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,Un . i ,. i m ifiimi. ( -- " " -- - J ;
Friday, February 1
L 1 1
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, 7'MK
Published Dally Except BumHv by 'I o Trem Iub)tshlng Company, Nes.
ii J'ark how, Now lork.
RALPH rtUT7.l:it. I'rrsMent. tt Park Jtow.
J. ANOUH tUlAW. Trivasuror. (3 I'ark Row.
JOHUI'H PLl.lT.i:t:. Jr. HerreUry, I'ark How.
!: to
Over Due !
OxxnllM, 51.
(Dm Tort Xrnluf Word.)
By J. H. Cassel
MnMiit.ii i Tin; AsaociATm rnnM.
TTt Auw'ntn! P- Ii f frf it ml'tln l ti uw. f .mnMlctthii f til iri
mtd to It not outrrUa it!.ij la u-:. f j-r cd tin t iaril itm pitiiuvd kn-iu.
,...N0. 20,018
WilILK with ono lnind Von Hindcnburg feds for Iho Ameri
cans "on n certain tcrtion of the French front," with the
other ho has to do n job of hill-posting in Itcrlin in tho
hope of checking the ominnis strikes nnd ponco parades that are
demoralizing the war morale of the Imperial German capital.
If only half tho reports of what is going on in Germany arc true,
Imperial troops may presently have to bo withdrawn from cast or
reat to turn and firo inward upon foo3 ot militarism nnd friends of
domocrocy within tho Fatherland.
A terrible bootnorang that promise of swift victory by U boat
nithlcesncse! After twelve months to the day, thcro it comes whiz
ting back again a million times heavier with America' fighting
weight, a thousand times harder to dodge because of the sinister
crowding and pressing from desperate forces in a Germany surging
torsrd revolution.
A strange and unaccustomed din is rising loiind tho enrj of tho
wr lords. Not the din of conquest thoy thought to delight in. It
sounds far more like tho mcuacing murmur from which tho voice of a
peoplo eomctimcs gathers into ono stupendous, shattering, all-compelling
tono which is the voice of God.
f,f Reports from Washington Indicate) that the President has
advised the War Department and the Committee on Public In
formation to keep the country hotter posted regarding the
activities ot Uh fighting forces abroad and the progress of camp
training at home.
A wlso move. One hundred million Americans are In this
war with their eyes open, roady to sco It through ond bear the
cost. Why not conduct It for them In the American way?
SOME good work has already been done and n great deal more
will bo douo toward establishing canteens to provide evening
recreation in tho right surroundings for the thousands of sol
diers and sailors on leave who 6pcnd their free time in this city.
Many of tho boys lnivu shown their hearty appreciation of oppor
tunities offered them to get r good evening meal at some club spe
cially organized for tho purpose, where thoy arc welcome to stny on
rnd play gomes, dance, chut or gather round the piano and sing.
Hostesses who help entertain at these cantcons note that the
evident signs of enjoyment oro confirmed by tho boys' scrupulous
courtesy and good manners, while tho guests themselves mako short
work of any youth who becomes obstreperous.
Canteens of this sort nre cxcollont. Hut tho most they can do
is to furnish a pleasant place to epend the evening. When the can
teen closes, the soldier or sailor on leave must look for lodging for
the night. Many of the. boys know little or nothing of Now York
and hove no friends here. For most of them hotel charges have got
:o bo exceedingly moderate to nppnnl. This is a largo town and not
all the entertainment it offers visitors is either disinterested or safe.
Here, wo believe, ii a chance to meet a great need of men from
tho Army and Navy, thousands of whom will arrive in New York on
brief furloughs during tho coming months.
. Thoy should find a hotel or several hotels specially adapted to
their requirements where they can havo a good bed at o minimum
I'rice, meals if they drsiro them, writing, reading and smoking rooms,
nd where thoy can always be sure of the comfortable companionship
of other Army or avy men.
It might be a good idea to take over a Mills Hotel, refit it for
;tic purpose, nnd, if it proved insufficient to meet tho domnnd, do
the same with another.
We hear a lot about the fine clubs London and Paris arc provid
ing for Amcricau officers. Why doesn't Now York givo itself thu
credit of a model hotel-club for Undo Sam s soldiers and sailors?
