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' SV '
tho curtain falls ono of the moiit
dramntlu and Interesting stonci in
tho world's history will bo written
the story or a great nation struggling
to restrict the extension of tlio great
war, and another nation trying nt
onco to please n powerful friend and
ht tbo ranio time support uu all)'.
Of wbat mesas? havo passed be
tween tho I nlted States and Austria-
dll Hungary during the last eighteen
Jit days the Stnto Department says
nothlnir. It will not oven admit the
authenticity of the aide momnlr made
public In Vienna, asking Austria to
a$l clear up her position on Germany'
v U boat decree and her own pledges
to this Government on U boat war
fare. The Austrian Government la por
trayed as struggling hard to prevent
ice inrcatenea DreaK. -mat sno must
( and will support the. German decruo Is
this, It is taken for granted President !
Wilson will Immodlatoly order pass-
' ports to Austrian representatives hero
and recall Ambassador I'cnfleld from
. r his post In Vienna
Berlin Reports Failure of Attack
After Lines Were Pierced
at Armcnticres.
BERLIN, Feb. 22 (by wireless to
8ayvlllo). -A sharp attack by soveral
British companies on the German
lines In tbo vicinity of Armontlcrcs Is
reported In to-day's Army Headquar
ters statement. The llrltlsh pene
trated the German position, but were
immediately driven out, leaving bo
hind, it Is declared, 200 killed and 39
Tho toxt of the statement reads:
"Army Group of Crown Prlnoo
Rupprecht BouUi of Anncn
ileres, after strong artillery prep
aration, several British compar
nles entered our position. They
wero lininodtatcly ejected by a
powerful counter thrust. While,
clearing the. trench 200 llrltlsh
dead wero counted. Thlrty-nlno
men wero taken prisoners.
"Hcconnoltrlng advances by the
enemy south of La llusseo Canal
and between tho Ancro and the
Bommo f.Ulcd."
Shops Closed After Disorders Hreak
Out at Distribution of Fund
for Unemployed.
LONDON', Feb. 22. An Athens do
spatch to neuter's says th t food riots
among; workmen at Piraeus huvo led
to the closing of all shops and the
Custom House. The rioting started
at a meeting for tho distribution of a
fund raised by public subscription for
the relief of tho unemployed. The
mob looted u number of grocery and
butter shops, anil a large ntimber of
arrests wcru made before order was
An Inside Bath
Makes You Look
and Feel Fresh
Ssye a glass of hot water with
phosphate before breakfast
keeps Illness away.
Thle excellent, common-sense
health measure being
adopted by millions.
rhyilriana the world mer recom
mend the Inside balli, claiming this Is
of vastly more Impoi lame tliun out
side cleanliness, because the skin pores
do not absorb Impurities into the
blood, causing 111 health, while the
i puree In the ten yards of bowels do.
Men and women ure urged to drink
; each morning, before breakfast, a
glass of hot water with u teaapooiiful
of limestone pliospliutc In it, (is h
; h&rmlras means of lielplng to wush
! from the stumuch, liver, kidneys anil
bowels the previous dii)'s Indigestible
material, nolhollft. knur bllr nml
toxins; thus Cleansing, swrclcnlltg and
purifying the entire alimrntury cunul
before putting more food Into the
t ...... i i. . . i
' 5 n" 1 "tu ' 1 " nrnf
mm iitoiivii iii. pnni, Br 11111 nillcr I1I1U
limestone phosphate act on the ellm
iiuitUe iirgmih.
Tlioe who wake up with hud
breath, coated tongue, nasty tatr or
have u dull, itching head, sallow coin-
r.l,vlmi al.l ntt ,, ,) . .ill..,- ..I... ....
' 'lf- tiiblrrt in lilllmiK iiH.i,.Lh nr riiti&lir.,..
lion, Miuuiu iiiiiiiiu ii iiuurirr lHiunil
of limestone phosphnte at the drug
store. This will co.t rry little hut U
sufflclrnt to demonstrate the value of
intlde bathing. Tlioc who continue
It esch morning are assured of pro
nounced results, both in regard to
health nnd appearance dvt
Are You Worn Out?
