable
'i liN jnd at private partus w" iai
but wy ituteuU ol cluvatlou and antf
cent wo have demoralization and de
terloratlon leading to tho debauchery
cf both sexes.
"Again, tho modern danco etnnds
condemned by tho lawa of health,
Tho danco never won Intended as a
nromoter of bcalth. and viewed aa
an frrrlsn It vlnl.ites thn soundest
hygienic laws. It seeks tho cover of
tho night and thoso hours wnen vuai
Ifi la nt 1 1 m lnwi,lit.
"Tlio foundation of much domestic
misery nnd domestic crlmo Is truco
ablo to tho ballroom. Tho track of
the ballroom Is strewta with wrecks
If l...r.nl.. n.,.l Ill-Oil. I'llVslcal HU)
Hons uro engendered which glvo tbo
dnnco Its peculiar fascination nn
when heart beats ugainst heart and
hand Is held In hand thero Is that
lingering pleasure In which the eyes
look words wblrh III dar not spaK.
"Tho statistics from rescuo homes
tell uso that seven-tenths of the wom
en who go thero hnvo fallen through
the dnnco and Its Inlluence I.ot
mothers nnd fathers bo warned of tl "
evil, peril and danger of endlng their
children to dancing schools and lot
our young ptsiplo wlm nro already in
thn meshes of this glgantlo maw free,
themselves from tho deadly danger.
Describe: Food Situation There as
Acute Peopli! Tired of the
War but Loyal.
Americans have reached hero since
tho break In diplomatic rela-
Jtotm between Cionnany nnd tne
United .States. Ono camo from Her-
lln, the other from Kr.inkfort. Ikich
had been In fjermany a llttlo morn
than a yenr and In that tlmo each
lost thirty pounds In weight.
Theodoro Wurslln, nn engineer, ot
Jamaica, N. Y s,uld his experiences
with worklngmen In Herlln showed
him that they were tired of tho war
hut nevertheless determined to hold
out. ,
Tho other American Is a Now lorK
business man, who said tho food sit
uation was very bail in Frankfort. Ho
told harrowing stories of tho hard
ships undergono by tho people, who,
ho said, were utterly weary of the
wur but entirely devoted to tho mili
tary leaders, :
Hoth theso men asserted that th"
break between Oermany and Atnene.i
had caused no excitement, that
Amorlcans in Oermany were being i
well treated und that no apprehen
sion need bo felt for tho welfare of
thoso left behind.
Hight Decide to Remain in Ger
many Three New Yorkers
to Leave.
HHRMN, Fob. 13. Theso addition
al Americana havo registered Indi
cating their futuro plans:
John A. Kckhardt, Union Hill, N. J.,
remaining; Henry Hasper, his moth
er und sisters, Pittsburgh, remain
ing; John a. Dudley, Pittsburgh, re
maining; Louis liullcek, Pittsburgh,
remaining; Mis, Walter Hoffmann,
I'ltttihurgh, remaining; It. I). Nor
folk, Pittsburgh, remaining; Oorgcs
llhret and Mrs. Anna on .edin
(formerly Miss Khrel), Sow Votk,
going to Hwltzeihttid; Fred Voege,
New York, returning to America,
routo unspccttlrd,
llllniils J-riiiile I'iinki-k mil for Voir
on I'riililliltloii,
Illinois .senate tn-day pirsed u bill pio.
vidlnf for a riferinipim on :t.itrwM
i.;inibUl9U In ihu gunuial election ot
118. . .
13, JL917.
Machine Guns. Much Held
Material and 168 Men
Taken in Engagement.
IinitLIN", Feb. n (by wlrelesH to
Snyvllle). Thn capture of n strong
point of nupport south of tho Vnlo
l'titmi road, on tho northern end of
the Roumanian front, la reported In
to-day's statomont rrom army head
quarters, which follows:
"South of the Valo Put mi road our
troops took n strongly constructed
point of supixirt by storm, capturing
ICS men, threo machine guun and
much Held material, llotween the
I'atul and Plitna Vnlloys thoro were
lively artillery duels and Held engage
nientH at many places.