-1 -
Hat corn and save, wheat. Don't bo a tablu-slacker.
Letters From the People
Vleata limit communications to HO irord.
Wants Tree Hide fur Solillort
la tfei El: tor uf tlx Kvtulng T mil i
Now that Unclu Hum lu luken con
trol of tho railroads, wliy not ias u
law permitting- our .toidlors and call
ora to ride free? IiiHtwul of them
buying a ticket to go homo from
camp, why not let their uti!form.i bo
their paii.es? Thla alioulU bo thu law
whether tho rittlroadM uro In prlvuttt
tun 4a or uadur Uuxtrnmeiti cut ml.
W. V. tf.
!'rnlr for Utile Jlury.
To clit FUlor c' Ttw i.itmui UurMi
Ab un txllixl New Yorker I want to
te'J you how mucli rnoro I urn onjoy.
ins Little Maiy Mlxtm than I ill.l Mm
Uttle boy curtoons that preceded It. It
la dean, ond little M;iry Is. uo sweet
that sho has won a plain in tli afft'C
tlonn or my intlr faintly. Wo wati'h
for hr eaynii'M and altltudoj un inch
pupor arrived.
as APiniix'i.vnvi: Miasoum
Cuius l Trnvli CmtU lu- Mn r.
I am going to tnrli cookinis to men
who want to pulln at nuvy i-ouku
and meruit S00 i.ieit for the navy
within two v.reto I win not (joins
i FE8 j
9 K
The Golden Age of Womarl
By Helen Rowland
w :
Seven Ways to Matrimony
By Nixola Greeley-Smith
Cojorlaht. 101S. Ur U I'm PuMliWm Co. ITt Mew lork Vrtoinj WoiU).
HIS vampire method has been bo I Amonr them was a human sarjroylo, a
universally developed In moving
pictures that It awms unnecea-
nary to describe Ita
procotisou la detull.
1'criwnaUy I dla
trust It becauso
ono of Iti flrxt
principles Is tho
Infallibility of tho
collar-bo no. No
ono ever nnw a
vampire In a hllfh
nock dret All
vampires mUiH ro-
intr company with a soldier stationed
at tho camp there. Ho la a oerKeant,
Ilecently ha wroto to his mother
aklnu her If sho couldn't Hcnd hl! a
coupla of eood. heavy blankets and
Dome heavy undorclothcs. Ho nuld
that ono boy died In his company fo
lack of care. Tho bov wiui miffnrtni!
from thu Krlp and wnt to eeo too
company doctor about It. H riivh
nun u uoe ot puis anil (.aid. lila troubl
wax a very mIIkM cold. Instilo of
week tlm boy clle.l. I think tho Oov
i-ininent almuld nrovlilu for thekn i.v
who .in) wllliiiL- in cli'.i in. i. .in ii,. ..o
Initeml of bathoilni; with thlniru tlut
uo noi iniiiicr.
llrflrrduii nn linrrirlil Jlunda
To Urf Jilj'uf til T ) nlCii lo 'a
I wonder how many of the l.iOO.OOOl
Idle workers who auffcrcj a wnisi
Iobh or ROW.WM on Unrfleld Monday
felt eliited on readlns: of tho factthut
a eortaln iltlzcn of lint Unltol fi't.ite
hml HUcIt un iihundanrn of wo.'tlth
that U overlooked a I rifling debt of
V.0oo,(xi0? Some porbiips compared
their oun whrii with tho lurror rami
to nn;ny tno contniht. Trie thousanos
who aro MU wero uiiiloubtlly ton
busy procuring the pneo of a squartt,
or even un olilonB tniut. to consider '.I.
All are wIIIIiik trt li ,.trlotx. but It
to become a eotik hi tin- nay mjMll.il haiil 'o b cn.i'.li'k.i, wheutlcsB, boef.
but will tMii'.i tin rt'iiuiu all thoy"B" unu ""no nouieaiuan p.riotn
;iro r'tiuln-d to knoA,' .iliout Ii. Ap-1
Plications should b- h nl t.t nu at I """'"''"I" V"?. '
... .T ....... ill. uir.ui n..it.