Doti eight find you exhausted'
nerves unsettled too tired to rest?
ia thn food-tonic that correct these
troubles. Its pure cod liver oil is
a cell-building food to purify and
enrich the blood and nourish
the nerve-centers. Your
strength will respond to
' Scott's Emulsion but see
i r tht you get SCOTTS.
J tcvUftBowiM.Ilbxim&ckl.tf., It-l
II HO I TO nnilT
bame Number of Vessels Ar
riving Since Blockade Be
gan, Lacazc's Assertion.
"Germany's PillCll Not to He
compared Willi Ally Ull
tente Experiences."
FAHIK. IV b. 22. "If Germany In
hulldlng up hopes that her new sub
tnuilne blockade will cut off tho Allies'
supplies, decrease their military
strength and thus end tho war these
hopes are misplaced. The blockade
will never succeed."
Admiral Lacaze, France's Minister
of Marine, gave this reply to-day
when nskeA for a message to America
on bow Trance views tho German
HUhmarlno war.
"It was German trfcklness that In
augurated 'commercial submarines,'
ostensibly to carry merchandise, but
In reality to supply war submarin
on the open sea." the Admiral do-
"It Is Imposslblo for me to
see how competent Gorman ofilclala
believe their now movo which Is said
to be alinod principally at France and
Italy can achieve tho hoped-for re
sults. On the whole, It cannot change
condltlono much from the past
"If the German people aro looking to
tho submarines for peace let them take
cognizance of tho fact that slnco the
beginning of tho blockade on Feb. 1
lbout the name number of Frtneh
mercnntllu ships havo been arriving
nt our ports an before. The total
was more than n. hundred dally. That
figure Is Immutnblc.
"I do not believe- conditions will
ohangc much from 1916. when tho
average of French Imports doubled
from '-',500,000 tu D, 000,000 tons
"Also, since the beginning of the
war wo have doubled our seaboard I
Import. The blockudo may reduce
the present llgtlro homewhat. but It .
Is materially Impossible for tho Ger
mans to abolish these Imports.
"Tnko tho two main French Im
ports coal and flour. Tho enemy
hn been able to idnk only a llttlo
over hnlf of t per cent. .0053 Is tho
exact figure of tho general average,
on coal,' while the flour loss Is less
than 1 per cent. This flour loss does
not equal the amount tho French
baker normally wasteH.
"This Is the third time the Oer-
mans havo announced merciless sub
marine warfare. Twlco climaxes of
violence wero briefly reached then
they subsided. Tho losses of world's,
tonncgu in tho past havo never been
such as t bring about n critical con
dition as far a the allies' supplies
ure concerned.
"Kven suppose that the German
submarines destroy mora than for
merly, the situation simply reaolven
Itself Into tho question an to who Is
ble to hold out tho longest, (lor
oiany. long Immersed In economic
difficulties. Ik now deprived of nil sea
trndo except that of HcandlnavU. Tho
Kntento's margin, on tho other hand.
Is still of the widest.
"Tho worst that can befall us is
moru rigid restrictions to civilians,
ltcst assured we'll keep all necessi
ties. Iiut this is merely hypothetical
wo haven't begun to worry about
The Admiral reiterated his disbe
lief that tho protagonists of ruthless
submarining wero ever greutly op
posed In German olllclaldnm.
"My opinion Is," ho explained, "that
such a dlffcrenco of opinion was an
nounced for effect on neutrals. A
similar German trlcklness Is apparent
In the Inauguration of commercial
submarines. Ostensibly they wero to
arry mercnnnuiso. in ronniy nicy
were built to "supply war submniinus
on the open seas.
"In my opinion tho real Inward
motive of Germany's
r.ew sea rrlgntnunojs was based on
Germany's knowludgo that It cannot
bu .suro of thn results at which It
iituiH through Its military power and
that theroforo Germany Is attempt
ing to reduce tho Allied morale by n
last lllng of brute strength. Hut that
name hruto stronsth foiled against
French valor nt Verdun, at tho
Marne, on tho .Soiumo am) elsewhere.
"The longer tho war laMii thu more
the Germans must reallzu that bruto
strength Is worthless. If yuu ask
who will bo victorious In this war,
nn answer is ii will be the party hav
ing the will and morale to hold on
from month to month, from day to
dav, from hour to hour.