"In tho Ccrua bend yesterday," tho
statement snys, "our troops after of
fectlvo artillery preparation attacked
the enemy's hill position east of Par
alovo. They took It by storm, njul
also several camps behind thn front,
Our losses wero kiuuII, two Italian
officers and ninety men were made
prisoners. Wo also captured live ma
chlno guns mid two mine-throwers.'
DeiiM) fog limited lighting uctlvlty
on tho western iront.
In tho Homincr sector nn artillery
duel revived during tho evening nnd
continued at night, especially active
between Ht. Plerro Vanst Wood and
Pcronne. '
Advances of hostile reconnoitring
detachments between Ypres and
Arms, tho statement sflld, failed.
Two attacks were made by the Hum.
Klaus on ttte t'lipci Moiiith lllver.
Meveral battalions wero emnloved
Thn Htatcmnut says tho assaults wdn
i'aiiim, ecu. 13. "Tbo night was
comparatively calm on tbo enllro
front," says to. day's War Ottlco an
uotiucement. A strong Herman n.i-
trol was dispersed with losses by our
firo in tho Anspach sector (Alsace)."
Line Established Across the Tigris
Bend, the London War
Ollice Announces.
t LONDON', IYb.' lS.-Olllclal an
nouncement was imidu to-day that
the lliltlsh forces on tho Tigris front
hnvn establlshod a Hue urross tho
'Tigris llend, west of Kut'el-Amaru,
completely hoinmlng in tho Turks.
! Tim nnuounrcinciit follows:
"On Haturdiiy the enmity's bridge
at Shumran wuh shidled. A direct hit
'was scored and somo onemy uhlpplug
was sunK. i
"On Hunduy tho ndvnneo on the
right bank of tho Tigris wna resumed
and the enemy win driven back to
bis last linn ot trenches In tbo Dahra
Itend, west of Km. Hy evening our
Hue was established across the llend,
from bank to bank, on a frontage of
G.iOO yards, and tbo enomy was com
plotely hemmed in. Thn distance cov
ered In thn advance varied from 800
ards on our right to 2,000 yards on
our left."
Poultry Runs From $1.30 to
$1.60 a Pound Pork and
Mutton 50 to 70 Cents.
IlKUNR, Switzerland, via Tarts.
Feb. IS. Americans who arrived hero
from Oermany with Ambassador Ger
ard am congratulating themselves on
having cscapod further wrestling
with (lormany'fl food problem. Hutch!
ers' windows, well stocked with as
sorted meats, nuch as nro scon here,
nro an unwonted sight In llorlln.
Meat Is now so senrco In tho Gorman
capital that It Is Hover hung In win
dows to attract buyers, but Is spocd-
tly distributed without advertising.
Customers keop In closo touch with
tho butcher so jui to know when tho
next tnengro supply will bo on salo.
Practically all meat Is sold on a
card untitling onch person to half n l
IWMind ureltlv. tint ,tuhi inn, I., nt
kidneys, lungs nnd othor scraps can I
bo bought In restaurants without a '
card, llama and poultry aro exemnt
Irom thn card .system and command '
extraordinary prices. Tho maximum
prices of pork and mutton range from
60 to 70 cents a pound, but $1 more
is pain ai duck doors for, dcsplto
Germany's gonlua for organisation,
much surreptitious dealing provalbi.
Uvcn German otllclals, usually mod
els of tho strictest obedlenco to tho
law, glvo hungry chlldron tho advan
tngo of a looso Interpretation and do
not put awkward questions.
Tho rich of courso suffer compara
tively little. They aro still ablo to
buy high priced poultry or llsli. Tur
keys, geeso and chickens nro still dis
played In poultororn' windows nnd
bear labolil'nnounclng that thoy can
bo purchased at from S1.30 to J1.C0 a
pound. Ciuses havo oven been report
ed whoro a fat gooso brought more
I linn )W.
Tho poorer pcoplo, ejipeclnlly In
llerlln, aro undoubtedly suffering
from hunger ius their food Is confined
mainly to brejid, potatoes, turnips nnd
low gia3o marmalade. It Is generally
asserted that lu tho country districts
tho food problem Is less pressing tbun
In tho big cities, producera retaining
supplies for homo consumption.