HBI.KN CHniRTI'Ni: HOKUM:. I 1 1,ava tw' hrotKrs In t'.i, I.'nlted
No. 333 WMt "Oih litruet: jihone i Slaten Arn. I bivo never l)arl
ctieista I them coai'i'aln
The Jarr Family
By Roy L. McCardell
CtonrrUkt. 11. to the I'mi rilWirfjIct Oo. (Tlw New Tort Eimlnx Worla).
CowrUht. )31!. bj the Tnu PublUWm Co. (Tin Xw Totk ttoloi WmU).
11EHU havo all ot the "Old Maids" gone?
Where are tlioso wlthored, useless, pathetic, plnlnc creature
rnety black and ringlets,
Whoso blighted lives were spent In making tuem
selves and everybody clso miserable?
Whcro aro tho "gossiping grannies," tha foolli
"clinging vines" nnd ALL ot the world's "superfluou
I'll tell you!
They havo all cone Into farce-comedy or obllrlo
Nobody even believes In them any more, except the
comic artists.
Nobody can even remointer bavins seen one outtld
.t.tutn L.f4 of the "funny papers."
v Tliey aro as much ot a MYTH to-day
As Santa Claus, curl-papers, nil buckwheat cakes, "divine right,"
witchcraft and broken hearts!
Wbat IS an "Old Maid," anyhow?
Sho Is a bit ot driftwood on the tide ot life who his lost her looks, hert
illusions and her usefulness.
Sho is a woman who has shut the door ot Life on herself and left Hope
ano is an unmarried woman with more wrlnxies than dollars and morf ,
gray hairs than ability, accomplishments or optimism! V
Uut WHKKU ttlll you find a woman llko that tolay? I
This Is tho Qoldcn Acq of Woman! U
Tho nso of Opportunity, business chances, new professions, New Thought '
and wrlnklo cradloutors.
And there U no woman living who cannot keep the ratio ot wrlnklf a
to dollars
As one to one hundred!
Thero Is no woman living who cannot find a vital Interest In life'
Who Is not NEEDED,
Who cannot he an "entity," an "Individuality," on her own account
As long as a woman ha3 a vivid Interest In life,
As long aa sho Is accomplishing things,
As long as sho has(thc energy to marcel her balr, wear smart clothes
ana a siraigni-rront corset,
And go cheerfully out to WORK every morning
As long' as sho keeps her hopes, her grit, her ambitions and her Ufj
As long ns sho finds the game of life so MUCH worth tho candle
That sho would bate to die,
Sho may bo u mald" but she Is NOT "old" and she is not "super
Oh, yes, of course!
No normal woman will deny that there Is nothing qulto so deslrablai
as a happy marriage
And tho HIOHT husband!
Dut husbands of any kind right or wrong are becoming scarcer j
every day,
And soon the world h going to be Just a little 'bit fuller of spinsters
than It ever has been before.
Uut, when this mighty war Is ended, there will bo no "old maids" left!'
For while a Good Husband may be the most desirable thing In alt
Ho Is no longer "ALL CIIEATION" for any woman.
Ana any woman who Is a "creator,"
Whether she Is a mother, a poet, a gardener, an architect, a painter, at
milliner or just a llttlo munitions worker,
Is ono with tho Divine Spirit the spirit of Eternal Youth!
Ah, yes, It has come at last!
Out of the black shadows of war It has risen In sudden radiance
The Dawn of thu Golden Ago of Woman!
Aren't you glad you'ro living In It?
Wlint Her Srtct-Ihmrt Wrote
r.- til Coltor ot Tb D11I11 World:
Having read the letters prlnUd m
your paper with regard to army i'f.
I wtab to give you a glimpse of the
lift to Varturburg, I. C. I ay imp. &Ytt ooapUU. 4
veal their collar-bones nnd the con
tlffuoua territory! notwithstanding tho
fact that to-day no man can walk a
blodc, even In midwinter, without
being surfeited with cellar-bonus,
hn Is supposed to fall gibber
ing beforo tho vamplro'H feet at
tholr tlrst meeting. Now, If men
wero riiuUy as slmplo as that, vamplr-
Ing would ba tho moat prolltablo In
dustry In tho world, and otbu Mr.
Qarfteld could not put It out of busi
As a matter of fact, vamplrlng seldom
pays unless It la dono for the movie
Vhw American men can bo won by the
vamplru mutbod, and American women
do not nuiko good vampires, anyhow.