"Germany Is now feeling a pinch
whiuh li not to be compured with un
experienced by the Kntente."
Admiral Un aze would not revenl
tho meaim by which the French navy
is combating Uio submarlno cam-
p.ilRii. but bis ulr of confidence wui
Hunlrient to inuienie complete sue
cess of those de'i n o measure.
Two Hundred Deaa Counted After
1-ailure of an Assault .it Armen
ticre.N Berlin Report.
ItKltM.S (Ma H.iMle wlrnloss).
Feb :'2 - Two hundred llrltlsh wcru
counted duu following rcpulsn of
an attack south of Armenttcres, tho
official statement usicrted to.day,
Four Photo Poses of 17 -Year -Old Ruth Cruger,
Who Mysteriously Disappeared Nine Days Ago
sasasasasasasasasasasasasasasas.i.iaarv w r im sl rm ",-mm t bljsbbmst w saaaaaai w
wb 'i
Administration Officials Kxi ineut e J
by House Rules Omniitlee inun
Charges M.'de by Lawbon.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 22. Admin
istration olllelals aro xonerated com
pletely from responsibility for the
"I(il" on the President's pe.icn note
of Dee. 20. Two newsaper reporters
who gave Information of the note to
stock 'brokers nin blamed In the re
port of Hie House Huleii Committee,
which will be llnlshed lo-morruw or
Tho iii)ii,iper men blamed are W.
W. Price, who "covered" the White
House for tho Washington Hxenlng
Htnr, and J. Fred Kts iry of tho Hiltl
more Hun.
The Itules I'ommlttee conducted an
Inquiry based on churges made by
Thomas W. Lawson.
The findings wer npprovcl b tho
full Itules Committee which Is con
sidering a tentatlvo report drafted by
a t ub-coinmltteo.
750,000 Now llniplojril l That Way
More nt Work lu Siirliiu.
AMKTE1UU.U (via Ixuidon). Feb. 22.
(lerniimy is ennU)ln 750.000 war
prisoners as farm laborers, according
to a llcrlln despatch to the, llhclnlnchn
Vesra n wmch" qus
G,n (imener. head of tho a. my feed-
trig department. Gen. Gioener state
inent was nmdo before tho itelclistiig
committee which Is co-operating In car-
Ding out the provisions of the national
civil service law-
lie slated that adilllloniil war prls
oners would he put to work In the ngrl
cultural districts and that in occupied
rir ihs KrrlMns would .U sorins
sowing and hurvest work.
Members of tlir Wallcers' rinb f
Amrrlen Mnrtril I 'mm tltr Hall.
Thn members of tho Wnlkers' riuh of,
America started on their annual Wash-
lngton's Illrtbday bike from the City Hall,
to Coney tslnnd at 2 o'clock this after-,
llfllfll. 1 mi" - -
.t.ns-M til inltliJt Till' U.lIH-
ers were sent on their way liy Peter
Dick Hemer. nalloiuil amateur walk
ing champion, was tho rrrateh man.
The dUtanco t ten nnd ii half miles
CiiMureliien lirt Tlirriiteiihm Let
r From Anll-Wnr Wrller.
(j!Vi:iH). N. y . Feb. 22. Members of
the Mouio i'omniltteo on Fnielgn Affsl-s
imve been threatened with "death within
twenty-four hours If they supported n
rlerlarutlnn of war against f lei many." In'
letters received from New York, accord- (
Ing to Itopiesei i iMve t.uther Mott. him
self u meinbe ii ilmt eoninilttee
Mott hh , . )o id rii'i'lvi-il such a
thirst. He did not eny who signed tho
letters or kIm any p.irtlcuhtrH.
rtUI lnhe Wife' I'limer rum.
mlllliiH Milelite.
Daniel Hweeney. twentt.lx vears olil,
un arllHt. nitnmllieil suii'ldn to-day b
rutting Ills thrust with a razor In tin
bntlironni of till home nt No HI llrovo
rUreet. WllllsnishurK. 11U wife AuKUsta
had her tlmrrrs clashed In a inii:g!o to
tnkn the weapon from liim. She mt
her husband hsd been despondent bo
iu"n of falluin 1" rell any of hl
iMlntliiK" .