In splto, however, of tho fact Hint
food l.s very searco ono seldom aces
any ono visibly showing marks of
underfeeding. Soma eldnrly persons
and Hoinu anxloius mothers look ninu
elated and reduced weight Is mil to
irrirnl, A runinioii question asked
when friends incut Is: "How many
IKiund.s hnvo you lost?" Phyxlclnn
aro wilting in thn medlnil Journals
that children nro now evidently under
nourished, particularly lacking fats,
yet tho merry sledding throngs in tho
paries during tho last month never
suggested lack ot food.
Tho general verdict In that tho
health of tho pooplo Is Ix-ttcr than be
fore tho war when overeating hud
almost assumod tho character of a
national besetting sin. Shortcom
ings nro borno cheerfully nnd thn
people uro mostly disposed to Jest
over tho matter wliero tho pinch Is
not too keen, Tho big crowds nt tho
variety shows laugh heartily ut topi
cal songs turning upon thn shortage
of food and tho prevalent btsuo (,f
substitutes, .Men III authority, how
ever, recognize that Germany Is con
fmritisl with a problem of srowliii;
difficulty. The next four months nro'
regarded as csiweiany eriiicat In-onii!"
thn supply of vegetables, nxcnpt jo
tatoes and turnips. Is practically ex
hausted. Kvcn H.iuerkrnut cannot be
bought In xliojis but Is doled out by
thn authorities nt Intervals. Thn Her
lln Government lasted placards Inst
week announeuig that a half iound of
sauerkraut was assignable for tbo
week on tho sisjtlon of the fisjd card
I calling for general provlblons,
I'n ii r Kirn In I'imiu hkrr ,slr Krrp
Voliintrrra llusr In Cold.
.rOlTflHlCKni'Sin, N, Y.. Feb.
Pour flies, the most serious of which
wiped out a largo furniture house, oc
curred here to-dny, calling Into action
the entire volunteer department. Thn
mercury stood ut 13 degrees ImIuw zero
nnd neores or riremen urrereu frozen
feet, handu nnd (fines, Tho water, fill
ing the trolley rail grooves, frnzo rapid-
ly and lieu ill me sireei ear iinn. Tho
HiTirreitatnii loss is nimui JJO.uu'j.
A new
thing for a cigarette
to do.
Thursdiiy you'll know all
m i
Many Capable of Receiving
Messages From Germany,
Says Federal Chief.
0 element of tho defensive cam
paign being prosecuted In army and
navy bureaus In Now York and In
tho Government's ofllces hero Is tho
rigid Inspection of amateur wireless
plants. Huch commercial stations on
thoso at Bnyvllle, L. I nnd Tuckor
ton, S. J., are, of courso, under spe
cial supervision, but it Is tho task of
discovering nnd determining tho ef
ficiency of tho nmatour stations that
comics to Chief I It. Krumm of tho
Ilureau of Navigation ot tho Depart
ment of Commerce.
Within tho last two weeks his in
spectors havo visited and examined
at least twenty such stations. 'Ac
cording to Mr. Krumm, thero nro at
least 600 which can receive messages
from Germany.
In practically every caso tho
plunts Inspected wero not equipped
to snd )inmunlcatlous moro than a
hundred uillos or so. but could bo
attuned to catch mossages sent thou
sands of miles distant.
Quick Action Might
' Have Saved Many,
Srlou$ thinkers tell us that war Is
not Inevitable, and while we are await
ing developments It might be well to
consider a grave and serious menace
right here at home.
Health Department figures show tint
Grippe and Pneumonia have played
havoc with human life throughout the
country since the fir-1 of the year; to
such an extent that thousands of deaths
nave reen reporttd In one week. The
following suggestion may save lives.
' At the first warning of attack, which
Is usually the stubborn cough or cold
on the chest that nothing seems to help.
Cloture irom your druggist the cele
brated .loin
take a liberal portion, preferably before
iriiruiK, ncjicti ui me steaming point
and sweetened with sugar. For this
purpose HofPs "Main" Malt should be
used Instead of Ifoff's Malt "with Iron."
Nostrils Clogged?