In the nuiMn wo uro much too honest,
our oxprtsslonrt aro too candid and
open und moat of us hnvu bluo eyes.
Now thcro aro gm:n-cj il and gray
eyed vampires, nnd occasionally u
bluck-oyril anipiru niakrs good. Hut
tho brnun und the blut-eyed women
aro ocularly disqualified from tho
Katw. Their eyes aro too cltur and
clean for tho vamplrlng buslnciui.
Everybody knows ono vamplru. You
may not euspect hr all b yourself,
but I never mot a viimpi 0 who did not
nave me the trouble of speculation by
announcing her quality at once. A
vampire curses her fatal attraction i-o
roundly that you begin to look for
them, und sometimes, though rarely,
you discover thut sho possesses charm.
I .More often your cartful balancing of
'her attractions leaves a woful denclt
and you wonder If you ar beauty
blind or she is mistaken.
1 - . .. i
about not having 1 Knew al"",u "CB quite wen.
My birthir in tl.a ' I-l'18 A others of her type Bns jn-
formed me at cnec that she was irre
tlitlblo to men, and later In our to
qualntance volunttered to prove It.
Moroovtr, she did prove It.
W knew the aims rroup of men.
O. M.
A mi j.
man so hideous hn mudo you think of
Victor Hugo's manufactured monster,
"Tho Man Who Laughs." He did not
llko thu alrcn, and being very witty
mudo her tho butt of a malice which
only the tragedy ot his faco could Jus
tify. Uut suddenly a possibility aroso
that he might bo made usoful by tho
tlren, for she had written a book and
tho gargoyle know many publishers.
She contlded to mo his new value,
adding: "You know ho hates me and
that I can novor pass him without
knowing that ho will muko some vi
cious remark about me. What do you
bet I don't have him eating out of my
hand In three daya?"
I bet a luncheon, and tho vampire
said generously that my opinion alone
should govern payment of tho bet.
On the w'cond day I paid up, for the
gargoyle now hung upon tho siren's
words with a rapturo 1 liavu never seen
except on tho faco of u dog at tea-time.
when he wonders whether you know
hs la waiting for a cake and trying so
hard not to bark.
Within a week he had offered her
book to a publisher. When he brought
It back ho ald tho publisher waa a
fool. And In his further efforts to
serve tbo siren soon discovered that aU
tho publlHhurs In NowYork were luck
ing In wit, for none would publish tho
That was yoars ago. I met tho arar-
Koylo ono day lust wlntor. "How la
MIhs UlankV" wan tho first remark bi,
mudo to tin', though I had not roen
him In tho interval,
Nuverthcli'ss tho vnniplro ts still un
married. All bor mmiing has not
won bor tho huitband ttho told me she
wanted, becauso fuo would llko to tuck
a Mra before her name. I doubt if sho
will ever marry, for men generally aro
convinced that tho vampire Is as hard
to domesticate as tho fox.
Thoy know, too. that tha vampire
uies, oui, alio never reurua; mat at
vlghty ho will b getting ready to
tnuKe aa impression on uie undor
There is no doubt that tho vamnlrn
fallB to marry well. Consider the sirens
of the stage. Tho names of their ad
mirer may dm world-renowned, but
thoy takn anonymous husband) when
they marry.
No, the vampire mothod, ti the least
successful of tho seven ways to matri
mony. Wo Miould leavo it to tho mov
ies, where It belongs,
(( TSEE somo empty scats down at
the other end of tho car," said
Mr. Jarr, as ho glanced over
the small knot of peoplo standing near
tho door at which thoy bad entered.
'I'm tired and I'm not going to
push my way through theso people
who havo NO politeness and make
NO attempt to stand out of tho wayl"
said Mrs. Jarr, acidly, as Mho grasped
a strap.
"Wo'll bo right In tho way of every
body hero by the door; lt'a the rush
hour, you know," remarked Mr. Jarr,
Wo wouldn't be In anyone's way
If everybody had a llttlo good man
ncral" uald Mra. Jarr snappishly. "
enousi) Wa..vis
South wry'o Isomo that he hud seven
blanl.els, a u other writa- tie
same If U boyi that send Ihtuo
complain;; letters to your paper
were real Americans tni would
r, d,
T"EFORE the war 26 to SO knot
TS was tattleshtp speed. To-flaY
waraoipa or ircm 110,000
100,000 horie.power are capable
attt-mlng at li to 40 knots.
don't koo why thoy all want to crowd
hero near this door, whon thero is
plenty of room at tho mlddlo of the
car. and at tho far end there aru
some aoata!"