I'ollee SH Tlieir AViia Plot lit lllou
I IIIk Tube Plllllt.
Yir.Nti town, oiiui. ivh : ' --i'o-
1 1 1 r miiioum'eil Ui-1h that tliey liml
cvlUrnin Uut a plot was on foot to blow
up thn lilK nlsnt of the YouiiKStow 11
Sheet ami Tit 'onunn. which ein
pluvs I U.OOO. Two Turku were arrested
n a xiiipli ion timrKP. Tlmy had liosv
(iiitntltli i hi avuiiniiie.
American llnalneer Wounded li
ltt-li,-l In I iiliu,
' j I A A . . . feii . - iv-iMit u.-H 'i un;
1 1 iiniuiiioiixuii. smit.i fin i iT.iiinn.. ir-'
irt .that mi Aiiieil. sn iiiintiitf engineer.
..inn -
wms tlnngrruutiy wmimiwi iv
lie to
when b ruftiswl to deliver dvnamite
tntnv Tint luvti Jlol
Police Resent Father's Criti
cism of Their Efforts to
Find Missing Girl.
Of tho 600 alleged clues to tho dis
appearance of Huth Cruger, now miss
ing for nine days, the police regard as
most promising the discovery that two
men who were, hanging around Alfred
Coochl'a bicycle shop the day Miss
Crtger vanished have also disap
peared from their homes near Hdso
water. N. J.
These- men wero In Cocchl's shop
when Miss Cruger went thoro nt noon
nnd left her skates to bo sharpened,
saying nho would return In an hour
and a half. Whothcr they wero there
when she returned tho pollco have
been unablo to ham. Investigation In
New Jersey, bowov
reveals that
they disappeared last Thursday, the
same day Cocchl disappeared.
Tho police, at llrst confident that
Miss Cruger would return within
twenty-four hours to her homo at No.
ISO Claremont Avenue, nnd believing
FARM, eho had eloped, now accept tho kid
nannlug theory. Thousands moro cir
culars carrying tho missing girl's pic
turn nnd description wcru moiled to
day to outsldo points.
Henry D. Cruger, the girl's father,
who wus quoted as criticising tho po-
cn for Indifferent work Is Invited by
Fifth Deputy Commissioner Guy H.
Hcull to comn to see him.
"1 should llko to havo a talk with
Mr. Cruger," ho says. "If there Is
anything ho can suggest that Is not
being done, wo are at his servlco."
The belief Is growing, howovor, that
he. Cruirer illsaimcaranco la golnsr to
. nf xw York . mVstorles. llko
!T "'.7.
uisaiiearautu ui isuiu.uy vmuiu
; ou ,)cc y, lal0
RejUlbe of UritlSh in MaCCjOnla IS
s0 eportC.1 bv Berlin
i "
Quiet on Roumanian Pront.
mniMN, Feb, 2 (by wireless to
Hnyvllle). Continuation of raiding
operations along tho Russian front Is
reported In to-duy's Army Headquur
ters announcement. In Macedonia,
pear Vardar. tho llrltlsh wore defeated
J n a hnmj.Brcnado engagement. Had
. .. ..revalls on tho Uoumnniun
front. The statement reads:
IHJl.D-houthwcst of Illga aud on
the south bank of l,ako Narocz
interprtbes of Itusslnn detach
ments, up to thu strength of ono
company were fuilurcH. Near
l.abusy, on the rihar.i, and nt sov
erul points between tho Dniester
and tho wooded Carpathians somo
HUtprlso attacks wero successfully
(iirled out by our raiding dotneh
mentH. "K.ist of the Vardar the llrltlsh
trl'l to settle theniHelveH In front
of our position. They wero drlvon
away In it hand-grenudo engugo
incnt." I'rlroKind Hrports llcpntse of Ten
tons In lluiiiiin nin.
Pl'.TItCHlltAD. Feb. 22 Itepulse of
a strong enemy attack west of Duma
vutr.i. in Itomuiinl i. was announced til
un oliliial iiit' tiuTit to-dis
"After artillery prepuraiinn." the
statement Mild, "tho eiieiny. In dense
formations, nttiieked west of Dorilu
vutra. They were arrested by our
flro 300 purrs dUtniil from our trenches.