When the first cut-rats drug store
was opened tho other drugglits tried
to convince the peoplo that Die cut
rate drug Morn sold Inferior drugs, and
warned them ngalnat dealing with sucli.
Thn people soon found Uiat thn drugs
were Jimt ns good III tho cut-rato drug
uteres an In the drug stoma that charged
thn high prlcei. It wn not long beforo
the rut-riitn stores were doing tho bulk
of tho buitnci.s. Thn cut-rate drug
stores sold on small prcflts nnd adver
tised. Thn other drug stores charged
lilRli prices nnd did tint ndvertlao.
When I placed my fnos low and ad
vertised tho fart It became tho custom
of other doctors to iy all tho mean
things they could about by my practice
mid warn peoplo against being treat, d
by mr. Thu pnpln quickly found that
my results wero ns good ai tho other
seeclnllfts, nnd that my feca were
iibimt one-third what thu blgh-prlccd
rperlnlista charged,
Tho great number of people I trest
makes It posalble for mo to make i
small profit on my practice. I nm per
fectly pntUfled with this small profit
nt this time, when It takes two dnl
Inra to servo tho purpose of ono dollar
before the great war began.
trrannt ilfifoi iml hr noii nl bullae
or pi or In th htYtthlDti tube. I ii4M nftni
t tarty nm ttulfiiK th Uwt wur to do thi.,
I ra wuj tt tha WMtnla MtlxnH cnttlo
aiff tit txinen of tins hum, thai lriiaf the
iiottrlU thH Imporuot rtnetur tht wei
trfMt by tiitiirfl to fctrtln diit tad rfTT u
n( th ir The c of Mr Kga wfU dia t.
tnt th ftliM of my mrtJiM,
Clogged Nostrils, Dropping
in Throat, Deafness
and Head Noises
IVirt AUo ri1m tt No, 3M ftari
Aifnil. Nn Ynrk, Wn li ItMt conjaltol
nn h. ulj "llj twairtlK h t-n rloitrU
far twA.tf yi-,r, I got i MJ I axiU not
brcstlw S.linujh mj n.trili t ill. I canM
cnlr t'.rrsi litUa MH tl i tUaf. lot mi
rlogji-l Ditrl!ii wonl.1 wik m. Hr lr
ttu I lxt io rn.v (J imrlt, A lit ol
Mitrst woitltl dnn Ntik IiiUj mi Ulrwt, Mr
I mini tilr.. iml tr tso jrxn t hu. brwu
quits iIm!. I iMie ootr la m, boaj likt
,tm imailn. It u hnl work for m w
un'ttinl what 1ult Mid (o m,
hlnce tmitins Mr AIIpq h nsirta thit h!n
nmtrlU ' fmi and oa, that h r&n ileni
lth'it wiklnj Ha D' lonpt hu mini Kn
Uia rril ot till , Th dropping In bii
tliput tiu tie. Th notjM hat lfl tha isn,
y uau tcu tut. and til auicll U rvturniax.
tt ynu auffw from cloeiM coitrtVi or r
fin itf. nf rial ht n'Swi. or hact)arr
Inc rar. or haio a raj tnmar, or U you hat
an; othrr (nnu ot ratansial d!ru, I win m
lilnwl lo taaie fnl TUit mr alftcr. It wtU ooat
)il nothing lr an namlntloii ani aiirlcs,
Candler Building 220 West 42J St.
(A t'o Doon Wnt ot Ilrvvuty.)
lfour-JtonJi?! WdnJaj and t"rUaj. a
lMl. U A, M. to 0 1'. U
ai, ui a i . . iihir, roarifciiy aua bat-
anaaaj, lu A. Ht
ui 1- ouoa,
I (All last or fonnd arllclra t&4
Ttrtlteil In Thn World will b
I Mud at The World's Infornuv.
loit Human, fullUer Uulldln
jsrrsde, I'srk ltow World'i
Iptonn Otflre, tiorthwrtt cow
tier ttsth ht. ud Hroadwari
World's Harlem Office IRS
"tVr.t 12Slh bt., and World'
JlrooUljn Otflre, 21IJ tVuhlas
(on SI., llrouklju, for DO dara
(olloitlng Ihs prlattu ot B(,

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