"That's what I havo been sayin
roplled Mr. Jarr. "Let's movo up
thero out of tho cruab."
I'd like to see myself!" retorted
Mrs. Jarr. "If objocta calling thera
solvos men oan alt at tholr oase and
hide their faces in newspapers llko
ostriches, so they can pretend not to
sco a tired woman dtandlng, let them
do Itl And more sbamo to them!"
"Rut, my dfvr," Mr. Jarr protested.
"Wo havo Just come from a matlnea
whore wo havo been sitting down In
comfort for sovoral hours, nnd these
people may have been on tbclr feot
all day."
"I doubt it!" snapped Mrs. Jarr.
"And oven If I hadn't como from n
matinee where I havo been sitting
down all afternoon, tho principle Is
the same. Nono of tneso so-called
gentlemen with their heads in news
papers like ostriches" the slmllo
pcemed to appeal to Mrs. Jarr "would
arlvo me a so.it!"
A little farther down In the car
two persons nroso to get off at Its
next stop. Tho men standing nenr
looked at Mrs. Jarr and Mr. Jarr nnd
then at the vacated fonts as though
to indicate Mr. and Mrs. Jarr might
nave the places. Mrs. Jarr madn no
effort to follow Mr. Jarr toward the
"Thore Is a seat there, madam,"
said a passenger.
"Thank you." replied Mrs. Jarr
sweetly, "don't let me deprive you of
"You are not depriving me of it;
ot 1 have a seat," said the passenger,
"to I hare pereelved for quite tomi
time, sir," remarked Mrs. Jarr with
icy politeness. The man reddened
and burled his faco in hi newspaper
"llku an ostrich," as Mrs. Jurr would
have said.
Mr. Jarr, who had turned back
to his good lady when ho saw she
niado no uttorapt to follow him,
heard tho colloquy.
"Don't you think you wcro rude?"
he whispered.
"It's about tlmo I was," Mrs. Jarr
answered. "I have had lessons In
the art ot rudenoas from mon In
street cars for many yoars."
"Won't you tnke this seat,
madam?" UBked a atout man urlslng
Mra. Jarr affected not to near.
"The gcnUeman aakod you If you
would havo bis teat," said Mr. Jurr.
"I do not want the seat, wo will
be getting iff soon now," said Mrs.
Jurr. At theso words a thin, lanky
man who had just got on tho car
plumped Dlmaolf down In thu va
cated place.
Aa he did so Mrs. Jarr turned a
sneering glanco upon him that was
as strong aa a tearchllght across a
moonleaa midnight. Tho newcomer
folt tho intensity of the glaro and
Immediately hold a newspaper bo
tween his countenunco and that
baneful look.
"Down Siuth," began Mrs. Jarr in
tones as audlblo aa they were coldly
precise, "down South tfuch a thing
us a lady having to stand in a public
conveyance wouu 00 considered a
clvio disgrace Uut thon in the
South chivalry stilt obtains. Ah!"
The last algh was a algh for the
chivalry of tho Southland, although
Mrs Jarr hod personally novcr been
any further South than Jersey City.
Just then a thin young man who
seemod extremely nervous got up and
persistently Insisted Mrs. Jarr should
take hla scat.
"Well, I thought SOMEUODY would
sco I was about to faint," remarked I
Mrs. Jurr as alio settled herself, I
"You might havo sutd "i'hiiik
you!'" remarked Mr. J.irr sarcastically.
"Why flhouht I?" Mrs. Jarr Inquired
In mild surprise, "I'd lll( to seo my
self, after standing all that tlinu'
Anyway. HE wouldn't havo gotten up
and gotten out only I have been
standing on hie pet corn for tho lait
ten minute. Didn't vou notice how
pale he was and how-he limped?''