(In tlu iipproneli of darkness the em my
W'ltlldtuw to ollKllial poHltlnns."
A niri li'Hii Milp l,rvr llnltlniorr.
HAUTIMDItF, Fob. SJ -Tho Gar
land rit iiaishlp I-inu freighter Hock-
uiglmm, uiu lirsi .vmeriuin steamer 10
icuvu this port for the Kuropcun war
MlI...u tlermanv's new submarine
. ti . it . n . , . . , .....,
l'"ry oeinili" ein-i ini', r. i. mi.ir.,,
yoatcr.liiy for Liverpool, loaded with a
gcnenl cargo.
Every Facility Given Them
to Leave, Says Berlin
IIKHI.IN, Feb. 22. "Hcportn about
American Consuls and Consular ofllcors
detained by force In Germany aro ma
licious Inventions, Just as wcru so
many other reports we havo had dur
ing tho last few weeks," said a prom
inent German ofllcla! to-day to a staff
member of the Overseas News Agency
(tho official Qcrman press bureau).
"Tho case Is rather complicated."
ho continued. "The facts, neverthe
less, aro very clear. The Gorman
authorities granted tho American
consular staff every facility for de-
parture. For Instance, seven gcntlo-
mcn who happened to bo In Hcrlln at
tho tlmo of the departuro of Ambas- Hcnntor pomercno denounced Ger
sador Gerard left with him In hts nny gubmnrlno campaign nnd as
special train to Switzerland. Thu ,.d D1.clllsts who are urclnir a ref.
1 others, after Ambassador Gerard had
been consulted with, wero requested
In a circular telegram to Indlcato by
what routo they wished to travel.
"Tho mesbago suggested to them
that they taku tho routo by way of
Munich and I.lndau, In order to factl-
luto their crossing tho border from
1 Llndau," which point la of courso
guarded by tho 'military auinoriues.
"Almost nil tho American Consuls
1 ,0! . ?vann? "5 ""Vf
' majority or uioin
rlv,,i in Munleli nnd will leave by
way of I.lnd.iu. Homo of them will
stay, not because they were forced to
do so but becausu thn American Gov
ernment has transferred them to
countries allied with Germany.
(Continued from First Page.)
was almost miraculous. They had
been on the ground early nnd wern
In the front tow, Iiut boys crowded
them back Just before the car Jumped
the track. KlUnboth nnd Ilnth were
crushed under the car Just as U
stopped. Tho girls wero sent to their
homes after an ambulance surgeon
had treated them for bruise.
Ambulances from Williamsburg,
St. Catherine's, IJastcrn District and
Grrcnpolnt Hospitals worn called by
the police. Tho first ambulance on
tho scene arrived Just ns the Forty
Heventh Itcglment, with tho band
playlni; a lively march, swung Into
the Plaza from Hroadwny.
Tho arrival of tho regiment, trailed
by hundreds of marchers carrying tho
Il.igs of patriotic societies, brought
about tonfUH.on that the police wen
tillable to handle for a. lime and noon
the plum was a Mem- of teething hu
manity. It was nin uiiui neariy
o'clock thut order was n stored
tho ceiemonles were started.
WIIM IIMUUUn I Climo Hiuu.
Frederick II Alexundei an. I Dr Will-
,, H,)M.nMuni of New Yoik won the
I ,.,i,i i,i,iir tennis dnubies clinin-
I inn.i.i i..d.tv bv defeMInu A.
: - . . ....
i jln ir y()rK, anil ITIIton U. Iieia,
1 ii." Angeles, in the Muni round. Tho
6-1. 61, 2-6, 7-?. 61.
President Stands at Salute During
Ceremony at Washington's
Birthday Celebration.
WASItlNOTON. Fob. 22.-Presldent
Wllion participated In George Wash
.ngtrm's birthday exercises at which
frequent refcrcnoo was made to tho
present International situation.
"It is much less of an adventure
to wrlto history than4 to try to enact
It," said tho President. In presenting
n gold medal to a school boy for
writing an essay on history.
Tho President pledged nlleg-innco
anew to tho American flag, and with
tho remainder of nn nudlenco, In
cluding members of tho Cabinet,
Diplomats nnd Congressmen, ho
stood at saluto whllo tho pledging of
allegiance was repented.
Keferenco to tho traditional friend
ship between tho United States and
Franco was mndo by NowoII R Wood
worth of Hyracuso, N. Y.. Past Presi
dent of tho Hons of tho American
Hovolutlon, whllo Jules Ju&scrand.
tho French Amoassajor, tuoi and
acknowledged applause,
rrmium 0n tho question of war.
... , th;lt tncy ., mak
arrangement under which tho enemy
will do no shooting until the voto Is
taken." Bald tho Senator.
Saw Them Both in Port Near Kirk
wall, England, Declares Com
mander of British Ship.
I tho Deutachland and tho Hrcmcn, Ger
I man merchant submarines, aro cap
i lives In a port near Kirkwall, Kng.
, land, according to statements ma le
horo to-day by Capt. Adam, com
mander of tho llrltlsh steamship
Twe.eddalo, which Is in port.
' Cupt Adam oaid ho nw both U
boats tied up In tho ixirt. The
Deutschland, bo said, was captured
on her trip homo from New london
Ho (UiclaroU tho Uremcn was baggod
on a trip to South America.
American Line President I'linfrrs
With ny Henils.
WASHINGTON. Fob. :2 P. A. S.
Franklin. President of thn International
Mercantile Marine, owner of the Ainer
lean Line, conferred here to-day with
Secretary Daniels and Assistant tec
retnry Ilootevelt of the Navv. None
would lomment on thn conference
It Is understood, however, thnt trunk
lln's llt wmm on tho question of tin
Navy rumiHlung anus inr nii-rcnim
uhins. Tim lioveriunint. It Is under
..food, litis not let decided tho nucatl.m
Later Kecretui) Iiuiilels announced
Omi the Adinlnlstratlon s iviollliin
guiding the arming of American nier
cliantiuen remain iiiii-huhkuu
l.rylnnrt l.tner. merlenns In ('rut
Nnii irmra,
110STON. Fob. 22 The I.eylnnd Itli
frelKhter lUonlan. with a heavy rargn
i tTiiiiiitlons and hnrneH. sailed to-dii
fur Liverpool The civw included ev
era I Aiiieiiiims Tne csmI earned
gun on her aft. rdei k
I'ire to llo.ton Ties li
HOSTON. Feb. 22. Washington
Street ilevated and tunnel trndla wus
blocked for several bonis early to-duy
hv :i Urn li. the Columbia lllock on
WashliiKton Street, which
Willi de-
Uuoyed with an estlnuited loss ot JSOli,-
Kaui, huutvt mljnlnliiK tho block
,weie Inn tied und 300 families inadu
, )H,iiu less.
P1U1V I lir.Nt f,, it. I, run - i no
wholesale dry goods establishment
'rtivlor. Svmonds .Vi Co. was badly
dainagiil by fire to-day. The loss was
.;,",., i i'Klft Yki nt which 1150 .
jstlmatwl at -0O.W, of nu i ,-
000 was on tho stock and furnlshlns
Efforts to Check Extortion
by Speculators Under
Plea of "Famine."
Five hundred carlonds of foodstuffs,
mostly meats, poultry and potatoes,
are scheduled to arrlvo hero to-day
for New York consumption over tho
New Yoik Central, tho Pennsylvania,
tho New Jersey Central nt. I tho Now
Vork. New Haven and Hartford Halt- ,
roads. Homo of tlicao enrs hfivo own
delayed In transit to Now York by j
embargoes and freight cofigcstlon bo
' tween Western and Eastern terml
nals. Tha congestion In tho Uuffalo
yaida Is gradually being broken up,
according to Jarnon A. Hnmmorllng, a
Government Inspector, who has been
looking Into tho matter. This will not ,
materially help tho food situation o ,
far as Now York Is concerned, but It
will mako way for a freer service
from points west of Uuffalo.