4 'Ma" Sunday's
Intimate Talks
1- v
iVVK you ever watched a great
ocean-bound bhlp lying at an
chor In tho harbor and won
dered at Its mus
alvoness? A tug
boat fastened to it
could make a sud
den pull, and
break tbo great
chain, or tow lino,
and not movo it
nn Inch. Yet you
could tako a half
Inch rope, und,
with your own
bunds, turn tbo
great ship completely around by pull
lng steadily nnd with nuftlclcnt patl
onco. Tho movement would bo slow,
of course, and it would tako tlmo and
strongth, and InHnlto determination
on your part, but tho final result in
the end would be assured.
Tho ship could very well bo com-
nnri.il with vnursclf. clrl frlnnd of
mlno. who, growing impatient with
your surroundings, have begun to
fret becauso tho course of your llfo
Is not changod swiftly enough to keep
paco with your dreams.
I know It Is hard to convince your
self that things exist which we can
not sea and measure with our eyes
That la why wo fail at tuccoaa when
others attain it. Success Is pimply
a matter of seeing further than our
human, normal oyci can function.
That Is a hard thought to grusp.
roulUo that, and 1 wish 1 could muku
It simpler, but I can t.
Llfo isn't all on tho surface. It Is
an experience that comes from within
us Juut aa iituch a from without We
Japanese Superstitions and the
rr-tini i,n..i,nP. llkn m.nw Anurl- btcuibu ihildrin
I cms, bclirwi thero Is luck In
ceit.tln numbers, .mil 111 0 will
ing to go to grout lengths to gala tho
pronation of thi'Ho lueky symbols.
A Hluglo tlguro telephone In Tokto
sells for from 500 to 1,000 yen lP0
to Il'JO) a year, says the Electrical
Kspprli.ientcr. The lucltlOKt number
in tho estimation of business la eight,
becuiisu the oharacter for It spreads
downward and suggests the Idea of
Kvthering prosperity. Number 783 Is
Vo believed to be a lucky number,
have got to FEEL life as well as v;j
11 mat is, tf wo aro going to get th
most from It and produce the most'
from it. Dut we are content, the,
great part of us, with closing onr
eyes when it comes to unpleasant
Issues, thoio that really count, and
holding our hands, accepting what
ever a kind or unkind Providence may
have In store for us, ratber thanmus
toring our energies and telling thf
world that we are ready for whatever
It has to offer us, and that we know,
In our own consciousness that we
come out winner. I
Wro don't do that, mi
haven't the strength
to do It. Tbo whole
ourselves and the whole
that we either won't or cXpJJ
that Is truo, and as a resulwq
now and truer and more genvUSg
glo on our own lives, and Jui6.''JJ
thoy Jack and why. We canV
and diwerve success unless we hav
. . . - h
in us 10 uo so ii3 oilier power cxceX
ourselves, so far as human ugcncles
aro concerned, can turn tho trick for
If we fall, it is becauso In our con.
sclnusnoss we don't measure up at the
....... ., w ,b ,a uvKuuao.y
... J .. , .w V.U IIIU THI.I
isu 1 mysterious soniutiilnir In itm
refuses to accop. defeat, wnlcu der
matitis only vli-ti.ry, and which as sf
renun omains victory for us.
If you uro tllscuniged, don't lookatl
the world aiuund you, don't look at
your unvlriniii' nr. d'-u't look at vourJ
job look at jouielf. You may bar,
am in tew, .tun j mi may uaruff, anu
il'li , . Ih. .., 1
11 ijut'imr. tin if.T- ut on yourseir.
on llow fur jou c.m see, and how fair I
von aro wun in. lii'oriu-etatlor a nil
opplli'Htion .f i ia: you OO sea
ii;fljjrTji, luts. ij wn iwu nynaitiio. lue.)
Ti l
' I'lrremca a
(-lining rjiiiu.T un tin ,r iniiu, nun an
r.-ii-iiiii un inn.' t . iimt.u, oau num
iii-i.i nit, luwn. 1 n'i;-iiuro nun
l,..,a it,.. i,-il .1 ..u.liU l .
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n,ii '. ih'ciuh i tormer iimv 1
prt'i'uiincd "siiiin ' which means '
dl." nn I th - i.i'u r niuy bu pr
iitniiiced "ficl.u." which nu
"death" find "surfcrlng." Tlieref.u
It is said tint fi.ysa numbers a
avoided 1'v individuals nnd general
taken by Government officers, achoo,
ponce stations ana oiner inrino:;,

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