Tho food problem Is affecting the
whole country and becoming so se
rious that Congress will be usked to
ennet at once a law for the Federal
control of foodstuffs. Up Stnto there
are reports of threats to blow up n simple recipe which he mixed nt
storage warehouses In an effort to home. In n recent statement Mr. Mil
force speculators to reduce prices. , lcr snldt "I could not Bi 'p tobacco
"Tho 600 cars of foodstuffs duo hero
to-day." said Frank Jnmleson of tho
New York and Now Jersey Retailer.,'
Association, "will onso prices com- (
slderably. Meat prices should drop j
right now and would drop If the pack- i
ers wiuld say the word. Of course,
thero Is always a drop In meat at this
Ime. but tho kind of a drop thnt Is
needed Is a drop of about S cents on
all kinds of meats. It Is perfectly asi
nine for nnybody to say that there ts i
not enough meat to supply tho coin- i
try when mon Ir the business know I
tnero Is ample moat to go around."
Ilccanso of the holiday The Fvenlng '
World was unable to check up the m - I
tual number of cars that have arrived
The Pennsylvania, Now York (Vutial,
New Haven and New Jersey Central.
through their operating departments. I
said they would gladly assist In this I
work but that, because of the holiday,
no definite figures could bo had.
At the offices of nil tho roads, how
over, It was stated that Tho nvenlng
World's figures 500 cars of fresh sup
plies duo wero not far from correct
that thoy might even fall short of tho
actual number. Tho SoO, of pounc, Is
exclusive of tho actual number .of
cars of foodstuffs now lying In freight
ynrds, ocing unioaucu or nom, ns the
case may be. Tho unotllclal figures
f the fiesh foodstuffs that havo ar
rived during the night, intended for
domestic consumption only, aro: :oo
cars of beef, forty cars of llvo stock,
twenty cars of chickens, loy cars of
dressed poultry, llvo cars of butter,
thlrty-flvo enrs of eggs.
P. Q. Foy, food oxpert, expects fifty
nrs of poultry to-day nnd tw co that
number every day until Monday next.
"The New York Central has ngreod
to lead thn way and neor mo day
Is over I expect other trunk lines to
Join in a plan to check the manipula
tions of food speculators) , on thn
docks." said Sir. Foy.
Many of theso speculators havo
their ofllces In their hats nnd they
uso tho raiiro.iu piers lor siorag"
warehouses to hold arriving consign
ments of food products until they can
manipulate; tho market and boost
Tho Central has agreed to enforce
strictly tho regulations of tho Inter
state Commerco Commission as well
is their own rules governing tho un
loading of oars and tho talcing away
of freight from tho piers. Heglnnlng
to-morrow morning they will not per
mit food shipments to remain longer
thun twenty-fmir hours on the piers.
This will l a hard blow to tho
llttlo speculators, for having no stor- i
ngo warehouses they will bo obliged j
to sell immediately ino arriving con- i
slgnments. I
"I am In communication with the
Pennsylvania and Frio roads on thi
same subject and expect to recelvr
their hearty co-operation In tho same
plan. i
"There arc great quantities of pool- ,
try on tho way hero now val-
ued nl $&20,00. it should be
cheering news to tho oast tide ,
especially that tho price of fowl baa
gone down. If tho east side does not
know, I am glad to let It know. No
housewife should pay. beginning to
day, more than 25 cents u pound for
chickens, good, wholesome chickens
They aro coming Into market plentl
fully. Theru wero scvcnty-nlno cars
of fowl unloaded yesterday. Tlu
wholesale prlco Is 21 cents now
against 234 twentv-fonr hours .go
"What nbon otln r foodstuffs? Well.
Attend to It at uncu by gurslln.
dally wuii
Mouth Wash Gargle-Nasal Doud'f
Itcllees sod preT us ih -a irrita
tion ti) i,isinfevltiiH nnd u-riliJ ng
ae flUe l.(IO
Send for FHKK frtul totlb., ( your
DruooiJl rosnol ttirfilv ou.
riio-rii v-iin. pitiircTS ro. iikpi'. h
TM I'lllh Ainiuc. Nr YotL.
I sea lots of potatoes lying on Plert
17 and IS. I also see lots' ot onions,"
carloads of onions, lying at tho piers.
And they have been lying there be
yond tho legal limit too. Why doein t
the Interstate Commerco Commission
enforce tho law? If that commission
would enforce tho law right now
about freight yards and pier servlco
a whole lot of speculators In food
stuffs who carry their olflccs In their
cither get out or tne dusi
Id moro storage houses to
tuff that la Piled up In
and on piers."
Weight and Measures Commis
sioner ilartlgun declared to-day that
a few wealthy, public spirited mon
In this city could easily smash tho
corner In the potato and onion mar
"I know where potatoes and onions
I In largo quantities cun bo purchased
'cheaply," said tho Commissioner.
"Thmn mill,! he llCOUlrCd and SOld
here at cost provided somo ono put
up tho tnnnef. It this were dono tho
corner In thiVie Important food com
modities would bo knocked to smith
ereens In IcHi than i week. I run
certain that honest wholesale vege
table dealers would co-opcruto with
trluul0 oC ,ih0 low priced food.
Vnless private citizens
romml ssl oner "-".on1
which would have tho power In an
emergency to reie.iso cornered iooo
I noil cuiiriiuiw iim jnvi.vi m.0...wm.w.-
jj.. tlo railroads.
j "
Man Tells of a StmpTsI
Home Recipe That Broke Him
of Using Tobacco.
Mr. John Miller, living at Waverlj.
Kansas, after using, tobacco U0 years,
1 in ti Uli I'll bis (Irslre for tnbncro with
of tny own accord, so used the follow-
'nK "" rcclI"? almost two years
V a"J '""'c ",.L L--fei on -
of ,;irtlltp f' nmmonln, a small box
0f Varlcx Compound nml 10 grains of
pepsin. Take a teasponnful three
times a dny. As it lias no color or
Miiell It can lie given secretly In tea,
c"''':.ll.'!,.k or f,,"J' AnXUHWlsi
can fill thU recipe nt very little' cost
anil It certainly will banish all desire,'
for tobacco."- Ailvt.
Mother Tells How Vinol
Made Him Strong.
".My HI tic boy was in a very weak,
delicate condition n a result of gas
tritis anil the , measles and there
seemed no hope of saving his life.
The doctor prescribed con liver oil,
but he could not take it. I decided to
try Vlnol and with splendid results.
It srrmcil to agree with him so that
now he is a strong, healthy boy."
Mrs. Thomas FltrgernUI, 1030 Parle
Ae., New York City.
Vinol contains beef and cod liver
pi ptoiie.s iron and manganese prp
lonales ami glycerophosphates, which
make It a constitutional remedy
which creates an appetite, ulds diges
tion ami makes pure, healthy blood.
Children love to take it.
We will return your money If
Vlnol falls In benefit vou. At Mg-getts-Hikcr-Ilegeman
Drug Store
nnd nt nil drug stores that dUnhy tlio
Vinol Agency .Sign. Also at the lead
ing druir store in all N'cw York
towns. (M
Tell Others
What You
Know About
"Paris in AbiKlSrAT
Cafe'des (J t
oou uonar.
IUtoWN. rmplnyc ot Iiar Iisbcock,
14 Uakt 001 h st , for 111 past 20 yttrs,
lirolh'r oi l.ouls llrown mid nephtw of
the hit Wlllltm or John Drown of Hollla
ur Qutciin. Ixjuk liland. sd AS ytari.
11,'iiiKliia si tha runaral Chapel ot
NlchoU T. Drown, 127.1 1st av, iiw
linttiui. Will mis' -ea or tnona ac
quaint"! with thalr whereabout!, pleaaa
telcphuua The I'untral Cliapal, I'laa
T()l.l.l. On I'eli. 30, CATIIBHIND U,
TOI.l.liH. nued 6(1 jotia.
Kuncrul acrvtcra on Ttiureday, Feb, 22,
T 30 I' M Al tier Isttt rfiHlilaneo, 107
Mfi 1 ITjih it Inn-rment at onvenlnc
, ' i i m 1 1 1. I'leaup ion" flowers
All toat or found srUclr ad
verllwl In The World will be
il.trd ut Hie World's Informa
tion Iliirenu, 1'iilltirr llulldlnij
Arcade, 1'ark Itonj M'orld'a
Dptonn Of fire, norlhwrat ror
tier .'Will SI. tud llrondnayi
Wnrld'a Harlem Office. mS
lle.l I -.'.111 .St., and ttorld'
JlriMil.ljn Offiie, iill Va.l,lni
(on el., llniukljn, for UU dnya
(ollonlne thn prtntlnt ol U9.

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